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IG: Wrongful ER Denials Costs Veterans Over $500 Million

The IG blasted the Department of Veterans Affairs over its non-VA ER denial scheme that could cost veterans over $500 million in wrongful denials.

The report, issued last week, blasted VA over numerous schemes managers and leaders likely engaged in to deny veterans coverage for non-VA emergency care. The end result created a culture of financial crisis and panic for veterans needing emergency care but fearful that they would be stuck with the bill.

Some of you may recall the story started here in Minneapolis two years ago. My daughter’s mom died from complications of treatment for burn pit related cancer. Days later, we thought I was having a heart attack.

Long story short – VA denied payment saying a prudent layperson would not seek emergency care with my symptoms. Of course, when I looked into it using trusty “Google Search” I found training materials for VA’s fee-basis care.

That guide included a case review of a hypothetic veteran exhibiting symptoms of heart attack… as example number 1 of when the VA should approve the emergency room bill.

Rather than take it, like a lot of veterans are forced to, I immediately contacted my buddy AJ Lagoe at Kare 11 News to investigate. And, true to his news name… AJ Investigates.

(The picture at the top is mine used by Kare 11 in the recent story.)

The story grew, and Lagoe uncovered a huge nationwide scandal that resulted in a congressional hearing, significant policy changes, an IG investigation, and a black eye for the agency’s non-VA care adjudicators.

Kare 11 and Lagoe is now covering the fallout of his investigation including the IG report.

The IG report blasted VA for its various schemes putting veterans’ lives at risk to save a buck. Or in this case well over $500 million bucks.

What’s at the core of the issue?

Senior leaders are putting the quantity of claims processing over the quality of the decisionmaking. The policies put in place put pressure on low-level employees to make bad decisions in order to keep their job.

Meanwhile, veterans get stuck with the bill or are too fearful to seek non-VA emergency care, instead, putting their own lives at risk to travel hours to the nearest VA emergency room.


Some of you may have noticed I haven’t written much in a couple of weeks.

Don’t worry. I am at work behind the scenes exploring how to make bigger impacts for veterans that may not mean writing as frequently as I used to. Hang in there with me while I sort out the next steps for my decade long project.

My passion is building out educational systems for veterans, and my learning management system project is almost done with its beta. I’ll keep you all posted.

If you are curious about where it’s at, check it out at I plan to add a few other courses soon including a more detailed Voc Rehab course, an employee rights course to help vets advocate against bully bosses, how to handle health care appeals like wrongful ER bill denials, etc.

Personally, I have been through many of the fights veterans face before I became an attorney. Now that I am one, teaching courses like this has become a real joy, but it does take away from my ability to write articles every night.

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  1. Sorry to see you go but I wish all the very best that life can offer for you & your family during the difficult time.

  2. Sorry guys, I have to leave this website behind. It’s almost come to a total waste of my time because Ben is off on other ventures and this website has almost come to an end and will eventually. It’s been great talking with you guys and I have learned A LOT! My wife of 45 years has to go through cancer surgery Monday and it scares me to death. I feel we are not accomplishing anything here. We bitch, gripe and complain about the shit that we have been through and no one gives a shit. I hope you ALL! good will and good luck in your never ending battle against the VA system. Myself, I will leave the VA torture that I have received from the VA medical system. God bless you all.

  3. #Don Karg
    This happened to me after my stay at a non-VA hospital back on Nov 28, 29 and 30, 2018!
    At that time I was unaware of the directive change on paying these accrued bills on Jan 10, 2018.
    When this hit the news, through *”military dot com”* on 8/8/2019 and again on 12/8/2019, I began digging deeper. The “VAOIG” Report is very damning!
    I then contacted billing. At first it was a run around. Then, things started coming together. I’ve made a complaint through my congressman, Mr. Waltz’s office yesterday. And I’ve contacted the White House VA Hotline @(855)948-2311.
    I also contacted each organization (hospital, emergency room care, EVAC transport, etc., responsible for NOT billing the VA – to submit each bill I paid to the VA!
    My expenditures totaled $3,998.05 to 7 different healthcare businesses involved!!!!!
    (This is the short version!)

    Lastly, after reading the VAOIG Report, in my opinion – anyone and everyone who caused this problem should be fired and face liability expenses!!!!!!

