Veterans Affairs Leadership To End ISIS?

Veterans Affairs Leadership

Benjamin KrauseLast Friday, Rep. Mike Coffman joked that America should turn Veterans Affairs leadership loose on ISIS to win our war on terror in the Middle East. The bureaucratic bungling alone would bring the terrorists to their knees, right?

In a somewhat light hearted critique of VA over problems at the Aurora billion dollar hospital debacle:

“It’s too bad we can’t take VA leadership and export it and give it to some of our adversaries around the planet. Let them suffer under the VA’s leadership. Can you imagine if the VA was in charge of ISIS? They’d probably say, “Well, you know it wasn’t quite 2,000 that we beheaded – it was really 24…is the accurate number. We’re sorry that, in fact, they were all our own terrorists that were beheaded because they got misclassified in the system as Christians. I mean, that would be the VA [chuckles]…that would be the VA in charge of ISIS.”

Democrats got worked up over the joke and are apparently waking up to the 2016 election reality that persistent VA failures will put a noose on the neck of the Democratic Party. In response, they are demanding an apology.

But should they? What leg do Democrats have to stand on in demanding an apology over a jab at inept VA leadership for the past many years of debacles and corruption? Wait-list deaths? Performance pay fraud? Construction fraud? Backlog? File shredding? These sound like the same problems that have persisted at the agency for, oh, I don’t know, 80 years or so. Is either party owed an apology over the joke?

It was an obvious joke. However, I do think ISIS, or any organization, would buckle under the bureaucratic bungling VA leaders would bring to the table. If nothing else, we know the money would disappear no matter how much is sent.


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  2. As soon as our men and women sign up to serve and fight for our country they are screwed. They are sent over seas to fight the enemy there and then come back home and find they have to fight another enemy – the VA.

  3. Less than 8% of U.S. citizens trust Congress for anything at all let alone handling oversight of the VA. That’s even lower than what it was a year ago (12%). Congress is never going to do anything at all to straighten the VA out. Never. Again, NEVER! Once again, NEVER!!. In case you didn’t hear me, I said NEVER!!!
    A suggestion I have recently heard on the radio was that only veterans themselves can straighten the VA. On veterans day, vets shouid conduct protests in every city and town and say this one thing: We don’t care for the VA – the way it operates, the way it is managed, the way it spends your money, the way we are treated by them, and the way it paves as a bad model for the future of health care for eveyone in the U.S.(as the presidential race heats up)
    Think we can do that? It would be less costly for each of us than to spend $$ to fly out to Wash. D.C. , rent rooms, spend money on food (expensive in D.C.), and than have only a handfull that will actually make it there.
    It would be a good and effective effort, providing we stay on message saying that one thing.. Or do you think the vets would be split on their thoughts and go in too many directions for the people to figure out what we are really saying?

    1. Great ideas ‘last hope’. What station did you hear that on? Here’s another idea, how bout veterans start calling into “talk radio” stations and letting the people know the “facts” of what has been occuring with the VA’s in their communities. If hundreds, or possibly thousands, bombard their local stations, they will have to take us seriously!
      What do you all think? Let’s start calling and be straight up and honest about whats been happening!!!!!!

    2. P.S. Give them Ben’s website here and any other site that prooves your points!

    1. You are right,

      Here is the picture in a nutshell, The VA Secretary who worked for Proctor &Gamble, which happens to sell Tide. The VA OIG uses that Tide to whitewash reports then hangs out the whistleblowers to dry. Sounds like laundering to me.

  4. This link is an article about a federal judge “outraged” about VA corruption — the Federal lawsuit that brought down former Secretary Shinseki.

    McDonald intentionally causes corruption at VA, keeping everyone off balance with endless planned disasters. The ONLY thing that will stop VA corruption is more lawsuits for another shake up till new leadership gets it right.

