Jeff Miller

Retired Chairman Jeff Miller Returns As Lobbyist Jeff Miller After 4 Months

Jeff Miller

After four months of retirement from Congress, former House Veterans’ Affairs Committee chairman Jeff Miller is now lobbyist Jeff Miller.

In the run-up to the November election, the majority of voters believed a win for Donald Trump would mean a Jeff Miller appointment to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs. After the election, President-elect Trump announced he would extend the timeframe in which a member of his Cabinet could return to DC as a lobbyist, from 2 years to 5 years.

At around the same time, Jeff Miller’s name no longer appeared as a front-runner to lead the scandal-plagued agency out of the swamp. Insiders familiar with the matter then indicated Miller cared more about becoming a lobbyist than working to repair from the inside out as Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

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Lobbyist Jeff Miller And His New Firm

Now, America may know why. Miller wanted to be a lobbyist for the firm McDermott Will & Emery. Federal rules prohibit Miller from returning to Capitol Hill as a lobbyist until 2018, but the same prohibition does not apply to his work with executive branch officials.

Miller spent eight consecutive terms on Capitol Hill in the House of Representatives and at the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee. And he is reportedly anxious to help draft new policy again after being on retirement for a couple months.

“I think President Trump is doing exactly what he promised,” said Miller, who worked as an advisor on Trump’s campaign. “He has a plan, he is moving in that direction, and he’s going to follow that. So none of what I’ve seen has been surprising to me.”

Miller indicated further concern about military recapitalization but noted new VA reforms look “positive” to this point.

“It’s still going to be a battle with liberals to recapitalize the military’s depleted infrastructure,” said Miller. “But there have been positive steps. And on the VA health care side, I’ve seen a lot of positive things already.”

Veteran On Lobbyist Jeff Miller

One veteran, James Gallegos, is disappointed to see Miller back in the limelight given that he did not stay long enough to help reform the agency Miller tussled with for so many years as a lawmaker.

“To bad he did not stay long enough to help veterans,” said Gallegos. “[I]f he would have stayed and the Holman Rule came before him it would be on the president’s desk to be implemented.”

Gallegos continued:

New members, we have seen how they act concerning veterans. We see the VA has placed an Allie on the committee.

He is blocking the Holman Rule and veterans are dying because of his stance. We veterans will pay the price, for his inaction.

Make him get all his care at the VA and not tell the VA that he’s a government official.

Let’s see how long before he see’s for himself how real veterans are being treated.

What do you think about what Gallegos suggests? Should Miller have stayed and taken the opportunity to fix the agency he lambasted so frequently as chairman of the veterans’ committee?

Personally, I am wondering whether Miller will continue to work to reform the VA as a lobbyist or if he will become one of the swamp monsters President Trump is purportedly throwing out of DC.


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  1. Miller just proved he indeed is a swamp beast. He never “fixed” any problems with a backbone and balls because he more likely than not, was feeding other swamp beasts so he could do just what he’s doing: capitalizing on the capitol….~~~gurgle~~~

  2. Well, I am sure that spoiled,arrogant,idiot in North Korea truly don’t give a damn. A whole lot better for the world would be to take him out. Sadly many innocent will be drug down with him. The problems that can come from one narcissistic pervert.

  3. Or perhaps like my first job after Vietnam, which, because I was a Vietnam Veteran, I had to help clean out a morgue. I was burning every jar, canister, or just wrapped body parts. Some jars had stored inners that were over Thirty years. Been labelled since. 1972.

  4. This was out last week,
    From: “Government Executive”
    By: Erich Wagner
    dated: Apr. 19, 2017
    “A Guide to Your Pay and Benefits During a Government Shutdown, and More!”

    See what they say about “BONUSES”!
    Government has a way of screwing up just about everything they get their hands on!

    1. @Crazy Elf – – – Yeah, caught that one last week. Of course, we ARE talking about a (Dis)Organization that seized one of the most famous whorehouses in Nevada for failure to pay taxes – – – then managed to run it into Bankruptcy within a few years . . .

      Given that SEX ALWAYS SELLS, what does that say about the government’s ability to manage?

