Free Law Degree Mitchell Hamline

Law School Opens Door To Qualified Veterans, Free Law Degree

Free Law Degree Mitchell Hamline

One Minnesota law school just opened its doors to veterans in a bold, new way. Mitchell Hamline School of Law will now allow veterans to get a free law degree.

According to the school’s website, veterans qualified for law school who are also eligible for Post 9/11 GI Bill Yellow Ribbon Program can attend for free. The school changed its policy to allow the free education.  only contribute $1,000 to tuition before.

Before, they would only contribute $1,000 to tuition. This was a rather insignificant amount since the school if private, costing around $40,000 per year.

Now, with a combination of funds between VA, the Yellow Ribbon Program, and Mitchell Hamline, those students can attend free… well, kind of.

(I’ll explain that later)

Comment On Free Law Degree

According to the news release on their website:

President and Dean Mark C. Gordon says Mitchell Hamline is pleased to be able increase its support for veterans.

“We all owe a great debt to everyone serving our country,” Gordon says. “This is a small way to help in showing our gratitude.”

Sarah Hogfoss of Fargo, N.D., served in the U.S. Army from 2009 to 2012. When Hogfoss, 35, starts her second year at Mitchell Hamline this fall, her tuition and fees will be paid for.

“I’m really happy with this change,” Hogfoss says. “I won’t have to take out additional student loans to cover the remaining balance of my tuition, and I won’t have to pay out-of-pocket tuition for J-term and summer courses.”

According to Mitchell Hamline Assistant Director of Financial Aid Nick Anderson, this arrangement is available to any eligible full-time student veteran. While other private law schools around the country offer to match VA funds to pay veterans’ full tuition and fees, many restrict how many students are eligible.

“Many schools have a cap on the number of students they will offer this to,” Anderson says. “Some also have an application process that is first-come, first-served, so only early applicants get the benefit. We want to maximize every eligible student’s benefit, since it is a benefit they have earned.”

This is certainly good news for some veterans, and I hope some reading this website take the opportunity to look into this option.

Not So Fast – Veterans Will Be Debt Free

My good friend Brian Lewis, a lawyer who graduated from Mitchell Hamline, wanted to clarify that the school is not really providing anything “free”. The degree is actually paid for by your benefits that you earned – – the school is not waiving its tuition by any stretch of the imagination.

So, being a good lawyer, Lewis helped delineate what the school is really doing. Veterans who attend, who also have Yellow Ribbon entitlement / GI Bill entitlement, will not have to pay out of pocket.

Here is what Lewis had to say in our Facebook group, Disabled Veterans – Chapter 31 VocRehab:

Yes, folks, they are also the only ABA-accredited law school in the country that offers a hybrid JD program. For regionally located folks, their weekend program also offers options. While those enrollment options will not qualify you under Yellow Ribbon, because you cannot attend for 12 credits (full time) in those programs, they are also a valuable way to make law school attainable.

Also be aware that the school does have limiting language as to under what circumstances they will waive tuition. “Starting this fall semester, veterans eligible for the Post 9/11 G.I. Bill© Yellow Ribbon Program will have their Mitchell Hamline School of Law education paid for in full. Veterans who served at least three years in active duty since Sept. 11, 2001, and who attend law school full time, can have their tuition and fees fully covered by a combination of funds from the Department of Veterans Affairs, the VA’s Yellow Ribbon Program, and Mitchell Hamline.” Therefore, you must be using Chapter 33 GI Bill (not MGIB) AND must meet their TIS requirements.

I attended the law school at the University of Minnesota as an out of state student, making my tuition bill (or rather, the one paid by VocRehab) around $45,000 per year at the time.

Being A Lawyer Is Awesome

I personally love being an attorney, and being able to fight for the rights of my clients against wrongful denials of benefits by VA adjudicators and counselors.

None of this would have been possible for me without funding from Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment (VocRehab). Now, veterans unable to secure funding from VocRehab will still have the same result using their GI Bill funds.

The benefit of having law school paid for is huge. Most new lawyers are also buried under a mounting of debt, sometimes over $200,000. This means normal new lawyers are stuck paying $3,000 per month for up to a decade or more.

That is a huge house payment.

So imagine your options when you graduate law school without any debt at all? The possibilities are endless, and you will not have to take a crap corporate lawyer job to cover your enormous debt.

Instead, you can focus on veterans rights law or any other area of law you choose. Going to school free is a huge liberator of minds and missions.

I hope some of you check it out.

Thanks to Tom Bruize for finding this for me, today.


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      1. @Ex va: Doing good as well. Rained all day, we have flood warnings now. I can’t believe how much everything grew in just a day, amazing.

    1. @cj, i hope you are cutting yourself a little slack on getting this paperwork done. Don’t push yourself too much. You will get it done and it will be great.

  1. I’ve got to ask a legal question.

    My wife, (in the past she was registered in healthcare), has drawn up a list of medical problems, (and is having it notorized), she has noticed getting worse in the past 5 years, plus!
    She wants my primary care physician to sign it and have it copied into my medical records!
    Can y’all think of anything that could go wrong with this idea?
    I’ve already said I don’t think my PCP will sign it! I also don’t believe it’ll get into my medical records!
    On the other hand, I believe it’ll help me with putting in for more compensation on my service connected disabilities !?!?

    What are your thoughts, brothers and sisters?

    1. @Crazy elf: elf, you can have it inserted into your records, signed or not. If they refuse to make it part of your records, then ask to see the Chief of staff, and then it will become part of your record. I am sorry I can’t remember the person you have make it part of your record, it would be the same person you go to, to have your record corrected if your doctor made a mistake. 91 Veteran knows who, and what this dept is, but yeah, you can get it into your records. Instead of saying your doctor put it there, it will say, Veteran requested it be added.

      1. Correction, it should read “can’t remember the person you have to see to make it part of your record,”

      2. cj,
        It is the Privacy Officer who makes the corrections on medical records. Crazy Elf, make sure they put it in so that you can see it if you want to download through the MyHealtheVet. I have had several items that get scanned into the system and all I see is a not stating “something” was scanned into the system. They may have scanned only part of what you want put in. I would think your PC would not sign it as that could be considered some type of responsibility and/or accountability. You know that will never happen. I say go for it. It would be something in black and white that states facts from someone who has knowledge in that area.

    2. It can be uploaded whether your PCP signs it or not. And if your PCP won’t go to a private clinic, (spend the $75.00 and have a physician enter your wife’s list in a record. Get a copy of the visit record and upload that into your VA health record.

