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Elderly Veteran Death By VA Police Obfuscated By ‘Queen Of Cover-ups’

The head of Kansas City VA Medical Center is now accused of withholding details about the death of an elderly veteran at the hands of VA Police.

Local officials believe withholding of evidence and obfuscation is a pattern well known to the agency’s local director, Kathleen Fogarty. Once dubbed “the VA queen of cover-ups” after getting caught approving secret recording of a veteran’s family, Fogarty is no stranger to withholding information.

For some background, the problem at Kansas City VA Medical Center is all too familiar and was well addressed in a recent story by The Kansas City Star that I’m providing the cliff notes of here.

Kenneth Farhner Wrongful Death

Kenneth Farhner, a 66-year-old veteran, went to VA for hernia surgery in May 2018. The wound became infected. So, Farhner drove himself to the emergency room, but he drove the wrong way on VA property on the way to get emergency care.

VA police confronted Farhner leading to an altercation. Leaked documents published by USA TODAY showed the confrontation left the elderly veteran nearly comatose. He died two years later from a brain hemorrhage.

A couple of things jumped out at me on this issue. First, the veteran’s surgical site became infected – – possibly due to poor health care at the same VA. Second, why would a member of VA Police do anything to an elderly veteran in distress that could result in death?

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Thumbing Nose At FOIA

A local paper called The Star investigated after receiving an anonymous tip about Farhner’s death. Despite filing requests for records under the Freedom of Information Act, the local VA refused to cooperate.

The Star was not alone. Members of Congress were stonewalled. And, so was Farhner’s family who has since filed a wrongful death lawsuit against VA.

The agency’s behavior is typical whenever local leadership is covering up wrongdoing.

Randall Barnett, the president of Vietnam Veterans of America in Kansas City, is suspicious.

“If they weren’t at fault or didn’t feel through their investigation they were somewhat at fault, why would they cover everything up?” Barnett asked. “Or try to cover everything up?”

Cover-Up Denied

Spokesman for Kansas City VA Medical Center denies a cover-up.

“Federal law enforcement officials have already fully investigated this matter and determined that VA acted appropriately in its interaction with the veteran,” Vernon Stewart said. “VA will cooperate fully with any additional official investigations.”

Fire Alarm At Tampa VA

Fogarty used to run the James A. Haley VA Medical Center located in Tampa, Florida.

While there, she ordered her staff to place a recording device inside a fire alarm to secretly record family members of a severely ill veteran.

When investigated, her subordinates provided false statements about the nature of the secret recording including stating the family consented. Documents later uncovered by The Tampa Bay Times showed staff provided many other untruthful responses about the matter. I have a clip from a hearing addressing the recording at the bottom of this article.

Why would any party place a recording device inside a smoke detector if the recording was above board? No one does that. Just use a normal recording device.

After Tampa, Fogarty was shipped off to Phoenix VA Medical Center to deal with the falsified patient wait times problem that surfaced in 2014.

Tampa Bay Times previously reported Fogarty “cut veterans’ access to outside care to help overcome a multimillion-dollar deficit as director of the Tampa, Fla., VA, in 2011 and repeatedly denied publicly that she was doing it.”

USA TODAY previously included Fogarty in a list of agency leaders who were “transferred to new jobs despite concerns about the care provided to veterans at the facilities they were previously managing.”

VA Spokesman Calls Press Story “Irresponsible”

Stewart, the local spokesman, denied the allegations of USA TODAY and chastised The Kansas City Star for addressing the USA TODAY list within its own reporting on the Farhner battery, saying the data was “flat-out false and repeating it to your readers would be irresponsible.”

“When Director Fogarty became director of the Tampa VA Medical Center in 2011, she inherited a nearly $48 million budget deficit,” Stewart said. “She balanced the budget by using commonsense management principles such as not filling unneeded positions and eliminating unnecessary overtime and travel. Under Fogarty’s leadership, the facility expanded its services to Veterans, and the blueprint she developed for managing the resources remains in place at the VAMC today.”

However, that is not consistent with Fogarty’s statements in 2014, “Fogarty said she balanced the Tampa VA budget in three years by reducing the time veterans spent in non-VA hospitals.”

In 2011, Fogarty denied the facility was at a deficit.

So, who is the public to believe? Should we trust Stewart’s spin about his boss’s record? Or, should we trust the reporting of at least four different news organizations about Fogarty’s checked track record?

Kathleen Fogarty Biography

Here is Fogarty’s VA bio in italics:

Kathleen R. Fogarty was appointed by the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to serve as Director of the Kansas City VA Medical Center effective March 8, 2015. As the Director, Mrs. Fogarty oversees the delivery of health care to more than 48,000 Veterans throughout Western Missouri and Eastern Kansas and manages the daily operations of the 157 Bed Medical Center, seven (7) Community Based Outpatient Clinics, a radiation/oncology outreach clinic, and a Medical Mobile Unit. The KCVA is a principle teaching hospital affiliated with the University of Missouri-Kanas City and University of Kansas, School of Medicine. The KCVA has an operating budget of approximately $340 million dollars and more than 1600 full time employees.

Prior to this appointment, Mrs. Fogarty served as the Director of the James A. Haley Veterans Hospital in Tampa, Florida From 2011 through 2015 and the Interim Network Director for the Southwest Health Care Network VISN 18 from November 2014 through August 2015. She served as the Interim Medical Center Director of the Overton Brooks VA Medical Center in Shreveport, LA from September 2010 through August 2011 and the VA Gulf Coast Veterans Health Care System in 2009.

Mrs. Fogarty is a Senior Executive Career Development Program Graduate, a certified Fellow of the VHA Mentor program, a member of the Senior Executive Association, the American College of Healthcare Executives, and the American Dietetic Association, and a member of the Board of Trustees for the University of Saint Mary. Among Mrs. Fogarty’s many awards and honors are; the Presidential Rank Award for Meritorious Executive, the Vice President Gore Hammer Award for Subsistence Prime Vendor Team and the Deputy Secretary of Veterans Affairs Scissor Award.

Fire Alarm Investigation

I covered the fire alarm issue back in 2013 when I first caught wind of it during a House Committee on Veterans Affairs hearing.

Congressman Jeff Miller, Majority Leader of the House Committee on Veterans Affairs, pressed VA’s Scott Gould about the fire alarm recorder.

Ultimately, former Deputy Secretary Scott Gould stood by the VA’s decision. He asserted the secretive recordings were made to preserve the safety of the veteran. In response to the allegations, Gould said, “Our greatest priority is safety and security of our patients, and we secured it with that camera.”

