VA Cops

VA Cops Failed To Notice Vietnam Veteran Shot Self Outside ER

VA Cops

Last weekend, it took a passerby to alert VA cops that a dead veteran was lying on the front lawn of Des Moines VA who killed himself with a pistol.

On Sunday, a 72-year-old Vietnam veteran shot himself with a pistol on the lawn of Des Moines VA hospital. His corpse was found by a passerby and not VA cops on the lawn right next to the facility emergency room. The passerby called the VA cops called Des Moines police shortly after.


How could no one inside VA hear the man commit suicide by pistol right outside the emergency room? What were the VA cops doing?

The acting VA public affairs officer, Bart Quick, was not forthcoming with wither the patient was treated at the VA hospital. He did confirm the man was a 72-year-old veteran.

This incident comes just over a month after another veteran committed suicide while seeking care from the same health care system in Iowa but in Iowa City. Something appears to be problematic with Iowa’s VA system.

Quick said, “We take any death of a veteran very seriously.”

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I agree that VA takes veteran deaths seriously. And they work hard for the purpose of diminishing each suicide event publicly to evade negative press.

A new report based on 2014 data shows at least 20 veterans commit suicide every day in the US. Almost 1/3 of those veterans were using VA services.

Approximately 65 percent of those suicides were committed by veterans over the age of 50. The majority of suicides are acts that included using a firearm.

Across the country, at least in 2014, veterans accounted for 18 percent of the nation’s suicides despite veterans only comprising 8.5 percent of the population.

This means veterans commit suicide at a higher rate than nonveterans.

This suicide occurred during Suicide Awareness Month. We just exposed that VA was failing to provide reliable services on its Veterans Crisis Line where at least one veteran’s call was allegedly forwarded to a non-US based call center in a foreign country.


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  1. Still more talk on national news about the fool football player refusing to stand for the National Anthem but NOT ONE PEEP about this Veteran committing suicide outside a VA Emergency Room and not found until late in day. Not one peep. Crickets… * * * * * *

    1. Perhaps the pathetic media would get interested if someone notified them…

      OMG! That veteran is not standing for the anthem!
      Ever again.

      I doubt it would interest them though since it would reflect badly on who is in the White House.

    1. namnibor,
      if I remember correctly, “Dogman”, or the “Native American” term, “Dogmen” was used to describe those who “…hid from sight, only to wait until the opposing force passed, then attacked from behind!”
      You know, a “COWARDS” way to fight!
      It could also be considered another form of “psy-op”!
      Basically, a cowards way to demoralize an opposing force!
      In either case, “cowardice in the face of the enemy” is the way of those who fight a war of attrition!

  2. Suicide is at the place of protest. Miss treated at home or believe you are you do it at home. And if at the VA that is where you do it if possible. Or you can go down to the media with a sign and do it. Anyway a finale exit doesn’t seem so finale with anosognosia. Who knows what reality is?

  3. Thanks Klearly for addresses. I have great respect for Ron N. Will check it out. Dorman, we are angry, just ain’t give up YET.

  4. Hmmm. What do I think? That’s a hard one to nail down after reading so many fictional, paranoid, rants against the VA in some cases imagining a veteran’s life and motivation for shooting himself at the VA. Let’s begin with he was told his records were burned in a fire, which was a lie, and he couldn’t take the VA lies any longer. Then the story that the VA intentionally delayed and then denied his claim and so he killed himself at the VA as a final fuck you. Then there’s his lengthy wait for medical treatment caused by uncaring VA officials and doctors. And let’s all pony up cash to file lots of lawsuits to force the VA to do it’s job instead of intentionally delaying claims hoping the veteran gives up or diss. All this without knowing diddly about the man. Amazing.
    Did it occur to any of you that he just wanted to end his life for reasons unrelated to the VA,s evil mistreatment of him? Guess not.

    Maybe he thought killing himself at the VA was the best place. His home wouldn’t be a crime scene covered in blood and brains. Maybe he felt comfort when at the VA and wanted to dies where his brothers would be and find him. Why the bell has everyone assumed he had been a victim of mistreatment? Answer: because you are a blamer, period. Nothing the VA does is ever good enough for you. Your life is spent cherry-picking issues and then making the most ofyour hate on a Fricking blog! I quit this blog once and it only took three days to remind myself why. People who wore the uniform of this country reduced to crybabies, and lying through their teeth just to see themselves talk.