  4. If you were told the VA does not reimburse for Hospital stays, emergency room visits or ambulance rides, here’s a VA change!
    Dated: “January 10, 2018, 03:43:00 PM”

    Quote: “VA Revises Regulations on Reimbursement for Emergency Treatment of Veterans”
    “WASHINGTON — Today the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced that it has, through a Federal Register notice, revised its regulations concerning payment or reimbursement for emergency treatment for non-service connected conditions at non-VA facilities.”

    “VA will begin processing claims for reimbursement of reasonable costs that were only partially paid by the Veteran’s other health insurance (OHI). Those costs may include hospital charges, professional fees and emergency transportation, such as ambulances.”

    There was more! I googled;
    “Does the VA reimburse?”
    Y’all need to read the full report! Don’t let the criminals screw over you!

    1. I contacted Congress woman Walorski from the video you linked to back in 2014 about ‘the VA,’ corruption in Indiana, the censoring, not having any real investigations, journalist, zero media concerned, to my issues and what the VA told my group about never using civilian care again for anything including wrecks, heart attacks, and when I asked… included having two broken legs etc. Then came the laughter and told every word and abusive treatment “came from the top.” She or her staff kicked the complaint without a word or question as usual back to the staff and state agency already dealt with and to Congress varmint Dr. (ha ha) Larry Bucshon and staff. Who already said civilian hospitals can withhold medical files legally, then the buck passing, and told to go back to the VA then passed around like a toy or hot potato. So the game is the same except for all time limits are up, too much time passed for real investigations, etc. He also came out a week later and did a photo op with the same heads of the hospital and other community elite leaders and pronounced how great the community is and that hospital is for their community services and compassion for all patients and those in the community. (open air prison camp he helps maintain in perfect censoring and propaganda.)

      “Dear Mr. T****,

      Our office was sent notification from Congressman Walorski’s office about some difficulties you are having with the VA. If you wish to pursue a Congressional inquiry, our office would be happy to look into the matter for you.

      To be of assistance to you, I first need you to complete and physically sign the enclosed authorization form and return it to me at the address listed on the top of the form or by replying directly to this email, along with copies of any correspondence related to this issue. This will allow the VA to release information about your case that will be helpful to me.

      As soon as I receive this authorization form from you, I will follow up with the appropriate officials and try to resolve this matter as soon as possible.

      Ashley Newell

      Constituent Services Representative
      Congressman Larry Bucshon, M.D. (IN08)”
      Unquote, the end.
      As usual and have done multiple times, zero help or real investigations. Oh and told not to contact too many offices, agencies, or VA types at the same time or while others claim to be doing something… but are not. Just playing the wait and waste time game. While being told full circle not to expect med file privacy. Or that harassment of patients or HIPPA violations are okay and can’t be proven or enforced?

      This new change in the VA way is supposed to be “national news,” discussed, known of… which it is not. As we have seen what is in the news, claimed to be, is not so or for all areas in the nation. Some have died on this list alone waiting for change and told some change was here, didn’t happen for them. Same with me on some issues… lip service, VA chatter about changes, claims in the news, on TV or on some website which also bore no good fruit or truth for all.

      Seems no-one cares to address past issues, of those of us who no-way can or will go back to the VA to encounter the same people or already told we’d/I’d be seeing the same PCPS and deal with the same corrupt lying PAs, etc. Too see if things changed or if they will pay a bill? When their networks have already ruined health care for me even in the civilian sector to the corrupt medical boards and pissed them all off in one way or the other or hurt their nepotism loving hearts and covering-up machines.

      Again, glad it is working out or benefiting some out there, or here, but many other severe issues remain and not being addressed at all or thought of apparently. Great damages have been done and some lives changed forever, to more easy community living in peace and safety with some health care is long gone. Then the VA, the machines, some people, want to throw out some good looking candy to draw us back in? Maybe for the kill? I’d like to know of and hear some real reports from all over the nation, some reality about treatments of some vets changing, things they’ve been told in secretive meetings with secret gag and treatment contracts that happened/happening. Is the VA in some areas going back to their past evils to change some things or to really see just how far all this “nationally” known news goes to how much the public is actually caring to know these things to what their news affiliates actually report and keep up on. With all the censoring and keeping the public and vets apart there is no way to find out some facts or what is really going on in some highly managed and controlled states and communities.

      1. Mr. T,

        Take your Complaint to the White House, the letter is stored forever in History.

        When addressing the President, make sure your issues are in short statements that cannot be twisted around; provide the evidence; and ask for the remedy.