  2. This article is from;
    “The Military Advantage Blog”
    By Tom Philpott
    Dated: 9 June 2017
    It’s a “military update!” on what “Shithead Shulkin” wants to do to veterans health care!
    He’s still talking about getting rid of IU when vets reach retirement age of 62!

    Read it, then comment, please!

    1. What bothers me the most about Shulkin’s “talking point” about the IU issue is; in the article he admits he’s “…aware it…” [will plunge] “…veterans into POVERTY!”

      Think about this for a minute.
      “IF” he’s aware of the tens of thousands of veterans receiving IU, and through Social Security a minimum amount of monies, and he still doesn’t care enough to continue IU. Then he evidently doesn’t give a crap about veterans health!
      Because, once a person’s income drops, as it will dramatically in many cases, their health also declines! That is a proven scientific evaluation.
      If Shulkin were truly interested in helping veterans, he’d have the directors of VHA’s around our nation to stop spending taxpayers monies recklessly!
      We on here have written about the massive waste, fraud and abuse committed by VA on so many levels. It’s unconscionable he can’t figure it out!
      Plus, where are the VSO’s telling him how to save money! Is everyone “braindead?”

      1. @Crazy elf- The only thing I can wrap my brain around with the bean counter Shulkin and his plan to take away IU from retiring Veterans is the VA wants to see those Veteran Suicide numbers to get back up there closer to 30 a day instead of 22.

        I’m with you in that the VA could save the $$$ by ending their reckless spending and such, not on the back of Veterans while these asswipes will more than likely receive bonuses for how many extra Veterans they can get off IU and VA Comp.

        We cannot and should not sit down and just let this happen.

  3. This is something I believe y’all need to know about! It concerns the “illegal spying on American Citizens”!
    From: “End Times Prophesy”
    “Brother Jim Reporting”
    via: “Fox News” with Sean Hannity.
    Dated: June 11,2017 (17:14 min long)
    “The Lawsuit Of The Century Has Started!”

    This illegal act by our government (FBI, CIA, etc.) is coming out into the open. It’s a violation of the 4th Amendment.
    “20 million plus American Citizens have been “unmasked” due to this illegal activity.
    If each page were to be stacked one on top of the other, it would reach a height of “…34 miles.”
    Y’all have got to watch this utube video!

  4. Any advice if you already have a Masters in Counseling what law schools offer programs for just veterans law? Just curious. If I knew then what I know now I would have became a lawyer just to fight the mess the VA deals.

  5. Good Evening Sir ,
    For my own curiosity What the Code of Federal Regulation Reads about Service Connected Rating and what Is the critaria for a Service Connecting rating to reduced or what the VA wants to cut Individual Unemployment The VA proposed Budget pertaining Individual Unemployability stated The Agency being the VA can not cut a Service Connected Disability rating unless there is Improvement. Federal Regulation 3.951 . The VA Director and the rest of his thugs that are willing to violate Laws and Regulations with the Budget Proposal. There are
    benefits being cut out for over 300 thousand Service Connected Veterans that are rated 100 Percent Individual Unemployable. On my award Letter the rating states Permanent for Individual Unemployable

    1. Scott you inadvertantly bring up the most salient point about VA plans to curtail IU benefits.

      Perry Mason might argue something like this; A Vet is rated at 60% and has a right at any time to appeal that rating because under current law a vet is compensated for current severity of the condition and not the severity as it occured. So long anyway as the injury was at least aggravated by military service. No such thing in a VBA decision of say, PTSD that it was pre-existing anymore, only that it was aggravated in service.

      Then, Perry would pause as if something was just revealled to him…

      So, if IU is terminated it would be terminated for budgetary reasons, not because of health improved. Who do you know whose health improves with age? The vet would certainly file an appeal to have their rated award percentage increased. Perry Mason, using the example of PTSD would argue that the original rating by VBA was considered so flawed by our own federal government that it took a different federal program (IU) to correct the error which should not have been let stand in the first place.

      Paul Drake at this point would glance at Stella with a knowing glance…

      Perry Mason would have a very compelling argument – the government itself claimed that the UI recipient was unable to earn a wage at all because of say, PTSD, while at the same time another part of government concluded, erroneously, that the PTSD patient could function at some level to earn a wage of some sort. The previous IU rating would be defacto proof of the error VBA made in not awarding a 100% rating in the first place and that offering then removing IU simply agravated the severe anxiety already associated with PTSD that should have been 100% anyway. IU is proof of that. True story.

      In short, which I never am, the lashing of IU ratings would not save money at all. It would trigger a FLOOD of appeals to the VBA over ratings already adjudicated. Moreover, ailments nearly never improve with age so in fact a back injury like the one I am also rated for may very well progress from 10% to 50% or more. Without any doubt much of what is lost by a vet could be quickly recovered truthfully in this manner. Furthermore, the necessary legal time spent dealing with matters already adjudicated will be huge and it is unlikely any cost savings will even be seen. Only an increase in grief for patients and work for lawyers.

  6. Over ten (10) business days ago, I notified the VA Patient Advocate that my current VA PCP was relieved from medically treating me. Then a get a medical order by the VA PCP in whom I relieved of duties, send me a notice that not only are we reducing your pain medication amount, but the VA wants me weaned off of them, and then forcing me to take SSRI’s for chronic, moderate, and acute pain, muscle spasms, migraines, and PTSD and all the other symptoms that PTSD carries with it. Plus, I’m going to be able to on a continual basis, keep up with building muscle mass for strength, and then be able to build up enough endurance and stamina, to be able to go outside assisted, on a regular basis.

    Basically, VA’s modality treating moderate to chronic pain with pharmaceuticals called SSRI’s is reckless to say the least. Using SSRI’s to treat these levels of pain, let alone in multiple bodily locations, and the ailment of PTSD to be only treated with SSRI’s?

    To say the least, the above medical order is incompetent and malpractice. I’m not a physician, but I pride my self in not being fucked over by one them either.

    I need those of you with VA experience, to think out of the box. If not, then we BENEFICIARY’s (Veterans) have to put our trust into someone (POTUS), to make the necessary changes to make the VA to work in behalf of, and holding in high regards, to treat BENEFICIARY’s (Veterans) with the BEST Medical Care and Behavioral Health services. There has to be ways to make the VA change from how and what are being prescribed to BENEFICARY’s (Veterans) in this modern world. What say you?

