Veterans Doubtful About FBI Investigation Of Veterans Affairs

FBI Investigation Of Veterans Affairs

Benjamin KrauseVeterans were unsure when asked about the recent announcement about the FBI investigation of Veterans Affairs in connection with the wait list fraud committed by agency employees and resultant deaths.

“They are in on it, too,” said Stan Peterson. “Most leadership in the [government] is corrupt or scared to speak up for fear of losing their job.”

His skepticism is certainly well earned in light of the havoc reeked by retaliatory Veterans Affairs senior leaders who perpetrated crimes to cover up the truth. Earlier this week, veterans discovered agency leadership recently shut down its internal medical investigation unit, the Office of Medical Inspector, amidst the most shocking health care scandal in Veterans Affairs (VA) history.

In light of this and other recent news, Carolyn Emery said flatly, “I have lost all faith [and] confidence in the system.” She joins the ranks of many veterans who expect no significant changes despite FBI involvement.

On Tuesday, VA OIG released a scathing final report of the outrageous crimes against humanity committed by VA against those veterans the agency is sworn to serve. That report identified numerous illegal or harmful actions but failed to draw a fine line connecting those harms to the deaths at the Phoenix VA.

VA OIG described the wait list scandal as, “gross mismanagement of VA resources, criminal misconduct by senior leadership, systemic patient safety issues, and possible wrongful deaths.” It sadly fell short of dropping the hammer.

That same day, FBI announced publicly it was joining VA OIG in snooping around hospitals and wait list records to find criminal actors who harmed veterans or stood by watching. But will it be enough? Many veterans do not think so.

Do you believe the FBI will get the job done? Will evil VA employees finally be rooted out?

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  1. It’s pretty sad when a Government Employee breaks a FEDERAL LAW and you can’t get the FBI to investigate! OIG Won’t Help, Why does the VA not think that We won’t be Pissed Off! and get in their FACE!

  2. I commented here before on this and have not had any response from the FBI .yet.on my last response to their letter.
    I don’t even need a response if they look into what I told them about.

    This week was the 20th anniversary of my husband’s death by VA FTCA/1151 and subsequently 2 direct SC death awards as well and I was going to attempt to again get a legit status on my claims, but the RO director never replied to my fax to them, and my IRIS stuff has been just a bunch of spin.I refuse to call 800# and wait over an hour for a status that makes no sense.

    So I emailed Secretary MacDonald as to hoping he could get a status for me.

    No response yet but I added to my email that I could provide not only evidence of what I told him about as to the ridiculous IRIS responses I got but also ,if needed, copies of what I wrote to the HVAC,IG, and FBI about…..adding ‘then again you probably already have that info.’

    ( I was being facetious…he might be surrounded by gatekeepers just like Eric was.)

    If vets want Justice to prevail and have an adequate FBI investigation done, then they should take some action themselves and make sure it gets done.

    Every single VA PT vet has a valid concern as to the outcome of Phoenix.

    No response on my last FOIA letter from FBI either………they wanted a clarification from me. and I promptly sent that to them.

    1. Berta, good morning. I would only beg of you not to hold your breath, this POTUS, AG, and Administration is not interested in the truth, ethics, or helping anyone who is not in their “clique”. There is not a single high level executive I can think of who should not be prosecuted. I have retreated from it all, as it is not conducive to my mental, physical, or spiritual well-being to engage them. My best always.

  3. I’m a direct victim of VA system and yelled out your killing me at Temple VA only to become banned from it and punch up. I still am trying to see a doctor but rely on Emergency room visits to see a doctor. I need a CPAP device that was destroyed in transportation from Iraq tour in 2011. To this date I’m up a creek without paddle and blue lips pale body waking up each morning getting hung up to schedule an appointment. I tried visiting last week only to be called a drug seeker even though my medical records state that I have opiate allergic reactions. So I spent six hours there not seeing any doctor. As being hungry I asked to go get lunch or order pizza. Not a chance they took blood and I passed out for five minutes. I had knee injury die to fall from my disabilities that night prior and needed emergency help. I just went to Wal-Mart as always, got naproxen, aspirin, and ibuprofen to help out plus crutches and a newer cane as leaving the VA it broke. I also bought knee brace but I need x-rays or surgery. I don’t know what to do and my only alternative is to seek citizenship elsewhere like Sweden to get taken care of. I have heart conditions which limit my anger and stress makes me go unconscious. So the best thing is to have lawsuit or move out. I can’t afford health costs any more nor do I want to die. Mortar attacks seem safer than seeking help at VA. Multiple letters to senators, congressmen/women, IG complaints, and crisis line haven’t solved any of these issues but I have been just harassed to point where I don’t want to be American any more. Many of my battle buddies back from Iraq/Afghanistan have had their parents and family members suffer initial burdens and health care costs similar to mine in seeking private healthcare. I don’t have such luxuries available even though I’m rated 100% disabled the care is horrible that they offer. As being in healthcare industry as a nurse for eight years, I’m at end of fishing line waiting for my death sentence to be over. The only real solution to pain, and inhumane treatment for me is suicide as many of my battle buddies jump this life rather than change their citizenship and move to a better place taken care of as a human not just number waiting till death to arrive.

