Kansas City VA Medical Center Dale Farhner

Homicide Detective Investigates Veteran Death After VA Police Altercation

A longtime homicide detective from the local Kansas City Police Department is investigating the death of a veteran who died after a confrontation with VA police.

According to The Kansas City Star, the civilian KC Police Department plans to take action and investigate where the Department of Veterans Affairs is engaged in full obfuscation. A spokesman from the local police department said Sgt. Richard Sharp is assigned to the case.

“The results of our investigation will ultimately be compiled and forwarded on to the prosecutor’s office for their decision as to what if any applicable charges may apply,” Becchina said. “There is little info that can be released at this point, as it is now an open death investigation on our end.”

The VA has cleared its own police following an internal investigation into the death of 66-year-old Dale Farhner. The veteran died of a fatal brain hemorrhage after a confrontation with VA police at the Kansas City VA Medical Center.

Even though VA fully cleared its own employees, the Jackson County medical examiner recently forwarded the results of Farhner’s autopsy to local police for investigation. And, the local police intend to follow through with the request.

The veteran was driving erratically to the emergency room on VA property due to an infection following a hernia surgery he had there. VA police pulled Farhner over resulting in a confrontation. One of two VA police tackled the injured veteran to the ground. Two days later he died from a brain injury likely linked to the tackle.

VA is presently obfuscating access to records, audio, and video that would shed light on the matter saying the disclosure “would likely negatively impact a frank discussion on matters of policy between subordinates and supervisors.”

Nonetheless, Sharp has begun his investigation with the data presently available.

“He has some paperwork from the VA and he is waiting on some more, and he’s also going to check with our federal partners to gather any investigative material they may have compiled on this prior,” Becchina said. “This may be a process that takes some time, as any death associated with police contact would, in order to get everything right.”

This the first time I have seen a local police department investigate the death of a veteran on VA property suggesting there may be more to the story.

Queen of cover-ups” Kathleen Fogarty, director of the Kansas City VA Medical Center, has been accused of obfuscating access to information about Farhner’s death.

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  1. @Paul….To me it sounds like the wrong Chiefs, as you pointed out. However honourable it may be for the KCPD and the KCAG to investigate, I don’t see how they can do so with any effect, unless it is a “shared jurisdiction”.

    In Texas, anyway, that’s never done. Even leased buildings get fenced or “floored” (the entire floor is leased), so that it is Federal Property—and they are covered in signs proclaiming just that.

    Maybe the KC plan is to force the VA, or the Dept of Justice, or HS, to investigate by making the incident and the limits of the KC investigation very public?

    But “where is the FBI?” is a pretty good question.

  2. I am happy someone is investigating the death of this Veteran. His death is tragic and was entirely unnecessary. However, the question I have is, why is the FBI, or another Federal Agency not investigating the death? And why is that a “local” municipality has jurisdiction on Federal Property. As jurisdictions go, they are very protective of theirs. So if this Det., find evidence of wrongdoing by the VAPD, how can the local DA. prosecute. Is there concurrent jurisdiction with KCPD? The lead should be the FBI/US Marshal Service.
    I sincerely hope that the VA is held accountable, it sounds like too many Chiefs and not enough Indians.

  3. OK, what, exactly, was the point you were trying to make by bringing up this EO? You have spent a lot of energy calling me names—fun for you, I guess—but you have yet to actually state WHY you brought up this EO as a retort explaining the Great Globalist Conspiracy.

    As to your most recent response—WRONG:

    No, the roads were/are NOT bought by private companies. They were/are “granted” to these companies after the issuance of waivers forgiving the recovery of Federal and State monies. They spent no money, risked no capital. They just had their rich buddies in politics write them an excuse.

    Is that OK with you? Do you also think we should bail out banks that make bad loans and car companies that go tits-up? Why?

    I don’t believe that shit is right. I believe that if rich people are going to take the money when times are good, they have to take the losses when times are bad—it isn’t our job to clean up their mess.

    1. Steven, start a free speech chat forum and we can discuss the issues and proof of the “Great Globalist Conspiracy.” Which is pure fact on many levels and with the same players including the UN clowns to the worlds wealthiest, secretive societies, etc. And foreigners own a lot of American soil and roads. My nickel on the OT thing here. But probably why the Mossad trained LEOs top down are the way they are and too many levels of clowns getting by with murder, harassment, and all the retaliation. Guess you haven’t been called into a judges chambers BEFORE court, with secret society types there spinning their rings and pointing at symbols informing you about who not to bother with trivial law suits like small claims or worse. Or some other things I testify to and gladly on a polygraph machine.

  4. (it has been used several times here in Austin to try and “convert” public roads to toll roads “managed” by private companies). …..Have you ever asked yourself how or why that could be done?
    They are bought by private company’s and turned into toll roads, GEEEEZZZ
    I’m sure if you bought something you would “manage” It yourself Wouldn’t you.
    And another thing when u research these day’s most of the time the truth won’t be on the first page

  5. Actually, I’m not even educated….

    Now that we’re looking at the same document—name-calling aside—could you please tell me why this is proof of an Evil “Globalist” Conspiracy to do whatever it is Evil “Globalists” are conspiring to do?

    Because all this EO ever seemed to me was a move to legalise a scam where rich people get to charge me money to drive on a road my taxes already paid for (it has been used several times here in Austin to try and “convert” public roads to toll roads “managed” by private companies).

    To me, it’s just another scam by rich people to get richer. Kinda like the insurance scam we call “health care”.