Safety and security? Like I said before, why not put the camera out in the open if the goal was purely to ensure the safety of the veteran?

Former Chairman Jeff Miller agreed.

In response to Gould, Rep. Jeff Miller said, “Common sense would say if you’re going to put a camera up, just put a camera up where people can see it.” He continued, “For some reason, someone [in the VA] made the decision to hide the camera. It was installed without notice. It was installed without consent. What is interesting to me… is that there is a claim that consent is not required within a VA facility…”

The family tried to expressly state to VA that there was no consent given. Let’s not forget that Fogarty’s staff falsely asserted the family consented to the fire alarm recording.

Our Takeaway

What should the public think?

First, avoid VA Police when you’re distressed or you might get bodyslammed. Second, always act as if someone is recording you whenever on VA property. Third, if you do get bodyslammed and die, be sure it’s recorded on your iPhone because the agency will obfuscate at every stage of the investigation.

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  1. mr t the only person that I believe truly cares is director mike steve hes vba. The town halls everyone else acts like they care and never get back to me but him. I have his direct number if you want it. He explains alot of things to me and has helped me out. There still no accountability to get rid psychologist that has a criminal record and accused in federal court in changing records or the nurse caught red handed falsifying records. The northern Indiana town hall sept . I have a speech prepared and plan on calling out va police I don’t give a shit. Hope it will bring positive change for other vets

    1. Hit me up on Facebook. Censoring vets bad there too and like others dis-allowing grouping up or networking. Getting his number will do me no good. I also don’t draw others into my stuff unless they think they can help and offer, and know the consequences for helping or being friends with enemy of the corrupt, Marxist, commies, secret societies, what and whomever. Go for it but I doubt anything less than an act of God will make the slightest change in Indiana politics or deeply rooted corrupted, well networked, supported and protected machines. Too much fear, too many brain-washed, education on any level is a joke, too much lawlessness, zero accountability, 1984 living times ten.

  2. mr t I hate the va system they destroyed my life with opiods not one person was held accountable va Marion Indiana psychologist hates vets and falsifies reports they do nothing. They left me to die for years. They lied to congressional office saying we had meeting and they called me on certain dates. Pulled the phone records showed they lied nothing happened as usual. Everyone in government hates me because I call out there bullshit read Social security scandal bigger than va

  3. mr t did you read my article( government turns its back on veterans). Are you out of northern Indiana

    also there no accountability in the federal government

    1. I’m in Terre Haute, not hiding. Yes I read the article. There is no accountability at all with the Feds, state, and mainly locally. Four major lefty colleges, “Union Strong” town, up against those sucking on the Hulman family teat and more. No negatives allowed here. Full lefty control with every office and position filled with the same, nepotism rampant from here to DC, corrupt courts/judges, commie lying rag for a news paper, news is censored like crazy, we don’t even get Indy news here nor many out of state papers any more, the library is a joke, been censoring veterans and those a bit on the right for over forty years, hard. If you don’t agree with the lefties, city, any official, let corruption/activist/fraud run rampant in health care too, disagree in any manner you are the enemy. And much much more. Much is beyond belief and unless people have dealt with such corrupt practices or been in positions to see it and having to deal with it all, then they don’t have a clue how bad it is or can be. People that do see it or encounter it or seeing the harm done do nothing, stay silent and fear all the corrupt machines.

      Vet pensions and disability supposed to be exempt from bankruptcies? Not here they all do as they wish, no professional ethics or oath keeping here. Safe from stalkings or being black-balled community wide or kept from basic rights and freedoms. Not here and not much safety from stepping on the wrong toes or from the psychopaths in power positions.

      Oh and yes I know and heard how bad it is in N. Indiana too. Nothing compared to my locale though, I think, I don’t live up north, know some who do, but know Indiana well enough and been through enough to know all the evil machinery and cliques.

  4. I believe you totally I fight for criminal justice reform my background BA in criminal justice. The whole system rigged. Right now the feds have a guy in confinement and wont let him out till he lies and tells them what they want so he can lie to a jury to get a conviction. The feds doing this belong in jail , A prosecutor with a 99 percent conviction is like saddam hussien and his 99 percent election bullshit! Take a plea deal even if your innocent or we will destroy your life bankrupt you and draw up more imaginary charges to see what sticks. They make a name for them self on the backs of good people.

    The whole system sucks they will accuse you of greed when its a pay for profit prisions.
    if your a whistle blower they will draw up fake charges and go after your veteran bennifets whole system garbage.

    I was pissed a nurse at cboc was caught falsifying records the va took disciplinary action than gave her a full time job

    went to patient advocate months past went back told bva dosnt have to respond went to congressional office va called with bullshit story that her displinary period was over. if it was a vet he be in prison complete garbage.

    than article came out va retaliating against veterans with the patient advocate as vets dead. I demanded the director of west palm beach removed. Walking target

  5. Anyone that that has not seen the VA police abuse to older Vets are blind. My wife would not take me to the VA for that reason Everytime she went she left crying . I no longer go to the since I aged In to Medicare. I started going to the VA a few years ago because of the abuse the employees including medical pros dished out I had to re live the problems that I had to deal nearly 50 years ago. You can see some some of my wounds . VA I went it alone for over 40 years I’ll finish up alone.

  6. Jy, are you kidding? I went totally public to show people how bad and corrupt things are in certain areas especially mine. We have NO rights, period. Think so? And yes it is USSR living under the Bolsheviks, no real media, justice in courts, no protections, no laws or agencies to help either. Not in Indiana. I’ve been through them all and people think it’s a game or not so. If we live in perfection land with real rights or ethics then why all the attacks on some vets for speaking some truth? Why all the censoring and banning? How can a major civilian hospital get by with refusing my med records from them after leaving the VA? How is that professionals refuse to do anything to harm others? Do surgeries on a broken shattered jaw and refused x-rays to show the damage? Oh but that too is legal? I got a long list of pie-in-the-sky rights and freedoms most think we have until hell breaks loose or we have to deal VA and all health care pros disregard and covering-up. Plus dealing with all associated with it, unions, family members, cliques, and the almighty ID politics of today. Media runs from me and I’ve contacted many of them all over the place.

    Refuse to talk to cops here or refuse a search your ass will get busted and put in jail. Body cams off. They do whatever they want, in court, out of courts, in the streets, whatever. It isn’t that easy for everyone nor is it easy for the whislte-blowers and others coming forth with damaging info about any corrupt machine out there. Not much on TV is reality either or what we are led to believe or told to.

