LUKE Prosthetic Arm

Pentagon Tests New DARPA LUKE Prosthetic Arm On Veterans

Two retired Army veterans were the lucky recipients of a new Pentagon prosthetic arm developed by Pentagon’s DARPA.

The futuristic arms, named LUKE after Luke Skywalker, can pick up small objects as fragile as an egg. The prosthetics are dubbed LUKE, an acronym for Life Under Kinetic Evolution. Star Wars fans will recall the episode where Luke lost his hand in combat against Darth Vader. 

“Stirring with this, I’m cutting with that, dicing,” Fred Downs said, as cited by CBS news. Downs lost his left arm below the elbow after being injured in the Vietnam War.

“It’s the fun part of being able to use two hands to get all the vegetables prepared, and the meat prepared, and start the grill, and hold plates,” he continued.

The veterans showed off their new arms at a veterans’ hospital called the VA New York Harbor Health Care System in New York.

Downs used his new thumb and index finger to peel a banana.

“These may seem like very simple, routine things, but to someone who can’t do it, to be able to be given this function it’s like magic,” said Downs.

The prosthetics are dubbed LUKE, an acronym for Life Under Kinetic Evolution. They were partially named after the Star Wars character Luke Skywalker, who needed a prosthetic arm after fighting Darth Vader.

According to the website of Mobius Bionics, the company that manufactured the limb, LUKE is “configurable for different levels of amputation, including transradial, transhumeral, and shoulder disarticulation.”

According to Russia Today:

FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health approved the LUKE prosthetic back in 2014. Invented by Dean Kamen at DEKA Research, LUKE is “part of a $100 million initiative to revolutionize prosthetics,” according to the DEKA statement. 

“Up to this point, design in prosthetic arms has been limited to incremental changes. We developed the LUKE arm to change the game for amputees—creating an innovative, integrated system that offers greater functionality and independence to our wounded warriors and other amputees,” Kamen said back in the summer of 2016.

LUKE Prosthetic Arm DARPA Press Release

According to a DARPA press release:

At a ceremony in New York today, two veterans living with arm amputations became the first recipients of a new generation of prosthetic limb that promises them unprecedented, near-natural arm and hand motion. The modular, battery-powered arms, designed and developed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), represent the most significant advance in upper extremity prosthetics in more than a century.

The prosthetic “LUKE” arm system—which stands for “Life Under Kinetic Evolution” but is also a passing reference to Luke Skywalker of Star Wars fame, who was endowed with a futuristic bionic arm—enables dexterous arm and hand movement through a simple, intuitive control system. The system allows users to control multiple joints simultaneously and a variety of grips and grip forces by means of wireless signals generated by sensors worn on the feet or via other easy-to-use controllers. Years of testing and optimization in collaboration with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) led to clearance by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and creation of a commercial-scale manufacturer, Mobius Bionics of Manchester, N.H. More than 100 people living with amputation were involved in initial studies, which led to a product whose natural size, weight, and shape provides unparalleled comfort and ease of use.

At today’s ceremony, held at the VA’s New York Harbor Health Care System Manhattan campus, VA Secretary David Shulkin presented LUKE arms to Fred Downs and Artie McAuley. Downs is a prosthetics consultant for the Paralyzed Veterans of America and retired Chief Procurement and Logistics Officer for the Veterans Health Administration who lost his left arm above the elbow during the Vietnam War. McAuley is an Army veteran whose arm was amputated as the result of an accident while stationed at Fort Drum, N.Y. He went without a prosthesis for years because earlier-generation devices did not work well for individuals whose loss extended all the way up to the shoulder.

“DARPA’s mission within the Defense Department is to make seminal investments in advanced technologies that can have outsized impacts on national security and help those who have stepped up to serve our nation,” said Justin Sanchez, Director of DARPA’s Biological Technologies Office, who manages the Revolutionizing Prosthetics program that developed the LUKE system. “It has been an honor to work side by side with the VA to bring this life-changing technology from concept to capability.” Compared to other commercially available prosthetic arms, the LUKE system has a fully functional, articulated shoulder joint, which offers unprecedented mobility and quality of life even for individuals with total arm loss.

DARPA’s work on prosthetic arms continues today through a range of programs, including one that is providing users a natural sense of touch by means of signals transmitted from mechanical hands directly to the brain, and another that is using signals from the brain’s motor cortex to directly control a robotic limb.


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  3. And the best for last…….from monty”s other channel

    LEAKED AUDIO – CIA/NSA Operations & Techniques HAMR – YouTube


    Just Got Off The Phone With NASA And This Is What They Said – YouTube

  5. @SeymoreKlearly, I have found a person in California that works with yearbooks for Sonoma State college. Because many students go back and forth to where my quack went. She works with yearbooks and has a counter part in the University my quack supposedly graduated from. Just letting you know I haven’t given up. Agreed, I want my pain meds back.

  6. @@Crazy elf, thanks, I wrote it down. @Cj, I can take it. It’s just sometimes. I do need a better search engine. And, some spackle.

  7. Lyrica (Pregabalin) and Neurontin (Gabapentin) Users – A Must Read

    “Two of the most commonly prescribed non-opioid “pain medications” are Lyrica (pregabalin) and Neurontin (gabapentin), both of which were initially approved by the FDA as anti-seizure drugs. The dangers of these medications are too often minimized by doctors, government agencies, and the media — and to some degree remain unknown (particularly in the long-term).

    One thing that has recently been unearthed is that these medicines prevent the formation of new brain synapses. This is not a minor side effect. It can lead to short and long-term memory loss, as well as Alzheimer’s disease, among other things.

    It can also mean that the brain becomes incapable of neuroplacticity. According to the Huntington Outreach Project at Stanford University, our brains rely on neuroplasticity to “compensate for injury and adjust their activity in response to new situations or changes in their environment.” In lay terms, these drugs cause brain damage.

    In addition to the under-reported peril involved in the use of these drugs (and many others that are being used in place of opioids), they also have long and worrisome side effects. The potential side effects of both Lyrica and Neurontin are far too many to list, but include vomiting of blood, pancreatitis, hearing loss, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, “oncologic” (cancerous) potential, heart disease, heart attack, acute kidney failure, and “life-threatening angioedema with respiratory compromise.”