    1. Well, Dogman1947,
      Why didn’t you stay off here.

      If all your going to do is insult veterans. Who, by the way, have legitimate concerns over how veterans are being treated at MANY VHA’s and VBA’s. Who the fuck needs your negative input!

      May God have mercy on you for all the disparaging words spewing forth from your dark soul!

    2. Dogman1947– It’s your ilk exactly, that work for most of the so-called Veteran Service Org.’s. Do you wear a funny hat with tassel or a lampshade in parades? 🙂 Organgrinders are so unbecoming.

    3. Dog mouth,

      I know all of those years of working for the DAV corrupted your mind on who is and who isn’t entitled to Veterans benefits.

      You might want to check in with them and see if they really want you out on the web shaming them.

      Also Get with your Dr. it is time to up your meds.

      After all do you really want me to have to put your real name back on here and really shame you?

      1. Oh and Doggie boy, If you weren’t so busy protecting the VA from us informed opinionated Disabled Veterans.

        You might want to read up on the veteran. His wife’s interviews are all over the web.

        Then maybe you could get your facts strait.

        Oh and please let me know if you do want your name and address posted. For now why don’t you go back to your pigeon coupe and be alone with your birds.

  5. I’ve used this VA hotline before, and I have contacted, or tried to, just couldn’t fill out the form. I’m 70 nearly, and other than getting worse, their purpose has always been the same, make Veterans dead, anyway they can. If choice card doesn’t work, if I end up broke, my last VA visit will be Monday. Terry, I truly applaud your initiative. I have a problem,…Trust. I gave to wounded warriors, and I have felt totally betrayed. Good luck.

    1. I hear you on the TRUST issue. These days you cannot even trust a Funeral Home to even have the paid in full in advance plot or burial services there waiting for you, how the HELL would Veterans trust just handing $$ over to some attorney or legal network fund? NOT. Great idea with fervor but after being stung by Wounded Warriors and this June getting hit with major Identity Theft…no thanks. No TRUST is left. None at all. Especially when there’s attorneys like BURCH out there that will have you believe they have yours or Veteran’s collective interests at heart only to find out it’s been squandered away on frivolous bling. No TRUST. The so-called VSO’s were also supposed to ‘help’…NO TRUST.

      1. I can understand the importance of trust and the many different times that you and I have been burned. But I keep fighting the battle of many years of neglect and being neglected by the system of negligence and lies. Just like we were trained in the military and on the battlefield, we kept taking that hill. Regardless of the cost of life and the lost of good men and friends. There is another group of Veterans, who are in the process of a class action lawsuit against the veterans affairs, and they aren’t asking for a damn dime from anyone.

    2. Jo3n,

      Like you I have been burned by a scam like Wounded Warriors. The lesson I learned was to never again trust any of these bogus charities.

      One thing I do have to say is that trust can be earned. Which I believe Ron Nessler has done with the VA is Lying Organization and the “VA is Lying Veterans are Dying” billboard campaign.

      Terry correct me if I am wrong but you are referring your donation to the funding of VA is Lying organization CLASS ACTION law suit on behalf of all Veterans against the US DEPARTMENT of VETERANS AFFAIRS.

      Ron Nessler Himself has guaranteed the following. “Not one single penny of your donation will go for legal fees to an attorney. Our lawyer Roger Tayloe Esq is financially independent and is freely donating his work. Money we collect will be spent on incurred expenses ONLY. Expenses such as court filing fees, research, press releases, expert opinions and travel to appear in courts.”

      The broad goal being to stop VA corruption and LYING.

      If anyone is interested in learning more about a cause you can believe in. You can go to the GoFundMe page for more information.

      It is located at the following link.


      For the full story you can click on the Story button.

      And Namnibor, I highly recommend you consider buying a prepaid Debit Card for any and all internet Transactions. Walmart has a good one where the card company supported me in correcting a bad transaction with one phone call. I will never use any of my credit cards over the internet.

      1. Like many on here, I too have been screwed by giving my bank info over the net. No more! Now, the wife and I send either money orders or certified checks!

        Seymore, I like the idea of a “prepaid” card. Yet, it can/could be wiped out also. Leaving one with little to nothing, when one needs it immediately!

        “Trust is Earned”, the VA has not earned it from me! I will not trust them until I see many sitting in prison!