  7. Been doing some digging around and found that back when Trump was catching BS for not listing the Veterans Charities that he donated to. The last one he did donated $75k to was “The Foundation for American Veterans”. The Foundations founder is Robert McDonald. The foundations forms 990 are accessible at “”

    An article on the subject is at “”

    Also found a great episode of CNBC’s American Greed Season 8 Episode 14 Hail to the Thief

    It is all about one of Robbie’s old classmates named John Donald Cody. Just so happens Cody also was serving in some of the same locations that Robbie did. Also just like Robbie he had a Veterans Charity on the books called “The United States Navy Veterans Association”, (USNVA).

    The American Greed episode is well worth watching. John Cody’s defense for stealing more than $100 million was that it was a black ops run by the CIA.

    Got to point out that with all of these bogus charities using Veterans and they all file form 990 required by the IRS. All of the form 990 all show that the charities only receive 15% from these professional fund raisers that collect for them. They all also have to file special forms required for reporting gambling also.

    Oh and can forget to add Thomas Burch’s bogus charity. His forms 990 are also accessible at: “”

    Dennis! What do you think maybe some one should investigate who these professional fund raisers really are? CIA!

    1. Robert McDonald…claimed he worked at that foundation 50 hours a week in 2015 what a joke…thief’s in action

  8. Let me pose a thought for the day.

    Congress has told us VA lied about treatment delays and ommisions. They are investigating this.
    The President says VA is corrupt. They are investigating this.
    VA Director says we need to spend billions cataloging veterans DNA. They are investigsting this.
    Everyone is any position of authority acknowledges VA over-prescribe opiates and opiod drugs and many vets and others have died of overdose as a direct result. Many more are forever physiologically dependent upon these drugs. They are investigating this.

    Now, our press tells us that 22 veterans per day choose death over life of their own free will. We also learn that many who do so are taking psychiatric drugs prescribed by VA. Does it not seem odd that instead of investigating the precise clinical treatment and drugs being prescribed that instead we are investigating the reason “why” VA lied about it? Clearly Dr. Shulkin believes America has billions to spend on research to make vets better, right? He clearly believes the expertise to learn these things lay in the hands of the private sector if you call big business “private”.

    So why are there not investigations to try to learn if the mental health providers have totally screwed the pooch just like the rest of VA has demonstrated? If VA is incapable of correctly prescribing pain medication and we investigate and take action then I have to ask, why are you not placing every single godamn prescription VA dishes out under the SAME scrutiny that you placed morphine?

    Question of the day; Why are we not investigating the stomach contents of the 22 per day to see what sort of glorious psychiatric VA cocktail the first year resident who graduated with a D average from Buhdapest Southwest Mother of the Sacred Goat University (who produced a handsome certificate of achievement to the VA recuiter as proof of credentials) prescribed for the guy?

    1. @Dennis: “[…Question of the day; Why are we not investigating the stomach contents of the 22 per day to see what sort of glorious psychiatric VA cocktail the first year resident who graduated with a D average from Buhdapest Southwest Mother of the Sacred Goat University…]”

      Lost my coffee to my nasal cavity and thrust in high velocity laughter onto my screen. Grew-up on a farm and very familiar with the antics of goats. Thanks, I needed those endorphins and to clean my screen. 🙂

      1. That was a great turn of phrase. Well apparently it’s the same BS while still in service. I repeatedly complained of side effects from my multiple medications and asked to see an endocrinologist – instead the Flight Surgeon sent me for a sleep study, waste of tax payer dollars. After seeing 3 physicians on base – I found out I was pre-diabetic from the base pharmacist. Then I discover two more facts. One the high dose of statin I was one is known to cause diabetes as well as all of the side effects I was complaining of. Two and to your point above with the D average University of the Sacred Goat – I found out my Flight Surgeon had not yet done and internship ! The military picks them straight up out of med school and they either apply to do their internship out in the community or some of them do it at the larger military hospitals. So, all this time I was getting sicker and sicker, the Doc I was relying on hadn’t even been supervised in patient treatment yet. I keep saying, it’s getting just as bad on the inside as it is in the VA.

        Also, just to update – I was recommended by three physicians at the Air Force Hosp for a full MEB which likely would have medically retired me. But the National Guard Bureau returned me as fit for duty. I’m profiled to only work 2 four hour days per week, in cardiac rehab 3 days a week but, I’m fit for duty ???? It’s because they do whatever they can to deny a medical retirement and your VA rating.

    2. @Dennis: Dammt man,,,,,that is exactly the University, my last PCP graduated from. At first I thought it was one of those souvenir mini bear skin rugs hanging on the wall. But upon closer inspection, it was a genuine goatskin certificate from Budapest Southwest Mother of the Sacred Goat University!!!

      Oh how proud she was standing there, chest pushed out, big smile, as she handed over a new script of powdered Fentanyl, to be used as fairy dust. The diections on the script said: sprinkle fucking fairy dust on your coocoo puffs each morning and have a super sparkely day.

      On a more serious note, I am with you 100%, on finding out exactly what kind of cocktail the 22 per day were on, at the time of their untimely departure. This is just one more item, in a long list of items, the VA and it’s unqualified quacks, need to be held accountable for. Another excellent post Dennis.

      1. Sorry just woke up and not thinking clearly.

        They should also be held accountable for no treatment whatsoever, as well, for the 22 per day, as it has been reported they did seek out, but were denied help/treatment.

    3. I think your right Dennis. Someone should investigate this or at least investigate the investi-gators.

  9. Sorry to say there are many attorneys out of school complaining of not being able to find work. But THEY could change their ideas of who to work for and what causations to pursue and file lawsuits on behalf of veterans and civilians who cannot get real medical care and also file suits on all the meds that are pushed onto patients only to change them again per drug manufacturer making new meds to make more billions a year. And just who’s medicine formulary does the VA use anyway? Sounds like somebody is scared because that is all the VA was doing for everyone’s medical problems, handing out pain meds like candy. Even though some folks really need those opiates and should at the very least weaned off. Muscle relaxers are B.S. meds, it is only for muscle spasms and knocking out the patient just like the other meds like neurontin, an antipsychotic med. Nothing wrong with using the natural hemp if you can handle the odor of it but it comes n other forms, even creams.
    God bless you nutter.
    I know too many civilians, many of them women in the medical field, who are where you are ( me too for 31 years) or who are gone because they too couldn’t get the right relief for their multi pains. aches and illnesses related to stress & toxins, even suffering heart attacks and severe mold and asbestos direct contact.
    I’ve mentioned who the engineer of the health care that we have today IS. but it’s going to take a congressional hearing to get it out there about the biggest con going and that the American people including the VETS been paying for it from their wallets and their bodies.