  7. It’s hit and miss they might be nice to me and a asshole to the next person I totally get it. People are uniformed and don’t realize they don’t have to talk to the police. VA police can’t just search you or take away your property. This isn’t Nazi germany the ss guards

  8. I can say I have had no problem with the VA police either but most know I know my rights and won’t put up with anyone bs. We have a news station directly nextdoor to our va

  9. As a 100% service connected vet receiving VA care for decades, I can attest I have been treated fairly & professionally for many, many years…BUT
    During 2018/2019 things have changed SIGNIFICANTLY at the VA medical centers. Staff, with a few isolated exceptions, have lost the “give a rip” towards veterans care.
    I believe money/budgets is always at fault; however, this is different. I believe 90% of VA employees are simply pissed at Trump and projecting that attitude on veterans. I do know it is very sad and frustrating because our (veteran’s) healthcare is taking a serious downturn. We do not deserve poor treatment. On the contrary, veterans are the reason VA employees and staff have federal jobs…

    1. @George Williams,
      It’s great that you feel you’ve received good healthcare until recently. Only blaming just the employees for hating our President for only the past couple years, is in my opinion, wrong.
      I, myself, starting noticing healthcare going south around 2011 or 12 on. Between that year and July 6th 2019, I’ve had issue after issue with not only the healthcare side of VA, but issues with the administration side of VA! Here’s some of the things employees did to me and my wife;
      1.) Divorced me and my wife multiple times.
      2.) Changed our address multiple times.
      3.) Misdiagnosing me multiple times. These were of life threatening illnesses.
      4.) Accuse me of falsehoods.
      5.) Expunge my records of one of my two military services!
      6.) Stating I NEVER had “…boots on ground…” in Vietnam.
      7.) That I was a “Vietnam Era Veteran” – not a “combat veteran”!

      This is my short list. Can you see why I’m upset at the most corrupt government agency, protected by the most corrupt union, in the US!
      The “excuse” VA employees say on my changed documentation is – *”It must be a computer glitch!”*
      These ASSHOLES actually believe most veterans are ignorant or stupid!

      1. @George Williams,
        “Funding” is not the issue either. Last year VA received $220 BILLION taxpayers dollars. That’s more than any other year.
        Maybe, IF the administrators were more worried about giving veterans better healthcare vs their bonuses. We just might see improvement.
        That said, the blame lies with whoever is in charge of the monies once its distributed out. Which means the top administrators are thieves and liars.

  10. 07/09/2019

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    Abuses comes in all forms.

    VA Secretary Wilkie orders ‘stay’ on Blue Water veteran disability benefits cases until 2020
    Connecting Vets-21 hours ago
    After decades of trying to win disability benefits from the VA, thousands of Blue Water Vietnam veterans and others potentially exposed to toxic …

    Apparently the central bankers do not have the money for you [the veterans] while they are busy building buildings to put everyone on Park Place.


    Don Karg

  11. Here’s another veteran non-profit pac ripping off citizens of America:
    Check out what an former “officer (major) and gentlemen” was accused of!

  12. One of the times my wife and I went to the vha clinic to obtain medical files, we were told they “…didn’t have to give them…” to us. When I raised my voice, to explain they were in non-compliance with the law, they summoned an elderly security guard. As he stood there and listening – he finally realized I was right – they were wrong. Whereupon he walked away.
    We all exited and in a few minutes I was given copies of my medical records.
    That was on June 5th. On June 21 a vha medical person wrote me a letter, mailed July 1st – which I received on July 6th – accusing me of “basically bad behavior”! This letter also is “vague in nature”! It basically says IF I continue to be a bad person, I’ll be turned over to the “disruptive committee” – I guess for further consequences!
    Oh well, so much for “due process” under the the 5th and 14th Amendments of the Constitution!

    1. P.S.
      You notice the long periods of time on this issue. It just so happens that around June 15th to the 20th I explained to VHA employees I was in contact with my representatives over non-compliance of allowing me to use the Mission Act and other issues.
      Isn’t it strange how these dates are coincidental?
      Then, out of the blue – on July 1st @ 9:40am there’s a “consult” in my medical file for the use of the Mission Act!

      Maybe that’s why I’m not actually being charged with a specific code of conduct?

  13. It’s unfathomable how much suffering the VA causes and then explains in a sentence or two their police have determined in an investigation that brutal force was necessary. WOW

  14. I believe it 100%. I myself am a victim with no consequences to the VA cops. Mine was at the Durham VA July 1st 2015. When confronted the Director she said I should get over it. I ended up in federal court found guilty of only being loud…., I was a machine gunner in the gulf war and have hearing loss. I was kicked and maxed after being jumped by 5 or 6 cops.
    I just wanted to go home after being misdiagnosed by the attending physician,
    At the hearing the court had to call the head nurse I talked to that evening and we ended up waiting 4 hours for her to show up. She was crying as she gave testimony completely different from her police report. I saw the same cops every time I went after that. I ended up changing hospitals, I also have PTSD.
    Everyone I spoke with or tried to all seem to push it under the rug even my mental health Dr.

  15. I’m a disabled Veteran. VA Police saved my life. I’ve been treated at over 12 VA Hospitals in several states. It is not good to write an article, an encompass every facility or agency; because of the actions of one or two people. If your going to be a journalist please stay away from infusing biased opinions. I enjoyed and was intrigued by your story but perplexed when you gave advice that VA Police would harm Veterans. They are one of the ONLY Police Agencies that aren’t smeared with abuse cases, because they are Veterans themselves. Thank you, ret. Veteran, U S Army.

    1. Well goody for you Big Stallion. Perhaps if you stayed in one area long enough you may be able to smell the corruption and notice some severe cover-ups, or all the censoring going on in the good ol’ USA. Actions of just “one or two people?” Are you freaking serious? What a cheerleader clown you are and not paying attention to what others have or are dealing with. The evil networks or retaliation and lies are full of vets, professionals, others who are two-faced as hell and will do anything to protect their own or their “team.” Then tell Ben how to write or think or what is good?? All of us are to bow to your liking and not report some truth about matters cause you get, got, good care all over the place?

      The VA has plenty of vets there… who play the games to keep employed and trendy. Same thing with all those VSOs and groups who claim to be vets, vet friendly, caring, but in reality refrain from getting involved in serious issues or over VA and other forms of retaliation, etc. Same BS with politicians and others who dare claim to be vets but play the games too. Being a vet and working for some LEO or elsewhere is NO guarantee they are ethical, honorable, decent, oath keepers or out for all of us, or wouldn’t stand by and watch us toyed with, and attacked in various ways, or may join in for some fun or show others they are part of the “team.” Get real. You don’t hear about much abuse, attacks, vets hassled by cops/others, stalked and ruined or forced into suicide due to some female, or other personal issues/ID politics or in MSM cause of the censoring and black-outs of real news. You denying that??? Obviously you don’t read much or care either. Wake up. And why hide behind anonymity if things are so good for you. Show some transparency that others like the VA to the LEOs and many others refuse to do. I can prove some things, how about you.

