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Puff Puff Pass This Bill! VHA Leaves Veterans Out Of Key Cannabis Protections

There’s new legislation on Capitol Hill right now to ensure continued business for cannabis growers and distributors in states where the drug is legal. After all, states are the “laboratories of democracy” where we get to see if fledgling policies can leave the nest.

It’s garnered wide bipartisan support in the legislature, which is big news for cannabis legality in general. If passed, states would soon be subject to less federal intervention in legal cannabis-related business dealings.

But hey, if you know what we’re about here, you might’ve already guessed that trouble is brewing in paradise. The provisions for veterans’ medical cannabis use are missing!

For once it’s not Congress who’s at fault here. But keep reading.

The VHA is dragging their feet about allowing similar protections to the veterans under their care, and holding up this bill from passing unless it stipulates that VHA still gets to call pot Schedule I.

That’s right. Not just illegal, but Schedule I. Same level as meth, cocaine, heroin, basically any narcotic that can actually kill people. Marijuana is linked to memory problems when used long-term but is otherwise NOT DANGEROUS. In what world does Schedule I make any sense?

Now to me, the worst thing about following this legislation’s development isn’t that it’s facing opposition or that it might take awhile to pass. It’s that the people who want to avoid giving cannabis privileges to veterans are the same people who are supposed to care about us and our pain.

Medical cannabis is effective at managing pain, anxiety, seizures, nausea and even some sleep disorders, just to name a few conditions. For some of us, it’s a very important treatment option to have.

VHA, what will you prescribe to us for pain instead? Opioids? Is that called for every single time? Is overprescribing those drugs a road to anywhere good?

In case you were wondering, opioids are a lot like real Schedule I substances chemically. They’re so similar that a patient starting out with an addiction to prescribed opioid meds can replace it with addiction to heroin, and vice versa, without hitting withdrawal symptoms.

Clearly, this bill is still in the works, what with the VHA gumming it up. But until we can see solutions for legal in-state relief, we’ll be the ones feeling the pain.

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  1. The US has millions of veterans that visit the VA hospital. We gave up our constitutional rights to join and fight for our country. Now it is the VAH system to take care of the disabled veterans. But we veterans cannot have a reasonable pain free life with the policies the VA has in place. The worst of it all is that the people in the US are ready to say to veterans “thank you for your service.” Suck off.
    I hate hearing this frase as a Vietnam vet.
    I want what the illegal immigrants have. Give me a sanctuary city to use medical marijuana with our a hassle from the VA.
    I have to give urine everytime I go to the VA. Certainly not a random test. Unless me name is Random.
    Or put us on TV because the VA has taken our medications away that we paid for without any help from the VAH.
    Why don’t the media cover the veterans mental problems more than they do?
    Why would the Congress say that medical marijuana has no medical uses (as a schedule 1 narcotic is) when the FDA has approved MM for usegage? The FDA says it has a medical use. This makes no sense.
    This is typical for the politicians.
    Too bad our Arizona elected officials don’t care about veterans.
    Too many people are ready to thank you for your service but really don’t give a shit.

  2. This just in…””

    Yup that’s muh merry band of fucking brothers acting all dishonorable and shit. Breach of contract is unacceptable from my government. Military service should be an absolute guarantee of citizenship upon successful completion of that service.

  3. Go Big Nick! Nick Etten served with Seal Team 3, and is now leading the charge in the Chicago Area to help his Brother/Sister veterans get what they need for their chronic pain . . .


  4. Like I have said before It’s all scripted theater …

    Former Congressman McKinney…”It’s All Theater”

  5. I forgot to put this “NBC News 2” article, with video, on.
    Dated; updated, July 5, 2018 08:26 AM EDT
    “Veteran forced to sell home over display of American flag”

    It was in Sweetwater, FL where an Air Force Vet stuck a small flag in a flower pot! The HOA lost the first round in Federal court. Now their going after him for the flower pot!
    Also, in the article, he had been threatened for parking a little crooked in his driveway.
    Can you imagine living in a place like that?

