Speaker Nancy Pelosi Veterans Roundtable

Pelosi Veterans Roundtable Addresses Concerns Of Advocacy Community

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi held her semi-annual veterans roundtable with various groups to address shortcomings in congressional support yesterday.

Each year, Speaker Pelosi holds a roundtable with Democrats on the House Committee on Veterans Affairs. The goal of the roundtable is two-fold: 1) veteran organizations have an opportunity to address their concerns with senior lawmakers; and, 2) senior lawmakers have the chance to explain what help they need to pass certain laws in the future.

The give and take were explicitly addressed by Speaker Pelosi at the midway point of the conference.

After a few organizations addressed the needs of certain select groups of veterans within the population, the Speaker highlighted one of the stumbling blocks.

She carefully explained the relationship between defense funding, which includes funding for veterans, and the need for veteran organizations to apply more pressure on lawmakers to support increased defense spending.

More on that in a second.

My overall perspective was that the roundtable has a lot of value because it gives smaller veterans organizations a chance to voice their concerns directly to the Speaker of the House. Regardless of political affiliation, veterans are well served when more voices are allowed in the room beyond The Big Six veteran organizations.

As far as I know, Republican members do not hold a similar event. I am not sure why, but roundtables like this, especially since the VA is not allowed to participate, is positive.

Breakdown Of Spending

Paraphrasing, the Speaker explained one-third of overall defense spending includes funding for veterans issues. If veteran organizations do not get onboard with increasing certain elements of defense spending, the overall spending for veterans issues is truncated.

This concept is illustrated by USA Facts.

Their website demonstrates the split out of spending by the mission. Veterans’ spending is included within Common Defense, which is divided into three categories: 1) National Defense and Support for Veterans; 2) Foreign Affairs and Foreign Aid; and, 3) Immigration and Border Security.

Sometimes, funding that appears allocated solely for defense spending may impact veterans. For example, DOD funds are sometimes used for joint projects like digitization of joint recordkeeping systems.

My point here that Speaker Pelosi tried to drive home was that veteran organizations need to pay more attention to funding bills that indirectly impact veterans issues.

I am sure I butchered the explanation, but I think you get the gist of it.

That aside, the room addressed concerns over the Mission Act, deleterious support for veterans who are suicidal, and firearm possession by distraught veterans – – to name a few.

Who I Went With

Paul Sullivan Benjamin Krause Carol Scott Thomas Bandzul
From left to right: Paul Sullivan, Benjamin Krause, Carol Scott, and Thomas Bandzul.

My friend Thomas Bandzul, counsel for Veterans and Military Families for Progress, invited me to attend. At the event, we caught up with Carol Scott of the Federal Bar Association and Paul Sullivan, co-founder of Veterans for Common Sense.

Carol is a dear friend whose legal focus has been expanding the rights of veterans who are Native American.

Some of you may recall that I got my start on Capitol Hill with Veterans for Common Sense back in 2012, and Paul and Thomas were the first people I met at my first House Committee hearing.

That was my first time rubbing elbows with decisionmakers and stakeholders on the Hill. That year, 2012, VCS lost its multi-year lawsuit against the agency for failing to provide timely care to veterans suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder.

Michael McLaughlin
Benjamin Krause, Michael McLaughlin

After the meeting, I caught up with Michael McLaughlin, the legislative committee head of National Association of County Veteran Service Officers – – a fellow Minnesotan.

McLaughlin works as a county veteran service officer for Blue Earth County, in Minnesota.

Next Steps

On a personal note, I hope to spend more time on the Hill moving forward. For the past few years, my family has been on a bit of a rollercoaster after the death of my daughter’s mom, Amie Muller, and two additions to my own family.

My friend Carol Scott talked about problems in “Indian Country” with Native American veterans struggling to access help getting benefits. Apparently, VA created a set of roadblocks for certifying Tribal Veteran Service Officers.

Native American veterans experience higher rates of disability, and VA continues to fail in providing culturally competent mental health care and resources to veterans on tribal lands. While there, we happened to run into Jefferson Keel, president of the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI), while eating lunch.

I took it as a sign.

That aside, I plan to build out a nonprofit supporting veterans’ economic opportunity through advancing our rights in the Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment program.

Since that program enjoys a major focus of my professional work as an attorney, it stands to reason for the development of a nonprofit for the purpose of advancing veteran-friendly policies makes sense.

There you have it. I’m too tired to get deep on any of the issues, but I am curious about your thoughts based on what I listed out above.

Chris Neiweem

Moving forward, my buddy Chris Neiweem offered to put me up whenever I come to town, making trips like this one more economical.

Some of you may recognize Chris from his periodic appearances on Fox News battling Democrat pundits on issues of national security and veterans policy.

Chris is formerly with IAVA and exposed his own scandals related to veterans benefits and health care.

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  1. Something missing from the round table discussion:

    Note: combat vets are not the only vets exposed to blast wave concussions folks…

    “Combat personnel with brain injuries pinpoints abnormal brain waves: Finding could help target brain-stimulation therapies — ScienceDaily”

  2. This is good to know. What will be the outcome of the issues discussed? You mentioned that it was a roundtable discussion. Don’t people just talk, or is that where you decide what amendments and new laws should be proposed? (because I’ve never been to a roundtable discussion). Veterans are taking their lives out here and the fact that they are doing it on VA grounds; screams volumes. And I for one need reasonable accommendations because of my PTSD which are not being addressed and that to me is not reasonable at all. ( no offence)

  3. when i see Nancy i just feel like shooting myself in the head. shes out to kill veterans , she shouldn’t be near vets.

