VA Whistleblowers Get Payoff

VA Whistleblower Payoffs

Benjamin KrauseThis Tuesday, VA announced it is offering payoffs to VA whistleblowers who faced retaliation nationwide after filing complaints about wrongdoing at VA hospitals and clinics.

The move is a great step, but what about retaliation against veterans in the health care system who were also retaliated against after filing complaints, too?

Last year, VA sent and offer to three Phoenix VA employees who faced retaliation after blowing the lid off illegal and fraudulent scams engaged in by other VA employees. The new round of relief offers is sent to 25 VA employees. This includes a doctor formerly associated with a Maryland VA clinic who was reprimanded after reporting crimes against veterans.

The independent watchdog organization Office of Special Counsel (OSC) applauded the steps. OSC attorney Carolyn Lerner stated, “Secretary McDonald has taken whistleblowing within the VA seriously.” She continued, “He recognizes that an essential step toward improving veterans’ care is to listen to employee concerns and protect them from retaliation.”



Dr. Richard Hill

Hill complained about a lack of clerical staff at his primary care unit, which he said led to significant errors in patient care and scheduling problems. Instead of fixing the problem, VA reprimanded Hill last May. He retired two months later. As part of the settlement, the VA agreed to expunge Hill’s record of any negative personnel actions.

Coleen Elmers – Nurse

Elmers filed a complaint last year with the VA’s Office of Inspector General about a fraudulently altered performance evaluation of one of her subordinates, which Elmers had refused to change. A supervisor later moved to fire Elmers for “lack of candor” and failure to follow instructions.

Mark Tello – Nurse Assistance

The VA also agreed to reverse a decision to fire Mark Tello, a nursing assistant at a VA hospital in Saginaw, Michigan, who reported improper staffing that he said could result in serious patient care lapses. The VA agreed to place Tello in a new job and award him undisclosed back pay.

Rachael Hogan – Nurse

The VA also agreed to find a new job for Rachael Hogan, a registered nurse at a VA hospital in Syracuse, New York, who disclosed to a superior a patient’s rape accusation against a VA employee. When the official delayed reporting the accusations to police, Hogan warned the manager about the risks of failing to file a timely report.

VA managers had threatened to fire Hogan. Under the settlement, the VA agreed to place her in a new job under a different supervisor. The Syracuse facility also will pay for whistleblower-protection training for managers at the site.

Have you heard any examples or stories that retaliation is still going on? Do you think Secretary McDonald will stop retaliation against veterans who were also whistleblowers?


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  1. Hello I have been writing to this site about the Disruptive Committee where they punish veterans for disruptive behavior’s. I was acussed of disruptive behavior on many occasions, and the V.A. Denver punished me and when asked for their proof, their reply was there is no evidence but has been collaborated ?. By whom no answer. I have written to congressman Bennett with not action except a letter to the V.A. and what ever the V.A. said to them was good enough for the senators office. Even when the V.A. (Director) states there was never any investigation, his records were never coded for disruptive behavior, his records were never Red Flagged. Which is a flat out lie, it was recorded over and over and coded for disruptive behavior and the records do show Red Flagg his records by a doctor. I have written to Bob and have not heard anything from his office sent out a month ago. I did hear that the Director who wrote the letter to the Senators office RESIGNED from the Denver V.A.M.C., why they did not say. As stated before that all this started because an employee whom I worked with before I retired had a personnel vendita against me and used the disruptive committee to retaliate against me and it worked and they punished me. The Director who covered this up, resigned, now they need to go after the employee who lied about me and fired or jailed. I worked for the V.A. for 25 years, 3 years active duty where I was shot in the head, have a T.B.I. , P.T.S.D. which I did not know I had for 40 years, 6 years national guard. the employee 0 days of military service and thinks the V.A. is her’s to do as she pleases even hurting veterans and is still walking around like she is some type of big shot, more like a low life. She needs to be taken off the pedestal and placed behind bars.