  5. How about this idea for prerequisites to lobbying (lobbying means officially sanctioned bribing of officials); ANY elected official who retires from the elected position MUST first spend a minimum of three years first moving irrigation pipes in the High Desert of Oregon during hay season (twice a day rain, snow, or shine, every day). This MUST be followed by two consequtive seasons tending the cattle herds in ALL weather (irregardless of frostbite potential) in the same Oregon High Desert and applicant MUST work for a foreman named “Red” (I think that was his whole name – no first, middle, or last; just “Red”) These requirements must be met before a lobbying license is issued and the bribe monies provided.

    Applicant MUST obtain three endorsements from American born field workers, two endorsements from spanish speaking folks born south of the border who,they worked alongside, and MUST get the nod from Red to leave the herd and go to Washington with the corporate bribe money. Red’s endorsement can optionally be either a recorded litany about the person, his parentage, the persons manhhod, or an “X” on some paper. An 8 X 10 photo on gloss paper photo of Red’s bare ass must be submitted to prove work history.

    I figure, if a person can

    work the low end of the human food chain, like I did,
    wrestle cows on The High Desert in frostbite weather, like I did,
    and experience a cowboy that was turned into a foreman because he was the meanest sonofabitch in
    Oregon’s High Desert, like I did,

    Then he might begin to think like I do, and I can reasonably expect the bribe money will be spent on things I care about and maybe stuff that is pretty godamn necessary for America. The alternative of course is to pick folks like Jeff to distribute the bribe money, but I have a feeling that good old Jeff brings the experiences rather of a man who has sat on his ass and used his pie hole to make a living amidst the rattlesnakes of DC than a man who has stood toe to toe with Red… I suspect a WHOLE different set of personal values is cherished by Jeff than were coveted by Red.

    I suspect therefor that the bribe money will go to other things rather than making a farmhands life better, America better, veterans lives better or anything at all better for anyone but Jeff.

    1. Hey, Dennis,
      How about those ingrates working as “Trackmen” on the railroad.
      I did it for a few years with the “B&O/C&O”.
      Worked my way up to “A” Operator on track machines. My favorite one was the “spiker”! Neat little machine made to “spike the rails to the ties!”
      I never fell behind. Was always right up there with the other machines.
      Oh, and by the way, I “worked that machine all by myself!”
      Had no one to help me!
      Of course, all the Trackmen hated that I could keep up. There were some who wanted my job, ha ha ha!
      Pay was real good. About $16/hr back in the early to mid 1970’s! Trackmen started off at about $8.50/hr.
      It was hard work on the rails!

  6. Looks like the makings of a great show come tomorrow.

    All on Wednesday:

    Vice President Pence safely stashed away in the land down under.

    100 swamp rats rounded up and stashed away in the Whitehouse.

    Operation Gotham Shield coming to a head with everyone in place for the “simulated” attack.

    USS Carl Vinson reaching striking range of North Korea.

    Also, the full-scale exercise in Washington designed to prepare for the possibility of a complex coordinated terror attack in the National Capital Region kicks off. Covering the District of Columbia, suburban Maryland and Northern Virginia, and will involve hundreds of police, fire, and emergency medical service personnel and volunteer actors.

    Oh, and of course, Friday the US Government runs out of money and might have to shut down.

    Just wondering when the Biological segment of events may begins?

    1. The 2014-2018 FEMA Strategic Plan reflects objectives the Agency will accomplish to provide the best possible support to the American people before, during, and after disasters. It sets forth the strategies FEMA will employ to accomplish the objectives and also establishes measurable outcomes to achieve. This Strategic Plan was developed through the involvement of hundreds of FEMA employees and many external stakeholders who contributed to generating our objectives, strategies, and outcomes, and who are now working to execute this Plan. ……..THE KEY WORD FROM THIS FEMA STATEMENT IS..generating our objectives, strategies, and outcomes

      1. OldMarine,

        “generating our objectives, strategies, and outcomes”. Just like they did during Katrina.

    2. Seymore,
      You forgot about the 230,000+ Americans, military and civilians, being evacuated from South Korea.
      The Japanese have, according to reports, are starting to evacuate their ‘countrymen’ from Korea also!
      How true this is, is still up in the air!

      1. Thank you Elf,

        “US preparing to ‘EVACUATE 230,000 Americans from South Korea’”, By Thomas Hunt, Express UK publication, PUBLISHED: 01:40, Mon, Apr 24, 2017 | UPDATED: 15:53, Mon, Apr 24, 2017

        DONALD Trump has demanded the evacuation of US citizens from South Korea as part of a drill named Courageous Channel, military sources have revealed.
        The operation, set to take place in June, will prepare for the safe exit of around 230,000 Americans in the case of conflict.