    Compare these potential side effects to those of opioids. When used appropriately, the major side effects of opioid pain medication are constipation and dependence — both of which also happen to be listed as side effects of Lyrica and Neurontin.

    When one sees that the most frequently prescribed non-opioid “pain medications” can cause cancer, heart attack, kidney failure, etc., we must question the motives behind this movement to eliminate or greatly reduce the use of opioids. When used properly, opioids have a proven track record of pain relief. So, why are we being told they are so dangerous?” (“”)

    ** The above isn’t medical advice, only information. For medical advice see your VA Quacking Bitches (Bitches in this sense, are aGender, applies to both Male and Female), or a Physician in the Private Sector.

    1. NUTTER..good info I’m going to print that info out plus what what i found out from MAYO CLINIC and hand it to my witch doctor, and if he glance’s at it and put’s it down, he’s getting a ear full

  8. @Crazy elf,, I know my VA pcp is a quack. As soon as I get the paperwork from Birmingham VA advocate, I am filing charges. About the mechanical engineered limbs, SOUNDS great. Sadly though, taxpayers money, VA allotted money, and one disabled Veteran gets one. What will the price be next week? @Cj, Seymore, I am woking….

    1. Jo3n,
      Go to the 2nd article I gave to see if your PCP is a graduate of an “accredited university”!
      I found out that my PCP did graduate from an accredited university first, (Hungary), then moved on Poland for additional schooling.
      Yet, she only “specializes in Family Medicine!”
      I have my “reasons” earlier why I believe someone who specializes in Family Medicine should NOT be practicing medicine at VA.

      That’s my opinion.

      1. Correction,
        It should read; “I gave my reasons earlier!”
        Damn, Neuropathies acting up again!

      2. @Crazy elf – – – Hey Brother, I just noticed something. The G and H keys are hit by the left index and right respectively. Sorry man, you surely need to get another Doctor. To much Polish Food. I’m sorry elf, I’ve got to come out, I’m Polish too. That’s how I know about the food.

    2. @Jo3n: Jo, excellent!!!

      I have noticed over the past month and a half, your anger levels increase. Most excellent way to channel that anger, is to convert it into a can of whoop ass!!

      Go forth and whoopeth some serious VA quack asseth!!

    3. @Jo3n – – – These arms are not in mass production yet. The guys that are fortunate enough to be using them are what the automobile industry would call “Crash Test Dummies”. You can bet that at least a few thousand pages of data will be kept on these arms. My best guess is it will be two or more years before these are released to the general public.

      1. Sorry to have to tell you James but you are wrong. The Luke arms have been in mass production since last year and for sale to the public. All FDA approved due to the research bought and paid for by the Veterans Administration and DARPA. Of course there are a few select Veterans who have received the arms as test subjects.

        Then there are those few Veterans like Fred Downs the man in the article who spent a long career working for the Veterans administration and retiring from his position as Chief Procurement and Logistics Officer and the Chief Consultant of the Prosthetic and Sensory Aids Service for the Veterans Health Administration at the Department of Veterans Affairs. Who I might add helped steer the money from the VA into the research since it was started back in 2006.

        Don’t worry though all of the patent rights on the arm have gone to DEKA Research & Development Corp. As far as the Doctors that were employed by the VA doing the research I am sure they will be getting a cut off the top of each arm sold.

        As for supplying them to average Veteran who have lost an arm we all know how that story goes. The arms are just to expensive and the VA dose not have the budget.

        Although if you are a Veteran who lost an arm and would like to get on the list to purchase one you can contact “Mobius Bionics”. I will place the contact info in the links below.

        Oh and old Freddie boy did make it to the big time he is now retired from the VA and is now a Senior Advisor over at McKinsey and Company. Doing amazingly well with all of the Sole Source Contracts he has been able to setup during the Obama Administration.

        Why even all the Meds for the VA come through McKinsey as the Sole Source. But he set that up years ago under McDonald.


        Fred Downs Linkedin
        Chief Procurement and Logistics Officer and the Chief Consultant of the Prosthetic and Sensory Aids Service for the Veterans Health Administration at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

        “Mobius Bionics to Bring DEKA’s LUKE Prosthetic Arm to Market”
        Mobius Bionics announces the launch of its groundbreaking prosthetic arm beginning late 2016.
        July 08, 2016 10:26 AM Eastern Daylight Time

        “Mobius Bionics to Bring DEKA’s LUKE Prosthetic Arm to Market”
        Mobius Bionics announces the launch of its groundbreaking prosthetic arm beginning late 2016.

        Mobius Bionic’s LUKE Arm Is Straight Out of ‘Star Wars’
        Mobile enough to scratch your back, dextrous enough to hold a grape.
        By Nickolaus Hines on July 11, 2016


        LUKE was funded by DARPA’s Revolutionizing Prosthetics program and other military cash infusions. Work on the arm started in 2006, five years into the war in Afghanistan and three years into the war in Iraq, as military scientists worked toward “creating a prosthetic with near-natural control” for wounded soldiers, the press release says.

      2. @Seymore Klearly – – – I stand corrected, and educated. Thank You.

      3. One more thing James that I should mention. If there are any Veterans who lost an Arm during their service. Do not count on the VA to provide one of these new ones because the Cost is prohibiting the VA from purchasing them.

        Unfortunately that will be a problem during this lifetime.

      4. @Seymore Klearly – – – Is it fair to state, that there may of been some favoritism with Fred Downs? Why VA participated in the research in the first place? PR? Looking good, but in reality, the public doesn’t know why? Fair, no fair? What say you?

        If it is what I think it is, the VA never missing an opportunity to look good, when they really aren’t. BITCHES!

      5. ANutterVet,

        It is safe to say Fred Downs had a reason for steering the VA’s budget toward the work.

        It is also fair to say that Fred Downs likely owns a large portion “Mobius Bionics”.

        Given the number of no-bid sole source contracts he arranged for his present employer while he was employed at the VA it is also fair to say he has made millions off his position at the VA.

        Corrupted you bet ya!