  4. VA advocates, nurses, and VSO’s can’t do anything. Close down all VA hospitals and Clinivs and watch thousands of Veterans saved from death traps. Put us not onto Tricare but Blue Cross and Blue shield. Why can’t I see a doctor like my neighbors can. Why? why? why? They want me dead, DUH! As a prior nurse Duh!

  5. The only real solution is to close down all VA Hospitals, Clinics, and Anything to do with healthcare. Make it 100% Administration only. Get back logs processed. As a prior nurse at VA buying my own medical gear and gloves plus patients food. Put all Veteran’s onto Blue Cross and Blue shield insurance not Tricare. Have us see real doctors across my street with 5 minute drive like a human being or my neighborhood. Having special care at VA abusing us, is genocide. No doubt about it. Ask any suicidal Veteran what he or she needs. Private care non Tricare or Medicare. Duh plain as day! As a prior nurse every non medical person want their hands in the cookie jar. While 300k Veterans die. More than all the wars combined losses throughout American history. What a damn shame and those losses continue this day at each VA medical anything. Issue isn’t the VA or Congress. The issue is too many hands involved. Their is two people in my private care setting. The doctor and the insurance company. How many entities exist at my local VA. Thousands thousands of entities that do nothing but abuse and neglect while not the intention. As a lawyer you know how rumors start. Information or orders sent by Congress go through thousands of hands of not a million. Laws made 40 years ago that are just being out into effect today at the VA. NO JOKE. Give the states authority over all medical clinics and VA hospitals given to states and solve your student shootings, and mental criminal acts by forming national mental illness clinics and hospitals from the VA structures. Easy as a piece of cake to me. Yet you and others grind away at a diamond. How far have you gone. What has changed. Zero. As prior VA nurse it’s no ones fault but the idea of having Veterans Affairs hospitals was the dumbest of all time. recent reports and research say 78% of Veterans seek private care, that also 25% of the VA budget is spent on civilian care! What waste of funds that employees from the VA set their family to be seen and homeless non Veteran’s population take our care away. We saw plenty of civilians non Veterans at the VA not being turned away. Yet Veterans themselves have less protection that they were turned away. A civilian has more authority at any VA than us Veterans. They sue we can’t! Each day VA is seeing more of the civilian population than ever before. Close down all the VA structures like clinics and hospitals today! If not your grinding away at a diamond sir. No win situation. Each Veteran life you save, 100 others die. If this was a civilian Wal-Mart or hospital. VA would be claiming bankruptcy the forst 39 seconds as research indicated. WHY can’t Veterans seek non Champ VA, Non Tricare care, and non VA care? Fraud plain and simple sir. Chipping at a diamond made of diamond. Nothing hurts a diamond! You may get 2 atoms from the diamond to become released. 99.9 of that diamond is still intact. Thousands die per week currently. No system in place unless ours brains are sprayed onto the indoor walls of a VA center. Spraying of brains from Veterans into the walls of the VA is happening now. Simple most simple idea about closing down 1 VA center sparks anonymity as never seen before such as the concentration camp talk within Hitlers circle. Why close them down you ask? How horrible of a view. More died at the VA hands than all the wars combined. Yet we talk about VA reform as Hitler talked about concentration camps reform. No such thing. Both trying to restructure a diamond beyond physical laws of nature. They need to be torn down ASAP. Not fixed with tape and money tossed at it like a stripper in heat. What’s so wrong at saving trillions of dollars by allowing us Blue cross and blue shield coverage for 1% of the cost than seeing my VA doctor? Answer me this why an Average VA patient costs is 10X the private sector cost with one VA doctor appointment? Why do VA hospitals cost 10x the normal costs than a Mayo hospital? Duh Plain as day yet 99% of us here don’t see it is amazing and death tells will become worse and suicides. 100% initiative in 2019 to become opiate free will cause 100% spike in suicides as planned by the VA leadership. Save money, go die. Directors stripper money and 1500 meals become doubled the cost for them per Veteran suicide. Each suicide is viewed as A directors cruise ship funding for his or her family. Each director fired received millions and new home to transfer them to another VA hospital knowing if they do criminal actions. They will receive another free home and a cool million for transfering them. Duh plain as day. Close down 100% all VA hospitals and you’ll save 1,000’s of Veteran’s lives and trillions of dollars. duh!

  6. Heh heh. Following. Test. Guess I upset the WordPress folks again. Not getting the comment updates, pc not handshaking with WP, probably they same ones who destroyed my WP site, page. Got to many other needed malfunctions or Gremlin’s to deal with around my “compound.” We don’t have homes any longer.

    Got too many chores to try and get done instead of playing puter games. Gotta keep the fascist and code thugs off my back while TV shows the VSOs with Memorial Day coming up how free we are and how everything is perfect to Human Rights freaks claiming to be out to help anyone with issues or having their basic rights violated. Did Pelosi’s round table knights bring any of those issues up or of the lost cause of Whistle-blower protections being a joke?

    Were suicides and covering them all up mentioned???

