Forbes Medical Marijuana Policy

Forbes Op-Ed Calls Out VA Secretary Shulkin Over New Medical Marijuana Policy

A recently published op-ed in Forbes calls out VA Secretary Shulkin over his weak-minded policy on medical marijuana and the extent a doctor can recommend its use.

The new directive allows VA medical doctors to talk about it but not encourage its use. In fact, it urges government doctors to “discuss with the Veteran marijuana use, due to its clinical relevance to patient care, and discuss marijuana use with any Veterans requesting information about marijuana.”

However, the policy reiterates the department’s long-held position that “to comply with Federal laws such as the Controlled Substances Act… providers are prohibited from completing forms or registering Veterans for participation in a State-approved marijuana program.”

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According to op-ed author Tom Angell, there exists no federal law blocking doctors from filling out required forms to allow veterans to get access to medical marijuana. The doctors cannot fill the prescription, but they can encourage it where appropriate.

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The 1st Amendment of the Constitution allows medical doctors to speak candidly and transparently about what they recommend for a particular treatment to a particular patient. In fact, it could be a violation of one’s Hippocratic Oath to fail to recommend something they believe would provide help or healing for a particular condition.

The Supreme Court, in 2003, agreed with this position.

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Instead of following the common sense trajectory, Secretary Shulkin would rather impede on his doctors’ ability to speak candidly with patients and even recommend medical marijuana in states where the veteran can legally access the treatment type.

Tom Angell’s op-ed takes the argument much further than this. Check it out if you’d like to learn more:

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  1. Hey Ben, let’s talk about this GOP SCAM TAX BILL, that will Put More Vets and Poor on the Street Even more. GOP (good ole pervs) Head Perv, who’s going to Drain the Good ole Swamp huh? That was Code for War on Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, VA cuts that went Unnoticed or Hurried to its Signing. Slower GOP Life Forms are so Fkn Bent on a Football Player Quietly Protesting than their Own Gov-a-mint Disrespecting Veterans by Sneaking in Cuts to Further Programs vets Rely on for Decades…What a Bunch of Dumb inbreeds…

    1. GooD ol mK. SwoOping in lIke a seagull, shitting all over eveRything, then squaWking away looking For some carriOn.

  2. Does anyone know why the VA has 700 Lawyers ? What are their jobs. Policy writers, employee’s lawyers ?

    Veterans discovered that if they use marijuana and tell the VA they will loose their pain medication, Opioid’s, Ecstasy ! Some may really need these drugs and they will have to make the decision to continue to use these drugs or use marijuana !

    for my Traumatic Brain injury and my PTSD I choose Marijuana and I believe my quality of life is much better.

    I think it crazy, that the people of many states have spoken and have passed laws for use and our government cant or understand why ?

    We are citizens of the united states and we do not belong to anyone VA.

  3. Ben, this is the second time I have asked this. Why is it some can post links and others, like myself cannot? Yes I am using quotation marks.

    1. Same here cj I had a boatload of info all packed into one link on the gulf war syndrome, Camp Lejeune water and agent orange, apparently he didn’t even look at it, Because he might have learned something to. Yea I know I don’t comment like the Brightest bulb in the package, But I can’t help my Brain working when it feels like It…..I was Born at night but it sure wasn’t last, And time and experience Sure teaches you more than 4 -6 or 8 years of brainwashing

      “Memorizing someone else’s explanation of the truth isn’t the same as seeing the truth for yourself. It is what it is—the memorization of second-hand knowledge. It is not your experience. It is not your knowledge. And no matter how much material is learned by rote, and no matter how eloquently we can speak about the memorized information, we’re clinging to a description of something that’s not ours. What’s more, the description is never the item itself. By holding onto our impression of certain descriptions, we frequently are unable to see the real thing when it’s right before our eyes. We are conditioned by memorizing and believing concepts—the truth of which we’ve never genuinely seen for ourselves.”
      ― H.E. Davey, Japanese Yoga: The Way of Dynamic Meditation

      1. Gulf War syndrome = Anthrax vaccine
        The medical records for all the gulf war veterans were stored in the Alfred R. Murrow Bldg in Oklahoma City, when that building was bombed, all those records were destroyed. All the records pertaining to white water transactions involving the clinton’s, were also stored in that building. Nothing is as it appears.

      2. Yep, the black ops guy, Snodgres, coming clean about false flag attacks I posted about a few topics back. Interesting stuff and explains a lot. Like the book “Economic Hit Man’ telling about what the gov does to other countries while we get shit on. Do people care? Hell no. Hollyweird, critters, sports, etc., is more important than ‘Merica’ or veterans. Or the blue collar working serf.

      3. Are u on face book T. I got back on and I bash everything..LOL I’ll give you my full name if u want,I don’t give a fuck anymore anyway

      4. Sure thing. Don’t take the chance. Allow me since the sky is falling here and I am totally done being like others afraid of ‘the man,’ the activist or the rest.

        * Tell Tryon

        Been slowed down some but it’s just going to get good around here locally. Already posted about the hospital harassing shit and a city councilman that has it out for me, totally obsessed with me, and wants me dead or out of HIS city and college town. They hate reality and truth.

      5. Ahhh, got it, connected. Need all the info and friends I can muster. Got plenty of haters and enemies. lol

      6. If anyone else wants it just ask, Some of you already know I have posted it before, I’m sure the VA has it….FUCK YOU VA

      7. Yeah, need to get back on there and play too. Had some pc problems and dealing with the eye sight problems that can get goofy on certain sites, forums, with colors or font sizes and etc. Seems i have to re-adjust things for each page or site. No problem with this forum though. Plus dealing with a bunch of other crap and health issues.

        I can totally understand the need and wants for anonymity but when the odds are against ya, no other recourse against the vast amounts of corruption, attacks, useless groups/VSOs/media whores/local scum, the only other things to do is die, fall silent like ‘they’ all want, hide and shudder in fear of it all, or stand up to em all. Local scum wanted my name years back, they got it in person. Spread like wild fires to the activist, MoveOn and other national hate groups, so be it. Here I am and not bowing to them all. Besides, there isn’t much more any of them can do to me. What are they gonna do, eat me? Great, I’ll dig up a long pig recipe for all the evil scum to use.

      8. T, I think the majority on Ben’s feel the same way, we don’t bow down. Hell, I have a T-shirt design saved, just in case I make the disruptive behavior list. Been fighting these bastards for over 40 years, and I am winning.

        Your exactly correct, they can’t do jack shit to harm any of us, anymore than we already have been. When you have been repeatedly dropped off a 50 story building, being threatened to be thrown off the 2nd story balcony holds little value.

