The VA Emails Heard ‘Round The World

VA EmailsBenjamin KrauseVeterans are super stoked over VA executives finally being responsive to veterans who are really getting screwed by VA employees in the trenches. Veterans now get direct access to two of the biggest execs in VA via email and phone on occasion:

No site has seen more action about this than our Facebook page Disabled Veterans – Chapter 31 Voc Rehab. Many disabled veterans have taken the plunge sending VA Secretary McDonald and Under Secretary Hickey an email when faced with dishonest under handed BS from VA employees. And, this plunge has in some instances resulted in the veteran resolving a 10-year or longer claim.

Here is our most recent example where a veteran got immediate action on a 10-year cock-up with helpful prodding by Allison Hickey following an email.

Michelle Arakaki I told my friend from high school about this. He’s been waiting a year and a half for his appeal.

Ramona Alys The vets on this page really have made use of this info successfully!

Leon Beard I emailed her and within 3 days I was crying tears of joy. You wouldn’t believe what she did for me after ten years of waiting on my appeals

Thomas Clement a year and a half isn’t really that long for an appeal guys

JM Jimenez Leon Beard waited 10 years? WOW!

Thomas Clement that’s some back pay now

Jackie Bickford I shared with a friend she has been waiting for over 20 for her appeals to come to a good note.. just hears stand by, on hold. I hope they can help her.

Shaunda So Blessed Bunn-Boulware I emailed her Sunday night…everything completed today…it does work

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  1. I have communicated directly with General Hickey as well as Dr Carolyn Clancy and Secretary Bob. I received several replies from Dr Clancy as well as a few phone calls from her as she was very worried about me and the cancer I have which is advanced stage colon rectal cancer. I never got a reply from Sec Bob. I did receive a call from Dr Ralph Erickson Post Deployment Health care director who spoke directly with my surgeon Dr John Reilly. I handled and power sprayed Agent Orange herbicides on Andersen AFB Guam from Sept 68 to Jun 78 during the Vietnam War. I have 28 autoimmune diseases. I keep my hopes up but this is a tough one. I am afraid I won’t make it. The Erie VAMC delayed my care too long which advanced the cancer. It was done on purpose by Dr David Lavin and Dr Durmis of the VA TO KILL ME.

  2. did anyone who sent a note either email/p.o. to McDonald and Hickey get any type of reply? close to a month and i haven’t gotten a reply. a month in VA time is like space time though. do you folks advise a follow up note or is that risky with this agency? VA is known to subvert & retaliate.

  3. I too have contacted several high level executives (including the new secretary) about a potential criminal violation of the Controlled Substance Act, and to date I have not heard from any of them. This would also include the VA OIG office, so I think that the VA is still picking at the low hanging fruit that makes them look good.

  4. i’ll add this, to date, new secretary has not fired but two people. others were notified of probable firings and retired with full benefits. if all these same thugs are still in place what’s so great about this new myVA if we’re gonna get our butts kicked by these same people? these VA thugs will think of new ways to do so with no fear of accountability.

    keep spreading the message here as no one seems to be accountable in our government anywhere except for the average vet, boot and citizen.

  5. i wrote/emailed them today regarding my VA roadtrip over the years and listed a couple of concerns for them to look into if they had the time. we’ll see. scary to do so for i fear retaliation in subtle forms and veterans know what i’m speaking about.

    with new VA landscape on horizon and new secretary, we’ll all hope & see.

    thanks for posting the emails and info. glad for that and that i actually sent them a note. prior VA, Congressional and journalists notes i wrote did zilch as far as can tell. hope none of us get retaliated via their oh so clever ways when you so least expect it.

  6. I’m glad that it’s helpful for vets, I tried that route and was unsecsucessful. so I am still at 10%,still homeless,unemployed,and waiting…

  7. never had no dealing with any big wheel in the v.a. system,,,, but i sure got a bone to pick with this v.a. hospital in beckley, i had my 100 rating for year,s but every time just about i try to contact some one in this hospital seem,s like they just give me the runaround or just blow me off,,, dealing with ptsd, diabetes, and 2 heart attack,s and agent orange within a year of each other,,, they tryed to pull some under handed stuff my mental health doc, sent me a letter to sigh and send back,,, cause i told them i did,nt want to talk with a go between who can,t even write a scrip if need be, i was tried of running back and forth felt it was a waste of my time cause it was, if i had signed that letter a vet rep told me they could then say i refused care along with other thing,s glad my mental red flag went up about that,, can,t get a vet advocate on the phone other then to say i can,t talk with you right now,, i did leave a message yesterday and today, but no answer as of yet,,, do y,all think i have a good beef or should i just let it go??,,, only signed in to there hospial going on about 2 year,s ago,, seen my so called medical doc 2 or 3 times, only once after the 2nd heart attack, don,t hear from them now at all,,, signed tired of the damm v.a. system

  8. This is good information and I’ll keep it; the problem is, I’m uncertain what to do with it. My husband, for instance, has a VA claim appeal pending from early 2012. After some close calls with death, he realized his overall rating of 20% was a little low and filed a NOD with DRO review. They recently not only denied it, but are considering severing some service connections to make it an overall rating of 10%. This tells me they are retaliatory. So what happens when you jump all the way up the chain of command to tell the undersecretary? What are they going to suggest next–prison time? I’m worried about the repercussions of contacting someone so high.

  9. I appreciate you providing the Sec’s cell number. I called him the day after it was published and left him a amicable message willing to resolve many of the RICO Act issues in the case at bar. He did respond … and so did a few others under his direction. Now, after 22 years of practically every medical condition listed on my discharge separation of Jan 11, 1994, the BVA lawyer who will decide the issues has the case for two weeks. We shall see …

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