    1. It took me 30years to get in va and what a freakin nightmare its been tring to get help correctly,and they draging feet on my dis.ben. im sure ive been red flaged,from all the v.a.’s i’ve tried to get my life in order.fresno ,denver and now austin the song remains the same.they are now telling me its my fault for moving around. Well excuse me for getting out of gangland that v.a. was so happy placing me into a war zone.after my friend died that servived iraq,but not 2months in complex,whatthe fuck placing a bunch of ptsd vets in such a place. Well i chewed out v.a. dr.s in fresno on that,which im sure didnt help me on closer to ben.then dever v.a. omg transitional house for vets was a joke,they had to get rid of me due to me complaining to v.a.,so they decided because i had told them that i had a medical cannibis card from California and how it was the best meds that worked on my ptsd and pain ect.,they used it as an excuse that i wanted to smoke weed. I tell all these v.a.’s your mademan crap dont work it makes things worst.they dont want to hear it bastards! Anywho i can totally relate to your story brah vets are being abused nation wide like its ok. Who….. who out there will fight for us.and yes when i was in denver i tried and had many e mails back and forth with senators Bennett’s office too. They dont have the balls to do thier jobs,its my understanding v.a. is bigger then the senators or they just dont give a flying fuck,which the history of the u.s.a from day one have not take care of veterans like they claim they do. I love to be shown im wrong.i can admit when im wrong…..prove it leadership…….

      1. Cliff, the problem I am having is that I have never chewed out anyone for anything at the v.a., but contend that the Administrative side of the v.a., has attacked me, by telling lies that I had and they can not produce one shread of evidence that I have. I know that there is at least one employee who hates me to the point that she was and is willing to lie about me.

        I know this for a fact and gave the v.a. the reason why the employee lied about me. Since this employee was able to get the disruptive committee to believe that employee with out one shread of evidence and punished me.

        I have been going through this since 2004 and went to the D.A.V., wrote to the v.a. to help me, I was very wrong to think that we have people that care. The v.a. because of this employee lieing about me has comdemened me to a life of fear. The v.a. not only believed the employee, but punished me and coded my chart for disruptive behavior and has [laced into my official medical records that I am or was a disruptive veteran.

        Not only did they code my records as a disruptive veteran, the v.a. placed into my official medical records, If the v.a. ever hears again that I have been disruptive they would file Federal charges against me and have me arrested and banished from all v.a. care. They did all of this with out letting me be heard and provide any witnesses I have that have the knowledge that the person whom did this to me did so just as a retaliation against me.

        Now last week I went to the dental office and had a tooth fixed and one pulled. I asked the dentist if I was going to get a partial or something to replace the tooth. I was told that no further treatment would be needed as I was eating ok and with no problem eating, that I would not receive any further treatment.

        I researched the requlations concerning replacement of the tooth and it showed that I do qualify for the replacement. After reading the regulation I called the Dental clinic and left a message that I heard the dentist tell me that they can do a partial, but it was too expensive and a lot of work. on the message I advised them that I read the regulation and gualify for the procedure.

        A couple of hours the clinical nurse call my home and I put it on speaker phone so my wife could hear what was being said. The nurse that call in an upset voice told me that the doctor wants to see me right away and they would schedule the apt for 3 p.m. the same day. At first I did not have any concerns about this request, so I told them I would go. But after thing about it, I remembered that a v.a. employee had told me that the clinic’s have been told if they get a veteran that disagrees with the treatment or complains they are to dial 911 and let the police take care of it.