        Just think of the number of Veterans who have suffered because of Fred’s corruption.

      6. @Seymore Klearly – – – Confirming to me that Veterans that are VA employees can be the best or the worst. Had encounters with both.

      7. For anyone interested in finding out more about the possible purchase of a Luke Arm. The DEKA Research & Development Corp has a webpage showing one of the prototypes of the Luke Arm and provides a link to Mobius Bionics.


        After you reach the Mobius Bionics webpage. If you click on the Donate Button It provides the following Message about a Non Profit that is working with Mobius Bionics to purchase Luke Arms for Veterans.

        The Message:

        “SoldierStrong is working with Mobius Bionics to provide the LUKE arm to veterans who have suffered upper limb loss.

        SoldierStrong is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing advanced medical technologies to veterans. The organization plans to purchase LUKE arms for amputee veterans, and seeks individual and corporate donations to support this effort.

        SoldierStrong is committed to ensuring our veterans who have sacrificed physical ability in service to the nation have access to the most advanced medical technologies science can provide. As service members, these men and women had access to the best warfighting technology we could provide. SoldierStrong is committed to continuing this commitment on the homefront.

        To support SoldierStrong in its efforts to provide the LUKE arm and other services to veterans across the United States, please visit its website at “”.”


        Additional information on purchasing the Luke arm or one of its multiple Configurations or replacement components is at:

        For People who have lost a hand there is the “Radial Configuration”.

        For People who have lost the portion of their arm above the elbow there is the “Humeral Configuration”.

        For people who have lost the majority of their arms there is the “Shoulder Configuration”.

        They also include the following warning; “Caution: Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a licensed healthcare professional.”

        For more Info contact information.

        Mobius Bionics LLC
        ​470 Commercial Street
        Manchester, NH 03101

        Phone: 603-239-3834
        Toll-free: 855-MOBIUS-1 (855-662-4871)

        email: “[email protected]

      8. More Information on the organization Soldier Strong which is looking for donations to help purchase Luke arms for Veterans.

        From their About us page on their website.

        “SoldierStrong was originally incorporated under the Parent Name Start Now, Inc. (StartNow! Inc) as “SoldierSocks” (Soldier Socks Inc) on September 18th, 2009, in compliance with the laws of the state of Connecticut. StartNow!’s U.S. Federal tax identification number is 80-0422929. “SoldierSocks” and StartNow! Inc operated as a combined organization though each supporting their separate causes for our armed services veterans. Due to the growth and success of SoldierSocks over the years, the decision was made that it should operate as its own entity. On November 26, 2013, SoldierSocks was officially “spun-off” from its parent and incorporated independently as non-profit public benefit corporation under the name Soldier Socks Inc. Its U.S. Federal tax identification number was 46-2142225. A few years later and as our original mission of collecting and shipping care packages to troops overseas shifted to serving the needs of returning veterans, it was decided that our name should better reflect our new missions. On August 29th 2015, our name was officially amended and changed to “SoldierStrong” (Soldier Strong Inc). It still operates under the Federal Tax ID 46-2142225.

        From the most Excellent ProPublica Nonprofit Explorer:
        Soldier Strong’s IRS form 990 filing for 2013 show the non-profit did place a deposit on an exoskeleton suit to be used by a returning disabled war veteran to enable him/her to rejoin the social and working citizen force, and promote their mental and physical well being of $44,448.

        Listing for Soldier Strong
        Form 990

        An article on the president of the organization “Christoper D Meek”

        “Meet the Man Helping Paralyzed Veterans Stand, One Robotic Skeleton at a Time
        By Susan Keating, February 9, 2017

  9. The body count over in Chiraq over the 4th of July Weekend. Sorry that should read The body count over here in Chiraq.

    “Over 100 shot, 15 dead in Chicago over Fourth of July weekend”
    Posted 2:30 PM, July 5, 2017, by Melissa Espana


    Not sure but I think they broke their old record of 93 shot and 12 dead.

    1. Call me callous, but it sounds like some range training is sorely needed by these gangs in Chiraq/Chicago. 🙂

      1. ^^^^^ @cj ^^^^^ – – – There’re not expecting nor waiting for you. Element of surprise is for sure, in your favor.

      2. @Namnibor – – – I misunderstood. Whas dat call us or callous? Say it again.

    2. Well now don’t be jumpin to conclusions. It may just be that these folks were celebrating our American freedoms a little to zealously. If you live in a village where fireworks are not readily available, the only alternative is to break out the 9s and 40s.

      1. Let them Celebrate 24 Hour Continuous Fireworks for about a year. Recalculate. If needed, have it again, and again if need be.

  10. Off topic
    I had to look up SAIPAN because I never heard about it ….its part of the US
    01/18/2014 09:05 am ET | Updated Oct 22, 2015
    Saipan Is The Most Beautiful Place In America You’ve Never Heard Of
    By Arin Greenwood


    There’s a story, possibly apocryphal, about a federal drug agent who was stationed on a tropical island near Guam — and every time she called headquarters back in D.C., the conversation would begin like this.

    “I’m calling from Saipan. Yes, we have an office there. Because it’s part of America.”

    Indeed, Saipan is part of America — it’s the most populated of the Northern Mariana Islands, an insular chain with a complicated history that became administered by the U.S. after World War II, and has been a U.S. commonwealth since 1978.

  11. November of last year I shared some research on the Island Saipan which I shared info on the Cell were Amelia Earhart was held before her execution there.


    Just out from NBC News at 10:38 this morning.

    “Amelia Earhart May Have Survived Crash-Landing, Newly Discovered Photo Suggests”

    Of course the CIA has known for years about it since they took over the island after WWII.

    1. On and of course one of the former Sec of VA knew about it since he is a member of the board of a bank on the Island both before and after his dismissal. (Eric Shinseki)

      The island is also known for being the only American soil where money laundering, slavery, birth tourism from China and pedophilia is legal.

      1. Oh and almost forgot if you are an American living there you do receive a stifin from the Federal Government. Also there is a 95% discount for all Federal Taxes collected there.