  6. In 1992, a few of us (bikers) were on our way to Sturgis. We stopped at Ft. Dodge, Iowa, to sleep and relax before taking off the next day.
    While sitting on a ‘brothers’ front porch. He asked me, “What does ‘IOWA’ stand for?”
    I responded, “I don’t know!”
    His response is perfect for today’s blog.

    “Idiots Out Running Around!”

    I’m really disgusted with the way veterans are treated by many, and I do mean MANY, VHA & VBA employees from top to bottom!

    It’s as though we are, as I believe 91Veteran said, a “distraction to them”! Or, An “interruption” in their daily frivolity!

    The laws, rules and regulations mean nothing to these people.
    Until many are fired, and others are brought before the court systems, I believe this kind of treatment is going to continue.

    As far as “Quick” is concerned, I hope his ass is fired when the next POTUS takes office.


    This morning I put four new articles, three from “” and one from Utube. About what’s took place yesterday and today over what’s said by Mr. Trump and “The Hildabeast” on VA!

    Here they are;

    “Trump, Clinton Veer from Veterans Issues During Vets Forum”
    8 Sept 2016, by Brendan McGarry

    “Election – Year Politics May Hamper Proposals to Reform VA”
    8 Sept 2016 by Richard Disk

    Articles #1 & #2 are ambiguous. Their like yesterdays “Stars & Stripes” article. Really ‘anti-veteran’ in nature. You’ll understand once you’ve read them.
    Mr. Trump did lay out his “10 point plan”. Yet, wasn’t given credit!

    “House Vets Panal Subpoenas Details on VA Art Purchases”
    7 Sept 2016 by Richard Disk
    (A must read)

    The “panel’ also wants the expenditures for the Aurora, Colorado VHA debacle!

    “Donald Trump campaign reacts to NBC’s Commander in Chief Forum”
    7 Sept 2016
    A short Utube video clip of the “Sean Hannity Show”

    Interestingly, on Iraq, Clinton states, quote, “I made a mistake!”
    I believe that was a big mistake, when she voted FOR the Iraq War!
    This is a must watch!

    I hope whomever is monitoring this site. Understands we veterans and taxpayers aren’t going to stand by and allow y’all to continue to murder our brothers and sisters! If y’all are asswipes, and know it, QUIT NOW, BEFORE 20 JAN 2017 and all hell breaks loose on your asses!

    1. I contacted the reporter that wrote this article to let her know the “crisis” line number might not be as good as the VA advertises. She agreed its a sad situation. I figured it might help to let her know she should be skeptical of any smoke the VA is blowing her way.

      She was unaware that 800 number went to the national suicide prevention line and vets had to press 1…where they may or may not be transferred to India.

      As for Hillary and saying her vote for the war was a mistake, she should tell that to the families of those killed, then apologize to those wounded for that mistake, and again for claiming their difficulties in getting proper care for those wounds is just a conspiracy.

      1. Hey, 91Veteran,

        “The Hildabeast” won’t apologize. She has no conscience!
        After she’s lied to the family members of those lost in Benghazi. Why would anyone believe she’d apologize for those lost in Iraq. Now she, and Obumer, has us involved in Syria.
        Does she have us involved in Turkey’s shit?

        Hell, the bitch lied to Congress. She’s lied to taxpayers. It’s come out she’s going to raise taxes up to 59% on the middle class!

        This bitch is just one sorry asswipe, as is her hubby and anyone else around her. Especially those connected to the “Clinton Foundation” or anything else they’ve got their fucking paws in!

        There will be quite a lot more coming out before the “debates”! Assange is promising more in the next week or two.

        Tonight I watched a video over that “missing laptop”! According to emails, it contains information from the “foundation” AND information from the State Department in it!
        Interesting isn’t it! Where was that aid mailing that laptop? What’s the recipients name and address? Sounds more like what happened with all those documents from “Whitewater”! Watch, it’ll turn up around 8 years from now, with her finger prints, and no other prints, all over it.
        Does anyone actually believe she gave it to an aid?
        If y’all do, I got lots of swamp land for sale – CHEAP!

    2. Crazy Elf, What’s happenin’ brother? The correct way to say it is Idiots Out WANDERING Around or if you like I OWE the WORLD an APOLOGY. Or my favorite saying is I owe a lot to Iowa pot! I live in Iowa and I know. PEACE Brother.

