Your Tax Dollars At Work – $50K “Patton” Video

It is nice to know that the VA has such an abundance of funds that they feel the need to spend “slightly over” $100 million on conferences. (Yes, that is sarcasm.) It is still shocking to see the things that they waste money on – like this $50K conference video that was shown twice.

So please take a moment to see how the VA spends your tax dollars…


Be sure to check out the long list of expenses for their last conference.

$1.2 million: Participant Travel
$786, 505.00: Program Funds
$296,165.00: “Audio Visual Center”
$184,800.00: Morning and Evening Refreshments
$113,076.00: Staff Travel
$98,189.70: Catering (4 days)
$90,747.00: Coffee Break Refreshments
$52,000.00: “Patton-style” Video
$46,147.50: Labor for 35 Breakout Rooms
$40,158.54: Miscellaneous Expenses
$31,500.00: Video Production
$862.50: Karaoke Night

Total: $2,940,151.24

It is nice to know they have money to spend on karaoke…


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  1. I guess this explains why I haven’t received mu 50% disability pay or my retro pay since I was granted it in Jun 2012..

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