VA Death Panels

HEP C – VA Calls Lack Of Funding, Death Panels Use, ‘Very Controversial’

VA Death Panels

VA’s hepatitis C program head acknowledged veterans’ fear of VA health care is a hurdle to treating all infected veterans, which included death panels to ration the expensive cure.

Now, the agency seeks another $1.5 billion to treat veterans who are positive with hepatitis C. VA says these veterans were either ignored or undiagnosed in the past despite record funding for treatment.

To date, VA has received over $2 billion in appropriates to treat veterans positive with hepatitis C. This covered treatment for only 65,000 in the past two years. Now, VA estimates at least 20,000 veterans remain undiagnosed and another 87,000 awaiting treatment.


In a Stars and Stripes article, Vietnam Veterans of America faulted VA for rationing health care with death panels.

“The VA claimed it was not prepared financially to start wholesale treatments,” said Tom Berger, head of VVA’s health care panel. “When I found out that they were prioritizing the treatments, that’s when I said they were death panels.”

Now, with new funding from Congress, VA claims it is able to provide treatment to all veterans infected with hepatitis C. But those veterans are not showing up.

VA’s head of the hepatitis C program acknowledged the roadblocks including veterans’ overall fear of health care from the agency including death panels, “I know that’s been a very, very controversial topic,” Ross said concerning rationing health care through death panels.

“Because of funding Congress provided, we said we want to treat everybody in-house.”

Ross continued stating VA is proud of the incomplete job it has done so far that did include death panels that allowed some veterans to die.

“These things don’t happen by themselves, so that really was the third ingredient that was needed,” Ross said, in reference to Congressional funding. “I think we’re very proud so far. But we have a lot more work to do.”


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  1. In 2011 I filed a claim with the VA for contacting Hep C in Army, and sought treatment at the VA. The Hep C has scarred my liver and is the cause of peripheral neuropathy in my legs. The Hep C was either from one of the several needle sticks I received while working as an Army dental assistant or from the air gun vaccinations I received during my induction physical in 1968. The first round of new Hep C drugs had just been approved. The VA doctor, in 2011, said the VA would not put me through treatment because “if all the veterans with Hepatitis C got treatment, the VA would go broke.” My claim was denied because of other false things the doctor put in my medical record. I appealed the clam. Eventually, my private insurance company treated me over a year a half ago. The Hep C has not shown up on subsequent blood tests. I received a call from the VA to come in for Hep C treatment less than a year ago (even though I had seen a VA doctor for my yearly physical and explained I had successfully gone through Hep C treatment). Apparently, only people from the claims department read the medical records. I told the VA to send me for a blood test before I start schedule appointments with the liver clinic. The blood test result: Hep C undetectable. I’m still waiting to hear about my appeal.

  2. My boyfriend came home from work one day with his law partner and they looked through the window and saw our home in disarray. His partner said “Mike, this doesn’t look good, you need to call for help.” The car was running in the garage and I was passed out. I heard a faint voice say “tlo, we are gonna get you help. I spent some time on the flight deck. After being discharged, Mike accompanied me to several psych appointments to show his support. During the last appontment, she asked him “what on earth do you see in this woman?” I shrunk! After some thought, he said ” she’s a very good person and you don’t see the beauty I see.” He’s not without fault and I’ve never thrown him away. So that’s that. She had a case of anti bacterial lotion in her office. She used a paper towel to open doors, shake your hand and disinfected the chairs you sat in, as well as anything you touched in her office. She was spraying Lysol before we even left her office! She was a Columbia graduate working at the VA. I’m not in a hurry to go back.

  3. After reading some of the comments, I feel guilty because I’ve been contacted regarding treatment. I understand that some feel as though the VA offers treatment for hep c based on who they feel deserves to live. Listen guys, most of the time I don’t feel as though I deserve to live. I think my reluctance in seeking treatment for any of my health care issues stems from my low self esteem and not caring enough about myself to want to get well. I love all veterans, especially the Nam vets because they raised me. I was an 18 year old snot nosed kid who enlisted near the World Trade Centers. The Nam vets were my father, brother, uncles and men who kicked my ass when I needed it and protected me as best they could. Maybe they have a quota to fill in my area and not enough vets who have the virus or maybe my virus is much more serious than what I’ve been told. Again, I’d give up my spot for ANY veteran in need of treatment!

    1. If anyone wants to respond that would be great, if not, I can only assume that I’m not welcome. I’m not looking to have my ass kissed, I learn from reading the different view points from the regular contributors. I LOOK UP TO YOU veterans.

      1. Hi tlowm,

        Just responding to give you a heads up that each week day Ben Publishes a new article and the blog continues on the page for that new article.

        You should feel welcome here.

        to find the other articles you and click on the hand in the upper left corner. I will take you to the url of “”. That page will show the most recent articles that been has published and you will find all of us in the comment section.

        Most posters do not come back unless they are looking a reference to a comment up or trying to find a link that was posted in a comment.

        Look forward to hearing your take on some of the articles.

        With it being Friday and Ben usually will not post a new article until Monday. We do carry on the conversation through the week end on the article posted on Monday.

        Hope this helps, believe me your are not being dissed or avoided. Just catch up with us on the most recent article.

      2. Sorry about the misspellings and lack of clarity. I had gotten up due to discomfort and saw your post. Just wanted to reach out and let you know more about the site.

        I see you got the message and a few other frequent commenters have also noticed your posts.

    2. The only thing your guilty of. Is being human. !

      Being sick can and does effect the psyche. Your illness maybe effecting you and that’s why you feel the say you do. !

      And thank you saying that about Vietnam veterans and they thank you for your service. !

    3. You shouldn’t feel ashamed or guilty for any care you receive at the VA.

      The VA is such a disaster that the quality of care or even access to it varies from appointment to appointment. One veteran might receive great care for their appointment while the next veteran may be told their appointment was cancelled.

      There is no consistency at any level throughout the VA.

      You just happen to be lucky enough that they have an interest in you for some reason.

      1. Unfortunetly when I think they are taking an interest in it is time to hit the deck, incoming.

        I could write a book on what the graduates of ali-babba U I have done to me.

        Cant call patient advocate(thatis a real play on words) as they never return calls

        When you try to complain all of a sudden a va cop shows up stating some one has reported you as disruptive.

        They should hand a sign that reads “This is a no complaint area”.

        Best of luck to all of us, we need it.

      2. I don’t know that I have ever been termed or flagged as disruptive. I truly believe the VA may do this if they believe a veteran will fight back or not against any kind of disruptive tag, and is clearly willing to do so.