      9. I like farce book better that way the NSA doesn’t have to fuck with my computer to see what I’m thinking….

      10. Oldmarine, is your 1st name Vaughn? I follow a youtuber named Oldmarine. I’ve actually skyped with him, probably not the same, but just checking?

      11. No thats not me, My brain works in spurts, I found a old stash of 40 Mg Oxycontin yesterday and chewed the whole thing, It gets my brain working like the younger days, Hydrocodone makes me as stupid as Gabapentin …LOL

      12. Got this from ATSDR
        In a study of 73 workers employed from one month to 15 years in various industrial cleaning and degreasing operations using TCE, complaints due to chronic exposure included:

        a reduced number of word associations
        decreased appetite
        short-term memory loss
        sleep disturbances
        Yep sure does sound like me…LOL

        Greater frequency of symptoms was noted in workers exposed to higher (85 ppm) than lower (14 ppm) mean TCE concentrations (Grandjean, Munchinger et al. 1955).

        I guess I found my answer to my brain Damage
        Arnold I think this is your problem also

      13. Come to think of it T you were the one that posted that video about Snodgres, I was trying to remember when and where I got it from…LOL …A brain what a terrible thing to lose

      14. OldMarine not sure if you’ve heard of Cody Snodgres, but he lives near me. He is former black ops, and now whistle blower who recently came forward and is spilling the beans on Oklahoma City bombing, the Clinton’s, Waco, etc. I tried to post a link, but its in moderation, may never be approved, but if you go on youtube, Jeff Rense channel and look, you will find it.

      15. I just heard Cody was in a bad car accident, both vehicles involved were totaled. Not sure of his condition at this time, or if it was an attempt on his life. Prayers are needed for Cody at this time. I just talked to him not long ago, he was headed into town for groceries.

      16. Lucky you. Wish I lived close to anyone like that or from this forum. Heard him on Caravan to Midnight. Emailed him, ordered the info, and would love to pick his brain or visit the health center.

        I agree with his thinking and did the same years back. You might as well go public, fix some Karma, and let people know what’s happening or play messenger before ‘they’ totally ruin ya or kill you off to silence somebody.

      17. Caravan is a great show. I was on the show back in February with John B, he put a short version of my episode on youtube, “letter from a disabled veteran” I spoke with Cody the other day, he has no fear, and is being well protected. We need more Patriots like Cody to step forward.

      18. Bryce, I just watched the episode you referenced. You are just 2 years younger than I, we served together at the 4th inf div. at the same time. My unit was the 1st/20th FA. Hell who knows, we may have shared a drink together, or nodded to each other in passing. Your a gifted writer, your words moving. Keep writing, your legacy will live on forever.

      19. Thanks CJ. I’m pretty sure I supported the 1st/20th FA, down range at FT.Carson, numerous times. You guys treated me like one of your own, letting me shoot “The Law” and blow up old conex, sitting imside the GP medium’s with the old stoves, passing the time down range. My ears are still ringing from all the artillery. LOL

      20. Any news on Cody?

        Bryce, I remember that show well but had to go listen to it again. Bad move for me in the early morn minus any migraine meds and minus a super strong pot of Joe, and in my frame of mind. I also tried to spread this around my town but I am a “crazy person,” a townie hick, not a team player, to a conspiracy nut. I posted this on local Topix where it was swiftly deleted, in part due to our local “leaders” and councils do not believe in free speech or ithe free flow of information. As usual other vets I discussed this with locally didn’t seem to give a shit and continued to say ” our hands are tied, oh well.” Blah blah blah as with the usual rhetoric and side-stepping.

        As stated before, I am NOT a formal combat vet. My battles were state-side and with other vets doing some nasties. As usual for me, Murphy’s Law and apparently a world of woes for being born on a Wednesday which must certainly apply too.

        My brother came home from Nam a mess like many others I know. iTreated like shit and ended up doing 8 yrs in prison for in part… self medicating. No violenti charges.

        Fast forward to fall of 2015 sitting in the new chronic pain orientation with other *all white veterans female and male. Steve (self hating white man), a VA narcissist bragging about being one of the VA’s best treated and talkied to us like trash. Most there were combat vets from Nam or Iraqi Freedom. The guy next to me, a medic, 3 tours in Nam, sit silent and appeared beat down during the event. All were mainly silent but I could not remain so and had to speak up and ask questions due to all the insanity being told to us. Like being told to continue getting pain meds we had to sign special contracts with the VA to allow them to “force” us to take head meds regardless of past issues or side effects while trying them previously.

        We were told insane crap like the day before we could use those phony choice cards, but that next evening told never to use them, period. We were told insane shit like if iwe were in auto accidents, having a heart attack, to falling down and breaking hips, not to use civilian care but drive hundreds of miles to Roudebushi VA or lose our care. Just for one example that is. I thought it to be total BS and insane but others seemed too afraid, and said, to lose their VA care due to financial reasons or too many health issues to deal with, and not being able to find other care outside of the VA.

        That is iwhen iwe were told to vote iDemocrat for better care. To support Obummer and the rest, who by the way, claims their orders to say what they were saying to us “came from the top” including Obummer, state’s VA, IU schools of medicine, Homeland Suckurity, Pentagon, medical boards, law enforcement types,etc.
        Break time to be continued..

      21. See if I can get through this now: We can try to explain to others or those careless persons or activist in the civilian side of things about the mistreatment, insanity, or intentional abuse by the VA and others, we are quickly dismissed, looked at like we have three eyes, and no questions asked about it all. Especially about the harm caused to us by others in THEIR professions. OR, they hop on board with the attacks, harassment, threats, denials of care, hate, etc. Like has been done to me locally with no recourse of actions or representation to be found anywhere.

        My points. This is why we need totally free speech forums for veterans like V bulletin boards I think they are called or something with those side private messaging things. With those threads or places where all things or topics can be discussed, news, gardening, a place for females only if wanted and seems to be a issue, hobbies, health issues, homeopathy, regional groups or meetings, announcements, philosophy, avoiding dangers with big city traveling to get health care, whatever.

        What about a banned book thread on one too that would lay bare some real issues and phony history. Hell, why were some of the Dead Sea Scrolls destroyed or kept from public eyes? Instead of us having to deal with strikes, censoring, being banned from twits, FB, Yucktube and others. Where local governments, colleges, activist, local media, can’t censor the hell out of us for asking simple questions or disagreeing with them on some matter. Or deleting a thread sharing info like your letter with John B.

        I’ve tried to leave messages and contact info on the Caravan site too but they never show up due to moderation or something like being overwhelmed. I don’t know.

