Divorce Corp: It’s a Family Killer and Coming to a Home Near You

Divorce Corp and your kids

There is an enemy out there killing our society and ruining our kids. No, it’s not Simpsons or KISS music. It is the insatiable greed that flows from the Divorce Industry and we need to take a stand. https://www.divorcecorp.com/

We always talk about how our government is failing our veterans. But, are our veterans in turn failing our society by not protecting our kids? Let me fill in the gab here if you don’t see the connection.

If you are like me, you probably hit a point in your life when almost everything you did had to do with your kids. I remember when I moved back to Minnesota after my daughter Caidyn asked me to move closer.

Talk about a hard move. I previously lived in GREEN GREEN Portland, Oregon. I loved it there and I loved the people. Yet, every time my daughter flew to visit I felt a piece of me die when she would leave. Each trip she would be another stage older, and I could never capture enough time to fully take in each uniquely fun stages of development.

So, when she asked me to move I said, “Sign me up.” That was a pretty basic decision and then I began to focus on my work again, on school, and obviously on the greater amount of time I could spend with her. I was certainly more happy and my daughter was more happy.

Now, there were a lot of reasons why I left to begin with, which I will not get into here. But let’s sum it up by pointing out that the policies impacting family court had A HELL OF A LOT to do with my transitions and ultimately why I went to law school.

Here is why I think we, as veterans, need to start also focusing on family law and its impact on kids.

As veterans, we fight to protect our country from enemies abroad but it seems apparent that many of our enemies are also at home. These “enemies” are not always bad people. They are sometimes bad policies that hurt our nation’s long term security by hurting our children.

One area I think veterans should rally around is the pressing need for reform of America’s family courts. All too often we hear stories of attorneys putting their greed ahead of the real needs of their clients. They litigate smaller matters to death and convince clients to focus on the now rather than on the long term goal of having health children. Instead of focusing on “right” it seems these high conflict litigation attorneys could be better served by focusing on “effective” advocacy, instead.

If attorneys shifted focus from the “right” model and away from related blame shifting, we would all be better off because, at the core, this is what is creating high conflict litigation. Further, there is no value creation from high conflict litigation when it comes to kids. Instead, parents are spending hard earned money to merely fund their attorney’s child’s college fund instead of helping their own kids. It is ultimately an inefficient allocation of finite resources.

High conflict litigation also is what hurts kids in the long run. The higher the conflict, the higher the likelihood the child will experience long term mental health challenges. But this kind of shift, a shift to support kids rather than to support conflict, would require some attorneys to move beyond the “Greed is Good” model for a more holistic approach.

Is it possible? Maybe, but not without public outcry. And I cannot think of a better group that can rally public outcry than veterans issues. What if we shifted the focus from our issues onto issues impacting our kids? What do you think?

What got me going on this were trailers for a new and shocking documentary called Divorce Corp. While I have seen these problems up close and personal, it made me sick to my stomach to watch these vulnerable families be exploited by the legal system. Here are the clips that really turned my stomach:

If it did not affect kids, I would probably not get fired up about it. However, since 50 percent of all marriages end in divorce, the impact of the divorce process is wide felt. We all experience a great deal of trauma when the family fails whether it is the couple or the relatives who are close to the matter.

Greedy lawyers who engage in fee-building are responsible through their exploitation of the vulnerable. And, I cannot think of a better bunch of Americans to stand up for these vulnerable people than vets.

I used to think I would never go through a divorce. Now that I have and am a 12 year veteran of that process, I am ready to make a stand for the families who are impacted by the Divorce Corp that is attacking the foundation of the country.

That said, send me some ideas on what you think we can do as Disabled Veterans United to help change the system. As a group, I am convinced we can pressure policymakers on Capitol Hill and at home to start moving toward a more civil approach to one of the most painful experience a human can endure.

What I intend to do is start gathering problems veterans universally face and start writing about strategies we can then use to avoid the pitfalls.

If nothing else, that should be a good start.

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