Bay Pines VA Medical Center

Veterans Affairs recently inspected the Bay Pines VA Medical Center.

The mortality rate is slightly higher than the national average. Outpatient and inpatient satisfaction surveys were substantially better than the national average for Veterans Affairs. Veterans Affairs employees also reported a higher than average satisfaction level.

 Veterans Affairs Morbidity and Satisfaction Tables

The follow excerpts and tables are from the VA OIG report:

With the exception of the high mortality rate, it appears Bay Pines VA Medical Center is in pretty good shape. Here is the summary provided from the VA:

“The purpose of the review was to evaluate selected operations, focusing on patient care administration and quality management (QM). During the review, OIG provided crime awareness briefings to 212 employees. This review focused on eleven operational activities. The facility complied with selected standards in the following four activities: (1) colorectal cancer screening, (2) coordination of care, (3) medication management, and (4) point-of-care testing. The facility’s reported accomplishments were computerized resuscitative event documentation, time out initiatives, and a reduction in the facility’s carbon footprint. OIG made recommendations for improvement in the following seven activities: (1) environment of care, (2) moderate sedation, (3) mental health treatment continuity, (4) polytrauma, (5) QM, (6) nurse staffing, and (7) follow-up on respirator fit testing.”

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