Vatican Or Bust: Shulkin And Wife Had Second Europe Trip Planned

Former VA secretary David Shulkin had a second European trip scheduled with his wife that included a three-day conference at the Vatican scheduled as “work” to justify the 10-day trip.

Prior to being fired, The Daily Caller (TheDCNF) started to push the agency about allegations of a second trip. Shulkin reportedly pressured one of his subordinates, Lydia Blaha, to spin the facts to obfuscate the trip’s details by letting him publish under her name.

“The Secretary receives numerous invitations each week and cannot possibly attend all of these events,” Shulkin wrote in the third person. “He has declined this invitation.”

The invitation was for Vatican Conference on Regenerative Medicine in Rome involving genomics and VA’s research on the topic. The Vatican wanted Shulkin to speak. Shulkin orchestrated another European trip for 10 days for him, his wife, and three security personnel to attend the 3-day conference and then travel around.

A few things jumped into my mind on this.

First, why would Shulkin keep his trip scheduled after all the blowback from his previous trip? Second, why is the Vatican holding a conference on genomics? Third, how many other trips like this are going on with VA personnel that we do not know about?

Vatican Gone Wild, Shulkin’s Second Europe Trip

TheDCNF first asked Shulkin about the trip during a taped interview Feb. 16 after a whistleblower saw the scheduled trip in the itinerary. When asked, Shulkin simply lied, saying, “That is not happening.”

The reality behind the spin was that Shulkin refused to cancel the trip despite being actively investigated until after IG published its first report exposing how Shulkin used taxpayer funds for him and his wife to travel Europe. Only after experiencing the massive blowback did Shulkin cancel the trip.

On April 2, TheDCNF pressed the agency about the records and an agency refusal to provide comment. Specifically, the news organization asked if Blaha would stand by her earlier statement that Shulkin declined the invitation.

VA Truth On Shulkin Vatican Trip

Prior to filing the FOIA, an insider with knowledge of the scheduled trip provided the following statement:

David Shulkin was scheduled to attend the Fourth International Vatican Conference, from April 26 – 28, 2018. His attendance was confirmed with the event organizers. VA staff had been researching flight and hotel options since late December of 2017, and planned to have Shulkin fly business class at an estimated cost of $11,913.

Despite the fact that the conference was just three days, Shulkin was planning to remain in Europe for ten days from April 20 through April 29. Three specific VA protective services employees had already been assigned to go on the trip and work on an overall security plan had also begun.

Shulkin did not cancel the trip until Feb. 15, 2018, the day after the VA Inspector General released its report on his 11-day European trip last year. Shulkin personally drafted and ordered the release of the statement on the Vatican trip that was sent to the Daily Caller [sic] Feb. 23.

Keep in mind, Shulkin’s mandate before the first European vacation broke in the press was to cure the agency of its culture of dishonesty and evidence-manipulation. Clearly, his mandate was more of a do as I say not as I do cultural revolution.

What blows the mind is that even after knowing Shulkin was in hot water over the first European trip, he refused to cancel the Vatican trip with his wife that would cost taxpayers $11,000 plus three security detail. Only after the press went bananas over his IG report did he finally cancel.

Then, adding insult to injury, he deceived the press claiming he declined the invitation using the name of his subordinate.

Detailed VA Communications

The following is the full email chain courtesy of TheDCNF:

From: DJS
Sent: Thursday, February 22, 2018 5:58:06 PM
To: Blaha, Lydia B.

Lydia- please send an email to Luke at [email protected]

Please tell him that the Secretary was invited to the speak at the Vatican Conference on Regenerative Medicine in Rome. This invitation related to specific clinical genomics work VA is undertaking to help veterans with a leading medical center. The Secretary receives numerous invitations each week and cannot possibly attend all of these events. He has declined this invitation.


From: Blaha, Lydia B.
Sent: Thursday, February 22, 2018 3:07:48 PM
To: Hutton, James
Subject: FW: (No Subject)

Please don’t share this with the others until I’m able to call you and explain. Will be at the hotel in about 10-15min


From: Hutton, James
To: Ullyot, John
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2018 23:48:53
Subject: FW: (No Subject)


The Secretary has instructed Lydia to provide a response to Luke Rosiak about his trip that was apparently scheduled for the Vatican.

