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DEFCON 1 At The DC VA: Washington DC Medical Center Putting Patients’ Lives In Jeopardy

Over a year ago, the VA Medical Center in Washington, DC, did so poorly in inspections that the federal government declared a state of emergency and sacked its central director. Halfway through 2018, conditions have not improved.

If anything, conditions have worsened.

The laundry list of egregious and unacceptable problems will haunt and horrify you. These include:

  • Rusty surgical implements
  • Contaminated and cluttered “sterile” storage areas
  • Constant shortage of critical supplies, e.g. vascular patches, oxygen tubing and incision staplers
  • A leadership culture that deflects blame onto its subordinates, denying primary responsibility
  • Meteoric rise in preventable infections, including drug-resistant staph (MRSA)
  • Oh, and a blood bank that is recklessly warm

A group of employees within this VA, who wish to remain anonymous as protection from retaliation, wrote a letter to VA administrative leaders, including our up-and-coming leader, Robert Wilkie.

“We ask you, our respected leaders, to stop this coverup and incompetence, to really care and live up to America’s promise to its Heroes,” they wrote. “Enough is enough.”

They got back a form email. Great start.

Some of these problems could be solved without much bother. A closer look at the custodial staff, for example, might drastically improve standards of cleanliness and care.

This is especially relevant if they are hired as contractors, rather than employees of the hospital proper. Since such employees might report to another company entirely, they probably have not been given so much as a second thought.

Supplies are likely underordered, often lost, and possibly stolen. We recently posted an article about tracking failures in Ohio VA locations as well, so there may be similar issues afoot in D.C.

The medical center’s constant need to borrow everything from ultrasound probes to “bone material” from a neighboring private-sector hospital is not only gruesome, but it also speaks to poor planning from the quality assurance (QA) department.

In response to the rampant spread of MRSA and other superbugs, hospitals nationwide would be well-served by coating metal surfaces with a thin layer of copper in some high-traffic areas. Doorknobs and handrails would be particularly good candidates for such treatment.

The ionic structure of copper kills the membranes of bacteria, regardless of drug resistance. The effect is chemical, like salting a slug; the organism simply cannot survive on a copper surface. Ancient peoples knew about this property of the metal, whereas most of us in present-day have forgotten about it.


Copper is expensive and tarnishes easily, but it might be particularly handy in hospitals where cleanliness is routinely neglected. Of course, these are minor, surface-level fixes.

The real issue here is the nasty, complacent leadership culture. The Office of the Inspector-General (OIG) found “a sense of futility pervaded offices at multiple levels.” In other words, the people in charge do not act as though they are in charge. Failure is inevitable, not within human control.

That is a problem with a much harder solution than hiring new custodians, keeping better inventory or even throwing money at the wall to see what sticks. The people’s psyches are broken, and as a result, over ten thousand veterans remain in mortal danger.

Source: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2018/08/02/conditions-washington-va-hospital-worsen-employees-want-help/875909002/

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  1. @ MollyMarineJD
    Last year I think it was, there was a lot of convo on here about a doc that retired off of the h-c drug he designed while employed at both a university and that connected VHA facility. I’m sure Ben has a titled article he’s put on here.

  2. I think VA is giving ppl hep c… possibly from being so nasty… like contaminated instruments. Is there seriously any other reason I started seeing hepatitis flyers the size of classroom chalkboards/whiteboards everywhere inside VA? This started about 2 years ago.

  3. 08/13/2018

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    Too Big to Fail?

    Close this Hospital Down and restart the Hospital with all new Administrators, Doctors, and Nurses.

    They are out there—the Doctors and the Nurses— they are not allowed to enter into the field until they are allowed by the HR Departments of the existing Hospitals.

    Got a buddy who is ready to help the VA—- NP—he received the highest grade point possible—and he is going for his doctorate.

    The VA gave him a hard time—then the HR Dept. stated, “I out of the office on a three week vacation.”

    Apparently, everything stops at the AZ VA Hiring process when this guy is gone.

    This organization’s department should be restructured in that three weeks; and the Democrats are crying that outside help is look in; one can only speculate what we will find after 4.5 years of this “National Embarrassment, five alarm fire.”


