Young Veterans Look to Hunting for Rehabilitation

Two brothers are providing free hunting in rural Pennsylvania. The program is designed to get recovering veterans out of their hospital beds for a few day retreat.

LEEK Preserve is the hunting grounds used for the retreat.

Retired Army Col. Ed Fisher and his family started the program in 2007. The number of veterans coming back with permanent injuries from the current wars troubled Fisher. His response was to start the program.

Fisher’s father lost his leg in a shooting accident. “I tell folks – you know, it’s kind of funny – but I tell them that when I grew up I thought everybody’s father or dad had a wooden leg, You know it [made] no difference because it never stopped my father once.”

Veterans with physical disabilities, like amputees, are able to use special equipment to help the veteran hunt.

Click here to read more about Veterans Hunting at LEEK Preserve.

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