She asked me what to do.

If she provides the answer it would have to be attributed to him.

Any thoughts?


From: Blaha, Lydia B.
To: Rosiak, Luke
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2018 09:38
Subject: Clarification

Hey Luke,

Wanted to clarify something regarding the confusion about the Secretary’s travel schedule.

The Secretary was invited to speak at the Vatican Conference on Regenerative Medicine in Rome. This invitation is related to specific clinical genomics work VA is undertaking to help veterans with a leading medical center. The Secretary receives numerous invitations each week and unfortunately cannot attend all of these events. Due to this, he declined this invitation.

Have a good day!


There we have it.

Part of the reason Shulkin was likely fired certainly must’ve had something to do with his unrepentant attitude about misleading journalists about his real behavior and intentions behind the scenes.

Here is a press release about the conference to give a heads up for anyone interested on why the Vatican would be interested in veterans’ genomic data, just like all the Big Data companies out there right now.

Vatican Press Release On Conference

VATICAN CITY and NEW YORK, Feb. 26, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — The Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Culture, the Cura Foundation, the Stem for Life Foundation and STOQ (Science, Theology and the Ontological Quest) announced The Fourth International Vatican Conference, Unite to Cure: A Global Health Care Initiative, which will be held from April 26-28, 2018 at the Aula Nuova del Sinodo in Vatican City.

  • The Holy Father, Pope Francis, is scheduled to receive participants during the three-day event.
  • World-renowned journalists will moderate discussion panels comprised of global thought leaders, covering a variety of topics, including drug development and delivery, technology, nutrition, ethics and the environment.

This historic, international event will gather the world’s leading scientists and physicians, patients, families, ethicists and leaders of faith, government, business and philanthropy to engage in powerful conversations about the latest scientific innovations and hope for the future. The 2018 event will have a unique focus on advancing breakthrough technologies and disseminating knowledge that improves human health, prevents disease, protects the environment and considers cultural, religious and societal implications. “This is one of the most unique health care events in the world — it’s a ‘Davosfor health care,'” said Dr. Robin Smith, President of the Cura Foundation. “By uniting stakeholders and decision makers in this unique and inspirational setting, and including patient voices, we can address ways to impact human health globally.”

“This event, and the three that came before, help to send a clarion call to the world that by sharing knowledge, collaborating and understanding different perspectives we can advance human health and protect our environment in an ethically viable way, preserving humanity, culture and society,” said His Eminence Cardinal Ravasi, President of the Pontifical Council for Culture.

Monsignor Tomasz Trafny, Head of the Science and Faith Department, at the Pontifical Council for Culture, said: “The world all around us is changing very quickly, bringing with it both promise and peril. As the pace of innovation accelerates, and what was once thought to be impossible becomes possible, we must ask the important questions that underlie great scientific discoveries and human progress and understand the cultural and anthropological impact. We must consider the consequences for all mankind, whether ethical, sociological, anthropological or impacts on faith and beliefs. This event was born in this spirit, and we’re looking forward to having an inspired conversation in April.”

To learn more about The Fourth International Vatican Conference on How Science, Technology and 21st Century Medicine Will Impact Culture and Society, please visit: Follow us on Twitter @CuraFdn and on Facebook at, and join the conversation with #UnitetoCure.

The Pontifical Council for Culture traces its origins to the Second Vatican Council and its opening up to that great, dynamic, worried and multiform world of contemporary culture. In its Pastoral Constitution Gaudium et spes, the Council Fathers expressed the need for the Church to continually place itself before the needs of the cultures of the world. It was a new period of history where a new humanism was arising, and the Church, faithful to its own traditions, was aware of the universality of its mission, entering into communion with the different forms of culture, a communion that would enrich the Church as much as the cultures. The Pontifical Council for Culture is committed to the dialogue with many realities in their relation to culture and faith such Art, Music, Cultural Goods, Cultures in the World, Mysticism, Atheism, Economics, Language & Communication, International Cultural Bodies, Sport and Science. For more information, please visit:

The Science and Faith Foundation (STOQ) is a Foundation under Vatican law promoted by the Pontifical Council for Culture. The identity and mission of the Foundation have their main Magisterial references in the Pastoral Constitution Gaudium et spes, in the talks of St John Paul II and Benedict XVI on the relations between science and faith, particularly in the Encyclical Fides et ratio. The Foundation aims to give continuity to the activities of Project STOQ, which emerged from the collaboration between the Pontifical Council for Culture and Pontifical Roman Universities following the Galileo Commission and the Jubilee of Scientists in the year 2000. Among the aims of the Foundation are research and study of the themes of dialogue between science, philosophy and theology; realization of conferences and other activities of high cultural and scientific value, even at the popular level; publication of works of merit on the main arguments of the science-faith dialogue. For more information, please visit:

The Cura Foundation is a 501(c)(3) global charitable organization dedicated to the advancement of cellular therapies and technologies that improve human health, increase quality of life and enhance patient care. Through its programs and initiatives, The Cura Foundation seeks to catalyze the funding of the advancement of a wide array of cellular therapies, whether immunotherapies, adult stem cell treatments, gene therapies, technology or emerging cell-based therapies that enhance cellular health and longevity. For more information, please visit:

The Stem For Life Foundation (SFLF) is the educational and advocacy subsidiary of The Cura Foundation and is devoted to fostering global awareness of the potential for regenerative medicine to treat and cure a range of deadly diseases and debilitating medical conditions, as opposed to merely treating their symptoms. The Foundation stands at the forefront of a fundamental shift away from traditional drug treatment in favor of amplifying the body’s natural repair mechanisms to vanquish disease. For more information, please visit:

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  1. how would he have made it over the 80 ft wall around the Vatican, the wall the pope feels is cruel between us and Mexico

  2. Veterans receive letter regarding possible tuberculosis exposure

    By Brenda Camacho
    KGNS news 8|
    Posted: Tue 6:25 PM, Apr 10, 2018

    “LAREDO, TX (KGNS) – A group of local veterans have been growing concerned after receiving a letter regarding the possible spread of an infection at a local clinic.

    Approximately 180 veterans received a letter in the mail saying that they were possibly exposed to tuberculosis at the Veterans Affairs Clinic.

    The clinic is taking an abundance of precautions to ensure that veterans are checked and screened for tuberculosis.

    According to representatives, on December 11th a patient who visited the clinic tested positive for tuberculosis by the Laredo Health Department.

    The health department then notified the VA on January 9th about the exposure and since then, the VA has been collecting information on who may have been exposed that day.”

    Full Article At: “”

    1. It’s a Trap of some kind, I don’t trust any of those RATS, always trying to sucker you out for the Cheese/blood

  3. Curious, who (i.e., what vet) authorized the VA to have their DNA sequenced as of 2011? What was done with this information? Has anyone received specific targeted treatment based on this? One million vets?!? For the record I didn’t volunteer for this. The company involved is “Personalis” and snippet below is from their website:

    “This is Personalis’ fourth contract for sequencing and analysis from the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), and the second for clinical analysis of patient samples. The VA New England Healthcare System is using genomic information to improve health care for veterans. Personalis was previously awarded contracts for the VA’s Million Veteran Program, launched in 2011, a landmark research effort aimed at better understanding how genetic variations affect health – building one of the world’s largest medical databases through safe collection of blood samples, genetic analysis and health information from one million Veteran volunteers.”

  4. The real reason Secretary cancelled his trip to Vatican Conference is because I will be speaking about what I discovered in a secret letter I found a long time ago at the Vatican that reveals the truth of what really happens when you die. “Vita est lavorum” I call it, “life is a job”, and I will speak of it in addition to regenerative medicine.
    It turns out life is a job, says the letter, and your wage is $14.50 a day. When you die, it says, you go through a long dark tunnel, and at the end of it there is God, waiting for you and he pays you your money. But there’s a catch: He counts up all your sins, and you have to pay for them right there.
    Maybe you’ve heard that expression, ‘You have to pay for your sins’?” That’s the truth. You do have to pay for your sins — in cash.
    Steal a bag of potato chips when you’re a little kid? Six bucks. Each time you lied? Ten dollars. Use taxpayer funds for you and your wife to travel to Europe and spend most time sightseeing? Thousands. Talk trough both sides of your mouth about choice program? Fired and Thousands. And so on.
    He no wanna here about this! Nobody at VA wanna hear about this. They all scared to hear about this – the truth. He decline a the invitation a. He donna wanna hear that he has to PAY more money than he makes through Cerner a a a deal a a a !
    And that’s the Truth
    Don Novello