        Share your letter with Us—Post it online, so we can help complete your mission in corrective action.


        Don Karg

      2. Thanks Don and will do.

        I have a list of issues that should be dealt with but not easily proven and not found in VA files or elsewhere. Hence the need for a proper in-depth investigation minus the excuses they all give like others ‘patient rights or privacy issues so investigations can’t happen or witnesses questioned. That all should have easily happened in 2015.

        The WH should already have a letter, emails on record then with zero response. Even left phone messages I believe when that was applicable or in use back then.

        The easiest provable issues would be the broken jaw, no-one doing any X-rays about it, etc. To this civilian hospital playing their follow-up games by not releasing my med files. Oral surgeon took months to get a phony copy of a quick phony report after months of contacting the state’s AG and games with medical boards here. Nothing will be found about my jaw in the dentist’s files either unless the multiple surgeries to stop the bone cutting into my jaw and tongue is listed. They can deny that too but she made special dentures to try and cover up the bone protrusions, etc. They can’t hide, destroy, cover-up everything. It would all take some serious discussions, explaining various situations and questions which has never happened.

        The X-ray issues, medical file issues, the deletion of my Secure Messages should be good for starters. But have seen nothing about the cutting off of pain med due to their orders from the top even after the ‘New Pain Clinic MD’ told my PCP to keep me on them. The PCP said no she had to draw names out of the hat to appease the state demands and improve VA states about opioid use. Then on the race issue crap and more games and cover-ups due to PAs. Most of which probably can’t be dealt with now since it all hit about the same time frame.

        If Ben’s site is not accepting comments at any time I have created throw away email for contact.
        dotell81 at AOL dot com.

        I even got a throw away snail mail PO box since so many locally and around are fearing spies and high tech stuff/trackers, fear of being tracked, identified and then attacked. Snail mail will reach me there addressed under anything or name. Ie., Pissed Off Veterans, Fart Blossom, Citizens Under Attack, anything I am told.
        POB 11336
        Terre Haute, IN 47801

        We need some kind of free talk free speech forum good for the nation and can be anonymous for some that need it or want it. All this censoring and inability to communicate easily with others is beyond pathetic. And regular social media is a joke.

  5. For veterans being told VA does not reimburse for out of pocket expenditures for emergency room, hospital stays or ambulance rides: check this out:

    From; The Department Of Veterans Affairs!
    *”January 10, 2018, 03:43:00 PM”*

    Quote: “VA Revises Regulations on Reimbursement for Emergency Treatment of Veterans
    WASHINGTON — Today the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced that it has, through a Federal Register notice, revised its regulations concerning payment or reimbursement for emergency treatment for non-service connected conditions at non-VA facilities.

    VA will begin processing claims for reimbursement of reasonable costs that were only partially paid by the Veteran’s other health insurance (OHI). Those costs may include hospital charges, professional fees and emergency transportation, such as ambulances.” Unquote!

    There was more in this. I googled:
    *”Does the Veterans Administration reimburse”*

  6. 08/14/2019

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    Benjamin glad to see the second article come out this month.

    It is a fact that there are over 370,000 Veterans fell victim to this Administration’s criminal behavior [Violation of the Staab ruling, ECFA/Emergence Care Fairness Act] which has caused Billions of Dollars of Damages to families all around the United States and Beyond [est. 2 Billion].

    “More than 5 years ago, GAO
    found that VA’s weak oversight of emergency care claims adjudication could lead to inappropriate
    denial of claims,” Congress stated in their letter to the VA on August 12, 2019.

    It takes years for Congress to Act, Why? In 2014, they knew of this problem, a “national embarrassment”; but many in Congress knew this was a continuation of a deeper problem affecting over 3 million enrolled members of the VA.

    I will only jump for joy when Richard Staab gets paid and the Home Loans victims are reimbursed from the damages caused by the VA Gang of hoods.

    According to the Federal Judges the VA [Bader and Associates–VA Attorneys] was hoping that all the Veterans were going to drop dead, Very Cold Bastards.

    Maybe the 55 Books hit the Senators between the eyes [received on 05/04/2019 at the Senate Building]?

    I must give credit to You and Your local station Kare 11, and all those who are pushing forward in this battle for “Fairness.”