        If the Pyongyang was to attack, tens of thousands of American civilians, including military dependents residing in and around the capital city of Seoul, could very well be caught in the crossfire.

        A major dilemma for the US is how to keep these Americans safe and evacuate them in the event of hostilities.

        Seoul is just 35 miles from the border, well within range of more than 12,000 North Korean artillery guns that they have already positioned to strike from dug-in and well-camouflaged positions.”


        If you watch the video on the page it shows that they are “practicing” the evac at this time. With actual military families.

        Also note that President Trumps family is safely nested away in Germany this week.

      2. “BREAKING: Over 230,000 Americans To Be EVACUATED From South Korea- IT’S HAPPENING”, by Dean James, American Freedom Fighters, April 24 2017

        “PRESIDENT Trump has demanded the evacuation of US citizens from South Korea.
        Military sources report that a military operation named Courageous Channel is set to take place in June and will prepare for the safe exit of around 230,000 Americans in the case of conflict.

        However, the operation will likely come much sooner as tensions are reaching a boiling point between the US and North Korea.”


        If President Trump order it on Monday it is happening right now. But, and this is a glaring big butt, most of the news sites listing the evacuation appear to be very recent upstarts and possibly fake news sites.

      3. I also see the heads of the FBI, CIA and NSA are all outside of the country in New Zealand for the Five Eyes event with all the security heads from other counties we ally with in the Pacific.

  7. Miller is a lobbyist. That says it all. The lobbyists are not about fixing the VA. They are about getting more of your children’s, grandchildren’s, and great grandchildren’s tax money years in the future after the Donald gets his big tax breaks for the 1% and the time to pay comes due.

    1. @Lem – – – Agreed. That says it all. SWAMP RAT Miller. Forevermore.

  8. this is off topic … you think your eating healthy watch this on u tube
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    1. and here is another one on u tube you should watch. or u can keep your eyes wide shut
      Mr Eastcoastman

  9. Here’s a video y’all should watch.
    From: “The Alex Jones Show”
    via: “The Daily Caller News Foundation”
    (Lee Ann McAdoo reporting)
    dated: 25 April 2017 (5:29 min. long)


    “Trump to Fulfill Pledge to Veterans!”

    Evidently, President Trump “…is expected to sign an executive order on Thursday…” concerning: holding VA employees accountable and protecting the whistleblowers! There’s going to be an “office in Washington DC” which can be contacted!

    At least SOMEONE is reporting on this! Even ~IF~ it’s a “Right Wing News Organization”!
    Because, y’all won’t find it on the MSM’s!
    IF it is reported, on MSM’s, they’ll probably chop the shit outta it!

    Lastly, Even ~IF~ President Trump signs an executive order, the VA ~WILL NEVER FOLLOW IT~! Because, as I’ve said before, the VA only follows laws THEY “make up!”
    Just like that executive order extending the Choice Program. The VA, in my opinion, will do everything in their power to use it to pay out bonuses!
    As namnibor always says: “WAIT FOR IT!”

  10. It is kinda like musical chairs. Lobbyists have to know how to get their interests done. He has some knowledge of the va so he will know who to contact to get that government contract in place for the firm he works for now. Oh, thank you Jeff Miller, you helped yourself getting to understand the va operations and now you will get stock options for selling out the Veterans for some asinine contract the va doesn’t need but somehow you will make it look like the va needs it and the va will spend millions, maybe billions on selling Veterans data or some stupid shit like that to take advantage of Veterans. Maybe outsource some more of va’s healthcare. Telemedicine from North Korea?? Russia?? China?? Great for you Jeff Miller!!!! Sell Veterans out again!!!!!


    1. Expedite implementing the HOLMAN RULE.

    2. Recognize the problems inherent in the VA are SYSTEM-WIDE, not just limited to a few locations.

    3. Fire all the Lazy No Good Workers. Fire EVERY single AFGE/SES Employee.

    4. Sell off all the VA facilities. Alternatively, they may be converted into housing for homeless veterans.

    5. Issue all veterans a card that allows them to choose their own doctors within their community that they can TRUST.

    6. The United States Government will PAY those doctors promptly for the care they provide veterans.

    7. Completely ELIMINATE the “Federal Protection” Umbrella for incompetent QUACKS that the VA sends to other states to practice other than their own. Gonna practice in Hawaii? You need to be LICENSED in Hawaii. Same applies to all other states.