    2. I’m with you Big Stallion. As a 100% disabled vet I have always been treated with respect at all the VA medical centers I’ve been treated at. I can’t say the same about a lot of civilian hospitals. This article paints the BA with a broad brush. Try investigating some civilian hospitals and see what you can come up with.

      1. Well Joe, another VA self absorbed, self-interested one that boasts of VA care and how you alone have been treated well (or think so)… and must be … to hell with all others and the many issues dealt with. It’s not about you-all that have it so good and can brag and boast about it. It’s about exposing filth, abuse, real news, and what some others have endured or enduring. It shows what many of us are up against, other vets and activists, plus an uncaring public, all the corrupt, or varmints in DC or locally. Now belly up to your club bar and brag about being a warrior and leaving no-one or veteran behind. yeah right.

        Lest we forget, clowns, that many are suffering, committed suicides in public to expose how scum filled and rotten the VA is and can be. You clowns don’t or didn’t give that stuff a second thought did ya?? Civilian hospitals and care can be just as horrible and take up the causes of VA persecution but that stuff doesn’t matter to you. Oh that doesn’t matter does it Mr. I I I I and I/me/me? I think most of you live under rocks.

        It’s not about some good care most or many get but the vise versa but then most look past a hell-u-vah lot so as not to get involved and not see what they should really take notice of. Or hear what they should be hearing, nope… cheer-leading.

        I notice the cheer-leaders never bring up the censoring, corrupt issues, of helping others, or of the many suicides past, present and future. And that media and the VA/Gov will not allow reports about it today, but can propagandize their perfection and excellence as they continue on with corruption, abuse, activist tactics, treating many vets and groups differently from others. But being so self-absorbed and situationally un-aware you lucky ones, or activist, would rather remain ignorant and just about the big I. Probably intentionally allowing a ton of shit fly over your heads with total disregard for others.

        They should all be hit with a very broad brush, the entire medical care sheebang/cabals/establishments/boards/country clubbers, etc., all of it.

        Thanks for the examples. Rather telling of our sick and sad modern culture or so-sick-society.

  16. I went to a R.A.C. meeting on 16 April 2018 , A police officer meet me on the steps, Nice person, told me I was at the right place, I went inside to a window, and talked to a lady and gentleman, I get poked in the back, and was told ,we were expecting you? I stated I bet you were. this same person was at the Youngstown, V.A. on 16 August 2017, the V.A. told me she was an Attorney? I later found out she was not, she said she was going to help with my exposures from Desert Storm, she then wrote me a letter, and stated you will not get no help? She then called on the 22 August 2017 and told me to get rid of my S.S.D.I Attorney, this person sits on the R.A.C. committee, according H.B. 4281 she should be indepent from the V.A. Durning the R.A.C. meeting she stated we got those shots like every one else, I doubt this, because only, 150,000 Americans got the Anthrax Vaccinations, and only 8,000 got the Typhoid Botulism Vaccinations, I got my shot records, does she have hers?, I doubt it, She tells the public at this meeting that she has to worry about getting fired because she is Gay, Don’t ask don’t tell, I know the real reason why she will never get fired.

  17. There a vet out of connecticet that had drugs on him and locked up by va police was this a set up was his rights read to him

    1. “jy”,
      VA police will never read anyone their Miranda Rights. Hell, These reprobates won’t even follow the Constitution’s 5th and 14th Amendments of “due process”!
      Do you actually believe the VA police will follow any law? I haven’t seen anything to have me believe they’re not scum.

  18. I’ll let you’ll know how it goes. They are supposed to call me Wednesday afternoon with the time of my surgery. It’s at the new Denver VA hosp, this Friday. It was supposed to be at the AF Academy hosp, but was moved. Its 2 hrs away.
    I don’t understand why I have to go 2 hrs away for this surgery. Then be driven back 2 hrs. I’m 100% P&T, all physical disabilities related from my service.
    The new hospital in Denver is light years better than the old one.
    I have a question for anyone that might know.
    In December my rating finally went to 100%, In October 2016 I filed a DRO appeal, that appeal is currently at 33 months, one of the things I had appealed was individual unemployability, 25-26 months while I was rated at 70%, is it possible to win that difference for those months?

  19. From this time on:
    1.) I will no longer use the VA for my primary healthcare. I will use Medicare and Medicaid and my own monies!

    2.) I will no longer talk to any VA employee. They will be forced to have a conversation with my spouse only!

    3.) I will only go to the “eye clinic” so I can receive my medicine.

    4.) If I do have special needs, my wife will contact my local vha clinic to use the mission act!

    Believe it or not, I received a registered letter accusing me of a few falsehoods. Stating (basically) I’d better keep my mouth shut and NOT turn VA employees into my representatives for legal action!
    To those in the VA – I’ve already turned your incompetent asses into my two federal representatives!
    I don’t know if it will lead to something. At least I’m not going down with a legal fight!

  20. Somebody needs to check out the case of Charles Johnson who died from a beating he got at the Alexandria VAMC in Louisiana. Talk about a cover-up. Appears they waited for an eye witness to die so they could limine her testimony. He got a years probation and is probably still working at a VA somewhere… . Best thing to do is not use the VHA, you’ll probably live longer… .

  21. “[…what should the public think?…First avoid VA police…]”

    You’ve done fucked-up by going to VA even for a physical, I think the public believes whatever horseshit the VSO’s spin out their asshats. There lies the oozy goo that keeps that rent a stage Veteran illusion to public alive….the asshat’s codependent ingrown relationship with VA under guise to help veterans needs to be separated, same asshats that will back the patient advocate over any Veteran because of a very heavy preference bias for VA donuts.

  22. Bryce, If you ave that surgery make sure there is a Nurse checking your blood pressure every hour after leaving the OR. Make certain the transfer Nurse does a blood prsure before you leave the recovery room. Note: with any surgery you run the risk of a “bleed out”. Blood pressure dropping is an indication of internal bleeding.