    1. That’s because Dr. Shulkin has a serious case of ‘God Syndrome’ and doesn’t think ‘HE’ should have to pay for ANY so-called ‘sins’, so Dr. Shulkin offered the “Acting God Secretary’ some of his ‘golden parachute’ as payment but the ‘Acting God Secretary’ stated, “No parachute, regardless of it’s metallurgical makeup will help you because we at Heaven give you a lead parachute to ensure your ass makes it to Hell and you remain there because YOU are NOW Satan and HIS Minion’s personal physician. Bye, Bye….

  5. Was that Shulkin;s wife’s bust or his second wife’s bust? Hey, speaking of the Vatican,

    First you get down on your knees
    Fiddle with your rosaries
    Bow your head with great respect, then
    genuflect, genuflect, genuflect

    Do what ever step you want if
    You have cleared it with the Pontiff
    Everyone say his own kyrie eleison
    I’m doin the Vatican
    I’m sort of ecstatic,
    I’m doin the Vatican raaaaaaag

    Step in line with that processional
    Step in to that small confessional
    There the guy who’s got religion ‘ll
    Tell you if your sin’s original

    If it is try, playing it safer
    Drink the wine and chew the wafer
    Two, four, six eight,
    Time to transsubstantiate…..

  6. 04/10/2018

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    Like David Brooks over at DHB, the VA Secretary Shulkin was taking the Veterans and the American Taxpayer for a long ride into Europe. Did he get this Second Vacation idea from the people who came back from Davos?

    Or was he riding high on the IT Contract issued—-getting a kickback?

    What we do know is that there is a few more people watching this VA Scandal, and that is a good thing.

    Since Robert Patterson’s testimony on March 20th of 2018, Acting Director of the DEA, we know that very few Distributors had disclosed unusual distributions of Opiates in America, even though these “distributors” had the numbers.

    Americans and Veterans have been exposed to high levels of opiates and it is not an accident.

    And this “VA Scandal” is not by accident.

    So what is really going on?


    Don Karg

  7. Shulkin is a disloyal, whiny, lying little bitch that didn’t like being held accountable for wasting tax dollars.
    The above is proven by his childish media actions after he was fired. He had no intention of carrying out the agenda of Trump, and every intention of doing whatever the swamp rats wanted, which is why he did not cancel this trip until he was busted. Shulkin knew he had a certain amount of cover from those swamp rats. It just wasn’t enough.

    If this trip was critical to helping veterans, they would have used it to brag about it publicly rather than trying to be sneaky about it. The VA would have been able to justify it.

    Why did he wait until the other trip was reported on by the IG?

    Why is the VA being vague about this genomics research with a “leading medical center”?

    I believe Shulkin did not cancel the trip because it was a chance to possibly enter into funding contracts for this research. Why not name the research or the medical center? The contracts never came to be.
    Why wait to cancel the trip? Shulkin likely knew he had the backing of congressional swamp rats that would benefit from these contracts.

    The problem is, Shulkin was too sloppy in covering up his previous European Vacation boondoggle, otherwise this trip would have gone forward.

    As it is, this conference would have the added benefit of discussing drug development. The VA could have provided information to contractors on all of the unauthorized drug testing they do on vets.

    ….while sightseeing somewhere during the sessions on ethics.

    The VA has no business attending any function where ethics is mentioned unless it is a VA specific conference on how they will clean up their own unethical practices.

    1. Let me ask a question, If you all see him in person will someone whip his a?? like i want too? This is a major major set back and he was on my side against the VA who swear up & down that they don’t know what is in my Service Treatment Medical Record’s, “pardon the funny” but Ray charles could see what’s in my STMR’s

    2. Shulkin was going for a number of reasons. The high number of J1 and H2 visas he could sell to other countries medical schools. Hell anyone with an associates level medical degree in any filed can get hire by the VA at full doctors pay through the visas programs.