  12. Round and round we just keep going round and round. I’m getting dizzy. @91Veteran, I won’t ask anymore questions, well not for a bit. I mean, he’s a lobbyist. That is enough. On the law/bill-VA-doesn’t-follow-the-law-anyway, kinda looks like we need an executive order/law that states, VA-is-required-to-go-by-law,. But, they aren’t going by that law, either. Choices choices choices, a dark future for the VA. All along I believed the VA is or should be an important part of recovery for so many Veterans. Not a life long ordeal. Thanks 91.

  13. I don’t much give a flat f**K what happens. Well I do, but my caring doesn’t matter. Recently I started seeing a private doctor for my lung condition, I paid another Private doctor for an IMO for my sleep apnea claim, and I am getting some treatment from a private hospital. I always though that I would never start paying out of pocket for medical care didn’t see the reason what with being eligible for VA Care, and care on Fort Hood under tricare, as well as being on Medicare, but…. I have learned that most doctors at the VA are not treating my medical issues, instead they want this test that test and in between they prescribe another pill.I am so sick of the pills they throw at me and I never get any better or even stable.m The number one problem is they do not have enough qualified doctors, and too damn many doctors are residents or fellows that is they are still in training. At least this is the way it is at Temple Texas VA. Mind you I am 100% for my Lungs, and I have to get my care from a Private doctor because the VA doesn’t have any doctor that I can trust, and I have to pay for my supplemental oxygen because the VA won’t get with the times and pay for a portable concentrators instead of tanks. I have tired to use the Medical Center on Fort Hood, but truth be told even with a brand New Medical Center ( less than 6 months old) they are sending military dependents and some active duty off post for medical care. And of course Military has priority, so retirees get what is left. You think getting an appointment at the VA is bad, hell I am still waiting after a month for tricare to call me and send me to get a CT scan at a local Hospital. ( waiting so I can tell them I already did the scan on my own). So while I care, factually, there isn’t a damn thing I or you or anyone can do to fix the VA mess, short of blowing it up and starting all over… Oh yea one final though, When I go to the VA for medical care I never know what language I will be talking next, because the VA almost never hires an American Born doctor any more.

  14. Sorry to dash any hopes, but I am seeing swamp rats.

    I never could get myself to believe Miller truly wanted to reform the VA as much as others said he fought on behalf of veterans. Perhaps I am wrong, but how can you sit by in hearing after hearing chairing the House VA committee and knowingly allow smoke to be blown up your ass and not do anything?

    In some respects, I thought Miller was doing the best he could in the face of McDonald and Obama, but there were other things he could have done to force accountability at the VA. He also could have listened to others other than VSO’s…particularly when it came to the VA blatantly lying to his face. And ours.

    His decision to remove himself from possible nomination as the SecVA, and the news about him becoming a lobbyist tells me all I need to know.

    In my opinion, with the serious scandals over the last 2-3 years of Obama’s term, and the resulting deaths of many veterans, Miller chose to get out to preserve his ability to make easy money lobbying.

    Lobbyists don’t lobby on behalf of veterans. Lobbyists lobby on behalf of clients paying them big money, fully expecting to get an even bigger return on their investment in lobbying.

  15. @Angela you probably need to Go back to that 3rd Grade Math Class u dropout years ago, and now you can see some of those psychiatrists and psychologists also…Last time i checked the Majority in Congress and Senate were Republicans maybe some of them dont just vote PARTY lines anymore, Maybe they see what the rest of the World sees is a Complete Nutbag as the POTUS is….Now he has his Fashion Designer Daughter giving him advice on the Government and this shit is Normal??? Now i know most of Americans are Purely Slowwwwer than the ave West Virginian to think alllll that Big Talk the Orange Blob was Feeding the Dumb down Masses was actually going to come to fruition…and to see this Guy Miller who probably would be shocked to get a real job getting another job directly related to politics is typical…

    1. Project MK-Ultra – sometimes referred to as the CIA’s mind control program …..unplug yourself MK. and i would rather be dumb than brain washed , at least its my own mind. you need to quit watching that square box in your living room they don’t call it a program for nothing….. and don’t worry i think they are all crooks. you need to look this up
      Quantum Computing
      How D-Wave Systems Work
      now thats who is really running the show, yes i know i sound like a wack job ….like you

    2. Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) said Sunday he doesn’t expect political parties will be around for much longer. “in Ohio today, we’re more united,” Kasich said during an interview on CBS’s “Face The Nation.” “You know why? Because I’m not playing that stupid political game. And I think political parties are on their way out, essentially.” Kasich pointed to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), who he said is talking about “reconstructing” the Democratic Party. “I think people care less about party,” Kasich said.