    What about any VA corruption, no cyber security safety when it comes to health matters/records, or matters of our representatives and their staff claiming to not knowing of any VA complaints in some states, nor of any suicide issues, or why the reps refuse to speak to us, can’t get past their staff, or why none of them reach out to us, or in return? Or why Congress critters, senators go out after complaints to do photo-ops with those doing the damages and dealing out corruption and attacks?

    Anything about the long arm of the VA and corrupt unions being supported and protected by civilian health care professionals and all the pukes in local governments, colleges, and media and unions??? Nah, doubt it.

    Wondering was the entire meeting videoed and up for public review some where??

    Of respect, common courtesies, demanded honorable mentions and salutations. Am I not giving proper respect and the reasons why I am not given attention or aid? Hmm. I am not the only one in this position, suffering a tad, or completely fed up over the years or generations. If their sick egos and pathologies demand I bow while still being attacked and ignored… hang it up, not getting it. Show some, get some, instead of treating us like door-mats, peasants and tax serfs with zero rights or freedoms. Especially in controlled college towns like mine who just lovvve Pelosi and her side of thinking or wishes.

    It’s the same at the bottom locally and at the top with those at the top in power offices protecting the corrupt clowns on-down the ladder of USA living. If none, NONE, of them can get past their bruised ego and high expectation to understand what we deal with as they fly in their luxury jets and party down, tough. It shows along with the gold braided flags what they are all about, the caliber of people we deal with. And that they are NOT true professionals by any definition.

    Over many years I like others have shown nothing but respect, courtesy, great tolerance, patience, over-looked a great deal of things, etc., to others, for the local corrupt trash councils et al, and the many clowns and scum at the VA, full circle locally, to those “at the top.” Never a complaint about being a bad or argumentative patient (ever, VA or not) until the end at the VA and their ilk trying to push buttons, threaten, told about flagging, or not being compliant if refusing head meds for chronic pain issues… again and again. Yes, Dennis and many others are still stuck in my mind today. Not forgetting them like those at the “top” do so easily. Or why the censoring issues are, or should be top priorities like truth and ethics but are not.

    All those professionals and healthy people out there and can’t find a free speech un-censored forum with useful or needed sub sections and such? Pee-lousy and the VSOs and others definitely know of the censoring and banning issues. They can all network to attack folks but not to help or unite vets and those under attack?? I can dig-it. People for their own safety and life concerns can’t rock the boats too much and to preserve their own agendas, family, and make a living. But doing the same over and over again, staying on and within the same ol’ well traveled paths and roads will not change things or expose much just like the VSOs, in DC, and all those protecting their own do. While pushing their Kool-Aid and propaganda on us peasants and sheep.

    Out of town grass cutter appeared. must run. Great living behind enemy lines surrounded by approx., a hundred and sixty thousand enemies, corrupted, cut-throats, college kiddies, cowards, commies, and such. Give or take fifty thousand or so. Thank you Jesus, and DC…. just love the odds.

  7. This has nothing even close to king Arthur’s round table. Lets call it for what it really is. Pelosi’s circle jerks.

  8. Ben, I’m late to come to this today. VCS may have lost their lawsuit but there is a case that won in a tort battle including an award to the wife for failure to provide PTSD treatment in a timely fashion. As far as I know the VA didn’t appeal.

    Did you get my email re: proof that the Chief of Psychiatry at the Black Hills VA Medical Facilities is avoiding appointments on consult by faking making scheduling calls? I attached my phone bill which records both incoming and outgoing phone calls. None were received from Black Hills VAMF. I made two calls to them and that is all of the calls recorded on the bill. I reported the incident to VA OIG with a copy of my phone record.

  9. Rosie, you are welcome.
    OM… right on and true.


    No kudos or clapping from me when it comes to Pelosi and ‘must pass bills into law before reading them” crap. And much more. She is just another theater actress and throwing a monkey wrench in the gears of Vet concerns and this country, or of our big C rights and freedoms. Hack hack.

    Now to the VSOs and all the various other groups out there. They may all be expressing their concerns but dismissing our real life death, suffering, censoring, being attacked (VA retaliation, identity politics, no representation, union and other activist, etc.) concerns. They don’t even want to listen to some of our issues or grievances so how the hell can they relay much truth or reality on to those others “at the top” who ALSO do not want to bother with our grievances or issues? That is why going to meetings or councils or thinking you’ll find someone who is awake, truly concerned or knowledgeable about some realities is a waste of time. And surely they all know of this blog and the many issues expressed out here. Not one group or clown in that theater has the ovaries or gonads or concern to ask what the hell is going on out there or in some locations. Crickets.

    Pelosi also brought up nothing new about budgets and the stupid whine about needing more defense and war time budgets. More? Are you kidding me with the stuff they have today and all those secretive black budgets plus the billions of dollars just lost with no accountability over many many years? We know what agencies keep wanting to combine everything instead of separating budgets like military pay, VA, or so-called corporate war machine budgets or money for installing puppet governments world-wide using CIA economic hit men, etc. Oh no, mess with one screw the other… nice trap they have us all in. Bring on the emotional aspects and knee-jerk responses. Soviet/globalist/fascist/tyrant style. And they all up there have their dirty little noses and powers over our health care among other outsider influences. Divide those categories. Nope, gotta confuse to control and create division.