    Don Karg

  4. VA fails to pay its bills, and a home health care provider has to cut off services to vets
    By Brian MacQuarrie Globe Staff August 14, 2018

    “LONDONDERRY, N.H. — Homebound with diabetes, heart disease, and other ailments, the 68-year-old Army veteran finally found a lifeline three months ago from a private home health provider recommended by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

    Suddenly, he could go to doctor’s appointments, shopping, and routine outings like a haircut.

    Then on Friday, the veteran was on his own again. The health care provider discontinued its services for Ron and 15 other New Hampshire veterans who are housebound or cannot venture outside without assistance.

    The reason? The VA had failed to pay nearly $60,000 in bills dating to late last year, according to Janet and Rich Sullivan, the providers and co-owners of Right at Home.

    Such a sum would seem trivial for a multibillion-dollar agency that serves millions of veterans. But its make-or-break impact on a small New Hampshire business — and the ailing veterans who rely on it — provides yet another example of the VA’s continuing dysfunction.”

    Full Article At: “https://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2018/08/13/fails-pay-its-bills-and-home-health-care-provider-has-cut-off-services-vets/QWX3wIornveKXr5eLyPUWM/story.html”

    1. Meanwhile, how many more Billion$$ for IT “fixes” again? Uncle Sugar loves it’s prostitute war profiteering contractors more than the Veterans that gave their lives to USA.

  5. Sounds a lot like the Dallas VA. Sadly the majority of the cleaning crew are Veteran’s who are lazy. The whole place is filthy. They do the bare minimum if that. Missing equipment is also a problem and I do honestly believe it is being stolen and sold by employees. I’ve worked there for nearly 10 years and it is getting harder and harder to be there everyday working under people who have the job simply because they had veteran preference or they knew someone. The Dallas VA’s hiring ethics for management positions is out of control. The wrong people are running things and those who actually do the work are not heard and needs are not met. We are being overworked working along side employees who cant fully do the job and pull their share, that should have retired or gone out on a disability 2 or 3 years ago. Of course they won’t do so when all they have to do is show up on time every day and get a pay check making more than those who are doing all the work because of the whole pay scale thing. They will hang on until the end collecting on their leave that they have saved up just by showing up every day. They need to get rid of all this dead weight! Stop paying the useless worker the max on the GS pay scale! Force them to retire so clinics are not suffering every single day! Offer them their retirement and a lower paying position that is just answering a phone or something to help Supliment their income if that’s what the issue is. Ignoring the problem of the dead weight is not the answer. Your running off the good hard workers or they are sticking it out feeling mentally and physically broken down every day stepping foot into that place. It’s a Hospital, not a charity, time to run it like one where you expect the best from EVERYONE and the BEST candidate gets the job!

  6. In my opinion,
    No one can tell me Wilkie has/had no knowledge of the deplorable conditions at the VHA in D.C. for some time now!
    I believe he, and ALL the other reprobates in Washington DC, knew about everything!
    Especially when too many articles have surfaced over the past few months and years!

    Just how far is it from the VHA D.C. Hospital to VA headquarters in Washington DC? Not far, I’ll bet!

    Since President Trump can’t fire anyone at the hospital. That doesn’t mean Wilkie can’t get off his ass and walk over there and start Firing incompetent individuals. Starting with the director, then working his way down the list.
    He’s been given report after report on this. It’s now time for his sorry ass to do his fucking job!
    Either Wilkie does his job, or Wilkie needs to be gone!

    1. P.S.
      #fuckdemocrips and
      #fuckrepublicans who won’t do their jobs!

      1. Directly to the jugular and to the point…

        Eff the VA….

        I would hand deliver them to islamic lands at first opportunity…..

    2. Not ONE, ONE, person out of the countless many contacted has ever admitted to knowing about VA or the medical cliques retaliation, or “Professional Courtesies” to protect each other or who the pros who don’t want involved or benefit from it.

      Not a one knows or heard of the issues with unions or the many activist in or out of the joints we deal with, VA hospitals too. Or local connections to others.

      Not a ONE can answer my questions or seem to care to.