    Ben, this Fogarty Gal looks like the kind of animal that would be hard to prosecute. The VSO, “Vietnam Veterans of America in Kansas City, is suspicious” is an example of how little they really do for Veterans. My opinion, the VSO’s need to be shut down too as they feed off the Veterans and fracture us a a class into minuscule parts that have no voice or reprersentation that really counts . When I went before the traveling board of appeals my VSO didn’t even know his own name. To this day we jolke at home calling him Romano Cheese- Romano is the name the snide Judge used when she addressed him on tape. Back to Kansas City for the moment: use of the word ” suspicious ” is applied toward whom? I wouldn’t go to that VSO if they had the last cheese left on earth. They all suck!
    BTW: some prick is being prosecuted for unlawfully filming in a Federal Facility, I have read that this is a crime. So can the VA Po-lice ( punks on alcohol and meth) prosecute us for filming them while they do awful things to Veterans?
    I say Game Over. I’m staying away from VA facilities (period, period, period)

    1. RJ, agree with you. VSOs are either politicized or corrupt or both. Benjamin, a few years ago, I was in a DAV office. He was sitting at the desk facing me and I was sitting facing him. Benjamin, do you know what he did right then and there at that very moment? He took a marker and marked thru the dates on my comp. award letters? Benjamin, these VSOs are not there to assist anyone in a lawful and credible way at all. Benjamin, I will believe it when I see it. DAV is not like it used to be 20 years ago. Too corrupt today. Not serving in anyone’s best interest but their own.

      1. Angela,
        Visit *”Davreform.org”* for the truth about that criminal organization.

  23. I asked for my spar report they wouldn’t give me anything past 2018 said they didn’t have any way to get records who been going threw my report. Fun fact I demanded removal of a nurse caught falsifying records at the cboc. VA took disciplinary action than offered her a fulltime job. Demanded va psychologist removed falsifying records accused in federal court for falsifing and was on probation for throwing medical records in Walmart trash can. VA has him in charge of records. veterans organizations and creditable witnesses have demanded his removal va does nothing. They hide bad employees go after veterans and whistle blowers.

    Close the bitch down!

  24. I recall back in 1980 this was already going on as I was employed at an outpatient clinic and vets were given a survey form to complete and each day the MAS staff member would collect them and forward them to the main medical center. The only issue is the MAS person would discard any surveys that were negative.
    So this whole subterfuge is not new.

  25. All I can say is everytime we need documents, they act as if we are asking them to give us their bonuses.
    Then they call in the Security Guards. They try to not let anyone have access to any of their personal notes. They Change/Delete records with no one being responsible for their actions.
    Don’t they have to put their badge in, in order to update your file or put progress notes in? Yes they do. In order to change your address, marital status, service connections etc. they have to push save and yes to save again. So how is it a Clericle error in deleting or changing status of any kind.
    I wish they could delete some of our Doctors, Nurses and Government Representatives like they do our files.

    1. As a matter of fact, they do (have to badge in). And despite what you (and most of them) think, ALL of their notes—the originals, the alterations, the deletes, and the post-dated—exist as electronic records.

      So, their medical or clerical supervisors have access to them, and can establish that the records were tampered with—that has actually happened, maybe twice, I think (it’s how the VA got caught altering the records involved with the elderly veteran who was beaten to death). Mostly, though, it’s a CYA tools bosses use to warn their underlings to stop being sloppy.

      The issue isn’t their existence, it’s getting them. One reasons the VA has such hideously complex rules and requirements for getting one’s actual, full, unredacted, non-truncated, medical records, is because it could be extra trouble to them in trying to quash a court case.

      But they exist. Just as do all the reprimands, loss of license, voluntary or involuntary surrender of license, loss of credentials, and so much other data on employees, executives, and medical professionals.

      It isn’t that they don’t know. It’s that they don’t care. No one makes them care. They have a financial inducement to not care.

      1. Steven,
        Very well said! “Katterkat”, my wife, says “Amen to that!”

      2. Steve, yep agree.They don’t care. The more sabotage the more money lining the VA employee pockets. The System is turned upside down.
        Lawlessness is honored and respected.
        Lawfulness is dishonored and disrespected.

  26. va a mess, no accountability it dosnt matter when the evidence is staring them in the face they deny it all day long. killing 300,000 veterans no accountability

    doj commiting crimes no accountibility

    post office sending emails to get rid of there disabled employees which most are vets no accountability

    veteran whistle blowing go after them

  27. Just visited the VA in Wyoming, MI and entering the building I find a pedestal with the title “Your Feedback Matters” indicating that 88% of Veterans trust the VA. Mind you the pedestal was on of those $350 dollar pedestals as are most of their publicly displayed advertisement around town. They have money for all that shit but not for the vets’s Rx.

    1. sunvale,
      Here’s two statements Sec. Wilkie said.
      1. The majority of veterans want to use VA’s healthcare.
      2. When the “mission act” goes into effect, June 6th 2019, we’ll see a 400% spike in veterans wanting civilian healthcare!

      Ben Wrote about these. Also, These two statements ARE contradictory in nature.
      Plus, in one of the blogs “Stars and Stripes” had an article about how VA will be hard pressed to pay the civilian bills. (Paraphrasing)!!!

      1. Correction;
        Secretary Wilkie did not say this. Cashour, the head of public relations, said those two conflicting statements.

  28. Been pretty bad and these people are out of their minds. They have no oversight and do as please, upper management are just pals that help. They will all stick together. The weird thing is they just transfer when in trouble, who doesn’t have roots in the community and family and pick up and move in their 60’s. They will be responsible for mine one way or another

  29. After reading this,,, makes me want to cancel my hernia surgery scheduled for this Friday.

  30. Veterans are nothing more than a payday. Lie, cheat and steel and Murder is happening everyday.

    300 thousand veterans died before receiving treatment. Claim denied.

    All allegations of wrongdoing by va employees. Denied.

    Jail is the only thing that will change the culture of the va.

    Our elected officials are allowing the va to continue harming veterans, by not passing Laws to make it a crime to harm veterans in anyway.

    It has come down to us or them.

    Clean the Swamp. Drain it. Close the doors. Pink slip every employee.

    Fire every employee at the Regional Office and start a new agency to handle veterans disability claims.

    With stipulations if you knowing deny a veterans disability claim and found to be doing so intentionally and purposely you will be Arrested and forced to explain yourself to a Federal Judge.

    1. James,
      We know most civilians aren’t interested in our VA problems.
      That said: I agree with AOC on one issue! To force every person in America to use the VA for their healthcare. And, that includes both houses of Congress! Let Congress use the VA hospital in Washington D.C. when they’re in session.
      You know the one where employees called a cab for a mental patient. So he could go out to his ex-girlfriends home. All while still dressed in his hospital gown!?
      When they’re back in their districts, they need to use their local VHA’s!