        After thinking about it I had a very bad feeling about why the doctor was in such a hurry to talk to me and then I had the feeling that if I did show up, they would call the police and have me arrested. I asked the nurse why the doctor wanted to see me, she stated because you seemed “upset” on the phone message. I advised her that I was not upset with anyone that I just wanted them to fix or replace the tooth I advised her that if the doctor wanted to speak with me I would be glad to hear from him via telephone call. I have not received a call from the doctor. The nurse relayed to me that the doctor never said that it costs to much nor did he state that it was to much work, she did so in a not so happy manner

        I am expecting that they will say that I have been disruptive and I will be arrested or sent back to the disruptive committee. Can you see why I did not go to that clinic that day. Be arrested just because I know how to find regulations and wanted my teeth fixed. If I do get arrested I will try and keep you informed as to what comes next. I think it is really bad that they can bring charges against someone. just because you want help you deserve.

      2. Hey james,your not alone in this matter. In my travels from v.a. ive heard these kind of complaints from other vets,some seam to go thur process good,as others are tagged to a label.i dont go looking for trouble it seams to come my way i dont get it,ive only have thoughts that its a personel attack in some form of coruptive aspects to it. I do know because of what happen during my active miltary time that it has effected my entire life.i come from along bloodline that has served since the birth of this nation proudly.and im not feeling the love back. I have to ask you. Wheres your attorney?

      3. I am unable to find a lawyer, do not know where to look. Does anyone know where and who is willing to stand up for us. I have a T.B.I. I have my good days and can think pretty good and there are times its difficult to express myself clearly. This is so draining trying to find someone to help. This make one wonder, why so many veterans take there own life. This has crossed my mind. But the more I think about it, all I can see is the v.a. laughing at me. The dump ass killed himself oh well, whos the next one on our list. I will not give them the satification of me taking my own life. I am trying to help raise 10 grand children, they are the only reason I would never take the easy way out. I am in hopes that one day, the employees that are hurting veterans will have their day in court.

      4. Same page brah hang in there.if i find the light at end of elm st. Ill pass it on

      5. We have all been victimized, by the employees of the VA. Just because we speak up or refuse to be treated the way people who are working and getting paid to at least show respect.

        We have enough proof and people to take this to someone who is willing to do something about it. I recently spoke to the Regional Office about removing the negative statements from my husband’s records. I was told that because I am the fiduciary, they can write to the file. So I have been the fiduciary since 2010 or 2011 why was it only after the good doctor Kimberly Baptiste came to our home just before the Phoenix scandal broke that notes were add to his file about me. I will continue to write to everyone to get it removed. We need to work together. Maybe if we file enough lawsuits against the agency we can change the way some things are done to us.

      6. Well im checkin back on this page,the song remains the same….. went oregon and now in the Phoenix. Area ive yet to check-in. To pheonix. V.a. noway! I refuse. Tobe abused by this. Again, and where are these super attorneys???? Ive called somewhere in the number of 100 of them over the years when i find a moment to try to get help, its a rigged game of corruption. V.a. and v.b.a. need tobe completely shut down forever,that simple act will save more vets. If i hear another v.a. personal say thank you for your service im goin to toss my cookies, , further more……all these service officer and ive had alot of them,suck!!!! This whole system is fruad, thats my opion everybody’s got one,its not as simple as picking up the pieces and go on in life, ptsd is a lifetime sentence, and the drugs they put me on made it much worst, soo glad to get away from them. Cannibis has helped on soo many levels.i cant express enough on the dispointments .

  2. I am a US Navy veteran of the Cold War and Vietnam Conflicts. In the 1970s, before the diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder was developed, I was diagnosed with schizo-affective disorder by Veterans Affairs psychiatrists. After eight years of unsuccessful treatment with psychiatric drugs which severely damaged me both physically and emotionally to the point of ischemic strokes and suicidal ideation, I was extremely fortunate to recover completely within a few months. I had learned about Orthomolecular Therapy based on tissue mineral analysis of a hair sample and Creative Psychology through my own research and in 1982 was able to obtain a source of these treatments independent from the VA and at my own expense.

    My VA psychiatrist, who later rose to the presidency of the American Psychiatric Association, refused to acknowledge my use of Orthomolecular Therapy, the hair test results, or Creative Psychology and termed my recovery a “spontaneous remission”. Since 1982, I have lived a healthy, productive life, free of not only the need for psychiatric drugs, but all other prescription medicines as well.