      Not one admitted to locals leaving the CBOC even though I talked to others at the local Legion and around that have left… and doing better. They got the “Gold Team.” I got the “Purple” and shit team that didn’t “have time to read my file.” So they are either lying more of course, or dumb as a post turtle or a rock. Or living under one of the two.

      Not one admitted that on the national level or in other states there are very serious issues to deal like the DC and other hospital reports, bodies left to rot, knew nothing about veterans offing-burning themselves up in parking lots to get attention for some change etc. Oh just some problems being fixed of course. Just how stupid are they? How can they miss such news? How dare they try to play ignorant of anything? Or do they just Zombie their way through from home to their office and work cubes, put their ear plugs in, read their work screens, ignore, game, protect, repeat daily. Yet claim to be number one in everything or live in a happy community to cover tons of crap up so all can look good for their community, for colleges, or draw some stupid company in to join in the fun. Yes we “cranky baby boomers” are

      As for Indiana or locally, those in power positions, not ONE claims to have ever hearing about the deeper ‘issues’ at the VA and play dumb as hell. Just heard ‘they may have some problems.’ “No serious issues here.”

      Not one ever contacted has ever called back to get more information about any of their “investigations,” or claims of some ‘inquiry’ made. Like with Sen. Todd Young and other politicians top to bottom. Including medical boards, to state’s AG, VSOs, et al. Even with demanded file release forms given they all seem to kick it all back to some VA state office or supposedly some high VA office only to hear back from the corrupt happy and laughing locals. Oh and to play their gaslighting or it must be all our fault games. ‘Oh you should have never left us hanging.’ Never admitting anything, never acknowledging any wrong doing or issues at the local VA or at “the top.”

      Think ‘custodial staff’ or SEIU are any better than the AFGE and others in the FED? Ha ha.

      There are reasons the well to do and those above us, the elite, lords and ladies, “the top,” are and were called “silver spooners.” Used at the White House, Congress, their functions… pricey silverware and flatware from our tax dollars. Signs of wealthy, privilege, and silver has it’s own medical stories, benefits and applications. Like with pain meds, etc. If it works or could work it will be stolen, abused, mis-used, to being made illegal, high priced, to own or attain easily. Or we need more testing and prescriptions to get copper or silver. (!)

      Fuzzy blind again. Beware of foreigners with Diplomas from other nations….bearing gifts…practicing, of cataract removal and fixes.

      1. Fo got. NOT once in or over anything have I been able to get past their ‘staff,’ or secretaries to discuss issues with anyone at the top. VA, civvy care CEOs, admin, poly-ticks, media, whatever… never.

        grand living in the new America.

    3. @Crazy elf

      ** Since President Trump can’t fire anyone at the hospital. That doesn’t mean Wilkie can’t get off his ass and walk over there and start Firing incompetent individuals. Starting with the director, then working his way down the list.
      He’s been given report after report on this. It’s now time for his sorry ass to do his fucking job!
      Either Wilkie does his job, or Wilkie needs to be gone!

      * I could not agree with you more…

      Often expendable “ponds” are offered up into positions that no one else wants, or timing issues. So friggin sad!

      1. Zackirk,
        I’m also getting sick and tired of the many VA upper management and those in lower positions, getting transferred instead of being fucking fired!
        There needs to be a complete flushing of the VA! These turds are, and have always been, a scurge on veterans.
        It ain’t just the D.C. VHA that needs flushed. It’s all of the VA buildings across the country. Plus whatever country they’re in as well!

      2. @Crazy elf- The luxury hotel in France the VA owns will require a douche and power bidet flush.

  7. It would be funny to wake up and see a picture of that hospital surrounded by a sea of 100,000 vets dressed in BDU’s

    1. How about 100,000 incredibly veraciously hungry crocodiles on the frontline with Vets in BDU’s as the second barrage element?
      (the crocodile union says AFGE taste JUST like chicken)

    2. Well see here’s the problem with that. I’d rather not compete for finite resources with another apex predator, ie, the crocodile.

      Besides every VA employee consumed by crocodile is one less VA employee for the wall.

      I think a silent throng of 100k vets each and every one with that 1000 yard stare would be enough to scare the shit out of those fuckwads. The VA pigs certainly wouldn’t be able to keep them out if they had a mind to get in.