    Don Karg
    You were missed, glad to see you are back

  7. I just found out this morning, through a “community care specialist” at the Lake Baldwin, Orlando, Fl. VHA, my “EVAC” ride AND my three (3+) day stay at “Fish Memorial Hospital” (Nov. 28 – 30, 2018) “…had been authorized to be paid…” by the Veterans Administration back in December 2018.
    I informed the EVAC company this morning. They will resubmit the necessary forms.
    A Mr. Aurelius Williams, “community care specialist”, will be contacting the hospital.
    It was explained like this:
    1. The hospital must send the complete full bill to Mr Williams.
    2. The VA pays the full bill.
    3. The hospital must repay Medicare AND reimburse me ALL of my out of pocket expenses!
    *!This is going to get interesting!*

    Off subject:
    For vets with “enlarged prostate” problems. I just found this article:

  8. What about us Veterans residing outside the continental United States who aren’t Tri-Care eligible? This above scenario plays out constantly for me. Here in the Philippines. Foreign Medical Program and the V A Manila OPC are both useless to Disabled Vets unless it’s directly related to your service connection. I’m 70 percent TDIU for PTSD and I actually did have a mild heart attack and was hospitalized in ICU for 2 days and in a regular room for 2 days. Foreign Medical Program denied everything because it wasn’t related to my service connected condition. Veterans abroad and especially in the Philippines are getting royally screwed by V A healthcare while Tri-Care people get everything!!!????

  9. The VA is hell. I can’t believe actually entertain themselves by ruining lives. I am not going to make it and don’t care, I am no where close to who I was and almost time to leave

  10. Wow – GoooooD Mooorning Veterans! From the previous comments (too many to re-post) I believe something is a stirring and Veterans (the sleeping giant) are waking up from their stupor! Today’s topic and comments fill me with renewed hope. All valid observations and suggestions!

    My thoughts on my experience, as a veteran and as an employee, dealing with the VA:
    1) As a Veteran > The quality of healthcare is diminished when healthcare providers do not have to invest in their patients they get paid the same whether or not you are their patient. The latter is less work for them.
    2) As an employee > Senior leaders put policies in place that put pressure on employees to make bad decisions in order to keep their job. And if the policies don’t do it, the egos of the vested employees will. The unethical vested employee becomes intoxicated with whatever little bit of power they have and reaps terror on whomever they can.
    3) I am an obedient servant and follow all the appropriate protocols. Tried the patient advocate, DC hotline, writing to Reps in Congress, to no avail. Not even a return acknowledgement in the SASE that I included in my letter. Keep on keeping on.

    Peace out

    1. As I have said repeatedly, the only remedy is to sue the VA each and every time and sue the particular employee, as well. A network of volunteer attorneys, each of who do one case, and flood the system with lawsuits that comply with the Federal judicial system. There are some real jerks who make decisions on each of us, and they need to be spotlighted and run out of the system…Semper Fi. and piss on the appeals system…..Demand a hearing on the record within 30 days……and then when you identify the liar nail him/her for perjury. Only constant pressure will work…..TURN ON THE SPOTLIGHTS

    2. TLC, I have been aware for many years of the content that you have posted. No not waking up to any stupor. I have been around the block. You mention the “VA employee reaps terror on whomever they can.” TLC, I am glad that I do not have to live in their skin. God gave us all a conscience. Best.

      1. TLC, do you know really what it boils down too? When you speak of the VA leadership and the VA employees, I would say that 99% percent of them do not take pride in their work at all. It goes even further to say that one cannot take pride in his or her work if they do not cherish pride in themselves. All about human dignity.
        TLC, I personally realize that if I worked for the Department of Veterans Affairs I could not throw another human being under the bus. Could be why I do not work for them. Each to his or her own. Best.

      2. TLC, I am sure you have heard the statement, “Stand up for what is right even if one has to stand alone.”
        TLC, I will never yield to act with obedience to any wrongdoing should it be part of the situation or should it be part of the situation that involves harming someone. No moral highground here either. All this is about is Conservatism. Principles. Rationality. Boils down to respect for LIFE.

  11. I am done using the VA for my health care, no one or nothing can prove to me that it is a better option than my Blue Cross/Blue Shield.
    I agree that health care in the USA has declined , it has become 3rd world at best like the many doctors and nurses that work in the field but the VA is in a class by itself, so politically run, no one gets the same service.
    If they put you on the list, you are marked and they will set you up for bigger problems with their very own KGB police force.
    I don’t care if people don’t agree with my post because no one has the same experience at the VA and that is why us veterans can not get together in unity to stand up to this government monstrosity, divide and conquer.
    One Vet say’s it is great and another has a problem, they just blame the patient, they will say you are bi polar or what ever can justify locking you up.
    If you happen to die in their care, don’t expect the truth to be your final story in this world.
    The fact that they keep trying to get me to come back their after I complained and made a case on the White House hotline has alerted me to it all being a set up.
    If any of you are happy there, God Bless You and consider yourself Lucky.