    So…enlighten me. I did find my car (good idea, sitting on it), but I still don’t see an Evil “Globalist” Conspiracy. Just greed and apathy—same old shit, different day.

  6. Executive Order 12803
    Infrastructure Privatization

    Signed: April 30, 1992
    Federal Register page and date: 57 FR 19063; May 4, 1992


  7. Your a Educated Idiot, And You couldn’t find your car if you where siting in it.

  8. @Oldmarine, granting you the benefit of the doubt—that this is a genuine EO, that the readily-available outlets on the internet which present it do so faithfully (and that’s a big stretch, sister), and that nobody ever writes “it is ordered that the President wishes to assume all power forever because he is an asshat”….

    What do you determine to be the Great Globalist Conspiracy permitted by this purported EO? That the Fed decided to permit privatisation of federal highways?

    Or did you mean the one where the US Treasury is “part of the UN”? Or the one where “registration of [guns] shall be kept so as to enable the government to seize such [guns] in the event of a national emergency”?

    Or one of the other supposed EO’s doing us down?

    But to be straight with you, I do not believe the “lists”, or the “sites”, or the “documents” provided by them, to be legit. The ones I saw were not actual Executive Orders, nor even accurate fascimilies of EOs.

    EOs are public domain records—unless they pertain to National Security, which this supposed one does not—therefore, it would be a simple matter for someone dedicated to truth to acquire a copy of one and post that actual copy. But they didn’t. They typed some stuff up and claimed it was an EO.

    But I am interested to know what you think the evil intent of such an EO would be? Aren’t all the MAGA types big believers in privatization and Capitalism and all that BS?

    1. “But to be straight with you, I do not believe the “lists”, or the “sites”, or the “documents” provided by them, to be legit. The ones I saw were not actual Executive Orders, nor even accurate fascimilies of EOs.”

      You need to wash down all that grass u have been eating [SHEEP] With some more kool aid.
      I found it years ago and looked it up in the National Archives and it was basically the same wording,
      I just looked it up again and You have to jump through hoops to find it, I guess they don’t want me to prove it to the sheep anymore, Lucky you, You can call it a Conspiracy theory, Bet you Believe everything in science, But it’s nothing more than Theory and you believe it as fact…LOL…
      I’m not left or right but I can tell your a Dumb-A Crat

      1. Wow…is this your idea of open discourse? You’re argument is so weak all you can do is call people names and sneer at them?

        I happen to have a copy of the thing, OM. I’ve been fighting the attempts to turn public roads into Toll roads managed by private companies spending public money—not their own money—for 15 years.

        Even T—who often disagrees with me and I with him—will tell you I’m no sheep. I may not be a MAGA fan, and I am a centrist, but I don’t believe either Party R or Party D is actually interested in anything other than lucre.

        And to your point, “science” is essentially the modern variation of religion. “Scientists say…” is just as ignorant as saying “the bible says…”.

        I get it, you’re better than me. Gold star for you. Now, did you bring up HW’s Executive Order for a reason, or not?

  9. Steven……………I know all about the unpatriotic act
    Here is one that will blow your mind
    1992 – Executive Order 12803

  10. News coming out veteran was behind 236.00 in taxes goverment auctioned off his home

    1. What news? Where? When? Which taxes? Which “government”?

      If you’re going to make inflammatory assertions in an era of massive foreign government misinformation campaigns—which usie exactly this kind of medium, in exactly this way—post as much information as you can, so we can know its genuine, and not an attempt by some other country’s security services to use veterans as their proxies.

  11. While veterans, visitors, volunteers, contractors and vendors will be prohibited from smoking on VA grounds, employees will keep their smoking privileges because of a memorandum of understanding between the VA and the American Federal for Government Employees.

    A Marine at Camp Pendleton, Calif., is shown smoking a cigarette in June 24, 2011.Salvador R. Moreno/U.S. Marine Corps
    Department of Veterans Affairs’ new ‘smoke-free’ policy doesn’t apply to employees

    Kinda like how the law dosnt apply to VA employees as well

    1. Uhm….no. Or at least…not nationally.

      In Texas—hardly a “blue” state—smoking is prohibited in VA buildings, full stop. Nobody smokes inside. Nobody who isn’t in a big important office protected by several other offices and secretaries, any way. And maybe not even them. But certainly not clerks, nurses, maintenance workers, or volunteers; nor any Medical Professionals.

      I’d like to see this MU. Can you post it, or a link to it? Because I think some body sold you a load of horseshit.

  12. The va puts veterans on mind altering drugs the veteran does something crazy from being on these drugs than the goverment prosecutes the veteran totally insane

  13. 5 g is coming it’s an exact location tracker to pin point you taking a shit . 4 g only gives a address. It doesn’t matter if your Jessus Crist if the goverment has a eye on you all they want is a conviction and will set you up for speaking out or Target your pension for being a whistle blower it’s in congressional hearing. These hearing are about worthless because nothing is ever accomplished but about how worthless the goverment is

  14. people are thought to be conspiracy theorist and are ignorant to the fact this shit is true. Goverment wants uneducated people to obey the powerful if you speak up u will be targeted the us Constitution is an illusion. Go away or the mafia will weaponize the doj to go after you and that freedom of speech you so thought you had will be used against you in court

    1. 07/14/2019

      Jy-“people are thought to be conspiracy theorist and are ignorant to the fact this shit is true.”

      I had people try to pull that stunt on me suggesting it was a conspiracy until I told them I am using the VA’s own numbers and statements. Then the look changes from mildly interested to hostile.