        People also need or try to keep things (vet issues) in others faces instead of the usual report and move on to other distractions stuff. Like they do with all the animal stuff and wanting money for this and that which is constantly seen on TV, in forums, or all over any-town USA. Don’t see cute females getting naked for veterans on those anti- fur commercials or events to draw attention that seems to have worked well and still do years later. It’s that out of sight – out of mind stuff, with the full knowing the public has a short memory when it comes to some issues.

        Beyond thinking now, ramble and rant done, lost my train of thought. Pain and brain farts, what fun. Anyway, thanks Bryce, good show, and one hell-u-vah moving letter and poem.

      22. T : I tried to contact Cody after I heard about the accident, I got his recorded message that he left after the wreck. He sounded in pain, and much agony, I’ve heard thru another source he is in the hospital nearby, recovering. The accident was bad enough to total both vehicles, all the air bags were deployed, but that is all I know. I left Cody a message, letting him know if he needs anything, or help with anything to contact me. So for now, that is the update.
        Don’t feel bad about people not believing you. I believe Cody, but no one else in my immediate family does. So why would I expect anyone else to?
        I feel your pain brother, I live with it myself 24 hrs a day , 7 days a week. I’ve had surgeries, nerve ablations, injections for decades, tried everything medication, but all it does is somewhat deaden it. I’ve even tried going off all the medications, weening myself off over time. I made it 6 weeks once, without so much as aspirin, but the pain was so unbearable, I had to go back to the medication.
        I’ve voted for both parties, only to be disappointed and lied to, by both.
        The one thing that I have learned over time, we have been brainwashed by the media, school, government, and debating issues with people who refuse to listen to new evidence, is not worth it.
        It’s hard to find like minded people these days. Ignore the naysayers, examine all the evidence, and make the best decision based on it.
        One last thing, there is a nightly show 7-10 pm est, called the Hagmann and Hagmann show, its a father and son show who have guests on nightly M-F. It’s on blogtalk radio, global star radio and also live on YouTube. They have guests every night,really good show, if you watch on YouTube they have a chat, where like minded people talk and ask questions about the topics and guests. I’m one of the chat moderators, my chat name is “War Profit”. There are some rules to the chat, no profanity in the chat, and a few other rules, but mostly good info and fellowship by like minded individuals, sharing information, that you will not hear on the main stream news.
        God Bless brother , hope to see you and others there!
        Bryce DeBorde

      23. Thanks for the news on Cody.

        On the not believing issues. It’s not so much about being believed but being totally ignored over others suffering, life and death issues like dealing with the VA or all the corruption or chronic high level law breaking by some. If it were me hearing such things or seeing others screwed with I’d be checking into it and finding solutions, but that’s me, not the majority or those who could really change things. I never did like bullies or any form of them, or fascist. Or thought much of others standing by watching stuff go on and not ever knowing such a thing as.. risk, coming forward, and/or some sacrifice for attempts of change or to help others.

        Over twenty five years totally clean blood and urine screens, no problems of mis-use or addiction. I’d know. Zero alcohol too. But can’t get pain meds or have to play games at the VA or with the civilians. Then be called “criminals” by some VA trash talker. Since I had to stay behind (losing track and sight of others leaving so I could try to get their info for possible use) for more paperwork, I wish now I would have gone ahead and slapped the taste out of that punks mouth. Took everything I had to hold back before he hid back behind his glass protection and desk trying to find more lost information, gaming. I regret not doing that everyday.

        Could at one clinic (got one script for 30 days) but I am not, can not, will not, sit in a waiting room packed with people until late evening hours, for up to six hours ( 2 hours last try) for a simple script of 10 Hydros/Tylenol that I have been told not to use anyway. Toally insane. Then having to leave because of no seating or health issues worsening during the game. So since early 2016 been biting the bullet. Gumming it is more like it with the severly broken jaw and TMJ out of joint the VA gave me pulling a damn tooth. Not fun. And I am not going to do what the VA or others at the top sent down the line to do. “Go out in the streets if you don’t like the new VA standards and demands and get some Heroin or crack to use. Or go back to drinking. To hell with those people. Life and suffering is temporary.

        I’ll have to tune in to the Hagmanns. They are on my list of who to listen to or catch on programs like Caravan and elsewhere I’ve heard them appearing on. Yep, in my bookmarks.

        God Bless you and yours too, and all others out here, and Ben’s too. Believers or not. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

      24. Cody is home from the hospital, resting. Banged up and sore, but nothing broken. He does not believe it was an attempt on his life, just a young girl who didn’t have any insurance, in a hurry, not paying attention.
        I went and had my teeth cleaned 3-4 years ago. I didn’t have any issues when I went in, but they claimed they found a cavity, so they fixed it. Within 24 hrs of the visit, I started having pain when I tried to chew on the side they did the work. It was several weeks later, they got me back in, they did xrays, turns out they cracked 2 teeth, cleaning and fixing the 1. They told me there was nothing else they could do, I asked them to pull those 2 cracked teeth, so I could chew with the left side of my mouth, but they refused. So, I have been unable to chew anything with the left side of my mouth since.
        As far as the pain medications, they have denied me for years, refused to give me anything, other than muscle relaxers and gabapentin, so I know how that goes as well.
        It’s hell being poor and not having the $ to get proper treatment, and being stuck in a system that literally herds us like cattle, and when we need meds or run out, force us to sit for hours, until they straighten it out, once again, you are not alone.
        Hope to see you over at the Hagmanns. Every branch of the service is in the chat, many disabled veterans, every war is represented there, cold warriors as well.
        Anyways, prayers and merry Christmas, and may we have better days ahead!

      25. Again thanks for the update and fairly good news. Nice to know it wasn’t an intentional event. I hate leaving home anymore cause it never fails coming close to being hit or dealing with idiots on the road, cell phones, or they are watching movies.

        I know the more horror stories I hear about the VA to all the
        corruption the more riled up I get. But yeah, oy vey we are cattle. I think the Trumpster is letting us down and like all others kicking us to the curb and again, no promises kept. Just had this emailed to me. I guess with all the news reports, and this, it shows who DC and the admin is more concerned about.

        Thought he was going to be tough on those hiring illegals?

        Thought he was going to make America and Americans “first, second, and third. And focus on vet care and more. Guess not. It’s clear what he and the cultural Marxist hag Nicki Haley is more concerned about. I already know who and what Pence is all about along with Indiana government and the ruling cabal or totally corrupted and malevolent networks. What a web they can all weave.

