This 4th: Threat of Military Pay-cut, Disability Backlog Grows

This 4th of July, I want to take a minute to thank veterans and military for their sacrifices to serve our country.

Next year, I hope we are able to report back with news that is a little more positive. just wrote an article condoning the claim that military members are overpaid based on a government study. This study firmly supports chaning the way the military is paid. Overall, the counsel responsible for the study likely believe that a teired pay approach will result in a lower overall pay schedule for the military.

The study claimed that military members are paid more than the average US citizen with comparable educations. The report failed to acknowledge that the work the military is doing is not the same as the average US citizen, and that the study itself was comparing apples to oranges. But, that did not stop the study from drawing an important conclusion: the faltering economy will continue to allow the military to recruit those in poverty despite freezing military pay.

Since civilian pay has flightlined dure to the economy, it has caused mitiary pay to be higher, on average. So, the logical conclusion? We should all be equally poor.

Meanwhile, veterans are faced with growing backlog statistics in the majority of VA regional offices throughout the country. More veterans are dying with outstanding disability appeals, where the veteran was correct and guaranteed to be paid, than at any other time in history. Last, the Department of Veterans Affairs is likely back on the budget chopping block after last week. This means there will be less funds and less VA officials helping with the backlog.

Future efforts to improve life for military members and veterans is coming to a budgetary crossroad. We need to pay attention to what our lawmakers are doing. Poor military pay and poor care for veterans will impact our longterm national security by lowering the quality of the overall military.

Have a great 4th of July, but try to keep in mind that the fight is not yet over.

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