Healthcare Backlog Purge

Whistleblower Asks Trump To Fix VA Healthcare Backlog Purge Of 500,000 Claims

Healthcare Backlog Purge

VA whistleblower Scott Davis has asked President Donald Trump to address the improperly processed healthcare backlog purge of over 500,000 claims.

Last year, Scott Davis blew the whistle on a VA plan to purge its backlog of healthcare claims for over 500,000 veterans. The agency subsequently proceeded to purge the backlog and not surprisingly mismanaged the process.

SUBJECT: Whistleblower Disclosure to President Trump – VA Purging 500,000+ Pending Veteran Health Care Applications From Backlog

Hello Mr. President:

I am sending your office a follow up disclosure regarding the 840,000 Veterans in the pending backlog for VA healthcare benefits (660,000 currently pending and 180,000 pending applications  purged, because they were confirmed deceased, but were never reviewed for enrollment eligibility or equitable relief as required by law. ) 540,000 living Veterans in the Pending Backlog were supposed to receive notification letters.  However this process was grossly mismanaged.

Please consider the following according to the attached VA internal document:

Of the 494,428 Veterans requiring written notification, 229,366 (46%) letters were identified as not successfully mailed for the following reasons:

1. 77,145 Veteran addresses were identified by the Bad Address Indicator (BAI) in the Enrollment System (ES), resulting in the ES not generating a record to send to the print vendor for processing/mailing a letter. 

2. 53,919 Veteran addresses were not accepted by the print vendor’s address validation software, resulting in these letters not being sent.

3. 98,302 addresses were recognized by the US Postal Service as undeliverable after letters were mailed by the print vendor; an exception file of the records was sent to the print vendor to identify affected Veterans.

VA officials mixed up the notification letters as admitted in the 12/28/2016 email to Dr. Shulkin below, which states “However, 440,410  of those 545,000 letters instructed Veterans that we needed means test information when they really needed to provide military information and vice versa.”  The VA’s own documents confirm that nearly half of the Veterans who were supposed to receive notification letters didn’t receive them.  Based on this information it would be unconscionable for the administration to allow VA to go forward with their plans of purging these applications.

Why does this matter?

Mr. President, every year 1 out of every 5 Veterans applying for VA healthcare benefits will end up in the Pending Backlog.  In FY 2016 nearly 600,000 Veterans sought VA healthcare benefits. 120,000 of these Veterans had their application for healthcare placed in the Pending Backlog.

I would encourage you to read the following article: VA leaders botched plan to fix backlog for health benefits .

The articles provides audio recordings of meetings with VA officials responsible for fixing the Pending Backlog admitting that they were told not to give instructions to VA hospital enrollment staff on how to process pending records.

Mr. President, I urge you to intervene in this matter by instructing VA to halt any plans to declare these applications abandoned and/ or incomplete. 

Thank you for your time and consideration with this matter.  I can be reached at 678-516-9890 or [email protected] , if your staff have any questions about the Pending Backlog.


Scott Davis

VA Whistleblower

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  1. However the VA is not The ONLY Federal Agency who Screws up the Veterans, DoD (CRSC, CRDP) does that too! (in Veterans /Retirees with Combat Related Injuries)

  2. The VA is a national embarrassment, even for those of us working within the system. The American public, Congress and veteran community’s disdain for the VA is completely warranted. The number of suicides among the veteran population is criminal.

    There are many within VA who desperately want change. It can’t come soon enough, but whether it will come at all is, at best, questionable. It’s difficult to be optimistic from the inside.

    Managers who bring issues to senior leaders at VA are simply ignored and then labeled. This concept of Whistleblower Protection will quickly fade as accountability is nonexistent. Take for example, the claims process. VA is back to mandatory overtime as the backlog continues to climb. Employees are overworked, exhausted and anxiety ridden based on a production system that is completely broken. The sole focus is getting a claim through the system and a decision issued, regardless of what has been submitted. The chances that someone will actually review all the information a veteran has provided is remote at best. My claim has been in process at various decision points since 2010 and I’m on the inside!! Most simply give up, accept whatever decision has been rendered and move on with their life, not to have contact with the VA again.

    It doesn’t matter who senior leadership is at VA. There is a swath of middle and middle to senior level managers throughout the VA who are embedded in a system of protection and who threaten EEO and retaliation for any attempt at course correction. Until personnel laws that govern the hiring and firing of federal employees is modified to reflect the private sector, we are stuck with what we have and getting off the hamster wheel will be impossible.

  3. @Ex va,@Disgruntled Veteran: I am going to have to say goodnight, I have an early appointment, dog has to be put out, and have x-rays taken of his back legs, he hurt himself playing frizbee. Dog is nutz over his frizbee lol. DV I hope you caught my post about Nutter having my info. Okay all, goodnight and God Bless.

    1. -.-..—-, Sorry to hear about your dog. I hope it is something simple. Goodnight and God Bless you and your family.

  4. Now days they have software that translates morse code to text for you when it hears the code come through. You can go take a break and not miss a thing. Who could afford all that hardware these days? My uncle did all that stuff during wwll, he has a wall of equipment at his house, I had no clue what it all was, and some really huge antenna’s in the back yard as well. I remember his code pad was mounted left and right, and his hand would go so damn fast it was dizzying to watch. I have no idea how someone could understand all that stuff flying by so fast. Incredible what you guys did.

    1. -.-..—-, the odds were not in our favor in WWII. We caught up with the technology and equipment. At that time japan had the largest navy. Germans had the best tanks. I read about what our soldiers and military did at that time and they are the greatest generation. They were like john Wayne. Lol! Truly heros. Morse code i don’t know how they do it either. Very interesting. This country in WWII united in the war effort. I think we should all do that now in every war.

    2. Now my e-mail feed comes through. Long time ago, I got to play with Hammarlund’s, Drake’s, Swan’s Yaesu’s Kenwood’s etc. Dipoles and YAGI’s were friends. Nowaday’s just looking for a decent condition Zenith TO R-7000-2 to buy, then have professionally restored.

      1. @Disgruntled Veteran, how are you doing? Do you get a lot of rain storms in the Hawaii islands? It is seasonal rain? I never been to the islands, sounds perfect.

      2. @eX VA – – – Doing Ok. Fingers shot fromm all the typing. Phone works better after long day.

      3. yes seasonal rains always humid guvmint says no climate change almost 30 years here my xperience says guvmint lyin

      4. @Disgruntled Veteran, most people believe that something is going on with the climate changes all over the world. Government doesn’t want to admit to anything because then they would have to do something about it.

      5. @Ex va – – – That is true. Nonetheless, one can observe and feel that changes have been occurring over the last twenty-five years or so. We can see ice calving at the N pole at an increasing rate. Down South where I live – – – we experience major shifts in wind patterns (trade vs kona) and increased humidity index.

        It is affecting the whole world. I do not want to get into the politics of it – – – but one thing is clear. If there is going to be a world for your children’s grandchildren – – – some action will need to be taken. Individual action. If the government is incapable of fixing the broken VA, how are they ever going to deal with something like climate change?

        The answer is badly. Very badly.

      6. Good Points, Brothers or Sisters!
        Thanks to Ben I am learning a lot from this Site!
        MSG VAM

      7. @Disgruntled Veteran, i am going to call it a night sorry your fingers are bothering you. You need to get a voice activation for your typing. I have it on my ipad but it still messes everything up and i have to type it anyways. Lol! Goodnight and God bless you and your family. Take care.

      8. @Ex va – – – I know. Putting my pennies aside for it. Right now though, paying rent takes priority. Had Dragon on another computer. Worked well. Forced upgrade to Winsneeze 10 and Voila! – – – Dragon No Breathe Fire, LOL!

        Most useful software I ever had. A bit of time spent training, and saved me hundreds of hours typing and LOTS of pain.

        Soon as I can. Until then, I will just carry on – – – and try to keep the grumbling to a minimum. Amazing how TBI and PTSD change your life. . .

      9. @91Veteran – – – I keep an eye on them from time to time. Got a few buddies keeping an eye out for possibles as well. I’m still a radio guy at heart. All this 24/7 connected stuff might be fine for other folks, but I tire of sitting in front of a computer screen for more than half my life.

        Trees. Sunshine. Ocean Breeze. Good portable shortwave radio. That’s the ticket, Laddie.

      10. DV, now that I have looked at a picture, I think mine is a TO 7000. I don’t recall it being a 7000-2.

        I picked mine up in a thrift store in Arkansas for $15.

      11. @91Veteran – – – Obviously your thrift stores are better than what we have here. Good for you! Very rare to find ANY shortwave gear over here . . .

      12. @91Veteran – – – 7000-2 was the last of the great Trans-Oceanic’s. Tuner was gear vice belt driven. Also the chrome was a bit higher quality. Only made during 1981.

  5. For a bit of good news about the VA.

    They lost in court for their fight against one Veteran.

    “Court Rules Vet Bob Rosebrock Not Guilty of Federal Crime for Displaying American Flags at VA”, by Tom Fitton, Breitbart News, april 24, 2017

    “In a tremendous victory for Judicial Watch and our supporters, a U.S. District Court in California has declared 75-year-old veteran Robert Rosebrock not guilty of violating federal law for allegedly displaying two four-by-six inch American Flags above a Veterans Affairs (VA) fence on Memorial Day, May 30, 2016.”

    I guess the VA hates flag waving Veterans even when they are only 2 X 4 inches. So don’t get caught carrying one at the VA.


    1. Apparently it is not ok to show the American Flag but if you want to hang your freak flag that’s ok. Hell they will even give you the American Flag’s pole to fly the full sized freak flag.

      “Rainbow pride flag above Montana Veterans Affairs headquarters rankles some”, TOM LUTEY Billings Gazette
      Jun 9, 2015


      1. Sorry I was politically incorrect saying they were letting their freak flag fly. I should have said they are happy to fly the rainbow-colored pride flag for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans.

        After all they have traditionally not served in the military.

      2. I think “Freak Flag” was appropriate. I also support LGBT. Liquor Guns Bacon Tits.

      3. @Disgruntled Veteran: .-.. — .- — — — — — / .–.-. / .-.. –. -… – / .-.. .. –.- ..- — .-. / –. ..- -. … / -… .- -.-. — -. / – .. – …
        LMAOOOOO @ LGBT. Liquor Guns Bacon Tits.

      4. @-.-. .—- Not sure whether the artwork does not display correctly on my screen, or your keying skills degraded (as have mine) due nerve damage. In 1974, I was a volunteer at N0MOQ and from 81 to 85 I ran the shack at N0CNE. Had a personal license as well as being a MARS op..

        CW, Voice, and RTTY FSK were the order of the day for me back then. No More.

        Sorry. Too disabled to play from this QTH.

      5. As 91Vetern points out the flags were only flown two days out of the year. But the Gay Pride Flag flew for one Month over multiple VA facilities.