    1. Johnny, I agree with you. In my opinion, government involvement has destroyed what we used to call medical care. A big difference in medical care compared to healthcare. In my opinion, most of the healthcare needs to go back to the private sector to become medical care. More individuality, more self reliance. American citizens can think for themselves. Get the government out of the way. ?? They are always asleep on the job unless they want to get you to take you out like Epstein and Scalia.

  12. Several years ago, my husband had a heart attack. Ambulance took him to our local hospital and got him stable. ER doctor called to the Los Angeles VA requesting permission to transport my husband by ambulance to the VA down in L.A. which is 200 miles away. The VA absolutely refused the transport, and then said they would NOT pay the bill. Not only that, but told the ER doctor to have me drive him down in our car, which wouldn’t of made the trip. ER doc was so pissed that he over rode VA’s decision and put my husband in an ambulance and shipped him to Heart Hospital in Bakersfield, CA. 40 miles away. Doctor even gave me the number of a excellent attorney and said to me, if they refuse to pay all the bills…sue the hell out of them!! I had to threaten them with a lawsuit, and they paid everything.
    My husband died Nov. 06, 2018 after battling the VA endlessly for a very long time. The VA finally found the loophole to take my husband out, and they killed him. Now I’m stuck with medical bills into the 6 figures.
    It’s ok though, I am part of a class action lawsuit to fight the medical bills and to get VA to pay them.

    1. I wish you luck kat, I am a member of a group that has tried three times to sue the VA and each and every time they have won. And the person that started the group going all “tinfoil hat” on people and claiming genocide and murder did not help in the court cases, nor did it help that he claimed he was a “sovereign citizen” help much either. So yea like Crazy Elf I would like to know what attorney you are using as I know quite a few people who would gladly join with you in that lawsuit.

  13. This hit “military dot com” today. Here’s the article;

    As AOC said, *”If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”*
    This statement, along with other false statements about veterans and the VA, was when she wanted “…everyone to use the VA…” for their healthcare!

    I suggest y’all subscribe to military dot com!

  14. It’s really irritates me to hear about the way that the VA system continues to hurt Veterans and abuse their rights to health care, and the denial of emergency care as well, I’m not sure if contacting your congressman of your district and the news media would help or hurt but maybe that would be the turning point of this error and arrogant attitude of the VA, and start to wake up the American public

  15. sorry about the typos in the previous post….but my mind is racing mad at this system…how many darn “scandals” are going to be uncovered before something is truly done to fix this mess….

    I have mentioned this previously, but another “scandal” that has not been investigated is the VA and C&P examiners reliance on the upper GI series (barium swallow, or x-ray) to deny veterans’ claims for GERD for years. Let me say this again, the upper GI series accuracy rate for diagnosing GERD is less than 50%. This means that most veterans with GERD will have a NEGATIVE barium swallow, but still have GERD. I have reviewed and read many BVA decisions that have denied veterans’ GERD claims because they had a negative barium study even though they were diagnosed with GERD by previous doctors. I helped a veteran win his GERD claim after it was denied because the C&P examiner stated that the veteran did not have GERD SOLELY based on a negative barium study. This outright false and misleading. Read the 1985 and 2002 C&P Examiners Guide for conducting exams, and it plainly states that in “pure esophageal reflux, the x-ray is accurate less than 50% of the time.” A diagnostic test accurate less than 50% of the time has NO DIAGNOSTIC VALUE, PERIOD. Therefore, you cannot state one way or the other whether a veteran has GERD based on a barium x-ray. Also, check out the 2003 VHA/DOD GERD Clinical Practice Guidelines where it clearly states that the barium study has minimal value. However, C&P Examiners frequently state the veteran does not have GERD solely because of the negative barium x-ray. This is MISLEADING, BIASED, and FALSE.