        I have been raising 3 shades of nuclear hell with the VA for 2 years now over an issue, and not once have I heard the term disruptive.

        They do say in internal documents that I received through FOIA that I am persistent. Well, answer the damn questions! This problem should have been fixed the very first time I brought it to their attention.

        This includes contacting the Patient advocate, hand carrying letters to the director, congressional inquiries, emails to McDonalds office, FOIAs, etc.

        I figure if they are screwing one veteran, they are screwing others, and others may not be able to fight back.

      3. Ad you can see I’m not making this up. The disruptive committee is real and they don’t have to prove anything. !

        Hell they even admit they have no evidence and they told senators Bennett’s office. That’s they never coded my official medical record’s as being disruptive. !

        Hand they never Red Flagged my official medical record’s. !

        They Keep telling me. We’ll those were the facts at the time. !

        In order to have a fact. You must be able to provide proof. Other wise it’s hearsay. !

        Go to any court room and see hiw many time’s the defence or judge say that’s hearsay and can not be used as a defence. !

        So. The VA Is acting in a judiciary compacity. Acting as Acusser. Prosicuter. Judge. Jury and executioner !

        They threaten to press federal charges. Arrest and banishment from all VA care and they do this and the veterans have no recourse to fight back. !

        Veterans. See human beings and not their stepping stone for retaliation from some employee. Just because they don’t like you

        Or a former employee and an employee retaliating against them.

        Seriously. Sometimes or seem some people say. It never happened to me. So the other veteran must have done something to deserve it. !

        When. In fact the veterans are being rail roaded and the VA is getting away with punishing veterans at will. !

        This. Is a big problem and must be addressed. They Keep this up. One day someone is going to get Fed up and someone will get hurt

        And for what some employee does not like The veteran. Don’t make sense. !

      4. I agree. I once had a hearing aide tech say in my medical record I was being loud, combative and rude.

        I spoke 2 words to her, “thanks alot” after she told me she did not have ebough time for and I would have to come the following week. 80 miles each way and they refuse to make appointments and the service is walk in

        That was 10 months ago and the hearing aides have been sitting in a drawer for 10 months.

        I am service connected also for hearing, PTSD, MDD, Anxiety disorder.

        When I got out of the service way back the philapino md told me straight up don’t go to the VA they kill people. For 30 years I heeded that advise, to bad I had to finally break down and go. Last year that md was almost right in my case. I was nearly killed my a va quack and had 4 ambulance rides to 3 different civilian hospitals because of thhoses pricks.

        When I went back to complain I was assisted out the door by a va cop saying that I had been reported as disruptive.

        So in other words they can kill us but dont you dare pitch a bitch about it.

        4 more years until medicare and then they can all kiss my ass.

        I have no idea how the majority of the va employees can even look at themselves in the mirror they are lazy, lying thieves who steal money from tax payers by saying they earned a pay check.

      5. Please please share this info,it is a disgrace that veterans are not getting treatment while Gilead makes record billions- which they could have made through high volume/ low price as the market is so huge. But people are dying waiting, an American close to every 20 min, because of the price. The drugs themselves are very easy to take now. I was rescued from close to transplant list by two Australians who have set up buyers clubs for generic hep C medication- is about 1% of the price, it is safe, legal, 90+% total cures, even for me with long term cirrhosis. Look them up Greg Jefferys or Dr James Freeman, look up website fixhepc. Ask me. It comes in the mail. It is such an incredible feeling to be cured, please spread the word on this. It was a comment on a story that reached me. You could interview these guys too.

      6. Thank you for all of the love and support! It’s truly overwhelming. I’m going to look up the facebook group, as well as the info Hazel has provided. As far as the VA showing interest, it occurred to me that it might be less expensive to provide treatment than approve compensation. I’d rather be cured than receive the compensation. What can other veterans suffering from hep C do to get the treatment offered to me? Thank you again for all of your support.

  4. I’d like to go out on a limb and share some of my personal experiences with the Va health care system that are somewhat personal. I’m aware that this is a public forum, but because all of you are veterans, I feel more secure in opening up. I’ll try and keep this short and to the point. I was discharged in Dec 1980 , several weeks shy of original discharge date due to Xmas cut. A few years later, I was diagnosed with hepatitis. Back then it was referred to as non A/non B as opposed to C. I was very ill, however, recovered several months later. My ob/gyn doctor said in 1985 that I had the antibody, but wasn’t a carrier. I have never transmitted the virus to my children or any of my partners. I’m telling you what I was led to believe, whether this is correct, I do not know. In 2008, my VA psych doctor was reviewing my records and seemed concerned about about hepatitis copies. Even though I did some research, I still have very minimal knowledge regarding my virus. He had me scheduled with an infectious disease Doctor who spent 15 minutes with me. He explained that the treatment was 26 weeks and the interferon was harsh. I was advised to wait for the new treatment coming soon. I was frightened of the previous treatment because it could potentially exacerbate my symptoms of depression, so I never gave it another thought. I have recently been contacted several x’s by a local clinic hoping to set me up with a teleconference with VA to discuss the new treatment, but I’ve yet to respond. In fact, on the day Ben published this article I rec’d an automated message about this treatment available to me. I currently have Medicare. I understand the cost involved with the VA and would gladly give up my spot to another veteran in need who doesn’t have any other health care options. Some of my past experiences at the VA include: major reconstructive urethra surgery 2000. Admitted to ICU day after discharge for pleurisy, can’t place blame on anyone. I was labeled unruly in 2012 because I refused liver biopsy w/out at least mild sedative. Berated in 2010 during colonoscopy. 2014 showed early for mammogram, but was told I was late, therefore had to be rescheduled. The waiting room was full so they thought they could push me around – NOT on that day. Proved I was early at checkin, lost my temper, told the women techs who tried to play me that it was a 3 hour round trip and I wasn’t having it. I admit that I could have been more lady like, but I was so angry. I was sent to patient advocate who spent some time trying to find a tech willing to do the procedure. I’m gererally not a jerk, I make it a habit to be ultra polite. I just hate the way some of the employees look down their nose at me. I haven’t used the VA in a couple of years even though I’ve only had access to Medicare for 8 mos. I’m not in a hurry to return their call and was curious as to why the sudden insistence? Hope I didn’t ramble too long and bore the crap out of you guys. Thanks for listening.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience.

      Their sudden interest in you after ignoring your records for so long makes me wonder.

      Do they know you have Medicare?
      Are you showing any symptoms normally shown in those with Hep C?
      I am wondering if they are trying to “treat” you for Hep C, then bill Medicare for as much as they can for that treatment.
      I’m also wondering if they have some new program and funding specifically for Hep C.
      In the end, it may be something as simple as them wanting to provide treatment for Hep C, count you as one of their statistics on treated veterans, then bill Medicare anyway.