    2. Why would they take a 75 year old Veteran to court???? They should be sued for harassment of the elderly and disabled.

      1. @Ex va: Oh hell they sould be sued just for the hell of it. I always thought people should be issued a paintball gun with their drivers lisence. When you see someone drive like an idiot you are allowed to shoot their car one time. When a cop sees a car with three paint splatz, he automatically gets a “stupid” ticket. That way people will tend to drive more carefully even when the cops aint around. Same theory, sue them for the hell of it to keep them honest.

      2. After driving in Oklahoma for 6 years, I always thought a dash mounted TOW missile launcher should be a vehicle option.

      3. @Ex va: You were probably thinking “who is this fool commenting on everything I post? lol

      4. @Ex va: For a while there, I couldn’t get on the blog, kept getting a 404 error, saying the blog was offline.

      5. -.-..—-, i haven’t had to much problems with the blog posting. I think Ben worked out most of the problems. It sounds like you have been busy. I haven’t been doing too much except today. We have had the rain.

      6. -.-..—-, i thought this was you because of the way you type and the other page you made a comment. Lol!

      7. @Ex va: Always clowning around, if I can’t have fun, the hell with it. No rain here today, supose to have it Wednesday. <—————now that is one Fucked up looking word.

      8. -.-..—-, ROFL!!! At least you can read it. My eyes skip around and i miss words anyways. Lol!!! I was a prolific reader at one time. Sometimes I have difficulties i use to read and write all day when i worked. Miss that.

      9. @Disgruntled Veteran,@Ex va: The heck with that, I just use a morse code to text translator, not so much work that way lol.

      10. Exva, I read a news article on this a while ago when he was first cited.
        He had been cited several times over the past several years, and won in court every time.

        I believe in one article I read, he was taping 2 small flags to an entrance gate, which may or may not have been VA property.

        Whatever he was doing, the VA police and whatever management they have there were and have been acting like dictatorial, fascist little bastards wasting thousands of dollars in their salaries in addition to wasting many thousands of dollars and court resources trying to exert their authority.

        That a court entertained their little power trip multiple times is astonishing.

        That the VA tried prosecuting this veteran multiple times for putting up 2 small American flags on certain dates while the VA in Montana flew the rainbow flag from their facility flag pole is the height of lunacy.

        If VA had leadership at any level, they would have stepped in long ago and told that director to never do something that fucking stupid ever again, or he would be fired for abuse of authority.

      11. @91 Veteran – – – I watched that play out for the last couple years as well.

        The last two lines of your post were the most telling. They don’t have any leadership. They don’t have the good sense or balls to fire anyone for abuse of power.

      12. @91Veteran, you are absolutely correct, you would think someone would have stopped this at the beginning. Abuse of power, they do not get it but they just continue to do it. The va police had to be intentionally looking to write him up. Why all the attention?

        The va doesn’t have leadership, all they look for is to hurt Veterans in any capacity they can imagine. I know that this probably upset the Veteran because he wanted to show his patriotism. i wouldn’t be surprised at anything they did to this Veteran. No respect for this elderly Veteran. They should be sued for wasting funding for this type of nonsense.

  6. Must have a damb good paying job, not to need the disability money you earned.

    Keep it as long as you can, don’t worry the VA will take it away, no matter if you never get well.

    Its their MO.

    Good luck and hope you are able to do what ever you want to do, without pain.

    Keep us up to date on how it goes.

  7. WHOLEY…SURPRISED the shit out me.

    After bringing my Latest drs power trip (and her attempted removal of my pain medication without cause) to the attention of a Patient Advocate in the Austin VA Clinic; the PA had a chat chat with the doc.
    The dr (who was licensed in India not here by the way) reversed her stance on my care and immediately had a neurosurgeon call me to schedule an appointment for fucking tomorrow Morning!!
    Now, if I can just get that guy to FIX my lower back I can get off of some of this disability pay and get a damn job again!
    I’ve had a paying job and have had taxes coming out my checks since I was 12yrs old. I fucking hate Not working. (But until someone replaces at least two of these lumbar discs I’m not even able to walk or stand….whatever. guess I’ll find out tomorrow if the fight was worth it

  8. About the whistleblowers at Tomah, have all been fired or quit. Honestly, how in the heck can y’all keep up with all this sneaking around, and the constant changing of Administrators. And all the other atrocities by VA employees. The special interest groups, suicides, more transfers, child molesting employees, then, if they can’t do their job, they can apply anywhere in the VA, as long as the job they are seeking has to pay more. Too much for this old human being who proved his worth to our Country.

  9. I see the Television Series “NCIS LA” involved Veterans and a VA administration into a program.

    “On the April 23rd episode, Hetty’s (Linda Hunt) old veteran friend Charles Langston (Carl Lumbly) kidnaps a Veterans Affairs administrator during a traffic jam. Though the crime forces the team to investigate, they find that the administrator might not be such an innocent victim – straight from a VA worker herself.”

    It was suppose to have aired yesterday.


    They also have a clip from the show.

    1. I bet Saturday live would have a field day, if they would do skits about the VA !

      Double talk, treasure trobe !

      How to contact them. They need to include VA employees and not just the administration.

      They could go on for year’s and maybe it would bring some needed attention.

      Make fun of our elected officials who have been in hiding.

      1. I’m not sure who said this, and I’m not sure if it’s correct on the saying, but here goes;

        “There’s truth in Comedy!”

        Back in the late 1960’s and 70’s we had “Laugh-In” and “The Smother’s Brothers”!
        Both were great on bringing truth through comedy about the Vietnam War and our government! Especially “Tricky Dicky” NIXON and others!
        I sure would like to see something like that happen in today’s world!

      2. Having a traumatic brain injury sucks, I can’t remember those. But it makes me a cheap date for my wife. If I want to watch a movie all she has to do is show one I have not watched in awhile. LoL

        Was watching CNN Secretary Shulkin was interviewed, they were talking about president trump is signing an executive order this week.

        The executive order will allow the Secretary to fire, demote etc !

        Let’s see who comes out of the woodwork to try and stop it !

        I do not know all the details, but read that once it is signed it will be posted on the net !

        What do you folks think about it. !

        Before I get excited, I’ll wait for the publication. I have all my paperwork ready to be sent to the Secretary for review and hopefully positive action.

        And maybe. Just maybe I can have my reputation back and I can hold my head up high once again.

        I also hope that thousands of veterans will finely be treated with respect and those employees that have harmed veteran’s Will now be held accountable.

        I’m sad that many of our brothers and sister’s no longer with us. Can’t see or feel vindicated.

        Its now law, but has the same effect as I read it.

        Shulkin seems to embrace it and stated it is necessary to fix the VA.

      3. James, the problem with “Saturday Night Live” is they have gone too far “left” in anything they do!
        I don’t believe they would do anything to curb what’s really going on in the VA!

      4. Use to enjoy their show but when one of their cast became one of my Senators it just wasn’t funny anymore. Senator Al Franken

      5. It is truly kind of weird and embarrassing to have Stuart Smalley, aka Al Franken, as your senator.


  10. Ben,
    Is there a backlog on the Healthcare system too? Doesn’t really surprise me! “Delay, deny, wait till they die” all over again!
    How about the VBA backlog and scandal? Not a word for it. Right?
    I will recommend, to move the “Rating Process” to the SSA team and make a section for “Service Connected” Disabilities! (unless the Veterans are “Second Class Citizens”)
    That will be faster!

  11. According to ABC News, Trump will be signing an Executive Order today creating an office of accountability and whistle blower protection at the VA.


  12. OK, I’m taking y’all back one month, 17 March, 2017, to a Utube video from;
    “Fox Business Network” and what President Trump said;
    “Trump: No more games will be played at the VA!”

    The video is 6:10 minutes long.
    Evidently he hasn’t accomplished his goal. Because, as one commenter said, President Trump’s picture still isn’t up at his VHA.

    From: “The Hill Gossip”
    Dated: Around. 24, 2017
    “Liz Warren INSULTS Veterans, They Give Her BRUTAL Taste of Her Own Medicine!”

    Her article is the first one, about 2 minutes long.

    #3) From:
    “ News”
    dated: 22 Apr. 2017

    “VA Sees Curbing Veterans Suicide as Top Priority!”

    via: Associated Press | by Susan Montoya Bryan

    There’s a video in the article. I also recommend reading the comments. Most are, as expected, against VA!
    There’s one commenter who suggested putting “chips in veterans” who may be considering suicide. Of course, he/she was lambasted quickly!

    1. @Crazy Elf…

      Think about this…
      IF the DVA functioned normally, instead of screwing Veterans over, with the MANY games that they have up their sleeves, there wouldn’t be suicides!

      At the FIRST time officials discover that a Vet has mentioned ‘suicide’ and/or exhibits suicidal tendencies, IMMEDIATE action should be taken, especially resolving their claim.

      If a Veteran is facing foreclosure, the VA should step in and stop the proceeding and immediately resolve any outstanding claim!

      My claim is 15 yrs old. I had to file Chapter 7 TWICE!

      1. @Bruce M.
        I only put the suicide article on here, and suggested y’all read the comments, because
        One idiot suggested suicidal veterans should have a chip put in their bodies!
        I only put relevant articles on here to show us what’s going on in the VA or against veterans!
        It’s up to y’all on how you take the information!
        In my opinion, I wouldn’t trust the VA one bit.

  13. I just posted this again to @realdonaldtrump on Twitter. I always add @erictrump because it seems he reads them if you include Eric. I told Donald Trump that the VA is nothing but a drug running business. And that makes him one too. After all he is in Control of it. I also said if he doesn’t do something about the VA don’t expect to win in 2020. Veterans deserves better than what the VA offers. The VA don’t want Veterans to get better. If all the Veterans got better They wouldn’t need the VA any more.
    I told him he might as well have hired Hillary to run the VA. She is a perfect example of a drug runner.
    I am fed up with the VA. They want the Vets to die. If you get on the nerves of their new Doctor, the doctor quits. If the new Doctor listens and tries to help the Veterans, the Doctor either quits or they’re fired. No win situation. If the Veteran Chooses the outside their pension could be slashed. The VA has you where they want you. So just go to your once every 7-8 months appointments. And your once every 6 months eye appointments. Just don’t tell them they are doing anything wrong. This way you won’t suffer any reprocusions. You have to become a yes Man/Ma’am. Just don’t take their drugs. The side effects themselves will kill you. If you go on the outside don’t let them know. Just let them think you don’t know what they are up to.
    Thank you for reading. Good luck.

  14. I was over at vets.yuku and a member called “macmacred” said I was a disgrace and that my PTSD was caused by me being a bad soldier. I laughed at him and got banned.

    That site is highly infiltrated by VA shills. They keep saying over and over “the VA is the gold standard for PTSD treatment”. They get really upset at any criticism of the VA.