  12. The only thing I wished the DARPA arm would have done is to malfunction during his press conference and uppercut the shit out of the Secretary, starburst and all just like on Batman # KaaapooooW!
    Wishful thinking huh??
    Dog and Pony shows as usual.
    #CaptainCrunch MedicalDegrees
    #Bologna pronounced ~ ba~ lag~ na

    1. Following . . . Wait up Lem, my back is throbbing, VA’s generic medication doesn’t work, and VA wants to prescribe to me SSRI’s instead of Muscle Relaxers; documented as giving me relief from spasms. Oh, dam, I’ll take another tab. Then VA will say that I’m my Mu receptors are over reacting.

      1. Please check out,”,change .org,,”make all chronic physical pain human beings exempt from those lovely cdc guidelines,”’,,,,please sign,,,maryw

      2. ANut – I just gave up on muscle relaxants. I’ve been authorized to take Humira, but will delay that and try an SSRI (since I’m on that shit already) to see if it throttles down the pain and spasms. Stay tuned. I’d be please if it helped only moderately. I’m not too keen on fucking with my immune system.

      3. @Windguy – – – Which Muscle Relaxants have you tried? Do you know the SSRI’s aren’t Immediate Release (IR) nor fast acting, and if it’s a new SSRI, you’ll have to build up the SSRI in your system. Windguy, I’m afraid of Anti-Psychotics. After I do some more research, I’ll be adding more information on these families of medications.

        What med plays with your immune system?

        Do you receive medical services from VA? And, may I ask why you currently are taking an SSRI? Curious, plus your a live one to get information from, and I want to get it from before its too late? LoL

      4. @maryw – – – I visited the site, too much searching. I found an old petition, but nothing current. Please cut and paste a copy of the link to the petition. – – – Nutter.

      5. Anut – currently taking Prozac for about 8 months. PTSD denial for 40+ years caught up – major depression – lost my clients/business – finally got help. At the VA. Took a bit, but I wasn’t the most willing patient. We’re switching over to Cymbalta since it has been proven to help with pain – mine is Ankylosing Spondylitis – lumbar to cervical. If it works, I won’t do the Humira.

        The Rheumies – clarified my civilian doc’s wrong diagnosis of DISH Syndrome to the (presumed) correct Ankylosing S. The meds are Humira, which, mess with the immune system and liver. The VA is covering the cost – which – would be $4500/mo on the outside.

        I went a trundling hat in hand to the VA only after I couldn’t afford insurance anymore. That did not help my depression issues. Gun oil doesn’t mix well with Thai Curries. Getting sucked into the VA shit-storm sucked – but – I’ve gotten my head pointed in at least a different direction. If my back stuff gets better, I can go back to work. I won’t be able to rebuild my consulting business, but I can easily do well as a construction trailer troll and make great sport of fucking with contractors – a book I wrote 30 years ago. I so want to be productive again.

      6. @ANutterVet – – – They had me on Cyclobenzaprine for a bit. Did not get that much relief. My side effects were major dizziness and confusion plus some dehydration. So I quit taking them.

        Got an apt with the pain clinic in a few weeks, so we will see what they want to try. Do not want SSRI’s if avoidable.

      7. @Lem – – – Funny, I hear you, but still going hmm, due to thinking to myself. Sorry, but sometimes I’m not woke enough, and I can’t figure out if the group will be behind us or in front of us. Damn, with some people, I don’t want to be in front of them. Who’s going to watch my six. Groupers, grabbers, goosers, gropers, . . . ah, shootz, a bunch of covfefe’s (clusterfuks)

      8. @Windguy – – – We’re in the same boat. I was in denial as well. Inactive ’75, numbed myself on 151 Dark Bacardi and Black Russians. Hint for Branch of Service; Rum. Had a group of Vet buddies tell me that I had most of all their symptoms. Didn’t know much about PTSD, nor did I care. I wanted to stay as far from the fucking military as I could, and didn’t even want to discuss anything about my service. Plus, I’ve never been back to a base since. Interesting.

        Seems like the Humira is a non-Formulary medication due to VA picking up the cost. Did anyone tell you that Humira is a non-Formulary pharmaceutical? If so, I’d like to know how you got the Humira through the VA.

        Also, checked on Humira, not real deep. Some reputable medical sites, don’t even list Humira with wrecking up the Immune System (side effects). Strange. This isn’t the first time this has happened. Same with Tramadol causing Seritonin Syndrome. Some med sites don’t mention this as well. @James Clement- please take note about Tramadol.

        I’m having same problem with a muscle relaxer called, Soma (Carisoprodol). VA prescribed it to only once. A damn tease after I did two (2) trial and error testing of different muscle relaxers. I was prescribed Soma in private sector. All was fine, no side effects, just gave my relief, big time.

        Windguy, what Muscle Relaxer were you taken. I asked earlier, but so much going on in our heads. I’d like to know, because I’ve tried many too. Also, did you ever try Soma Muscle Relaxer?

        Yes I know about that VA bullshit. In it myself like some others on Big Ben’s Blog. Sometimes, I really do have to hole back from taking a VA employee out to lunch for some raw uncooked and unclean puffer fish.

        Hey Brother, really hoping that you get some relief so that you can start fulfilling your needs and wants again. I know how that feels as well. Please leave me a reply. Thanks. – – – Nutter.

      9. @James Clement – – – I tried Cyclobenzaprine as well, nothing. I’ve tried many Muscle Relaxers, and the only one that helped with no side effects was Soma (Carisoprodol).

        It isn’t on the VA formulary, and it is a very controversial medication. Some Doc’s think that it is addictive, others think not. Last I checked, drug literature points to depends on individual. For addiction it says can or may be, not is addictive.

        Soma is also an anxiolotic (sp), but many Doc’s say nothing about Soma reducing anxiety. That’s total bs. I was able to reduce the amount of Clonazepam when I was prescribed Soma.

        VA says no Clonazepam if you’re prescribed any Opiate Pain Medication. VA wouldn’t even budge in prescribing Clonz or Soma, even though my refill record clearly shows that I wasn’t filling all of my refills. VA said, DEA and VA guidelines, policy, or la dat (I tried).