  31. Veterans who reads this why does a Disabled Veterans is 100 percent service connected can’t go to any choice of Medical Centers they want to its the President fault or greet?

    1. Arnold, it is neither, really. I believe it is fair to say that the President has made his intentions with respect to the VA clear—the Mission Act demonstrates that he wants the VA providing care to veterans, not worrying about where that care is provided, or who provided it.

      Greed is really too simple a way to look at the problem, because straight up Greed always has two facets: the Greedy private sector Drs. and pharmacy companies want VA business; the Greedy VA executives want big bonuses and low budget numbers. Those things conflict.

      The problem, in my opinion, is three-fold. Firstly, the VA is a bureaucracy, and bureaucracies exist to continue to exist—they thrive on policies and procedures and paperwork (or computer-forms, or etc…). That let’s call Inertia.

      Secondly, there is the problem of what Angela likes to call “private enterprise”; clinic care is a controlled cost, and even the Mission Act controls the cost of outside clinic visits. Unfortunately, Congress and the Administration seem incapable of agreeing to allocate money to the VA on a per-program basis, with a separate general fund, so at the VA clinic level, the budget is the budget; the clinic director can use any “leftover” funds t cover a budget shortfall in their bonus targets, making them disinclined to spend what could mean a big payday for them.

      This is simple self-interest. Let’s add in what I was slow to believe (props to T on this one) here—graft and outright fraud. From simple kickbacks for assigning CHOICE or MISSION ACT clinics, to siphoning off funds, to just stealing. I call this the “What Do **I** Want” problem. As T would agree, the vast majority of people only ever ask themselves that question: “What do I want?”. Not, “what should I do?” or “what is right?”, just “what do **I** want?”.

      The third problem is the most intractable, and also the only possible way through. Oversight is every bit as non-functional as the rest of the government. The Congress catches the VA and demands a hearing on an IG report. The VA shouts back lies and mis-direction, then mutters a few trite sayings about “excellence” and “veterans” and calls it. Congresspersons wave their hands and run in circles shouting outrage. The SecVA announces an investigation; the President (any President) declares it to be “unacceptable”.

      But nobody does anything, because underneath it all is a pile of partisan poison. The same poison that has been killing our Democratic Republic since 1980. Instead of seeing a problem that can be fixed by vigorous action, Congress and the Administration see a “move by the other side”. So Congress reveals a problem, but the Administration refuses to pursue it; the Administration identifies an area in need of improvement, but Congress refuses to fund it. And so on.

      Unless and until Congress and the Administration can get back to horse-trading as “business as usual”, instead of ideological cant and stonewalling, no change will ever last.

      That’s why.

      1. Steve, you are correct. Doing nothing is the norm for both the Congress and Senate. Double Standard is too. Has anyone really been held accountable yet ? I am referring not only to the VA but to all of the other scams, illegalities, and collusion among the rest of the government officials and past government officials? How about the Congress providing their tax returns? Has anyone been held accountable for selling out our country in regards to Uranium One? Hell no and hell no. No senior power players in the VA or out of the VA have suffered any consequences for their actions yet. Fined. Prison. Made to pay back money. This happens only to the everyday Americans and also happens to them when they are even innocent. Congress does not care one way or the other. It is all a game to them. A game that involves destroying innocent American lives. Veterans and
        non-veterans do not deserve any of this bullshit that is directed at them. American citizens just wish to live their lives in peace with affordable decent medical care, a job if feasible, a decent affordable home, decent food, and all that would involve just living a decent life. But, no, that is not what happens. Most senior officials just want to create more shit to wallow in. Afterall, they stand for kick down the road concept. No results. No resolve. No accountability. No justice. They love dysfunction. They believe that by adding more and more dysfunction the money will just keep coming incremently. Line pockets. Not veteran patient pockets though. Leave vets with debt, homelessness, and a one way ticket to hospice. I am speaking the truth about how the VA treats the veteran patient. If nothing changes nothing changes. If no accountability, vets use other forms of care such as Tricare, etc. and other resources. One big pile of shit. One big cess pool.

  32. My thoughts?

    For one, putting females into power positions just to appease some movement, quota, or activist is not helping with corruption or transparency or care. The girl’s club is and can be far worse than the “boy’s club.” Wondering why put on the thinking caps instead of the PC and door-mat caps. Like locally they will be protected to the hilt VA or not regardless of amount of harm done, informed of their special rights and protections, be told about the female’s concerns of their security and safety, and used in every agency out there to insulate the masters and bosses from grievances, to easily lie, pass the buck, distract, prolong, or prevent any form of actions against ‘their own.’ Question them or be persestent over our concerns will be labeled “stalking or terrorism.”

    “What should the public think?” The majority of the public don’t give a damn and couldn’t care less about us or our care. Which should bring us back around to the banning, censoring, preventing our attempts to network or form groups or take any kind of stand, to the “Whistle-blower” laws that have failed. Plus there not any kind of safety or rights or quality of life for those daring to speak some truths and reality. Laws will not protect some from community, VA, political, or professional life ruining retaliation and attacks. They ALL can network, have media access, got the money and powers, we can’t and don’t.

    Two. Like Indiana is a “one person consent” recording state. Big laugh. They ALL can record us but we can’t record them. Then have obscure ordinances and laws to prevent recordings or at the VA. One PA said we could be sued if we didn’t get permission to record from every clinic, staff or MD we deal with. Then the concerns of other patient’s rights and privacy. And “most will not agree with it.” You are to “trust.” After my announcing to everyone I have ever dealt with or communicated with over VA abuse and threats, and more to the civilian sector, that I would never speak alone with someone, or power person, records handlers, unless it is recorded, period. I trust no-one, learned the hard way time and again. Now no-recording signs popped up in local hospitals. No recording in the court house or court rooms, no electronic devices allowed in the court house, etc. Only lawyers, staff, judges, workers, are allowed cell phones there. No recording in police stations either. So we will have no chance to defend or prove ourselves. Nice huh?

    We, some, have dealt with nothing but cover-ups, file manipulations/withholding/loss, deleted Secure Messages, full circle retaliations, etc. The ball is always in their court and protected. Privacy is a joke. Bad health/possible issues in public like sugar, stay clear of any LEOs, true. They can and will still “confiscate” whatever is on you and if taken may not be returned in the same condition when taken/stolen. THEY ALL will always come up with more witnesses than we can each protecting their own. They can arrest and abuse freely unless caught by accident then the denials and PR firms advice and cheer-leading comes into play. Or have a nurse kill you off or do more harm will total covering up and media black-outs on health care ethics and abuses. Or preventing health care.