    If you go there make sure to use all fake ID. Thankfully we have this site that exposes the VA and we have lots of people here who understand the VA isn’t their friend.

    1. About vets.yuku !


      They are there to trigger Veterans into a state of Despair, Helplessness and Worthlessness. Run by the VA Psy department.

      1. If you go there to check it out do not comment unless you use a different name and email address then you use on this site. Also empty your cookies file before going and also know that they will be tracking you, your IP address and email address.

        Best just to watch the youtube vid.

      2. @Seymore Klearly, thank you for your posts and heads up on the corruption and politics of the va. I hope all Veterans read this.

  15. @Seymour Klearly, CTAP/ICTAP, honestly, I don’t know what to think. Never have I been aware of any Businesses with a program that gives criminals, or just plain less than adequate employees an opportunity to a better job if; They were fired, laid off, or their criminal record is in the way of promotion. If any of these obstacles are keeping you down, the VA wants you, for management. Before the VA hires anyone, afge turds no matter their qualifications, are hired. Dr. Shulkin seems to be ok with that. All the resources availed to AFGE rejects, AFGE criminals, AFGE murderers, while taxpayers pay for their defense, it’s fucking ridiculous. Most of these pukes associated with AFGE management are criminals, protected by taxpayers money. I get so damn angry just thinking about these parasites flourishing at the expense of Veterans lives. They seriously are not in the VA for any reason other than themselves. What in the VA has Dr. Shulkin been unaware of for the past few years?

    1. “CIA ‘Timeless Tips’ At Core Of Internal VA Sabotage?”
      By Benjamin Krause –
      March 8, 2016

      1. “Cincinnati VA official: Wrongdoer or whistleblower?”


  16. In earlier posts, I mentioned the past issues with serial Killers who have been employed by the VA and pointed out a number of cases involving both Nurses and Doctors who are now convicted serial killers employed by the VA and murdering Veterans in VA Hospitals. Also, noted that in most cases if they only murdered Veterans they got a free pass for their crimes even after conviction.

    It is a problem and it hasn’t gone away at the VA. This is proven with a number of recent cases where nurses where stealing injectable pain meds from Veterans right out of the syringe and then replacing the pain meds with Saline or anti-anxiety meds. These same nurses that were also infected with HIV and Hepatitis passing on the deadly infections to Veterans. Of course, they were only prosecuted for stealing the meds and not for infecting the Veterans.

    It is sad to say, but if you are a Veteran that is using the VA Health Care system the worst of your worries is not the serial killers it is the Mass Murderers employed by the VA that you need to fear the most. While most of the serial killers at the VA motivations have been feeding drug addictions, feeling a sense of power, or some personality defects. The Mass Murders at the VA are motivated by big money or a quest for real power at the VA and they are usually working in concert with others to gain it.

    Ben’s article at the top of the page deals with several Mass Murders currently working or recently separated from their positions at the VA. Their names are David Shulkin, Matthew Eitutis, Ms. Janet Murphy, Steven Young and Jeffrey Hughes. Certainly no one believes that in the day and age of Obama care where impoverish Veterans are forced to apply for VA Health care and considered ineligible for other care. That the Veterans who applied for VA health care were somehow miraculously cured of all illnesses. Or that these applicants all won the lottery and can now afford Medical care elsewhere.

    The sad truth is that most of these Veterans didn’t win the lottery and a good number of them are more likely already dead or suffering from diseases that have advanced to an incurable stag of the illness. Essentially, they were murdered by a scheme to withhold proper medical care.

    More on these Mass Murderers and their scheme at the VA in a moment. With Eitutis fresh out of Hot Springs SD, Ms. Murphy fresh out of the regional office where she administered the funding for Hot Springs, Shulkin who selected Eitutis and Murphy to pay therir roles in the scheme and his 32 briefings keeping him updated on the scheme. Also more on Hughes who has used shiploads of VA whitewash to cover it all up. Lastly, more on the man fighting to bring this scheme to light the same whistle blower in Ben’s article above, his name is Scott Davis.

    More on these Mass Murderers and their current scheme latter but first I will be posting about another VA Mass Murder who has killed 10s of millions of people, both Veterans and civilians globally.

    His name is Dr. Raymond Schinazi. Who in the late 90s was given a molecule to research as a possible cure for Hep C. Then in 2004 after research had showed promising results he first tried to market it to Merck, But they were still in the middle of litigation from the last drug they were sold by a VA researchers known as Vioxx. Instead Gilead paid him to sit on the research and prevent others from researching the cure until nearly 10 years latter when their patents on drugs to treat Hep C were about to expire. That is 10 years of Hep-C deaths on his head.

    Just several of the many sources are:

    Administrative Investigation – Alleged Misuse of Travel Funds, VA Eastern
    Kansas Health Care System – Colmery-O’Neil VA Medical Center, Topeka, KS
    At: “”

    “VA Scandal: Hot Springs Call Center is more ruse than reality”, By John D. Taylor, Hot Springs Star, Mar 21, 2017


    Disturbing though for today. Each mouth about 24,000 Veterans applications for Health care are being add to the list of unprocessed applications at the VA.

    1. More on these murders coming in latter post. With the full list of sources to back the post up. Also more on other Mass Murders working within the VA.

      Oh and to David shulkin. “Can you hear us now?” We are about to get louder for you.

  17. @James Gallegos, Do you still believe that Dr. Shulkin wants the VA fixed? He is too far up the pharmaceutical companies ass.

  18. @Seymour, why am I not surprised? Thanks for the things you’ve been doing. I just finished Cj’s guide to the Vietnam Veterans. Seymour, the VA is way out of control. Dr. Shulkin fits right in there. Is it, or is it not too corrupt to repair? I don’t know what leg to stand on. I’m going to read the rest of what you provided. It so appears to be a Conflict of Interest for Dr. Shulkin to be the man. The same people who claimed others have Conflicts of interest, are fine with those who obviously have Conflicts of interest today. What we called secrets and hidden agenda, hasn’t changed. More lies floating around than truths. NOT pointing fingers at any one, it’s all of THEM. If I was close enough to Trump, I am sure if I stroked him, he would listen. By putting his son o- _ $?(#=, Jared, as his ??? to the VA, is spitting in our face. Can the VA be fixed? Now, I will not use the choice. Dr. Shulkin made it Dirty.

  19. Jo3n,

    I think I know how “Rolando M Newland Clarke, MD” got his job with the VA.

    “Don’t Apply For This Top VA Job Unless You’ve Already Been Laid Off Or Could Be” by Luke Rosiak, Investigative Reporter, 9:11 PM 04/20/2017
    Read more: “”


    Basically this is organized crime and they want people who play the game and keep there mouths shut.

    Here is one Whistle Blower who will not be rehired anywhere in the Federal Govt.

    “Cincinnati VA official: Wrongdoer or whistleblower?”, by Anne Saker, USA Today, April 22, 2017


  20. There’s so many thieves in all the right places. Why isn’t ANYONE, our lying ass leaders, Dr. Foreskin, dealing with the money losses,thefts, murderers? All I see, For Veterans, is Them jerking us around. Nothing Real is going on. It’s all a smokescreen to protect themselves or their thieves in arms. And, it’s so blatantly done.

  21. My question to the president is this. Why is it so easy for citizens (non veteran types) to get approved for welfare disability food stamps social security free housing etc. while the veteran waits years (some dying during this time) for our claims (appeals) to be settled? Is this not a crime against the bravest III% those of us go gave blood sweat and tears for this country. Yes I agree, VSO’s most can go F themselves. If you work for the VA I’m sorry but I don’t believe you really want a veteran to get his or her full compensation because that effects your paycheck.. I find it funny that those who get paid by the VA fight to get the veteran there just benefits. I’m about to drop mine and pay for a lawyer to get it done if I don’t get a response soon! And if my appeal does return with an unfavorable answer that SOB is going before the appeals board (step 3). My brothers and sisters in arms just as we never “backed down” to our enemies let us never “back down” to this corrupt system that is “”suppose”” to be taking such great care of us! If we all stick together we will win. We fought for this country dammit and got fucked up physically and mentally so I’ll be dammed if we ever accept defeat. The VA wants to play games with us well then that’s fine we shall give them “hard ball”. Also off topic but important.. why is it that my local VA has yet to post up a picture of our new president???! The spot where the last scum bag who tried to destroy us is left blank on the wall. WTF is up with that?! Is the VA an anti Trump establishment and if they are “is this not treason??” If they continue to do this then yes we should file a lawsuit. Wait or better yet “who’s up for a veterans march into D.C.?” We will march in memory of those who’ve died waiting appeals to be settled and we will march to show that WE ARE unified and we will march for our benefits those of us still hanging on to life” Let’s make a statement that even the LSM “lame street media” won’t be able to twist change or cover up. Who’s with me?

    1. @W2 Team Leader:

      Veterans March on: America
      WE will be heard MAY 20, 2017

      1. I am writing to apologize to you about the March you said was going to happen on May 20 109am ept.

        You must understand that VA employees come into this site and try to feed lies.

        We are so use to this happening it hard to trust anyone. Please add Colorado the the list.

        Again thank you ! My Bad ! This is what the VA has done to many of us. No trust left for the VA !
        If the VA could apologize when an error was made and correct it right out.

        We would not be in this mess. But no they would rather see the other person hurting.

        We need to demand the Holman Rule be implemented now !

      2. @James Gallegos: James, did you try the website again? It is legit. When I highlight it and chose “open link in new tab” it works fine for me.

      3. @James Gallegos: James, no apologies neccessary. Glad it finally worked. I am with you, no trust left.

    2. Thousands are with you on this. Problem we can not find someone who will or is able to take the lead.

      Some of use have traumatic brain injuries and speaking for myself, I don’t have a clue how to get started, whom to contact to get the news out.

      Must have someone with contact’s to get the word out !

      Everyone must contact their senator’s and demand the Holman Rule Is passed to assist the Secretary in getting ride of employees whom should not be working for the VA.

      As for your disability claim and if it’s for PTSD, you can contact Kenneth carpenter attorney out of Topeka Kansas. Its under carpenter charter.

      I had to wait 40 year’s and only after hiring him did we find out the VA lied about My military record’s being distroyed.

      I don’t want you to have to wait 40 year’s.

      Good luck !

      1. I’m a victim of Medical Malpractice by a supposed ortho dr. at the East Orange, NJ VA in 1977. Later found that hospital records mysteriously vanished. This scumbag also claimed that I had full ROM and No Pain.
        He failed at removing a slipped pin in the acetabular. It caused a lot of pain.
        VA only compensated me @ 10%.

        You’ll find that a majority of C&P exams are being conducted by examiners that have no business rendering a medical opinion, in MY case Orthopedic, unless they have a specialty in it and a “MD-DO” following their name!
        If I see ANY write up and find that the examiner does NOT have a specialty, I appear, question the examiner and I’m NOW canceling the appointment, before it begins.