  16. It’s all about the processing quantity, speed of claims where they simply deny as a default and let the veteran fight over the quality of the decision over years, even decades. The system’s incentives are flawed because quantity over quality leads to good employment reviews, promotions, and bonuses. Then they tout they’re 98% accuracy rates which is totally false. Years later, when the veteran finally, if ever, gets the correct decision, VA employees have received their bonuses, promotions, and accuracy rate objectives. Who is going back five to ten years to take back bonuses. One way to fix this problem is to pay veterans an interest rate penalty on top of the back benefits and eliminate the quantity of decisions as an indicator of good performance. When the VA started having to pay interest on the delayed back payments, then we could point to that annual number of how poor the system really is for veterans.

    1. Yes, I agree. The quantity quota was started during the Clinton Administration.
      Needs to be eliminated. The VA system is poor. No more said.

  17. Heads up: As a permanently service-connected disabled war veteran from the Vietnam era, I thought that no matter where I was in this world that the VA would take care of my medical needs…and expenses. I was under the impression that expenses incurred (especially in life or death circumstances) by civilian medical practitioners anywhere in the world would be covered in totality. However, after emergency heart surgery and hospitalization in China, upon arriving home I contacted the VA Foreign Medical Program in Denver, Co. only to find out that they would not pay for the medical treatment I received in China, simply because my service-connected disability was not related to heart disease. (at the time) The irony of this is that IF I had had this heart attack, and subsequent procedure, in the continental U.S.A. (which I did once again in 2011 at a civilian hospital in Washington State) all expenses would have been covered by the VA. I had been blindsided by thinking that I was covered no matter where I was, and I certainly hope that other 100% disabled veterans consider this before going on their next vacation out of the country. It is a very subtle, but very real, injustice within the Veterans Affairs system.

    1. Chuck,
      Did you know that when McDonald was the Secretary of VA he built a vha in Vietnam?!

  18. Same happened to me in 2018. My VA PCP sent me to a civilian hospital, Fish Memorial Hospital, by Evac ambulance! The “billing department at Lake Nona VAMC actually laughed at me and my wife when we talked to them.

    1. To everyone;
      Read the VAOIG report. It’s even worse!

  19. I know what they are talking about. In January 2019 I had to have my left knee replaced (my main service connected injury) and the VA authorized it. Then they went and paid $1.49 of a 75,000 bill! (65K for the surgery and the hospital stay and 10K for PT afterword) and it took me six months to get them to finally pay the hospital for it. Then I have to have my right knee replaced this month (Aug 2019) and my doctor said I needed a “stand up walker” and even AFTER SEVEN different faxes with two having pictures of same, the people in the local VA hospital PT department STILL demanded that I accept a standard walker. Now where in the hell they got standard out of standing I have no idea. It finally took the Hospital director-the Chief of staff and the Patient rep to walk up to the department and SHOW the idiots there what was ordered by the Surgeon-My VA PCP and my personal Doctor before they actually ordered the walker through the vendor. And I became the very FIRST patient there to get one of these. And that was even after I offered to go in half’s with them on the cost of 689.00 Needless to say I have lost ALL trust in that department of the hospital.

  20. I have had many emergency room visits denied by the v.a. even though my visits were pre-approved. Now at roseberg oregon v.a. (a large v.s. hospital) they have informed us they are closing their emergency service at the hospital. Rosenberg is currently under criminal oig investigation…..again. Last year roseberg was rated “the worst hospital in the u.s.”, and continues to be the worst as is all the v.a.!

  21. Veterans who is on here ever email their Senators and Representative contract with the Veterans Affairs Committee share their belief how to improve Veterans Health Care no excuses .

    1. Arnold, what you are saying has been done over and over and over again. The VA has committees now. The VA uses the committees for their lip service to pretend to be improving the VA status quo. Remember, having meetings over and over again to evaluate and research just continues to exist as lip service. Nothing more. No actions taken towards resolve. Just continue to sustain and send veterans to hospice. GOD is in charge not the VA. Benjamin, I think for myself. My health has improved greatly since I left the VA. ????️??

      1. I completely agree with you Angela! Well said!! Some of these veteran associations get along like Republicans & Democrats during a debate!!
        I too am getting my healthcare reassigned to the community!! I’ve lost faith in the Vha
        Since my health turned ? I’m tired of being patronized and pacified by my pcp! I need an unbiased opinion! And a real

    2. Arnold, even the Veterans Affairs Committee who holds Congressional hearings to question VA leadership to bring forth accountability, never really ever succeeds in my opinion. The VA pleads the fifth or they propogandize. I see it as being very unpatriotic and dishonorable to the veterans and this country. ???????️??