    I hope Kenneth Farhner’s family, if any, sues their asses off. Also odd is the amazing number of these surgeries are botched, left with infections, needing more surgeries, torn meshes, left more disabled, etc. And media and other clowns included the VSOs don’t want to expose this stuff or discuss it.

    1. Yep, I hope the people responsible get fried. Going to be hard for AFGE union to protect this case. But, I am sure the villians will find a way to skirt out from under their wrongdoings. The VA always does. Just like the Democrats do. Best.

    2. Angela: AFGE does not represent executives; no executives are members of the union.

      As much as it may bother you, it is an absolute fact that Executives and managers of VA Clinics and Hospitals serve under the Secretary of the VA; you will note where in Krause’s article it mentions “was appointed by…”.

      There is no contractual protection for inept and malicious executives. They are protected by their peers and, ultimately, by the Secretary of the VA. The only way Executives get fired is by Administration appointees asking for their resignation.

      The situation is a lot like that in the Catholic Church; instead of being focused on the harm to those in its care, and the damage to institution, VA executive appointees are focused on getting bigger bonuses—by cutting veteran services—and protecting their own.

      No reason, at all, that the SecVA cannot ask for her resignation right now.

      1. Steven,
        You got that right. Remember when President Trump fired two (minimum) incompetent criminal SES’rs and was told “Not so fast!”
        They were rehired and given back pay!
        It seems the only employees who ARE fired are temporary hired employees, employees still on their probationary period or whistleblowers!
        At least that’s the consensus vets have. Remember when McDonald couldn’t remember how many he fired? He was a joke!
        Shulkin was no different. He was just a little thief. Who thought he could do anything he wanted with OUR money!
        Now we have Wilkie. The “jury” is now showing us he’s just as bad as the rest of the reprobates who’ve run the VA. Letting his subordinates make conflicting statements is not a good sign of leadership. Remember what Cashour said about vets and the VA vs the Mission Act? First, he stated most vets want to use the VA for their healthcare. Then he stated there will be a 400% increase on the Mission Act once its implemented.
        Plus, there’s that “Stars and Stripes” article out, saying the VA will be hard pressed to pay the bill!
        I, myself, had a very hard time getting someone to put in a consult so I could use the Mission Act! Even though I qualified for it on a majority of its stipulations!

        I’ll leave it at that point for you!

  33. The VA IS still getting away with fucking over veterans/patients today.
    Record EVERYTHING inside any VA facility. Tell them,
    “IF your allowed to record me without my consent. I’m allowed to record you!”

    1. Reality is we have to record every damn thing today, or should. VA parking lots, in public anywhere, dealing with about everyone, criminals, threats, activist, etc. It’s full tilt corruption/psycho-land out there and nothing much is in our favor. That includes strange damages to vehicles in a cramped VA parking lots. Vets taking their anger and frustrations out on others vehicles on their way out to leave the joint.

      I asked security at the local hospital here about Union Health withholding my files, harassment, ID politics, the activist, threats, being ignored, recordings. Straight up told me they are there to protect staff and could not, would not, be able to investigate any staff, incidents, whatever, that would go against their bosses… the hospital and their associates. Would put their jobs on the line, then recording staff illegal/stalking on private property. That also includes them not allowing patients to know the real names of staff so they can be mentioned by real names not nick names which is allowed. “Go see the CEO” which is impossible like a one on one with a VA director. State agencies, reps, med boards, all seem to support anything done to protect any form of their corruption and cover-ups. VA, civy care… no difference at all. We all know about that special “blue line loyalty, secrecy, and to protect their own.’ And their contractors or employers.

      The kindness, warrants used, ethics, propaganda, concern by politicians, unity of VSOs we see on TV is just that, propaganda and far from reality. There is no ‘telling’ anyone anything today. No trying to report anyone or anything today either. Questions are not allowed, much, depends. No challenging authorities, the corrupt, period.

      IF the VA and a huge assortment of other scum out there had nothing to hide like we are supposed to believe and allow for the spying on us and not having privacy, then why not be totally transparent and video/record everything to help protect us all from corrupt trash and the incompetent? No editing, no shutting off body cams, no-one being above the laws or above ethics, having freedoms enough to protect ourselves….which is unwanted.

      1. Adding an option to myheathevet allowing the veteran to provide feedback (similar to Heathgrades, RateMDs, etc) could be helpful. For those not using myheathevet the Doctor’s advocate could assist the veteran with processing the veteran’s feedback in MHV.

        With the IG and others having direct access to the information, it could, over time, ease some of issues with VA.

        The AFGE could benefit from this as well.

        OR just move even further to privatization.

      2. Y, yes in a un-corrupted, honest, ethical world it would help or work. Many problems or issues would still exist. For one the fear vets have of being honest over VA abuse, misconduct, being negative in their VA eyes. They’ve also seen and heard about the retaliation when people take stands for themselves or try to advocate for themselves when PAs or staff will not… for the same reasons the vet may fear or have second thoughts over. Don’t want flagged, seen as “non-compliant,” or the gas-lighting that will surely follow.

        Healthy E Vet is not secure or dependable. All my secure messages and those saved as proof was deleted. Secure? I’ve already told that story a couple of time and the response I got from a “highly educated and VA trained professional woman” I had no business to dare question. Fact.

        Health Grades for the civy sector locally started out good enough but then also ruined by censoring, complaints and activism from protective “professional groups” and sites disappeared along with the negative reports, ruined by activist giving abusers five star ratings, or whatever.

        Surely the IG and others know Ben’s site here well or their staff does. He has shared breaths and rubbed shoulders with some in DC so they know. They all know attempts to contact those “at the top” are futile and wastes of time, money and stamps. Why don’t all those hot shots do some work and contact us but that is not in their game plans to actually help those their staff and secretaries do their best to game, pass the buck or ensure time limits expire and nothing is accomplished. They do their jobs well.

        Long time readers and posters know I have tried every trick in the book, contacted anyone and everyone possible about all the various issues VA or not. VA, those in DC, Human Rights, Human Relations people, VSOs (all), state agencies, states AG, IN Supreme court of disciplinary actions due to gross professional misconduct of judges/attorneys, various media types, et al and no positive feedback, no real investigations or inquiry from any of them including med boards, VA director, CBOC contractor heads, every law in the books broken as HIPPA violations to basic civil rights to the Dis Act of 1970 or bankruptcy laws for vets disability monies and more… do NOT apply in the state of Indiana or my town… which is about nothing but self-service, corruption and retaliation. No truth, honesty, spread of info to the networking with others harmed or vets dealing with the VA is wanted or tolerated. A open air prison camp ruled by tyrants, fascist and censors and I am not joking in the least.