  22. “”

    Service dogs. No cost.
    Well, travel and food cost for 10 days IOT meet and pair with service dog.

  23. Here’s a link to what potus signed for choice program. It Only extended the current Same shit system long enough to ‘expend all funding’. Nothing new to actually help us have a fucking choice in where we go.


  24. This is only the beginning of the horror story. While our Veterans pay dying waiting for their Compensation &Pension the VA has already awarded them and mailed their award letters to another address. Their money is being rerouted onto debit cards. These people then pose as their fiduciary and representative payee. When the Veterans for it is business as usual and when the Surviving Spouse applies for her benefits she is being mailed denial letters because the VA is keeping the veteran alive in the system and removing all of the Surviving Spouses information as beneficiary. Can you say RICO Act violations. Out of these 500,000 vetetans there are probably 300,000 who have died and are being kept alive on paper to continue rerouting their money. To purge them from the system will give the VA another excuse to apply plausible deniability. There is 124 Trillion missing dollars at the VA and it can all be found in the dead. Quancidine Hinson-Gribble, #veteransriseup #canyouhearmenow #QuancidineForPresident

  25. @James Gallegos, you could be right. Perhaps, we should focus on our kids, grandchildren. We could find a way to communicate to as many prospects we can with some hard facts. Perhaps if we spend our energy on the newbies, we could stop the???? I really don’t know what avenue to go.

    1. I do not know what can be done. I have a son who joined and got hurt and had to see a child shot in the face when deployed. He was a very good athlete and now he can hardly move and that breaks my heart. The VA granted him 100% disability for about 4 years and then started their misdeed and started making him go to ratings after rating and is now at 10%.

      He has become a recluse and he can’t get the picture of the child being shot and killed. I understand what he is feeling, as I was shot in the head and survived.

      When the VA took his disability away, as a father I seen in his eyes that he was very depressed and I believe he was ready to commit suicide. I spoke with my wife and told her, our son may be in danger of committing suicide because of what the VA did to him.

      My wife thought so too, so we have a small house, room in the back yard and told him he could live there. So the stress of loosing everything would not be so hard on him. He has been fighting the VA ever since>

      We made the right move and I still have my son, so many parents were not so lucky !

      Its mind boggling how the VA does not factor in what they are doing is effecting so many veterans and the end result is suicide. I do not want another family to have to go through any of this.

      You raise your children to be honest and trustworthy and for them to understand that the freedom we think we have is worth defending. When in reality you are nothing more than a body to the VA. A number, a reason to justify their pay check.

      There is only one way to fix the VA and that is to have the Holman Rule implemented and VA employee’s held accountable. The VA has to be stopped from policing themselves, its a rouse ! Unable or incapable !

  26. Just a reminder of the type of nurses who work at the VA. Here are a few of the serial killers class. Most are set free even after their convictions for killing Veterans, but if they also killed a civilian then it is a life sentence. But on a happier note the one who killed 57 people and worked at VAMC Cincinnati Donald Harvey did get a bit of justice in the end. He was beat to death in his cell last month.

    “Former Nurse Charged With Killing 10 Veterans Is Set Free”,
    The tests done on the bodies of patients who died in 1992 are found to be inconclusive.
    August 07, 2003|Eric Slater | Times Staff Writer

    “When FBI scientists attempted to test Ballard’s results in May, they, too, found succinylmonocholine in the tissues of Williams’ patients. However, they also discovered the substance in “control” tissues. In subsequent tests, Ballard had the same results. The substance may find its way into tissues during autopsy procedures, Crane said, though the precise mechanism is unclear.”



    “Killer Nurse Gets Life”, By/ Andrew Lindenauer/ AP/ March 26, 2001
    “A former veterans hospital nurse who killed four of her patients with injections of poison should spend the rest of her life in prison, a federal jury decided Monday.

    Kristen Gilbert, a 33-year-old mother of two, could have faced death by lethal injection and would have become the only woman on federal death row.

    Her father and grandmothers pleaded with jurors to let her live, saying a death sentence would be devastating to them and Gilbert’s two sons.

    But Assistant U.S. Attorney William Welch called Gilbert a “shell of a human being” who deserved to die for the cold and calculating way she murdered her victims, injecting them with overdoses of the heart stimulant epinephrine, which made their hearts race out of control.”



    “U.S. v. Narciso, Perez & the Press Trailer”

    Published on Feb 4, 2014

    “During a six-week period in the summer of 1975, 27 patients experienced respiratory failure and 11 patients died at the Veteran’s Administration Hospital in Ann Arbor. In June 1976, after an intense FBI investigation, two Filipina nurses — Filipina Narciso and Leonora Perez — were charged with injecting the patients with the muscle relaxant Pavulon.

    The jury found the nurses guilty of conspiracy to poison three patients and dropped the murder charge against Narciso. Interestingly, the Assistant U.S. Attorney General Richard Delonis called the evidence “highly circumstantial.” The case received international attention because it confronted political and racial tensions. In 1977, the federal judge ordered a new trial, citing prosecutorial misconduct that gave prosecutors a chance to retry the case. However, prosecutors decided not to do so. The decision left the guilty verdict standing, but without penalty. Authorities then released the nurses, who have not been exonerated.”



    AP March 31, 2017, 1:17 PM
    “Donald Harvey may have been killed by fellow inmate, police say”

    “TOLEDO, Ohio — A fellow inmate is suspected of fatally beating a serial killer dubbed the “Angel of Death” inside the cell where he was serving multiple life sentences, authorities said Friday.”

    “Harvey claimed responsibility for killing more than 50 people during the 1970s and ‘80s. He pleaded guilty in 1987 to killing 37 people, mostly while he worked as a nurse’s aide at hospitals in Cincinnati and London, Kentucky. He later said he was responsible for killing 18 others while working at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Cincinnati.”

    “’Angel of Death’ serial killer Donald Harvey dies after prison attack”, Published March 30, 2017
    · Associated Press

    1. Don’t get me wrong I am not trying to say that all serial killers at the VA are Nurses. There are doctors two. For example, the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Northport, New York had serial killer Dr. Joseph Michael Swango. Swango was involved in as many as 60 fatal poisonings of patients and colleagues, though he only admitted to causing four deaths.

      1. Sorry Serial killers employed by the VA. I really did not mean to imply all of you are nurses. Just to make it up to you all I should list a few more of you besides Dr. Swango.

        The problem is there are just so many of you, so if you don’t mind I will just list a few from just one small VAMC in Tomah WI that have been in the new recently.

        There is Dr. Tom Schiller the VA Dentist who’s ‘Purposeful’ Acts Put 592 Vets At Risk For HIV, Hepatitis certainly some of his patients will die as a result of his Purposeful Act.

        Then also from Tomah there is Dr. David Houlihan aka the Candyman.

        I know it’s a short list but if I tried to list all the serial killers at the VA. I would not be able to post the list for weeks or even months and would have to hire people to help with the data entry.

    2. Thank you for the information. You did a little research. If you we able to find this information, why our elected officials don’t do a little research. Would you send this information to the veterans committee in Washington, maybe they read it and catch on.

      It was in the news, where the VA is now going to use some sort of application that will determine which veterans have the traits or symptoms of “possibly” a very high risk of “possible” suicide and will be contacting those veterans for evaluation.

      So the disruptive committee was not doing enough harm against veterans, now they will be seeking veterans out and claim “they may” sometime in the future think about suicide and start feeding them more drugs. OR have staff stress them out so much they want to commit suicide.

      The way the VA works they can and will forcibly admit the veterans and will not have to go through a court. Anyone that has been on a VA psychiatry unit, knows the first thing they do is fill you with drugs that will make you drool, stumble, want to sleep all the time, they want to make you a zombie.

      This is not the way to treat people that suffer from PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury. The VA has dropped the ball so many times and they are the cause of the veterans problems. Mistreatment verbal or physical or by denying their claims to receive treatment as in my case.

      So thousands of veterans will now be contacted by the VA to come in for intensive treatment and if the veterans do no want intensive treatment the VA will send the police to their door and force them into treatment even if they are not suicidal.

      This is nonsense and the suicide rate will go even higher, who wants to live worrying all the time, is the VA going to come after me again and screw me up again with all their drugs.

      They need to do their jobs right the first time, by giving the veterans the care they need, not do what ever they can not to treat them, with some lame excuse. How many will die while in the custody of the VA.

      If they did this to the everyday citizen, there would be such out cry, it would be heard around the world. Half of the United States population would qualify. The VA uses the term or words Possibly, may as permission to go after Veterans.

      ONE FLEW OVER COO, COO NEST ! Be Afraid my fellow veterans it will be coming to your door very soon, we will teach you veterans to complain about your treatment. If some VA employee does not like you, your toast.

      Pass the New Law, Shut Down the VA or give all Veterans a choice to see an outside treating specialist for everything. This is going to be a Witch hunt on the part of the VA. Sometimes these people are so smart, they become STUPID !

  27. For Veterans, this is depressing. I saw a 1990, give or take a year, I think it was 60 minutes. It showed conditions at VA hospital in DC. The place was a mess then. The Director admittedly acknowledged, and said, ” the U.S.government, was not prepared for the numbers that came home alive. He was asked point blank, would the VA be better off if more had died and less had returned. He just hung his head. I think most of us have known that a long time. More and more, the few Veterans I know, are beginning to shut down again. It’s kinda like grief. Some, not all, were excited, like they haven’t been for years, the excitement is gone. The hope is/was hanging by a thread. God Bless you guys, and if anyone finds something positive, other than Angela, (only kidding), we could sure use it. @Dennis, give me a story.

  28. While researching more info on other actions VA whistleblower Scott Davis has taken on behave of Veterans. Including how the total number of VA unprocessed applications for Health care are growing at a rate of 24,000 per month. I came across an old article I would like to share regarding VA Health Care. Nothing has changed at least since 1986.

    “A Question Of Quality Medical Mishaps Abound”
    April 13, 1986|By Fred Schulte, Staff Writer (Copyright 1986, News and Sun-Sentinel Company)

    “Thousands of patients have died unexpectedly or been injured in Veterans Administration hospitals in recent years, and the rate of these medical mishaps is soaring, mostly in rural VA hospitals, a News/Sun-Sentinel investigation has found.

    The investigation, based on reports filed by the VA`s 172 hospitals, found:

    — The rate of “incidents,“ ranging from falls to errors in prescribing drugs, increased 26 percent in the past three years.

    — Preventable deaths and injuries are reported six times to eight times more often by some VA hospitals than others”

    “Since 1983, the number of VA patient injuries in those hospitals has been rising far faster than the number of patients treated, agency records reveal.

    The overall rate of these incidents increased 26.5 percent from the first half of fiscal 1983 to the first half of fiscal 1985, an analysis of VA “injury control“ reports showed.

