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More Than 50 Percent of Veterans Surveyed Did Not Receive Monthly Pay In Time For February

For the third year in a row, a significant number of veterans reported not receiving timely payment of their BAH in February 2020 resulting in hardship.

We ran a survey after numerous members in our Facebook group called Disabled Veterans – Chapter 31 Voc Rehab reported not receiving their BAH payment for February 2020. Those unfamiliar with this payment should note its a substantial payment many veterans rely on to cover things like rent and food while in college under VA Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment (aka VR&E, Voc Rehab, etc).

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The nonscientific survey found that 184 veterans did not timely receive their BAH payment. Another 144 veterans answered that they did receive payment. Those who did not receive the money promised from VA reported numerous hardships including difficulty paying for rent and food.

This problem is not new. In 2018, the Washington Post reported over 10,000 veterans did not receive monies they were due while using Voc Rehab. Many veterans reported the same problem last year. And, this year, many more veterans reported the same historic problem.

A computer glitch within the federal government somewhere is at the root of the problem according to insiders. VA was supposed to implement new systems fully last year but delays inside the system when implementing other software programs have impacted disabled veterans seeking vocational rehabilitation benefits.

I started the survey almost three weeks ago. Some veterans still report not receiving the benefits they are entitled to while in a program of vocational training.

BAH Failure Testimonies

Veterans opting to state their concerns publicly reported the following:

Dan Owen: “I failed a quiz because I have been shoveling dog shit at a kennel to make money, instead of studying… my hands hurt badly from the work and I can barely handle my lab equipment when in class. Try doing an acid test on a specimen after shoveling for 4 hours straight Mr. Streitberger! Pay me so I can graduate and get out of this forsaken program…”

Joshua Sooklal: Unfortunately I have not been paid and it has extremely affected my ability to concentrate and I have been on a constant state of anxiety due to it. Please, do not aggravate my service connected disability with your inability to get this program in order.

Tyler Wagner: This has been the most exhausting week trying to figure out where my bah is. Also it is pretty sad that when we contact our vrc who is to be our guide through this program we are met with hostility and talked to like we are stupid I had high hopes for my vrc and was very optimistic but feel like after talking to her twice that I would rather talk to a wall then my vrc if you can’t fix the problems with the program then fix the people who are the face of voc rehab I’ve met many veterans who have had bad experiences with voc rehab and very few that have had a positive experience.

The agency’s continued problem processing monthly payments to veterans in training is almost looking suspicious after three straight years of problems with computer system automated payments each February.

Will anyone be held responsible? I think if Andy McCabe is any example, it’s safe to say now one will be held responsible for the underlying error – – at least not in the normal way.

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  1. Notice in the last few days of VA failures contributing to suicide and veterans getting locked up. Article out of Teaxas on how VA is breaking federal prescribing laws and veterans having side effects go to jail than va washes there hands clean of veterans as the state picks up the tab!

  2. Here’s another possible scandal in the making;

  3. Here’s another current screw-up that’s not hitting the airwaves;

    Spread this around as well!

  4. Everyone needs to spread this all over the internet:

    Expose the VA to sunlight!

  5. Ben, is there ever just one minute of one hour of one single day of when the federal government is not trying to shit on the American citizens? Particularly the VA in regards to the veterans?
    I am sure they would love to express hate words to me. But you know what, Ben, their actions have already accomplished this ten times over.
    They do not have to say it today. They have already fulfilled their goal of hate and discontent. This is who they are.
    I guess Ben your meeting must not have had any impact whatsoever except to determine that one can have a beer with Director Steinberger. Just seeing about myself and updating to do lists. I hope the VA types are loving life.

  6. BAH payment! They cut me off in December 2019 and they forgot to add my wife to my dependents list. We got married over three years ago and they still have not did anything about. Also, they sent me a form to fill out about the position I secured back in December. Told me they were putting me out of the program, because I failed to keep up with the job search. This was after an email was sent to the supposed counselor third week in December. I have never talked to this guys, only way to communicate was through email only. It is crazy how they do Veterans. Do not have enough room to tell the full ordeal. @VAshafts!!