      1. I don’t think Hun (nyc voice lol) they know I have Medicare. They’ve never had interest in it before. They blew it off and again, I was frightened to death of the side effects, I.e., increasing depression. My psych doc Makes me think he needs help.- freaking weird, couldn’t connect the dots with him, pc doc was a woman who obviously resented me. “Oh, where did you buy that top”, “how much did you spend on those jeans.” I’m gonna get real now. I felt like she was seriously in competition with me. Like bitch ” what are the results of the Pap smear.” Oh btw, they interviewed 3 women in a trailer at the same time and asked personal questions. When they asked if any of us felt like our privacy was invaded, a strong woman stated that it was inappropriate and requested privacy. Hmmmm, had my car running in garage I was sent to flight deck. Big Russian woman shines light in my eyes and her main concern is if I have mascara on my lashes which is prohibited. Who’s guarding the fucking guards? I thought if I’m off, 99% of the va employees are wacko freaks who aren’t monitored. These are the people im depending on to help me and they’re more bizarre than me or my vet friends. Who’s checking them. Freaking wierdos getting paid to help vets. I don’t care who bashes me for this, there’s no therapeutic improvement when being treated by fools !!!!

      2. Welcome to the VA. Where standards of care are non existent.

        In the ortho clinic at my VA they do patient intake in the waiting room. They have moved a chair away from the others, put up a portable fabric screen and ask the veteran questions that can be easily heard by any other veteran in the room.

        Primary care is the same way. The exam rooms are within 6 feet of the waiting area, and they do exams with the door open.

      3. By law the VA is supposed to have veterans privacy. They are breaking another law. !

        Doors open. Why. Because they have villified veterans and say their afraid of us.

        They teach their employees self defence to attack veterans. In the VA your a threat. !

        Were not the threat. The VA is to all veterans and will act upon anything they don’t agree to.

        Privacy. None VA employees will speak about veterans in the open and are not afraid to punish any veteran they choose to. !
        And get away with it and you can’t so a damb thing about it. !

        Privacy. Ask them to define it. !

        They mean their privacy. Veterans must Not say anything or else. !

      4. I won’t go back to va. Took a Valium before colonoscopy and bitch nurse says “it figures she tested positive for a Valium, she’s angry and Needs Valium for her problem.” I’ve taken 3 valiums in my lifetime. They treated me like a piece of shit. I’ve never been so disrespected by va employees who have nothing but contempt for veterans. If I could make it my life’s purpose to expose scumbag employees who disrespect any veteran, I all in. They shouldn’t collect a salary for disrespecting any vet. I’d be willing to expose everyone if it helped vets. My significant other is an attorney who sat by my side after I experienced painful side effects after liver biopsy. He was beside himself.

      5. Veterans need to understand how to deal with assholes like that. Put it in writing and be damn sure someone who can correct the problem is aware of it, and don’t stop pushing until you get a response that addresses the complaint.
        As for that nitwit complaining about testing positive for Valium before a colonoscopy, any complaint should ask why such an incompetent person is involved in such a procedure. Anyone who has gone through one knows it is a part of the procedure to get the patient to relax. I have had the unfortunate experience of 3 of them, and did not know I should have been given Valium for the first one. The VA has offered to do another more than once, and I explain exactly why I refuse. They put it in the notes that I refuse because of a bad experience…without the details why it was bad.

      6. That depends on when the incident occurred.
        The best way to get the VA to address a problem is as soon after it occurred as possible, and in writing if you can.
        After years of hard experience…
        For any vet with any problem with care, I would suggest informing the clinic immediately and see what their response is. Rarely will they admit to there being a problem.
        Second, I would go to the worthless Patient Advocates office and explain what happened in detail. I would ask the Patient Advocate to write and submit a Report of Contact, and provide a copy of that report to you immediately. A Report of Contact is an internal VA report that is submitted when a veteran reports a problem that could be embarrassing to the VA. The reports are sent to other Patient Advocates, possibly the Chief of Staff and the Director. The ROC documents the problem with names, dates and times.
        When you return home, I would document the incident in a letter.
        Because patient advocates are often worthless, I would follow up within a week by calling the Patient Advocate with a phone call. You will likely get voice mail and no return call. Document it all in a letter to the Director, then hand carry the letter to their office if possible. Same thing, follow up in a week, then write a letter to the VISN director, include a copy of your letter to the director, and explain in your letter you are requesting a congressional inquiry.

        Then do it.

        If you contact your congressman, ask to speak to their veterans affairs aide, explain the situation, then tell them you would like them to inquire into the problem. They should provide you a Release of Information form to do so.

      7. I don’t forget shit. He was there when they hurt me during biopsy and refused to give me pain pill when I was suffering. He’s practiced 42 years. He does pro bono for 99% of his clients. I think we have a very experienced attorney to help Ben if he needs it. He respects our service and he’s a wonderful man. He works and doesn’t get paid for ssi. If Ben needs him he’d be there.

      8. That would be great if he could team up with Ben. Given the way the law is written, not many attorneys want to get involved with veterans.

        Being a veterans attorney is not for the faint of heart.

        Ben’s contact information is on his web page. There are also some or at least 1 attorney on the VA is Lying Facebook page.

        If you or he has not been to that page I would recommend it. Hadit dot com is another good web site.

    2. The medical portion i will not try to answer. Except to see someone. !

      The part about the employees. They are very Venditive and they will report you as being disruptive !

      Get a copy of all your medical record’s and see what they have written about you. !

      It never hurts to get a second opinion. !

      Get s copy of all your military record’s ( a must )

      Ben and many other’s on this site. Bring each of us. Important information. !

      He aware. That skme employees will post on this site. Trying to defend the VA misdeeds. !

      They are called trolls. !

      I’m sorry you are having to go through all of this. VA employees should known how stressful it is for veterans just having to go see s doctor. !

      We. Don’t go. Just to go and it’s scary not knowing what they might tell you about our health. !

      Welcome don’t be afraid or ashamed to share your true stories !

      Good luck

  5. Seymore, Here’s some interesting articles out today and yesterday. The first three are from “” the last one (#4) is a Utube video from the “Sean Hannity Show”!

    “Trump, Clinton Veer from Veterans Issues During Forum”
    8 Sept. 2016 by Brendan McGarry
    Don’t put much stock into what he writes. It’s as bad as the “Stars & Stripes” article put on here yesterday!