    In 2007, concerned about the suicide rate of veterans diagnosed with PTSD, I began to attend a PTSD group at a VA CBOC Clinic. After only a few meetings where I shared my story with other veterans, I was taken aside by a VA psychologist and psychiatrist and diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, a rare and extremely disabling condition, in a twenty minute interview and banned from further participation in the PTSD group.

    When this new diagnosis affected the renewal of my life insurance policy, I requested the medical records of my recovery in the 1980s. I discovered that all such mental health records in DVA VISN 1, in the 1978 to 1990 time period, had been spoliated. No records remain. I am convinced that thousands of veterans could have made recoveries similar to mine, with thousands of lives saved, had VA psychiatrists run studies on Orthomolecular Therapy and Creative Psychology instead of destroying all evidence of a veteran’s drug-free recovery and attempting to discredit him. I have recently been examined and tested by well-qualified civilian forensic psychiatrists and a QTC, Inc. C&P medical examiner, who find in me no evidence of any mental illness.

  3. The VA continues to severely retaliate against me, my wife and I and our kids, in severe ways, though Secretary McDonald appears to be doing something personally to stop it on our behalf. My high school student son has been arrested, my wife has been arrested, my step-son fled the country before they could set him up somehow, we have been stalked by VA police and criminal investigation unit police and civilian police, informants, our car has been rammed and destroyed, we were nearly killed when another attempt was made by another car going about 70 that tried to t-bone us. it all started when i filed a claim for regular aid and attendance and the local clinic of the VA director and her assistant the patient advocate told my wife and i that i qualify but they would see to it that we did not get it, long story but that is it briefly. finally after years of that madness that continues the VA recently told us through two of their doctors that they were putting me in for regular aid and attendance which is because secretary mcdonald and his asst. secretary hickey got involved. but during this time the civilian SWAT and police have been to my home many times and have very close to killing me and my family. the VA uses corrupt civilian and federal VA police to terrorize you if you insist on filing a valid claim while clinic directors and patient advocates and doctors and therapists give you helll about it. it is so true that ben asks, “but what about vets who have been retaliated against for complaining about care and medical services?” if i survive this, if my wife and kids survive it, it will be a miracle and we will then thank secretary mcdonald and undersecretary hickey, and our congressman LaMalfa and VSO Jim Young for working on this for years, well, mcdonald and hickey are new to this in comparison, but that is it. the VA is a criminal organization ran just like the mafia and worse because they appear to be a legitimate federal agency that simply has complicated problems, but they are flat out dangerous and corrupt beyond belief. it has been hell just trying to survive the VA’s insane mistreatment and terror upon my family. this is wife number four for me, the first three wives of mine had their lives destroyed by the VA similar to what they have tried to do to my present wife and to our kids. the VA is sick and hopefully McDonald is the cure along with my congressman and my VSO. they are flat out terrorist criminals. be careful, they will kill you or get you and your loved ones thrown into prison, and they have done that to me too not just my wife and kids.. they are insane and dangerous! they retaliate whenever they feel like it but hopefully McDonald will put a stop to it…

  4. Good job Ben! I see a change, slow but steady. You are not going to upright the Titanic in a single blow. Don’t discount the good people at the VA: the ones doing ALL the good work. I appreciate those few working their tails off. Make it a point to complain about incompetence, but corruption is another matter that powerful people like Ben and the media are making progress in improving (THANKS!)

    Health care education is putting out some people with integrity it seems. Believe me, most hospitals are evil almost as much as drug companies, and corrupt employees thrive in their systems. Even though the VA may be worse (and believe me, I know how bad they are, but don’t depend on them whenever possible – God Bless You if it is your sole health care source/information), there are a few good people in the VA. Turn in all of the wrong doers in to Adjutant General with documented evidence, and praise the good ones EVERY chance you get. YOU have more power than you think in this highly volatile period of change. DON’T BITCH IF CAN’T PITCH!