      1. WyldeChylde,
        How about a few million gathering at that “…third world VA hospital…” to show our distain over “…putting veterans lives in jepardy!
        That would be a sight to see!

  8. Hey Guy’s!
    This is Not Ben’s voice! And it hasn’t been for a while now!

    Either Ben is in the middle of an important case or life experience, and can not write the blog at this time, or someone has hijacked his property.
    Ben would NEVER say “…including our up-and-coming nemesis, Robert Wilkie.”, or anything similar to it, at this stage of Secretary Wilkie’s performance of duty.
    Personally, I don’t mind if other’s sometimes write contributions to the blog as articles for our conversation but, putting Ben’s name as the author is, in my opion, very crude and probably illegal!

    1. Hi Rosie, thanks for pointing that out. I mistakenly posted it without changing the author to Editorial Staff.

    2. I *think* what the implication of word ‘nemesis’ is that until proven otherwise, changing the emperor’s robes and chalice and crown do absolutely nothing to turn the V.A> Titanic around to better sailing and safer waters for we Veterans.
      If we assume that Wilkie is all unicorns and pixy dust and the best thing for Vets since handy keychain can openers, then we are again playing into that definition of insanity, expecting a different result with the exact same systemic problems.
      I wish Robert Wilkie luck…but he comes from a long family with roots in the swamp…kinda seeing that definition of insanity already on the horizon but…please oh please prove us all wrong.

      The VA is indeed a ‘nemesis’ to we Veterans so by proxy, so is Wilkie. (until proven otherwise…complacency is not something we can afford at 22+ a day to suicide alone…)

      1. @ namnibor

        So true…..
        “complacency” is the true demise here, we need to get rid of lazy “self righteous” desk jockeys.

    3. @ Ben,
      You’re welcome!

      @ Namnibor,
      I see your point.
      Many decades ago, the instructor had us keep a running record of all of the serial #’s on our “lettuce”; along with that was a stern warning to trust no one! That one lesson has stood me in good stead for a variety of situations. I do try to give the benefit of the doubt in many of life’s happenings but, by my holding in reserve a sliver of doubt on nearly all things, has lessened the impact of a crushing blow, if it should turn out that way.

      I am certain that Secretary Wilkie knows he has a daunting challenge ahead of him, and that he is well informed on how so many of us know the failures brought upon us over the generations of the VA’s corrupt activities. I join you in hoping that he is successful in turning things to a much greater degree, in OUR favor.

    4. Wow! Uncle is even proving corrupt toward the little children!
      Fortunately, the EPA is to provide updated testing of the area in this situation. It does beg the question though, of how many C-files contain only decades old testing results.

      CBS News August 13, 2018, 7:49 AM
      “Indiana moms demand answers amid spate of kids’ cancer cases”

      1. Rosie,
        Are you aware the main chemical spoke about in that article, “trichloroethylene”, was also in “Agent Orange”!
        Google it! I just did!

      2. Rosie good find.

        The story doesn’t even begin to tell some stories about Indiana or how high our cancer rates to birth defects or infant mortality is. Even after a supposed “clean-up” the area and grounds are still so contaminated they are NOT supposed to build actual living styled homes on such properties…. but the do and have. Another reason why I am so hated locally…. I know things and the ruling Demoncrat party knows it.

        This is also one of those issues and corruption, cover-ups, that run so deep here that got my preparations for federal court, the brief and all evidence… merely lost by my attorney. Disciplinary court with other corrupt issues found no wrong doing. This is just one of many issues I tried to expose back in the 70s and beyond. Supposedly with union and federal protections in place. Ha ha. But I had enough to expose the United Steel Workers for corruption, billionaire plant owners who are above the laws in Indiana, like a piece of filth that runs the Indy 500 mile race so many bow and lick their boots to protect/support. Exposing their phony crap, several state and federal agencies, plant safety and health company liars, city health offices and state inspectors, health offices and a long list of others to boot. OSHA, NIOSH, Dept. o Labor, Labor relations board etc. That is the depth and breadth of Indiana corruption and covering up and then some wonder why the VA and about all else here is as corrupt and protected as it all is, VA, civvy, corrupt courts, mafias, and on and on and on.