      1. Hopefully, John Kasich and Bernie Sanders are both correct. Party? Sure. When I am able to have one – – I like to feed my guests Vets/Civs real good, and have some stimulating talk. Problems/Solutions facing the country is welcome talk. Political Party Talking Points – – – EMMMP! To the Penalty Box with you . . .

        An American Citizen should NOT BE REQUIRED to be a member of a PRIVATE organization (All Major Political Parties) in order to MEANINGFULLY participate in PUBLIC POLICY.

  16. Perhaps there are those of you who are more intimate with the President than I. I have no expectations. I’m not holding onto a list. I believe he is working hard to accomplish his goals. I do pay attention to what he’s doing today. If, there is a President’s executive order, is that a law? If, it’s law, can we hold employees accountable? At the same way the private sector is held? All the talk, I guess I am not sure what it means.

    1. Jo3n, I would have to see a better explanation of the section of the EO on veterans to see how effective it might be.
      From what I have read so far, I cannot believe it is the type of office that would accept complaints from veterans or requests to hold VA employees accountable.
      I believe the only accountability will be from those managers or supervisors being held accountable for retaliating against an employee that blows the whistle on something.
      Does it have the force of law? That depends on the language used in the EO. Typically an EO clarifies an administrations position on an already existing law. In this case, I suspect the EO is creating this office to better improve the VA following existing federal law protecting whistle blowers and retaliation against them.

    2. The way I read it, it has not become law put the president has the ability to make an executive order and has to followed as rule of law.

      Congress can pass it into law or vote against it, but the president can veto it.

      So I see it as law ! We veteran’s can not fire anyone. But the Secretary now has the authority to take appropriate action against VA employees.

      What veteran’s can do is write a letter to the Secretary office and if you have evidence against an employee then the Secretary can take the necessary action.

      It was reported if a VA employee is found to have committed a felony the Secretary has the authority to remove such employee from employement.

      With proof of the felony !

      Or demote etc. Yes I watched Miller many times during the VA committee on veterans affairs.

      Miller cut through the Chase and called it for want it is ! A run a round. Getting direct answers were like pulling teeth.

      Anyway, what I seen in the committee was real concerns about how the VA was being run. But without the Holman Rule their hands were tied.

      I am hoping that what ever he does is to help veterans and not become a fake or a swamp monster. That would set me back mentally, trust issue !

      Don’t know if I’m half way right. It will be interesting how the order will read.

  17. I believe President Trump is doing tons of work including signing executive orders and most members of both parties are either obstructing, creating their own foreign policy, staying on recess, stating they do not want a border wall built and do not care how many Americans get killed due to drug Cartels. President Trump’s Generals and Attorney General Jeff Sessions are doing their jobs but the Congress leadership and Democrats have absolutely gone nuts. Democrats particularly are out of touch with reality. Getting back to President Trump signing executive orders, the orders are being signed but I do not believe they are going anywhere due to all the resistance he is receiving from his Senate and his Congress. My personal take on Jeff Miller is that he does not
    radiate real passion, conviction, and genuineness towards assisting the veterans and reforming the VA. This is where I stand at this time. By becoming a lobbyist may show that he is all about himself. Now, if he lobbys on VA reform or veterans issues, then, my perspective will change. A duty to warn group full of 35 psychiatrists says President Trump has a mental illness. Lord help them. Many of these psychiatrists and psychologists go into these career fields because they have issues themselves. What psychs say in regards to diagnosing an individual whom they have never even evaluated face to face or met personally from my perspective is hog wash. Bottom line is Jeff Miller is part of the swamp establishment. He really never had real conviction to reform the VA to begin with. More will be revealed and time is the answer to reveal the truth. We will see.

  18. Jo3n,
    Yep, President Trump signed another (useless) executive order holding VA employees accountable and protecting Whistleblowers from retaliation today.
    Of course, when has VA ever followed any laws?
    Answer – “NEVER”
    The VA only follows the “laws” they make up!

    1. Crazy Elf, whether we know if this EO establishing that office is window dressing BS or not is how the first whistle blower is handled, and whether their supervisor or manager is fired for retaliation.