    1. My brother in arms, hold on to the fact that we who never get media attention and are fighting the war on veterans’ like Ben and his team … NEED vets like you to tell your story one day when it matters the most. I too, took the exit on the highway of hell at the last exist of despair on November 13, 2009. Only minutes from ending it all — something happened to me for which I cannot explain. I realized, my mission in this life as assigned by my Higher Power was to experience that moment in time to make sure I can help others from taking that final solution to a temporary problem. Focus on the fact that you are at least being honored with 100% SC compensation. That’s a huge victory in of itself. If you want to talk directly with me please feel free to contact me at 843-360-3379 or drop me a message on FB. I am copying and pasting your heartfelt message in an email right now with my reply to the US Attorney in Raleigh NC too remind them that 22 Veterans killing themselves per day will not be tolerated under the RICO Act claim I firmly have in place in the litigation I cited below. Hang tough … WE NEED YOU to be strong as your service to country is over — but your service to your brothers and sister Veterans and loved ones is just beginning! One day or even one minute at at time my brother … you will prevail. What you feel is a weakness in your heart, mind and soul is actually a STRENGTH for advocates like me to “keep on keepin” on as the big bro/sis Vietnam Vets proclaim and and when you see it too–and you will by sharing like you did–just know you are here for a much larger purpose in this life.

  4. Veterans under the SCOUS Feres Doctrine Rule of Law and its “Second-Mandate” calls for no-fault, non-adversarial processing of Vets claims. The benefit of the doubt goes to US! If Congressional investigators have not heard of the “FD-ROL-SR” they too need to be replaced. If they know about it … shame on them for not compelling swift action to hold DVA-IG accountable for failing to report corruption and crimes at VBA regional offices under the IG Act and this provision: “§4. Duties and responsibilities; report of criminal violations to Attorney General (a) It shall be the duty and responsibility of each Inspector General, with respect to the establishment within which his Office is established—…” So, how do I know all this? Ever since February 7, 1993 when I was threatened with military discharge for engaging in protected communications under the UCMJ, IG Act and MWP Act; I learned a hard lesson that REFUSING to BETRAY one’s Country brings with it unspeakable human and civil rights abuses due to a “lamb duck” Congress who probably never reads DVA-IG semi-annual reports to begin with. With the exception of Congressman Miller to say the least; for the past 21 1/2 years [nearly the entire time the so called “Military Whistleblower Protection Act for which is now 25 years old] all efforts by advocates and unethical-resisters or federal whistleblowers to uphold their oaths to country over personal agendas etc., have been met with Congress’s failure to provide US a private cause of action under the MWP Act and 38 USC 511 to say the least. Sadly, all my efforts to transition from military to civilian life have been stymied by corrupt DVA-RO and DVA-IG investigators over two decades after my 11 1/2 year HONORABLE discharge. The corruption in my case was so egregious .. I formed “Veterans’ Equal Rights Protection Advocacy (V’ERPA)(1999) to prevent Military members and loved ones from becoming victims to the chilling effects of the Feres Doctrine and now–its long-arm atrocities under 38 USC 511 in the following federal lawsuit that should have never had to be filed. If you think I’m just throwing out opinions–think again as my “CV” at the attached lawsuit link proves; I know what the hell I’m talking about when I say STOP THE MURDER INC at the DVA! Thank you:…/MURDER_INC._AT_THE_OBAMA… P.S. In light of the DVA-Scandal, Chief Judge Fox of USDC in Wilmington NC has been provided newly discovered evidence for amending of the present complaint for which he has yet to rule. Also, Defendant Obama’s first motion to dismiss on immunity was denied; as was my application for a DVA raters’ job at one of the most highly corrupted DVA-BVA facility in the nation–that being Columbia SC as this committed know all to well! cc: Judge Fox and US Attorney for EDNC covering up all matters in the aforementioned lawsuit by abuse of American taxpayers’ money.

