Veterans Affairs Manager Jailed

Veterans Affairs Manager

Benjamin KrauseVeterans may be shocked to learn that one Veterans Affairs manager has finally been jailed in connection with fraudulently tampering with medical records. Cathedral Henderson, a VA manager indicted for fraud, was caught essentially tampering with a witness and then jailed for bond violations because of the tampering while waiting for trial.

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Henderson was responsible for ensuring veterans received non-VA health care. Instead of doing a good job and being an honest human, he forced his subordinates to commit fraudulently tamper with medical records.

The fraud harmed at least 50 veterans and resulted in his indictment two weeks ago for fraud. In the indictment, Henderson received one count for fraud for each veteran negatively impacted by the scheme.

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I reported on this last week. Henderson was responsible for 2,700 veterans getting non-VA health care. God only knows how many veterans were truly harmed or killed as a result of his fraud.

Toss him in jail and throw away the key?

As for the specifics of the scheme, Henderson pressured subordinates to falsify waiting lists within medical records to show the veterans either completed the health care request or refused care.

I have seen this scam within many medical records of veterans harmed by inadequate VA health care delays. Many times, the veteran was unaware the appointment was even scheduled much less canceled under the false designation “refused appointment.”

Maybe we are seeing political pressure on Democrats for failure to protect veterans finally turning into prosecutions as we approach elections in 2016?

Henderson’s LinkedIn account shows he is a manager of the Chief Business Office. Before this promotion, Henderson was the Chief of Purchased Care at the Augusta facility. Criteria for the job included investigating cases to ensure cases of veterans waiting for care were properly handled. He not only failed to do this, but pressured his employees to support the fraudulent scheme.

How is it that whenever a VA employee commits a crime they get promoted? The only thing surprising about this news is that Henderson was finally put in jail. Crazy.


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  1. Nothing will happen indeed. The VA itself is a criminal organization that may do as it likes and does so. It is allowed as part of normal SOP to commit fraud and other crimes, nonfeasance and malfeasance with impunity. I am 12 years in a benefits fight, 4.5 years into an appeal, and 1.5 years into a remand in which the VBA processors simply removed the Army Medical records for my claim and then sent it to the judge. When, one points this out VA counsel doesn’t care, the OIG does nothing for they are all in it together. I can prove by provenance and I maintained those records as well as reordered from the NARA myself and all are there. The VA simply took out the diagnosis in the Army and other files and then sent to judge to review. The BVA doesn’t care and there is no mechanism to get the judge to review this. Additionally even through a DRO they just didn’t bother to read at all after 12 years they keep telling me that I didn’t have a kind of surgery or injury that I did— the surgical diagnosis and narrative are there. They just read the preoperative diagnosis. Now, if things were on the up and up and they really reviewed the records after 12 years one would think that they could have gotten the diagnosis and surgery correct. Additionally, finally in July I had a C&P for the remanded condition. The C&P examiner was the first nice one that treated me like a human and a veteran. She said that I was SC for the condition but they won’t give me the report though they used in another condition denial inappropriately. Now, they send me another appointment with a C&P examiner for the 22nd of this month for the same conditions – why? In an effort now to deny again….Now bear in mind too that they are supposed to handle older cases expeditiously and without an endless pursuit of more and more data, but no. I am going to be f#cked in the ass and harassed again. These people are criminals.

  2. Dear Sir:

    At last something seems to be jellying in favor of veterans with the conviction of
    Cathedral Henderson, manager of the V.A.(he sure did jot live up to his name)
    thanks be to God for the dedicated channels of justice such as you, I am profoundly greatful to him and persons such as you.

    Yes, because the war did not end for us with our discharge, it still goes on within our home front, but we must not despair and lose faith with God as long as we have Him as our Commander- in- Chief we shall triumph, we could not lose.

  3. The article doesn’t even begin to scrape the surface as to what is really going on within the VA systems. What’s happening in the big cities is happening in the smaller VISN’s as well. virtually every article I read can be identified w/the one that I am affiliated with as well. From delaying/denying patient care, misappropriation of funds, cancelling/bouncing consults for care, all the way down to management fabricating the budget accounts. No one listens.