        Also, if you’re thinking of requesting Soma, be careful. I heard that some Doc’s, who are assholes, are tagging those as drug seekers. Something that you don’t want in your file. Or may be you do. Especially if you’ve tried many different options and none worked.

        I’m trying all sorts of angles to find a loophole or something, to be prescribed Carisoprodol. I think it was created in the late ’50’s if I recall correctly.

        James, if you can, try to stay away from those damn SSRI’s. Try this, ask you PCP if they are addictive. One more thing. Some medications that are non-addictive, are worse than some addictive drugs. Bring that to their damn attention as well.

        Be careful with those critters. More than likely, they must be having continued meetings about handling us when changing all this stuffs; no Pain Meds, no Clonz if you’re taking Opiates, and no Soma (the one that works for me).

        I really do think the VA is looking of numbers. Especially with SSRI’s. I haven’t come across a single research paper that states that SSRI’s are mentioned as being favorable to be prescribed for Chronic Pain.

        Oh, and I forgot to mention that Soma was excellent for migraines or tension headaches. Soma good for muscle spasms, pain, anxiety, and migraines. VA PCP’s have a habit of saying that Soma isn’t FDA approved for these other conditions. That’s right its not. But it is used by some Doc’s as Off Label.

        VA uses Gabapentin Off Label. This is a trick VA uses to confuse Veterans when prescribing certain meds or when VA wants to turn your request down because it isn’t FDA approved. Example; Laser Spine Institute’s (LSI) less invasive back surgeries.

        I had LSI perform a back surgery for severe Sciatica. It was painful. Had me in tears at night. A one hour operation, 100% success with a 3/4 incision. Say what? VA could care less. Not FDA approved. Pain Management didn’t even want my files from LSI to clog their filing cabinets. Rat Bastards.

        Good luck with your appointment. I’ll be on 7/6’s article. Not using email notifications. Too many in my box. Later and thanks. I’m tired. – – – Nutter.

      10. Nutter. I spaced it out on the Relaxants issue. Maybe I’m BSing myself thinking I still have the mental acuity to bring my A game.

        I had, and still have SOMA. It reached a point that it doesn’t do a lot. I was switched to Baclofen Beclofan whatever – and that stuff drove me batshit crazy. Seriously weird sleeping issues (like I need more of that shit), damn near peed myself running head three or four times a night. I’m normally a “never get up” at night guy on that front.

        I’ve been told SOMA is non-formulary. My first PCP made it happen after I explained that Flexeril also gave me nasty dreams and made me hyper. This was discovered over a decade ago – civilian docs. So – SOMA was a nice alternative that had some decent effects.

        Humira was readily prescribed once I got to see a Rheumy. No questions asked. She went down the list. First course of treatment for AS is NSAIDs, but she acknowledged the reaction severity in my history. Tramadol and SOMA weren’t doing the job. So – on to the spendy stuff. I’m still fighting a wee lung infection and will have to wait on the Humira. Also starting Cymbalta as recommended by shrink. It may have significant effects on my AS related pain. So, I got the two docs together, and yesterday, they got back to me via secure messaging with revised plan. Start the Cymbalta – see if it works, wait 2 to four weeks and then start the Humira – unless the Cymbalta is that effective. Dizzying – but – at this point. I’ll try anything. CBD oils have shown noticeable improvements, but I haven’t found the right edible. Smoking it is harder on my lungs. Minor coughing triggers back spasms. Shit – farting causes back spasms – who the hell am I kidding….

  13. fantastic event and worth mentioning. However the little soldier that needs some Rx or an appointment for an outside MD waiting for months does not make the cut.

    1. +”[email protected]
      Here’s a quote from “Shithead Shulkin” about two weeks ago:

      “VA is already instructing its medical centers to limit the number of veterans sent to private doctors!”

      This was his statement to the Veterans Committee!
      As you can see, veterans aren’t getting proper medical care! Especially when/IF we ask to use the (NO)Choice Plan!

  14. Bravo, very happy for these men

    Thanks for the good news story Ben. Much needed.


    Elli commented on Former High-Level VA Attorney Guilty Of Embezzlement.

    in response to Benjamin Krause:

    One former high-level VA attorney who served as liaison to Department of Homeland Security pleaded guilty this week to embezzling funds. The attorney in question is J. Thomas Burch, Jr. Burch, a Vietnam veteran, previously worked for many years in the Department of Veterans Affairs as a senior attorney responsible for Freedom of Information Act … Continue reading Former High-Level VA Attorney Guilty Of Embezzlement

    I just had federal agents at my door a few months asking me about this……now what do I, a stripper in Baltimore have to do with veterans? Well, that’s what they wanted to know! Oh, the stories I could tell about this asshole! I’ve received so much money from this jerk. (And he is a jerk to women, no surprise).
    Now that I know where it came from, I’d like to find a decent VA charity to give back to. This is so shitty.
    Apparently he was using funds from the charity and I received a good chunk of change….(lets just say he supported my car and apartment payment for a year a two!)
    I remember him because 1.he was rich and 2. he was an asshole. And I always remember rich assholes! Because I wonder how they got there! He offered to pay for my school, saying he could get me a scholarship if I wrote him a letter saying I had a veteran in my family. lol. what. a. joke.

      I wonder how many other “strippers” (And maybe even HOOKERS) J. Thomas Burch Jr. was promising the same thing to?

      1. God only knows elf, but she was asking if she could donate some money back, I was going to suggest Ben’s sight. Or VA is lying for a build board. but maybe someone might give her a more direct lead to get a hold of Ben

    2. “… I just had federal agents at my door a few months asking me about this……now what do I, a stripper in Baltimore have to do with veterans? “….

      Geezuz OldMare – I never took you for being a stripper in Baltimore.

      1. @Windguy – – – Crazy Fuckin’ King Air ridin’ Cowboy! Could have gone the rest of my lifetime enlistment WITHOUT THAT picture entering my Brain Housing Group . . .

        Hope this finds you well, Mutha’ ****a !!!