  10. This is not news Ben and has a ring of fake news.

    Every state school covers 100% tuition for any degree if you have the post 9/11 GI Bill. That means if you can get into UCLA, UC Berkley, UMich, Penn, etc. it is all free.

    Also many private Universities have unlimited yellow ribbon such as Stanford, Georgetown, NYU, Columbia, etc. which also means 100% tuition covered.

    Other private schools have partial yellow ribbon which means the VA will cover $21K and dollar match what ever they school want to pony up.

    So if you want to go to law school and you have a GI Bill you have many Tier One and Top 14 schools to choose from if you can get in. You have many Tier 2 schools (Top 100) as well as Tier 3 and 4 (not Top 100 and not recommended for job placement).

    William Mitchell and Hamline University merged because they were both going out of business (they were/are Tier 3/Tier 4). They are hoping to stay alive by merging and get some gold GI Bill Cash.

    The Gi Bill is a once in lifetime chance to go to one of many great law schools. Don’t waste it on a Tier 3/4 school with no job prospects. This article is shameful as it makes it look like the university is doing Veterans a favor when the opposite is true.

    1. @Jake – – – Hey, part of your last sentence, ” . . . makes it look like the university is doing Veterans a favor when the opposite is true.”

      Jake, this makes it sound like that Ben don’t care about Veterans? WTF?

      1. The point is that the article makes it look like this unique law school is doing some special when the opposite is true. If you go to a Tier 4 school to train as a lawyer it is very difficulty to find a job and you wasted 3 years of your life and your gi bill. I am not sure why Ben recommend this Tier 4 school when there so many better options out there.

  11. how wonderful how all these offers pop up after the Viet Nam vets reach an age were they are not only unemployable but to old to remember what they went to school for

  12. Here’s something good news. I received it last night around 8 pm.
    From: “Judicial Watch” June 9, 2017, 5:34 pm
    “Veterans Affairs Sued For Info on Homeless Vets Plan”

    “Judicial Watch’s v. U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (No. 1:17-cv-00994)”

    It concerns the property out in West Los Angeles, Brentwood, California.
    That 338 acres of land which was “deeded to homeless veterans” for eternity. And the VA decided to fuck veterans out of it!
    Well, NOT so fast, says Judicial Watch!

  13. My family in Oregon growing up did not follow a Christian tradition in the home. Our inspirational lives were nurtured mostly the same way with a slightly different recipe. We had only one thing up on the wall with words on it in this regard. It was a small tapestry. It said, You see things as they are and ask, “why”? I dream things that never were and ask, “why not”?

    I dream of a day when all these lawyers will get together with all the bankers in the land, along with all the doctors in the land and all the schools in the land. Police could be there too, for option (4) below. In my dream I see them designing a kiosk. One would be placed near every Starbucks in the land which easily outnumbers all the schools and churches in our land and so are accessible to all at an even greater scale than even God’s house is. Up to this kiosk a veteran would stride. He would use his card and his thumbprint to open the screen:

    Press 1) to be reimbursed for medical care.
    Press 2) to be reimbursed for school expenses.
    Press 3) to be compensated for injuries as a result of service.
    Press 4) to report government misconduct.

    The only person VA would need to hire then is one chubby frumpkin to sit in the information cubicle nearby the kiosk. When a customer did not understand the options, the VA person could then fill the same role as they currently do and promptly inform the customer that they would check with a supervisor and call them back. This would be left in place so older veterans who preffered standard VA care would not be left in the cold. For them, additionally (if the kiosk is located near a food court) then VA could also set up a food service just for vets that rival even Colonel Sander’s efforts at feeding the world….

    Damn! The idea is so crazy, it just might work!

  14. @Ben – – – I think what Jo3n is saying, and right to do so, is that you’re being watched by your subordinates. Some of them. There might be so-called trolls online. Why shit yeah there are trolls online, what are you talking about? Listen to what just came to my thought . . . ,

    I just may have to think of a CLUSTERFUCK and put it in the face of the VA. Anyone have any suggestion? Its hurting not knowing what to do. But again, here’s what’s happening . . .

    [1] Not strong enough to go out or to maintain myself while outside, need to exercise, until I build more muscle back, then exercise more, to gain more muscle so that, I can then work on endurance and stamina to be able to do one (1) two (2) hour outing at one (1) time per two (2) days.

    [2] VA wants to start tapering off of Pain Medication starting in June-July 2017. And at the same time, the VA expects me to take SSRI’s, in which I don’t like SSRI’s and the SSRI’s addictive side effects. VA, in the end of the Carisoprodol (Soma) mentioning, which VA So-called Licensed Medical Practitioner’s considers Carisoprodol (Soma) to have no use in long term muscle spasms. In the past, I was prescribed and taking Soma on a regular four (4) times a day.

    I had to wean myself off of Soma without any consultation or even a talk on how to taper off Soma muscle relaxers. The VA has it out for Soma (Carisoprodol), but VA don’t want to get into a real discussion about how Soma (Carisoprodol) can work on each person.

    [3] And in place of being prescribed Soma, which I’ve taken for well over 5 years, has never bothered me, had no side or euphoric effects, and Soma gave me excellent relief for extreme spasms, and secondary pain, and help to reduce my anxiety, and help to relieve Migraine-type symptoms. Soma is a multi-use for medication.

    I understand that Soma can be strong for them for some reason or another, that’s all understood, but on the same side, the VA doesn’t want to recognize that some people can be prescribed Soma, and they have no problems with this muscle relaxer which was created over 50 years ago. VA should recognize that Soma isn’t always addictive to every person that it is prescribed to. And, you can’t compare Soma to pain medications.

    With Schedule II Type Controlled Substances- Pain Medications- long term use = dependency = addiction = VA will use as a carrot = Does the Donkey need the carrot?

    I informed Patient Advocate (PA0 at my local VA Medical Center, that my current VA PCP, is now my ex-VA PCP. I fired my VA Primary Care Physician (PCP). I had no choice compared to what this VA Medical Provider wanted to do to me by sending discontinue orders that was a 95% straight out reckless medical order to the VA Pharmacy.