  4. Ben,
    Are you saying, that the “Fucking Up, Moving Up” that we already knew in the Service (DoD), is breaking down? That’s a good sign! (Hope is continuing and intensified!

  5. All I will say its about time to dispense justice the way it should be, I don’t care who it is the arm of justice should i come down on the guilty not just on some, after laws were and are passed to treat all equally without disparity.

  6. I just received the new VFW magizine. There’s a very interesting article on page 10, by Tim Dyhouse.
    It explains “New Law Needed to Prove VA Employees ‘Can No Longer Hide’.”
    It speaks about “why” Sharon Helman was fired. How and under what reasons Richard Moore “was allowed to resign.” Why Gary Hodge was “promoted instead of fired”! This article goes on and on.
    Mr. Tim Dyhouse has a “side column” next to the other story, called, “VFW WANTS A LEGISLATIVE SOLUTION”. Both are interesting.
    So, with these two ‘scathing’ articles about VA Employees in high positions. Why, as McDonald claimed at the committee meeting last week, would he say VSO’s want the Veterans Committee to write him anothet check (to move money around when he cannot explain truthfully where it’s going.)?
    The American Legion Magizine, from what I was told, says basically the same thing. Only that (6) people have been fired. It also gives a ‘scathing’ report on VA.

    1. I do believe, if y’all have read the comment I gave on here earlier tonight, concerning the articles by TIM DYHOUSE in the current VFW issue August 2015, pg. 10. Please, find an issue asap, and read them fully.

      Then I would suggest an e-mail to him saying,

      By allowing monies to keep flowing to VA without accountability and transparency is wrong! McDonald, during his time in front of the committee this week, stated that’s what the VFW wanted. Therefore, VFW should be ashamed they would want the Congressional Veterans Committee to capitulate to VA.

      His email address is;

      [email protected]

      I know my wife is going to draft an e-mail in the morning. She also wants him to put both stories online. This way all veterans and taxpayers can see the despicable acts committed by these people. She, once the stories are posted online, can tweet them to as many as she wants.. I would suggest many do the same.
      Those VA Employees within that article shouldn’t get away with the criminal acts they committed. They, like Henderson, should be indicted and prosecuted.

      That’s not only my opinion, it should be the opinion of every citizen of the United States of America.
      Basically, what VFW has done, was to allow a writer to state names of VA high ranking employees and the “acts” which they had committed against VA’s rules and regulations. Rules and regulations which would have demanded immediate expulsion from their job.
      This article went through an editor, who then allowed it to be published. There’s no way now it can be retracted, in my opinion, without VFW taking some heat.

  7. Here’s a better article by
    “The Military Advantage Blog”

    title; “VA Chief Counterpunches Over ‘Community Care’ Costs”

    Published on July 23rd, 2015.
    written by: Tom Phillpot

    I think the smell of dung will be hitting the air. Because Ol McD and Gibby got lots of explaining to do before the proverbial sμ!t hits the fan before this friday. They are gonna have to explain their facts and figures. Members of Congress, Senate and other government agencies I believe know the truth. They aren’t buying it. Ol McD and Gibby better come up with a plan “E”, cause plans A through D ain’t got them nothing so far….
    At least that’s my opinion folks!

    1. P.S. in this article, Ol McD wants to use part of the $10 billion Choice Program monies for “care”!? (Basically keeping the VAMC’s open).
      Also, didn’t McD or Gibby say they wanted that money for the “outta site construction costs”?
      Now, I’m fully confused!

      1. crazyelf,
        you are not confused, Ol’ Bobby just misspoke that is all. He is not sure where he wants us to think the money is going.
        If you remember, he did use the reference of having money in the wrong pocket. He did not tell us whose pocket he is referring to. I think we know what pocket the money is going into.
        Maybe “care” is the name of his new car or private jet he is going to buy.