    Reportable incidents include “illness or injury resulting either from omissions or commissions by health-care providers or the direct result of medical intervention.

    Categories include “unexpected“ deaths within 24 hours of admission, medications errors, patient falls, other injuries, suicides and suicide attempts.”

    Full article at: “”

    1. Maybe veteran’s should protest outside recruiting station’s, hand out flyers with all the statics and what they can expect when they are discharged.

      The way things are going, I think the Draft will be implemented soon !

      Thousands of our kids sent off to war, very soon.

      This will be the only way for the average citizen to be effected. Many times if it does not effect them personally. They look the other way.

      It’s too bad that our children must be sacrificial lambs.

      But that’s the only way. People get the message and then it’s to late. Damage done !
      I hate telling people told you so !

      1. James,
        There’s something at the Pentagon where they are/have admitted Drafting women.
        I read about this at *””* sometime ago.
        If true, and a draft is implemented, women will be right next to men during (possible) “fire-fights!”
        Now, I’m not a “chauvinist”. Yet, it came out years ago, where men would NOT be at 100%, because they “…would worry about the safety of their female counterparts!”

  29. I’ll bet y’all, when POTUS signed the “extension of the Choice Program”, VA employees and the upper management were ‘bitting at the bit’ to see who would be getting “bonuses” shortly!

    Here’s something else,
    Trump’s son-in-law, Jerod Kushner, is “supposed to be straightening out the VA!” So far, NOT a pip outta him.
    I ran across this late last night.
    Google this from “MLordandGod” website;

    “Jered Kushner & Neocon Takeover of Trump – Regime Change Aim is Massive Oil Reserve!”

    The Kushner family is well known in the court systems. His father was prosecuted for multiple frauds and convicted!
    Trump has also put that asswipe in charge of the goings on in the Middle East! Since he’s a Jew, which side do you actually think he favors?!

    1. I’m telling you to wait for it….Jerod Kushner and Pres. Trump will eventually announce the total rebuilding of the Temple on the Mount…after of course, a wayward Tomahawk Cruise Missile takes-out the towel takeover of the dome of the rock by muslims…I may be entirely wrong, but the focus of Kushner of Middle East over Veterans and cleaning-up the VA has left me with rather a shitty aftertaste.

      (However, I am for taking out the dome) 🙂

  30. Sadly, true. How many Veterans, at least feel like what’s the use, or just fuck it? and the VA thrives…….on our suffering. Makes me feel even more connected to our whistleblower.

  31. @Jo3n: Jo3n, I am not afraid either, I am also very tired of hearing the problems, that ordinary people are having at the hands of the VA. The only difference between veterans and citizens, is veterans have zero rights. It is an abomination of the constitution we all swore to defend. We signed, or were forced to sign, and because of that nobility, we are now considered as less than a citizen. Shit has more legal rights than a veteran does. I am tired of talking. I don’t think I will post another comment. I will be reading and watching. When it is time, someone will say so, and I will be there. Good luck each and everyone of you. Going dark in 3.2,1………….

  32. More on AFGE national president David “real tiny” Cox:
    Cox began his career in healthcare in 1970. In 1983, Cox became a registered nurse and started a public-sector career with the Department of Veterans Affairs that lasted until September 2006 when he became AFGE secretary-treasurer[3] Cox served two consecutive terms as AFGE’s National Secretary-Treasurer (elected first in August 2006 and reelected by acclamation in August 2009).

    In 2012, Cox won the Yitzhak Rabin Public Service Award from the American Friends of the Yitzhak Rabin Center. In 2013, Cox was honored with the AFL-CIO’s At the River I Stand award, which is given annually to a national leader who has demonstrated an unyielding commitment to civil rights and workers’ rights. That year he was also honored by the Rev. Jesse Jackson with the Martin Luther King Labor Leader award. In 2014 he received the National Action Network Labor Award from the Rev. Al Sharpton and the Peggy Browning Award for Social Justice Advocacy from the Peggy Browning Foundation

    I don’t see listed anywhere, on any website, “gives a shit about veterans”
    He was old enough at the time to serve his country in SE Asia, he didn’t, maybe that is why he doesn’t give a shit about veterans. Maybe he has a guilt complex and, built a career on getting even with those that did serve. All makes perfect sence now. This asshole actually “hates” veterans, and is in control of every aspect of VA policy. “tiny” is the problem fellas and ladies. The stakes need to be driven into this assholes heart. Here is your blood sucking Vampire.

  33. @Cj, We have the time to….. choose a course. What you say now, I can relate to. I believe it was 91Veteran, who went out of his way so as I could take a less stressful approach to our common goal. Which is, ? I think the main goal is to save Veterans lives. I totally agree with you. I’m old enough, and I am ok with my God. I am not a leader. I’m not afraid.

  34. This fucking choice program, isn’t.
    You either go to the VA or pay for a dr yourself. Each time I try to use choice, I get denied. There’s fucking time limits, distance considerations, how many goats you own, the list is rediculous

  35. The above links in order of listing.

  36. J. David Cox, salary is reported as $289,059.00, according to “” I can’t find anything on this assholes net worth. I find his salary laughable, considering an AFGE union member/ er Doctor at N. Chicago VAMC was reported as 240G. Something isn’t adding up is it? According to this site “” it would seem that “Tiny” Cox holds a great number of positions, and as in all positions getting fucked is included. While veterans are busy dying, waiting on healthcare, or because of that healthcare. The AFGE, is taking this stance, “” And now you know. YOUR COWARD SENATORS AND CONGRESSMEN, are not going to do a fucking thing to help any veterans. PERIOD!!!! So………………… what?

    1. cj,

      Just want to point out that the numbers that are published for salaries are only base salaries. It does not include things like bonuses, and other compensation received by the employee. Each time that Cox speaks to the press he is getting paid, each time he speaks to union employee meetings he is also getting paid additional money expenses.

      Same thing for the Doctors but they are usually asked to attend symposiums, conferences and other things like speaking at a dinner for a big pharma company. All of which they are paid very well for. Most times they make more than double their base salary.

      Quote from Federal Pay dot org.

      “Medical Officer was the 10th most popular job in the U.S. Government in 2015, with 32,861 employed. The most common payscale was the medical and dental payscale.

      In 2015, the Veterans Health Administration hired the most employees titled Medical Officer, with an average salary of $220,439.

      Government Medical Officer jobs are classified under the General Schedule (GS) payscale. Remember that the starting and maximum yearly pay listed above reflect base pay only – your actual salary will be higher based on the Locality Pay Adjustment for the area in which you work. ”


  37. @SeymourKlearly, I am going to Medicare and supplemental insurance. With what all is being reported, I can’t support choice now. I’m blessed to have an option. I’m still seeing psych at VA. I like the kid. God Bless y’all.

  38. The only thing that is going to fix this country, is the second ammendment. That includes fixing the VA, nothing else will ever change the status quo, NOTHING!!!! Not Trump, and certainly not your coward senators, and blowhard congressmen. WTF, is Shill-kin still doing in charge of anything?

    Fuck em all. It’s time. I left a link to a video, that describes in great detail, how veterans have been getting screwed, ever since the Vietnam era. It has been proven in court, courts have issued orders, the lower courts turn a blind eye, and the VA does not abide by the courts ruling, and the courts wash their hands of it all.

    Currently, all the information, and evidence is in the hands of no other than, Senator “little” Dick Durban IL.
    He has had ample time to take action, and hasn’t. Trump, has had ample time to take action and hasn’t. Your senators have had ample time, and so has your congressmen. You tell me what’s left to do? How many more veterans need to die? What’s it going to take?

    I don’t particularly give a shit if I live or die. I do however, care about my veteran brothers and sisters. I am ready to roll, as are many veterans I have talked to. POTUS, has had plenty of time. It would seem, he is just another fucking liar. The very worse kind there is, he lied directly to veterans, who were counting on him. He lied to get their votes, and then failed terribly, to fullfill those promises he made. Veterans are still dying at an alarming rate, veterans are still killing themselves, and nobody, and I mean NOBODY!!!, is held ACCOUNTABLE. It is time we render a vote, on our own accountablility act.!!!

  39. The Administrator over Birmingham VA is Thomas C.Smith III, and ass. Director is Mary Mitchell. Her, I believe that name was in an article here, but too far back in my head. I only posted this to learn more before I approach either one. Thanks

  40. HealthNet is a swamp in itself; President Trump, drain this swamp. The HealthNet involvement with other funds being shuffled around has come up before. Is anything veterans do helping? I feel we, as Veterans, are on the brink of a breakthrough, or a broken heart. Great reporting. Maybe, an online newspaper with ads sponsored by honest Veteran owned business or practice. Make it interesting. We know some great reporters.

  41. If they fix the backlog doesn’t that give the VA the green light to focus on reducing ratings since va employees will have more time on their hands?

    1. Nah, they have minecraft and porn to play with on their work computers that always keeps their hands busy.

  42. I hate the friday dumping of the va shit. It makes me sick and disgusted. I know there are at least 20 other employees, who knew that this was going on and i could bet, probably for years and said nothing. The Veterans jump thru these unrealistic hoops they have to just to be able to submit a claim and the va does everything they can to destroy it. Create a backlog and deny claims any excuse will do. Here is an employee following laws and identifying the errors and laws broken. Does anyone in authority do anything with this information to correct the problem? NO!!!!

    These va upper and middle level managers need to go that are responsible.
    Where is use of POTUS favorite words “your fired”???

    1. Meatgrinder Friday Dumps (MFD’s) often try to be silent but deadly but thanks to likes of Seymore Klearly, Ben, and all readers/Veterans that have taken the correct pill, can see how just like in the movie ‘The Matrix’, we Veterans are the human batteries for their momentum of cash flow and the waste product comes out that meatgrinder’s ass with so much velocity, the VA is really missing an opportunity to generate electricity from it’s ass flow. MFD’s have nasty side-effects, including death, ask your Dr. before consuming to see if it is healthy for you to consume the VA poo.


      In a moooooooood. Moo? MOO!

      I was raised on a farm and will tell you cows are one of the most dumb animals but they LOVE to projectile shit on parked trucks, tools, anywhere. The VA’s Meatgrinder Friday Dumps are like those cows. MOO!


      1. Same one shitting dollars:
        ——————————– ╱┃┃┃┃╱╱╱┃┃┃┃╱╱╱
        ——————————– ╱┗┛┗┛╱╱╱┗┛┗┛╱╱╱

      2. @namnibor:
        ——————————– ╱┃┃┃┃╱╱╱┃┃┃┃╱╱╱
        ——————————– ╱┗┛┗┛╱╱╱┗┛┗┛╱╱╱

  43. This Fridays document dump from the White House contains the Sec of Vet Affairs David Shulkin’s 2017 Personal Finances File and his Ethics Agreement. They truly are must reads for anyone interested in conflicts of interest at the VA. Especially concerning the Veterans Choice Program. Considering Shulkin was a member of the Board at United Healthcare Group and a large shareholder of UHG stock. UHG had purchased a large portion of Health Net in 2009 for $450 Million. On the day Shulkin started as Under Secretary for Health, US Department of Veteran Affairs Health Net was sold for more than $8 Billion plus 30% of stock from the company who bought Health Net.

