Student Loan Forgiveness

Disabled Veteran Student Loan Forgiveness To Be Streamlined

President Donald Trump ordered his administration to create streamlined procedures for student loan forgiveness of certain disabled veteran.

By Executive Order, President Trump ordered the Department of Education and the Department of Veterans Affairs to streamline the process for certain disabled veterans to receive student loan forgiveness. The new procedures are required to be “quick, efficient, and minimally burdensome.”

Limited to veterans who are deemed to be totally and permanently disabled, the new protocol will automatically process veterans’ student loan forgiveness unless the veteran opts out. Student Loan Attorney Adam Minsky says veterans will have 60 days from the date of notice to manually opt-out.

Veterans Eligible For Student Loan Discharge

The student loan forgiveness process is part of the Total Permanent Disability (TPD) discharge program. As part of The Higher Education Act of 1965 and subsequent amendments, totally and permanently disabled veterans were eligible for discharge of their federal student loans.

Generally, the following veterans were eligible for discharge:

  1. 100 percent regular schedular
  2. 100 percent Permanent and Total
  3. 100 percent Total Disability Individual Unemployability

These groups of veterans were able to secure forgiveness by submitting copies of the agency’s disability decision letter to a student loan processor. Eligible veterans are able to secure forgiveness of student loans without tax implications of the forgiveness.

The forms for forgiveness may not fully explain which veterans may be qualified for forgiveness, so be sure to call a TPD information hotline to see if you might qualify.

Data Sharing Expansion

The Executive Order mandates data sharing between the agencies in a move that creates further interagency fusion:

Sec. 2(b) The Secretaries of Education and Veterans Affairs (Secretaries) shall take appropriate action to implement the policy set forth in section 1 of this memorandum as expeditiously as possible.  To that end, the Secretaries shall consider all pathways for the Department of Veterans Affairs to share disability determinations with the Department of Education, so that veterans may be relieved of the burdensome administrative impediments to Federal student loan debt discharge.

Recent Expansion Of Interagency Data Sharing

Previously, until the past few years, various agencies did not regularly share data about Americans across agencies. As the Federal government expands its reach into every corner of our lives, expansions of data sharing seem to be in sync with the process.

I think of data fusion centers used by law enforcement, except it now includes information about your health and disabilities.

This newest expansion of Federalism may have some fallout.

Some advocates are concerned the 60-day processing timeframe will force veterans to either accept the forgiveness at the time or forego the optional forgiveness.

Aside from this, what are your thoughts on the new Executive Order?

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  1. Here’s the articles out from *””* taday; (google each title to read them!)

    1) “After Mandate from Congress, VA Opens Research Center For Burn Pit Related Illnesses”

    2) “Trump Signs Bill Protecting Disability Payments For Veterans Who Declare Bankruptcy”

    3) “Vietnam Vet’s Death Ruled Homicide Amid Investigation into Deaths at VA Hospital”

    4) “Veteran’s Suicide Reveals Unsafe Practices at West Palm Beach VA”

    If anyone actually believes ALL VA employees care about veterans, these articles show a different side of those responsible to “…care for those who served…”!

    1. Crazy Elf, all VA employees have never cared about Veterans. Maybe a handful here and there. And, these particularly employees get stepped on or turned upside down if they do or try to do a decent job. Crazy Elf, have you viewed the article about veteran who committed suicide in the San Diego VA healthcare system? OIG went through documentation and has put it out there for public view. I looked at the info and it does seem the VA psych types put extensive efforts into trying to help vet. He should not have been taken off high risk list and not dropped no matter what until progress was made.

  2. There’s lots of articles today (25 August 2019) pertaining to the VA!
    I’ll be posting them 1 by 1 this morning:

  3. Just maybe slowly that the VA Secretary Robert Wilkie and President Trump are trying to improve what they can. Long way to go though. My take is I just want to live my life according to my desires and to my pursuits. I do not want the VA dictating and controlling anything to do with me. I am enrolled in Mathematics. Starting to apply for employment this week. Just returned from overseeing care out of state since 29 July. Returned earlier in the week. Person doing well so far. Person received positive physician follow-up report. Has DPT and OT assisting currently. So Benjamin, I now can hit the workforce running while hoping that I am marketing myself during the process with a favorable enough presentation that would encourage a company to hire me. So here goes Benjamin. I have finally arrived after a hell of a load of tasks and responsibilities that had to be resolved or had to be closed to being resolved. But, with me Benjamin, no GI Bill, no Chapter 31. Do what I can by applying my own efforts similar to what I have already been doing without having an updated degree and without having updated training or certifications. Many thanks to the VA as to how they have liked to waste veterans’ potential if it became feasible for them and me to return to school to the substantive workforce. I am being sarcastic. VA sad. So this week is the week. I will see now if I have a prayer left for a company to hire me. Best. ????