    1. Jeffrey, I know you are 100% correct and we support you. As a 30 year legal professional legal researcher and writer, I can tell you that VA has used 38 USC 511 to commit so many gross injustices to vets, their widows & kids, that’s it high time for these Civil RICO cases to get filed. There are attorney litigation groups forming to sue VA and its contractors under RICO. There is more than enough facts established to meet the RICO pleading requirements. Please keep in touch with me at 352. 461. 9200. I work with Ben Krause on this website to educate vets and build a real movement of outcry for change.
      Call me and we can trade emails.

      1. Lawrence, is it possible on this site to have a place where the readers can sign a pitition to reform the Disruptive committee and have it sent to congress to address our concerns. If so we can collect signatures about other matters that are concerns of veterans.

  5. Hmmmm…interesting! I still have no faith in such a corrupt system with no responsible oversight and no accountability to those the VA serves.

  6. Ben, awesome article! May I have permission to use it in my pending filing with Chief Judge Fox at USDC Wilmington in support of Defendant DVA-IG/DOJ failure to investigate all the corruption we are talking about under the IG Act’s “criminal notification” mandate and its nexus to the RICO Act arguments to say the least?

  7. The v.a. has used the f.b.i. and the oig office against me, the f.b.i. called me after I was accused of disruptive behavior, which never happened. When the v.a. told me about the disruptive behavior, I asked them to show me the proof that I ever was disruptive and was advised that there was noting in writing but had been colobrated. By who, they would not tell, nor offer me any recourse to defend myself in any way. I was dumb founded and was in real fear that the f.b.i. and the oig would take the v.a.’s word that I had been disruptive with out any proof at all, all hearsay and told me if they ever hear again that I have been disruptive I will be arrested and banshied from v.a. care. Would that statement scare you, it should. It seem’s first come first served. In other words if the v.a. calls the f.b.i. or the oig first, the veteran has no recourse as the veteran is seen as the enemy and who can they call for help, the f.b.i. and oig have been told that the veteran was disruptive and they believe the v.a. and scare the hell out of the veteran with threats of jail without any investigation or fact finding or evidence except hearsay. I contacted mr. millers office in fla. and told their office that I felt the veterans were proud of him fighting the v.a. for us. and that I would like for him to check with the oig office to find out the status of my complaint against the v.a. the clerk took my information and the next day I was called by a local rep, stating that they were contacted by mr. millers office and was told to assist me in finding the status of my complaint as I was out of mr. millers district. The v.a. is using the color of law to punish veterans, in other words if the v.a. calls them first, then the veteran has to prove otherwise and the veteran has no where to turn for help, as the v.a. and oig and the f.b.i. have already found the veteran guilty with out any due process of any kind. The o.i.g. would not even send back the receipt that I sent correspondent to them via registered mail. Veterans in these type of cases are guilty, until proven inicent and the veteran can not do this when no one wants to listen to their side of the story. Its a one way street and all the street signs say do not enter, dead end. You do not matter, you have p.t.s.d. and a t.b.i., so you must be crazy and we need to protect people from people like you. Its a dirty shame, you have a disability and they want to blame the veteran for having that disability. I have tried to find a lawyer and unable to find one to fight the v.a., unable to find one. They always say I’m dorry the v.a. is doing this to you. and do not offer advise on how to protect against false reporting by the v.a.

  8. I think we are going to see a smattering of “showcase” charges and prosecutions, but whether the complete spectrum of wicked, evil VA SES staff and underlings in the VACO, VISN and VAMC officials get indicted remains to be seen. If we don’t see federal grand jury indictments for manslaughter and other assorted crimes committed by these VA thugs, then we really won’t see much justice. The issue now really is whether our new VA Secretary, Robert McDonald, will roll heads and clean out the rot in VA Central Office (VACO) and the VISN and VAMC staffers.

    The wheels of federal justice grind slow, but grind exceedingly fine used to be the proverb that we could count on. But we seem to have lost that passion for ultimate justice in all our federal law enforcement and US Attorneys offices across the country.

    With the horrendous crimes committed in the banking community after the phony mortgage scandals and so many other clear and undeniable criminal doings by so many federal Government officials and employees, the FBI seems to have been neutered by the Obama administration and Eric Holder at DOJ. The lack of surety of justice upon wrongdoing is what has stripped the “fear of consequence” that average Americans live by.

    Another issue is that the federal justice system or federal courts seem to only lay the rap on the most brazen of common crimes. We can only hope and pray that God himself will move to put the fear of consequence in the responsible law enforcement officials, just as He has answered the prayers of millions of veterans that the VA get exposed for it wicked, evil deeds against veterans and their families.