      Here in the Phoenix Metro area most citizens have a hard time understanding that 2000 veterans had died in the VA Hospital in Phoenix since 2014, no one talks about the Letter to the President [Trump] verifying 1700.

      At the beginning of the Scandal Gov. Rick Scott jump in back in 2014, and now he just became an U.S. Senator in 2018, now is the time to hammer it home at his offices and at his speeches, let him tell the story how the VA denied him—it hits home better.

      Crazy Elf I am sure they told the Governor [Scott] to sit tight and everything will be alright, the VA has a lot of TAXPAYERS Funds to hand out.


      Don Karg

  15. The war on terror is a war on you.
    UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development is the action plan implemented worldwide to inventory and control all land, all water, all minerals, all plants, all animals, all construction, all means of production, all energy, all education, all information, and all human beings in the world. INVENTORY AND CONTROL.—-Rosa Koire
    Look up…Rosa Koire. UN Agenda 2030 exposed…. on u tube

    1. Alright guys….there is a difference between identifying malfeasance by the VA, and believing an internet screed about some kind of international super-conspiracy to fuck over poor little old you.

      These people can’t keep an actual secret, secret. And you think “Globalists” have managed to conceal there word-wide massively-complex “conspiracy” to do….whatever the screed is this week….from everybody but some one guy with a blog?

      Wow. Everyone wants uneducated people to obey the powerful. There isn’t anything new in that. Its the heart of politics. If we wanted to hear the truth, we’d have to face up to our part in the whole mess.

      What I learned as a soldier was this: nobody outside the reach of your arms gives a fuck about you. No government needs an international conspiracy to fuck us over. The rich and the privileged been doing just fine from the beginning of “civilisation”.

      But the fact that the UN is not a super-conspiracy trying to take away your MAGA hat, doesn’t mean that everything is on the up-and-up, either.

      Anyone who knows about shooting and ballistics knows that the JFK “magic bullet” is bullshit. But knowing that only informs us that the government conclusion was wrong. Earl Warren may not have understood ballistics, so when someone with an agenda said “magic bullet theory”, he heard “scientifically…”. Or maybe not. All you can say for certain is that: (1) the bullet produced as evidence didn’t hit anybody anywhere; (2) Gov. Connolly was therefor struck by multiple bullets which caused him serious injuries; (3) more than three shots were fired at the motorcade and at the Presidential limousine; (4) the Warren Report’s conclusion was erroneous.

      It does not prove “the mafia” killed JFK. It does not prove Oswald was a patsy—or anything at all about Oswald. All it really tells you is that for some reason, it was very important for the governments of Texas and the United States to tie the thing up in a nice, neat, package.

      And the reason that works is the same reason “conspiracy theories” work; people want to let others do the heavy lifting, and then repeat what they hear/read/watch.

      That there are everyday conspiracies within many, many VA administrations is very clear. But people are greedy, and the more greed and corruption that surround most people, the more inclined they are to go along and get their own slice of lucre. Those situations require a conspiracy among the people responsible for stopping such behaviour.

      But that doesn’t mean the UN wants to take away your refrigerator or that your job at the plant went to China because the UN “blah, blah, blah”. Globalism serves the wealthy. Yes. But globalism provides cheaper good and services to We The People, and that’s not something we’re willing to give up in everyday reality.

      When petrol reached $5 a gallon—which is nothing everywhere else in the world—we shit ourselves so badly there were calls to release the strategic oil reserves; people would rather drive their private motor vehicle to work than safeguard their country.

      1. 07/15/2019

        Dear Steven,

        There are times I get “special attention” for hours [DCIS] for the crap that I went through in Torrance, California [see DCIS letter I sent to Bob]. How dangerous do you want to be?

        Read the 1998 Cox Report and ask yourself the same conclusion you had projected.

        They do not match—-funny thing Congress wrote the 900 Report.

        The Report covered all major Contractors in Aerospace selling out America.

        Early 1992, Rep. Boxer asked Robert Hood CEO of McDonnell Douglas in Long Beach “Are you selling out America?” “In plain English!” Soon afterwards McDonnell Douglas was handed to Boeing, in America.

        They can keep a secret or two, good ones too!

        Remember the UN had little Austrian Ladies thrown out their windows, and the Germans on the third floor said “We had nothing to do with that”—he died soon afterwards from a heart attack [UN Press Room, 3rd Floor].

        The distribution of SDP assets across the Globe is an eye opener, and is not for discussion. Puch Mopeds were wiped out in Torrance, California [1970s-1980s] due to the Domestic Terrorism according to Karlheinz A. Halter. While I was running for Congress in 1992 in the Southbay the Rich asked me “Why are you helping the Foreigner?”

        Treason: called it in 1988–Congress confirmed it in 1998
        called it in 2014–you have to wait until 2024
        Steven go out and do some corrective actions and it will heat up like a July evening in Arizona real quick.

        Don Karg
        PS What happened to Phoenix’s Whistleblower Brandon Coleman working for the President’s commission?

  16. 07/12/2019

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    On December 30, 2015 City of Phoenix Police Chief, Joseph Yahner received my letter; Re: 293 in 2014 Veterans death at the Phoenix VA, and the estimated 293 deaths in 2015 or 586 deaths in 2 years. His response was that this was a Federal Matter, which was the majority of Arizona Legislature view from their responses documented in my 09/11/2014 Book called Cut & Draw Blood, and he retired in September of 2016. Even the Mayor of Phoenix took action by ramming my Brick Fence with a City front-end loader, and that attitude has been transferred into the Congress [mayor is now congressman].