    Indian affairs and “VCS lost its multi-year lawsuit” of course they did and meetings or gatherings like this one with Pelosi as the mouth piece is going to “progress?” They all love ‘road-blocks’ and theater, little real action, no serious issues allowed, no negatives or truth wanted. I better stop.

    Benjamin. Here the change in voice. lol. Good work as usual rubbing those shoulders, and with Voc Rehab issues. However. Isn’t there more than enough “employment programs” to go around? Everybody and his brother are doing such things and creating such programs. It is in part what I have been constantly told are the main agendas of many groups, the VSO’s, outreacher’s, or vets doing such apprenticeships, training and hiring, etc. It’s either their focus or agendas being on the hungry, getting clothes, shoes, boots, side issues of animal rights, homeless vets, assisting with paper-work, education, where all the branche’s group’s club rooms are, getting set-up for a variety of things. Where the not so free free clinic is at too. Yet ignoring many other very serious issues like corruption, VA crap, censoring, blah blah. Catch my drift? Not putting you down it just seems to me so cliche town to town, global community to global community with big splashes of PR and reporting how great and caring they are all out there. While destroying, totally censoring to allowed to attack anyone who dares question things or dares to bring up issues no-one wants to hear or deal with. Or knows how to deal with, or wants to.

    We NEED the possibles of open communication and info that we don’t have or many of us have lost due to politics and social media activism. WE are losing/lost communication and info resources daily and the VSOs, those in DC, media, academia, or locals seem to care but support it all. If that group of clowns and actors up there knew what some of us are going through or dealing with they wouldn’t be smiling and claiming to want ‘want to know’ or opinions when they should have more than enough common sense and knowledge to know well what is going on … in truth, full circle.

    “Advancing veteran-friendly policies.” Hope your ideas can help those in your area or state. There are too many out there that are nothing about “friendly” or of any policies or laws for that matter.

    Make me king and foreign aid would cease, lobbying too, the U.N. would be out, no perpetual wars, no interfering in foreign affairs, and billions spent on illegals would end and go fully toward vet care, and post mil service deprogramming and re-entering civilian life health/life services. We’d have a meet and greet with those UFO aliens, expose Majic too. Oh, and all those secret budgets would be made transparent. End the Fed Reserve… Ooops, Kennedy got shot thinking of such things.

    1. T, yes, I agree with you across the board. Yep, the Federal Reserve needs to be abolished. Best.

  10. Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi is about destroying everyone and anyone who does not agree with her. She wants to destroy the country except behind her mansion wall. Best.

    1. Yes, Crystal, she is a detestable human being. She stands for power and greed. That is it.

      1. @Angela (and sort of @Crystal),

        Shame on you. I thought better of you. We disagree about the “hows” of a lot of things, but I thought you at least understood that the “judgement game” is just a bullshit dodge.

        If I were to write: “Trump is a sleaze-ball rat-fuck Fascist cock-sucking boy-whore!!! Putin’s butt-boy.”

        You would shit your panties jumping all over me.

        And yet he…admits to grabbing women by the pussy. He has had numerous affairs (you guys are the one’s who play the “Family Values” song, after all), he never met a dictator he didn’t like. He paid at least two women to be his long-term sex partners. I got nothing for the cock-sucking, but it’s a rude thing to say, so there’s that.

        And here’s the point of “all that”: who cares? What does that have to do with public service? And piss on “Campaign Finance Violations”—I so do not care that President Trump is inept at corruption in the public sector. I don’t care about his private life, at all. I just do not. He’s no more or less venal than any of us.

        You don’t like Speaker Pelosi. Groovy. But let’s stay on-mission, OK? Let’s not call people we have no personal knowledge of ugly, hateful names. It divides us. If you want to persuade me that de-regulation is mostly a good thing, don’t create a divide between us based on things that have nothing to do with policy.

        President Trump is determined to make an opening to Russia—and in specific, to President Putin. There are lots of ways to look at that. One, is to call it Nixonian in the very best sense—he is pushing us where we need to go, whether we want to believe it or not, because he has a clearer view. Another is to see it as a product of his political naivete and his inability to disassociate his personal business interests from the interest of the country.

        If it’s more the first than the second, he’s a great statesman. If more the second than the first, he’s not fit for office (because he’s too much business man and too little statesman).

        My point is that just because you see Speaker Pelosi’s policies as one thing, doesn’t make them that—nor does it mean they aren’t. But if we argue the thing out, we both come away knowing more. If we’re just going to spew hate—well, I’ve had enough of that.

  11. Spar can someone explain to. Me why the VA before sometime in 2018 can’t tell me who accessed my medical records . They said it wasn’t marked sensitive till sometime in 2018. So my understanding is any employee can just access your records without being logged sounds like horse shit to me.

    1. @ Jy

      They cannot. However….(you knew that was coming, right?)…

      Just like when we were in the military, the rules are flexible the higher the pay grade. When the OC orders the Private soldier to show them the file and erase the log, the file gets shown and the log erased. Nothing new there.

      I believe Mr. Krause has resources for you to send in Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) requests and letters requesting your file that make it REALLY tough for the VA to “misunderstand” your request. Check out those.

      The VA’s staff, just like Command Staff, can write you up for whatever they want. They can also put negative comments in your fitness report, and like Command, have the last word. They are subject to the law, just like the UCMJ gives you certain rights, but they use administrative procedures to do their dirty work, just like Command did.