        Guys would be coming home from Nam sick or getting sick then work in places filled with more harmful chemicals and causing things like specific kinds of brain tumors, etc. Only for their AO claims to be denied, FEDs say it ain’t so and compounded by a state to the feds ignoring major issues like this and pouring more chemicals on us all. Oh, Aluminum crap too like our baking powder, toothpaste, arm-pit smell good, etc. Then the Fluoride, bleach.. ad infinitum. God only knows what all is added. Plus the poison set out for pesky birds and animals the animal lovers love to hate. Oh spraying for bugs that is killing off our bees… and us. Chem Trails??? Nuke sites burning. Seen em. All the while…STILL… allowing foreign “allies” to ruin our state/nation with more crap like GMOs, franken fish, ruining farm ground to aquifers. And ruining the lives of those like say… work as scientist doing this stuff through colleges and companies. When one spoke out in the eighties about the harm of it all to increase caused by it like birth defects, autism, etc. her position and quality of life ended here and she never spoke out again and that report and documentary like others are…. history.

        Removing several feet of top soil to be shipped off to another state to be cleaned or dumped, or secretly dumped here some where in the woods is not a cure all… as claimed. A lot to be considered including the ever-present contamination of all sorts on military bases today. Oh and watching goody parents and others allowing their kids to run barefoot in the park with Old Yeller so they can both die early or suffer some consequences… as park workers spray Round-up and other chems for pretty lawns and to kill those damned herbs like Dandelion. Gotta make the place on pretty college campus for perfect Martha Stewart Living photo ops.

        They laugh but I tell the young ones not to run naked or barefoot on any bases. Get the dirt and mud off fast as you can. Don’t drink base or city water, and more. They all think I’m old, crazy, and dumb. Then I tell em… research even though the majority won’t. They’d rather play pc games and watch the goofy entertainers tell them how to life and what to do. Sure, go fight wars while we lose our freedoms…makes a hell of a lot of sense, duh. Then come home or live on base to catch things medicine can’t cure or Bon-Ami can’t wash off. Sure thing.




      3. Here’s another one guy’s!
        “Report: Michigan Military Base Water May Have Caused Cancer”

      4. “https://www.ada.org/en/about-the-ada/ada-positions-policies-and-statements/statement-on-dental-amalgam”



        The FDA, VA, Congress, EPA, associations of professionals, colleges, inspectors, state agencies, the wealthy/connected/insiders, media, government like Indiana’s etc., are not our friends. But let’s all be more concerned or addicted to sports, Hollyweird, puppy stories, fluff reports, or globalist BS.

        All the billionaires/cliques are thinking down the road R and D alike to protect or secure their own while the nation takes a dump.

      5. @ T,
        I do understand where you are coming from, far more than you may realize. The many “stoopid sheeple” will only realize the efforts after it is too late to change things for themselves. That is also a situation that has plagued mankind since humans began. I don’t hold out a lot of hope that more than a handful will ever understand and unfortumately, only history will record the results.

    5. @ Elf,
      No, I was not positive about the connection. Thank you so much for taking the time to look into it. I’m glad I posted the story link and I hope it merits following and becomes additional proof for all who need that evidence.

  9. Well, the DC VA is indeed proximal to a very large swamp. Gotta have a flagship for optics.

      1. @ march hare

        “SWAMP FORCE”… The 8th leg of military, folliwing the “Space force(6th leg) and “under the sea force (7th leg) greatly created under POTUS.

        Hahaha. Jesus tits?

  10. If we completely coat a VA employee with copper, will it completely dissolve the piece of humanary stew like water did to Oz’s Witchy Poo?

    1. Not sure if it would dissolve them, but it would pop the lying pus sack located between there shoulder blades, thus neutralizing the contamination.

  11. “[…Copper is expensive and tarnishes easily, but it might be particularly handy in hospitals where cleanliness is routinely neglected. Of course, these are minor, surface-level fixes…]”-

    1) Way too modern and recent science for the VA. They are still conquering the mechanics of fly swatters and rely on the uncooked chicken to police the flies.