        Plus. The so-called “whistle blower protection laws” didn’t work well have they? Then people actually think others or vets or some staff member will come forward for our welfare and benefits or lives? Not gonna happen. Just like the VA or others will report honestly about vet suicides or the abuse driving them to do such things. Like locally no negatives allowed, it harms the community. No truth, no reality but plenty of crap and puppy dog stories.

    2. Benjamin, now do you see why I do not want to be involved with them whatever the issue maybe? This just canceled any single thought that I may have had about reapplying for voc rehab. Ben, I remember when you reported on James A. Haley VA down in Tampa regarding the hidden cameras. Sickening to me. Same song just a different day. VA should be shutdown. VHA.

      1. Many want to burn down the country. Referring to Democrat Socialists and Communists. I guess all they care about is power. All been a plan and they are trying to use the illegal immigration and open border issue to burn down the country. Very sad to me. If this was such a terrible country, why is the whole world flocking here? I am pointing this out because the situation is in direct relation with what is going on in the VA. Many of these same players do not want the VA fixed. This is why solutions and resolve do not happen. If they just happen to generate something positive, they quickly eliminate it. Ben, here is the reason why Ms. Fanning more than likely objects to training the veterans on VA programs. The VA believing the veterans will lie. Vets lying really to me is not really the issue from the way that I see it. They object because if VA trained vets on system, this would lead to success, civility, and quality. Ben, they know what they are up to. Collapse country and collapse life to turn country into another Venezuela. I have been around for a little while and I recognize the difference. All for power.
        But their plan may not work out the way they want it to work out. They too maybe left out in the cold or wiped out. They fail to consider this aspect. Because there is nothing on this Earth guaranteed but death. Some say taxes too. But with what I am talking about no taxes will be being paid due to nobody working due to total collapse. Many situations could contribute to this. Our power grid situation…see Ben many of these power players are so drunk on power and greed that they cannot see the light of day.

    3. Benjamin, safety and security are not their priorities. I just listened to the video with Mr. Miller and Mr. Goud-VA. Later tonight I am going to write what I observed in the last days of my uncle who was a veteran just a few years older than me in his last days under the care of VHA. I will get to my computer to write this instead of my phone. Benjamin, something has got to be done. I am still angry about my uncle. I had to stand by and watch. I had to take it. Not one thing that I could do. Like I have mentioned, I am sick of them. Later.

      1. But of course VA will lie if they read my statement. I have civilian witnesses. I will comment. They do not care about witnesses. The VA will destroy anyone who points out problems and talks against them. Benjamin, they do not care for constructive suggestions. They as soon put a dagger into me. Total disregard. They do what they want to regardless.

      2. Benjamin, I am not going to get on your blog and start a bunch of shit in regards to the VA care of my uncle. Your article pertains to the current situation. When I mentioned they will destroy someone for speaking negatively of them, I am referring to career wise. Benjamin, I just know that I do not trust them at all. I have reviewed your Voc Rehab guide once all the way through. I am going to print it out. Going to research all of it. You did a great job with the development of your Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation Guide. Very resourceful. I will review through the other resources too. But, I will make one comment right now and the rest I will send you an email on. But, when you spoke about Ms. Fanning of VBA saying that if the VA were to train the veterans on the Chapter 31 Vocational Program in order to better equip them that the veterans would lie to try to get benefits that they were not eligible for, see Benjamin this is the problem right here. The Department of Veterans Affairs is so disconnected from the veteran population that it is unbelievable. I am serious. Ms. Fanning’s statement is far from the truth from the way I see it. Many times when people make statements such as this they are projecting their own stuff. Benjamin, I know you have respect for VBA particularly Ms. Fanning and I am not saying that she would be doing this either; but, her information does not hold validity. And, this is why. Benjamin, I be honest with you. Most veterans would rather stand on their own two feet if feasible. I am serious. The veteran population is not one who really wants a hand out. They want a hand up. In regards to what you call veterans benefits, I do not call them benefits. I call them benefits before the veterans get injured. After words, I call them resources for survival or tools for their survival. I mean resources just to help veterans to measure up and to help facilitate their lives in civilian life. Benjamin, the Department of Veterans Affairs acts like this is a game. Do you know how I interpreted Ms. Fanning’s statement in regards to the veterans? Benjamin, she is denying the veterans LIFE. She is denying many vets the vessels that would facilitate many veteran lives for the better. Benjamin, when one speaks about benefits, the word benefits to me means something in addition to or being in receipt of an award or being in receipt of an honor. Benjamin, most of the resources for veteran population that are and of the VA are in my opinion resources for survival. They are not in my opinion something in addition too. Sorry this is the way I see it. Most veterans do not already have resources for survival. But, the VA treats them like they do. Both VBA and VHA toy with veteran lives. Basically, the VA acts like with the care and voc rehab etc. that they are waving a Lolly pop in front of the veterans instead of a nutritious bowl of big Lima beans. In other words the VA is operating on false beliefs about the veteran population. Ms. Fanning to me is not seeing the veterans for who they really are. False reality and a disconnect.

      3. Also, in my opinion, going back to my other comment about VBA, the more veterans that they deny retraining to, the more veterans who more than likely will not be employed unless the veterans find some other means like using their GI Bill or ????. When anyone does not have employment, most of the time they are either retired or dependent on government. So Ms. Fanning may tell you that veterans may abuse the system if the VA were to teach them more about the system. But, there is more to her statement. You already know too. Government loves people being dependent on government. So if Chapter 31 Vocational Rehab does not help vets get jobs, then the veterans will be dependent on VHA unless some other form of care like Medicaid or Medicare or Tricare. Also, conditions would push them on compensation or pension which is what the VA wants anyway. VA had rather pay vets checks than retrain them for professional employment even if vets could be retrained. Benjamin, it is about keeping people down and keeping people dependent on government. So I personally believe this is the real reason for denying veterans voc rehab. Also, the more dysfunctional the VA is they believe the money given to them will just continue to increase. So here you go. My take.

      4. Though, some veterans may not ever be able to work. So having compensation or pension is survival for them. Some may can improve to be retrained; but, the VA does not like this one at all. This is when the VA penalizes the veterans for improving from therapy having been applied and meds applied or just from the body healing itself. Comp is survival here too. But VA strangles to keep dependence.

  34. The scariest part of this article is the last three sentences because it’s a sad day when that’s the only advice left that you know will work for sure, except for I would add when you record with your own phone make sure it is being live streamed so VA can’t simply delete it off your phone after the body slam.

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