      Same game, Jy, different players. Ultimately, under a new Administration (due to the lateness of the hour), the rules will be changed to permit us to see the reports and to challenge them. But right now, the VA has figured out a way to retaliate and be nasty without having to stand up and say it out loud.

      Same shit, different day.

      1. Steven. You seem like a smart guy and know some games well enough, but why play the two party poli-ticks when both sides are guilty as hell of about everything. Oh and I live in a multiple college filled globalist college town ruled by nothing but corporations, unions, Dems, activist, hard censoring for well over twenty years, etc. So enough poly-ticking from me on that point. They all suck and none want involved to create real change or to expose any of the evils that be. Don’t see anyone on that panel coming out here asking .. what’s up?

        As for records and files .. true enough. Without our freedoms of speech, real news, both parties and including VSOs and others playing fascist and tyrants dashing every attempt to group-up or network with other attacked or harmed vets. The ability to record in areas to protect ourselves or have our own evidence over some issue that is not allowed we are in deep shit, military or civilian. ALL those (long list) in positions to jack with our records do so with high and mighty support, and to protect some from being fired or a team of them. Again across the two tyrants of the two ruling parties none are innocent, including media. Oops Russia made me do it. Eyes better be on our borders and in the Mid-East and dumping everything about them or from them, or our going to them.

        “Commands” help cover-up issues of black marketing and other wrongs in the military and beyond limits to help some injured playing MMA or during sports to get purple hearts. Which is about as sick and ignorant as some politician or leader claiming when minutes are shut off claiming teaching English for two years in a third world country full of children sex slaves, in the “Peace Corp” is akin to combat status. And those kinds have controls of our records, sit in high offices, as well as many other things like aiding the VA with their retaliation.

        FOIAs like most things only work where some may still have some Constitution, due process, real journalist, recognition, or at least a half-assed representative, or support to lean on. When entire states (both parties/all agencies) play the cover-up and attack game, to jacking with or refusing to release info or our med records … it’s a real show stopper and should be waking people up, not to divide camps. Nope, to get along they all have to play along and not rock any boats or aid a target of so many enemies, cheats, liars or the corrupt. They all have a role to play and it’s against working or not working and following the trendy herd or not fitting in. And like the medical records thingies going global like Epic patient global sharing to keep track of us all over our care, who is allowed to suffer and die to who’s shots or vaccines are up to their demands and so on. With other segments of the population still immune from prosecutions and exempt from globalist/tyrannical orders. Being good little serfs/pawns apart from us the targets and the expendables. This country and our care/info/rights/freedoms are neck deep in crap. There is no excusing any of those clowns and their theaters at all top to bottom, bottom up. Good day.

  12. As an “Option” for Dental for those NOT at 100%.

    MetLife @ 1-888-310-1681 offers Veterans Dental Coverage for $27.30 a month.

    Not “Promoting!” Just saying…

    Until things change.

    Hint: No annual contract.

    Take care of your teeth! They can be the cause of many other issues!


  13. I think Foreign Aid Monies should be given to help Vets especially in their “V.A.Med.Centers.”
    My Problem is “how to get my”V.A.Med.Center” to approve my using outside Non-V.A.Clinics and outside Dentists.
    Can anyone answer my questions??
    *Pete Perez, age 73*Diabetic&Disabled War-Nam Vet,with Prostate Cancer and only usable teeth & Crowns and 3 Implants only on the Left Side of my Mouth.
    It’ tookV.A Dentists over 2 years just to put three Implants on the Left Sifde of my mouth.*Semper FI*Houston,Texas*

    1. No, Mr. Perez, none of us can help you with that.

      Congress gives a fraudulent corporation “responsibility” for providing that service; that corporation defrauds both veterans and all tax-payers, few of whom even care enough to notice. Then Congress renews the same fraudulent corporation again year after year.

      Campaign cash apparently gets passed around from the defrauding, so they all live happily ever after. Most veterans apparently do not even notice.

    2. Mr. Perez,
      I’m still trying to figure that one out myself. My last PCP sent me to a civilian hospital via ambulance. Whereas the VA would have been responsible for all “billing”! But, did the VA pay anything – not one dime!
      Thank God I have Medicare!

      1. Crazy Elf, you could have taken it to a Service Officer for them to battle it out. With a Service Officer, VA more than likely would have eventually paid. Happened to me years ago. Best.

  14. The short of it all may well prove to be very long.

    Liberals, like GOPers, forcing veterans to endorse grotesque imperialism before getting disability compensation and healthcare is typical liberal BS.

    It is time to entirely replace the entire game.

    We cannot tolerate their continual war against the US Constitution any longer!

    1. Funny, I don’t remember endorsing “grotesque imperialism” before getting my disability compensation. I’ll have to go back and read the fine print on my application form…..

      1. Sorry, I cannot read the article for you; nor can I educate you in US history, particlularly post WW II history.

  15. @ Oldmarine Insightful read. Here’s another thing that may not be as well known as it should be. At the 3:15 minute mark, you hear how McKinney had to sign a pledge to support AIPAC in order to receive campaign funds from AIPAC to remain in her position.