  5. Congress is in contempt, but the congress is also deliberately too slow to help vets because to show this one ugly side of war with all of our vets problems would be a very discouraging argument to ask more soldiers to go into any future war drummed up by those who never joined up and by those who really do not now the true meaning of serving our country. All they do is spew out hot air BS that will make our soldiers sacrificial lambs, THE ONES who know what it is like to serve, those who are the true leadership OF THIS COUNTRY, those who give up their lives, limbs, minds and other body parts but yet still have more courage and guts in their pinkie finger than any congress person who wants war has, like a pimple on their derriere The many who carry the toll are in fact millions of injured or ill or dead vets. OUR VETS ARE The results of having to go into wars since the Viet Nam war and since… into countries that did not declare war on the U.S. but we certainly knew what resources would be in America’s best business interests for those in govt and their businesses and that this is what these last wars have been about, . The how to book on making trillions of dollars of our money , called war mongering. How many in the US government (dod/legislators) with their families and friends earned billions if not more on these wars? Dick Cheney, Feinstein with husband Blum are just 2 of a cast of many characters who not only made blood war mongering money but help build up countries that were supposedly our enemies and then our ally’s. Which is which????.
    Even our first president (Washington) has the courage to lead to fight the British. Our congress and senate and some presidents along with some in the top brass(retired brass too) are gutless wonders who have lots of hot air and nothing more. Those whose only claim to fame would be lots of hot air, no action, all mouth no action,, all talk, no action by THOSE who COULD NOT KEEP UP WITH ANY OF OUR SOLDIERS keep up with any of our soldiers and that especially goes for those who have been wounded.
    SO, if those who think they know it all, want a war with ISIS, need to sign up now, be the first in line and show that they have more than hot air, that they have the moral compass and courage to put their money where their mouth is and to be the first to walk the walk and not just talk the talk.
    so I salute you all.

  6. Many Veterans and non-Veterans look at the the VA and ISIS as similar terrorist groups that are both killing American young men and women!

  7. I personally can’t go back any further than the Vietnam War in which Defense Sectretary Robert S. McNamara,by the way,the S stood for”STRANGE”how appropriate. He placed a gag order on the DOD,CIA,VA and all other secret operations that stated “DO NOT PUBLISH IN ANYWAY” anything pertaining to SIOP(Single Intergrated Operational War Plan) this was in1962 having to do with Project 112/SHAD and the TM-76B weapons system(ICBM’s)for nuclear,chemical,and biological warfare installed on Okinawa. Some of the secrecy was the fact they had to be fired in a westernly direction toward China,hence Vietnam. These were Matador missiles and some other ones,however,the point is Ft Detrick Md,Utah,and the 267th were a part of cover-up for what was taking place on OKINAWA while the GAG order had been issued by Mr.R”STRANGE”M he also had some other rather dangerous Projects.

  8. It is a completely false contention to blame the problems at the VA on Democrats, or this president. These problems have been going on for decades according to numerous GAO and VA investigations. The entire Congress, Democrats and Republicans, alike, is to blame, as are each of the four presidents that preceded Obama and that includes Ronald Reagan. The GOP has completely controlled the Congress for the past few years and, yet, nothing significant has occurred to force the changes that are needed. If the VA is not going to fire people who have committee crimes, or who have caused debacles like the grotesque cost overruns at the Denver medical center, then Congress should have taken steps by now to make such firings mandatory after minimal due process. By and large, the members of Congress who run their mouths the most about the VA, including Jeff Miller, chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committe, eventually do absolutely nothing to force the changes that need to be made. When the criminal actions that occurred at the Dorn Medical Center in Columbia, South Carolina, became known, and that frauds committed in relation to the GI clinic appointment backlog–some 3800 cases–led to as many as 20 deaths, Mr. Miller made a very big deal about leading a congressional delegation to Dorn to “investigate” the problems. Since then, only two of 12 recommendations to fix the problems at Dorn have been implemented and the appointments backlog has remained high. Why hasn’t Mr. Miller, or any other member of Congress, dragged the officials in charge at Dorn in front of the committee and asked them for a date certain when the problems will be fixed? Here’s why, in my opinion. In order to fix the multitude of problems in the VA system, particularly the claims backlog, it’s going to take money, and lots of it. This will never happen when Congress is filled with people who never served and who think that lowering the deficit is more important than seeing that every veteran gets the care and benefits they earned.

    1. This has been going on since before anyone of us were born. As far as “WHO” is to blame, it’s every damn politician (elected and appointed) who has served from its beginning to today (18 June 2015). That’s my damn opinion…
      If all they can do is talk out their mouth and NOT do what is right, ie; protect all Americans (civilians, active military, taxpayers and veterans). Then get the hell out and let someone in who will get the jobs done. So far, NO political party has kept their word to their constituency. “I promise” blah blah blah is all we hear. Then there are no results!!!!!!!

