Muskogee VA Psychiatrist Greer

Former VA Psychiatrist Convicted For Witness Tampering, Patient Sex

One former VA psychiatrist was sentenced to 21 months imprisonment for maintaining a sexual relationship with a patient and tampering a witness.

From 2013 to 2016, VA psychiatrist Stephen Lester Greer, of Tulsa, maintained a sexual relationship with an Army veteran patient, noted as Patient A. The relationship apparently started while the psychiatrist provided mental health services working at Jack C. Montgomery Veterans Affairs Medical Center located in Muskogee, Oklahoma.

The judge increased the sentencing of Greer because Patient A not only received prescriptions from Greer but also was a “vulnerable victim” due to a brain injury with associated seizures and other serious mental problems.

In 2016, IG initiated an investigation. Following questioning, IG instructed Greer to have no further contact with the patient. The psychiatrist instead instructed the patient to lie to investigators about the sexual relationship, the paternity of an unborn child, and financial assistance Greer gave to the woman. He also told the patient to destroy her cellphone to prevent law enforcement from reading their text messages.

According to the Muskogee Phoenix, the judge “ruled that Greer abused his position of trust as the psychiatrist who treated Patient A, prescribed her medication, maintained a sexual relationship with Patient A and then attempted to persuade her to lie to federal investigators.”

“Veterans defend and protect America every day through their service,” said US Attorney Brian J. Kuester. “In return for this service, America has pledged to care for returning veterans with medical treatment, educational benefits and other assistance. Dr. Greer completely shattered and disregarded the obligations that Americans have to disabled veterans by abusing his position at the VA Hospital in Muskogee, Oklahoma, by having an inappropriate relationship with a female patient that he was treating. The Department of Veterans Affairs – Office of Inspector General did an excellent job in working with the U. S. Attorney’s Office in this investigation. Any VA employee that commits federal criminal conduct will be held accountable for their crimes. Judge White’s imprisonment of Dr. Greer reflects the commitment of the Department of Justice in protecting our veterans. Veterans honor America through their service. All Americans owe them only the best.”

This was not Greer’s first rodeo. In 2005, Greer’s license was suspended for inappropriate contact with a female patient. His license was reinstated the next year.

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  1. “This was not Greer’s first rodeo. In 2005, Greer’s license was suspended for inappropriate contact with a female patient. His license was reinstated the next year.”

    Then after that ‘minor indiscretion’ he buries his desires for a while, then from 2013 to 2016 – – – Voila!

    He had a female patient that he deemed easy pickings and pounced! Asshole violated every standard of care that he swore to uphold. I am sure this poor female veteran will never again be able to trust a male psychiatrist. Who could find fault with her judgement on that?

    Only the BEST OF CARE for our nation’s warriors. The 21 month sentence Dr. Greer received is not ‘punishment’, rather it is a mockery of justice and an insult to all veterans who have been sexually abused at the hands of the VA.

    Zero sympathy from me when someone ends the doctors life in a violent manner.

  2. he is a sick people and need to be in jail for rest of his life and let him rot in there that mess up the rest of the vet and they want go to doctor anymore thank you

  3. MmmmmHmmm – Can’t trust anyone. Sociopaths think their smarter, better than everyone else. They get a high from what is called “Duping Delight” by abusing their victims. The more risks, the more excitement, and when they don’t get caught, they feel more superior which fuels their delusions of grandeur. This behavior is a result of low self-esteem. Hah the irony.


  4. i hope the veteran affairs change the marriage rule because poeple get marriage and divorce and thing do not work out just because you are disable and on soc-sec and your husdend is on soc-sec to that should make you still disable and they should not cut your benefits off are bar you from get your benefits back after divorce 38.usc 3.55cfr code thank you

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  6. Just when you think it can’t get any worse, something pops up like this. Who knows what other damage he did to other Vets seeing he didn’t have any integrity whatsoever. Sentenced to twenty one months? What a joke, should have been 21 years to send a message, but I’m sure it was made out as just a “Bad apple in the bunch” situation, although this isn’t the first time I’ve read about this type of crime happening in MH. Kind of makes you wonder how many VA employees had their suspicions but never said anything out of fear of retaliation?

  7. Dr. Lester The Molester will be singing the Bubba Blues while laying on someone else’s examination couch for way too less of time; 21 years would be more befitting because Hell is repetition, and 21 months seems lowballed, considering he will likely be still “working” while chain-ganging and being banged by bubba.

    All for the Vets, the VERY BEST creeps…just in-time for Halloweenie, Dr. Lester Molester!!

  8. Kudos to US Attorney Brian J. Kuester (and team) for a job well performed. Thank you Ben, for finding a situation proving our government stood up for the best interest one of our veterans.
    It seems Dr. Greer needs psychiatric help.

    1. There are several comments about the doctor getting only a 21 months sentence.
      It is my understanding that federal punishments are stronger related to crimes against country and the like. It is also my opinion that given this outcome Patient A might have a civil case. I don’t know any of the technicalities between procedures and punishments from federal, state, county or even city findings but, I do know Uncle sure doesn’t want to cough up decades of room and board for this “doctor”.

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