    I am sure Police Departments from all states are looking at this case as a first move in the right direction to protect our veterans. There are Governors now that are protesting the Behavior of the VA Hospitals and their administrators. When will the American Taxpayers cut off this organization/RICO ongoing criminal organization; who refuses to cooperate with the Senate and the Congress?

    James Gallegos you had experienced the infiltrated enemy. What would a normal Manager/CEO do? What would the enemy do?
    Why is Congress covering up this simple fact?
    Who is controlling Congress?

    RJ it goes to the top!

    Everyone, good work!


    Don Karg

    1. @”Don Karg”,
      I remember when Senator Scott (R-Fl) was our governor where he tried to gain access to the Gainesville and Orlando (Lake Baldwin) Veterans Hospitals and was rudely denied access!
      Now that he’s a senator, he has forgotten about us.

  17. Funny VA police June 25 article they are doing de-escalation and writing less tickets

    To save there was

    Article came out how veterans experience trauma in there military carrier have mental health issues years later from it

  18. I’d rather be dead than not working haven’t been able to hold a job in 6 years my life was destroyed by these bastards and there opiods. My healthxissues got worse left to die for years SSI worse than VA complete sham .no accountability if you don’t go away they go after u for showing there corruption while few get rich and many die. They play games with your life it’s simple made hard have illness that causes u to miss 7 days in a year your gone. They make simple hard

    1. @”Piss”,
      I received a call from a patient advocate who said IF I still had an issue with the va contact telecare! (paraphrasing)
      That was left on my voicemail!

      My Congressional aide suggested “Do you have caller I.D.?” I said “yes!” She then said, “…if you don’t know who’s calling, don’t answer!”
      That’s sound advise.
      I’ve also put a “voicemail greeting” on which I clearly state “I’m having serious current medical problems, along with my service connected disabilities, and don’t need any additional stress in my life right now!”

  19. It is the system that breeds this people work there 30-40 years and never seen trouble and know how to get out. They will give all the information they want to see after altered to where meaningless. I can wait till life is over. Can’t work 100% SC and more stress than two full time jobs

  20. Here’s a question I’ve actually asked VA employees; “Do you know who the secretary of va is?” The answer I received was around 50/50 on anyone who knew Wilkies name. Sad!
    When I asked, “Do you know the job Cashour has?” No one knew! Sad!
    They also didn’t know the “VA’s public relations dept.” pulls in around $25 million taxpayers dollars each fiscal year!

    The VA employees actually sit around with their noses buried in their computer. Since it faces away from the patients, we really don’t know what they’re doing.
    Have you noticed the womens fingernails. Some are really long. namnibor has mentioned this before!
    There is so much wrong with this “single payer socialist healthcare system”, it’s hard to describe the horrors it brings against the very people it’s supposed to protect!

    Have a great weekend, brothers and sisters

  21. Laws don’t apply to the goverment just whistle blowers veterans and the disabled

  22. Facebook faces 5 billion in fines if u don’t value privacy go Facebook.

    VA pays widow 2 mill for filling to properly diagnose throat cancer 18 months later by civilian Dr

    That’s right if you drop out of med school or have a suspended license uncle Sam wants you to give the shittiest care available join va

    1. Pissed off vet….I wouldn’t worry about Farcebook…..Everything is recorded.
      Look up ….THE HAMMER……Computer
      Computer expert Dennis Montgomery developed software programs that could breach secure computer systems and collect massive amounts of data.

      That system, THE HAMMER, according to the audio tapes, accessed the phone calls, emails and bank accounts of millions of ordinary Americans.

      And It’s all stored in this place.
      Utah Data Center


      The Utah Data Center, code-named Bumblehive, is the first Intelligence Community Comprehensive National Cyber-security Initiative (IC CNCI) data center designed to support the Intelligence Community’s efforts to monitor, strengthen and protect the nation. Our Utah “massive data repository” is designed to cope with the vast increases in digital data that have accompanied the rise of the global network.

      So in reality It’s all recorded …This sight as well

      1. Maybe you remember something called the Patriot Act—which remains in force (under a different, less hypocritical, name)?

        This entitles agencies of the Federal Government to intercept and record any and all conversations happening in the US, even by its citizens. Other aspects of the law treat the ability of the government to use this information—not only in court—and to distribute it.

        You have to understand that ANY computer system can be hacked; any system connected to the internet is very vulnerable. It does not require “The Hammer” (as you call it). It requires computing resources, time, and systems skills. So “your” data is never really safe. But putting it “on the cloud” or at a company’s web site, makes it far, far more vulnerable (eggs-in-a-basket effect).

        Generally, the NSA collects so much data that it has no way to store it, no way to organise it, and no way to farm it (nowadays we say “mine it”). The records that are erroneously referred to above were hacked from telephone companies and internet sites—hardly “secure computer systems”. That data is different from what is in the NSA repository. They don’t care who you called or how long it lasted, they care about what you said.

        Ultimately, then, when T says we have no rights, he’s almost correct. Because We The People so blindly supported a Presidential Administration and refused to engage our own intellect, we allowed that Administration and a compliant Congress to legally nullify our rights; once again, the fear of foreigners was used to deprive US Citizens of rights.

        Right now, the only thing we don’t have to do is quarter troops in our houses (and the story that Trump was surprised he couldn’t order that, or that he “wants” to change that law, is untrue and baseless).