    2. In some ways I agree and in others I disagree. Whoever occupies the WH usually gets the blame when some cabinet agency screws up, like Bush did with Walter Reed or with FEMA and Katrina. Right or wrong, he was blamed. On the other hand, Congress does have a duty to conduct agressive oversight rather than dog and pony shows, and should be determining if the budgets they provided are executed properly. Both are failing miserably when it comes to the VA.

      1. Whoever sits in the WH, to whoever sits in any elected or appointed position, from Washington to local governmental offices, IS responsible to insure complete and total assurances to follow the Constitution of these United States! If they don’t, then they are to be held accountable. I didn’t make the rules.
        One might claim, the current administrations are not responsible for the current climate of egregious acts committed against the American People. This could, in fact, be a strong defense. Yet, If the current administrations (from Washington DC to the local levels) are aware of these atrocities and egregious acts, and they continue to allow them to continue anabated, then they must asume full and complete culpability!
        This is how our “Constitutional Republic” was formed.
        Those “MEN”, no matter how flawed they may have been, understood this. That a government, not run “OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE, SHALL NOT PERISH FROM THIS EARTH!” (Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address) These words hold so much truth today as they did approximately 140 years ago.
        We, American Citizens, are duty bound to “hold on to these truths” at all costs. If we fail, then we lose!
        These ‘individuals’, who sit in office today, are duty bound to defend us. It is their responsibility to correct corruption at ALL levels!
        I don’t know how much more plain it needs to be stated. If all they want to do is ‘flap their gums’, then its time for them to go. We have a duty to vote. Our voices can and must be heard. Only then will they understand, we ain’t standing for it any longer!!!!!

    3. I agree with Stu Steinberg to an extent ,but you say not to blame it on Democrats,but remember these people and I use that term laughingly are career Politicians some being in the Congress more than 30 years and as you say this has been going on a long time!
      I Blame all the Buffoons in Washington who are more concerned with tax breaks for themselves and their rich friends they can not keep a promise they made to us the Veterans who Fought their Wars so they can sleep safe at night.I would not apologize for any comment made about this group of self serving greed driven assh**es.

      Semper Fi Till I die and if Congress and VA have their way that may be soon!!

  9. I wanted to add that the last thing we Veterans need is for the very enemies we are engaged in active war currently, to HACK the Veteran Affairs database and that’s what I find a bit scary about transitioning to ALL electronic records by the VA because I cannot see them being competent enough to protect such data from such HACKING…I still do not think Rep. Coffman said anything wrong, it was an analogy, nothing more, but an appropriate one.
    The very terrorists we are fighting could in-fact use the terrible way the VA is treating our Veterans against us in some way, am sure of it.
    What is frightening is at ANY time the VA could claim they have indeed been HACKED and LOST ALL Veteran’s Claim Files or some lame ass excuse along those lines when in reality they either have rotted in storage, been shredded, or a convenient large warehouse going up in flames that just happened to house most of the “backlog”…would not put it past these ba$TURD$.

    High time for MANY heads to fly at the VA and I am not just talking yet another change of VA Secretary as before, no, instead of administrative leave with pay, fired and placed in prison for fraud and more. This goes for Administrators to VA Dr.’s, all way down to security guards and janitors…a complete enema, if you will.

    1. NAMNIBOR, damned if you ain’t got it right!
      FYI, my wife receives e-mails from the VA. They are usually late news. Because Ben has already put the info on one of his blogs.

  10. Can Hickey still fly a plane? Could she ever? Doesn’t matter, send her over with a pink bow on her head.

    Put Robert McDonald Special Operations fantasies to good use. Hand him a rucksack and a chute and drop him in with nothing but a K-Bar in his teeth.

    Robert Reynolds the guy that has enough moral issues of his own documented by the DAV and IG…make him their mortar man. Can’t shoot straight Reynolds is on it.