    “Election – Year Politics May Hamper Proposals To Reform VA”
    8 Sept. 2016 by Richard Disk
    Again, not much substance. No one is discussing the “10 point plan” of Mr. Trump!

    “House Vets Panal Subpoenas Details on VA Art Purchases”
    7 Sept. 2016 by Richard Disk
    A must read!

    “Donald Trump Campaign Reacts to ABC’s Commander in Chief Forum”
    7 Sept 2016
    A Utube video.

    On Iraq, “Hildabeast” Clinton admits, quote: “I made a mistake!”

    Sorry, Hildabeast, you made a BIG mistake. We lost over 5,000+ troops (KIA’s) there. The “WIA”, “Wounded in Action”, is still not fully counted!
    She lies about everything. She lied to us. She lied to Congress. She lied to the families of the Benghazi debacle, which she, and Obama, caused! She’s nothing but a “habitual LIAR!”

    There’s a lot more coming out today folks. I hope she loses it real soon!

  6. Hey Crazy Elf,
    Happen to notice the stock market crashing it is way down and falling fast?

    With the Dow down 58.73 points, the Nasdaq down 22.88 points and the S&P 500 down 6.20%.

    I guess Hillary must not have done to well last night in the forum.

    But hey Crude is up 0.45 points.

  7. Benjamin and all:

    I am wondering how the abrupt closure of all ITT Technical Colleges across USA last few days affects Veterans. Reason why I ask because I know several Veterans that have used ITT and such ‘career colleges’ and depending on which variety of G.I. Bill one has and approval of Dept. of Education Federal Financial Aid, this sudden closure right before graduation, no less, HAS to be affecting a % of Vets that attending a larger university was not a viable option and get this: the financial aid end of things also leaves students hanging and Dept. of Education seems to be scrambling to find their asses on this one, SO I am only assuming that we will read on here soon from Benjamin where the VA/VSO’s further screwed vets perhaps using Voc. Rehab. Benefits and enrolled at ITT Technical Colleges around the USA, with the VA more than likely screwing Vets. Thought you all and Ben should be aware of the brewing storm with this one. It’s the largest financial closure of an Educational Institution in USA, shadowing the other recent one out of California. Hope I am wrong.

  8. Hey guys. This is right dab in the middle of my wheelhouse. Enlisted 75, confirmed by private dr have hep-c 2002, Stated treatment VA 2002, Liver transplant 2005, Harvoni in 2014? (My wife and I think its 14. Might of been 13) Any way, I’m hep c free now. Did the Interferon/Pegasus treatment twice, damn near killed me both times, once before and after my transplant. Died 3 times waiting for transplant. Was on VA morphine for ten years and finally quit on my own. And now that the anti rejection drugs are eating my joints away. But I guess I’ve reached my medical care limit because the fucking VA won’t fix my joints. I’ve got plenty of horror stories to tell but it’s late and going to sleep a few hours till the fucking pain wakes me up. Good night and God bless.

  9. Ben
    Another HCVet from Colorado Springs (Randy) and I just went to the Gilead Conferences for Patient Advocates representing HCVets. It was Aug. 21-23 in Foster City.All expenses paid. Pretty cool beans. Their VA liaison said they are all but giving it away to VA for pennies. Why VA isn’t getting Vets hooked up to it is the mystery. I have been front and center bugging them from 2007 right on up to when it was finally approved (2012). I was hitting stage 4 and on shaky ground as most of us Vietnam Vets are after 45 years of it. I finally gave up in 2014 and did it on Medicare for a bundle. I never even called them back to tell them I did the treatment. Why bother? VA finally calls us up in July and says Yo Alex! Come on in for some testing and a new liver biopsy to see if you still need it. Sometimes it “goes away”. One GW Vet in March of this year got the old Interferon/Bocepriver/Ribavirin cocktail they discarded in 2012. It almost killed him but it shows VA is still trying to get rid of the trainload of the old crap if they can.

    At our age, most of us qualify for Medicare of our spouse’s medical plan for the drug. It’s $500 or less per pill to the VA from what the Gilead people said. So why the panic over a $28 K treatment? They spend gazillions on HR conferences in Orlando. Helloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo?

    1. asknod,
      VA spends millions and millions on useless things like art, and other useless shit! So WTF OVER!
      Their mission isn’t to help veterans, it’s to murder veterans!

      1. When. I was employeed with the VA. They sent about 100 people to California for travel training

        1st day. Evening they furnished booze for all the employees. Makes the best come out of people

        Everything paid for. People should be able to read. Why spend so much money to send employees. Just to receive instructions.?

        They must send all management to such siminars. That’s when the art of the deal is made. Ad Donald trump calls it.

        Great minds getting togather to plot their next move and to ensure their ALL on the sale page on how to treat their employees. If they should ever question them about the way the va is run. !

        How to deal with veteran’s that question how the VA is run or complain about their treatment !

        Thousands of dollars in travel. Hotel. Food. Booze. Most people could receive the manuels and understand what they mean and implementation.

        To me It was a waste of money. They could of done a conference call ?

  10. Ben’s article yesterday was Titled; “TBI, Medical Opinions And All Important Medical Literature”.

    Ben’s article stressed the importance of submitting the right documents to support your claim or appeal.

    In an earlier comment I made reference to and listed a link to a Decision by the Board of Veterans Appeals. Where the finding of Fact by the Board stated “Hepatitis C is a result of receiving immunizations in service by means of a multi-use jet gun injector.” That decision was made in 2005.

    For anyone interested the decision does include a listing of the documents that the board used to make their decision and how the board then used those documents to support their findings which was “Hepatitis C is a result of receiving immunizations in service by means of a multi-use jet gun injector.”

    The link to that decision is: “”

    1. I would also like to point out that this decision is a considered a Conclusion of Law dating back to May of 2005.

  11. Hey, Seymore.
    I found the article over what VA is being asked over their “ART Expenditures”! It’s what my wife told me about earlier.

    “Congressman Threatens VA With Subpoena Over Art Expenditures”

    Looks like Rep. Miller is again “flexing his (useless) muscles” over the “waste, fraud and abuse” that IS VA!
    When will this POSER realize his constitutes, and millions of other Americans, don’t give a rats ass over what he, and others in Congress, HAVE REFUSED TO DO FOR VETERANS AND TAXPAYERS!
    If they really wanted to show vets and taxpayers something, why not bring charges against everyone who’s breaking the law in Washington DC!?
    Until Congress, FBI and the DOJ do something constructive, why would anyone believe anything they say?