    1. I can’t understand why people willingly subject themselves to the tyranny of HOA’s it absolutely boggles my mind. I’ve recently begun looking at properties so once my case resolves I can start seeing about maybe picking up a multi family. I always look to see if there’s an HOA. If there is I don’t go any further with the property.

      I am firmly of the opinion that if you don’t pay my mortgage then you can take a sugar frosted fuck right off the end of my dick.

    2. If I lived in a place like that I would hang my mooning ass out the window with a modest flag hanging off the pole stuck up my ass. That would be hilarious to see the faces in the ensuing courtroom case. 😀 😀

      1. I don’t think they could say anything. Your moon and flagpole aren’t fixtures on your property 😉 . Now if you where outside in the middle of winter in that compromised position and you where licking a metal fence post well…that might be a different story.

        Either way send pictures.

      2. If I owned a place like that and Hell. I’d rent that place out and live in Hell.

  6. I have come to the conclusion that it is time that the House and Senate have a flag that is all their own. I think it should be a red, white and blue condom on a field of dollar signs. The reasons are perfectly clear. A condom halts production, encourages inflation, destroys the next generation, protects a bunch of dickheads and gives you a false sense of security while you are being screwed. I think that perfectly describes congress, don’t you?

    A comment from my neighbor ….LOL

    1. Buddy, if sending congress critters pictures of themselves with tight shot groupings between the eyes wouldn’t get DHS back on my doorstep in a hot Texas minute. I’d be out buying a metric fuck ton of stamps.

      1. Get a lot of people doing it at the same time,…. Not enough door knockers or Prison’s…LOL …And I do mean Alot

      2. I want to get a T-Shirt made and sent to Scalise that says “Hey before you do something stupid. Ask me what it feels like to get shot”

        I imagine he would feel that that’s a little too soon…

  7. In my opinion, to many government employees, VHA in particular, have watched “REEFER MADNESS” way to much.
    The DOJ, AG Sessions specifically, is trying to deny patients the right to a pain free lifestyle!
    I also believe that “pig pharma” has much to do with their financial gain in medicine and medical facilities around the world – VHA’s included!
    If I knew my finances wouldn’t be effected, trust me – I’d smoke every day! Like I used to do years before I went to the VHA’s!

    1. I do smoke every day. I’ll say this. It sucks when you have to do drugs to be a human being. Fuck this disease.

  8. cj ¯¯̿̿¯̿̿’̿̿̿̿̿̿̿’̿̿’̿̿̿̿̿’̿̿̿)͇̿̿)̿̿̿̿ ‘̿̿̿̿̿̿\̵͇̿̿\=(•̪̀●́)=o/̵͇̿̿/’̿̿ ̿ ̿̿ says:

    Pizza anyone?????

  9. Trump ‘oh, I fixed the VA/VHA!’ That a F-king joke!!! Sorry, but in my view, he hasn’t done shit to help Vets, except giving lip-service bragging how he’s fixed wait-times, made it easy to use ‘Choice’ & ‘Community Care.’ What a lie! It takes up to 6-months for me to get an appointment with a PCP, which changes every couple of weeks. I have to repeat over and over what my problems are to each ‘new’ PCP. Then, I get harassed by PCPs regarding what ‘other’ PCPs have prescribed me. I had to wait 3 months for an appointment with a VA Dentist, who when seen totally contradicted previous treatment recommendations and outright lied to my face. She said that some Vet abused the Choice/Community Care Program by having unneeded dental work, resulting in VA Dentists needing to take extra precautions to prevent such activity. I’m in the Voc Rehab program, plus during a previous dental appointment had a dispute with the dental assistant regarding the use of ‘fluoride-only’ toothpaste. She didn’t like that I called ‘fluoride’ nothing but ‘industrial waste/poison which kills brain cells!’ Plus, when I tried to recover my service medical records, the National Archives says they don’t have them, and that the VA has them in Wichita. ‘Who?’ ‘Where?’ Every time I speak with someone regarding the whereabouts of my service medical records, I get some B.S. answer and get nowhere!