    1. Problem solve on the fly from intuitiveness without rote learning and without performance learning. Thought process to innovate in the moment to solve while adapting to whatever the situation or to whatever the employment environment maybe. Benjamin, do you realize this is an engineering thought process? You probably do but really do not care. So to my veteran community, here goes the new life change. Best.

    2. Benjamin, it has been about the VA system modality that has been problematic to almost every veteran. In cases of other veterans and me to where it might have become feasible for them to retrain for return to employment via school, Benjamin, with the way the system is set up and it’s lack of accountability, many times this would prevent veterans from doing just this. The system would throw the veteran under the bus or could potentially throw the veteran under the bus. Benjamin, with the VA being so large, it took to long to pick up the pieces in such cases. Benjamin the VA is a black and white system. The VA is a one size fits all system. And both of these perspectives are false realities. Neither are true. Neither fit human life. Sorry but they don’t. Govt has wanted it like this but it is humanly impossible to be done. Benjamin, I have run into social workers out in the community. One particular social worker would tell me if I needed any assistance with VHA to contact him as he mentioned that I knew where to find him. Benjamin, these conversations took place after I had left the VA. And, even after I had cleared up the medical issues that the VA could not get to or would not get too. Benjamin, my needs have been in the recent years the opposite of the VA path. VA has been one to nurse to the grave from in many situations with their care, it is their unaccountable care that has contributed to this. Benjamin, my path is the opposite of the assisted living, the nursing home, and hospice. The VA has rejected my path. They would love to have me going to assisted living under their control. They tried this many years ago. Benjamin, my path has been one of updated education and training return to the workforce. See the Social Worker who offered his assistance said, “I cannot assist you in anyway with the return to work recovery path.” School or certifications path to the work path.
      See Benjamin, the VA rejects meaningful life. Let me further explain. Let’s look at Opiods or most meds that can create additional medical issues due to the drugs themselves. Example, person prescribed oxycodone. Person cannot tolerate pain med. Makes person extremely nauseated, etc. So it takes others who are informed to a degree about the meds. Person speaks to medical facility to ask for a less potent drug to be prescribed for person in pain due to the previous medical procedure. Well, medical physician does prescribe another drug with less potency which in turn would be less harmful and not as hard on the person. In these cases, the less potent pain med used in conjunction with say Tylenol. Benjamin, in many cases the person starts to get into severe pain before the next dosage. This is how the overdosing happens plus abuse and addiction starts to develop. Having a
      non-opiate med on hand to take to fill in to treat the pain until it is time to take the next opoid med. Or people should just take opiate med as needed. I mean by this statement is if the person can get by without taking it, it would be in his or her best interest not to take it unless it is absolutely necessary. Benjamin, people who do not have others to stand up or to advocate for them get thrown under the bus. The healthcare industry does not care. The more drugs they can hand out or sell the more profits earned by the companies and insurance companies. Benjamin, person now off pain med. I performed the care and sidelined the care to assist the person. Benjamin, I be honest with you the VA and even the private sector hands out meds like candy. Benjamin, I am not saying that in many cases the meds are not needed for short-term usage. But our healthcare industry and the VA do not go down this path. The VA does not align with short-term medication usage from what I have witnessed. I see it as short-term usage and then transition to alternatives. Benjamin, in some cases alternatives may not even be needed. Person can live without the meds. Oh, I know the VA probably hates me for making this statement. I do not care. VA never goes down path to find out the unknown. Like I have mentioned often, the VA functions to exist with the self fulfilling prophecies. What they determine stays for lifetime regardless. Remember, the VA loves status quo.