      1. Kidneys, pancreas, chronic diarrhea rest of life, et al., and then the very antivirals/antiretrovirals made by likes of Gilead have so many risky side effects that that paper fold-up that comes stuck to orig. bottle with list of side effects is so huge you could actually build a box kite with them. Those side effects include even kidney failure. A mixed-bag. Also, those military air jet guns likely also passed HIV in that specific timeframe because only the Red Cross was testing their own blood supply, the military branch medical side was not testing blood products until late 80’s…

  12. Hey Elf,
    Did you catch this article?

    “Donald Trump leads Hillary Clinton by 19 points among military, veteran voters: poll”; By David Sherfinski – The Washington Times – Wednesday, September 7, 2016


    1. Goes to show that the scumbags running the VSOs that endorsed Hillary are again going against the wishes of the Veterans they are suppose to be serving.

      Just like they are fighting to prevent Veterans from getting Health Care outside of the VA.


      1. Seymore, yes I saw something about that this morning. Great news.
        Maybe the military vote will be accepted, and counted, this time!
        I remember when I voted in the early 80’s, somehow our votes didn’t get processed in time. Therefore, they didn’t count.


        Also, the wife said there was a “story” on Channel 9, WFTV, tonight, (5 pm et), about the VA.
        I’m paraphrasing what she saw on TV, because I wasn’t around!
        They are being given until the 21st of this month or next month “…to turn in ALL their expenditures for this fiscal year!”
        Seems that “veterans committee” is not taking no for an answer!
        Seems some of the news stations are “concerned”, (I hate that word), over all the bull shit the VA is spending taxpayers money! As well they should be! Taxpayers should be pissed as well.

        (Maybe Mr. Trump’s rally’s and news conferences about how VA spends taxpayers monies is finally sinking in on their brains. At least I hope so!)

        Seymore, maybe you can find out more about this!

  13. The issue that remains unanswered is why the VA cannot track down all the troops who may have been exposed to HCV in Basic Training, based on the knowledge they have, with access to unit history in the archives.

    Fact is, if they really wanted to do it, they can ID who got it from current diagnosis/treatment records, and track back to the company level where they attended basic, and then they can ID every person who was in line who got a shot from the same Air Gun used that day.

    One of the primary reasons so many military vets have HCV is because the air guns spread the virus from shot to shot to shot, and when they proved that was happening in 1992, they stopped using air guns to give shots.

    1. js03,
      Thanks, I wondered when the military stopped using the airguns to give shots.
      Does anyone know when it started?
      I received the airgun shots when I was in basic back in 65, Ft. Jackson, S.C.. I do remember going down that long hallway.
      I also remember some recruits jerking their arms or shoulders, and receiving long deep cuts from those “guns”! And those asswipes wouldn’t even wipe the blood off for the next person. Just kept on going.
      Yet, instead of helping the recruit, who was cut, they just pushed him along down the hall.

    1. I smell it too. VSO type! You know that Rancid Urine stench. He has been here a few times before. One of those paid ones.

  14. Why should the VA provide treatment to all veterans who have Hepatitis C? VA healthcare has been built on the priority treatment system since it’s inception. Top priority goes to veterans service connected for Hepatitis C. Then veterans rated totally disabled by service connected disabilities. Then veterans with a combined service connected evaluation of 50-90%. Then, subject to means testing, those 30-40%. Then, those less than 30%. Then those totally disabled led by non-Service connected disabilities disabilities. Then those without service connected disabilities who do not have a qualifying low income and without insurance.

    The VALUE is not o obligated to treat every veteran on an equal footing. If you aren’t service connected and have insurance through work then don’t use the VA. You become part of the larger problem.

      1. dogman; if you went into the service AND went through the inoculation line where a jetgun was used then I sure as hell advise you to be tested for Hep-C. If you are positive then I would suggest you file for it and then wait for the VA to deny it. Step two involves getting an attorney and the fight begins. I am currently involved in getting Vets their justice and am attempting to get the FDA to provide attorneys with the ammo we need via sending two jetguns to them for testing. In the VAs “fast letter” the term plausible does not even touch upon the truth. The guns are absolutely, “beyond a shadow of a doubt” capable of transferring Hep-C and HIV. The problem is that there was no designation of Hep-C or HIV when they began using these guns in the 1960’s. AND, the government did not stop using the guns until 1998.
        Gileads Harvoni saved my life and I cannot put a price on that but with the Veteran population being 10x more likely to have the disease I say treat every damned Veteran who comes up positive and shut your pie holes and whining VA. So what if there is a need for a new hospital or clinic! Put all other improvements aside and pay for all to get treated. We swore an oath to protect this country and in return you promised to take care of us so pay the piper.

    1. I am service connected over 50% and my insurance, which I NEVER provided to the VA, is still billed by those bastards even for service connected care.

      Given the high prevalence of Hep C among veterans, it should be PRESUMED service connected until sound medical science determines otherwise.

      The VA has a very long history of ignoring or footdragging on medical research and service connection.

    2. B.S.. The VA is to treat every veteran. Don’t care about their rule if treating only veterans with a service connected disability in writing. !

      The VA denies veterans claims 99 percent of the time or give a 0 percent so not to have to pay veterans any monies period. !

      Who are you trying to kid. I worked for the VA many year’s and have seen management in action.

      Do many veterans HAVE been lied to about their military records being destroyed

      So you have you head in the sand. Haven’t you read all the negative report’s on how the VA is doing everything they can to insure veterans claims are denied.

      Sounds. Like you are part of they problem. You don’t even known how to lie.

      Now many veterans have you helped be harmed. How many have you reported to the VA police or to the disruptive committee.?

      Were veterans are smarter than you think. Even those that have brain injuries. !

      Now that’s pretty bad. Don’t you think.

      Now about doing some work instead of posting while on the job.

      Trump. Will be calling you soon, your fired.

  15. I have a question. The Red Cross sent me a letter stating I have been exposed to Hep C, I have been tested twice at the VA for Hep C, both time results were negative.

    Who the hell hell should I believe? Should I get tested by a private lab?

    1. Bill,
      You might want to be checked by an independent medical facility. I suggest this as a “peace of mind” strategy!
      Read Seymore Klearly’s comment from earlier today.

    2. Given this article, I would strongly suggest you get tested privately.

      After reading this, I will always wonder if the VA has decided I don’t need to know test results because some disease has not progressed far enough for treatment.

      The VA. Proud to hire over 100 interior designers while choosing which veterans live and which die.

      1. Basic blood tests for AST and ALT can give a strong indication if you need HCV testing. HCV damages the liver, and when the liver is being damaged, AST and ALT levels rise.