    With the Positions he was holding on the boards at 32 different companies and investment firms. The 10 Bank accounts where he had more than $10 million cash laying around. His investment portfolio with 187 other investments and assets income. Some directly connected to the VA.


    2017 Personal Finances File For: Shulkin, David J

    at: “”


    January 27, 2017 Ethics Agreement File For Shulkin, David J

    at: “”

    1. Hey, Seymore,
      Maybe it’s time for “Old Sparky” to come out of retirement!
      For those of you who are unaware, “Old Sparky” is the electric chair down here in Florida!

      1. I think the feds were still using the Gas Chamber and Firing Squads during there last executions. Personally I would rather see him stoned by Veterans who have suffered the most from this garbage.

    2. Anyone waiting for the VA to be reformed or for Veterans Choice to start working for Veterans. Don’t hold your breath because it is not going to happen while Shulkin is in Charge.

      Also Thank You to the great folks at Open Secrets dot Org.


      1. Also anyone who is still receiving VA Health Care. Break out the lotion, grab your ankles and assume the position. Big Pharma has big plans for your backside and Shulkin has big plans to increase his wealth.


        “PhRMA shows biggest spike in lobbying spending in first quarter of President Trump”, by Ashley Balcerzak on April 21, 2017


      2. Why am I not surprised.

        FFS is there anyone in DC with any ethics anymore?

        I’m curious how many more bought stock in any company connected to or bought out by HealthNet.

        I had never heard of them before the Choice program. The whole company seems designed around making money off of appearing to administer government health programs.

        I suspect there are more political turds with holdings in this company than you can find at the local sewage treatment plant.

        It would also explain why they were pushing so hard to extend Choice. That billion in unspent dollars was too much to ignore.

      3. @91Veteran- “[I suspect there are more political turds with holdings in this company than you can find at the local sewage treatment plant.

        It would also explain why they were pushing so hard to extend Choice.]”

        They were simply pushing a very long turd out called choice. One of those that somehow manage to be squeezed-out in one unbroken curved around the bowl, huge turd. Everyone but Veterans are benefiting from this turd, but aint it a really nice award winning turd? 🙂

        Yeah, I am not right. 🙂

  44. @ANutterVet, @Seymour, God knows how much energy y’all put into the many pieces Ben exposes, and I have no clue as to how much you do for the rest of humanity. I am humbled. @Bill, prayers be with you.

  45. VA’s top priority is to protect our lives. Besides Veterans waiting for claims to be properly processed [in which can cause severe stress], Veterans are committing suicide at a rate between 20 – 22 per day [2001 to 2014 Veteran suicide rate increased about 32%]. Different suicide figures have been published, although one Veteran death is too many.

    This doesn’t account for the deaths of Veterans that occur in hospitals by some sort of malpractice due to medical errors or mistakes. And, most death certificates in the private sector don’t have a checkbox for “medical error” as a cause or contributing factor in a patient’s death. This most likely applies to the VA as well. This is something to think about.

    *Veterans lives matter too.

    *Veterans are more than just soldiers.

    *Veterans aren’t looking for a handout.

    *Veterans are waiting for their Government to properly help them.

    1. How much modern biology is a fraud? The revolutionary work of Harold Hillman MB, BSc, MRCS, PhD. and others.

    2. An education obtained with money…, is worse than no education at all

      The only true wisdom is knowing that you know nothing


      I can not teach anybody anything…, I can only make them think


  46. VA is a administrative nightmare. VA employees accept error and inefficiency as the way of VA.
    Payments are misapplied, and the VA hospitals cannot (or will not), provide data on where and when payments were applied. They are very quick however, to go thru the “Cross Service Billing” to garnish Social Security retirement payments. Although several documents are submitted to VA directly, they claim to have no record of documents that affect your priority group rating, and level of support for medical services.
    All the VA regions have their own computer systems (very expensive and elaborate), and have capability to operate under one set of rules and procedures, they cannot view others data and
    cannot accurately apply payments.
    There is tremendous disparity for the level of services, (Veteran’s Choice Program, Travel reimbursement, etc.), between regions and to individual Veterans. ie.- Veterans with the same Means Testing are treated differently as it applies to reimbursement and co-pays.
    Copays are simple, why complicate them? Also, determine if you have a Veterans Choice program and if so, then run it!
    I have received very good medical services from VA, amidst horribly mismanaged administrative systems I have been garnished thousands of dollars inappropriately.
    Any other Veterans have issues , or this just me?
    Trump needs to establish groups of Vets to attack this serious problem. (Like the Apprentice program). Start with procedures and establish ranks to attack these problems.

    1. @Warren J Zettle 5868: Same here, when first starting off on SSDI, it was a billing nightmare. I would get a bill, go pay the bill, only to find out they witheld the same from my SSDI. Took about 6 months and a threat of legal action for it to stop. That was followed up by 2 years of denial of healthcare from the VA. After do nothing senators and congrssmen failed miserably go uphold the LAW. I engaged in my own battle and beat their asses back to the stoneage. Now fighting a denied claim, will win that as well. It is all BS. and intentional. They know exactly what they are doing, and hope you die quickly. It is just like anything else the government starts, SS, VA, Obamacare, none of it was acually expected to get used. You were supose to die before you were able to recieve SS. You were supose to give up trying to get VA healthcare, You were never supose to be able to afford Obamacare……and the beat goes on.

  47. I just found out my cousin Dick Woodman 8 year USMC vet with 2 tours in nam wounded once Agent Orange poisened PTSD passed from this earth to the gates of heaven.

    Stand Down Marine we have the watch now.

    You will be missed Richard SEMPER FI..

  48. Y’all, this is depressing. It’s like we lost the war. I don’t like the word shouldn’t, but, I for one, honestly shouldn’t have had to live the life I lived. It shouldn’t have taken me twenty years after Vietnam to be welcomed home. IF, the American Government and our people who didn’t go to war, recognized our plight fifty years ago, it could be better. But, some how, veterans have less rights than the average American citizen. Sometimes, I feel like I’m whining. I think it’s because I don’t think anyone is interested or listening. This blog, not the others I’ve experienced, has screwed up my thoughts. I have found many answers to hard questions. This blog has heart. This treatment of Veterans, must end on our watch. You smart ones out there, come up with something. It’s insane to Do nothing.

    1. @Jo3n: Honestly Jo3n, I never look at a single veteran, telling his story as “whinning” You are right, it is so wrong that veterans have less rights then the civilian poopulation, even the illegal poopulation, has more than veterans do. I posted a video several times for all to watch, I understand it is a long video, but it shows how they systematicly commited economical genocide, on the entire Nam era veteran. Marked them so they could never succede, stole from them what was rightfully theirs. Not a single person responsibe has, nor ever will, pay for what they did. And the beat goes on.

      Here is the link once more. Really alll should watch it till the end, it isn’t what you think when it first gets under way. “”

    2. everyone and their uncle are or have marched to their plight. Now scientist are planning a rally. I just don’t get it why veterans have not. We were the Brave and Proud, what happened are we mice now and want other to stand up for us.

      All that has to happen is Ben get with Susan Knowles and VA is Lying and other and make a date of the Rally and invite everyone to attend.

      I am sure many of us are willing to help.

    3. @Jo3n – – – I agree with your post. Remember this though. Our feelings can often lie to us. Please think about that when you “feel you are just whining”. I do not see a whiner. I see a patriot who stepped forward, gave what they had to give – – – then was shit upon for having the moral courage to do what their fellow citizens did NOT have the courage to do.

      The nation that “Thanks us for our service” is the party that let us down. Not the other way around. Remember that.

      And if you still consider your posts as whining, remember that you have EARNED YOUR RIGHT to do so in the most “real way” possible. THAT is something DAMN FEW of this nations citizens can honestly say. Keep your chin up, shoulders squared, chest out. Take a full 40 inch step. March on.

      YOU are a valuable member of this community.

      Disgruntled Veteran
      1973-1976 USMC
      1978-1993 USN
      Wounded Warrior

  49. Nothing is going to change, unless we pick up arms and make it change, untill then, nobody gives a shit about any damn veteran.

    See, you should have joined the liberal controlled, higher education system. Instead you dumbasses, just had to go fight your lil war, and profiteering the industrial war machine. Forcing thousands of lil liberal to get jobs at the VA, although they absolutely HATE, anything to do with you baby killing, momma killing, daddy killing soldiers.

    How dare you expect them to do their jobs? isn’t the fact you made them join the AFGE/SES bad enough? Those poor lil union workers are worked to the damn bone, for YOU,……..You coldhearted, inconsiderate, assholes, why don’t you all go jump off a cliff? Quit your whinning already, and man/woman up.

    Now, for those that don’t know me, I am indeed being sarcastic. All except the very first sentence, that is serious as a rattler snake in your birthday cake.
    Crazy elf is right, they need to be in jail.

      1. Be careful what you say. You see it in the news made threats about using arms.

        First amendment rights are for the few, you are a veteran and it seems this right does not include veterans.

        They can twist your words to fit them.

        Our only hope is the VA committee on veterans affairs to pass the Holman Rule into law.

        It seems the VA has placed a member into the committee to sabatoge the outcome.

        Use the phone, e-mail and letters as our weapons. But action is needed by everyone not just veterans.

        How about going to Washington. I know I’m beating a dead horse. About someone standing up and being the lead.

    1. To be clear, since I see some are cautious about my statement in the first paragraph above. True as it may be what I said, it was not a call to arms. It was a statement that nothing will change untill. Simply put another way………………………..NOTHING IS EVER GOING TO CHANGE…………..PERIOD. There is too much money at stake, and the union thugs use threats against politicians, and they get away with it over and over again. We are not going to win out over any unions. Our politicians are spineless, traitorous. jellyfish, who are incapable of doing what’s right, instead of what keeps them in power. No disrespect was intended against the jellyfish population, I know you lil critters have much more honor than any politician.

      Peace out. I don’t wish to comment any further on any subject. I will still read the blog each day, and follow any links you guys leave. I am just tired of saying the same shit over and over.

      1. Information Only. The reason I commented on the subject is that the VA has a Bad habit of twisting words veterans say. Even though its just a simple statement they will and do report veterans to their disruptive committee, for simple statements.

        Example: I was speaking with a fellow patient and during that conversation the patient asked why are you in the hospital. I proceeded to advise him that I had been waiting 40 years to be treated, that the VA had denied my disability claim over and over.

        That I had to hire an attorney and won my case, that the VA had stated that my official military records were destroyed in the saint louis fire in 1973, which was not the case. I stated I am rated at 30% and I believe that I should be rated at 100%.