    You fought for our country, now help Ben out a little in helping it’s Veterans by doing your due diligence (homework) and start ratting these dead beats out!

  5. I think my husband and I are a classical example of retaliation at the hands of the Department of Veterans Affairs. When the doctor came into our home trying to help “herself only” because my husband had been on a “wait list” for services almost a year. She defamed, vilified, distorted the truth, slandered and you might as well say got away with it. As far as I know each and everyone that jumped on her bandwagon all should be held accountable for the undue stress, the denial of benefits and tampering with medical records. I became listed throughout my husband’s medical files and as I have asked, what does anything written about me have to do with his medical conditions or medical records?

    We have a director, a chief of staff, department head,(doctor), medical director, program director, nurses, social workers to all follow the doctors lead. Even the senator’s staff acted as if I was the villain. Our home was classified as unsafe for VA staff members. No one was injured, accosted, hit, kicked, touched or even yelled at in our home but it is considered unsafe for VA staff members. Thus, services and benefits were denied and even claims during that time are questionable. It took writing, sending certified letters, calling and faxing just to receive the letter when the claims at that time were processed. Then there are questions about the approval of the claims, what was approved and what was paid. The RO was in direct contact with the facility toward the completion of the claim. I would love to know who initiated the contact. We had to appeal and request review of the process and we are still not receiving what is entitled.

    So to answer any questions, we as veterans will never be compensated but, we will be vilified, defamed, denied and slandered, while the perpetrators of the real crimes get away and continue to get paid by you, me and the taxpayers of this country.


  6. I know they retaliate against us for missing appointments, never been treated so rudely,
    Making my appointments 6 weeks down the road, won’t work me in as walk in. I have heard the excuses well the doctor had to take off (don’t they have covers for that?). you are here on the wrong day? Your apt was earlier today? This was a dental unit. It took 2 years to get a Denture, 2 years??? Guys and gals, I miss because my back pain is so bad I can’t function and they get mad cause no call, Heck, I can’t even get up and methadone is my pain killer and extra knocks me out!!!! Don’t these folks remember we are disabled and not stupid?

  7. I want mine to be reviewed as a whistle blower…and my TORT claim. They are all in cahoots with one another….VISN 7 needs a colonic and exorcism

    1. Whistleblowing, please, understand, does not necessarily is only a VA mishap, VA is just bastard daughter of Disgrace, disgrace is the bastard daughter of a sick nation who sent us to the game of diplomacy with bullets, and those darn Kalashnikovs have done good jobs on many of us, and Disgrace sent us to Phoenix, and there those who survived the deadly Kalashnikovs fell to the whims of a bunch of selected murderers whose lies were only second to those of the biggest liar our nation ever had, that culprit who never had respect for the truth, that murderer, buried with military honors in El Paso National Cemetery, and who, from OP-12 in Korea, was the de facto commander of the 31st Infantry Regiment, where General Trudeau, Colonel Kern, or Captain Cooksey, the S-3, did not have much to say.
      When you blow the whistle, Disgrace’s hormones become activated, and disgrace have many daughters, even though she herself does not have a mother.
      In the armed services, specially combatants, have learned that that is far easier to survive the brutal counterattacks at Pork Chop Hill than the questioning of darn VSO, who requesting Un employability is told that as a killer, he could get a very well paid job with Don Corleone or Pablo Escobar. That far VA has gone. But there are clouds of hope showing which are indeed promising to attend whistleblowers in the days ahead. Probably SLAMS will be replaced some days by good war reporters like Bernard Fall and many others.
      It’s very sad, when a superior accusing you of disloyalty turn the big guns destroying everything in your path, like your case. I know. I lost a family of five, was demoted from major to captain, and my military service and medical records were ” lost ” and never were found again. Please, be careful.


