Justice For Veterans

Will Voter Rejection Of Democrats Mean Justice For Veterans?

Benjamin KrauseThe odds are not in our favor overall, but we can count on Republicans being more effective with legislation before the 2016 election when it comes to certain reforms like firing criminals.

Nonetheless, I predict the friction within VA over firing a-holes and criminals will likely increase. VA has a long history of stalling out calls for reform by ignoring Congress. Hopefully the firings will happen, but I do not believe the reforms will happen in the same manner that many veterans hope.

In the end, will this change in Congressional power lead to quick change? I certainly will not hold my breath. And neither should you.

The butts in the chairs on the deck of the agency affectionately call the Titanic (by the former Secretary Shinseki) will change but the agenda has been rolling since the 90’s. I hope we find better people moving forward for the betterment of veterans vs. the special interests pulling strings in the background.

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  1. What are you talking about? REPUBLICANS aka Tea Party want to cut government spending. ANY spending. VA, what ever. Reduce dollars regardless the negative impact on whomever(former military). Vets should be cheering Bernie Sanders. He is the Senator obtaining additional billions for the next three years. Sanders, he meets with the DEMOCRATS. Wake up Vets. Do some research. Expanded VA benefits are produced by DEMOCRATS, not Republicans.

  2. just the lesser of 2 evil,s!!! maybe,,, i speaking for myself belive you can,t trust any of them with the big P on there fore head

  3. With all due respect, Republicans are not supportive of Veterans. How many times must they vote against Veterans interests before people get that. Senator Sanders is our strongest ally.

    1. Many veterans I know are registered Republicans and they campaign and vote for them continually. When are they going to wake up and realize that they are voting against their own self-interests?

    2. Maybe you guys are right about the GOP….I don’t know where I got the idea that they were pro-vet. The only example I can think of that fairly recently was when Obama (a democrat) did away with break pay for veterans going to school (while also expanding illegals benefits), something that caused us to struggle a great deal. Not cool.

      1. I personally believe that the Democrats lost because of Obama’s pro immigration policy and the belief that he will put out an Executive Order to grant them amnesty. If that happens, which looks like it will, the Republicans will NOT work an any type of immigration reform for the next two years.

  4. There may have been a switch in the balance of power, but the smell of incessant stench remains the same.
    Time to start electing FARMERS and REAL Reps. to D.C. rather than those that have already done well on the very backs of those they pretend to represent.
    Quoting The Joker from the first Batman Movie, “THIS CITY NEEDS AN ENEMA”!!

  5. Nope! This election won’t change a darn thing at the VA. Politicians, whether they’re Republican or Democrat, don’t give a hang about veterans. That’s why, I think, the VA needs to be taken out of Congressional oversight and placed under judicial authority until they straighten their act up!

  6. If things don’t get fixed at VA now with the Republicans controlling both houses of Congress, then there is no confusion about whom to blame.

    1. How could you come to any conclusion on who is to blame because there is a Republican congress? Hello – The VA is part of the Executive Branch. They run the VA. The only thing congress can do is oversight and authorize budgets. If any bills would be forthcoming from a Republican Senate, they would concern the immunity VA and government employees, in general, have against termination.

  7. So maybe it’s time to “get their attention?” Mine alone, oh is this just getting better and better. As stated “15% Beef!

  8. Things will change when the WEALTH is more EQUALLY distributed among the people.
    The poor will always be with us, but those who are in a position to assist MUST.

    1. Just about every politician in Washington DC is considerably well off, most especially the Republicans. If you believe that they will bend over backwards to help poor and disabled veterans, I have a used car and a bridge in Brooklyn to sell to you.

      1. Oh puleez! Is that like Hillary was poor after 8 years in the WH! Check Reid, Pelosi, Schumer, Durban, or Obama’s net worth. Stop blaming and start acting to take action against these criminals.

  9. It will be a tough couple years–I foresee the Republican majority and Obama butting heads continuously on numerous things such as ACA repeal–but at the same time it’s very telling that a mass sweep of Dems were just removed. It really shows the general public is fed up with something and ready for a change.

    How this will impact the veteran’s community is anyone’s guess. I was always under the impression Republicans were more pro veteran than Democrats (just based on my time spent in California), but who knows.

    1. Paul Ryan is a Republican and he and his Tea Party/Koch Brothers crime family want to cut disabled veterans benefits as far beneath the bone as possible. We all know that Michele Bachmann, even though she will no longer be in Congress, will be right by Ryan’s side helping out. The first cut they will try will be the deepest and they are very dangerous for the disabled veteran community. btw I want everyone on this board to read this carefully: https://www.addictinginfo.org/2014/11/04/chill-out-liberals-the-republicans-took-the-senate-and-thats-terrible-for-them/

  10. I predict a very constipated Congress over the next two years, even worst than the present one. Obama still has veto power and the Republicans will not be able to get the votes to override. Additionally, there still the filibuster that the Democrats can use. No Ben, I don’t expect a fucking thing to change at all.

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