      1. @”Angela”,
        Have you seen where “…25 TONS OF FENTANYL WAS RECENTLY CEASED BY DRUG ENFORCEMENT…”! It was coming in from China!

      2. @”Angela”,
        Here’s some interesting shit:

      3. @Crazy Elf, yes, I have been witnessing what you are speaking too. President Trump was blocking China’s sale of it to us. I am not sure about the status at the current time. Been real busy last couple days.

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  5. The good thing is, these vets won’t have to pay taxes on their discharged loans. I had mine discharged in 2016 when I became 100% disabled, and I ended up owing the government $40k after they sent me a 1099 for the entire student loan amount (surprise!). I’m still paying, and with the interest they’re charging me, I’ll be paying for years. The law has since changed about vets owing taxes on discharged loans, but it wasn’t made retroactive for those of us who just missed it. I contacted the White House and various senators and members of congress about this issue, but I’ve had no response yet.

  6. Oh I guess I messed up. I posted the website 3 times due to believing it was not posting. Sorry folks.

  7. Crazy Elf, even when there was not a hiring freeze, the VA had either trouble finding medical folks to come work at the VA or the VA just did not bother to hire because they did not care. They just hoarded the money for themselves that was supposed to be used for hiring. In regards to me, I had the 7 medical physicians because the VA could not fill the position or they just did not want too. This VA was using travel physicians. Crazy Elf, before this time period in which I am describing, I was put on a waiting list. Yes and yes. Before this I did have a decent VA Nurse Practitioner in the Women’s Clinic. She then left the VA to go work in the Peace Corp. This was before the Obama administration. So Crazy Elf the VA was a little humane before the Obama administration. Trump is trying to correct lots; but, he has many government officials who do not want the issues corrected with being brought to resolves. President Trump is trying his best to deliver; but, the power, greed, and death mongers hate him and his efforts of trying to improve for all. Crazy Elf, you are speaking about VISN 8.
    Oh yes, Benjamin, hope you read this. I have a question. “Is there just one career field or maybe I should ask, is there a university that is not partisan?” Engineering?? Statistics???Mathematics?? Read the article in the Higher Chronicle that came out today and you will see why I am asking this question.

  8. I hope that the government will send out letters to all of the qualified veterans that requires a response, whether it is to opt-in or opt-out. Receiving correspondence from the VA is hit-or-miss at best. There will be no way of them knowing if the vet chooses to get the discharge or if they merely never received the letter. Many vets have made a conscious decision to NOT get these discharges for reasons including need for future student loans for themselves or family members. These loans help them survive financially while continuing those educations (including those in Chapter 31). For those who are paying their student loans voluntarily having them mistakenly discharged can have a negative effect on their credit ratings (for those with few open accounts). In my opinion had the government given this much media coverage to this loan discharge program on an ongoing basis it would have accomplished nearly the same thing. ***** I’m curious: the rules state that the refunds of loan payments can go back to when we receive the applicable VA disability rating but has anyone received multiple years of refunds prior to the application date? I’m sure that they must have but I don’t recall hearing anyone comment on it. Please comment if you are aware of someone having gotten this refund for multiple years prior to application.

  9. This is going on right now in Washington D.C.;
    It’s “addressing veterans homelessness”!

  10. Department of Education has a great process in place already through Nelnet to apply for loan forgiveness. The process is simple and it took about 30 days to receive a determination. My husband student loan was forgiven and this is the easiest process that I have done through Nelnet. I hope that the VA will actually make this process easy for our Veterans.

  11. I think it is an important improvement. The existing program tricks vets into thinking that they do not qualify by saying Permanent and Total in the requirements, indicating to many that Schedular 100% does not count. This is course not the case at all in reality. They do not tell you that they are going by Social Security Administration definitions and not VA definitions of Permanent and Total. There may be a significant number of Schedular 100% vets who have not applied because they wrongly think they do not qualify.

  12. I was a patient at the Portland Oregon VA health care center psych ward. Had a breakdown and was subdued by VA police. Spent over six hours in restraints with 2 broken ribs, collapsed lung and broken Elbow with no medical treatment for my injurys. Was finally taken to ICU for 2-3 DAYS. FILLED A TORT CLAIM AN WAS DENIED. The VA said and concluded that none of their employees did nothing wrong. If this is so. What type of life threatening injuries does the VA consider their imployies need to inflict on A human being before they will admit they did wrong. I am not perfect and have not always admired fault. This was to save my own ass. So is the VA saving it’s own ass at the expense veterans. Bill W.