    Begins at 3:15 minute mark: “https://youtu.be/w_VNOk7Wv5A?t=195”

    Full interview: “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJzO6EihCC4”

    “…the Israeli Lobby owns both the Congress and the Senate and how AIPAC and the ADL took her out.”

    So, while Israel may not exactly be the dictator who runs the U.S., there is little doubt about Israel’s influence.

    I have always wondered how countries with such tiny land mass could become so powerful as to be major world powers.

    1. I’ve seen the vid when it first came out.
      “So, while Israel may not exactly be the dictator who runs the U.S.”
      OOOOOO but they are, After years of going down plenty of rabbit hole’s, That’s my conclusion
      and it took years to get it thru my thick scull
      I could give you plenty of proof, Just tell me where to send it…..And T can match mine…LOL

      1. That is the huge reason why no-one, no media, no lawyers, no poly-tick-tians will come to my land to help people or… me especially. Why those with majors to Phds can get by at the VA telling us not to question their ways, tactics, March for Women’s rights demands and other activist activities brought into a health care workplace instead of leaving it all at the door or home. No, many of them and more have those special privileges and allowances well above us low life’s who won’t bow.

        Who takes, forced, to take trips over-seas to meet the masters from staff and Congress which is openly known. Who they openly stood up and pledged allegiance, loyalties to on TV and C-span short cuts.

        Wait till they, anyone, is told who not to bother with such things like small claims court issues.. in chambers with no chance of recording incidents, or federal briefs and all evidence for a court case just disappears (only one in a move to a new office building) and high courts and others just think it’s okay and others can get by with murder to gross professional mis-conduct all over including the VA, civy hospitals, courts, etc. Get warnings to ignored at meetings, city hall parking lots, when minutes of meetings are shut off, have activist in front of your home… following. Witnesses run off and hide. Great fun. Plus being ran off from civy health care and tons of games being played just like the VA did and does. AND connecting all those dots finally connect to certain secret clubs and cliques. Or trying to participate in some meeting or file any grievance over corruption to pedophilia issues, to loss of rights is lost and laughed about. Why anything negative is mentioned about a state or corruption locals and cliques point their fingers at me, and the herd and agents, and unions, come to burn you out while claiming no unions or company personnel are at your house. ???? Like many tell me I should write a book, a novel. Guess I am the only one who dares speak negative about our college town led by nepotism, Marxist rule, don’t dare “rock the boat.”

        I hope people just love Marxist/fascist/censoring rule and all that is to come. Pelosi and our dear VSOs will jump for joy over the total controls and of serfdom and complete loss of rights like my state is dealing with now. Some crap began at the testing levels of the VA and locations like mine. Whoopee, the sheep, lab rats, and vets bowed to the powers that be, the testing, games, even put up with censoring, attacks, etc. Lets spread it around in the nation too! Says the wicked witch of the West and her ilk.

        Why didn’t they video tape this for the pubic to see the entire game show? Put it live on C-Span with un-censored vet call in lines? Theater.

        Why don’t they come get information, news, incidents straight from the horse’s mouth like some claim they want to do. But instead it’s filtered or dismissed by all our reps, VSOs or outreach people with big smiles while trembling with inner fear so as not to piss off their masters and to remain acceptable and trendy. All locals claim living in a happy totally corrupted global college run village is great.

        Got news for em all. Not one in office speaks for me, can, will, represents me in truth, or cares about those like me, or the dead, suffering. Same with VSO/VA clowns and lying talking heads on TV delivering their phony news. That is why hospital heads, academia, unions, media, Mason-ites, special professional groups, SJWs, et al, even allow us to be banned and attacked in areas of health care and every level of life.. un-hindered by the laws. There is NOT an ounce of truth, honesty or ethics among them. Their phony meets to being able to network to destroy and ignore instead of doing the same to help is solid evidence about how the machine functions and allowed to get by with.

        Don’t see anyone on that fancy panel out here asking questions do we??? Or knowing full well who we are and easily found to investigate things, but oh no, let’s play the game and not allow one of their own or some VA AFGE get scolded over some evil sick ways. Time for truth and exposure but it’s a tad bit too late. People got what they wanted and our lives are worthless and meaningless. Money junkies, war junkies, foreigners, animals, VA lying activist scum/team-mates, predators of all kinds come first.

    2. Catherine

      And here’s one from a Jewish couple.
      Unconstitutional Education Day Resolution Signed Today April 16,2019

  16. To Veterans reads this how most Senators or Representative don’t what approve Veteran Health Care?

  17. 2) Foreign Affairs and Foreign Aid; …….
    And the first one that pops into my head is Israel.

    Total U.S. aid to Israel is approximately one-third of the American foreign-aid budget, even though Israel comprises just .001 percent of the world’s population and already has one of the world’s higher per capita incomes. Indeed, Israel’s GNP is higher than the combined GNP of Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, the West Bank and Gaza. With a per capita income of about $14,000, Israel ranks as the sixteenth wealthiest country in the world; Israelis enjoy a higher per capita income than oil-rich Saudi Arabia and are only slightly less well-off than most Western European countries.

    Since 1992, the U.S. has offered Israel an additional $2 billion annually in loan guarantees. Congressional researchers have disclosed that between 1974 and 1989, $16.4 billion in U.S. military loans were converted to grants and that this was the understanding from the beginning. Indeed, all past U.S. loans to Israel have eventually been forgiven by Congress, which has undoubtedly helped Israel’s often-touted claim that they have never defaulted on a U.S. government loan. U.S. policy since 1984 has been that economic assistance to Israel must equal or exceed Israel’s annual debt repayment to the United States.