    The VA/VHA doesn’t give a rats ass about Veterans, nor does the Service Organization Representatives who supposedly support disabled Veterans. On July 3rd, I went to speak with my Leavenworth DAV representative and by 1 PM they had left for the day. I then attempted to speak with either the VFW or American Legion representatives, who both share the same office, and the Am Leg rep said I needed to go talk to the DAV. And, the VFW representative not only didn’t say a word but didn’t even acknowledge me after I mentioned someone had recommended him. Again, what a f-king joke!!! No accountability at all, they don’t want to work or help vets, just sit on their asses and collect a paycheck!!! F-king worthless POss!!!

    1. “She didn’t like that I called ‘fluoride’ nothing but ‘industrial waste/poison which kills brain cells!’”
      I wonder if she even knew that…LOL

  10. “Marijuana is linked to memory problems when used long-term but is otherwise NOT DANGEROUS.”

    Marijuanna has absolutely been linked to long term cognitive deficiencies, subjective chronic and severe memory recall problems, and often even chronic severe panic attacks at even the mention of the word!

    Those symptoms are only noted however in politicians and it has been clinically established that symptoms clear up almost IMMEDIATELY when voters start to get really pissed off. America might not give a shit about the United States Veteran or our causes…. HOWEVER… it is clear now that with world wide legalization taking place and North American voters leading that charge….

    Now it seems to me that if VHA wants to hold everyone else up over this chickenshit of chickenshit causes of its own, then VHA stands toe to toe with a whole bunch of voters who never before cared what VHA did but now do. I think VHA should pour all remaining PR funding they can into smashing this legislation and launch a public campaign to do so.

    Tell your children!

      1. Sorry Old marine but Dennis is stating scientific fact from Harvard-Yale-AMA-JAMA-World Health Organization and over 70 other medical and scientific groups and they are all saying the exact same thing

  11. I thought about 2 or 3 years ago VA discussed wanting to make MJ available for Veterans…somehow the House got involved and shot it down?

  12. Meanwhile, back at FACEBOOK’s Orwellian 1984: “Facebook thought Declaration of Independence quotes were hate speech”

    I’m telling you, American and Humanity is fucked if we don’t stop the snowflakes and their hate sprinkles speech. They want nothing less than destruction of civilization. Who will pamper the hipsters then? No one to roll their doobies for them?

    1. The “Thought Police” are out there, and far stronger than many want to realize!

    2. Zuck definitely makes my list of “favorite people who need to go up against the wall when the revolution happens”

      I hope he makes my list of “favorite people who went up against the wall when the revolution happened.”

      Can I get an amen?

      1. Can I have the rights to sell the T-Shirts for that wall and revolution? The dye will be simply oxidized ferrous fluids…caput-mortum…

  13. This seems “highly” appropriate given the nature of the topic of the day.


  14. Thankfully, CBDs are not among the Class I game. I’m playing with making my own “altoids” containing CBD. THC is great for the short term pain relief, but doesn’t doobie much for the inflammation. The VA was kind enough – ahem – to put me on a biologic, e.g. immunosuppressant. While that stuff works a treat – it also kicked the snot out of me when I got the flu. Then I got a tooth infection. Then …. It took me four months to get back on the biologic. During that hiatus, pain came back big time. CBDs baby – all the way. The 20% THC 80% CBD “lozenge” I was able to buy was nice – but – I’m not always into the buzz. Rarely in fact. Been there, done that. I’ll do what I can to get off the biologic. Fucking with the immune system seems so counter-intuitive. The good news/bad news is that I may not need to take the biologic anyway – since it may fail to work again due to the start/stop/start resulting from infections. WTF. Hey – at least I’ll be saving the VA a ton of $$$. I don’t know what they pay, but the street price for this shit is $4300/month!

    1. I absolutely need the “buzz” for PTSD. I find it shifts my perception and helps me let go of the white hot spike of rage. I tend to go with Indicas over Sativas, for me it’s easy to overdo a potent sativa and put myself into a full on anxiety attack complete with vertigo. Indicas give you the couch lock effect. Honestly most of it’s like water at this point. When I’m really bad I turn to the concentrates. The 91% wax I got this time is spectacular.

      I just wish my state would allow financial hardship home grows. Our “legal” cartel isn’t cutting it on the fixed income side of things. Hard to be compassionate when your all about the benjamins.