      26. I already watched it…..It was very informative, We need more people to not be afraid of Free Speech/Truth Thats the only way this country will turn around for the Better….Fuck Following the Herd, To many people worried about their jobs, And What will others think. I’ll live in a cardboard Box if I have to.

      27. I was waiting for the day the VA claimed a certain group of Veteran medical files were stored in the Twin Towers and *just moved there* the day before 9/11…what a coincidence…NOT!

      28. Gotta get that book. Nothing like trying to talk or discuss issues, or speak reality/truth to the majority who are T – totally brain-washed and socially engineered beyond reason, logic, or help. Kinda like dealing with all the narcissistic sociopaths, psychopaths, we have to deal with in politics/media, the VA… well seemingly everywhere. Like we are supposed to only believe some official story,narrative or re-written history about every issue out there. Or like believing when we are told “you are free in a free nation.’ ha. Or…we are the VA and here to help you, what do you need and what works for you. More ha! Or that we have a representative government, a strong Constitution, and free speech. Double ha ha.

      29. T I don’t comment much anymore, but I do read EVERYTHING you guys post. I haven’t fallen off the planet, and never a T hater.

      30. OLDMARINE, when you paste a link it adds a space between your link and the quotation marks, you need to delete the space. Darn thing!!!!!

  4. “Trump Left On An Unannounced Trip. He Didn’t Take Questions, But His Destination Speaks Volumes”
    Benny Johnson Daily Caller News Foundation, 12/21/2017

    “There were no official events on the president’s White House schedule today. This is very strange for a president and administration who is always on the move, particularly during the week with so much breaking news. Many assumed that the empty schedule was in order to have free leverage to orchestrate the signing of the freshly passed GOP tax bill. Reporters expected to hear an announcement for a signing ceremony at any time.

    So many were puzzled as the president exited the White House and walked toward Marine One. Trump did not answer any questions except for one: “Where are you going?”

    President Trump said he was headed to Walter Reed Hospital to visit wounded warriors for the holidays and “wish them a Merry Christmas.”

    “The president took no further questions.

    Walter Reed the largest military hospital in the country and serves as the first stateside stop for any US military personnel injured overseas. Trump has since arrived at Walter Reed Hospital, according to the White House pool.”

    Full article at: “”

    1. Seymore,
      Late yesterday, my wife was watching a “live utube video” of either the House or Senate arguing over shutting down the government. One of the arguments was over ‘whether or NOT President Trump cares about veterans!’
      The “live blog” going on at the same time, was very disparaging. It was MORE against vets than FOR vets! There was even some bloggers bringing up some of the false rhetoric about Vietnam again!
      Did help me at ALL!

      1. That is why I don’t watch those videos any longer. Whether they are from the White House youtube or others. More hate than help. More support for animals than us. Same thing on Cspan and others that seem to bash, side step the real issues to putting illegals and foreign nations over America and out best interest. Very odd too, not one halfway decent messages received over any comments. All sent to me were nasty, or false narcissistic chest pounding about how great things are for all and we should be happy happy happy, and have zero complaints things have changed so much. Which I don’t see much of.

      2. It is a proven fact that Veterinarians have higher ethical and moral values then Doctors employed by the Veterans Administration.

  5. To: “Ben Krause”, “Seymore Klearly”, “OLDMARINE”, “namnibor”, “91Veteran”, and everyone else,

    One question needing answered is;

    With ALL the lying sacks of shit working in the healthcare and administration sectors of VA, HOW will “SHIT FOR BRAINS SHULKIN” believe he will find those in the healthcare side who were hired fraudulently? If he’s NOT informed, how can he fire them?
    The federal law was specific on this! How does “policy” override a federally signed law?

    Yes, I’m pissed!

    1. No policy can supersede law…the VA just did what they want, and the House and Senate VA committees looked the other way.

      Our only hope is that USA Today keeps the pressure on. I emailed the author the information I posted earlier.

  6. VA News Release

    Message from VA Secretary David Shulkin — VA Accomplishments in 2017
    12/21/2017 05:02 PM EST

    These and other collaborations have helped VA make significant progress in serving Veterans and their families. We have become more transparent by posting wait times for Veterans’ appointments, Veterans’ satisfaction with VA care and services, facility quality scores and accountability actions.

    We’ve reduced dropped calls to our Veterans Crisis Line from 35% percent to less than 1 percent, ensured Veterans have same-day access to primary and mental health care at all our care facilities, identified 430 unused and under-utilized facilities for disposal, and improved claims processing times by 18 percent in 2017.

    All of these accomplishments have resulted in raising Veteran “Trust” Scores from a low of 46% in 2014 to 70% today.

    Another line of BULLSHIT, I wonder how they got the scores,…Lying bastards
    And I wonder how many people really believe this shit

    1. “OLDMARINE”,
      Have you read, and watched the video, on the “USAToday” article CorpsmanUp put on this afternoon?
      I couldn’t finish it!
      I’m out in the woods right now, because I think I scared my wife! My PTSD and blood pressure went through the fuckin roof! I’m trying to calm down!
      It’s really hard after seeing what VA has done!
      They’re breaking federal law by saying a “policy” is OK to do whatever they want!

      1. YES I DID And this country is turning to shit real Quick
        And I can’t stand the Lying any more It’s so in your face It’s Pathetic
        And the sooner I checkout of this FUCKING Hellhole the better.

      2. To: “Ben Krause”, “CorpsmanUp”, “OLDMARINE”, “namnibor”, “Seymore Klearly”, and ALL!
        One question needing answered ——

        With ALL the lying sacks of shit working for VA, how does “Shit for Brains Shulkin” believe he will be able to locate and fire ALL the healthcare providers VA ILLEGALLY HIRED over the past 15+ years???????????

      3. Shulkin claims there will be a review. Whatever. Time will tell, unless Congress gets off its ass and starts demanding action.

        I doubt those at my VA are gone anytime soon.

      4. He can’t. And they won’t stop hiring losers and the incompetent. He and the gov or any system of change would be stepping on too many wealthy and corrupt toes. Maybe expose far too much for the sheep tto see just how corrupt and evil this nation really is.

      5. “”

        Worry about Israel and the world…. to hell with us. So much for the lies about world wide USA empire building, installing USA puppet governments and ruling the world. And making us first, second and third. Ha.

        Well I’ve known for years this country is FUBAR and the only thing left to see…is it turn to a violent, more corrupt, third world nation under the NWO and other assorted freaks with fascism and corruption totally out of control. Especially if the idiots want the U.N. to send peace keeping troops to Illinois to keep the peace and Chicago crimes down. The damn idiots. We have zero recourse of actions against it all or any part of it it is so damn corrupted. While media gives us fluffy news and plenty of spin full circle.