  13. The Arkansas VAMC featuring Dr Levy just had another employee this week arrested and prosecuted for bringing large quantities of Meth-Amphetamine to work at the VAMC to sell and or distribute to VA Staff members. I live in Arkansas and this Meth-report was on the local news here this week.

    In Albuquerque they had VAMC staff people selling Heroin on campus to staffers and patients.
    Interestingly, Dr Levy was apparently also using a substance to get high that doesn’t show up on drug or alcohol tests.
    When I worked at the VA (1990’s), alcohol was the drug of choice and you were expected to party like an animal after hours with the mucky mucks. The current crop of clinicians like the harder drugs as it appears and thet are using them while on duty.

    It’s off the rails now- No way am I going back to the VA.

    1. RJ, I agree. Many of the VA types have been and are acting with insanity. Lord help us all. ????

      1. @”Angela”,
        According to Marigold Murcado, who oversees the healthcare providers in Central Florida, there has been a freeze or stop on hiring new providers!
        She didn’t expound on the “WHY”!
        Which means I’m stuck with a nurse practitioner until who knows when!

      2. Oh yes, Benjamin, the veteran self stigma that the VA often speaks about. This originates with the Department of Veterans Affairs, and the VA themselves keep the labeling concept alive. I will explain why and how later. In Orlando today.