    2. Windguy…. Try this for inflammation, It helps
      Earthing: Health Implications of Reconnecting the Human Body to the Earth’s Surface Electrons

  15. My weed is grown ten miles from my house. No borders to cross. No interstate commerce. It is a weak ass argument. I got addicted to morphine over my brain surgery. “Marijuana? Marijuana? I sucked dick for cocaine. Marijuana’s not a drug. I seen him! Boo this man!” ~half baked

  16. I plead the Tenth on my marijuana use. And fuck the VA if they want to play games with my benefits over me living in a state where medical mj is legal. I talk to my shrink and neurologist about it to make sure it won’t interfere with my mess for my chronic migraines. Gonna take away my permanent and total because of it? Have fun with that. I will throw some more cash at Ben and sue the cock suckers.

  17. I can’t read the article. ben is presenting a false, fake picture of what we were taught about this “government”. In that the states are sovereign, and the US federal gov is a stand-alone organization to run to federal government. we’ve been tricked to believe that the US fed gov is the big daddy of the states. the final clearinghouse for all legal or illegal, even within the states and state gov. ben is repeating the lie right here, out in the open for you to see. the fed gov is not supposed to be able to tell the states what to do within the states’ sovereign power. the new lie is that the fed gov is the true plantation overseer, to tell states what they can and can’t do. more lie upon lie.

    and since when, in a REPUBLIC, are the states the “laboratories of democracy” ? what does that mean? care to clarify?

    1. The fed uses it’s powers to prohibit cannabis under it’s authority to regulate interstate commerce. Since cannabis does indeed travel from one state to another and is both purchased and sold. This authority is valid if completely misguided. The argument that needs to be made in states where it is legal is that no cross border commerce is occurring under the state legal program therefore the interstate commerce authority is inappropriate to apply in these cases and therefore states rights must be upheld on all matters of legal cannabis.

      On a side note apparently the cannabis industry nationwide is no longer allowed to accept debit cards in addition to other prohibited forms of payment. Seems like we’re going backwards.

  18. Assholes all need to be thrown the hell out of any decision making. Hands down, Alcohol is a drug, poison, and tissue fixating agent, whereas the Cannabinoids in Cannabis are more bio-available and bio-friendly. So what the fuck is the problem. You boys don’t want to talk about the Gov’t’s Patent 6630507 granted in 1999? Do you want to admit that the Gov’t is holding out on its people and making them to not only suffer, but to lie to their face that Cannabis is a Schedule 1 Controlled none for good organic plant?

    Such absurdity, and treasonous I believe? Lock em up, then shoot the lying pigs. (imagining), I don’t want you to knock on my door, cause I’m most likely throw your ass out. That be a trigger to cause this here PTSD, which by way isn’t being treated by the VA (and you know how this can go sometimes), like flying the fuck off. Wouldn’t be a very good idea, matter of fact, stay the fuck away. I met too many corrupt Fed and State employees already. As long as you side with the VA, you’re perceived as a threat to my being healthy and wholesome, and a threat to my emotional well being.

    Bunch of puss asses anyway. Squirm, redirect, and deflect when asked pinpointed questions. You admit to nothing until your ass is in the fucking corner and no where to go. Disgusting and disgraceful.

  19. This is easy!
    The VHA wants fewer (expensive!) customers to care for and they want greater military style control over their customers (formerly known as sc vets/patients). The former Bureau of War Risk Insurance is after all a business and like many posters have said for years, “Follow the money!”. Why do you think VHA always asks for your other insurance, and bill that company for all of your care. They get to spend that money while you get to futiley fight those charges! If cannabis will give releif “they” surely don’t want patients er, customers to experience that! They need to conduct so many more experiments on us with new pharma drugs because for them, that is all we are good for in their scheme of things. We are automatically signed into that program because big pharma… well, you all know that one by rote!