    And they are a debt free society

    1. Uh-oh. Now your going to make them pass another Resolution condemning Anti-Semitism. Because criticising the State of Isreal is Bad.

  18. Did you get any indication how many law maker’s review this site, for veterans comments about how they feel about the va.

    And their suggestions about how to fix the va.

  19. Thanks Again my Brother for doing a Service to the Veteran Community once again get your R & R in also…

  20. All the veteran meetings and organizational ventures leave me to wonder just who are the organizations serving and what their purpose is. I recognize a gaggle of half drunk old men discuss issues barely related to veterans issues. At least that has been my impression over the past 50 years. Pelosi and a bunch of Democrats attempting to communicate with vets on various issues. It’s a wonder they have not started to euthanize most of us.

    1. Thanks Ben!

      You state that; “My overall perspective was that the roundtable has a lot of value because it gives smaller veterans organizations a chance to voice their concerns directly to the Speaker of the House. Regardless of political affiliation, veterans are well served when more voices are allowed in the room beyond The Big Six veteran organizations.“

      Is there a list of this “Small Groups” that were in attendance wit a POC for those of us at the State Level to use a Liaisons?

      They need to hear our Unified VOICES!


  21. Thank you Ben, for this explanation of how the system is supposed to work for the veteran’s better interests. That in itself should be broadcast throughout all forms of news outlets so that all citizens have that information. Why? Because when highly vocal people, (i.e. Bill Maher last Sunday) off-handedly and strongly suggest to cut military spending, then in effect they are ignorantly curtailing the earned medical benefits of our disabled veterans.

    This also illuminates the cause and effect damages put upon veterans by “the Donald”, and the money that he effectively stole from veterans, to further perpetuate his stupid antics over that wall, while brainwashing the public (including veterans) when he said he took it from ‘defense money for future military projects’. To my thinking, that’s a forked tongue way of telling veterans their medical and rehabilitation needs are disposable, whenever president bone-spurs wants to further his own tantrum filled interests. Is he also attempting to bankrupt the federal coffers like he has constantly done for decades with his own “business” manipulations into complete failures?

    1. @T,
      Thank you for the link that you posted this morning two articles ago “https://www.rutherford.org/publications_resources/john_whiteheads_commentary/d_is_for_dictatorship_while_america_feuds_the_police_state_shifts_into_high_gear” .
      I think it is a must read.

      1. Most definitely a must read, and thank you for re-posting the link!

        Whitehead left out citizens: we have nothing to do with all the grotesque criminal activities of our ruling elites because we refuse to vote them out of office.

        Notice that it is the very longest-serving elected members of Congress who do the most damage to our civil rights!

        Notice that it is the longest-serving elected members of Congress who, rather than honoring the Constitution, sell their legislation-writing responsibilities to lobbyists!

        Notice that it is the longest-serving members who, pretending to regulate the billionaires/corporations/rogue bureaucracies make up all sorts of obfuscations to pervert public dialogue and deliberations.

        One could go on and on.

        Nobody deserves more than ten years in government. NOBODY! They obviously become corrupt soon after their very first re-election success!

    2. Do you really think that the wall funding took away from just veterans? You are a sheep like the rest of the fools.

      1) National Defense and Support for Veterans; 2) Foreign Affairs and Foreign Aid; and, 3) Immigration and Border Security.

      The Dems took away from National Defense and Veteran support to fund the wall by reallocating funds to Immigration and border Security, they did not take away from foreign affairs and foreign aid. They would rather take care of foreigners than their own veterans and citizens. The Left wing has not nor will they ever care about veterans, they have a very long track record of taking from the military and veterans, Obama decreased GI Bill payouts, Clinton downsized our forces, Military funding takes cuts every time the Dems are in control. This country’s greatest assets, the individuals that stand up and protect our way of life, mean nothing to the Left-wingers, until its time for votes!

      1. I cannot scream “I AGREE WITH YOU” loud enough my friend. What in the holy hell is going on in this country? It is no secret how many pitfalls the democrats create to try and get away with their crimes, which is what they will end up being. Nope, instead of looking out for us veterans, the Democrats feel the need to constantly push for illegals to get their licenses and voting rights, all while receiving federal funding (because such a high percentage do not want/have to work) with no desire to stop. Add onto that these illegals gaining a tax refund, despite not paying taxes.

        The Dems have showed their hands but society now gets all of their news from the MSM & social media, which is ALL propaganda. Have to watch the watchdogs to get even the slightest bit of truthful reporting. Yet, most of the nation has been brain-trained to ignore what they see, and feel that if they say anything then they will be called: elitist, racist, white separatist, etc. So very sad.

      2. @Damian….I’m afraid I only willingly suspend my disbelief at the movie theatre. You cannot state an outright fabrication as a fact and pass it off as fact, even if it disappoints you and you WISH it were otherwise.

        Even Mr. Krause will tell you that it was the Party R Administration that CHOSE to defund DoD programs and use the money to fund border wall projects specifically rejected by Congress.

        And that was AFTER the Party R Administration failed to keep its side of an agreement with its own fully Party R Congress.