      3. Benjamin, the topic of self stigma did not come up out of thin air by me. It came from article on VA Vantage Point. With what they are saying,
        I disagree wholeheartedly. Even though, the term self stigma is identifiable to a person who maybe being stigmatized against as in himself against himself or herself against herself, Benjamin, this state never originates internally from within the person to whom and which it is occurring. A fact. Look at it. Benjamin, the self stigma originates external from the person as in this case the veterans should it be even happening with some. Benjamin, this has a lot to do with why people do not care to seek assistance with mental health concerns. Benjamin, because once a person does seek mental health assistance consider one’s life over due to the way this culture has become and has been in past years. Benjamin, there are people who actually need to seek mental health help but never do. Therefore, they never are branded with a label or a diagnosis. Though, the problem that lies with those who have is from that point on they become treated like victims with no way to breathe out from under the stigmatization. Benjamin, this is not the way that it should be. Yes, medical conditions have to be labeled and categorized mainly for insurance purposes so the dollar bill can come into play; but, this methodality has contributed to the healthcare system becoming greatly departmentalized and greatly compartmentalized.
        Yes, look at the VA, it exists as a compartmentalized agency. Benjamin, this is big government overreach of the healthcare industry. Benjamin, with the never-ending compartmentalization that stores all the iota diagnostical medical condition codes and with the never-ending number of hands that it takes to employ data actions, it is a wonder if a task or payment or decision can move thru the system before the next century. I am serious. Benjamin, there are too many hands involved regarding the healthcare of each person. But, in many cases it is not about each person. The blanket actions that are being delivered with the one size fits all modality are ultimately only serving those govt officials who are delivering such actions. Benjamin, too many hands involved increases costs and reduces quality for those on the receiving end. This is my opinion. Just think how many VA leadership hands a claim or a medical procedure passes thru before a decision ever gets back to the veteran so that an action can be taken.Too many hands open up the doors for vast numbers of subjective interpretations that ultimately contributes to many veterans being thrown under the bus by the time the payment or decision or whatever reaches him or her. Though, Democrats love compartmentalization which leads to keeping people in groups or in group think which keeps the stigmatization alive and well. One group with certain diagnoses and other groups with other diagnoses separates people instead of treating them like individuals. Compartmentalization links right into restrictions and reduces efficiency and quality of care in my opinion. Overregulation, sustainability, and sabotage stems from the compartmentalization. But, back to the topic regarding people with certain mental health diagnoses, a diagnosis is given to an individual is based on a screenshot of time. The screenshot of time could have been 5 years ago or 20 years ago or 50 years ago or even at the present time. And, for a senior person to say well this person was sick with this 5 years ago or 50 years ago, we cannot allow this person to do this or this or this person will not be able to do this or this. What happens is I say individuals; but, as per say senior leadership never look at the people as individuals. This poses great problems for all involved. A fact. Also, now, with many agencies
        and companies involving themselves with and overreaching into American veterans’ medical information only leads to loss or privacy, misinformation, misinterpretations, and keeps the stigmatization live and well. No wonder many veterans stay the hell out of the VA or anywhere else for that matter. Veterans who do not seek help and who are committing suicide may not see a hand up for themselves. My take on the situation involves one of which the privacy of any person should be respected and honored. I do not see this happening. Yes, and too, transparency can come into play; but, that should happen way into a person’s recovery process or after a person is healing or has come out the other side. As for the companies, agencies, and institutions, they should be better informed and better educated about mental health. Mental health issues have been frowned upon by this culture that is in love with status. Hell, look at California which belongs to Majority Nancy Pelosi and Democrat Congress Maxine Waters. It is not just California but look at the mental concerns all over this country. Oh, this situation does not just involve veterans; but, this situation involves many in the American government and many in the American companies. Though, here we go again right back to status. See many who are in senior positions can afford decent medical care in the private sector. Yes, Democrats private sector medical care not healthcare. What distinguishes the American veterans from the senior people in companies or agencies is that the American veterans do not have access in many cases to decent affordable quality medical care to help them before they become homeless or lose a job or whatever. Folks, it is cheaper to deliver preventative medical care than to have to dig homeless people out of the gutter to only be able to deliver to them rationed healthcare. Not medical care but healthcare which most of the time delivers hospice instead of life itself. This also puts regular citizens in a category separate from people in prominent positions. Going back to mental health concerns, senior leadership or company leadership keep the stigmatization alive for regular citizens who even have the history in their background. Yes, history. This is not today. Government officials and companies keep the stigmatization alive and well. They say oh we need volunteers. Well, if a person has volunteered for 20+ years, then, this is a problem government officials. Now, transition to people who have been in companies or govt, are they directed or controlled to just volunteer? No and hell no. As for the VA, they hire a veteran to work in housekeeping as an aide. Now would the VA after some time ever retrain a veteran to become a physician or a professional in substantive employment? No and hell no. Points to the big government placing ABET ME licensed engineers to volunteer to hand out candy which is full of sugar anyway and which ultimately aligns right with death if you eat enough of it. Big govt is extremist in all areas with the massive spending and with once again heading on over to the mental health concerns of keeping the stigmatization live and well by assuming the person’s capabilities and skills of today are substandard due to the person’s history. See people as in regular Americans with any type of mental health history are doomed before even given an opportunity in today. Same as how our legal system was becoming before Attorney General William Barr was sworn in. Guilty until proven innocent. But, see major stigmatization before a veteran can ever get started. As for assisting homeless veterans, the govt and agencies speak of continuous case management and permanent housing. Benjamin, I honestly do not believe the vets desire this forever begin unless they have conditions that require it. I believe the vets need hands up to help them get on their feet into their own school, employment, and into their own lives. Not hand outs to keep them down with being totally dependent on government. But, you see from what I am hearing from govt. is aligning with govt dictating control with keeping vets down and keeping govt dependence going. Benjamin, it is not human nature to not want to be able to make one’s own decisions. Of course, seek guidance but the veterans should be allowed to make their own decisions. For those who need more guidance, inform them but the veterans’ human rights need to be honored and respected for them to do just this. Benjamin, sorry about your blog; but, lots to say. I did not mean to extremist your blog. Lots of words though about what is going on in this country. Best.??????