    For decades, I have witnessed and/or been made aware of VHA employees utilizing practices toward veteran patients/family, in some combo characterization of “Bull” Meechum + Nurse Ratched. For those unfamiliar with the characters, they are from the movies “The Great Santini (1979)” Pat Conroy (novel), and “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975)”, respectively. As veterans, many of us likely use carry-overs from our time-in but, that does not mean it is appropriate for staff to act out toward us, as if they have some license to force us to do anything that otherwise is our free choice to refuse. This includes proceedures, tests, medications for starters, and without retaliation from staff for engaging our right to refuse! Too many veterans medical records are devoid of critical information that is/was made available to/by VHA staff. No matter how many times, even over several years, a patient informs the next practitioner of that missing information it never shows up in the current records; even when producing copies of the missing vital information to prove its existance!
    Also, any version of “I’d like to think about it” is written as vet refuses…
    Phrases of “It feels like” or “It seems like” are always missing but, the least significant describing word (rarely words) will of course, be there and likely out of context and in quotes.

    It’s Orwellian style, controlled death care!

    1. @Dan,
      May I ask you if the Marinol or Dronabinol is off Formulary. I’d think it would make securing that option very difficult for too many.

      1. Nope. Its freely available at any VAMC as long as you have the PCP and the pain doctor agreeing to prescribe it to you. And yes you get it directly from the VAMC pharmacy window

  20. Corrections. Sorry, dyslexic fingers today…LOL Long as weed is illegal for the feds, the VA is NOT gonna OK it for Vets. If ya wanna solve the problem, ya gotta change the law. Some VA’s where pot is legal are at least not opposing or reporting use by Vets, or so I saw somewhere. This search( VA pot policy in states where legal. ) got no results on policy, just info where it’s legal

    1. I’ve also seen the same thing where states that have legal programs that vets belong to the VA can’t say dick about it. I forget what rule, policy, or whatever it is that states that but I am glad for it. I think the person that tries and tells me I have to swap my effective medication for some VA poison bullshit will get laughed at right in their face if they don’t get knocked in their fucking teeth first.

  21. Long as weed isillegal for the feds, the VA is NOT gonna OK it for Vets. If ya wnna solve the problem, ya gotta change the law. Some VA’s where pot is legl are at least not opposing or reporting use by Vets, or so I saws somewhere. This search( VA pot policy in states where legal. ) got no results on policy, just info where it’s legal

    1. 07 05 18 Tragic Misunderstandings Number One
      The Constitutions are often referred to the “Law of the Land” because the Federales all function exclusively in the jurisdiction of the sea. They are obligated to obey the “Law of the Land” when they come “ashore” and enter our jurisdictions. When dealing with the Federal Government — any branch of the Federal Government at all – you have to remember that they are looking at the world from their perspective. Not yours. They are, jurisdictionally speaking, out at sea, talking about the Constitutions that your ancestors imposed on them and their operations as “land law”.
      From their perspective, the Constitutions and other Organic and Public Laws of this country are foreign.

  22. Ok first its NOT the VA or the VHA thats doing this, Congress is the one that can change this and they are the ONLY ones that can change this. In fact in all the states that have “legalized” this, they are in fact in violation of federal law and can be nailed to the wall if Sessions wants to do it. Under the US Constitution states cannot make a law that is in violation of federal law. And I still cannot understand what all the fuss is about as there already IS a synthetic version of this that is legal and freely available through the VA, its called Marinol or Dronabinol. To get this you have to go to the Pain Clinic and go through two other doctors and they will go before a committee in the VAMC and if you are acceptable, meaning none of the drugs you are on are going to give you complications; then you are given the drug on a trial basis to see if it works. If it does then you are prescribed the drug. This is not rocket science. The only difference between this and real pot is that it does not have the THC to get you high, but it does everything else. I know this as I am awaiting the call for me to go back to the Ft Wayne VA and pick up my prescription for this to be used to combat RSD/CRPS, and I was told by all of the doctors that I am an excellent candidate for this medication and they would have no problems in giving it to me. In fact any doctor in the VA that can prescribe opioids, can prescribe this. It has been legal for over 30 years as my sister who has been a nurse and a PICC nurse for 27 years, was dosing her patients with it in hospitals under doctors orders. SO why all the fuss over something that already is available and is legal? pardon me but I see no sense in this argument when the medication is already freely available in the VA system.