      1. Hey, Ralph.
        Yes, I just noticed what I’d typed. Yep, “Wandering” was what my brother in IOWA said.
        My mistake!
        Only my mistake, unlike “The Hildabeast”, didn’t/doesn’t cause death to anyone, right!

      2. P.P.S.
        Ralph, my wife knows that song, “I Owe a Lot to Iowa Pot”. She heard it on the “Dr. Demento” show. I think that’s what she said, lmao.

        One could also say, “Idiots Out WALKING Around!”
        I think that’s what my brother said in Ft. Dodge! That was a long time ago.

  7. Black Hills Health Care in SF is wanting me to suicide rather than treat me! This has been going on now far to long with the Chief of Staff literally sitting on an Urgent Consult interfering with proper medical care and the Dir knows this too. Total BS


    1. Just to let you know we are the VA and the Government and pay our selves our disablity as the doctors nurses and rest of the people who don’t work for their pay which we pay and get less at being a 100% DAV a year as they do in one month but they need more money and less Vets to work on so them can get a bonus for killing us without seeing us and saying they did or worst they see us and can’t speak our toung but ask us what kind of drugs we want and how much we want or we tell them NO Drugs That can be bad for us at all and you find out they are giving you two of them plus later after you get off of them a new doctor gives you a drug that no one tell you the side effect and you go on line and find out this drug can kill you in 3 diffrent ways with out giving you any sign it will do so now!!!!!!! I yelled at doc. who gave me this med. and asked why you want to kill me and how come no one told me what to look for if things started going bad, He said the drug was ok but he thought drug givers would tell me of side effects and I got them threw mail and no info on them but I also got Tilenol and that had 5 pages on what to look for and side effects but no on that could kill me!!!!!!! Jim M.

  9. I pray that our President Obama will address this issue before he leaves office just like he has on “Pardon’s”. The mistreatment of vets should be ” criminal ” and it’s well past time that our U.S. JUSTICE DEPARTMENT DOES SOMETHING ASAP!! ACCOUNTABILITY!!!

    1. Obonzo? Are you high? That baboon isn’t going to do anything for ANY Vet. The VA that I went to in 03 isn’t the same VA that I’m forced to endure today even though it’s still in the same building (OMAHA). How long is it going to be before a Veteran decides to take 2 or 3 or 100 with him. Do you think it will change then? Don’t count on it. Your precious Obonzo will be out stroking his balls because that M-F doesn’t give a tin shit for us.

      1. Hey, Ralph,
        Great description of our “Pretender in Chief”!
        He hasn’t shown one iota of concern over any veteran.
        Plus, I believe the 2014 study which states “…only 20 veterans commit suicide/day…” is lower than VA wants to admit. My reason on this is simple.
        Look at the statements made by VA public relations officers.

        I’m sure, once Mr. Trump is in office, real facts on how VA upper echelon are committing massive waste, fraud and abuse will finally come out into the light.
        When that occurs, many will be as Dracula – devolving into dust!

  10. I personally believe that many of these veterans at this age. More than likely were veterans Who may have been told that their military record’s were destroyed in the saint Louis ? ?

    With the va’s long history of telling veterans their record’s were destroyed and it’s up to the veterans to provide evidence of their disability !

    These veterans were and are being put in a situation where the VA was given the task to protect those record’s. !

    They. Did not do that and denied veterans claims and they knowing that they could get away with this excuse. Even if a veterans record’s were not effected. !

    The VA should produce a list of effected record’s and if a veteran put in for disabilities. These veterans should of had the law applied. Where in a case where the lines are colored the benefit of the doubt goes to the veterans. !

    The VA does not do that. They know if they deny those claims. Chances are the veterans will throw up their hands and stop trying to obtain their claim.

    This is major. As without a disability in writing those veterans are not eligible for care. Especially with PTSD. !

    These veterans killing themselves especially outside a VA. I believe was their final protest against the VA for failure to assist. !

    The VA management does not understand or don’t want to understand that every claim they deny could be the veterans death sentence.

    I lived 40 year’s with a TBI and PTSD and I did try to take my life. Why because of all the effects that come with those diagnosis.

    It takes it toll on the body and mind. Veteran’s denied their claims just give up. Why live when your own government will let you suffer. !

    Trouble. With sleep. Nightmares. Relationships and the VA making veterans with these conditions sound like their crazy. !