    1. There is no such thing as a lawyer who someone knows who does this or who does that. Each case is different for each person (or group). The only way to find a lawyer who is CERTIFIED to put legal action on and deal at all with the VA in each particular case is through your own research. First, you read how to contact a lawyer that is certified to deal with the VA at and also They will have names of lawyers available for you to either call, or send an email to about your case and needs. They will contact you back for an initial consultation (no charge) where they will learn about your potential case and let you know if they would be willing to work with you further. Another way that is really good is to contact a personal injury lawyer near you who has a good reputation and get a referral to a certified VA lawyer (certified by gov. to put action against the VA). They must be certified though. will explain all this to you. It doesn’t mean a thing if they are out-of-state or if the lawyer is not licensed in the state you live in, because they parner with those that are and know the good ones. You then proceed to contact a good handful of them – at least 5-10 firms and get an idea of whether you have a realistic case or not. You will know by then.
      So you will have to put in some effort – calling, emailing, possibly meeting in person, etc. You will then become very educated on how to proceed from that point. It will pay off.

  9. I wrote 3 letters to:
    Department of Veterans Affairs
    Compensation & Pension Service
    Attn. Nehmer Working Group (211A)
    810 Vermont Ave NW
    Washington, DC 20420
    Over many months,I sent the 3 letters (paid) Return Receipt Requested; And, I have yet to receive any signed Return Receipt from the Post Office 20420; Nor have I received any direct answer from the Nehmer Working Group (211A). I did, however, go on the internet to verify delivery for the first 2 letters. I also went to my local Post Office for copies of seemingly un-readable signatures. I have yet to go to the Post Office for copies of signature(s) for the letter that The Nehmer Working Group (211A) received December 18, 2014 (per internet). The Buffalo DVA Examiner of Medical History Review made the diagnosis that my ischemic heart disease is of early as 2000. According to The Nehmer Court Order (The Nehmer Training Guide – (211A)- February 2011 (yes, 2011), The VA is required to pay the RETRO compensation within 21 days( : ) The Buffalo DVA Examiner Diagnosis appears in The Buffalo DVA Decision June 05, 2014 .My medical exam and medical records review took place April 2014 at Bath VA Hospital, Bath NY. Today is Jan. 22, 2015. Instead of paying RETRO,my claim has been sent to the Board of Veterans Appeals. I requested / demanded that the Bufalo DVA sent Form 9 in LATE 2011 (yes, 2011). The Buffalo DVA refused to provide the Form 9 until 2014: Now, The Board of Veterans Appeals phone representative informed me that the Board of Veterans Appeals is back-logged to 2012 (hence, my claim is again delayed/ denied).My previous problems resulted from I was released from active duty July 3, 1969; Yet, As late as December 2013, The Buffalo DVA denied my claims because it couldn’t find of it’s government resources, including their own ” intranet” , of my service in Vietnam and exposed to herbicides. Yet, The USS Newport News was on The DVA’s July 2013 ships list. And, I also found information on the ” Internet ” ( : )
    The DVA’s January 2010 (yes, Jan. 2010) Compensation & Service Bulletin Policy (211) Information on Vietnam Naval Operations infers that the crew of The USS Newport News operation(s) on “rivers” and “deltas is provided…presumption of exposure to herbicides…without further development. Yes, the history of the USS Newport News CA-148 includes operations in the Vinh Binh Province in the Mekong “DELTA”. The June 2010 (yes, June 2010) Compensation & Pension Bulletion Policy (211) ADDITIONAL Information on Vietnam Naval Operations …ships list… Received by Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs…lists the USS Newport News CA-148 for Operations:Cua Viet “RIVER” April 1969. This is of reason why The Nehmer Court Order gives Nehmer claims priority. Yet, to cover all bases, I made sure that My appeal on Board of Veterans Appeal Form 9 ( of 2014) is to have my claim(s) processed to The Nehmer Court Order ( : ) The Nehmer Training Guide( ; ) as, The New York State VSO and The Buffalo DVA should have had done so in the first place ! The DVA June 2010 C&P Bulletin Policy (211) includes itself as part of Jan. 2010 C&P Bulletin Policy (211); The Jan. 2010 C&P Bulletin clearly states: There is no reason to hold the claims of anyone who served aboard the above listed vessels during the indicated time frames. Why does the so-called 2014 up-to date ships list doesn’t list The USS Newport News for Operation: Cua Viet “RIVER”. Why doe the ship’s list only lists for operations in The Mekong “DELTA ? The Buffalo DVA down plays my diabetes. They call it controlled. My medical records read: Uncontrolled. I go to private/civilian doctors and hospitals. The Buffalo DVA did not rate my aneurysms. I have one upper large artery and one lower artery. Nehmer rates the upper large artery 40%; lower large artery 60%. Where are the “TOP COPS” to arrest those of The DVA for non-compliance of/ to The Nehmer Court Order already laid down and laid out: Yes, The Nehmer Court Order states: VA compensates CLASS COUNSEL for all of it’s work on Nehmer claims !
    The Buffalo DVA and The Nehmer Working Group (211A) did not use:
    The DVA Jan. 2010 Compensation & Pension Bulletin Policy (211); And, The June 2010 C&P Bulletin Policy (211): Information on Vietnam Naval Operations.
    The Nehmer Training Class March 2010… to include my weakness of legs, depression /anxiety, and impotence / erectile dysfunction of my medical records.
    The Nehmer Training Guide (211A) February 2011 Revised .
    Congressional Research Services / Statutory Presumptions (by law clerk Nichols October 2010 (yes, 2010). I sent a copy to The Nehmer Working Group (211A) Where’s Congress ? Where’s the President? Where’s SCOTUS ? Where’s the FBI ? Where is The US Attorney “TOP COP” of a (the) government of the the people for the people” Yes, feel free: [email protected]