      2. Wingguy….Yea that was in my younger year’s nancy pelosi and killiry klinton would come in and put 100 dollars bills down my short’s …I GUESS THEY WANTED A PIECE OF THE ROCK

  16. Seymore,
    I need your help again. I don’t know how to find my PCP on the VA’s website.
    From what you found, she went to a Polish University.
    I’d like to have as much information as possible on !
    Here’s full name:


    She’s at the VA Clinic in Orange City, Florida. You found she uses that address for a home address.
    For some reason I believe she may NOT be a real healthcare provider! Even my wife has doubts about her “professionalism” as a physician which she claims to be!
    I also wonder IF she came to America on a “visa”? Can that be found on the internet?

    1. Seymore,
      This is what I’ve found on Pillappa, Mukta P.

      She graduated (?) in 2004 from the “Med. University of Silesia, Med Fac in Katowice, Katowice, Poland.

      She’s practiced for 13 years and is “affiliated with the Florida Hospital of Deland, Fl..

      She “specializes in Family Medicine!” Which tells me she’s NOT specialized in a field pertaining to what veterans might be dealing with! example: PTSD due to combat situations, Neuropathies due to chemical exposure (AO and other herbicides), she could even “misdiagnose cancers” which have similar “symptoms” of other medical conditions (diabetes) and a whole host of other things as well!

      According to her “bio” she holds a “2 1/2 star rating”! Which is at a “C” or “average” level. There was only one “review” for her. It gave her a “5 star rating” which doesn’t add up to the “overall rating of 2 1/2 star rating!”

      I really would like to know IF she really did graduate from an “accredited university!” Or, did she “purchase her medical degree” from a fake university?

      1. Hey Elf,

        I will be looking into to her but have a little bit to get done around the house today.

        For right now though, here is a link to info from the state of Georgia medical board that provides a little more background on her.


        It shows that prior to her claimed attendance at the Medical University of Silesia in Katowice, Poland she attended Medical School at the University of Debrecen Medical School in Debrecen, Hungary. She claims attending there between 8/1/1997 and 9/30/2000.

        Also her Georgia License show that she was a J1 Visa holder when she came to America given she claimed to graduate from the Medical University of Silesia 10/15/2004 and first began practicing medicine in Morrow City Georgia on 07/01/2005.

        Also of interest is that her current Florida license shows that she is supervising three PAs two with prescribing authorization.

        More latter but got to go for now.

      2. @Seymore Klearly – – – Seymore, are there databases that deals only with VA Registered and Licensed Physicians, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Nurses (General), and Clinical Pharmacologists, to check on VA’s Cattle of Medical Providers? These types of links would be very beneficial to those that are still receiving services from the VA. I know that I could use them. Thanks my Brother.

  17. ELF …I think Robert Hadley, where he stated [In 2012 received PhD in American history]…. got his degree from
    he needs to ask for his money back…LOL

    And on today’s article I would like to know how much they have invested in it….With a real free and open society…[LIKE KENNEDY SAID IN A SPEECH ] and them using the people’s money/taxes we should be able to have access to all the contract’s…….And besides I used to like reading them [CONSTRUCTION ]
    But you know that isn’t going to happening…. And now that he has a arm they can cut his disability check and tell him he’s cured… It’s always about the money… saved can be freed up to steal …LOL

    1. Schlotkins comments that “we developed with DARPA and others …since 2009 .. etc. So, DARPA was all grant money, the VA kicked in some out of their kitty, and who the heck is “others”? That would be the beltway bandits that get to charge triple the amount of what would otherwise be a reasonable value.

      Nice to see new tech. Pardon the pun, but I think it will be out of reach – even for some in the VA.

      1. You know they wont be giving them out to everyone that needs one..just the chosen few for the show.
        THE SHOW MUST GO ON…LOL…..By the way Windguy how was your shopping spree at Macy’s

      2. Fuck Macy’s. Can’t afford it. I settle for the juvenile diabetes strobe light special at WalMart. Get me some GMO corn chips and 48 packs of high fructose original flavor cokema-ayatola. Allahhhhh have another hot dog please., and how’s about that Vitnameze farm raised health food shrimp. Looooves me a global economy. Yessireee

      3. @Windguy @OLDMARINE – – – I’m tired of the VA on how they draw the public in. VA will twist anything to gain the credit, cause a Veteran a problem, enter false information on our medical records, flag, tag, and roast a Veteran by putting them on the Disruptive Behavior List or the EPERS List, or what ever it may be. But hey, aren’t we supposed to trust these fucking ass wiping bitches?

        I have dedicated my time, energy, and research to finding a way to shove a hot poker up the ass of the VA. After what happened today (with me), . . .

        ***** I DECLARE THE VA TO BE MY ENEMY. *****

        Like some one said in the past, “you’re either for me or against me.” And to force me to take a medication that has a history, that can be worse than being properly monitored while being prescribed Pain Medications.

        I have lost all respect and trust will this Agency, that unfortunately has a behavior that IS NOT Veteran friendly. Only for a few, and not many. What is there a lottery or something?

        VA, I want to thank you for helping my Brother in obtaining a well over due prosthetic arm. But did you know, there are more Veterans that can for sure use one, or two as well? OK, just thought I’d let you know. Go ahead VA, search for your next PR mission or quest. Shhhhhiiiiit!

        In a mood, that the VA doesn’t need me to be in. @cj, get the dam gear out again. It’s a long shot, but we’ll getter done. Got another fuck off that needs an early dismissal, from breath.

  18. Grandstanding with the cart before the horse on a dog and pony show . I thought the VA was BROKE. I can’t even get a pair of reading glasses, but I can sure get bottles of Gabapentin!

    1. If you ask the VA nicely, they will manage to airdrop enough gabapentin to fill your living space. The VA just loves that poison.

      1. OOOOO namnibor that gabapentin is a cure all miracle drug, made under strict guidance of luv potion #9 magical medicine ingredient’s, as a matter of fact when they make that shit, there has to be 10 quacks in the room supervising the ingredient’s being mixed, for quality assurance that is…….don’t tell anybody but I have a cache of the shit so if you ever need some just ask…LOL ..But please don’t tell anyone not even the NSA I did scrub my phone lines with bleach bit [just like killary did] so this should be a secure message….

    2. @Nexdeceptus @Namnibor @OLDMARINE – – – Gabapentin, one of the VA’s favorite meds to script out. Can cause blurry vision.