        Also “policy” will flow as usual. There is no such thing in Indiana as following federal, or it’s own damn laws. The VA, states-people, the corrupt, will do what they want and to whom they want to do whatever to.

        Besides any change will not help some of us out here. We have already seemingly pissed the world off, pissed the state’s medical boards off along with a very very long massive list of enemies that will not stop doing their damage and hate regardless of some law being passed. Governmental or civilian. And the unions and cliques, affirmative action, activist, will not allow that much change to occur…. anywhere at any level. Especially in totally corrupted and controlled Indiana.

      My wife just come and got me. I guess she felt I’ve had enough time to calm down!
      She has informed me about a “Liberal Dem Chat Room”, going on right now, which is praising [“Shithead”] Shulkin and slamming President Trump. They’re saying “President Trump doesn’t care about veterans at all!” At the same time, they’re saying “…only they, [the dems], care about veterans!”
      My wife also put this website on it. So, be advised, we might see some real assholes come here!

      1. OLDMARINE,
        The “chat room” is attached to where the dems and Repubs, in the House or Senate, are arguing over whether to shut the government down!
        Wonder how that’s going?

      2. Nothing like an end-of-year mystery santa gift of a lump of coal shaped like a dildo. All for the Vets… (yeah, Shulkin got MORE Choice $$ I believe or a refill to the cookie jar, as it really is…MERRY CHRISTMAS, CERNER & HEALTHNET… 😀 )

      3. So fedgov is caught violating the law for 15 or so years now. This is my shocked face.

        On a side note notice the Congress Critters getting excited and jumping up and down in “moral outrage” over the latest fiasco. I especially like Coffman who’s particularly full of piss and vinegar over this.

        Hey Coffman heres a question for ya. How many vets have contacted your office to plead for help. And wheres your fake fucking outrage for them?

        Of course it’s my opinion that if Coffman and other of his ilk actually gave a rats fucking ass for the vet other than to mumble “thanksferyerservice” once a goddamned year we wouldn’t be in this situation because the fucking VA would have been FIXED DECADES AGO.

        Coffman, let me be the first to cordially invite you to eat a bullet.

      4. I’ve actually contacted his office a couple times.

        I got zero response.

        Congressmen don’t give a shit unless you live in their district, and even then its tough to get them to listen.

        I still plan on calling his office tomorrow.

      5. “”

        Here you go Elf, Merry Christmas 😉 thumb it down too if you want 😀

      6. No, WyldeCylde! That deserves a “thumbs up”!
        Because that bitch has been fuckin over people ever since she was involved with the Rose Law Firm!
        She’s been breaking laws for decades and no one has ever had the balls to prosecute her! Even now, I’ve got a sneaky suspicion she’ll wriggle her way out of this!

    3. Not me. Almost half the appts. they give me get cancelled, and “I” have to reschedule them. I get about 3 a month and it’s a nightmare to keep up. 60 miles round trip. Sorry about bitchin so much today guys, I didn’t get my BUTTER!

  7. “CorpsmanUp”,
    I just read that “USAToday” article. Not all of it, though! I couldn’t finish it after a few paragraphs. My PTSD and blood pressure went through the roof! I think I even scared my wife! That’s why I’m out in the woods right now. At least until I calm down! Being pissed isn’t what I’m feeling right now! I’m beyond pissed!

    How many veterans were MURDERED due to the VA breaking federal law! Since when does a “policy” override a federally signed law?

    When they pull “SHIT for Brains Shulkin” into the committee, that asswipe better start telling the fuckin world the truth behind HIS, and his agencies, incompetency!
    He isn’t fit to be appointed as a fuckin dog catcher! Or, be hired as a garbage collector!
    I actually can’t think of a work position Shulkin IS qualified to fill! He’s shown he’s 100% useless as a medical physician! Let alone be a Secretary of any government agency!


    Lastly, If there are any medical providers at VA right now, that ARE in violation of that federal law! They need to be ARRESTED and prosecuted immediately!

  8. So, “Shithead Shulkin” strikes again!
    The following is my opinion,
    Does anyone wanna bet he’s doing this because it’s what “PigPharma” wants!?!?
    They, “PigPharma”, only exists when and because people get, OR are ill, or sick with something! “PigPharma” doesn’t want to cure, or have something NOT under their control to be prescribed! Even IF it’s something that makes “life easier FOR someone”: ie: Medical Marijuana vs pain management!

    “IF” people can be, or were, cured, “PigPharma” wouldn’t have such a strangle hold on the “pharmacuticle market”! It also would NOT benefit them to have “lobbyists in Congress”! Especially IF it came out they weren’t really needed!
    Think about this.
    What “IF” there were cures, OR something out there, that could replace ALL the pharmaceuticals we are forced to take by VHA Quacks! Why would we want to take something that could be harmful to our bodies, just because “PigPharma” wants it to be so?
    What “IF” “PigPharma” could be replaced? What “IF” there were/was a “natural pain reducer” that people could take which; NOT only alleviated pain, but had NO side effects like the “PIGPharma Opioids” do? Oh, wait, there IS a pain reliever, who’s only side effects are: having the “munchies” and where a person shouldn’t operate heavy machinery! DAMN, What a concept!

    Here’s something else to consider:
    You can better believe, Dr. “Shithead” Shulkin has stocks/bonds/ or some other form of financial ties to “PigPharma”! You can bet he’s keeping close eyes on the stock market, [and probably the DOJ] Just like ALL the other “Jack an Apes” in the upper management of VA!
    Oh, but wait! It’s already been reported, by: “” – “Sessions Says He Is Sticking With His Predecessors’ Tolerance of State-Legal Marijuana!”
    By: Jacob Sullum | Nov.14 2017 [4:33 pm]

    So, what’s the hold up?

  9. The Evil Elf of the South Sessions isn’t making Shulkin’s position any easier. I’ve had my shrink openly suggest it for pain. I didn’t need her to do that. CBDs haven’t really helped for pain. THC indeed does. It’s turned out to be a good companion to the Humira I take for Ankylosing Spondymessy.

    1. Ankylosing Spondylitis is very heartbreaking in some cases, especially if the spine starts to fuse with new growth accumulations.
      I had a Marine in our unit with it at 22 years old.
      Hope you are ok. This is why VA sucks ass, hearing this kind of stuff with licensed professionals with a btw attitude.
      Take care man,. fucking VA!

      1. yeah jesus christ AS sucks major balls. Mick Mars from Motley Crue has it as well one of the best completely underrated guitar players out there. Stay strong brother and keep toking those spliffs.