      4. Well Benjamin, your site threw me off. But I will say most of the American educational system has become partisan. And it has. The education the vets owed for probably was not worth what they were paying for. The only college in the country in my opinion that teaches the truth when it comes to American History, the Congress, the Senate and civics is Hillsdale College. Benjamin, I would like an answer to this question. Why in the hell has the VA tried to block me from returning to the substantive workforce? WHY? I do not want to volunteer. I have been there done that. Ten times over. Why should I volunteer when I am consistently correcting situations of people who are in employed? This is no joke. I know that they do not care to hear this but I am fed up with being shit on by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Benjamin, I really would like some answers. Benjamin, people can prepare all day long with degrees, certifications, or with whatever; but, at the end of the day what actually matters is being able to deliver. Boils down to being able to problem solve in the moment which accesses one’s intuitiveness. Having the thought process to innovate in the moment. Ben, you are a 100% service connected and you work as an attorney in your law practice. Former Senator John McCain was 100% service connected and worked as a Senator. Please tell me why the VA keeps throwing in face volunteering. Benjamin, is there something the Department of Veterans is hiding from me? As corrupt as they have been, I would not doubt it. One has to actually find out. So here we go. Best. ???????? One point, remember this and you are aware of this. A Totalitarian agency always obscures the truth. Look at the Communist patient flag systems the VA uses. Red flag system shuts down veterans from being able to stand up for themselves and prevents them from having an open dialog with the VA providers. So Benjamin, I want the truth.

      5. Crazy Elf, all VA employees have never cared about Veterans. Maybe a handful here and there. And, these particularly employees get stepped on or turned upside down if they do or try to do a decent job. Crazy Elf, have you viewed the article about veteran who committed suicide in the San Diego VA healthcare system? OIG went through documentation and has put it out there for public view. I looked at the info and it does seem the VA psych types put extensive efforts into trying to help vet. He should not have been taken off high risk list and not dropped no matter what until progress was made.

  14. Here’s a great article about those assholes who stole vets money.

  15. Can we get a refund of student cost from the 70s. Back than nobody gave a shit when we came back from the Nam

  16. I believe this needed to be said again!
    From: “Don Karg”
    August 22, 2019 at 4:15 am

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    Dr. Levy in two of three cases “falsified records” [“claiming his deputy had concurred with his diagnosis, a required peer review for first-time malignancy cases”].

    He knew his days were number and drank heavily, and no one at the VA cared for years!
    “Kelvin Parks, the interim medical center director for the hospital, wrote to the Mississippi board on June 7 [2016?] that Levy “significantly failed to meet generally-accepted standards of clinical practice that constituted an imminent threat to patient welfare.” Two days later, the Arkansas physician program revoked its advocacy of Levy due to ‘non-compliance with daily check-in requirements and failure to return phone calls to the AMF.’”
    Dr. Robert Morris Levy, at the time was a VA pathologist, the VA removed him from clinical care after being found impaired in 2016 [after the third known Death of a patient].

    The end result was “three counts of involuntary manslaughter and 28 counts of mail fraud, wire fraud, and false statements to law enforcement officials.” But it doesn’t stop there—- he had touched thousands of family and traumatized them, 33,902 pathology results audit from 2005 to 2017, Officials have discovered 1,119 total errors then it changed to over 3,000 errors confirmed [“vast majority were of little consequence”/Really???], discovered 11 significant errors then it was changed to 30, the agency sent out 700 letters to impacted veterans around September [2018].
    What we have here is a lot of number changing—similar to the early reporting of the deaths at the Phoenix VA Hospital 40 in 2014 [The national press likes that number] to the President’s letter in 2017 the count was 1,700 and my estimates go over 2000 to 2500 in 2019 since 2014.

    Viewing this Doctor’s case is like giving the infirmary nurse a hard time at Auschwitz for screwing up. And no one has asked how Dr. Josef Mengele [Angel of Death] was allowed to “practice medicine” without supervision on our veterans? Who above the Doctor should have had the control stops/Quality Control when things go wrong? The Hospital Board?


    Don Karg
    “When nurses at the facility demanded an investigation into mysterious Swango-related patient deaths, the hospital refused to contact law enforcement. Several nurses eventually spoke to the local prosecutor themselves, and the prosecutor later said that “they were blocked by the hospital administration at every turn, despite the fact that everywhere Swango went, ‘code blues and deaths by respiratory failure increased.’ ”

    ‘Collective amnesia’
    “One of the biggest questions in the case is how Hoegel was able to murder so many people apparently under the watch of hospital staff.”

    After Dozens of Fentanyl Killings, Hospital C.E.O. and 23 Employees Are Forced Out
    The chief executive of Mount Carmel Health System in Ohio resigned one month after a doctor was charged with overprescribing fentanyl to 25 patients.

