New VA Slogan

If This Were The Prompt, What New VA Slogan Would You Create?

If you were one of the highest-paid marketing firms creating slogans for VA, what slogan would you create if this were the prompt?

Last night, a friend of mine posted this hilariously ironic picture on Facebook. In case you are seeing impaired, the image is of a semi-truck wedged under an overpass bridge where the semi-trailer reads, “On the road to success, there are no shortcuts.” And, the driver tried to take a short cut and got stuck under a bridge.

If this were a prompt for high paid marketers coming up with a new VA slogan, what do you think they might come up with? Now, let’s pretend the marketers are also being honest rather than selling spin – – let’s say it’s the first draft to warm up.

I came up with a few slogans for VA on my own, but I thought it’d be more interesting if you came up with some ideas we could share with VA to help them save taxpayer dollars.

VA Spends Millions On Spin

Each year, VA spends tens of millions of dollars on propaganda and marketing firms to convince veterans and the American public that its bureaucrats give a damn about you. Some do. Some do not. But VA nonetheless spends millions making it look good to the public.

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The agency presently spends over $15 million on suicide prevention without proof of any substantive improvement in suicide numbers.

It also spends millions promoting healthcare at VA medical centers and still more paying different nonprofits to create reports. And, it spends many more millions on artificial intelligence companies data mining our medical records.

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VA Spends Millions To Effectively Deny Benefits

Meanwhile, the agency spends millions fighting against veterans rightly seeking disability benefits, vocational benefits, and GI Bill benefits by creating software systems that implicitly hold back benefits due to error-prone procedures that manifest in unpredictable errors.

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Billions in software spending but VA still maintains databases that do not talk to each other when veterans try to change their mailing addresses. How can the agency keep getting this wrong despite spending billions on software consultants?

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Or, are the errors and spin completely intentional? These systems mirror many used by totalitarian or Communist regimes that are otherwise classified as Satanic.

Anyway, I think you see where I am going with this prompt for Christmas Eve 2019.

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My Slogan Using Jan Black’s LudiQs

If you were paid millions, or billions, but wanted to be truthful rather than spin, what would your ad prototype say? Using my friend Jan Black’s LudiQs system, mine would be:

Will You Pay Me Billions To Pretend I Care About Vets?
Will You Pay Me Billions To Pretend I Care About Vets?

Jan is a dear friend of mine from my Portland years who helped me develop the initial ideas for the publishing platform, and it seemed worth mentioning how I came up with my own slogan.

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Her LudiQs system is great at highlighting abusers in a way that makes their abuse obvious and even more abhorrent. So, my reliance on Jan’s system was only natural when talking about VA and creating slogans.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing what else you all might come up with. Happy Christmas Eve.

Real-Time VA Slogans On Facebook

Many veterans took up the challenge early this morning on Facebook. We now have well over 40 slogans in just a couple of hours. Check out Jason Howard’s creative spin on VA healthcare.

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  1. 12/27/2019

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    Hope the Holidays are peaceful, and best wishes to all!

    Slogan: You haven’t seen nothing yet!
    The VA surpasses all expectations!
    Got VA?

    Don Karg

  2. “Do you have nightmares”? If not, keep coming back and we’ll give you some!

    That’s my suggestion for a slogan, because they keep bugging me about PTSD. My bloodpressure goes up every time I have an appointment there, which I can only bare once a year, and I just tell them I am so excited to see them every year.

  3. I just want to wish all our veterans, and their families a bless Merry Christmas. And as you now that time is flying. We should never forget our goldstar mothers and fathers. Who have lost their loveones to war. our Conflict. please pray for them. I just want to thank Benjamin Krause. For being a blessing, and a voice for our fallen heroes.
    as well as Our Veteran heroes . welcome home. (Past and present.) Real quick. on the VA. We need to expose the VA for what they our doing not only to our tax dollars. Millions & billions of our tax dollars our being miss appropriated the (OIG) has told the VA .going on over 36 years or more that they have not been complying with our tax dollars we most unite as veterans. And hold them accountable. ( No) one is above the law .we need our representatives to hold them accountable.benjamin kuase we need your help. VA is a he (hungry hole). For out tax dollars. It’s out it control, and it’s been out of control.( Please help us.) You got my email address.i would love your responds.thanks again peace ✌.hi

  4. Come one come all veterans
    Stand in line and you’ll be fine
    Retaliate! Those are just rumors.
    We don’t tolerate that behavior, those who blows the whistle, I mean
    Retaliators will be meet with a hammer.
    We’re fair, just and swift. So believe us when we say, there we found no wrongdoing we believe the Veterans is lying.
    Trust us, our culture is changing! Come one all Veterans we don’t want to lose our job so we are begging!