      Also I am sure he hadn’t finished sell our medical records to all the foreign government researchers yet. So he had plenty to sell there.

      Can’t for get his rent a Vet for research programs he has been working with the big pharma companies overseas.

      Lastly he was planning on celebrating his becoming a Billionaire off the Cerner deal.

    3. The read I seem to get from this topic is that Shulkin was “invited” to speak at the Vatican genome confrence about the million American military veterans (supposedly voluntary) DNA collections, to disclose whatever has been thusfar gleaned in that process. I also, tend to agree that this has in some way, something to do with his computer dealings. Additional plans were intended for an extension of more than double the “scheduled” three conference days. I wonder if he set things up to ensure that “invitation” coming his way, then added those days for more sightseeing adventures.

      I say this because in my opinion, that tennis trip still does not pass muster. No way! No how!

      I read the three letters given as evidence in the VAOIG report. Shulkin’s attorney wrote several pages of verbose maze-speak, driving home the point that Shulkin and VG (the British woman) were no more than casual nodders toward each other. That way there couldn’t possibly be any improper tit-for-tat over the tennis tickets. Then reading VG’s letter is a laugh riot in two pages of effusive drivel, about how much MB (Shulkin’s wife) loves tennis and on & on for over half a dozen times! Finally, in reading Shulkin’s letter at the end of that report, it reads exactly as a child caught red-handed in the goody jar, pleading innocent with the evidence of guilt on overflow.

      Regardless, whichever Shulkin accepted the tennis tickets, I lean toward the tickets came FIRST and then the planning of an “official” veteran’s trip was made, to cover-up the expense of his wife’s travel as a necessary addition to the group. No wonder his assistant unexpectedly resigned; what honest person would want to stay working with that stinker?

  8. The Vatican & its enormous worth so rich no one knows the numbers. Vatican looking forward to its next money pot involving genomics or perhaps needs to be first to spin the web to the churches advantage. Just for fun have a look at this video & the beauty of the wealth these bones are dressed up in. CATACOMB SAINTS: The Bejeweled Relics of Martyrs of the Catholic Church

    1. They claim they are going broke, They need to cash in there skeletons, They are loaded…..LOL

    2. Lucifers Temple – Inside the Vatican (R$E) – YouTube

      1. OT.
        Oldmarine, you come up with some damn good videos on this stuff and others. Sadly it won’t wake the devout up, the generational socially engineered, or some families generational traditions, or get them to investigate many things on their own… like the VA. Most claim they get excellent care…. to hell with the rest of us as long as they get theirs. Like all churches locally emulate the VSOs, politicians, sitting back while corruption runs rampant and hates people trying to expose a myriad of issues and corruption. Fast forward to Trump following suit thinking the White House and others are fine with a Christmas tree supposedly representing all or some faith or belief in the normal modern institutionally accepted, Christian God. And is why I walked away from bible colleges and any mainstream church, denom, out there. None of their dust is on my sandals. Like anything else, they want, demand, we follow their ways or refuse to challenge lying “Christian apologetics” or centuries old disinformation/propaganda…. I don’t want part of it and ordination was not that important for me to bow to any of them. Do people actually think we can trust anything out of the Mid-East or from our government or accepted institutions? Sheesh

        People should read some books from Tex Marrs or from other hated types like “Acharya S.” Research it to the bone and question. Or why info and truth about the Dead Sea Scrolls were classified as top secret and some damaged so they could not be read, but we are to believe info and scholars from the area? Anyone coming out about this stuff were damaged and info scrubbed from the net.

        Why is it that in all areas of ‘merika’ our cemeteries are divided in many ways by race, social status, Catholics on one side, Protestants across the road or other unsanctioned burial grounds, along with the secret hate or contempt behind it all? One church or belief is going to heaven the other down the block is going to hell. Then to know like with activism, unions, to politics people carry this secret hate, penetrating, self-serving, indoctrinated, subtle, judgements and convictions with them into joints like government or the VA… along with some powers they may have. Oh and not to forget… what we are allowed to be stamped on our tombstones that must appease the masses and cemetery owners. Cough…. no negatives or hints at truth allowed. And to be planted in the appropriate spots in the bone yards. Or where our ashes are supposedly not allowed to be spread in or around. And the sheep go…. bah bah bah… we are more comfy with ignorance and following the herds…. bah bah bah.