    You wanna know some thing else, the VA Pharmacy doesn’t even have any RED FLAGS in the VA’s Controlled Substance Distribution like Pain Medications and Benzodiazepines. The Pharmacy personnel didn’t even think a 95% reduction in the monthly amount of Pain Medication is a severe subtraction from the original monthly Pain Medication amount.

    [4] So thus far, the VA now wants me to take SSRI’s, and it doesn’t matter what I think because its the way the VA treats up to HIGH PAIN LEVELS with SSRI family of medications. Lets add this up; chronic low back pain, thoracic and cervical pain and spasms, wrist pain from VA not helping get to obtain decent Orthopedic Surgeon. VA denied request for Private Sector Orthopedic Surgeon.

    [5] And with all this crashing in on me in [4], I’m not physically fit to not even come close to holding my own, let alone not even right outside my front door. I’m not that strong yet. Lack of endurance and stamina is evident if evaluated in person. But, since I’m not able to get inside a VA Facility Office for Medical Observation, it is basically my fault. The VA just has an agenda, and that’s it, the “Agenda Mode” of Action.

    The VA has a big problem, and one that as a seasoned Biologist, can’t agree with on how things are seen compared to other parties in the same field of study; Biology. For myself, I consider the VA to be incompetent, inhumane, but here’s the big part, but is the VA guilty of something?

    Don’t know. But I know that my endurance and stamina needs a lot of work for me to feel safe. I believe the VA is acting immaturely in thinking that I’m even a good candidate to be put on SSRI’s because of my medical conditions. I question this right up. I shouldn’t have to be put on SSRI’s.

    VA stop acting so fucking tough. From my research, and please keep this in mind for your comments, even if I agreed to take SSRI’s, I don’t fit the profile to be considered to even try to use SSRI’s to treat my pain, spasms, deep tissue and bone aches, SSRI’s are just not suited for my treatment.

    What are your thoughts on my situation. I wanna know how you feel about this. If I need to add anything for my benefit as a BENEFICIARY (Veteran), of what the VA wants to offer me. But what do you think?

    And, I may repost this again on Monday. Reason is that I need to address this issue with the VA. A lot has happened over the past couple of months. Your input to my situation could help another BENEFICIARY (Veteran) who may be going through the same thing.

    Oh and another thing, the VA never performed a what’s happening in my life investigation. I have without a doubt, that the VA has no idea what is happening with me. Just ask them, and then let me guess. I’ll bet you our answers will differ.

    What say you? – – – Nutter.

    Think about others about this matter. Your input others may be reading. I know I wrote a lot again, but this matter is not important because its me, its that not any one should go through anything close to this type of bullshit. What do you have to say? – – – Sorry for another lengthy post. Only so much more in dealing with the VA. Its late night, Nutter.

    1. ANutterVet,
      I was prescribed the lidocaine patches for my knees. They did not help; however, they did work good on my lower back. It sometimes gives me fits and I put on e of these on and it did help with the pain. Don’t know if this is something your PCP will prescribe and/or if it would help but the prescription strength patch is much more than the OTC type. I have some left and put one on if my back start bothering me. Just a thought.

      1. @figure8fan – – – VA PCP prescribed me the Lidocaine Patch for my back, but it doesn’t stick. My VA PCP sent me a letter, and instead of taking the defective product back, they expect me to put tape of the patch, and then try to put the patch on.

        Problem is, this bullshit will require me to twist my lower lumbar area of my back, bingo, flare up or pain up. The product is defective. My VA PCP’s Nurse even said to me, that it is a good thing that the manufacture admits that the product doesn’t stick properly.

        Well, VA, what does this do for me? f8f, VA is not in my favor of recovering in an AGREED MEDICAL PLAN OF ACTION(s). They, VA, shoves what they are going to do down your throat. And, f8g, I’m fucking tired of it. Could be a legal challenge in the mix. We’ll see. I post updates, but I may cut waaaaay back on the length of my posts. I dunno.

      2. ANutterVet,
        They wanted me to tape these patches to my knees. They even sent me 4 inch wide tape. I asked how am I to tape a 4 inch by 5 inch patch to my knees and make it stay? They told me to tape it “somewhere around the knee and it will do the same thing” What? My patches were made by Qualitest and they did seem to stick on my lower back. I did put it on about a half hour after washing the area and that may have helped it stick better.
        I completely agree about the VA forcing what they are going to do. You can tell them and prove to them what is working and they will still do what they want. We are in a no win situation. Remember this as well, they do not need those of us who complain, they will do what they want to get rid of us. They can see one person a day and will keep their job. They know that and know nothing will be done to them for what they do. I am tired of their crap as well. If you complain and go against what they tell you to do, you will be flagged and then they can ban you from their “wonderful?” medical facility.
        I don’t know what else you can do. If you want to continue to fight them, expect the flag (I got mine). I will not give up as they are hoping. I will continue to do what is right for my health. If I get banned, I will go to a private doctor and get have a choice in my doctor and what is to be done. My Doctor will not have graduated from the Buhdapest Southwest Mother of the Sacred Goat University. Don’t give up!

      3. ANutterVet,
        Have you also noticed how the VA pushed a pill or product on you that “will definitely” work and then when it does not, they tell you “Yeah, we know that would not work”. They must get a kickback for prescribing those things. They know what they are doing does not work and/or help. They don’t care, it is something that they can throw at you and keep you quiet for a month or so.

  15. Honestly, I’m quite sure the VA with all their perhaps right, perhaps wrong diagnosis, has left me, I may not be able to adjust to change, the kind each Veteran, and most Americans are experiencing today. For so long, the VA has had a big part of leading me on………………………………………. There’s so many Veterans…. too many Veterans, just can’t quite rid the experiences and the VA mental health care is a straight up joke. Point being, for me, going to the VA has a negative impact on my life. It’s not like other appointments. The miles, the time, the kid, or some stranger. I am positive, that if I can’t , let’s say something like, behave properly, or can’t grip the anger, a case could be made that the VA assisted greatly to my insanity. Rant out. How does one lose the smell the VA instills? Can’t even say the associated events. God Bless the Veterans and their families. @Ben, stay humble….you’re one of the good ones.

  16. The VA can bring out the Best and worst, in any thing. – – – What no body up, eves dropping tonight? I eee . . ., y’all are out there. Don’t forget this is Friday, and new articles only on weekdays, unless its a makeup or an extra, or neither. Who’s up tonight? On the other side? Or, see ya on Monday with the new article. L8r, – – – Nutter.