      2. Truth to tell, my civilian docs pooched the original diagnosis (18 years ago), as I do not have the HLA27B marker – so they declared it DISH Syndrome. After the last two years of me challenging the
        VA radiologists, I got into see a Rhumy in Portland. I’ve never had a specialist spend that much time with me – ever. So – it’s AS. She put me on Humira and I’ve recently gone back to work (not to mention a shit load of therapy and meds for PTSD shrinky stuff). Still painful, but not nearly as bad. Either way – I’m productive again.

        I’m paying attention to Fecal Transplant technology for that time when i cannot tolerate the Humira. It’s not “if” it turns on me – just “when”.

        So – in this case, the VA docs get thumbs up. (Actually, the Rhumy is on loan from the University).

      3. I feel you man. I’m amazed you’re working. It sucks winning the genetic lottery sometimes.

        I’ve heard the term Fecal Transplant before recently. Is it what I think it is?

        You know if you can hold out for another 20 years they’ll be able to 3d print a new spine out of your old spine while your still using it without needing to cut you open or needing to take immunos for life. Their already working out the kinks for organs. Shouldn’t be too long before their fixing skeletal issues.

      4. Indeed – it is indeed what you think. Pig Pharma will spend your last dollar finding a “donor” and then inserting it a la colonoscopy. It’s only prescribed now for Clusterfuckidium-Difficus infections. On the outside of the Pig Pharma criminal enterprise, the Aussies and a few Euros are taking a different approach and sort of freezer drying from a simplified donor qualification and then.. you… swallow… Preferably high. You can find a youtube or two on FT hacks.

        The whole idea is to reboot the gut flora from scratch. Suppress the inflammation response with a live biologic versus instead of using an immuno-suppressant to mess up your liver and make you very susceptible to any infection.

      5. So let me get this straight…If a person tries this in the EU and they die afterwards. They’ve literally eaten shit and died…

      6. True. But – dying is not prescribed. On the other hand, following the Pig Pharma approach, you’re getting someone else’s shit shoved up your ass. Neither scenario inspires visions of unicorns, rainbows, butterflies and vestal virgins. But, we shouldn’t be squeamish about about shit like that. After all, we’re quite happy with pig valves, unless of course, you prescribe to certain religious ….

        Oh – and that bit about lasting another 20 years? Aaaaahahahahahaha. By then I’ll be so bent over I’ll need fuckin periscope on my walker, or, spend the rest of my life looking at my fucking feet. On the bright side, I’ll always get the role of Quasimodo at the local theatre company.

      7. Got it too 40%. I make balm for it . Works good! (If strong enough). Does nothing for the vertebrae grinding sound when I get up in the morning though. Sucks & scares.

    1. Not True. They only follow the ones that are enforced, including the unwritten ones, that will get you fired or as a contractor removed from the VA Health Care FAKcility.

  10. None of you find it strange, the head of a federal agency, the VA, pushing a federally banned substance? A substance that regardless if you use it medically, or recreationaly, you are still breaking federal law, and at the same time giving up your 2nd amendment rights. This smells as bad as skunk weed.

    1. I suspect it’s a ploy to reduce or deny a claim due to substance abuse. After all at the end of the day Cannabis is still a federally classified schedule 1 narcotic.

      1. I live in Colorado, a state that allows both medical and recreational use of marijuana as per state law. Marijuana laws were voted on and passed by its citizens for both, allowing its use. State legislators however, voted among them selves to limit 2nd amendment rights, passing without the vote of the citizens magazine restrictions, and federal background checks for sale of firearms between citizens, even the transferring of firearms between family members. WyldeChylde, I would not be surprised if the feds, have some ulterior motives behind this. The ATF, the DEA, even the VA. As long as Marijuana remains illegal at the federal level, with the justice department head openly stating he would enforce federal laws against what state laws, this should be a warning to all veterans, watch your six, protect your rights, and VA benefits!

      2. yeah the whole 2nd amendment thing has me pretty riled up. In my case I have 3 strikes against me. I’m a felon. I’m Crazy. I smoke medical cannabis.

        Now the last time I checked the Constitution. The 4 words at the end of the Second Amendment where still there. Unless something happened and I didn’t get the memo?

        Doesn’t matter I suppose. When the day of reckoning is at hand I will be armed and I’ll be busy getting me some. 😀 😀 😀

        Until that day. I’m content to sit and be quiet 😀

      3. I was all around that area in October…and much more so in the mid 80’s when I was stationed at Ft. Carson.

        Nice country, particularly the Cripple Creek area back then. Not sure what it looks like now.

        I was shocked at how much it has grown up around Norad and Manitou Springs when I was there in October.

    2. it is not at all uncommon in the psychiatric profession to misdiagnose the cause of a problem. At the end of the day these are human beings making “educated guesses” based on “education”

      Sometimes these people have an agenda. Sometimes their just fucking stupid. Both are dangerous to you.

    3. @Bryce- I hear what you’re saying because a similar analogy was the VA a couple years ago under Obama offering Veterans *free* gun locks….only problem is the VA wanted to know exactly how many guns a given Vet owns and am pretty sure the Disruptive Behavior Committee now has a shitload of gunlock keys of Vets in their possession with addresses and social security #’s on them.
      Trust nobody, I say. (until proven trustworthy)

      1. My thoughts exactly. I’m not opposed to veterans or citizens having the right to use marijuana medically or recreational, but federal law has to be concurrent with state law. Our nation is so far in debt to foreign nations, and there are factions within our own government, whose motives I question. having said that, I believe the 2nd amendment should not be infringed, period, as well as the other amendments in the bill of rights.
        Just be wary my fellow veterans, that’s all I’m saying.

  11. With all of your articles over the past year, Ben, i think VA doctors believe Hippocratic Oath means a promise not to get in the way of a Hungry Hippo going for a donut.

    I don’t see anything changing regarding this topic until Sessions is out, and that will not happen until at least after Trumps State of the Union speech in January, if even then.

    1. VA docs don’t swear the Hippocratic Oath. Due to an unfortunate mix up by the not so smart but overly protected sister’s brother’s nephew’s Uncle’s third cousin who just happened to be “manning” the desk that day. Thought it was the Hypocrites Oath. So that’s what went out in the daily circular. When these guys say Hi I’m a VA doc and I’m here to help you. RUN!!!!!

      1. I would like to see that redneck’s face as it gains momentum on a pilot training zero gravity centrifuge…am thinking his face would look a bit like Mitch McConnell’s face entering/exiting a black hole’s event horizon. McConnell’s face would stretch for several hundred light years. That is just his goiter or whatever that thing is living under his head. 😀

      2. I always though he was just jowly. Every time I see him I picture the buzzard from the old bugs bunny cartoons.

        I’m bringin home a baybey bumble bee won’t my mamma be so proud of me.