    1. To Robin Mitchell, what do you know of Robert Reynolds and the DAV? I, myself, have a VERY LOW OPINION, of the DAV. As do a great many veterans across this Great Nation! Have you ever gone to the website-
      I don’t understand something about them, 1.) They let anyone join with NO proof of being in the military! 2.) They did the same thing as the VA. That is, they went to the Marriott Hotel in Orlando, Fl. and spent a great deal of money for a National Convention. Money which could have helped many veterans. Especially those veterans who are homeless!!
      They don’t seem to be fighting the VA. Instead they are capitulating to the VA, in my opinion.
      I, and many others, have caught ‘higher ups’ claiming to have done many extraordinary feats in the military. Then finding out what they claimed was pure unadulterated bull sh#t. Many have heard, and reported, possible illegal acts committed by the upper crust of the DAV.
      There is much more, only I believe you get the picture…

  11. It was just an “analogy”, but maybe that’s too much to ask for members of Congress to “get that”, because they have for most part all have their heads DEEP in the sand about Veterans and the Veteran Administration, and Coffman was expressing his frustration with the inept handling of all the problems that the VA owns.

    I agree with ‘crazy elf’ in that instead of an apology from Rep. Coffman, EVERY member of Congress OWES ALL VETS a HUGE apology and ACTION as in FIRING en masse all the VA War Profiteers and those treating Vets in too many wrong ways to itemize here.

    His “analogy” was spot-on in that if ISIS were INFECTED with the same messed-up administrative so-called leadership that’s within the VA, it would certainly act as a VIRUS and bring them down. Nothing more, nothing less, nothing to read between the lines…Congress is in CONTEMPT for NOT placing heads on the table and not cleaning it’s act up. Member of Congress are only reacting this way because they are still in DENIAL of how their INACTION is killing Veterans or at least making it very hard for our Veterans to get the help they need due to the incredibly messed-up and dysfunctional way the VA Vulture Culture operates.

    I am outraged that ALL of Congress, regardless of Party, are NOT OUTRAGED with the VA…we need more than just talk and IDLE THREATS…how is this so hard to comprehend?

  12. That definitely sounds like a “HARD CORE MILITARY MULTI-SERVICE MAN” to me! I believe he’s just telling it the way he sees it.
    As far as him giving any form of apology, tell the other members of Congress and the Senate to start doing their jobs. They should apologize to every Veteran. Then they should fire every VA employee who did any egregious act to a veteran.
    They need to QUIT PLAYING POLITICS with veterans lives. Start being accountable to themselves, then maybe things will get done. So far, little to nothing has been accomplished since the ‘mid term election’ last year. And the Veterans see this every day or week. The VA is still operating at an “F-” rating. And all our elected and appointed officials are laughing at every citizen, veterans and taxpayers, all the way to the bank.

  13. Sounds like a Marine sounding off to me!. You see, that is exactly what the problem is, they do not know military culture and jargon. We should have a new claim , PTCE Post Traumatic Civilian Exposure. They play the veteran card, a form of discrimination , where they know a veteran will speak up for themselves and try to characterize it as a threat. The only one line phrase you hear is “Thank you for service” That gets old when you are made aware of malfeasance, and it puts the ones who truly mean it a bad spot. I think Coffman may be on to something they can sell Bob McDonald GI Joe dolls Bobblehead and Special Forces edition. , pez dispensers equipped with opiate chiclets and the whole leadership edition. They can use the proceeds to pay for that mess they got going on. Oh yeah I forgot, his doll would have a pull string on the back that says “60 people fired” “I am a 5th group warrior” “Thank you for your service” FOH!

    1. Corpsman, you make some excellent points. “They play the veteran card … they know a veteran will speak up for themselves and try to characterize it as a threat.” The VA deliberately provokes veterans to put them on ‘Disruptive Behavior Threat’ lists. They say ‘Thank you for your service’ as they were saying ‘Thank you for holding the door open’, or ‘Thank you for telling me what time it is’. They actually think that by saying Thank You that everything is square and you should just go away — no medical care, no college benefits, no nothing, and you better not disrupt their train of thought as they sit at their desk playing solitaire or playing Angry Birds on their smartphone. The VA literally spends, WASTES, billions each year on” Damage Control, Building of their worthless image, and finding endless ways to get out of providing earned services and earned benefits.

      1. The behavioral lists have further implications. The VA has a MOU with DOJ to flag veterans under the NIC systems that prevent them from gun ownership if declaraed unable to manage their own finances. This the pretext to take your gun away, as well as negating all of your military skills you have obtained using guns. They are not slick. It is more like Thank you for your weapon. Especially vets who have had CQB training and Marsoc training. This recently happen to a buddy of mine. The Circuit court of appeals will be busy in the next few years. Hopefully, the NRA will file an Amicus Curiae briefing. Oh wait are they a friend of the court?

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