  22. These discussions will go on for ever. What needs to happen is a concerted effort to bring about a march on the various VA clinics and hospitals throughout the country and finally a march on Washington. That way the media is involved and attentions will be developed.
    The VA is fully set to have old vets die off slowly and repeat the same with new incoming meat.

    1. I absolutely agree with you Sir!!
      But, there are so many Veterans just plain tired of fighting another battle ? We don’t want the Stress! We don’t need the Stress, especially in our family while they witness our deteriorating bodies over the years ? Some only have months !!
      I’m all in for fighting for our rights!! But, how do we go about that ?
      I’ve called my representative! Only to have the VA denied the claims ? Their as worthless as our so-called pathetic patient advocates!!


    *Veteran Dead for Four Days Found in California Assisted Living Home*

  24. VA did something similar to me: After delaying diagnosis of cancer for 13 months, my VAMC Tumor Bard: referred me to a nearby civilian medical center for corrective surgery & radiation therapy, told me to pay for everything myself, refused me even milage, and, for a kicker, added that I was not eligible for VA benefits. It took me a while, but eventually I discovered they were wrong, and filed for/got 1151 benefits. VA continues to fight me on benefits above & beyond 1151, even to the point of “making stuff up,” i.e., getting really “creative” with what’s in my medical-, and c- files, and coming up with mutating, whack-a-mole, denial rationales.

  25. Last year (2018) I had shoulder surgery, the pain blocker they inserted into the base of my neck caused a negative reaction, I experienced difficulty breathing issues. To make a long story short ? I was discharged in that condition! Only to be transported by my wife to the closest ER. ASAP! Months later I’m still experiencing difficulty breathing, so I called the after hours telehealth nurse and she told me to go to the nearest ER! 2019 rolls around, and I receive a denial letter from the VA, stating I had no prior authorization ? So I called the regional payment center who investigated the situation, and found I had prior authorization since I informed the Nurse of my condition! Besides that, they said I needed no prior authorization for an emergency ER visit. I was told to submit a hand written “notice of Disagreement “ so to appeal their denial of payment! This can take up to 6 months to a year ? Right! So there goes your credit score and a mess of phone calls from collectors in the mean time! I finally got my appeal granted ? But the collection agency is still haunting me after explaining to them the process! All because the idiot who determined the denial didn’t thoroughly investigate the big picture!! So as a result my wife and I are pinned down by unwarranted collections brought on by the VA, (during a sensitive time) trying to finance a VA loan to buy our home. Needless to say, my wife is stressing out, and I’m having to hire a credit repair company to resolve this (FUBAR!!)matter.


  27. You’re not going to get much progress until you focus on getting the PUBLIC, not Veterans, aware of the issues. The VA could care less how much static they get from Veterans. They know they can just blow it off. But the PUBLIC on the other hand, … then they have to face not just congress, but the Fourth Estate and ALL of the American Public, who have demonstrated their support. In other words, you have to link the PUBLIC with the Veterans, form an alliance, one that will persist and grow.

    1. The story was on PUBLIC news on an NBC affiliate and shared nationally. So, I agree with you. Getting stories like this outside of veteran-only-circles is important. That’s why this story had such an impact, and Kare 11 was instrumental in that push.

      1. The “Public” isn’t really aware of too much, nor do they or will they care. Hasn’t the banning, shadow banning, all the censoring sunk in yet?? Truth and reality isn’t wanted or easily discussed in VSO circles then think the public or our representatives or media will really care? When news channels report “we tell the news we feel you need to know” then censor important issues it’s fascism and tyranny, totally controlling what is allowed for “public consumption.”

        The grand misconceptions… made public or “nationally” shared, known of, or heard about. Not so. Guess people do not really listen, and hear, fully understand, can comprehend, what is going on out here in our open air prison camp living called the USA. Local, state or community news groups or affiliates will not “share” so called news “nationally” or in all areas. What may be well known in your area or some communities are totally blacked out and goes un-reported in many other parts of the nation.

        Priority of issues are screwed up. We deal with other vets over truth, the lousy VA, the cheerleaders, the propaganda, etc. Then think we are going to get support from the distracted public who could care less about some vet being terrorized or targeted by their communities or the VA? With most MSM being against truth, stories and some reality that may blemish their precious college towns or some professional group, et al?

        VA shattering and breaking a jaw then civilian dentist and oral surgeon refuses X-rays but do multiple surgeries in attempts to dull the sharp ends, remove bone and tooth bits and more is covered up?