    1. states are not nailed to the wall. because federal law has to mandate and determine a certain range of harm to the nation which causes an obstruction of justice or the obstruction of prosperity to the people of democracy it would be considered illegal federally by proof significant enough that medically it has killed people over a certain range of time or imprisoned people violating laws of land. session would need not proof of the marijuana itself but how the marijuana is direct relationship of violation of democracy of either law of the land which states have rights to or how marijuana has killed people , which it hasen’t. sessions would have to climb a mountain while fussing as you write to convey your opinion just to knock on the door of any medical dispensary with in compliance of state laws. and the state dispensary would not litigate him they would litigate his office while he seeks retirement in some other country.

      it is only classified as ‘federal Prohibition ACT’ which is not under the constitution. the constitution does not Prohibition a particular source unless that source indirectly harms the constitution, which it doesn’t. the fuss is dan that congress would have a harder fight under federal prohibition laws that don’t effect the constitution rather than a federal law that does effect the constitution… Marinol and Dronabinol does effect heart conditions and sudden muscle twitching and your old crippled azz will experience that


      because the legalities have not issued further reason of its harm which means it doesnt violate the constitution of due process in such a way that it is more of a ‘prohibition law’ rather than a ‘federal law’ its an illegal technicality under the FDA approved of pharmaceutical sources that have remote conflict of interest under specific entitlements hindering alternative uses for the liberties and life we wish to life . which means states have the right to to determine the medical purposes for federal use . i take it that you have cancer and u have no right to live…. sorry about that.

  23. I’m 72 years old and I have met a lot of people; that being said; I’ve never met a senior violent pot head, but I have encounter many many old violent drunks. You can see the change in them and they all excuses for there actions.

  24. I’ve never heard of anyone becoming “physically addicted” to cannabis. (seizures on withdrawal) And even psychological addiction seems rarer than alcohol which in extreme alcohol use does lead to extreme seizures needing ICU treatment on withdrawal.

    Alcohol is more of a schedule I drug by effect than cannabis. But alcohol is better at treating high cholesterol than cannabis.

  25. Meanwhile, the same assholes wanting to make cannabis prohibited to Vets are the same assholes performing medical services ***UNDER THE FUCKING INFLUENCE OF MUCH STRONGER SHIT***…whether that’s meth, crack, heroin, or bubbling goofy with their own incompetence.

    This is all about that ugly thing called CONTROL.

    Mark my words: The first chance some fresh from the hut VA hack has opportunity to develop a garage side-project funded by VA and tested on unsuspecting nonhuman test subjects, some derivative RX made from cannabis, then sold back to big pharma….wait for it….

    Maybe we Vets would garner more attention if we light ourselves on fire while climbing the statue of liberty or storm the borders while on fire?

    America is SO fucked!

    1. The VA hasn’t quite figured out how to get their slice of the pie yet, so they’ll want to deny everybody.until they do. The VA, on ongoing study in hypocrisy.

      1. It’s not a matter of the VA figuring out how to get a slice of the pie. It’s some VA hack in the VA that figures out how to get himself a slice of that pie while using VA money, and of course, having access to 20 million “specimens”.

  26. And why would VHA wan’t to stipulate that the weed is a schedule 1 drug, because it’s an integral part of their veteran denial of care system, and discriminatory drug policies. VHA doesn’t care about facts, therefore doesn’t care about those under its care. In what world would schedule 1 make scene? The VHA’s of course, all part of their plan to deny and obstruct mental health care and medical care.

    1. Schedule 1 classification is a potent tool in their denial arsenal. Yet another reason not to step foot dead in the VA for healthcare. I like my non habit forming medication just fine and I prefer my doctors to use their head for something other than a hat rack.

      1. I’m definitely voting in November. I hope my gallon jug of menstrual blood arrives in time…

      2. Yep. Voting in November as well. Hint to potential Political Office Holders. Truth is that the VA’s Motto should be “To F*ck them over who have borne the battle. . .”

        If you are not on the side of EXPEDITING legalizing cannabis PRONTO for veterans to deal with their PTSD/CHRONIC PAIN issues . . . then you are not going to be receiving my vote.

        End of story.

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