  5. We are Schrödinger’s cat and the VA is the box we find ourselves in. The VA’s primary goal is to keep the box closed at all costs.

  6. Here’s a twist on an Oscar Wilde quote ” VA the Brave & Brazen – They stab you in the front”.

    Just want to thank everyone for their contributions to this years issues regarding the VA. It is comforting to know that I am not the only person who is frustrated with how the VA is mismanaged at the expense of the Veteran. Oooops sorry, I digress.

    Happy Holidays Everyone! Peace & Goodwill to All

  7. July 21, 2020 , VA celebrates its 90th Anniversary of being unable to keep up with the growing workload to care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow, and his orphan but thanks to the VA’s own research and treatment efforts Whatever ails you, VA has a pill or treatment for that

  8. An Trump gave the VA Christmas Eve off as well as Christmas Day? disgraceful when they couldn’t even get my pain meds to me on time due (Today) Merry Christmas my ass! I guess Trump believes the BS Wilkie Is feeding him?Health Care? NO! it’s “I DON’T CARE” Their a discredit to our nation?

  9. My recommendation for VA slogan:
    Q: What do you call a VA patient with both arms and both legs?
    A: Preop.

  10. The Veteran’s Administration – making sure veterans get what they really deserve – an early burial…

    Veterans- Join our Million Man Guinea Pigs and help find cures for us by using you as a laboratory rat…

    The VA Hospitals- We’re here to make sure your not. Free vaccines with heavy metals- get yours today.

    The VA – we have unskilled students here who can’t afford a decent medical school, help us train them by volunteering your organs to be removed, whether they need to be or not….

  11. I have the “I survived the VA” window sticker with the little skull and crossed bones medal on suspension ribbon. I put that there the day I went in for a routine eye surgery for a detached retina, and came out BLIND in that eye. Still looking for a Torts lawyer to sue for medical malpractice. I have one year remaining to file.


  13. Got bumper stickers for that. “We are here to help.” “The VA giving veterans a second chance to die for their country.”
    “You can’t beat our meat.”
    Ordered them online. Man do I ever catch hell over those. Fitting and applicable. Truth.

    Nothing like being hated, shunned, attacked, by an entire Indiana college town community and the entire state to boot!

    Not to worry. The VA and Wilkie are adding more phone numbers to use, more digital helps, and building new CBOCs too. Oh joy to the world. And leaving the same caliber of people in charge and in employment.

  14. What our country is…is a disgrace. To the very freedom we have today.
    No one can imagine the Hell Veterans went through and are still going through.
    With our government it’s money before life itself.

  15. The VA is like the American Dream. You have to be asleep to believe it. (ya – I stole that from Carlin).

  16. VA showing vast attention to variable assets of the very affluent while being vaguely attentive to Veteran Americans!

  17. Still like the, “Delay, Deny, Wait Until They Die, Modus Operandi for Veterans Claims.” An original bill board reported to exist somewhere USA. Not mine. May not be the exact words.

    Looking to put up my own where Denver DROs and ROs have to see it while driving it to work. Also by DC CAVC. Any help out there?

  18. First,
    Merry Christmas to all!

    Secondly, how about:


    (You put the second line on to finish the sentence!)

    1. I have some waterfront property in the Sahara Desert I think you may be interested in!
      Angelo Fragapane, navy WWII.

      1. The VA will propagate a mirage to induce the hallucination that you’re seeing waterfront property!!!

    2. Here is my slogan. “On the road to North Korea. There are no shortcuts.”
      Here is what I mean. I am reflecting on Human God Given Rights. Well, President Trump and Trump administration are always calling out other countries for denying human rights and shutting down free speech particularly North Korea, China, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba…So why isn’t he calling out the VA leadership for the continued denial of due process rights among veterans? The VA has shutdown many veterans in the past in regards to their rights and rights to be heard or free speech. I mean VA is on the road to North Korea with offering little due process to none until certain conditions can be met and this is if they can ever be met. No attorney no due process rights referring to no shortcuts. VA is delay and deny to infinity.

      1. Benjamin, I am putting forth this Slogan in regards to the recent years mainly since President Obama was elected. 24 to 20 to 15 years ago, the VA was not as anus back then as they are today. Yes, the VA did save my life back then; but today, this might not even happen. The VA will compensate; but, along the way they try attempt after attempt to shorten the veteran’s life so they can take their money back. Sabotage. Self fulfilling prophecies. Or they try to find whatever way they can to destroy the veteran’s life after they have saved it. Goes along with the cultural decline pointing to the absence of principles and the absence of valuing life itself.

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