MMQB: Veterans Take Stronger Stance on Syria Strike

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Veterans have taken a stronger stance on a Syria strike than the general public, on average. But do not be confused, the numbers still do not support a war.

Hi and welcome to today’s Monday Morning Quarterback. This is where I let my hair down and tell it like it is.

I take the morning on Monday to write about all the craziness that is military and veterans affairs (small caps).

I promised readers an answer to the following question, “What percentage of veterans support military action against Syria?” I have the answer below.

It may surprise some, and even disappoint those supporting an assault against that country.

The premise of this MMQB is based around the following question, if we do have a war, what kind of VA care will these new veterans get?

For this MMQB, I’ll be addressing VA failures. I will also talk about the hoopla surrounding our march to Syria and what veterans are saying about it.

Some of you gave me a hard time for not explaining my position, which I do below in more detail.

In summary, the hype on Syria is nothing more than a con job on the American public. They are playing to our emotion rather than logic regarding an attack that will kill others, and probably many civilians including children.

In criminal law, emotionally killing another would be manslaughter. Here, since the moment has long passed, it would be Murder in the 1st Degree.


Fixing VA: Statistics

I give up.

VA has been accused of cooking the books to include covering up health care. In response to this, I have decided this week to not bother reporting on what VA claims VA is doing. We know it is not actually doing it.

Instead, I’ll treat you to Jon Stewart’s recent Ignoring Private Ryan segment from last week.

Here, Stewart blasts VA for its treatment of veterans and the bonus structure of VA directors. Shameful. Great clip.

[Click Image to See Clip]

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On Average, Veterans Show Greater Support for Syrian War

Early tallies on veterans contacting Congress indicated relatively more veterans support a war than civilians.

But, for those supporting the war, do not be too quick to high five each other. The numbers are still lopsided with both groups severely opposing military action.

These are based on the Popvox letters sent to Congress:

  • Support          4%
  • Oppose           96%
  • Support          16%
  • Oppose           84%

Here is a summary of the situation in DC on Syria from Popvox:

Last week, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved its resolution to authorize the limited and specified use of the US Armed Forces. The resolution allows up to 90 days of military action against Syria, and due to a bipartisan amendment in committee, it allows the Administration to take steps to change the “momentum on the battlefield” to help Syrian rebels. Weigh in on the Senate’s resolution.

The Scoop from our Hill Sources: This resolution passed the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in a close 10-7 vote, and the Obama Administration will be pushing Senators to support it before this week’s vote. It’s not yet clear if the Senate can pass the resolution given scant public support for a new military campaign, even one that the Administration says would be very limited and would not involve ground troops. Meanwhile, House leaders have indicated they would let the Senate act first, and might consider Syria language later in the month. There’s also a chance the House doesn’t vote at all, particularly if the Senate fails to pass its language.

Last week, I put up a widget that allows readers to contact Congress directly on specific topics. Popvox let us use their software and they also agree to deliver our emails directly to elected officials.

This is huge for individual writers and bloggers since programs like this cost a lot. Traditionally, they have only been available to big veteran organizations and think tanks. Now, readers of blogs like mine can contact their elected officials in a direct and effective way.

Large, bloated organizations are no longer required.


My Take on Syria: It’s a Con Job

The position of the media, the White House, and the Chicken Hawks has shifted so radically over the past weeks that the call to arms is not credible.

In fact, the Chicken Hawk approach is now bordering on lunacy.

It reminds me of our call to arms against Iraq some 10 years ago. Perhaps those in support of the war hoped we forgot. “Yellow cake, yellow cake, let me in.”

I recall the warmongers then saying the yellow cake all traveled into Syria. Or, perhaps there just was no WMD program in Iraq after we destroyed it.

Personally, I think the Syria invasion is a bad idea based on the variation of the argument.

Across the web, you see the White House making the same emotional argument in support of the war that we did for Iraq.

Here is a listing of some of their positions linked to the actual articles. The terms above each link briefly explain the logical flaw within their reasoning:

Incompetence (but this could be true)

Shopping for an Excuse

The Liar

Plea to Fear

Appeal to Pride

Appeal to Reason without Facts

Solution plus Loopholes

Here is my personal favorite:

Our Best Hope


Speak Out: Contact Congress now about Syria

If you have a position on Syria, and I hope you do, please send Congress a letter here. Popvox will ensure it gets delivered to your elected officials while they debate the issues.

Be sure to confirm that you are who you say you are when they send you a confirmation email. Otherwise they cannot deliver your letter.

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