  10. 01/22/2015

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    Gannett/USA Today/The Arizona Republic stated they had over 500 Whistleblowers who had approached their newspaper in the Summer of 2014.

    It is amazing that there has been very little coming out of this newspaper, some people would say; however, I know first hand that this newspaper will not deliver real news for the real American.

    I had experienced this during the time period in late 1991 to the very early 1992 with the article titled “Flirting with Disaster,”all about the C-17 hand off to Communist China—by the President of McDonnell Douglas, Robert Hood and others higher up [see the 1998 Cox Report]. In 1992, Senator Barbara Boxer asked Hood to respond to her question on an onsite congressional investigation, “In plain English, Are you not selling out America, Yes or No?” The Answer was “Yes.”

    Do you really think this newspaper is going to release the “gathered” information that the 17 investigative reporters had accumulated for several years?

    Hit them hard and don’t stop!

    Good Work!


    Don Karg

  11. More of the SAME BEAURACRACY / RED TAPE. VETS are used and then THROWN OUT like TISSUE PAPER.

  12. I would like to know why is it that the VA hires non Veteran people to work with Vetrans ? I’m the wife of a VIetnam Veteran that has passed away 10 monthes ago from AGENT ORANGE . You ask did he receive good care ? at the end of his life he did only because he had his whole family there and the question were coming from every direction . Here it is guys and ladies You as the VETERAN have to be very agressive with every employee that you encounter at the VA it dosent matter who it is . I lost my husband of 46 and 1/2 yrs TO AO

  13. I hope none of you are holding your breath. None of this stops the VA from illegally threatening whistleblowers, and I would be willing to bet that in the end, many of these employees will still be harassed, and eventually end up having to leave the VA.

  14. So it is up to us veterans to find that special class of VA employee to apprise of any event, procedure, policies that cause or have a grave propensity to cause harm simply due to foreseeable negligence or even a depraved, intentional act(s) that I have encountered. This could be the actual driving force.

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