      1. yes, you’re right. but blurry vision is only the symptom. the real problem is brain damage that’s causing vision to blur. optic nerve being damaged. brain damage is the job of gabapentin.

      2. Off-Label Prescribing Continues:

        Even though gabapentin does not have the FDA’s blessing for treating other kinds of nerve pain (neuropathy), many doctors are using it for this purpose. Some physicians prescribe it to patients with fibromyalgia and migraines as well as to control hot flashes brought on by menopause, even though there is no official blessing from the FDA. This is not illegal. Doctors can prescribe any drug for any reason they see fit. That said, we could find little evidence to suggest that gabapentin would be helpful for insomnia. This is definitely an “off-label” use if ever there was one.
        MAYO CLINIC …..More common

        Blurred vision
        cold or flu-like symptoms
        lack or loss of strength
        lower back or side pain
        swelling of the hands, feet, or lower legs
        trembling or shaking

        Less common or rare

        Accidental injury
        appetite increased
        back pain
        bloated or full feeling
        body aches or pain
        burning, dry, or itching eyes
        change in vision
        change in walking and balance
        clumsiness or unsteadiness
        cough producing mucus
        decrease in sexual desire or ability
        difficulty with breathing
        dryness of the mouth or throat
        excess air or gas in the stomach or intestines
        excessive tearing
        eye discharge
        feeling faint, dizzy, or lightheadedness
        feeling of warmth or heat
        flushed, dry skin
        flushing or redness of the skin, especially on the face and neck
        frequent urination
        fruit-like breath odor
        impaired vision
        increased hunger
        increased sensitivity to pain
        increased sensitivity to touch
        increased thirst
        noise in the ears
        pain, redness, rash, swelling, or bleeding where the skin is rubbed off
        passing gas
        redness or swelling in the ear
        redness, pain, swelling of the eye, eyelid, or inner lining of the eyelid
        runny nose
        tender, swollen glands in the neck
        tightness in the chest
        tingling in the hands and feet
        trouble sleeping
        trouble swallowing
        trouble thinking
        unexplained weight loss
        voice changes
        weakness or loss of strength
        weight gain

      3. Yes but the demon drug of opiates MAY cause addicton to a drug addict,,,that 1 side effect is more important then your life,,,see shrinks are making million/hell billions of this ,”false epedimic,” this ,”false flag,;”’ so ,,u can’t be disrupting the system w/ dare u……NOT!!!
        U know I got to see the coroners report on that ADULT man over at Tomah,,1 f— opiate,,tramadol,,,the weakest of opiaTes btw,,at 600 nanograms,,,,,not enough to kill a mouse,,yet they blamed that demon drug opiates, for his death,,a lie,,,yes it is a false flag,,,,full of liars,,,and contaminating medical boards,jury;s etc in the press soo no doctor will ever get a fair trail,,maryw

      4. maryw….You got it girl……And the demon drug of opiates is the only half ass’ed drug I would take…But I don’t have any type of addiction problem…I used to drink like a fish, and other so called addicting drugs, but I know when to flip the light switch..LOL

      5. They gave me this medication my choice doctor, the va sent it to me.

        With all the side effects, I became so dizzy, I said heck no. !

        Told my choice doctor and the va, thank you, but no thank you.

        Once they sent it, the va sent me an appointment for the pain clinic, called them and asked why.?

        Said because you requested it.? No I did not !

        They never called me again.

        Traumatic brain injury and this does not mix, told me to throw them away. Done

        I can see this messing up a veteran. !

      6. Found out the employee that I reported was not part of this group of firings.

        The Secretary received the charges in May.

        This canary is smelling something, but is still alive, will not hold my breath, but will keep my gas mask close.

        If this employee is not fired, all veterans going to that clinic, have a lot to worry about.

        Shulkin sent Denver a request to reply. Denver called me and asked what they can do to correct it.

        I said how about starting with an apologize to start off with. !

        Va response, why should we apologize, we did not do this to you. ! It happened before as were in charge. !

        Duuuuu your still the va and your facility and employees were the cause. !

        Will wait for correspondence from the Secretary.

        I wonder if this employee, has something on the va, to keep the cover up, covered up !

      7. The Off-Label Marketing Boondoggle:

        Pfizer, the manufacturer of the brand name Neurontin, got into major trouble when it marketed this drug for off-label uses. A company has historically not been allowed to promote a medicine for things that the FDA has not approved. In Pfizer’s case, these unofficial uses for Neurontin included bipolar disorder, alcohol withdrawal, migraines and pain. The company eventually paid $430 million in penalties and admitted to fraudulent promotion.

        We mention this because Neurontin is currently available generically as gabapentin. In addition to treating epilepsy, the drug now has official FDA approval for alleviating nerve pain caused by shingles (postherpetic neuralgia).

    3. +Nexdeceptus,
      Call your VA hotline and tell them to contact “Shithead Shulkin” so he can send you to a “LensCrafters that’s on every corner!”

      I just couldn’t resist this, sorry brother!

  19. Off Subject:
    Yesterday, I googled “Universities that sell fake degrees” and found the following. The reason I did this is simple. I wanted to learn more about what Seymore had wrote about some time ago on this issue!
    Although there are more links, these two are worth reading!

    1.) From: “Route to the Top”
    “Uncovering the Multi-Million Dollar Fake Degree Industry!”

    By: Mark Tutton for CNN
    Dated: 12 Jan 2010 5:57 am est

    This article tells about the VERY lucrative business of selling fake degrees.

    2.) From: “Wikipedia”
    “List of Unaccredited Institutions Of Higher Education”

    This article will give an “Alphabetical Listing” of institutions NOT qualified to hand out degrees in anything.
    For example:
    If anyone goes to, and graduates from, an “Unaccredited School”, the odds are you will NOT be hired by anyone!
    How many of you have been in this position? How many of y’all have graduated from a “rinky dink” school, only to find out that “diploma” wasn’t worth the paper it was written on?

    The reason I put these on today is because —–
    How many “Healthcare Providers at VA” have these kinds of diplomas?
    Or, How many of them “bought” or “Purchased” their diplomas from one of these kinds of fake or unaccredited universities?
    Or, How many of them should be fired IF it’s found out they did this to get a lucrative job at VA?