        Telling him in a normal conversation, You know I wish the rater who did my claim back in 1973 would have been shot in the head like I was and then they would know what I had to go through for the last 40 years without treatment ! Example statement: If they would have walked a mile in my shoes they would think different.

        Now that statement was overheard and reported to a nurse, that I said I wanted to shoot the rater who did my claim. I had and have no clue who did my rating or where. The nurse reported it to the VA that I wanted to shoot the rater.

        So the VA issued a duty to report a threat and they punished me for the statement. It did not end there A former coworker was informed about it at my local clinic and she hated me and took the opportunity to advise the disruptive committee, that I would come into my local clinic at least twice a month and become disruptive. She did not state how many months that this occurred, what dates, times, who was present and witnessed the disruptive behavior.

        In fact the employee did not have to furnish any written evidence of any disruptive behavior as required by VA regulations. They then changed the story from he wanted to shoot the rater, to he wanted to shoot staff at the Denver VA and later changed again to he wanted to shoot certain employee’s at his local CBOC.

        So, I am trying to help veterans understand that even when they say something innocent the VA will twist their words to make it sound like the veteran wanted to do harm. They do not need evidence all they need is for someone to lie and then punish you.

        All I am saying is the VA does not care if your statement was not a threat they make it a threat.

        The VA can not be trusted period. So my fellow veterans just be aware that you have no freedom of speech ! They will and do twist your words. Get a copy of your records and read what they put into your official records. They put their own words, not yours as fact. Big Problem.

      2. @james gallegos: James, no need to expain 🙂 I was just heeding your warning. Not so much about the VA, but your rite, never know who may read “AFGE” and use it as an excuse, to cry wolf.

        James, also, I am sorry for what the damn VA has put you and your son through, you know how I feel about the VA, CRIMINAL to it’s core.
        I am glad you found a way to keep your son safe. God Bless you and your family.

        I mean it this time……….no more comments.

      3. @cj – – – I for one, will miss reading what you have to say. When I read your first comment on this blog post – – – I knew it WAS NOT a call to arms. Most Veterans I personally know served honorably, and many got quite fucked up in many of our numerous wars.

        As their reward for stepping forward when so many of their fellow citizens were far too cowardly to do so – – – they are now spit and shit upon by their government.

        While I personally would choose not to actively participate in an armed overthrow of our government – – – I do see it coming. If historical memory serves, there was a time when some folk in this country suffered greatly under a system of sustained governmental injustice.

        Those good folk responded to those injustices by organizing, then authoring a document containing these words:

        “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. Such has been the patient sufferance of these Colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government.”

        Less than a year later, an armed takeover was attempted because of the words contained in that document.

        We are really close historically to that point again . . .

      4. @Distruntled Veteran: Agree, and great reading DV. I will still read all comments posted, and articles, and links everyone leaves. Just kinda tired of rehashing the same issues day to day. I have to post something in order to follow all the comments. Instead of cj I will leave: -.-. .—
        Instead of a comment I will leave: ..-. ..- -.-. -.- / – …. . / …- .-
        Don’t spit your coffee out on that one lol.

      5. i will miss cj’ s colorful word art. I think everyone knows cj’ s personality and he is sincere and would be a good man to have your six. He is frustrated and angry and tired of this va ??!!!! I will miss his active comments and his attitude which i consider it excellent in statue considering what he has had to endure thru the va himself.

        I hope he doesn’t stay away too long. He is a good man to talk to. I love this blog and the commenters, it is different than other blogs. It is honest and truthful and based on facts.

        I don’t mind when people rant or say how upset or angry they are about the va because it is sincere feelings and i appreciate that truth. I wish everyone the best with their dealings with the va and they deserve so much better than what they receive from the va.

        Some Veterans are fighting for their very lives and lost their lives on va treatment and benefits. Benefits that they are damn well entitled to because they had EARNED AND PROMISED those benefits. All i can say, as many have said, “God Bless the Veterans”, and i will keep saying those prayers.

      6. @Ex va – – – I will miss CJ as well. Of course, he did say he would continue to read Big Ben’s Blog. So it is not like he is going away entirely. I was waiting for CJ to get his number to me, or maybe to e-mail me. But I guess not now.

        Had two items of importance that I wanted to run by him. Already discussed one with ANutterVet by e-mail. And e-mailed Big Ben. Thought CJ might provide some valuable insight. Good thing my (206) friend had sharp eyes and contacted me last week. Was a good day for a couple veterans on this blog.

        What to do? What to do? Major decision on how I continue to post on Ben’s Blog coming up. But on the fence about it. Been on the fence about very few things in life since my military service. But this one is an Ass-Kicker of a decision. Damn . . .

      7. @Disgruntled Veteran,@Ex va: DV, You can get my info from ANutterVet, I thought he already gave it to you.
        Ex va, Sent you an Email. Will talk soon. I like the new look of morse code, instead of alphabet handles. Always a kid inside lol.

      8. @Ex va – – – Correction. (260) friend vice (206). Fingers not working correcktly tonite.

      9. @Disgruntled Veteran, glad to hear some good news for a couple of Veterans on this blog. Major decision, damn i hate those too.

      10. @Ex va: I don’t even like lieutenant decisions, major ones must really suck. Of course general ones are easy, who’d a thunk?

      11. @Ex va: I wouldn’t doubt it, I think everything is run through the NSA, computers look for key words, etc.
        How are you doing tonight?

      12. @-.-.—-, i forgot they use to run all communications thru computers!!! Dang blast it!!! ROFL!!! I am so screwed now!!! Where’s my paintball gun at when i really need it!!! Doing ok except my back….. outside it was beautiful.

      13. @Ex va: Yes today was a very nice day, good breeze not to hot, not to cold, just perfect. Temps are going to be all over the place this week, not good for your back. I have a paintball gun around here somewhere.


      14. -.-..—-, that paintball gun looks real. Lol!!! The temps just aggravate the inflammation and it is all over the place. Push thru it. Stable weather soon. As long as we don’t have any tornadoes i will be happy this year. Last year end of august had one start to form over the barn. It landed on the next road over. It was a trip. I hate those things.

      15. @Ex va: I hear you. I was working in Kansas City MO. putting the concession stands in the “at the time” new minor league baseball park, across the street fromt the nascar track. An f5 started at the race way, bounced over the the ball park and through all the construction trailers around like dice, then bounced up again, landed further down the street. You could see from the damage, how it started only about 5ft wide and then turned quikly into a 1/4 mile wide path. Never saw so much devastation happen so fast. On the radio they said there was a damn horse in a tree, still alive, and they used a crane to get it down. Said there were school papers being found all the way in NJ…. scary stuff, when your in the way of one.

      16. Threw the construction trailers……….not through…………I do have a TBI, I am allowed to make stupid mistakes.

      17. -.-..—-, that must have been scary, Kansas City, mo has some bad storms. That is crazy 5 ft. Wide to 1/4 mile wide path. In the fields you can see the swirls left on the ground. They are so noisy from a distance they do sound like a train. Wind noise is so loud. Those construction trailers are big. When i lived in this house before where i live now i had a small one go thru my back yard made the whole yard turn white. Pretty scary. No warning till after it went thru.

  50. Yet another example of VA ineptitude…They can’t do anything right…and this is a HUUUGEEE example…Time to flush the VA down the toilet and turn all claims and payments over to SS and turn medical care over to Champus…

    1. @Donald Avant- Interestingly, I have yet-to-date ever to hear anyone that utilizes Champa to have any problems getting the healthcare they require, medications, and they can indeed go to any Dr. that accepts Medicare and Champa.
      I have a neighbor that’s a widowed dependent and I cannot talk reason with her about the plight of Veterans against the VA….because she assumes it’s SURELY as SMOOTH SAILING and BETTER at the VA…and she always ends that sentence with, “The VA only wants the VERY BEST for our Veterans…”

      There lies the rub. MOST USA Citizens think this as well but it could not be further from the truth. If the VA ran even 50% as smooth as Champa does, we would not have the problems we have been living with for decades+.

      The VA Pubic Affairs (spelling for emphasis) keeps spending million$ on spinning that lie to the American Public…while the VA plays Pubic Affairs. Yep, I am insinuating the VA are a bunch of dickheads.

      Why is it smooth sailing for dependents and survivors? My guess is that population is more or less too integrated within the civilian community and VA Pubic Affairs fears the cat might get out of the bag…there, I even mentioned pussy….cats. 🙂 VA Pubic Affairs at work, hardly.

      1. Hey, namnibor. You do realize, once a vampire has been “staked”, the “head must be cut off as well!”

        I’m up for a little nightly “coffin hunting”! Killing the “undead” can’t be classified as murder! Or should we wait until the “break of day”?

      2. Champa is crap here in central TX.
        Almost No one will accept it Even though they accept medicare AND the Champa folks tell us repeatedly that Everyone accepts it…it’s a fucking farse. Shit show. Lie. Just as maddening as the VA

  51. I wonder if that is part of the plan. Nothing to do with letters, rather the application (eBenefits,works in progress) that I had worked on for 10 months. It is gone and not one of the 11 people I talked to could explain or help. I doubt I will be able to gather the needed evidence in the less than two months prior to my FDC expiring. Not that I have much paperwork to go through, 7 milk cartons of records, a lot of it doctor’s notes which are not legible and the fact that the only pages missing are the are the less than a dozen or so to prove some of my claims. In 46 years nothing has really changed that much.

  52. Here’s my take on this “letter to POTUS!”

    It doesn’t matter what the “contents” of a letter to POTUS contains. Whether it’s to have him – “investigate wrongdoings in VA”, “Asking/BEGGING for help with anything” or whatever else is on our minds. Here’s my opinion!

    For example; POTUS just signed into law, by executive order, a new mandate allowing better healthcare through the Choice Program! He even stated, on video; “Veterans can use the doctor of their choice!” (paraphrasing)!

    To this I say – “It’s all BULLSHIT!”
    POTUS can sign all the executive orders he wants into law! The problem is – The fuckin’ VA refuses to follow any laws!

    Until VA employees, from “Fucktard Shulkin” on down, the AFGE and VSO’s are held accountable and responsible, (sent to prison), for their actions against veterans. Nothing will change!


    1. They Shred claims and supporting documents so they can get they Bonuses. I think it’s about time that we can Sue them on a Personal Level for such actions. That would stop them dead in their tracks.

      1. Not necessary to sue on a person to person level. And person to person is much more difficult to prove “who did it.” But not so difficult to prove it was done or that your claim was ignored. And the affect will be the same. The person circular filing will be found out and fired which is where you want to go. Plus you get your claim processed at the same time.

        Have a similar problem since 1991. Now in reconsideration at the VA General Counsel’s Office and expect a settlement soon because it is so obvious.

        Just received some forms. Because of the delay my last employer has been dead for almost 20 years. Office closed.