    As it stands now, the only proverb that seems to prevail is this: Its not liberty and justice for all, but only justice for those who can afford it. Be assured that the VACO SES crowd have banked, on average, about $200,000 per year. Over just 10 years that totals $2 million. I would think that of that $200K annual salary and investments made from that makes most of the VACO SES, VISN and VAMC officials to be millionaires several times over.

    One thing I do know for sure from deep web legal insiders websites, there a whole lot of these VA officials who have paid big dollar retainers to criminal defense attorneys. And maybe that is the “poetic justice” that surpasses actual justice in courts of law. Those guilty souls at VA are surely sweating bullets and already telling their attorneys they will not hesitate to rat on their fellow co-conspirators — just to keep out of those federal country club prisons, or even the not so cushy federal prisons where they confine those who committed manslaughter, fraud and more, that caused death and permanent harm to innocent veterans and their families.

    Let us not lose faith in the power of prayer to the God of all Love, Truth and Justice. Those past prayers got us where we are with the VA scandal to date. There’s worse to come, for sure.

    1. Amen,I can’t agree with you enough, how can I reach you to discuss my VA complaint?

  9. FBI responded to my FOIA twice, most recently yesterday, saying the information I requested is not available in their Central Records System, after they did a search.

    They did ask me for more information if I believe it is of ‘investigative interest to the Bureau ‘ and would help with their search .

    I will happily respond with the info I have.It went to the H VAC as well ( Congressman Miller)in June 2014.

    Looks like they divided my original FOIA into 2 separate searches.

    I asked what VAMCS they are going to investigate (or did) due to Phoenix and if Bath and Syracuse NY VAMCs were or will be investigated.

    “Do you believe the FBI will get the job done?” Yes ,if they know where to look.
    I will tell them what I know.and where to look (with evidence)

    ” Will evil VA employees finally be rooted out?” Hope so.

    I wish they could be rooted out of these regional offices as well.
    The mantra of many VA claimants is “delay and deny until we die.”

    But VA is not the enemy of veterans….Time is.

    VA takes full advantage of knowing that fact too, whether regarding appointments, waiting lists, timely diagnose and proper treatment, .
    as well as within the arbitrary and capricious claims process.

    1. Hi Berta, wondered what you’d been up to recently, good on ya!

      What disturbs me is the negative response to your FOIA, they seem to be seeking information rather than saying they’re doing anything.

      The Phoenix OIG report is farcical, but seems to show wide spread destruction of evidence for any case brought against them. This makes me think that the Obama Administration is seeking info so they can destroy it, not fix it.

      And the Bernie Sanders and his friends did nothing but protect the criminals with their new legislation. We will never see the end of the criminal behavior of the DVA.

      1. Gee I replied in another reply to you here good friend!

        Yes actually they are seeking info because I already contacted their Phoenix office, the IG and Congressman Miller about that info…

        I sent the FOIA just a follow up to some other contact I had with them.

        It may well be that they cant release what I asked for yet but that was not the tone of their letter.

        It is my way of trying to get a foot into the FBI door.

        Speaking of feet, I also emailed Dr. Foote the main whistleblower yesterday..haven’t heard back yet.

        I have been around the VA block for 3 decades Kurt and this is the worse scandal of all I recall ,so they are working overtime on spin.

    2. The FBI will have a limited investigation the VA will handpick. Even if the outcome of their investigation hasn’t been predetermined for them, they don’t know the system and it wouldn’t be hard to steer them in the wrong direction. I believe the VA will just wait it out and spend even more money in public relations. They will train their employees on better deception techniques and eventually misuse the accountability act to get rid if whistleblowers. They will falsify more documentation, provide misleading statistics and call their new period of accountability a success. Veterans will continue to pay the price,

      1. Kurt! Long time no see!…..

        Kurt was instrumental in getting veterans the AO Thailand compensation regulations and was the first AO Thailand veteran !!!!!! A Fabulous advocate for veterans!

        You are sure correct. I told Miller where some of the info is and now I have to tell the FBI… isnt info about Phoenix per se, it is about the actual malpractice stats they don’t want anyone to know about.

        Kurt, I think you might have been on many old radio shows we did with Congressman Filner when he was chair of the H VAC…..on one show I had to take him step by step on something about VA and how the VCAA violations were adding to the backlog. The VA is so convoluted and complex that even the VA IG, in my opinion, doesn’t know where to look for what they need and no body is really going to tell them.

        And it isn’t their fault but many men and women sitting on the H & S VACs simply do not know of all of the nuances that VA issues have. Plus it could take lots of time for the new Secretary to get an education in VA 101.

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