    Seymore even told us about the “J1-visa”! Where a person doesn’t have to go through the same things their civilian counterpart has to do! They can just come right into the VA and start practicing medicine!

    Question: Is your healthcare provider on the list of Unaccredited Institutions?

    1. @Crazy elf- “[…Question: Is your healthcare provider on the list of Unaccredited Institutions?]”

      Yep, University of The GOAT.


  20. Nice to see advances helping Veterans. Now, will Shulkin demand for those prosthetics back, you know, to help him pay for CHOICE?

    This story, albeit a warm and fuzzy, feel-good Veteran story, is really just Shulkin laying-down some smokescreens with a few Veteran stage-props for July 4.


    What was that, a squeal of a wheelchair I hear on floor? Nope, only ~~crickets~~.

    1. I agree with Nam’s comments. “Warm and fuzzy, feel-good Veteran story,” a nice way of milking it for the VA’s image. This is another thing that the VA does very well. And, twisting stories, by adding things that didn’t happen. I’ve experienced this many times.

  21. There was an article on “60 minutes” a week or so ago on “robotics”! Very Interesting. The article didn’t show everything. For example, the one thing NOT shown was a “combat robot firing handguns at targets”. This was one on another show on PBS and utube a person can watch.
    There was also a “life like female robot”, from the waist up, which was “learning everything it could” to be “human”! That part of the show was kinda scary! “She” also wanted “…to live forever!”

    Now, If the strides in robotics has made such leaps and bounds, why hasn’t “artificial limbs” done so at the same rate! From Ben’s blog, the funding is NOT lacking!

    I’m going to have to agree with Seymore on this. And add, “WHEN” will the “average combat veteran” receive this “gift”?
    Plus, “WHO’s” actually going to financially benefit from this? Remember how the VA got screwed before? (If I remember right it was over the “Miracle drug to combat Hep-C”!)

    1. The thought of having a pair of two toned titanium tip titties sounds impressive, but scary like you said!

  22. Although I am happy for both Veterans who received the new arms. I am disappointed to learn that Artie McAuley lost his arm due to a car accident and not as a result of his service. I guess even now a former officer can pull rank over an enlisted man. The second arm should have gone to someone who lost their arm due to service connection.

    I noted how Shulkin chimed in and said that is what the VA is all about. That was when it was being said that the research on the new arms will now flow out in to the general population.

    1. @Seymore Klearly,

      Who decided that you get to say which veteran gets what….? What difference does it make if he lost his arm to an accident or combat..He was on active duty. No one ever made combat a condition for treatment at the VA Medical Center. Did you consider that its possible he may have lost his arm while in a Military vehicle accident. Some times the garbage you spew is amazingly hypocritical and ignorant….. And where do you get that a former officer pulled rank on an enlisted member… again .. another stupid remark….

      For once it really would be nice if you could just say something nice once an a while without pissing on the parade at the same time….

      1. Rich B…. You got your [nice] story from BEN…I think I told you awhile ago you need to stop reading the comments…..I think you have, QUEER DUST sprinkled all over you….. parade LOL

      2. @Rich B @OLDMARINE @Seymore Klearly – – – Hey, I’m a low level E Man, I’m not sweeping that shit up. You fucking do it. Go ahead, Court Martial me, I already have an Honorable Discharge. LMAO, oops, I farted, oops, I pissed, oops I . . .

        Wooo whoo, in a fucking mood.

  23. Good article, Ben.

    Not the first time I have heard Dean L. Kamen’s name – – – as he invented the Segway Personal Transporter quite a few years back. Fun to ride!

    THIS will (in future years) make a HUGE difference in the quality of life for amputee veterans fortunate enough to get them . . .

    1. I’m sorry,,,I don’t get it???!!!Any who served this country and lost body parts in doing soo,,,wtf??why the hell wouldn’t these new limbs be available FREE OF CHARGE,,,?????? geez isn’t this exactly why we pay taxes,and I have absolutely NO ISSUE,, w/our tax dollars being used for any man/women who served our country,,,,its A no brainer for me,,,??!!!!,,[YEA I KNOW,SETTING MYSELF UP 4 WISE-ASS’S,]
      jmo,,,and their talking about North Korea now,,,??,,U know,,,if we send this honorable men/women to war,,,WE BETTER PAY FOR EVERYTHING WHEN THEY COME HOME,,,,EVERYTHING!!!!!

      1. mary ……the korean hype is like “iran will build a bomb” theatrics..lots of bluff..lots of hot words..but very little real worst the north might take a hit at a missile base..but don’t even count on that..

        its all a bit tiresome really……look at that missile they parade around and look at the front part what do you see, the black and white checker board……for the people that know and missed it…and besides we flattened that country out years ago so bad that the pilots were complaining there’s nothing left to flatten ….they just love the fear/chaos BS to keep their agenda going..
        As for the bionic arm, THaaaaaaTS hollywood

      2. I hope so Sir,,really,,,I truly hope it just males talking sh–t,,,,,,We are NOT taking care of our vets now,,from all previous wars,,,we don’t need another one!!!!U know I remember when 911 hit,,,,,we live 45 minutes from Ft McCoy,,,and the jets were ,”playing,” at all hours,,,,,and I remember this this ,”boy,” who worked at ace hardware,,loading 50 pounds of corn in my truck..He was soooo proud,,he and his brother literally were just recruited that week at thier graduation of highschool,,,He himself was still 17,,,,,his brother,,,,,,was 18,,,,he had to wait till his 18th b-day in September to go into the army,,,he was soo proud,,but had no clue,,,,,,about death/war,and the cruelity he was about to see,,,NO CLUE,,,,,,,WHEN I CONFRONTED HIM W/THOSE WORDS,,, all he said was,,I seen 1 of our cows die ONCE,,,,that was it,,,,,,no clue what he just signed up for,,,,maryw

      3. Dang it,,I clicked on u-tube,,,its allllll blurry!!!can’t see a thing,,,I would love to watch it,,,,,,I am very interested in our founding fathers,,,,maryw

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