  17. Here’s two stories out from *””* today;
    1.) *””*
    These ASSHOLES deserve long terms in prison!

    2.) You’ll have look this one up yourselves. It looks like VA employees will NOT be allowed to smoke on VA property very soon!

    1. P.S.
      Here’s the one on employees not being allowed to smoke on VA property;

  18. “President Donald Trump ordered his administration to create streamlined procedures for student loan forgiveness of certain disabled veterans.”

    Let’s hope this project goes better than that other Trump project, where you might recall,, during Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, he promised a “private White House hotline” to answer concerns. “I’ll pick up the phone and fix it myself if I have to.”

    Well, how many times did he “pick up the phone and fix it himself?

    If he ever did, he’s been unusually quiet about it.

    1. @”Franj”,
      I’ve used that “VA Hotline” twice. I would also suggest using your congressman over a specific issue.
      Of course, this would only apply if your Congressional delegates are veterans AND want to help put the screws to one of the most corrupt government agencies in America!
      I alway have documented proof to aid in my quest against the va. That way they can’t sweep it under the rug – so to speak!

    2. I have used the WH hot line. it works. I has an admin at the VA call me within 24 hours of calling the hotline. It was quick and efficient.

  19. I read many of your articles here and on FB. I live in Lubec, Maine and receive my primary care through Calais, Maine.

    We have always had a problem getting professionals and keeping them at the Calais office but it seems that we often get doctors that have been to multiple VAs and just keep getting moved around for no particular reason. It’s like the VA is trying to hide something like the Catholic Church moved pedophiles around.

    Something to think about.

    Thank you,

    Bob Foster

    1. @Bob Foster,
      You noticed that too, huh! Have you ever noticed a healthcare provider gets into trouble, then he/she is never seen again at that particular vha?
      So, you might be right associating this like the Catholic Church pedo retreat!

      1. Hey, Crazy Elf and Bob, before I left the VA 4 to 5 years ago, in one year I had 7 primary care doctors. This is no joke. Though, I do agree with the Trump Executive Order. From the way I see it, it is about damn time the veterans get some kind of break from having been thrown under the bus so many times. Giving illegal immigrants full rides to universities to include tuition, medical care, room and board. Yes this has been happening. It originated under the Obama administration. I will share one of the many universities who has been engaging in such actions, “Valdosta State University.” Grants from the Obama Administration. I am pleased with the Executive Order Action by the President. Thank God, ?Vets finally getting some relief.

    2. One more point to my other comments, when veterans serve in the military and during this time while they are serving, this committment does indeed remove many of them to include me possibly from potentially developing themselves or from having developed themselves among and aligned with the career building steps of the private sector. While Americans in the private sector in both blue collar and white collar employment are determining their next move or expanding their companies or further developing their careers, the veterans are in a different loop which could be somewhat of an advantage or a disadvantage depends on their job while serving in the military. Also, it most definitely depends if injury or trauma or death happens. Regardless of whether injured or not injured, a person who is removed from the career development progression of the private sector looses ground in many instances. Benjamin, here again this points to status. Remove the status requirement from every veteran and see what you come up with. I be honest with you here I believe social status should be removed from every person. In other words, do not stigmatize or discriminate because the person is and has been in a different loop. Yes, the competition will always exist. Sorry Democrats. Benjamin, it boils down to equal opportunity. Yes and yes.??????????️??

      1. Again, if in a different loop and actually if one looks at this, any person who is changing careers or jobs regardless if veteran or not is submitting himself or herself to a new career opportunity when hired. However, this goes both ways. The different loops are happening with both the company and with the newly hired veteran. So actually, Benjamin, neither really knows each other’s loops that will eventually surface. So the way I see the employment situation is the person with the appropriate thought process that is aligned with that particular career field should be given the green light for hire. Yes Benjamin.This is why. Regardless of all the individual potential hires, the company or agency employment environment will be new to all new hires regardless of the education or the training or the work experiences. Boils down to the equal opportunity and the ability to problem solve on the fly while accessing the intuitiveness. The biggest issue that I have witnessed that is most detrimental to all veterans is that the military situational circumstances in many cases have left the veterans with more vulnerabilities as compared to many in the private sector; and, even these particularly vulnerabilities have continually generated more and more on top of the veteran plates for them to have to deal with. Resulting in homelessness, suicides, and who knows whatever else. Benjamin, I bet you cannot wait for me to exit your blog. Best.