        But We gave the government it Unconstitutional power to record all conversations and to act on them without judicial restraint.

        So don’t blame them for doing what they told you they were going to do—make them stop “renewing” the damned act. Or take it to court (ha!).

        Sight’s like this don’t need “recorded”, they are like Facebook or Instagram and all that—your comments are public, and so are not protected IP. And since you no longer have Free Speech (FYI @T, that was a Righty who did that one), you can be arrested without warrant and kept in a military prison indefinitely on the orders of the President (W—by which I mean Dick Cheyney and his crew—actually did it).

        Generally, though, the volume of data is so great, and the colloquial nature of our language (“I bombed…” as a way of saying a serious failure), that farming the source without cribs (we say “intersects” now) is impossible.

        So while “they” do, in fact, “know” what you’re saying, “they” have no idea which of us said what in a manner posing a threat to national security. Because about the thritieth time they ran down a 14 year old talking about the SS, only to find out he was talking with his friends about WWII, or wargames, or a FPS computer game, or who knows what else, it began to be a fiscal issue—and that ALWAYS gets The Bloated Politicians’ attention.

        However, that is a National Security repository. You—and the lowly VA—do not have access to it, nor will you, for any reason.

        So back to making the VA produce the data they have.

  23. Just read article on veteran Johnson died by VA employee got 1 year probation can ask for exspongment in a year. Amazing how a veteran life worth nothing

  24. Benjamin,

    The article yesterday detailed Take-down Training for first line staff. Looking at this through my own magnifier I sense the VA is telling us the VA Police are not enough in force to guard the Gold Mines so they’re enlisting staffers to help out with protecting the coffers. This is not good from my point of view. I’m a former healthcare worker and and as apart of my job doing Psych rotations it was from time to time appropriate to restrain but this article makes it seem like the norm is to expect “fist to cuffs” from Vets so it would be their word against ours. We can all see how that plays out. Just suppose the Nurse thought yu might hit back and decides she will stick you in the eye with a needle? Maybe its not a nurse and its an untrained technician who has a hangover. So now they call a Code and its a free for all on the Vet. Getting kicked in the head by a 440 lb manatee is not going to have a quality outcome.
    From my days in healthcare the staff were required to to have credentials like a 4 year undergrad and serious in service training on psychiatric disorders, de-escalation trainings and routing drug testing. What i see now is no brakes on the car – just run the Vet over and we will make up a story that fits for investigators.

    I think the Gold Mine metaphor fits, these animals staked a claim on us and they are not giving it up- in fact they are amping up the game with hand to hand combatant training because they are scared we are going to take their gold mine away. I think its headed that way now. I hope to live long enough to see the VA shut down. So protecting the gold mine means you can abuse Veterans, experiment on them, kill them if you have too, libel them, defame them or amuse yourselves with our misery.

    Thank you for the pointer to *”https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/3885/text?format=txt”*
    (1) The term “abuse” means the knowing infliction of
    physical or psychological harm or the knowing deprivation of
    goods or services that are necessary to meet essential needs or
    to avoid physical or psychological harm.

    (1) The term “abuse” means the knowing infliction of
    physical or psychological harm or the knowing deprivation of
    goods or services that are necessary to meet essential needs or
    to avoid physical or psychological harm.

  25. After they finish investigating at KC, maybe somebody will investigate the death of AF vet Charles Johnson who died from a beating he got from a nurses aide a VAMC, Alex. LA… . Really smells bad…

    1. @”junior2/5″,
      Was that the elderly the 70+ year old who was beat to death by a nurses aide?
      If so, I believe Ben had a blog about this back right after it occurred.

      1. I believe so CE, but the investigators need to be investigated. They waited for that nurse to die so her, probably, eyewitness statement could be lemined and called here-say and thrown out. Never heard of that. The whole thing stinks to high heaven.

  26. Well alot of politicians are outa touch . Think 6 months prior to election anyone that wants to be elected should go to local college stadium listen vote get money out of politics and the salary should be cut in half to 75,000. If the communities would come together and figure out the best person to represent them they could elect someone on a 0 dollar campaign

  27. The violence of the v.a. continues to increase
    as the v.a. continues to self destruct.
    The inspector general is now investigating my case. In retaliation for my assistance to vets, and failure to keep my mouth shut, the v.a. has refused treatment for cardiology, oncology, nuetfology, nuerology, opthamology, vascular surgery, general surgery for the past 120 days. In some of my medical problems, I.e.; cardiology treatment for congestive heart failure it had been 270 days since treatment.
    I have been threatened by the v.a. police on many occasions in all 7 of the v.s. hospital I have been in. I have seen them beat veterans on many occasions. Daily I would say. It is only a matter of time before it will be necessary for us all to fight back in order to survive. A position the government has put us all in before!

  28. Crazy Elf, no matter what the situation is about and no matter who the situation involves, if the situation could potentially lead to having a negative impact on my life or on peoples’ lives who are in my inner circle, the war is on always.
    I am not a push over. I am not boosting either. From what I have been through, I have developed resiliency to infinity. I do not care what it is; but, if it is not right I will stand for what is right even if I have to stand alone. Benjamin, another point I wanted to bring up. When you speak about, vinegar or honey in comparison on how not to or on how to deal with the VA, Benjamin, I disagree with both of these approaches. I am just saying. I am referring back to the voc rehab videos. Benjamin, in dealing with the VA, I would not act with violence or with hate; and, I would not act with kindness or kissing up either. There is a balance in between the honey and the vinegar. This position involves acting with directness and objectiveness in which the VA hates this position. VA is too subjective. The VA does not act with a position of directness and objectiveness. It acts in a position of aggressiveness which is a major contributing factor to why many veterans have died and to why many veterans have been harmed. Best.