        While I deal with more Satanic crap, evils, corruption, and Murphy’s Law in my land of lies and incompetence. The cataract surgeries didn’t go so well. Go figure.

      2. Tex Marrs….One of my old favorites, He sure tells it like it is…I find the best links in the comments section …

  9. Off Topic and to all:
    Question is VA using biometric facial recognition, I know they wiretap and video illegally.

  10. They killed veterans choice program. It was designed to fail. Part and partial because the failing VA never wanted it to succeed. They need those dollars to stay inside the system, so they save up another billion to waste on failed IT. I called the White House hotline in Dec, about why my choice care stopped, so far, two ladies have called me, they can’t even get heath net to answer the question as to why my doctor wasn’t paid.
    But here is something to sink your teeth into, as of Sept, Health Net, that caused the choice program to fail, is taking over Tricare…. I’m hearing its already started and this same chaos and failure, will be passed on to Tricare.

    1. Bryce,
      In my opinion, “Choice” was a form of “Slush fund” run by many to get rich(er) or for whatever excuse the SES’rs and directors wanted the monies for!
      Until taxpayers learn the truth about it, it will continue to be a “Slush fund”!

  11. This out today, 10 April 2018, from;
    “” via “Stars and Stripes”.
    “Acting VA Secretary Wants Congress to Act on Choice Reform”

    By Nikki Wentling.

    Good article. Only I don’t believe it goes far enough for veterans healthcare!

  12. This MUST explain why I swore last night I saw the image of Shulkin & wifey-poo burnished upon the Burger King’s sour dough buns. 😀

    It was a miracle but I ate the entire thing. ~~~*Burp*~~~(I may have dipped into the communion wine, too)

  13. It IS extremely hard to watch anything coming from “Lying Shyster Shithead Shulkin’s” mouth!
    All I can say is: “Buh Bye ASSHOLE!”

    1. THAT IS FUNNY! He should have kept his Secretarial A?? over here in this country! And “REALLY” THEY WANTED AMERICAN OPINION ON “WHAT AGAIN”? (I KNOW) THEY MUST HAVE SOME REALLY DUMB SECRETARIES AND DOCTORS OVER THERE and i can tell you personally that it was a “set-up” and he fell for it.

      1. Hey Genius,

        He really wanted to attend that meeting. Just think of all the opportunities he would have to sell our medical records. Guess he just had to keep up sales to sell Veterans out completely before getting fired.

        Although he was sure looking forward to his cut of the Cerner deal.

  14. cj ¯¯̿̿¯̿̿’̿̿̿̿̿̿̿’̿̿’̿̿̿̿̿’̿̿̿)͇̿̿)̿̿̿̿ ‘̿̿̿̿̿̿\̵͇̿̿\=(•̪̀●́)=o/̵͇̿̿/’̿̿ ̿ ̿̿ says:


  15. I will be hosting a farewell ceremony on behalf of disabled Veterans everywhere as a farewell to the outgoing Secretary. The ceremony will commence in about 20 minutes down at the end of the hallway and to the left for those wishing to attend. Knock first.

    1. Sorry I missed the farewell ceremony. But to make up for it I will be holding one of my own. Some time after first cup of coffee and before shower. Just have to prep by making sure I have a fresh roll of TP on hand before the big flush.

      1. Using old Travel Pay Fraud Warning Posters. Mind the MRSA and C-DIFF between the sheets and also those pesky paper cuts from thick, glossy poster stock.

    2. I guess i’m to late, i wanted to gion the party. We need to throw a party for “all” of the DUMB SCHITT Secretaries “Then and Now” ohh, sorry we don’t really have one now do we? I certainly don’t want to sue
      a homeboy at the CAVC named Ronny Jackson! Vets we need to take over the entire administration and i
      guarantee there won’t be any problems with veterans looking out for other veterans, we don’t all have
      PTSD but they sure do want us to with the opium and all!

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