  19. Before he came to WLA, VA, to see “land-grab” for himself, he talked a lot of tough-guy stuff. After he left WLA, having drank the Brentwood School and UCLA Kool-ade, he was all for the fraudulent settlement plan that only gives the illusion of Veteran care but the only service that is taking place is that of the non-veteran special interests serving themselves to the only land that was permanently deeded to the federal government in exchange to maintain it as a “HOME” for disabled Veterans. Today there are zero, “0”, residents on the grounds but the private school and the university baseball stadium are making improvements.

    1. Does it still have a laundromat, and other bullshit stuff?
      I kept up with that issue. Until McDipshit McDonald gave the property back to the VA, in violation of court ruling!

  20. Trump promised to change VA. Instead, he selected a VA senior to be Secretary and kept the internal power structure and senior leadership in place. The foxes are running the hen house. No change from the past 20 years.

    1. ppotus trumper is the swamp monster now trump welcome to DC MONSTER SWAMP VETS SCREWED AGIN BY VA DC HQ SEWAGE RATS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. At least, he’s looking for a job in the private sector. Funny how he’s using the VA for a reference. I see where POTUS is signing an executive order to hold all VA employees accountable. I don’t know what accountability means when used in the same sentence with VA. How will that affect Veterans? Wasn’t there a Bill for that. What happened to Bill? Does having POTUS sign an executive order mean the Bill died in Senate?

    1. No. From the ABC News article I posted on here about Trump signing that Executive Order, he is ordering the creation of an office of accountability and to protect whistle blowers.

      Unless the EO contained much more than reported, I see that office being focused solely on whistle blowers.

      In some respects, that may be a good thing if VA employees know they have an office in DC that will actually protect them after disclosing wrong doing.

      Any other bill or legislation is something that has to be passed through Congress first for him to sign. The EO was something he could do without waiting on Congress…which he did not need anyway since there is already federal laws that are supposed to protect whistle blowers. The VA just ignores it.

  22. Will wonders never cease! Miller is now a “SWAMP CREATURE!”
    Just what does anyone actually think he’ll do for veterans!
    I also wonder how much his bank account will increase!

    1. P.S.
      James has the right idea for Miller!
      Let him use the VA for his healthcare.
      Also, implement the “Holman Rule” against ALL the reprobates at VA’s nationwide!

    2. MRS MILLER YO LITTLE DC LOBBIST SWAMP RAT FROM ALL VETS THANKS FOR NOTHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. @VAISLYING INC – – – Fuckin’ A, Bubba! Traitorous Piece of Shit Miller should be lobbying from a cell in Gitmo.

      1. Tks – got the FTVA part – just screwed up the J/W. My hear for code was always much better than my eyes are now.

      2. @Windguy: Loved Mad Magazine!!! Not a coder, just a fan. My uncle was navy intelligence wwII, unbelievable how fast he codes even today. You Ham coders are mesmerising, absolutely amazing to watch. No way I could learn anything like that, with my mental issues. I do like to use code tutors from time to time, just can’t seem to retain it though. Would love to be able to pass an AARL exam, never going to happen though, no matter how hard I try.

      3. Not a fan – O5H was MOS. Army Intel Intercept and airborne direction finding. Used to fly around in the back of a U21 (Beech KingAir) and pinpoint location of NVA/Pathet Lao in Laos, and Khmer Rouge in Cambodia – some heroin traffic coming out of Burma (into the hands of the fucking CIA), and a few guest appearances to the north of Laos…. I still hear that shit in my sleep. Never “sent” that much – just copied. The fastest in the world were Russian women – manual key – no automated “bugs”. They could hit 90 groups/words per minute. I think I maxed out at 60 – and those were rare – thankfully (not in the air). The Burmese used to use a hybrid Morse that was an amalgam of 26 letter morse combined into 46 character Burmese. I saw a couple guys get carted off trying to copy that stuff. All I needed from the air was call signs and preambles – didn’t needed to copy the encrypted text as long as I kept the signal long enough to fly around it in order to plot location. That stuff was insane. Seriously, saw two dudes hauled away in padded cuffs. Nobody wanted to be in the Burmese section. The best guy they had was a raging alcoholic 21 year old with a penchant for very, very cheap Thai hookers. Dude actually showed up in a top secret station with a chick’s prosthetic leg. “Ya, she’s still in my hooch – I’ll bring it back to her in the morning” That did it – it was his ticket home. Can’t make this shit up.