  29. The VA has a history and probably more of these altercation with VA police that go unoticed or not reported, there has to be consequences and VA police who step out of line and abuse the elderly Veterans, Veterans are people who do make mistakes, but to beat a man to death because he came in the wrong way is un justified and the VA cops involved should be charged with manslaughter, or 1st degree murder, and those sweeping it under the rug and hindering prosecution should be charged as accomplises and this will result in better training, and vetting of the group of VA cops, it should never have occurred or happened in the first place, it’s way past time for the VA to put in place better regulations on the handling of Veterans who confused or having a difficult time of a traumatic situation

  30. This is also the first time I have heard of this happening.

    I had a Doctor harm me During an examination. I called the Local Police. I was told we can investigate.

    But you should contact the FBI. They have jurisdiction over the Department of Veterans Affairs.

    I tried to speak with the Director. Was never in. I went more than once. I finely seen the Associate Director in his grave.

    I told the Secretary i wanted to speak with him. He, heard this and actually Ran out of the office.

    Another person approached me and I ask him if he was the Associate Director or Chief of Staff.

    He said he was in Charge of the outpatient Chief of staff. I asked him have you been told what happened to me.

    He said Yes and said come into the office and he Became Very Angry and was yelling in a threatening manner.

    I was in another State. No transportation to leave the facility. I felt threatened for my life.

    I told my wife what happened and how I was treated by management and the doctor.

    She said do you want me to drive and get you. I said no, I have waited 40 years for this treatment.

    I felt I had to tell someone, so I went to the Chaplain. He said I’ll pray for you. I told him, if something should happen to me. You will know why.

    I Finish the program and was scheduled to began the PTSD treatment program a week later at the same facility.

    I was told We Are Going to Place you in a Homeless Shelter for a Week and then Admit you into the program.

    With what happened and the way I was treated by the doctor and the outpatient chief of staff. I didn’t want to stay there.

    I told them listen I am a 100% Service Connected and I have a Home in Colorado. The regulations state that since I am 100% Service Connected.

    I am Authorized to be sent Home at VA expense. They asked if we send you home will you come back to the program. Yes !

    I said Yes, just to get the hell out of there. I did not sleep that night. I was scheduled to leave in the morning.

    I felt like I was leaving a NUT House and criminals. I was so relieved once on the plane.

    Upon returning to Colorado, I went to my treatment team. Alcohol and drug councilor and my psychiatrist.

    Told them what had happened to me and I Refuse to return, that I feared for my life.

    They said if you fear for your life. You do not have to return. I was sent to Topeka Kansas.

    There i was still Distrustful of all employees. They called me into a meeting with all of the staff and they told me.

    You need to Speak up more. I told them at the last facility. We were told NOT to speak up.

    Well here you can. I felt better and finished the PTSD treatment program. I was treated with respect and met a lot of good employees and Fellow Veterans.

    The VA is still acting as part of our Justice Department and are Acting as Accuser, Jude, prosecutor and Executioner.

    They are accusing Veterans of Disruptive Behavior. Disruptive Behavior is the same thing as Disorderly Conduct.

    Disorderly Conduct is handled by our Justice Department. The person is given a ticket or Arrested and goes through our legal system.

    There the person accused of Disorderly Conduct, goes in front of a judge and offers an Attorney, if you can not afford one.

    They confirm that the person have a legal right to Council. You get to face your accuser and present evidence. Question the Accuser and have their day in Court.

    All of these Rights are Being Stripped away by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Each time they accuse v of Disruptive Behavior.

    Disruptive Behavior is the exact same thing as Disorderly Conduct and if veterans should become Disorderly.

    The VA, should notify the Local Police Department and File Disorderly Conduct charges against the Veterans. Then the Veterans can use all of their Constitutional rights to a fair Trial.

    It’s like going to Walmart and they feel you were Disorderly and they hold court at the Walmart store where it happened and punish the person.

    Walmart or any other company or Government Agency can punish anyone without Due Process of Law.

    Yet veterans are being Accused and punished without Due Process of Law and all of their constitutional rights are being stripped away.

    This should become a Class Action Lawsuit against the Department of Veterans Affairs.

    For Punishing Veterans and not be able to use their Constitutional Rights to be able to seek council or face their accuser and present evidence and have their day in court.




  31. Looks like VA will have hard time recruiting lol. Still never received spar from vha said they may have to remove stuff under the law. All these bastards make up the law and hide behind it as they prosecute none of there employees and go after vets

  32. If your a senior, be advised this law pertains to the treatment your supposed to receive:

    Most of section 5 is applicable on how your to be treated!

    1. 3 results for All Actions | Compact View
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      All Actions
      Referred to the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, and Investigations.
      Action By: Committee on the Judiciary
      Referred to the House Committee on the Judiciary.
      Action By: House of Representatives
      Introduced in House
      Action By: House of Representatives

      It never was passed into law

      1. js, thanks for that. Bad day, saves me some eyeball usage/strain. But figures just like read the bills act that didn’t pass years back either. If it even made it to a floor or meeting.

        Doesn’t matter. Laws, Veteran’s rights, patient’s rights, nothing applies here in Hoosier land.