    1. “In an age of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”-George Orwell

    2. @ANutterVet, i am up but i am sick. don’t know how long i can be on here. Sorry, you are still having troubles with the va.

      1. @Ex va: Ex, sorry you have been sick, hope you get well soon. I left a comment about what messenger I found. Will wait to hear from you after you get well.

      2. @cj, what messenger? Let me know. Ok. It is just some of the normal stuff i go thru i think.

      3. @Ex va: It is called “wire” you can install it through the app store for you tablet or iphone. My username is cj59.

      4. @Ex va: Once you open it check everything out, so it isn’t intimidating to you, I is pretty straight forward, with menu’s at the top etc.

        This COPD has been woopin my ass the past few days, okay during the day, then nights suck. Don’t know what is setting it off. I need to look into it more, I am wondering if allergies, or maybe it is one of my meds.

      5. @Ex va: Ex, I need to try and sleep while I am nodding out, Talk soon, goodnight and God Bless.

  17. Off-Topic, but about fraud on massive scale and military and US Army Colonel and contractors defrauding U.S. Gov’t. in Georgia area updating military IT….very close to VA stuff. seeing how the DoD and VA will sharing contractors with IT….check this crappy cling-on leftovers from Obummer:


    1. The $20 Million fraudster’s duties included oversight of the Army’s efforts to build and modernize its information and communication networks, an indictment said.

      With the VA and it’s corruption meeting DoD IT Systems….what could POSSIBLY go wrong?

    2. Fulton was an officer for ‘a large defense contracting company

      The firm is not named in the court records…..WHY NOT

      1. I am going out on a limb here and guessing when the IT Contractor’s Co. name is disclosed, it will be one of the many IT Co.’s the VA has used or is still using or plan to utilize. Wait for it…

  18. This doesnt have anything to do with the article which I think getting a law degree would be awesome,even tho Im to old now,but I tried requesting another Dr. And was told if I did I would be labeled as a disruptive patient,how am I disruptive if I dont like the Dr.I call her the asprin matter what I may have her advice Oh that happens to everyone,just take some aspirin and it will be ok.I have cyst on my hands from Camp Lejeune contaminated water,the biggest one hurts constantly,I tell her she says everyone gets them just take aspirin and it will be fine…..its like ,damn lady it hurts why dont you make me an appointment to have them looked at,her response,oh well they arent big enough just take asprin and it will be fine….I just stopped going for any appointments,they send a letter saying I have an appointment I just call and cancel,I dont need any Dr telling me …its ok it happens to everyone just take aspirin….

  19. Following . . . then not . . . following . . . then not . . . following . . .

    please list who else is following at the moment? thank you!

  20. While I’m waiting, I’m fluffing up some canniberner budsters of some loud shit. The keys on the keyboard are moving all around. I wonder if this stick is from Asia. Look at these streaks. Looks like it is treated with something, and the smell is some sweet and pine smelling. Something going on at my place. Let me see if @Dennis is outside to burn some dem bundles of sticky trichomes on top every ting. – – – Nutter.

  21. This is a Repost that you might have missed. Excuse the errors, I know there are some.

    ANutterVet June 9, 2017 at 8:17 pm

    Off Topic – – – To All – – – Who Wants To Help Me To Embarrass The VA – – – I may be wrong, but within my own rational thinking and background, I can’t accept what the VA wants to do to me. And, how the VA wants to treat my CHRONIC LUMBAR BACK PAIN, and THORACI AND CERVICAL MODERATE BACK PAIN, EXTREME MUSCLE SPASMS AND PAIN. I have so much backflow of energy that its very hard to contain. I can get so stirred up easily, especially when someone gives fucking off-the-wall information, and then the VA stands by an alternative to way to at the most treat acute pain.

    I have a hard time believing that a SSRI will most of the time, give excellent relief with Chronic pain in multiple-locations. Let alone Chronic pain in one location. And, I definitely don’t believe that SSRI’s can give excellent relief at most times, when treating Chronic Pain in many areas, Acute Pain in multiple areas, and PTSD, which has its own individual characters and footprints. To treat my medical ailment only by SSRI’s is totally reckless as well.

    Anymore, I can’t get myself to do what the VA wants me to do, is to accept anything the VA says even if my health, recovery, and life is in danger. The VA makes so many mistakes that I can’t settle my mind while receiving medical care from them. And a BENEFICIARY (Veteran) shouldn’t feel this way. Why is this stuff happing @Ben ?

    I want you to comment about what the VA is trying to do me, please I need some sound input, and no offense, I don’t want a riddle, just tell me what you think. I feel like the VA is my enemy. This is what I already know . . .

    – – – already knows the he must take a stand
    – – – knows that he should seek medical attention out side the VA Health Care System
    – – – already knows about most medications, but hey, if your paying $$$$$ to get pertinent drug information, that’s updated by the minute, then Puuuleeese, post what you got
    – – – knows that you can’t trust VA, what Namnibor would state, those “Rat Bastard’s,” and all the Covfefe (ClusterFucks- designated by James Clement on Ben’s blog) [JC- don’t got the date on this so you might want to post it for verification.]
    – – – already knows that the VA will always give you problems. all I want to do is to expose them because of wanting to implement a premature life threatening medical order, and forcing me to only choose SSRI’s for the treatment of Chronic Pain, Spasms, and PTSD.
    – – – realizes that the VA lies and has slick ways when the write.
    – – – understands that people like to joke, so do I, but I want you knowledge on if you know this is legal, or to how you’d personally feel if this is what the VA was planning on doing to you.

    I don’t know, but I’ll tell you right now, I can go along with your code, of incompetence. VA you know so much, but not once have you brought up to me as a BENEFICIARY (Veteran), what would happen if something happened to my wife? VA you have offered no support specifically for my wife.

    Even when my Physical Therapist Discharged HERSELF instead of discharging the BENEFICIARY (Veteran) because how much more exercise is required, to build up enough muscle mass increase, and strength in endurance and stamina for regular outside normal activity.

    Two — State — Licensed Medical Professionals who are engaged in providing In-Home Physical Therapy [PT] Services and the In-Home Specialist Nurse that is provided so that the BENEFICIARY (Veteran) has a professional to talk to because of needing PTSD counseling and treatment.