      3. I hear ya, I hope Sessions gets the ax too. Useless as……….the Veterans Administration, or more appropriately, the VA-OIG.

  12. *****ATTENTION *****
    This just in, USA Today article outs VA for hiring medical professionals with revoked licenses since 2002. Now if this is not surprising, but any notes pertaining to your treatment can be challenged in accordance with the Privacy Act. Hopefully in any decisions in which a veteran was denied benefits, based soley and in part by these unqualified notes can be used to appeal that decision.

    1. Riding same wavelength, as I just had read that article as well and was going to post the link. The VA’s Meatgrinder Public Relations is getting ready to dump it’s impacted intestines with one huge lump of coal for Friday…it might be a slightly lumpy coal slurry in a hurry. Hold the curry.

    2. Suspensions or reprimands, — also will be reviewed to ensure they are providing quality care to veterans at the VA.
      Shitty Shulkin Sales pitch…..Nothing to see here folks It’s all FIXED…LOL

    3. Very interesting. I have gone back to my list of providers at my VA, and the VA has completely changed their provider listing.

      I copied everyone listed at my VA, then will compare it to data I collected 2 years ago which showed around 17 at my VA having some kind of sanction, with several of them sued at least twice.

      I will then email that information to Congressman Mike Coffman here in CO since he is quoted in the USA Today article, and sits on the House VA Committee, and ask what he is going to do about it.

      I think I will copy some local media.

    4. What’s strange about the new VA provider listing is that when I checked in 2015, there were many nurses and other providers missing from the listing when compared to the names of providers who got bonuses listed in the USA Today bonus database.

      Are their fake names getting bonuses?

      When looking at the current listing, there are many less providers listed than there were in 2015.

      1. Am thinking for each hyphenated portion of an AFGE Feminazi’s name earns her a nonperformance bonus. Ex: “La-Squish-Ya Good” could easily earn 3x bonus and even stretch it to 4 and maybe 8 if girth taken into account. 😀

    5. So I have gone back and reviewed the providers who are known to have been sued for malpractice at my VA.

      For whatever reason, my VA listed 103 providers in 2015. Today, they only list 81.

      In 2015, there were 13 that had been sued for malpractice, 7 of those had been sued and settled twice.

      In 2017, there are still 9 of them remaining on the VA payroll, including 5 who have been sued twice and settled.

      2 of those settled their malpractice claims in 2015.

      1, a nurse, settled 2 malpractice claims at Phoenix VA in 2011 and 2012.

      Shulkin is full of shit.

      1. Correction: There are 10 currently working that have been sanctioned by either being sued one or more times for malpractice, Letters of Admonition and one listed as a Psychologist who’s only history shows an internship as a Child Psychologist and no license, one Nurse listed was licensed in Arizona at one time but her license shows it’s expired as of 1992, and one who is listed as a psychologist, but who’s only work prior to being hired by the VA, was a sex therapist.

  13. Who can tell me where I can in writing it’s Legal Policy a Veteran Affairs Admistation Personal and Veteran Medical Center Professionals can’t voice their firm belief how to improve Veterans Healthcare to their Representative and Senators

  14. RAND recommends the VA develop a vaporized version of their *most favorite drug* called Gabapentin then sell it back to Big Pig Pharma and buy it back for astronomical $$$$, sparing absolutely no common sense.

  15. That VA refusing to fill-out forms ALSO extends to anything relating to filing SSDI claim with Social Security. I learned that about 10 years ago when I was filing both VA and SSDI Claims simultaneously, and the VA outright refused to even fill-out paperwork for ANOTHER Federal Agency, SSA. This is ALL about that thing the VA LOVES called CONTROL.
    In order to bypass, as I also suggest same for Medical MJ, is a Vet may just have to switch their PCP to a civilian Dr. if feasible within a legal MMJ state(or even move). I actually had to have my private state Medicaid Dr.’s in Ohio fill-out any and all medical paperwork for SSDI because the fucking VA refused to share any data…nada.

    I plan on moving to a legal recreational marijuana state within next year or two because Ohio’s MMJ will be most strict in USA, as no single Dr. is allowed to RX MMJ to NO MORE than TWO PATIENTS A YEAR and NEVER consecutive year to year/back to back…it’s basically only in-place to cock-block legal recreational law passing. Hell, even Dr. OZ has recommended using MMJ to combat and END the opiate and heroin epidemic. (anyone want to move with me?)

    Even if the Federal Controlled Substance List had marijuana removed from list, VA Sec. Shulkin would rather not step-on the toes of his Big Pig Pharma twinkletoes. This is NOT about *weed*, it’s about $$$$ and Big Pig Pharma’s control, keeping people addicted to poisons, and the VA’s control on the $$$.
    Oh…fuck you very much this morning VA and now where’s my cat with my vaporizer?

    1. Christ I thought my state’s system was bad.

      If you can, find a state that lets you grow. I find growing to be extremely therapeutic. It helps to provide structure to your day and, if your growing indoors you can sit under the lights for awhile which will help alleviate mood disorders. Think SAD etc. I know this from first hand experience. Hope it helps

      1. Considering Oregon or Colorado. Ohio’s MMJ system will not be up and running until this time next year but already, the University Medical Center Dr.’s I see are telling me they are being instructed to NOT RX MMJ…again, Ohio is only cock-blocking full recreational weed under the guise of a MMJ Program…as it’s developing, is nothing but a farce because Dr.’s are afraid they will tarnish their vitae in spite of patients that would benefit…a huge ass kiss to Big Pig Pharma.

      2. I know MA just passed rec laws and you are allowed to cultivate 6 plants at home. But it’s MA…just wherever you go make sure the town your moving to hasn’t decided to “opt out” and implement a ban.

      3. I would be more apt to move to state of Maine if going East Coast as I am also needing to relocate to a more steadily COOL as in COLDER area, and yes, Alaska has crossed my mind as well. I figure this will be my last big move and adventure so I may as well be comfy all around, as I cannot stand weather above 70ish F….yep, I know, a tad odd, but have always been this way and now medication side effects make the discomfort level higher.

      4. I’ve lived in Maine it’s pretty much the same as the rest of New England Hotter than a dogs balls in summer. Colder than a witches tit in the winter. Plus most of the “local yokels” are pretty ignorant when it comes to “outsiders”.