    Were not crazy. Were wounded and without proper treatment were being set up for failure and in many cases the end result is the grave or jail. !

    These veterans should be considered hero’s not troubled mental ill people ! Oh it was just another crazy veteran. !

    The VA knows exactly what their doing. People like Diana Rubins and Graves are prime examples of employees who care more about themselves than the veterans.

    They. Know the more ? they save. By dening claims the more they get bonous ? and obtaining more of a chance to get promoted.

    Bob had a chance to nip it and he did as I thought. Fell into line and is now part of the problem and not part of the solution.

    1. Hi you fucking lack of ball Vets I have been fighting the system from 1980 and what has happen to all of us should make us FUCKING MAD AS HELL But you know we just let our VA just tell us we have been fighting for your right promissed by our government to us not given but many have died because we did our job and they never did theirs, but get a fucken person whos job it is to look after us fired for not doing it they have more rights than we do for the many person I have personaly reported not one was ever talked to or reported past the PA because they too don’t do the job they where hired for. All parts of the system are not just broken but not even there. I have papers from Jeff, the senter of SC not Scott but the Gay one who wanted to be perst. this year yes he is as good to the vets as the VA and maybe just as big a lyer ( Sorry about my spelling group but one thing I don’t do well ) but in SC at Dorn they had 40 kills confermed because of lack of care before Phix. broke in news over a year before them. Did you here anything about it well I sent Jeff the head of VA money well before Phix. and got 3 members of that comm. saying we don’t like VETS talking about having their own insurances at all and the only thing I said to them was would you be treated at the VA and all said no we have insurance but you vet have better than we do, I said to them when was the last time you went to a VA and listen to the talk of the vets with out you going in as a member of the government they all said never and I said to them do it before more vets DIE for your lack of caring for them. I gave them a plan to save over $ 56,000,000,000.00 in one year just give every Vet who served what obma gave his family the Gold or the very best insurance plan under what he calles healthcare and still give all other benny we have stating all good workers in VA would be pick up from outside places and those who are not would have to find a job like every one.( i have all e-mails and letter i sent and got inreturned but can some help me get them off that and on the internet and ever where i can. ) this is Jim H

  11. I agree 100%, all institutions work diligently to give the appearance of caring about VETERANS. However, at the end of the day, they just don’t care!

    “I agree that VA takes veteran deaths seriously. And they work hard for the purpose of diminishing each suicide event publicly to evade negative press.”

  12. I read this article at the link last night and wondered exactly the same thing. His body was found by passers-by at 1030pm. Why didn’t the VA cops notice? How long did he lay there until he was found?

    I also noticed the ass-covering gibberish offered by Quick.

    I’ve read some truly horrible stories of VA ER experiences on VA is Lying. To call these emergency rooms is a very misleading joke.

    Gee Bobbie? How long before you recognize there is a very serious problem within the organization you are the head of?

  13. See anosognosia and give it a thought re: suicides. Not the extreme unilateral neglect, but the subtle anosognosia such as is caused by about 6 oz of alcohol in 3 hours or less. Only think of it as being intermittent without cause other than previous organic brain damage.

    I’ve been on the person being watched for suicide several times. I know this condition personally. And it is ignored in favor of behavioral contexts instead of organic contexts through out mental health care, civilian, military or VA.

    1. Don’t forget, they will DEFINATELY blame those Damn Pain Pills. The old slight of hand. Trying to get you to forget the wait time BS now it is all due to us being on OPIOIDS!! If so it is because they won’t give enough to stop the freeking PAIN!!. Always ready to blame something or someone else instead of looking at their inner workings and ATTITUDE, that is MOST LIKELY the cause of many. PISSES ME THE HELL OFF every time I hear of another suicide. STOP letting the VA make you do this. You all fought to survive over there, DAMN IT Don’t give up and let these BASTARDS at the VA beat you in a way our foreign enemies could not!! Call someone. CALL ME. We just can not let them win. {THE VA I REFER TO}!!

      1. Unrelenting pain at almost any level is enough to go for the ETOH, a plastic bag, and the rest of the bottle of what ever you have been given that is not enough. Been there.