        An attorney came out of the court one day and crossed the street where I was standing with my signs on the local main drag and those in my truck. He said. “you know what’s on your sign is illegal don’t you?” “They can’t do that.” I asked … are you for hire and want to hear some stories? What do ya charge for a simple letter to see if I, or you, can get my medical files from that hospital and clinic. Oh oh, ugh ugh, ahem ahem, wave the hand, oh no thanks. And kept walking by. That is how laws are treated here. Walked on and walked by. And all the asshats in DC, State levels and power people simply don’t care like the majority of the public and in such global communities as this one.

      2. @”js”,
        There are tons of fed and state laws on the books concerning “ill treatment of seniors”!

  33. Imagine that. Such an investigation would never happen in Indiana. They protect their own, ‘rats’ would suffer severe consequences, too much nepotism, negative news not allowed. Here the death of white people by others are excused, covered-up, way beyond being under-investigated, will not make the news like the death of a dog will. LEOs like politicians, all media, the PC herds and elite cliques/mafias/unions/FOP, etc., ensure safety of their own and all, ALL, promote and support all the censoring and attacks on anyone daring to stand up to the filthy lying corrupt VA and all other networks joined at the hip. Top to bottom corruption, no-one to be trusted here in the pyramid schemes of life. The feds, to locals, to the coroner, judges, lawyers, country clubbers, churches, et al. None. Ain’t socialism/Progressive living communities, college town life, great? Image, image, image, facade, facade no truth or reality allowed.

    Of course… “VA is presently obfuscating access to records, audio, and video that would shed light on the matter saying the disclosure “would likely negatively impact a frank discussion on matters of policy between subordinates and supervisors.”

    Oh oh. “our federal partners.” Like locals n’ all Mossad trained (Fed too and in the past bragged about), urban warfare tested, felony take downs for all scum vets considered Domestic terrorist with police militarization tested well in the Mid-East? No need for masks in the new USSR style of life in the lost USA. Pity local news gets scrubbed with wire brushes.

    Will this be another story that’ll be flushed down the memory hole? Media, the corrupt, big Bro and Sis know well the public has short memories, shorter concerns, unless it’s about Kardashian’s buttocks, sports, or something goofy. Propaganda first, real news or follow-ups rare. Happy Friday.

    1. @”T”,
      There was a commenter, his last name was Williams”, a few days ago who believes VA employees who hate President Trump, might be taking out their hatred of him on us. He said that the care we receive has gotten worse since 2018.
      At first I wasn’t in complete agreement with him. Yet, looking at the VA’s discription on what it takes to putting someone on the disruptive list (Ben’s Blog a day or two ago), I’m really getting the feeling he may be on to something!
      There’s just so must a veteran can take before he/she raises their voice in frustration!
      From now on, I have come to the conclusion it’s better to just NOT answer the phone! As was suggested by my Congressional aide yesterday!

      1. Elf, I wouldn’t know about 2018 since I left VA care and ceased any and all communications with any of them bottom to top in 2015. I’d have to look up exact dates. A long line of VA staff, state agencies, VSOs and others did their best to corner me, set me up for dumb shit like the “knock out game” in the big city or make me lose my cool on their turf. Came close just once with the orange cone placement cop. Then the threats and “orders” in the new pain clinic and other games by the Purple Team and the rest.

        I’m accustomed to the hate and ridicule locally just over politics to the various kinds of activist found in college towns, with every position thought of filled with the same and the “Progs.” We are not supposed to disagree with anything thrown or forced on us here. Simply no escaping it or the damages they can do in city hall, dealing with common records or business dealings, trying to do any kind of business when the “Progressive” Chambers of Commerce with a Marx Feminist at the head of it hate you just over politics and following the elected cliques and mobs. Having upset far left council people or media with family in health care VA or not is just salt in the wounds especially since they can get by with murder if wanted. Walk in to check on a dying person at the ICU to be told to wait while they are cleaned up. Three hours later walk in without their permission to see the patient lying in their own filth, floor covered with soiled linen, IVs a mess, missed, bleeding and no-one gave a damn and no contacting anyone above the floor supervisor, then get put on another shit list for seeing too much.

        What I noticed and things endured in groups changed in 2010 then worsened. Activist came out of the closet at the VA, union business over vet care, open disregard or near hate for anything Christian, slightly right of far left, to the hate on whitey crap, name calling, big city language we’re supposed to understand, the looks, scowls, lip-smacking, eye ball rolling, ghetto like chatter that can’t be understood, knock out games being played or threatened, to then being told to vote Dem, supporting we all know who, for better VA care, change, treatments. Etc. It doesn’t take a wall to fall on me, a knife in back, a bullet or verbal threats to let me know where and when I am not wanted or being toyed with.

        Then comes the hate Trumpster stuff. It has totally encompassed my area including civilian health care, VSOs, all the activist, to no ending to it all. And what pisses me off that it’s all supported and protected by Congress critters, media, medical boards, all political parties, churches, college kiddies, all. While I still get laughed at about the VA stuff, the retaliation to the hospital refusing to give me copies of my med files. And not having any rights/laws protected at all, none. So IMNSHO it’s open season on old white baby boomers, evil vets with complaints, or for anyone who doesn’t bow to all the various groups ‘group think,’ unions, commies, real haters and baiters out there creating chaos and division intentionally.

        There are things that should cause firings and loss of jobs for many out there in the health care fields VA or not. Politics and activism. But the brain-washing, too many with mental health issues, big egos, too PC, easily offended and looking for reasons to whine, in power or in health care, and hatred is too deep and too many out to destroy the country and us any way they can. It’s not going to get any better at all.