        Every comprehensive blood test they give you checks AST and ALT levels. If they are higher than normal, get tested. Mine was over 10x normal, should have been 25-50, tested in 500s. Got cured last June. Had HCV for well over 20 years.

      2. Good to hear that.

        Do you know if high AST or ALT levels are indicators of other problems?

        Do you know if anything that would skew those results high?

    3. Call the red cross and ask them for the proof and why did they send you the letter in the first place.

      Take the evidence to a congressman along with each report from the VA Show the letter to the news media and tell trump.

      Do. Nothing if you don’t have proof. Remember hearsay is not allowed. !

      Unless your a VA employee. Then and only then is it ok. To use hearsay and no proof is required !

      1. Is there another name for alt and ast? Nothing on my latest lab like that.

        I sincerily have NO trust in the VA. Not because of this article, I can write a book on their quackery.

  16. In read8my that Stripes article, you can easily get the impression that Ross is criticizing vets for not being good little soldiers and not immediately lining up for care.

    Someone should slap that damn fool upside his head and remind him that if the VA has not ignored those veterans for years, or treated all veterans like an interruption to their day when they DO come in to the VA, those veterans might be more willing to go to the VA for care.

    How many of those unwilling veterans were ignored, treated like dogshit or made homeless by a VA that didn’t give a damn about them until the VA needed an excuse for more money?

  17. The VA. Proud of their death panels. Proud of choosing which veteran is worthy of living. Proud of giving $142 million in bonuses, spending many millions on bad art, spending millions moving incompetent managers around the country, spending millions on whistle blowers while retaliatory managers are unaffected, all the while knowing full well that the veterans they are supposed to care for are dying because there is not enough funding.

    The VA. Pissing away hundreds of millions on an incomplete hospital, then telling Congress to pound sand when Congress asks for their internal report.

    The VA. Pissing away billions in IT and other contracts like solar panels or some IBM Watson scheme year after year.

    The VA. Proud to ask Congress for more money to finally provide medical care to veterans after collosal waste of their budget throughout the year.

    The VA. Proud to vilify, destroy or ignore veterans, or refer to their concerns as being a jerk and full of crap.

    The VA. Proud to watch veterans die.

    That should be their fucking epitaph.

  18. Remember. Death squad mass killings. Genocide. If caught They would receive no more than 10 year’s in prison.

    So. The VA could let millions of veterans die and if and when caught will get at the most 10 year’s.

    Veterans. Don’t have anyone to fight for them and VA employees HAVE an army of attorneys and higher management to ensure their not caught. !

    If. Someone really took the time and look at veterans claims they would find denial after denial of veterans claims.

    Many m. Many employees from McDonald on down would at least spend 10 year’s in prison.

    Shut it down. If The veterans die not due in service. No problem the VA would be glad to assist in the error. !

  19. …and these are the people asking us for DNA samples for their database…they promise not to use the samples to pick who lives and who dies.

    Playing tune from Jungle Book now….the snake is singing…”Trusssssst in meeeeeee. Jussssssssst in meeeeee.”

    1. Don’t worry the lives or dies equation primary relies on whether or not you are disabled, or are eligible to file a claim for disability, and the amount of compensation you are receiving or could receive.

      1. The Greater the amount, you are a greater liability, so your name goes on the good-by list.

  20. Here’s an article, on Utube, from 1985! It was published on Sept. 6, 2016 by “The Truth Channel”. It’s disturbing in so many ways. Especially being from the “Way Back Machine’, as Seymore Klearly would interpret!
    Listen carefully as this “former KGB agent” explains how the USA, through “4 steps”, will be ‘taken over’ by a “Marxist & Leninist agenda”!

    “Conspiracy Theory or Fact?” Y’all decide.

    “Former KGB Agent Tells Us How Obama’s Secret Plan – FEMA Camps And Martial Law”

    With the world in dire upheaval and many years, maybe decades, of constant warfare! This might be the time “…for all good men to come to the aid of their country!”

    1. Y’all will love this video, (5:43 min long), from Alex Jones of “”. Published Sept. 7, 2016.

      “China Forces Obama To The Back Of The Bus”

      As a “graduate student, (Univ. of Hawaii), of Asian History, Philosophy and Culture”. I can assure y’all, what Alex Jones is saying, and showing through video clips, is true!
      China, and other Asian Nations, have absolutely NO respect for our government, especially Obama and Kerry.
      This also includes our “(alleged) Press Corps!”

      Even President Putin shows no respect for any Press Corps. Which, by the way, includes the Russian Press Corps. As was seen in an earlier Utube video where he was talking to, or scolding, them into writing the truth!

      1. Here’s a great article out from “The Horn News” titled;
        “The Commander we need! Military brass endorse Trump”
        Sept. 7, 2016

        “In an open letter yesterday, 88 retired generals, admirals, and other former military officers said they were backing Trump.”

        Maybe Mr. Trump, due to speaking with many retired officers, does know more about ISIS than the current list of active duty generals!
        I mean, the people we have running the militaries today, are all “YES MEN” of Obama’s failed attempt at defeating them!

      2. I find it interesting how hard the leftist media is trying to smear all those leaders.
        The Daily Beast is one, and Foreign Policy Rag is another.
        They are reaching back to the early 1990s and the Navy Tailhook “scandal” to do so.

        Who knew a retired military leader who signed a letter rejecting the Iran Deal would be worthy of a destructive witch hunt.

        Hows that deal working out for us?

        At least many of them would not accept an order to sit on their asses and wait while Americans are being slaughtered by terrorists at an embassy.

        Or silently watch for months while intelligence on ISIS is manipulated to downplay their strength because some nitwit referred to the as the JV team.

  21. pPENDJO VETS VA ONE BIG BIG BIG BIG FEDERAL RICO CRIME RACKET RUN BY @ FOR AFGE UNION CONTRACTS AGIN VETS YO GOT SCREWED BY VA DEATHCARE FROM AFGE UNION CONTRACTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Also, where was Rep. Miller’s words of stern wisdom when all this went down originally to where this should never happened had we had proper oversight…like what an Oversight Committee is supposed to be doing? All asleep at the helm of the V.A. Titanic while the violins play and Rome Burns?

  23. Dr. ShiNazi is laughing all the way to his beachfront bank in Canary Islands. He royally screwed the VA in more than one way and I agree with crazyelf in that regardless of his perceived genius, should be brought-up on various charges then tossed into Leavenworth Prison only allowed to be wearing a bright green for greed spandex bodysuit with a cape that reads, “GREED DR.”….just for starters. But then again, those Hep C Drug $$$$$ might have had some “kickbacks” done to key people as “insurance” for the good Dr. Why else did the VA let this even happen? Are they really that incompetent?? Rhetorical, of course.