        Your uncle was WWII and he’s still chopping dits and dahs? That’s amazing.

      4. @Windguy: Yes sir, he is still at it, and in better physical shape than I am. I don’t think he will ever die. His radio room looked straight out of a spy movie hahaha, just a wall of radios and stufff I have no idea what it all was. Those are unbelievable rates, geez I would love to watch that. I have tried many times, no matter how good I think I have a set of letters down, the next day………………….all gone, start again from square one. Like most things I do. Shame it has taken so long to realize it was an injury, and not my mental capacity. Shame they knew all along, and did nothing. Criminal bastards.

      5. CIA Drug Trafficking

        In 1996 investigative journalist Gary Webb exposed the CIA for facilitating the sale of cocaine to LA street gangs.


      6. Flourishing Poppy Fields Outside Prison Camps Are Heroin Cash Crop for North Korea

        By Ed Barnes Published May 10, 2011
        North Korea Is a Large Opium Producer Just Like Afghanistan — But That’s None of Your Business
        Claire Bernish –
        April 19, 2017

        Read more at “”……..or watch this on u tube
        N Korea, It’s Not About the NUKES, It’s About the Heroin Cash Crop
        dr Meno

      7. In an August 2011 interview with NPR, Ma Young Ae — a defector and former North Korean spy who lives in Virginia — explained she “worked for Kim Jong Il’s internal police force. Her job was was to track down drug smugglers. That sounds like pretty normal law enforcement, except for one difference. She was supposed to stop small-time Korean drug dealers in order to protect the biggest drug dealer in the country: the North Korean government.

      8. Remember Hasenfus surviving a crash of a C123 in Nicaragua? Same tail number as Scare America birds flying into Laos back in the day. Arms down to the Contras, and coke back up to the streets of America. Anyone remember Ollie North

        Nixon’s “Drug Interdiction Program” in Laos – who was there? Ollie North.

        Afghanistan poppy production was near zero due to Taliban “rule”. Then we invaded, and poppy production in Afdooshystan is higher than ever. Now we have an opiate problem (and we’re blaming Mexico – which is BS. The smack may well be coming in from Mexico, but it’s still Afghan smack.

        I think I’ve mentioned the Mayaguez/Cambodia incident before – full of antiquities and smack.

        None of this shit is coincidental.

      9. don’t forget BARRY SEAL ….AND YOUR RIGHT ABOUT Afghanistan poppy production was near zero due to Taliban “rule”. GO TO UNITED NATION’S WEB SIGHT ITS ON THERE ALSO… THEY HAVE BEEN DOING IT SINCE THE EAST INDIA COMPANY

      10. OldMar. Wasn’t Webb the guy who had to leave the US – fled to Venezuela? Goons and spooks after him. If I recall, he committed suicide – using two 38 rounds. When it comes to CIA/Drug corruptions, there’s one common denominator dating back to the 50s – that name is Bush – Prescott, GHW, and GW.


      12. So we tried that thing called regime change in Iraq, and failed miserably. We tried it in Libya, and now there are now active slave markets in the place. But we satisfied the objective of “removing a dictator”. By the exact same reasoning, a doctor would inject a patient with “moderate” cancer cells “to improve his cholesterol numbers”, and claim victory after the patient is dead, particularly if the post-mortem shows remarkable cholesterol readings. But we know that doctors don’t do that, or, don’t do it in such a crude format, and that there is a clear reason for it. Doctors usually have some skin in the game..JUST LIKE THE REST OF THOSE ASSHOLES …..TIME FOR ANOTHER…BEER THAT IS

      13. Regime change the way we’ve been trying it is colonialization. The way to do it properly is to remove the leader and if a worse one comes on remove him until those aspiring leadership realize they have to be human or face the consequences. Quit worrying about the next and trying to instill and prop up a “friendly bad guy”.

      14. Regime change has morphed since the 90s. We now have a silent and remarkably well funded boogie man called Qaeda and now ISIS. Al Q already has a dubious background with the Bush errrr CIA connection to the Bin Ladens and the rest of the Saudi money tribes. Who benefits from the warring of 20 factions of Islam? C’mon? Yup – Israel. Jus sayin. Benji Netanyahu essentially prayed for it in the late 90s. To paraphrase, “Israel would be safer without neighbors led by strong dictators. And here we are. No nastier rats nest to stir than Iraq – Shiia and Sunni and Kurds.