    1. In 2010, while awaiting to see my “” PTSD THERAPIST “” At the V.A. Hospital in Detroit, Mich I witness a veteran shot herself in the head right outside the “” Mental health Director’s office!! I was so devastated in disbelief that I did a “news interview” with channel-7 via Ms.Cheryl Chouden. Nobody wanted to talk about what had taken place. As a direct result of my talking to the news. I was “” arrested “” for “” child support “”. Nobody cares about vets and if you say the wrong thing to the wrong person you could face serious consequences!! Like me or worse I had to contact my U.S. SENATOR CARL LEVIN just to feel ” safe” about even returning to that hospital because one Sgt.Friendly, had made it known that he wanted to hurt me for talking to the news. Vets that deal with the V.A./BVA/ OR Hospitals suffer from “” PTSD”” VIA JUST BEING IN CONTACT WITH THIS GOVT.AGENCY. THIS IS THE TYPE OF MISTREATMENT VETS RECEIVE “” MALUM IN SE”” IT’S WRONG BUT WHO REALLY CARES!!??!! GOD IS OUR ONLY SOURCE TO FIND PEACE FROM THIS DEMON!!! MY PRAYERS ARE THAT THE ALMIGHTY FATHER DELIVER US ALL!!! PRAY VETS PRAY!!

      1. Thank you. Your situation proves the VA will and does retaliate against it’s own employees and veterans for speaking out !
        They take away or punish you for using freedom of speech. !

        Hell. Veterans Don’t have to say nothing. If an employee just don’t like the veteran. They can and do report veterans as being disruptive

        And that’s all that’s needed to punish them and the veterans have no say about it. !

        How ? Many Veterans has this happened to and they kill themselves and the VA just makes excuses and in the end laugh at the veteran

        Good ridence. One less trouble maker. !

    2. Roger that. I`ve often wondered if the Vietnam vets get counted in the 23-25 a day stats. Vietnam vets have been killing themselves for 50 years. Not saying the new(er) (or) Longest War`s Guy`s & Girls are the only ones.
      I swear, I can`t see how they do it. Go back 3 4 & 5 Combat tours? Frankly I`m not surprised so many meet their breaking point. We ALL Have one. Time don`t heal all wounds” either and getting the shaft from the V.A. Has a LOT to do with it. Every time I call the V.A. trying to get an appointment I set thru a recording on Suicide & A 11 digit Number to call. That`s Horseshit.
      Why in hell they don`t have a number you can get thru to right away, Like 7711 or whatever that puts you in touch with someone besides a freakin recording (AND) speaks English Right then! Like you said, “One”is too damn many. Vets who got pushed over the edge listening to a recording, No Pen & paper ready etc. & say F%$* IT & Just gave up. Breaks my heart. Someone died while I typed this maybe. The “Thought” of that makes me feel the need to puke, Then I get pissed off, Cause no one is doing enough about it to even slow it down, Much less stop it. These Men & Women EARNED Help if/when they need it.

      1. On your question of whether Vietnam vets are counted on the number of daily suicides, I would say a veteran suicide from any era is only counted if it is public and no way the VA can blame something else.

        Hell I bet their first reaction to the one written about in Ben’s post is, “Can we blame this on a drive-by shooting by gangs”?

      2. @91Veteran- Right, or the VA will try to blame another Veteran that happens to be near the top of their local chapter’s Disruptive Committee for the death, but never ever owning-up to this complete failure on so many facets. Then there’s the late evening when found. Wouldn’t it make sense at regular intervals for VA Rent-a-Police to make a perimeter sweep, especially parking lot outside ER for any Veteran that may have collapsed while trying to get there after being told to drive 68 miles with one foot and 4 toes in the grave. Yeah, this pisses me off.
        It pisses me off even more when I use logic and realize that based upon the VA’s lackadaisical approach to accountability with VA OIG, et al, it enrages me more knowing the VA will more than likely snowball this and just chock it up there statistically, that -1- Vet was one of 20+ quota for the Meat Grinder for the day. Glum, but being realistic.
        I am betting this Veteran had either trouble accessing care, quality of care, consistency of care, been perhaps in years, decades of Appeals/Denials…probably all the above and more but will we ever know?

        WHY have I yet to even see or hear one peep about this on national news? Even the local station I watch is usually up and on it with Veteran’s Issues as I have forwarded things to Ben from here, but yet not a peep. BBC?

        Sec. McDonald, really…WTF?! Are VA Rent-A-Cops also subcontracted, meaning, no Vets working there? A trained person would have heard that the millisecond within earshot. I smell a rat, Bobby.

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