    1. Ross and other flunkies in the VA worried about trust should answer how many other medical disasters they are allowing to progress because it’s not a good time to exploit asking for more cash from Congress.

  24. The one “issue” I find interesting is the (anti) “Trust” factor veterans have with VHA’s nationwide. As pointed out in these articles.
    We all know the VA, (VHA’s & VBA’s), have for decades been eroding the “Trust Factor” within the veterans community!
    As ‘Lem’ pointed out, IF VA had “…fully funded…” the treatments in the first place, veterans might have more trust in the VA.

    Also, for VA to state there’s little to no evidence, (paraphrasing), the military caused this problem, is ludicrous. There’s much evidence, I believe, which refutes this.
    To “claim” Vietnam Veterans were 100% responsible for this, in its entirety – by being “druggies” during the war, is also a false assumption.
    I may be wrong. Yet, I don’t believe drug use, especially “intravenous drug use, while in a war zone was that prevalent!

    As I’ve said, I believe as ‘Lem’ has said. If VA had funded this from the beginning, they wouldn’t be asking for more taxpayers $$$$$!

    Lastly, what about the idiot who, through an alleged price gauging, (ie; working at VA to develop this “miracle drug” and then was able to sell it back to VA at a high price), wasn’t brought up on charges! I believe there’s more to this than VA wants to admit!!!!!!!

    1. I agree Elf there is much more to this than the VA wants to admit. I am researching a comment before posting later today. But just want to add some information that support several of the point you make in your comment.

      1) One of the many reason many Veterans have a lack of trust with the VA is what happens to Veterans who use VA Healthcare Service and some of the increased risks involved with exposure to disease such as Hep-C.

      Several examples of that risk:

      More than 1,800 veteran patients of the St. Louis VA Medical Center may have been exposed to HIV and Hepatitis as a result of unsanitary dental equipment.

      David West, a VA health official in New York, pocketed nearly $26,000 in bonuses while overseeing chronic misuse of insulin pens that potentially exposed hundreds of veterans to blood-borne illnesses.

      For nearly 18 years, the dental clinic at the Dayton VA Medical Center allowed unsanitary practices, potentially exposing hundreds of patients to hepatitis B and hepatitis C. Dayton VA Medical Center Director Guy Richardson then collected an $11,874 bonus despite an investigation into the exposures. After nine of the exposed patients tested positive Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C, Richardson was promoted.

      Former VA Health care contract employee, David Kwiatkowski, sentenced for causing over 45 cases of “Hep-C Ex-hospital worker gets 39 years for causing hepatitis C outbreak”

      The list goes on but trying keep this short.

      2) The Bias against Veterans claiming the a large percentage of the cases of Hep-C were caused by drug abuse.

      To quote the article; “Some blame the virus on unsterilized medical syringes used by the military during the Vietnam War to inject vaccines. While that is “possible,” Ross said, there hasn’t been a documented case.” What utter Fucking Trash!

      Although Ross’s statement in essence is true. It is a Fact of Law that unsterilized medical syringes can and do cause Hep-C.

      Also as noted by the Board of Veteran’s Appeals in repeated Findings of Fact “Hepatitis C is a result of receiving immunizations in service by means of a multi-use jet gun injector.”

      Also in Civilian Law:

      See: “Ex-hospital worker gets 39 years for causing hepatitis C outbreak”, By Luisa Navarro, CNN


      Shame on Stars and Strips for publishing trash that portray Vietnam Veterans as Junkies. Because of low sales of the drug and Gilead is hurting for bucks they come out with this promotional article to help out Gilead sales.

      Here’s a story for you Stars & Strips. Find out about the limited life expectance of those who have take this drug which is almost solely being distributed by the VA.

    2. I agree Elf there is much more to this than the VA wants to admit.

      I am researching a comment before posting later today. But just want to add some information that support several of the point you make in your comment.

      1) One of the many reason many Veterans have a lack of trust with the VA is what happens to Veterans who use VA Healthcare Service and some of the increased risks involved with exposure to disease such as Hep-C.

      Several examples of that risk:

      More than 1,800 veteran patients of the St. Louis VA Medical Center may have been exposed to HIV and Hepatitis as a result of unsanitary dental equipment.

      David West, a VA health official in New York, pocketed nearly $26,000 in bonuses while overseeing chronic misuse of insulin pens that potentially exposed hundreds of veterans to blood-borne illnesses.

      For nearly 18 years, the dental clinic at the Dayton VA Medical Center allowed unsanitary practices, potentially exposing hundreds of patients to hepatitis B and hepatitis C. Dayton VA Medical Center Director Guy Richardson then collected an $11,874 bonus despite an investigation into the exposures. After nine of the exposed patients tested positive Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C, Richardson was promoted.

      Former VA Health care contract employee, David Kwiatkowski, sentenced for causing over 45 cases of “Hep-C Ex-hospital worker gets 39 years for causing hepatitis C outbreak”

      The list goes on but trying keep this short.

      2) The Bias against Veterans claiming the a large percentage of the cases of Hep-C were caused by drug abuse.

      To quote the article; “Some blame the virus on unsterilized medical syringes used by the military during the Vietnam War to inject vaccines. While that is “possible,” Ross said, there hasn’t been a documented case.” What utter Fucking Trash!

      Although Ross’s statement in essence is true. It is a Fact of Law that unsterilized medical syringes can and do cause Hep-C.

      Also as noted by the Board of Veteran’s Appeals in repeated Findings of Fact “Hepatitis C is a result of receiving immunizations in service by means of a multi-use jet gun injector.”

      See: “”

      Also in Civilian Law:

      See: “Ex-hospital worker gets 39 years for causing hepatitis C outbreak”, By Luisa Navarro, CNN

      at: “”

      Shame on Stars and Strips for publishing trash that portray Vietnam Veterans as Junkies. Because of low sales of the drug and Gilead is hurting for bucks they come out with this promotional article to help out Gilead sales.

      Here’s a story for you Stars & Strips. Find out about the limited life expectance of those who have take this drug which is almost solely being distributed by the VA.

      Personally I believe this drug is really a death sentence by the VA.

      1. I can attest to fact that the various medicines used to even attempt to keep an Infectious Disease in-check let alone cure is quite often rife with so many side effects it makes one wonder if just going with the disease would be an easier roller coaster. So no, it does not surprise me the life expectancy not always a full life after a so-called ‘cure’.

      2. Are u guys listening to Donald trump in CNN. He will vey s lot of4votes from military and veterans. !

        He today sounds like a president and has been the only one to tell the American people what’s really happening and how to fix it. !