      15. its more like a puppet change…. an essay by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. in Politico, arguing that the Obama administration began to lay the groundwork for overthrowing the Assad regime in 2009 after Syrian President Bashar al-Assad rejected a pipeline proposed by Qatar. That planned pipeline agreed to by Qatar and Turkey, Kennedy argues, would have linked Qatar’s natural gas to European markets through Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria and Turkey, so it would have deprived Russia of Europe’s dependence on its natural gas…… then you toss the boogie man in for good measure … and i almost forgot its for the children …., and beenie ladeens flew out of the country on the day of 911….when i got my kidney removed i sat here for 2 yrs reading every thing from a to z sunup to sundown with the programing box unplugged nothing is as they tell it to be… latter man

      16. Israeli Defense Minister Confirms Israel Backing Of ISIS in Syria
        April 27, 2017 Covert GeopoliticsIn………… June 2015, the Times of Israel quoted former Israeli defense minister Moshe Ya’alon, saying

        “(W)e’ve assisted (anti-government terrorist groups in Syria on) two conditions. That they don’t get too close to (Israel’s) border, and…don’t touch the Druze.”

      17. According to this report, the American “Deep State” is a confederation of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) operatives who have permeated every branch of the US government since the early 1950’s, and who, in 2016, were exposed by Udo Ulfkotte (the assistant editor for the German mainstream media newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) as being in control of the entire Western mainstream media—and for his exposing them, was assassinated just prior to his meeting with then President-elect Trump…….and people want to be-lie-ve every thing that black box in there living room tells them…them money changers never quit when is enough. enough, greedy bastards ….
        Satu Insan – Malaysia
        The One People – Malaysia
        Pentagon Completes Takeover Of US Government, Begins Next Stage Of “Deep State” War
        Posted on April 27, 2017

      18. Goebbels would be so very, very impressed with the control of the media. We are now stuck with this faux conflict between left and right so the sheeple on both sides hate each other enough to not focus on the men behind the curtain. The likes of Alex Jones exist to discredit conspiracy theories, e.g. he’s on the payroll too. His latest is a hoot – focusing on pedophiles in Washington .. yadda yadda… And, as if to hide the NWO Mofos in plain sight, he sponsors 9/11 movies such as Loose Change. Bare the truth in an embarrassing manner, and the truth shall forever stay hidden.

        I used to deal with a lot of structural engineers. They all bit their lips and just shake their heads. Three massive structures falling in perfect symmetry – doesn’t happen. Can’t happen.

        oooops – I went there. Not supposed to.

      19. @Windguy – – – I and several old shipmates are painfully aware that 9/11 is the biggest hoax EVER foisted on the American Public. I have been reading your discussion, and everything you have been saying – – – is stuff my old shipmates and I used to discuss on Facebook.

        Only thing that would cause 3 towers to fall in perfect symmetry that I am aware of is controlled detonation.

        15 of 19 Hijackers Saudi? Let’s invade Iraq! Osama behind the attack? Let’s fly his family members in US home to safety rather than interrogate them . . .

        Sure, Wilbur.

        Too bad most Americans have less than the attention span of a gnat. If they didn’t, they might actually learn something. You are correct. Goebbels would be proud . . .

      20. DisG – The problem with the sheeple is that the media and alt media (Alex psy-op Jones) always rush to their favorite culprit, e.g. the Jesuits, the Jews, the Arabs, the Mafia, the CIA, the Russians, Reptilian Shape Shifters and no end of shit, thus instantaneously discrediting the slightest attempt at discussing it. The speed in which NWO Owned media thumped Architects & Engineers 9/11 Truthers was indeed impressive. Any time a technical discussion of merit begins, the counterpoint is always “The loonies are accusing the Jewluminaziburgs”. and that ends that. (I like to bundle my conspiracies – much more efficient that way….)

        Most folks prefer the safety of fear rather than the truth that is science.

      21. @Windguy – – – Agreed. Had two old shipmates from the USS England (CG-22) named Ken and Paul who were really up to snuff on these subjects. Used to have some fascinating exchanges on Facebook. Unfortunately, 99% of Facebook is the same stuff regurgitated through memes over an over. Basically worthless for a serious discussion. So, I deactivated my account yesterday. Not planning on going back.

        I am going to miss them. They had worthy minds. As do you.

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