        You can be all-in on Party R and all-against Party D. But do your fellow Veterans a solid and stick to the facts. If you want to know why politicians stop caring about their constituents, re-read your post. If their “base” doesn’t care about facts, why should they care about actually doing anything—they can just SAY they did something, and the True Believers will spread it like facts.

        Again, I’m only urging you to be critical in your viewpoint. For example, the previous Administration D was NOT responsible for the complete clusterfuck that was the “roll-out” of the Forever GI Bill. That was the current Administration R. The previous Administration D **forced** the VA to adhere to policy and law requiring the VA to assist the Veteran in their claim, by requiring the VA to cite the laws they used in denying a claim—making it easier for us to appeal. When that failed to alter the Grant rates, the previous Administration D then **forced** the VA to adhere to the policy and law requiring the VA to give the Veteran the benefit of the doubt. And those two CHANGES did increase the rate of Grants.

        So slow down, brother. Everything wrong is no more Party D’s fault than Party R’s fault. Read, listen, think. Hold to account. Those are things you cannot let me or anyone else do for you—you have to take the inputs and think them out for yourself. But be sure you have as much of the information as you can get.

        And if you want to just hate Party D because that makes you feel better, go ahead. But remember the facts don’t change because you don’t like them.

        My guys are still dead. They died without justification; their service gained this country nothing, and lost it men and women of the highest calibre. Me wishing it was different does not alter that. They died for their country, and their country did not give a fuck. Speeches don’t change that. Flags don’t change that. Medals don’t change that. Big talk damn sure doesn’t change that.

    3. If we do not have law and order, we do not have a country. With no law, no order, and no border, do not expect to keep a country which is what Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi desires and is striving for. She is totally ineffective. Look at her California district. She does not stand for goodwill for anyone but herself. So far the Congress has not set forth or enacted any useful legislation for anyone. Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi stands for kick down the road with no resolve for any issue. Look at all the money she has used to fly her whole family back and forth to California. If you want the truth, check Tom Fitton with Judicial Watch. Check with the Air Force in regards to how much money she costs the taxpayers. Look at the booze bill all audited and true that she charged to the expense of the taxpayers. Ben, she is a not a credible Majority Leader in my opinion. I do not ever see anything positive coming from this Congress. And, Benjamin, I am not a Republican or a Democrat. I align with the individuals who honor freedoms. I align with the individuals who honor free market solutions. Yes, the VA used to be more humane 20 years ago. Ben, I can’t see anything positive and helpful coming from this Congress that helps anyone. Sorry Ben. My take on it.

      1. Speaker Nancy Pelosi is Constitutionally illerate. She believes Congress is co equal to the Executive Branch of government. She believes she is the superior branch of government. Democrat Chuck Schumer is blocking the Trump confirmations to finish filling or hiring the rest of the Trump administration. She believes that she enacts laws. No, she is responsible for passing legislation. Not signing bills into law. Though, she is putting out there that she can sign legislation into law. Best.

    4. Republicans sit on the side and do very little. Just kick down the road. Only a handful are useful. (I am mostly referring to Never Trumpers-they are a bunch of kidney stones or hemorrhoids. They align right with Pelosi.) Democrats accused the former Presidental candidate for not paying taxes and many other false allegations. Senator Romney lost election. See now he is friends with them now after the Democrats said lies about him. So what does that say! All information the Democrats claim is true is NEVER TRUE. They are always about politicizing everything.They lied about Former Presidental candidate Romney. So in my opinion, the Democrats stand for propaganda, lies, and power. Take care. Veterans Service Organizations are being lied to by with dealing with Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi. I guarantee you. If Veterans Organizations are really concerned about assisting veterans, then they should speak directly to the veterans with transparency and openness to ask them about the problematic issues. Not run to Speaker Pelosi for round table meetings because she does not have a clue about what veterans need or do not need. She is so self serving and self seeking. Honestly, I do not see how she has room to think a single thought in her brain about any veteran. No ifs, no ands, or butts. Veterans Service Organizations are wasting their time if they sincerely desire to help the veteran population. Speaker Pelosi is about a dollar bill and power and that is it.

      1. To go even further, the veterans service organizations should speak to the veteran population first before attending any round table gathering regardless of who is in power and regardless of who the Speaker is. I see this, Ben, as being manipulative. Ben, I do not know all the details of how the meeting was arranged; but, I see the Speaker trying to wheel and deal the veterans service organizations before having all the facts. A lip service ploy. Though, I could be wrong. But, honestly, Ben, if the service organizations are concerned about how to handle different issues that extist among the veteran population, they should speak to the veterans directly to dive into what the unknowns are. The best way to help anyone is Face to face. Veterans Organizations would help their challenges before going to the Congress if they communicated with many veterans. Not just a few and not just the ones to whom they are assisting with claims. But, many veterans all over this country. Ben, there are many avenues to further reforming the VA. Some VA providers are really swamped with their case loads. I could really build into this topic. Finally, though, yes, the veterans service organizations have the stand downs to help meet some needs; but, Benjamin, the pudding is in the appropriate, accountable, and humane care. Ben, and too, I am not saying that the stand downs are not helpful; but, please if veterans were treated with accountable Medical care, they might eventually become able to help themselves even more. I am speaking for myself too. Best.

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