      2. Actually, my position on comparing veteran vulnerabilities to non-veteran vulnerabilities is one of not being totally informed. I may should say different kinds of vulnerabilities. No vulnerability should be considered less than the other. It depends on how the person’s psyche responds to the vulnerabities. Non-veterans have serious vulnernabilties as well. Can only be determined thru unbiased social research. Not by me. Best.

    3. Benjamin, the concerning situations have not been just about the VA; but, also, has involved Service Organizations. Besides the care negligence by the VA, the DAV service officers have been culprits too. Benjamin, I did not originate in the VA system or with the Service officers where I am presently located. There has been a problem in reference to me in my present location with the VA. My main comment of this post is about a DAV Service Officer. Wrongdoings have not only been with the VA but with service officers too. Benjamin, when I am sitting across from a DAV Service officer with a desk in between us and he chooses to take a MARKER to proceed to mark thru the dates on my compensation award letters, this is a problem. Benjamin, this current VA VISN and the DAV located in this area had nothing to do with me when the Navy retired me and when the VA in a different VISN received me. Plus, the DAV National Service Officers in a totally different location of the country reviewed my records while I was still on active duty and before I was retired with eventually being put on TDRL to PDRL. Benjamin, this is water under the bridge; but, there is a problem here. I know many employment opportunities are now more accessible to veterans which is awesome. Mr. Wilkie is doing what he can along with the President. Benjamin, I even have service connected conditions that are not even documented. Yes and yes, I have the records.They viewed my rating percentage as being blanket coverage for all which has not been the case and which is not the case. There is a problem here. Best.

      1. Enlighten me about one instance of when there has not been a problem in and with the VA. No, I am not complaining. It is what it is. Do my own agenda. Regardless. There is a problem though. I recognize it. Why did the DAV veteran service officer mark through my award letters with a marker? Not a National Service officer but a service officer. Anyone have any comments to offer???

      2. Oh yes, Benjamin, a VA insider put out an article about disability claims and service connected conditions. In my opinion, the article was an article that was speaking down to the veterans. He was speaking to the topic about going to WebMed and diagnosing oneself does not cut it. One has to have evidence that it was an injury or condition that occurred while on active duty. Benjamin, of course, the veterans know this. But, sometimes one has to wonder if maybe the WebMed online is a more credible source than the actual MDs themselves. Benjamin, honestly, I do not trust any physician. How about those apples VA? Like I have been mentioning over and over, even supposedly the best screw up. So Benjamin, the MD licensure does not guarantee any patient a bed of roses. The licensure just displays competency; not saying that every medical professional is competent just because they have the MD initials behind their names. Even the Hughston Clinic Orthopedic Facilities in the south have orthopedic surgeons who have had to pay out millions of dollars in malpractice lawsuits. It is just in the private sector Americans can view any physician’s reviews or ratings. Many times even these can be bought to cover up any physician’s negligence and incompetence. Plus, in the private sector it is easier to sue the culprits unlike in the VA. But getting back to the VA insider article, he is speaking from a position of not being connected to the veteran population. Disconnect. He is speaking from the position of the VA. And, of course, he is a VA employee, how can anyone expect otherwise? Though, speaking to his tune of what can be and what cannot be in regards to service connected disabilities, he comes across as if the VA can do no wrong. All of this leads back to me, I do have service connected disabilities that both the Navy and the VA treated. But you see Benjamin the VA failed to resolve the issues.They just kicked down the road. I can’t afford to take of the issues so they are not getting seen about. Conditions are in Navy records and the VA has treated them; but, at the time of my Navy discharge, I was too sick to bring the issues up. Situation got overlooked. Conditions are not documented on the VA service connection list. And, it is not me just saying this. Records say this and the failed VA care says this. I have been stepped on and stepped on. Denial of VEAP conversion to Montgomery GI Bill. Denial of VOC Rehab. So my message to the VA insider, it would be most appreciated if you VA employees might consider better informing yourselves about the veteran population. Thus, at this point, I could careless about fighting the VA for anything. One never knows one day soon, I might just call up and stop payment of my comp.

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