    Even though I’m not strong enough to go outside, and I still bump into the walls when going to the bathroom, the VA now wants me to do two [2] things, next month, (1) reduce my pain medication to eventually being off of opiates, and then have more do a trial and error to see what SSRI will take can of my CHRONIC Pain (albeit stretching this point), Extreme Spasms, and to help me to recover from PTSD.

    This is a far leap for a medical order, protocol, or modality, what ever YOU [VA] call it. This reminds me in what I read about pertaining to Hitler’s days of power (and I don’t want to get into a side discussion about anything during Hitler’s days in power).

    Why should a Government Agency, the VA, or anyone else have the authority and bodily power to TELL, not just someone, but a BENEFICIARY (Veteran), and that the BENEFICIARY (Veteran) can’t reject a VA medical order, even if it was because a BENEFICIARY (Veteran) being in fear of their health, recovery, life, and family-hood.

    A BENEFICIARY (Veteran) who disagrees, in the way that the VA is distributing multi fields of medical study, and the actual medical treatment that by VA standards, is the best way to provide relief to BENEFICIARY’s (Veterans).

    Bottom line; The VA is fucking dangerous. I can’t roll over with this at all. The VA acts likes there taking care of your life, sends you a letter. Depending on the schooling of who ever wrote the letter for the VA, will reveal their true attitude. If a BENEFICIARY (Veteran) doesn’t feel comfortable about a medical process or a change of medical treatment or protocol, in order to get manageable pain relief. And the BENEFICIARY (Veteran) should be the one to determine how much pain they should endure. It shouldn’t all be the VA’s decision in how a BENEFICIARY (Veteran) is medically treated by any VA Medical (hopefully licensed) Professional.

    No matter where you are in reading my post, and if you have in depth updated experience with the VA, and no matter what our gruffs have been in the past or current; I then would like you to post your comments about the VA making this reckless and life threatening medical orders of tapering, then changing the family’s of medication that NOW is USED to TREAT for CHRONIC, MODERATE, and ACUTE PAIN, EXTREME MUSCLE SPASMS, and SEVERITIES of PTSD, due to the BENEFICIARY (Veteran) starts using the SSRI Family of Drugs.

    Yes, do all of the above to a BENEFICIARY (Veteran), even when two [2] licensed In-Home Registered Nurse and Physical Therapist (and my PT is a Doctor [Dr.], not a regular), both of these professionals who visit the Disabled Public and BENEFICIARY’s (Veterans) in their place of residence, have both said that I’m not fit to go outside for more than one [1] hour.

    And this amount of time may be to much, and even if I had an additional assistant to support me, that this help from the assistant should be for exercising, gaining muscle strength, and to work on endurance and stamina, that in some time this then would enable me to go outside of my residence in more of my own ability. But I’m fully not able to do physical abilities outside for ANY lengths of time.

    And, the treatment that is offered by the VA is, at best, and this is stretching it, that SSRI’s MAY HELP to REDUCE PAIN for those with ailments that create chronic pain, and severe muscle spasms.

    Please put your logical input about the above. I want to know how you’d feel if this is what the VA wanted to do to you. If seen people that got officially addicted to a regulated SSRI pharmaceutical, and the person can’t hardly function, and their condition put traumatic stress on the home front, marriage, and family unit as a whole. I have a K9 PTSD-Alert Service Dog that is involved in my family.

    The VA could care less about a BENEFICIARY’s (Veterans) home life, and whom else in the family who might need help? Or is affected by someone in the family taking SSRI medications. Using SSRI in full measure for all things, is NOT ACCEPTED by the BENEFICIARY (Veteran).

    I tried to leave out as much emotional mumbo jumbo out, but I feel threatened by the VA because they are NOW ONLY OFFERING SSRI’s for ALL LEVELS OF PAIN along with PTSD. VA says SSRI’s are the best method to treat my specific pain? Will the SSRI’s be guaranteed to give me excellent relief from CHRONIC Back Pain?

    And, then these SSRI’s will additionally give me relief for ACUTE and MODERATE PAIN? And then, after the SSRI gives relief in all the PAIN LEVELS, plus one SSRI can also help with PTSD. NOW the SSRI’s are the best modalities to treat pain up to CHRONIC LEVELS, combined with relief from PTSD symptoms.

    I tried SSRI’s in the past and they aren’t the medication of choice for me to get pain relief. My experiences with SSRI’s were not good. I couldn’t stand how I felt after taking them. And, I’m personally not impressed at all, with SSRI’s being the best medication to treat all pain up to chronic pain, along with helping with PTSD symptoms. I don’t feel comfortable taking SSRI’s. Never really did. Try to avoid them as medication as much as possible.

    Personally, I’d prefer my regular Pain Medication for the treatment of my ailments. What do you think? What would you do? How would you feel if this was you? I really want to know what you think. Its important whether you think so or not. If made up my mind already, but I may have missed something. Do you have any thing you’d like to share?

    Thanks for assisting me in measuring my healthcare services from the VA. I’m done blabbing. But anyway, PEACE be unto all you other son of bitching people at the VA who I value as an enemy. Am I wrong feeling this way? I really need your justified input.

    And if no one posts anything that is outright logical, then @DENNIS will you please comment about my post reading it? Thanks. Really in a push and shove situation at the current time. I have less than 30 days before tapering begins, and also continuing my regular Physical Therapy exercise to build more muscle, to gain endurance and stamina. I’m done writing. Leave your comment.


    1. You already know the one answer that is going to help you the most.

      You know that you should seek medical attention out side the VA Health Care System. That is if you want proper medical care.

      Nutter if your car breaks won and you take it to a mechanic. If you are unsatisfied with the mechanic’s repair you stop using them. You find the right mechanic and have the repair done properly.

      1. Sorry that should read. Nutter if your car breaks down and you take it to a mechanic.

    2. what would i do?
      1. i’d learn how to make cannabis resin extract and start taking it. alot of it. as much as you can take.
      2. i’d stop reading anti-hitler propaganda and start reading real history. Mein Kampf, Stalag Edition is a good start.