  34. Here’s another case involving a va employee having a altercation with a veteran. Where the disabled veteran ended up dead!
    I hope KCPD District Attorney’s Office holds the va cop accountable if he is found at fault.
    What about, or what ever happened to, the va employee who beat a 70+ year old veteran to death in Louisiana a few years ago? We haven’t heard about that in a long time!

    1. Benjamin, please explain where VA Secretary Wilkie is getting his statistical numbers from?
      (89.7 percent of veterans approve of the VA).
      Tell me where he is deriving this number. He also says it is not situation for vets to go prosper. What does he mean? Does he mean health? Employment? Benjamin, I do not see where he is coming from.
      I disagree with him.
      Ben, vets can prosper if the VA and government saboteurs will get out of the way. I mean stop nursing to the casket. Provide decent sources to recover.

      I mean do not bring in 300000 tech workers to take American jobs or do not force American workers to train foreign workers. Then, American workers lose their jobs.

      Ben, I am pulling this information from NPR from an interview that Judy Woodward did with Secretary Robert Wilkie. Interview was not about employment though. Only the info prior to my employment statement.
      Do you have information in regards to what he discussed in this interview?

      1. “Angela”,
        Another conflicting statement by either Cashour (VA’s public relations office) or Wilkie was the amount of veterans who would want to use the “Mission Act” “…would increase 400%…” AND he “…wasn’t sure how it would be paid…”!
        Those statements were made to the Veterans Affairs Committee in June. Which happens to be WHEN the “Mission Act became law” june 5th 2019!

        I myself am having tremendous trouble in using this new law!
        A nurse practitioner threatened my wife yesterday. That same nurse is going to be charged with this criminal behavior against a senior citizen:
        Many veterans are seniors.

      2. Benjamin, VA Secretary Robert Wilkie’s comments in the NPR interview are vague in my opinion.
        I realize he is trying to use numbers but I do not agree with his numbers. These numbers would have come from a certain pool of veterans. Not a majority. Many times they manipulate the data to reflect the outcome that they want. Democrats are about equality of outcome. Some Republicans align with this.
        The equality of opportunity modality belongs to genuine Conservatives. Marching on!!!!!

      3. Benjamin, I guess the interview was pulled from NPR that Mr. Wilkie did. Sad. I do remember his comments. When Mr. Wilkie made the statement about the new VA care plan not supposed to lead one to prosper, Benjamin, this is not for the VA Secretary to decide. Benjamin, whether any veteran is prosperous or not prosperous is up to God and the veteran himself or herself. The statement was controversial. I am sick of such crap as the VA and the federal government trying to control and dictate life. I am sick of it. No more comments. Had to close it out from that vague interview. Sad. Take care.

    2. I believe all situations should be investigated. If it is known that there is going to be accountability and
      prosecutions, then some of this crap may stop. Just maybe, veterans can live instead of be taken out.
      I am almost sure the VA would like to get ahold of me due to my comments. Though, Benjamin, they have already had ahold of me. This is why I am not in a prosperous situation; but, however, I might could be. Last, at least I am still alive due to mostly my efforts. Though, the VA may could careless about what I have to say.

      1. @”Angela”,
        Another thing either Wilkie or Cashour said was “only va healthcare providers know how to treat veterans needs!” Remember that little LIE!
        Well, my civilian doctor is a retired Lt. Commander of the U.S.Navy.
        I’ll bet there’s lots of civilian healthcare professionals out there who are vets AND refuse to work for the VA!
        Whatcha wanna bet!

      2. Oh I agree with you Crazy Elf. I do not want to bet you. Because I know you are correct. I be honest with you whether the physician or medical provider is a veteran or not a veteran, this is not really an issue in my opinion. This is why. Say you have a physician or a social worker who is a veteran and he turns out to be for himself and a real asshole. Now, honestly how does this help veteran patients? It does not. As a matter of fact, take a VA program that is helping many veterans. Well, a GS-13 who is both charge of the program and a veteran, decides to shutdown the program. Veterans overdosed, committed suicide, and wound up homeless due to the rug being ripped directly out from under them. This happened. All true. Now, Crazy Elf, this was a veteran who was in charge of a mental health program. In my opinion, being able to deliver quality, humane, and accountable actions towards people are more important than possessing a veteran status. Being a veteran may or may not can help. What it would help with would be relateability. But, ultimately Crazy Elf, only you have walked in your shoes and only you can define the thoughts, feelings, sensations, memories, and pain etc. that are unique to you. Applies to all of us. Though, even with the physician being a veteran, this will not enable him or her to have walked exactly in your path or our paths. So getting back to VA Secretary Robert Wilkie making his claims, it is not that he is making total false claims, the situation is one in which he is speaking from a shallow position that exhibits
        subjective and vague deliverables. Same concept applies to private sector. In other words, Mr. Wilkie is speaking without all of the information. It is not true or true. Best. Leaves the actual situation hidden.

    3. These VA cops walk around the hospital like they own it most of them were probably never in any service….this was probably a combat veteran that should have never died I hope they get this cop for manslaughter and fire his butt and take his pension plan away but this gentleman lost his life but it will probably never happen due to fact that no matter what cops watch out for their own….if you need proof look at the cop in Mesa AZ that killed a unarmed man that was on his knees surrendering the cop found guilty lost his job got sentenced but got rehire temporary so he could collect $2000+ a month in disability for PTSD that he claims was from the shooting that just one example..

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