    2) Whether you paint the VA Turd with copper or gold or platinum, it matters not, a turd through and through and even suggest copper would even give-up it’s fight against the engorged purple teams of indifference.

    3) *IF* the VA coated all surfaces with copper, the same fucktards would use industrially abrasive scrubbers to scrape it off and scrap it…yep, there, I said it.

    4) Have the VA or OIG obtained search warrants to search all employee’s of D.C. VAMC to relocate all the “missing” equipment? Did they check D.C. Craigslist?

    5) Start requiring all congress critters and their family’s to utilize the VA only in their districts, no Choice, NO Mayo Clinic…would see these self-serving assholes have a different perspective in short-order.

    6) I’m thinking the VA would go with a contract for gold coated turd surfaces, sparing no expense.

    1. @ namnibor

      “[…Copper is expensive and tarnishes easily, but it might be particularly handy in hospitals where cleanliness is routinely neglected. Of course, these are minor, surface-level fixes…]”-

      1) They, repeatedly failed to clean, maintain & properly preserve the stainless steel instruments, possibly selling/donating to highest bidder.

      We are all aware that “copper” holds a much higher theft, buying/trade cost.

      Nonchalant pay raise in support of the thieving unpatriotic VA types.

    2. ”5) Start requiring all congress critters and their family’s to utilize the VA only in their districts, no Choice, NO Mayo Clinic…would see these self-serving assholes have a different perspective in short-order.”
      Now that is a great fucking idea You Sir speak wisdom.

      1. ray. all of congress knows the entire medical system is a big fat fraud. not just the VA. ben never ever exposes the medical racket. copper on doorknobs? when the whole thing is corrupt? they’ve known since 1971 (at least) that cannabis cures just about everything. no side effects. can grow your own. cannot overdose. easy to find the right dose, higher or lower, no problem. they pretend like it’s a dangerous drug and have all the vets scared of the piss test. lol. i told them i use it and i’m not going to stop. because of the pain relief and anxiety and depression relief. it cured hypothyroid and hep c. they gave me disability for it. drug abuse.

  12. I think the VA is a Micro of a Macro of the US Standards related to work, and responsibility that’s been happening for the past 10 to 20 years. I’ve been a Landlord for a few years and the Level of sorry ass Con-tractors I have to go thru is abhorrent, I use to work in the Construction industry about 15 years ago as a contractor myself and seen the steady decline in Personal Responsibility of Work, just plainly people just not giving a fuck about how half-ass or barely doing their job sufficiently as possible. I know someone may say but this is a Vet thing that is understood, but I say its a Decline in Working Habits and the Culture as a Whole. You can bet if they Fired or Get Rid of the Contractor or Employees that the Following Replacements will only temporarily keep things looking halfway good for a few weeks if that. I had a Cleaning Business when I first got out of Army in the 80s and People from Other Countries have a Different way of looking at what is cleaned or Cleanliness to them. You can train and complain and get rid of the employees but that Level of Irresponsibility will still be there. I don’t know what the Cure will be, throwing money at the problem hasn’t solved any VA issues only made it sound good coming out of a Politrickians Mouth…

    1. It’s not just construction. It’s a generational thing. Most of the sorry ass fucks in the workforce nowadays are too glued to fuckbook and instagram to be concerned with anything or anybody else. Glad I got SSDI when I did, I’d be in prison for murdering one or more of these useless wastes of air.

      1. I agree! You see them at work with their phone in their face! No work ethic and a waste of air!

  13. “https://www.maps.org/news/media/7330-press-release-first-clinical-trial-of-marijuana-for-ptsd-in-veterans-nearly-completes-enrollment”

    How few VA accepted for program. Need at least 1200-1500 for a good sample size. Always getting away with substandard processes, programs, employees, claims processing, complaint and dispute resolution is basically at a stand still. Normal operating procedures for VA.

    Better yet, VA should establish a clear pathway, no hassles, no punishment, no threats about a Veteran being a Cannabis user. Holding a positive Cannabis test over one’s head for a long period of time.

    So, I tell them to go fuck off. Bringing a test result up during unrelated disputes. Did I say fuck off?

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