        No truth or help about many life, death, suffering issues are not news worthy like it now being legal for civilian hospitals to withhold medical files is not news or just allowed to occur? Like it being just okay and down the memory hole of the many suicides to abuses/incompetence going on. While the fear is rampant like corruption is? Communities, MSM, activist, political parties (both/all) are okay with vets or citizens being attacked for being outspoken or not fitting in with the VA PR crap, college kiddy/Uni rule, ID politics, or bowing to the oligarchs, plutocrats and such? There are stories out here that no-one wants to investigate or dare mention let alone put out in real “national” uncensored news with the talking heads.

    2. Agree. Though, the public is aware more than the VA thinks. See the federal government thinks the public is not informed which is far from the truth.
      Ben, many know. What needs to be improved on is the information needs to be presented with more facts and objectivity that calls the VA out. Benjamin, many Americans are so busy themselves fighting their own battles against the corrupt bureaucrats. Hard to fight all battles. Though, mountains get moved when there are many. Resilence to infinity. Strength in numbers. Benjamin, I have lots to discuss on this issue. Benjamin, your head would turn if you were aware of my responsibilities and tasks. Ben, it is true. The VA believes they can just do whatever. In order to stand up to the VA, one has to be positioned to do just that. Ben, I love what the Trump admininstration is now doing with the immigration laws. Public charge laws. Self reliance. Public charge laws have been around for a hundred years. Ben, the healthcare is shit whether in the VA or not. I am pointing to all the life threatening chemicals in meds, foods, and all products. Ben, insurance companies do not pay for alternative treatments that promote quality health. One example, a quality pain med costs more than an Opoid. See my point. More to come.

      1. Benjamin, I manage myself.
        Most of the healthcare system in this country has declined as compared to before the Obama Administration. Not real medical care. If anyone was paying attention, Democrat Kamala Harris got scolded by a senior lady citizen. She asked Kamala Harris who was going to pay for the Medicare For All? The Senior Citizen told Democrat Kamala Harris to leave the healthcare alone. The Senior lady citizen took it to Democrat Kamala Harris. All American Citizens need to do the same to the whole federal government. Americans need to take the power back from the federal government. The federal government is supposed to serve the American citizens. The American citizens are not supposed to be servants of the federal government. Best.

    3. At the risk of repeating myself over, and over again, vets won’t get much more than chapped lips service until we start demonstrating at recruiting offices and show up a high school career days. Impede the pipe line of fresh meat and the people who are really in control might do something.

      Those of us in Southern Oregon are now at greater risk of getting hosed on this issue, as the Roseburg, OR ER is closed, leaving us with a six hour drive to Portland. Last I heard, Curry County in SW OR still has the largest per capital population of vets in the state.

      So, Ben and KARE 11 out the VA antics two years ago, and it’s still happening.

    4. You are spot on. In the VA (or not) the central issue is always “Win\lose.” Rarely is the outcome of “Win\win.” Even when the issue is considered, what occurs is more times than not a “David vs. Goliath” contest and the vet comes out as David with no slingshot against Goliath (THE VA BUREAUCRACY). In the end, the only power a vet has is organized, cooperative, cohesion willing to say “NO” to the status quo. And to then win the contest of persuading those in the position of power there is a “Win\win” option available.

  28. I had a claim denied in 2015 I had a heart attact when I left home in the ambulance my wife was in the phone with the VA and was told to dial 911 . Wile in the hospital I was told time again the staff could get the VA via phone and as we all know that is the norm.
    After the bills starting coming in I went to the VA to see if I was going to get any help with over $100.000 in bills to make a kind story short weeks later some one from the VA called and told me the claim had been declined because I didn’t get pre approval .

    1. Benjamin and all, listen honestly, until Attorney General Barr starts sending people to prison, the work that you are doing in regards to Vocational Rehabilitation, how to fight for benefits, how to deal with bully VA leadership, Benjamin, the Department of Veterans Affairs will continue to exist to serve itself and remain in a corruptive status that extends into a bottomless pit. Though, on the other hand, #WarOn.???
      #Let’s Go!! We are with you Benjamin. ????️??

    1. VA denied a claim on me,in2007-2008 after I fell 15 feet and knocked myself out.i called va and they told me to go to nearest emergency room..I recieved7 stitches on my nose.they later denied it don’t trust them

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