        Also when I was there there was an explosion in Somali immigrants in the Lewiston Auburn area. Don’t know how it is now I can imagine it’s only gotten worse.

      5. Yes, Maine is out. I was stationed up @ Loring AFB for my first entire 5 years in USAF…was a very hard place to escape from and it took volunteering for isolated duty at Iceland for year and half to do it. I remember now the balls hot summers as well as those pesky black swamp flies….the Somali thing is something Obama did to most unsuspecting places all across the USA…parts of N. Dakota are like Chicago as far as crime goes…who knew? Looking more and more like CO. or OR.

      6. nah actually Id on’t think it was an Obama thing. I was there in 04-06 that’s Bush. Shocking I know 😉

      7. namnibor: You know, I thought my heat intolerance, was due to my meds as well. Still checking into this below. Do a search for Hyperthyroidism mayo clinic.

      8. That is similar to here in CO. 6 plants per person.

        I believe that might be changing to allow a cooperative kind of farming or growing operation where one location can grow plants for others.

      9. Me and the missus where contemplating CO ourselves. My gf is a state employee so she’d be looking down that avenue for employment. I just want to move someplace I can grow my own weed and get left the fuck alone.

      10. Just be aware of CO being like 2 different states in one. On the front range, you have the Ft. Collins, Denver, Colorado Springs corridor which is mostly urban, expensive, and controlling. Around Colorado Springs and further south is kinda OK yet, but expanding.

        From Glenwood Springs and west, its still much like the wild west, but even the control freaks are trying to take over. There are other other smaller enclaves here in the west where controlling, regulating liberals have formed hives, but just outside of those towns is still fairly free.

        Part of the problem is much of western CO land is BLM land. You can squat and camp for about 30 days at a time before you have to move on, if you can access the land.

        There are plots of land available though, and people live in campers, build tiny houses or live in shipping containers until a more permanent structure is built, and people mostly leave you the hell alone.

      11. Hawaii IS another great state to grow in! Find a secluded spot on the side of a mountain, the soil is extremely rich with nutrients!
        “Kona Gold!” LOL!

      12. Too warm for me and also, I have known a few Americans that moved there for work then a few months after that huge move a Japanese co. purchases the neon sign co. they worked at and the new owners also promptly fly-in all their relatives to take my friend’s place. (not that HI is bad, it’s expensive)….they then found themselves “trapped” on HI with only way survive is 6 people working and all living and sleeping under same one bedroom apartment…it took them 7 years to save-up to move back to the mainland…now, am sure there may be a less expensive way to live but these friends were really frugal.
        Myself, I do not do really well with another human as a roommate or otherwise and prefer animals because they are loyal, so the beautiful State of HI can be one of the few States I have never and probably never will step foot onto…plus it’s hot/tropical…yuck, we Nordic types hate that! 😀 (I DO love volcanoes though, so Iceland is more my kind of place)

      13. I do the same here. DITTO, big time. Calms me and is also very therapeutic for me too. I only grow a couple plants for butter and vaporing mixed with the trazodone the VA gives me. Sometimes my wife slips me a little more butter if she thinks I need it. I live in Ca. but don’t trust them.Still trying to get to Ore.

  16. So this first non veteran Secretary seems to be working out very well.
    A medical doctor in charge of the entire system unable to conclude if it is a prescription or not. Sounds about right at VA.
    I say get the hyperbaric chamber and turn it into the biggest bong hut ,get the weed, vets all pile in an have a smoke out!
    If the VA is going to treat us bad, I rather be in there smoked out because know I would have fun laughing at them!
    On another note I approve of “manatee crossing ” signs at all VHA facilities. We have to be kind to our providers that are actually “nutritionally happy”.
    I am working on my Fatty Tourettes so please be patient with me and don’t be offended.

    1. “[I am working on my Fatty Tourette’s so please be patient with me and don’t be offended.]”
      😀 LMAO! 😀

      ‘Dashing through the snow
      In a one hundred horse open sleigh
      O’er the fatback hills we go
      Slobbering all the way
      Bells on bob tails ring
      Making spirits bright
      What fun it is to laugh and sing
      A sleighing song tonight

      Oh, jiggle bells, jiggle bells
      Jiggle all the way
      Oh, what fun it is to ride
      In a one hundred horse open sleigh…]”

      1. Don’t Chicken Veterans let’s protest to let Veteran Affairs Admistation and Veterans Medical Centers Professionals have their right to voice their firm belief how to improve Veterans Healthcare to their Representative and Senators.

      2. The medical professionals have to speak up! If you have a cook making you a burger and the side cook sees him putting boogers in your food and does nothing about it, there is something wrong with that!
        The VA has been proven to be neglectful, with proven deaths as a result.
        The counterbalance has always been people proclaiming ” oh there are a lot of good people” No offense, but the “good people” need to take their oath that they raised their hand to in them swearing into federal employment seriously!

      3. CorpsmanUP! Do you Veteran Medical Center for your Veteran Medical Center for your Health Care Problems as the to sign something that your firm belief so you can take it to your Senators and Representative the Veteran Health Care Problems he can’t against his policy.

      4. When you have inefficient Representation from your State, there is nothing you can do, but help other veterans.
        Delaware has Tom Carper , a McCain type who repeats his 23 years Naval Service speech with every interaction.
        Patronizing your military service is not enough, backing up a cause is greater than oneself.
        I am not getting paid to bash the VA, the VA bashed itself when it committed treason against its people and failed to provide “informed consent” a right for veterans as patients entering into a contract, which is VA’s statuatory duty to fulfill it’s mission.
        They plainly need to state “we are here to kill you veterans” that is informed consent. If you accept, you get what they offered you. To protest informed consent, and for VA to ignore it is Tort101

      5. Only when those “good people” working at the VA go full-blown VA Whistleblower and REPORT what they see and HEAR around their girth each and every day, I cannot give any respect to even those “good” employees because their indifference ALSO kills!

  17. An outstanding example of Health care by directive. Not providing Health Care based on what is truly best for the Heath of Veterans. Just add it to the list of other VA Directives and policies which fight against providing Veterans with any quality of Heath Care.

    It show that any physician who is willing to work at the VA will sell out the needs of their patients in pursuit of a paycheck.

    Truly Disgusting!

    1. Very good way to put this Seymore. To take it further, this is health care by directives written by people outside the medical profession.

      Its like a sewage treatment plant operator directing how a GI doctor should do his job.

      1. Well, what’s new? You have the raters making decisions on disability claims despite any college degree, legal/medical experience, education and/or training….who also lack basic writing skills/knowledge/experience.

        They hire inept people so they can issue stupid decisons like this to harm veterans.

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