      1. Thanks brother.
        Wasn’t doing to good this past week. Having bad bouts with the “peripheral neuropathy” in legs, feet and arms. Can’t seem to walk correctly. My speech is even getting slurred.
        Can’t stand up for more than a few minutes at a time! Weakness and lots of Fuckin’ pain!
        Used to be able to control it with my mind. Not so much any more!
        VA, PCP, says there’s nothing they can do!

      2. @Crazy elf- I take Lyrica, 300mg a day, the max dose for my peripheral neuropathy and I bought a knockoff brand memory foam bed, which made a world of difference and even memory foam insoles for shoes. It helps as much as the Lyrica. I try not to take any pain med pills these days, so it’s doing things in the periphery to make your surroundings more accommodating or forgiving to neuropathy. Not much else they can do.
        In last year and half I dieted for my health and lost 50 LBs and quit smoking cigs 3 years ago, but have to say since I lost that weight, the skin is more concentrated with peripheral neuropathy needles and pins….not fun.

  53. Costly to many. Obama Care required veterans to use the VA. You have to deny being a veteran to sign up for assisted premium payments. And if you didn’t get signed up you didn’t get a VA verification to submit for your taxes this year meaning a penalty for not having health care insurance.

    Suggest Ben do a class action to recover the premiums and penalties for those 500,000 veterans.

  54. @Ben, The article is something that needs to be dealt with now. This describes just how, one way, administration in the VA system are harming Veterans in so many ways. This jerk who appears to be in charge, Eitutus, has his head up his ass. In the article, it says, VA officials, (no names), told staff to be creative in disposing of back log. Sounds like a back door way of telling our finest, just get rid of it anyway they could. This is a Root problem with a snow ball going downhill effect. Being that the truth of the matter within the VA is cunning and illusive, I am not sure we are hearing the whole story. Wonder if Veterans will ever get a straight answer to any of VA execs. Shulkin’s known about this for years. Funny, he never mentioned it. I have no clue as to what transparency means to this administration. God Bless the Veterans. Why do they always report, VA execs, but no names? Leaves me with a good story, without a name. Transparency? Just more cover-ups.

    1. Oh, but the article says Isakson has asked Shulkin to fix the enrollment problems so veterans don’t suffer from the agency’s mistakes.

      Gee, Isakson mustered up a lot of concern to make that statement.

      On something reported on and happening right in his own backyard.

      Since Davis has been blowing the whistle on this since 2014, what would take Isakson to finally wake the hell up and do something more than just meekly ask the Secretary pretty please?

      So the VA has been known for years to deny a first time claim knowing a huge percentage of vets, veterans will just go away and never bother those poor, overworked hacks again.

      Anyone else get the sense this is a variation of that? Try enroll, never hear back and the vet goes away or dies?

      Imagine the money wasted on sending a letter to 44,0410 veterans with wrong information because some VA hack was too stupid or lazy to double check the letter before it was sent.

      The linked article says a VA spokeshack said the letters sent were “reasonable and appropriate”, but they contained the wrong fucking request for information, so 440,410 were just screwed because they likely would have provided what the VA asked for.

      If Isakson was concerned in the slightest over this, he would be demanding to know who in upper VA management ordered other VA management not to answer questions about how to enroll veterans.

      I can’t see Isakson working up much effort over this. Pathetic rat bastard.

  55. I just cannot understand how VA employees would react if their paychecks were processed, not processed, assigned to a backlog or purged simply because VA finance lost track of the employee in the same grab-ass manner as they process claims by veterans.

    Or how fast and how far Isakson would fly off his Stairmaster after reading a letter from some crony contractor who didn’t get paid.

    I have visions of old Johnny Isakson flying across the room like he was launched from a catapult.

    Why is it these other things can be processed so fast and so accurately, yet the claims process or just simple enrollment is such an ongoing disaster?

    This cannot be anything other than intentional with political support from people who would scream bloody murder if their paycheck was a day late or a dollar short.

    1. your right. I am sure they have safety measurer’s in place to make sure that would never happen or maybe three employee’s assigned to double and triple check.

      It a whole different ball game, when it effects VA employee’s. The VA is for Employee’s, not veterans, were are a non factor. If the VA makes a mistake concerning veterans, they figure it’s just one veteran and move on. They don’t seem to know that one veterans after another ad’s up into the thousands.

      Mess with their checks and bonus’s our senators and congressman would be raising hell. When veterans need assistance they hide. no where to be seen.

      but your right.

  56. Beware Scott Davis you’re a marked man. The VA despises whistleblowers and they will make your life miserable.

      1. No I’m an ex VA employee and a whistleblower. I’ve experienced retaliation from VA management and I know firsthand what they’re capable of ….

      2. its good you cleared that up. Its good to state it as such so we don’t get the wrong impression. Please share your story of what happened and who was involved. I too am a former VA worker who had management falsely accuse me and the VA punished me as a veteran, not a VA employee.

        I am a veteran first and management did not like me, because I read and read and knew the regulations or knew where to find the information I needed.

        Retaliation, is rampart and the cause of the failure of the VA.

        Who wants to work in a place where you have to worry all the time about someone falsely reporting you or you go to them with a complaint and they use it against you.

        Pass the new law or shut the VA down. National security risk.

  57. Now it makes sense the Va told the mail they sent was undeliverable! Fucktards!

  58. The letter needs no refinement, but I am wondering about the word “veteran”. Somewhere along the line that word has become watered down to the point of being meaningless to most folks. I do not mean that hearts and goodwill in America look at veterans as meaningless persons, but perhaps they have become accustomed to an easy label? At some point eveh the label gets shortened, and reduced from what it was to just the word “vet”. At that point we apply the word “backlog” to describe a human being in need of help, but not just one human being. Backlog means “more than we can count” when used this way. Vet backlog is something that doesnt sound so aweful really – just a meaningless number too big to know for sure… and America buys it.

    Mr. President, might I suggest that in every place in the letter that the word “veteran” is used, that you insert instead the words; “worthy human being whose lives matter and have proven themselves worthy to our country., and in the place of “backlog” the phrase “and we let them down.” This suggestion is only for clarity sake.

    The phrases are a bit longer than the single words, but when I do this to the letter it takes on new meaning. It seems more important somehow and it is my opinion that a President do something important when sitting in the Big Chair.

    1. I suspect there are plenty of internal VA memos discussing this where they inserted the word, stakeholder in place of vet or veteran.

      Makes them feel better when it’s more sanitary.

      1. We Veterans would love to insert a few stakes in choice places. That would make us violently happy stakeholders simply trying to kill the big scary AFGE Union Vampire and last I knew from folklore, stakes still do the trick and when in a pinch, am pretty sure a rake would work, making we Veterans ‘rakeholders’, which sounds much better to my brain. 🙂

      2. Stakeholder is Washington buzz-speak for including the money changers. Always, always follow the money.

  59. RAT BASTARDS! Sounds as if the VA was all set for “SHREDGATE 2017”. VA and VSO Piggies, bite me!

  60. VSO’s you suck, AFGE you suck as well. Fuck off VA. Would be interesting to have statistic of how many Vets have passed on while waiting for their claim to be resolved.

    1. AGREE with ALL!
      I reply with: “Delay, Deny and Hope that I Die!”
      My claim is almost 15 yrs old.

    2. You can add my brother to the list as of yesterday. 3 yrs of paperwork, miss diagnosis due to run around, 3-4 months between each appointment and appointments changing to eye exams? Then have to reschedule? Finally sent to see a surgeon to take out his gall bladder(after diagnosing appendix, ulcers, stomach flue, intestine blockage, pancreas) that surgeon notice something else and sent him back to VA- diagnosed with lymph node cancer this past December and died yesterday. Disgraceful for any medical institute let alone one for veterans. Any other business with this many issues would have been shut down already. To anyone who can make get me in the position I am offering my personal experience and will bring a crew of people who know how to run a business to LEAN out the VA, streamline patient care, remove the bureaucracy and run it like a hospital should be run, with patients in mind.

      1. @Kris Berry: Kris, I am also very sorry for your loss. Criminal to the core is what the VA is.

      2. I am sorry for your loss. What happened is such an incredible disgrace, and shows just how many incompetent people work at the VA that could not properly diagnose him.

        I hope you consider pursuing this and filing complaints against the licenses of those who missed a diagnosis all those times.

        If VA leadership refuses to act, you might as well act for them.

    3. PENDEJOS VA ONE BIG BIG FEDERAL RICO CRIME RACKET SAME SHIT DIFFERENT DAY VA BUDGET 2017 182 BILLION $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    4. “It’s easier not to go to the VA and not get help than to go to the VA and not get help”

      I was medically retired (TDRL) out of the Army in 1994 for TBI, I spent 6 months in hospitals with the last 4 at Walter Reed.
      When I got out of the Army I went to the VA on and off for problems, but it didn’t take long to figure out that it was pointless. Within the first 10 minutes I usually got the impression that the provider I was trying to get help from was less than interested that I was in front of them.
      I moved to Tampa in 2009 and got into the Tampa VA’s TBI program. I spent 8 months in the program going 3 to 4 days a week for most of the day for rehab related appointments. The TBI doctors stated that I had a very severe TBI. I was given a 40% rating for TBI, on top of my 30% for Post Traumatic Encephalopathy (Brain Damage).
      I put in for an increase for TBI a couple years later. I was working at the VA as a Laborer, many people I met at the VA told me I should be rated a lot higher. I saw a General Medicine PA for my Comp & Pen and he stated that he wasn’t sure I had a TBI, but if I did, it must have been a very minimal one. The VA dropped my TBI rating from 40% to 0%. My doctors from the TBI program could not believe what was written by the General Medicine PA.
      I contested it, the turned me down. I thought I was appealing to the Board of Veteran’s Appeals, but I was told that my claim is dead. 6 years down the drain.

      I am now rated:
      50% for Major Depression
      10% for Thyroid problems
      0% for TBI

      1. Something new. My links that I didn’t put in quotes posted without being held up.

        I’m 70% combined. I also have records with diminishing remarks such as “not sure he has seizures” in spite of EEG records and a 1990 diagnosis of “altered state of consciousness” during a hospitalization.

      2. Ben wrote an article about how the VA was using unqualified persons to complete TBI examinations thousands and you should reapply. Get all your records military and VA, the VA seems not to look for themselves and evidence is not looked at.

        I also applied and denied and I obtained all my records from the VA, Cat scans, MRI’s and Neurologists reports confirming the TBI. I am sending this to the Secretaries office to see if they will help. I am 100% for PTSD and I have been told by a VA employee, why do you want the TBI as service connected you are already 100%.

        Why because I have one and if something should happen to me and it was related to the Brain, the VA can deny any claim from my wife. Plus I can obtain treatment for it, since its been over 40 years without treatment its permeant, damage done from lack of treatment.

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