  7. My denial of Cancer treatment at Syracuse’s VA Hosp. I STARTED GOING TO THE HOSPITAL 7 YEARS AGO. My wife was sure I z had skin can or. The first 3 years I was saw by a foriegn do tor so far he couldn’t closely examine me. Said I was getting old and had normal skin blemishes for my age. After that they started taking fhotos at my Watertown VA clinic which again came back negative. I gave up but at my wife’s insistence we t to a cancer clinic where I was properly examined and sample skin examples taken and sent to the lab. The next day I was called and scheduled for my first cancer removal, samples taken to insure complete removal, new samples taken and surgery scheduled again I’m now returning e very 180 days to insure the cancer has not returned. Am 1 year cancer free now.

  8. People please go into the office of your counselor and ask for a, Hardship Loan!!
    This too is a good part of the program and they, refuse to inform you of at the being of your intake, into the system!!
    It can be used to pay for rent, etc, car repairs, babysitting, and keeping the cotten picking lights on in your pup tent.
    You will be able to make arrangements for repayment of the emergency loan and the amount you want taken from your monthly compensation check.
    I am so sorry for your loss of income and the hardships that it has caused you and your family members.

    1. I disagree. Sure continue to attach people to loans to have them beholden. VA needs to do it’s job.

      1. I want everyone to read this;

    2. Not to be rude Mr. Moore, told my counselor about the hardships I was enduring. He told me to find a local pantry. That he was doing all that he could to help me.

  9. In 1975 my Ed checks didn’t come. Complained. And then got notice of overpayment. 8 years later the Director of Education was found to have committed fraud in other areas.

    Ben, your new blogosphere sucks. No further comment because its so slow.

    1. *”https://www.military.com/daily-news/2020/02/20/granting-va-disability-claims-remote-questionnaire-led-fraud-report-shows.html”*

  10. My experience with Voc Rehab has been so stressful that my disability rating went from 60 percent to 100 percent. I’m now told I am in an evaluation period to determine if I can continue. I have been told I would get a computer for doing homework and the only thing I got was a monitor cable. I badly want to complete at least a master’s so that I can teach at a college level. My counselor keeps changing the rules. It feels like gaslighting and has driven my anxiety to a whole new level.

  11. Seems the VA is going to make it appear that they are ‘trying’ to support the veteran community, however they are proving to be as deficient and underhanded as ever before. To my surprise (and after reading Senator Johnson’s Investigation report on the Tomah VA), I was amazed that the NP was still practicing in WI and the ‘candy man’ was still working at the Tomah VA medical center. Hoping the docs there were going to be good, two C&P exams later and magically they report that my TBIs ‘went away’ and my PTSD is no more???

    To add insult to injury, just getting replacement parts for my CPAP (prescribed by the VA) has proven to be almost impossible because, as their sleep study department states: “We can’t see what other VA’s are doing or have done” and when I questioned it, was told “take it up with management”.

    The moral of the story? It doesn’t matter the location, hoping the professionals are going to assess with any level of ethics is setting oneself up for disappointment and lots of anxiety! It doesn’t surprise me that the VA is asking for $243 billion for their annual budget, how else are they going to make even larger bonuses off of the blood of veterans?

    1. Sky.., check out Second Wind CPAP online. They’ll get you parts at a very reasonable price. I messed up my water tray and decided breathing was more important than the brain damage and waiting. The lower the expectations, the lesser the frustration and anger. I now make a point of telling young people why the should not serve.

    2. Here’s a current “Fraud, Waste and Abuse” scenario performed by VA employees!

      Copy it and spread it around all over the internet.
      Expose the corruption! That’s the only way to show what the VA is really like!

    3. David Houlihan lost his license more than two years ago and has not worked at the Tomah VAMC since that time.

    1. Yes his famous words. He might just get surprised one of these times. Trump administration just might cut it off. Close the agency entirely. 👍🇺🇸🗽I hate to say it.
      This agency today is not like it was 20+ years ago.

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