        The time has come for drastic solutions and I believe he’s the one to do it.

        My. Wife is mad with trump. The best of two evils. I say Donald do it. Enough us enough. !

        Talked about veterans treatment !

        Vote. Trump or you will get the same old stuff.

    3. Just wanted to add one more statement to my prior comment above.

      Stars & Stripes had better have been paid by Gilead for their ad displayed as an article since it is nothing but an ad and promotion for Gilead. It’s all about the money Gilead needs to make.

      Gilead had to do something with there stocks falling out. Given the only real customer for it’s pill in the US is the Veterans Administration.

      “Gilead And The VA”, by John Weber, Aug.19.16 | About: Gilead Sciences, (GILD)


      The most recent quarterly report saw Gilead’s (NASDAQ:GILD) earnings drop significantly on a yoy basis, based mostly on weak HCV results. In the remainder of the year, Gilead’s Hepatitis C sales (Harvoni, Sovaldi and Epclusa) could see better results, though, since the Department of Veterans Affairs or VA has announced expanded HCV coverage earlier this month.

      •VA increases number of treatment starts.
      •VA wants to screen more veterans.
      •This could mean an annualized revenue run rate of $2.5 billion by year’s end.

      It is all about increasing that annualized revenue stream for the investors.

      With insurance companies not buying it and civilian health care services not prescribing it. The only people getting it are on some form of Govt run Healthcare.

      1. I would be curious about whether the AFGE has investments in Gilead.

        Much like the Epipen fiasco and the NY AG investigating…it appears the real issue in NY is union investments in the company.

      2. Seymore, did you happen to notice the “Gilead” stock market date, (Aug. 19, 2016), vs. the “Stars & Stripes” article date, (6 Sept. 2016)?
        I bring this up due to the ‘amount’ $$$$ VA is requesting from taxpayers through the government.

        I may be wrong, but, think something is definitely wrong here.

        I also agree the “Stars & Stripes” article is nothing more than an “AD” or maybe an “Op-ed” by someone who received something. Like maybe a —————-?????

      3. 91Veteran, It is Robbie McDonald’s VA which has approved and covered up all the BS with the sale to Gilead. You know he has an investment there.

      4. James you asked “Investors. Who are they. Current and past VA employees.?”

        That information is available at Yahoo Finance.


        First I would like to point out that 83.4% of the shares are held by Institutional & Mutual Fund Owners. Also that one of the Top Institutional Holders is Bank of New York Mellon Corporation.

        As you about know the Five Star Luxury Hotel in Paris which is owned by the Veterans Administration is named the Pershing Hall Hotel. As I pointed out in the past the hotel is managed by Pershing LLC. Pershing LLC is a subsidiary of The Bank of New York Mellon which is one of the Top Institutional Holders of shares of Gilead.

        With all of Robbie McDonald’s hard work to reshape the Veterans Administration to something representing the wishes of Pershing LLC and he is now pushing hard to annualized a revenue run rate of $2.5 billion a year by year’s end for Gilead. Of course that is at Tax payer expense.

        Given Pershing LLC is a subsidiary of The Bank of New York Mellon. Pershing has nearly $1 trillion in assets under administration. Pershing LLC is also backed by “The Bank of New York Mellon” which has more than $25 trillion in assets in custody. Source: Wikipedia

        With the Pershing Hall’s rental agreement for $100,000 Pulse to be paid into the Pershing Hall Fund yearly. To be used by the Secretary of Veterans Affairs at his or her discretion. All setup and legalized during the last Clinton administration in 1997.

        You can understand why I wasn’t joking when I said Robbie deserves something special. Although I am sure he would definitely like to receive a Pershing 140 for all his dedicated hard work for the not so-good-folks who manage the Pershing Hall in Paris for the Veterans Administration as part of the plus payment. See Vid:


        Personally I feel he should instead be prosecuted and given a life sentence without parole.

      5. Thanks for the information sand I agree. Jail time would male employees think twice about scams

        And misdeeds !

        Sometimes. You. 91. namnibor. Come up with some great information And I enjoy reading those posts.

        To. Bad the VA is not held accountable for s lot of stuff their doing. Way to go Bob. Money is everything right Bob.?

        Veterans get in the way of that money hu Bob. Deny Deny claims that money needs to be invested hu Bob.?

        Like VA attornies tellin veterans their claims have been denied and in reality. The claim was approved and those funds syphoned off into secret bank accounts

        The veterans effected reapply time and time again only to be sent letters. Denied we need More proof. !

        Every time I see a big motor home go by. I wonder did I buy that and did not know I bought it. !

        VA employee driving it. Millions of dollars deverted from veterans for one reason or another. !

        Hell. If one veteran finely wins their case. They can stop the past payments to those secret bank accounts ? Give the veteran how benefits

        And no worry we have many more veterans. Who will not do anything after getting their disability turned down. So that money will keep flowing.

        They. Need to check all VA employees bank accounts sand see who has so much money. That they can’t account for. Transfers

        The government could get them for money laundering. Wire fraud ect.

      6. James, of course Robbie would need to have a good and corrupt attorney working for him for the above post.

        There is one name that does come to mind J Thomas Burch. You know that Guy that Robbie doesn’t know but does work for him in the same office building.

      7. 1st. Word’s of advice from his VA attorney’s

        Plead the 5th fifth. No furher advice needed !

        The. Dumb butts. Fall for it Every time. !

        Don’t worry. Be happy. !

    4. The VA. Proud to ignore the most prevalent and likely cause of veterans afflicted with Hep C while smearing them as a bunch of dope fiends who couldn’t keep their zippers up.

      …and they wonder why there is a trust issue…

      They could easily confirm their smear by comparing Hep C rates with non veterans and whether they are also dope fiends who cannot keep their zippers up.

      Or take the easy way out and continue to smear veterans. It makes it easier for the general public to not be sympathetic to veterans allowed to die because the VA decided they were unworthy crack heads.

  25. In some cases deciding what and when to treat because of funding leads to greater cost than if treatment had been fully funded in the first place. And how much of this is a “Tuskegee” crime.

      1. I’m not 100% sure Arnold, I think it started about two years ago. That’s when the VA gutted the Choice Plan.

      2. That may be when treatment started, but the VA was well aware of the problem back in at least 1997.

        I recall the head of the VVA then being diagnosed. It was a big issue to them then and many other veterans. I also recall news reports quoting VSOs about the high prevalence of it in veterans.

        Back when VSOs still have a damn about veterans.

        20 years later and the VA is still wondering what to do.

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