    3. ANutterVet,
      This is my take and my opinion.
      I have tried almost everything they have wanted me to try. I posted on a few blogs ago about what I have tried. The VAMC is using you as they are with all of us that deal with chronic pain. We are test subjects. Nothing more, nothing less. Think about it, what single group of people can give the best results for medically testing and gaining a very accurate conclusions. Veterans, we are one of the most diverse populations in this country. The govt. does not think they need your permission to do this as they think they still own you (sometimes by, in their minds, paying you govt. money for your disability(s))
      Look at the past studies, researches, surveys, ETC… that have credits of using the VA for the results. There are many. Do you think these were done with the veterans’ permission? most likely not. They were done just as they are being done now. We are too busy to check and see what is currently happening. Several years from now when the SSRI family of meds are touted as the next great thing, one or more of the credits will be the VA.
      I believe you are not wanting your narcotic pain meds to be stopped. I can completely understand this. I am in the same boat. I was informed by the Indy VA that every veteran will be taken off of narcotic pain meds irregardless of if the med is helping or not. I will have to try and find a private doctor who will agree that I have jumped through all the hoops and what I am taking is the best.
      The VAMC is really pushing Cognitive behavioral therapy for chronic pain among veterans. This is the VA wanting you to change the way your brain thinks about pain. I call it brainwashing. It fits under the definition of brainwashing. If they can get you to change the way you think about pain, could they get you to change the way you think about the VA as a whole? Could they get you to completely change your mind and start the VA propaganda of how great they (think) they are? There is a 124 page PDF you can get published by the VA for this. this is the PDF link (remove the “”)
      I would suggest trying to change providers. You are allowed to do that. If your provider and you are not in agreement with your plan of treatment, ask for a change. This may delay the start of the weaning or it may not. If you are told you can only do this once, that is a lie. I changed providers three times in a year. Be very cautious of any type of “pain clinic, Pain pharmacist, pain anything” I have been to the pain clinic and pharmacist, neither produced a favorable outcome. Both made me out to be a drug addict just looking to get my pills. Both lied about things that happened. If you have been on narcotics for some time, try to get your PCP to wean at an extremely low rate per month. If nothing esle this will allow you more time to find another provider.
      T has been to the Indy pain things and he could probably agree with me on how bad they are. You are most likely not going to get to continue with your current meds no matter how much or what you do. I have the hard copies of what non-narcotic pain meds I have taken but I am still considered to be a druggie. The VA will do what it wants and we have no say. The SSRI’s and the SSNRI’s did not work for me. Venlafaxine AKA Effexor, which is a SSNRI, gave me “brain zaps”. These are electrical shocks that go from your eyes to your brain when you move your eyes. This side effect lasted many years after I stopped using this crap so try to stay away from that.
      This is basically the VA pushing their agenda on us to see what works and what does not. We are Guinea Pigs, a research subject, nothing else. I am also thinking that the dollar cost for the other treatments is cheaper.
      I hope this helps.

    4. @ANV It is an honor to be tapped for illogical thinking!

      What you ask is not simple at all. You hurt and now you are a bit scared about the future. There is a sense of desperation in your post that I recognize from having seen it in myself. Let me tell you that as the final pills disappear one by precious one that the sense of desperation will grow. Desperation causes either a flight or fight response, so likely as the end of the morphine era for you personally draws near you will start to push everyone else away emotionally and isolate (flight) and you will begin to ramp up efforts to somehow continue on the treatment path you have been granted so far (fight). Some folks choose flight from life, a more permanent solution.

      My friend there is no cognitive way to avoid the emotions and feelings you will undergo when transitioning from a life that depends on a daily dose of opiate into a life that manages to cope with things the way they are. There are no feel good thoughts to help.

      Life is a song that we sing my friend. We can choose to sing in duet with a doctor, drug dealer, morphine, or with a beer in our hands. We can invite others, like you invited me, to help us sing the song too, but @ANV the stage was not set for me, your doctor, or any drug on the planet. The stage was set for you. To sing your song as the star attraction in the show called, “Your life” you must step up to the mic alone. It is “YOU” @ANV alone that must answer the single question that haunts the thoughts of all men; “What now?”

      Cheering from the crowd, I will shout out and applaud when you begin singing your song without the props. Sing it without the backup vocalists called doctors. Step up to the mic and SHOUT if you have to until you can find the harmony, but step up AND SING! Find your calling in life and rest assured that no man has a calling in life to whither and die. Know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the only true talent we see on stage is the unbridaled energy that you give away and that you give away with palms open, throat bared, and with a spotlight on you and you alone. The audience may weep over a hero in pain, but they applaud a hero who faces it and walks through it, and they dance to his song when he sings it with passion. Pashion for life.

      So I will indeed do something very rare for me to do. I will give you medical advice; when you get to the very last morphine or opiode pill you have take a good long look at it. Then write the very first line in your new song of life by walking to the bathroom and flush the last pill down the toilet. Put the very last of that shit were it belongs and walk away. Know in your heart that you tossed the last pill of your own free will. You will claim back your soul in so doing.

      I make a single promise to you. Six months after you have flushed that last pill you will begin to realize your thoughts are changing. Your patterns change. Your house life will change. Your social life will change. You hygene will change. Especially the pain will change. Without any doubt you will discover as I did a way to find enough comfort again to enjoy life and when a few years pass opiate free then maybe somebody will surprise you too and ask for your own illogical input that to you makes all the sense in the world.

      Good luck my friend. I am cheering from the crowd.

      1. @Dennis- THAT was awesome advice for ANutterVet. Every bit of it truth out in the wild, and ANV will appreciate this 6 months to a year after having a brain and body free of these captivating and enslaving medications.

        All natural as much as can be done is the best way. Herbal Therapy comes to mind.

  22. Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz?
    My friends all drive Porsches, I must make amends.
    Worked hard all my lifetime, no help from my friends,
    So Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz?…

    – Janis Joplin (who worked hard and could afford ANY car she wanted). “Luck” is when preparation meets opportunity and in this vein lawyers tend to be the luckiest people on Earth. Except Perry Mason. I think Paul got lucky with Della and not counsel… Do you blame her?

    1. I am 72.I would have taken the Law School Offer 40 to 50 years ago.My Father lived to 82. I may be dead soon& a Law Degree would Not Benefit me Nor my Family. Besides, I live in Texas , which has
      Mild Weather, 9 months per year. Thank you but no Thank you!
      Where were these Offers when I came back from Vietnam??*Pete*Houston,Texas*

      1. @Pete Perez – – – Where are all of them now? Spread this all around the nation. Colleges and Universities should give all BENEFICIARY’s (Veterans) free tuition to fulfill a destiny, a dream, a life. Thanks for your post @Pete Pererz. – – – Nutter.

  23. Appears things may be going your way, and is well deserved. But, moving to Minnesota…, for a law degree…HELL YES. Again, congratulations on your most recent successes.

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