    2. Crazy Elf

      The easiest way to put it is if they stopped the construction on the new Aurora VAMC Veterans care will not be interrupted and no VA Facilities will be closed.

      But McDonald is unwilling to stop the construction and is holding back the Army Corp of Engineers report on the new Aurora VAMC because he knows congress will not approve the new buildings and modifications he added to that VAMC which has already postponed the completion of the VAMC which was suppose to happen last May.

      So McDonald is saying he will now close down the whole VA health care system and kill some more Veterans while spending the care budget on the construction if congress doesn’t give him the money.

      But unfortunately we know our congress and they will give him the money this is all just show in an election cycle.

      Bobby will get his wad to go play a rousing game of pocket pool and no one will be held accountable.

      1. So, he continues the contruction in Colorado. Wasting taxpayers money.

        Makes management continue to falsify records for the next time he needs money.

        Which will probably be before October.

        Continues harming veterans, possibly killing them.

        All for the sake of the “God Almighty Dollar”!

        Damn, and I thought we were making headway…Pity!!!

      1. It has come out millions of people have tweeted their representatives and said NO MORE cash until there’s “transparency”.
        I would hope Congress would grow a pair and call VA’s bluff. Surely they know how to play poker!?

  8. It is surprising they they’ve jailed a VA executive. I think they should start holding some of these VA C&P examiners accountable for withholding or disregarding critical evidence that veterans introduce on claims. After going through that experience a few times on these C&P exams, I still have a bitter taste left over from it and I always will have. I will never have any trust in those C&P examiners again!

  9. I believe they altered my husbands record.To make sure certain recognizable AO diseases weren’t detected so easily.My husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2011,but before that he was severely anemic like in Hodgens disease. ,where you don’t need much prove to win a claim,but my husband also got transfusions before they told him of his cancer ,but they would not even look at his case being associated with AO with the cause of death ,pancreatic cancer ,There was a woman in Idaho who won her case on pancreatic cancer ,she found the proof in medical journals herself ! i wish I could get a hold of them .The VA Dr who supposedly was also the person to sign off on the death cert,never met my hubby.My husband also has ischemic heart disease which the VA Dr adjusted his death cert . was as a factor that they say caused his death ,he had diabetes ,lost a leg ,almost lost another ,but died with open wounds,he had a catheter in from early on ,but would not go in to find out the reason ,he could also have had prostrate cancer.
    So most likely from the beginning ,they lied and changed his medical records.i even had one vascular PA call my husband a Marine A wuss,because after coding blue on a dye from the cat scan ,for 7 min,they broke his ribs reviving him ,he did not want to go through that again ,but they wanted him to,because they could not remove his dead leg with out one they said? but they did ,just giving him a block.that was 3 years before he passed away.they always gave me such problems i would go outside the va to get advice and help,sometimes with a local state representative ,I always advocated for him,one time i brought him to a outside VA surgeon to look at him ,he was a previous VA Dr ,but had his own practice for years .he took a look at him for free ! he than called the VA and said you better admit this patient of your A.S.AP. he is septic and has blood poisoning

    1. Judy, I do believe everyone on here will give “condolences”!
      Now’s the time to get ready and do more. Get an attorney and GO AFTER them. Whenever possible, make VA aware of their shame. Tweet Ben’s Blogs to all your Friends and to the government agencies. Like to members of Congress, Senate and more. My wife started tweeting things about a week and a half ago. At that time she had maybe 10-12 followers. Now she’s over a hundred. People out there are angry. Not only at VA, but our government as well.
      Here’s an FYI, you know how Kerry, the President and others in government have praised Kerry’s “Deal with Iran” lately. Well, today he’s on Channel 9 news, WFTV, saying the deal has flaws in it. Gee, I wonder if he’s flip flipping now because on Saturday (July 25th) it was revealed that someone had “slipped it into a transportation bill” and was immediately jerked out!!!!!
      Keep your head up and your heart singing. Stay strong. We need more like you to help the ones who can’t help themselves…

  10. This guy needs to die in a federal prison. Once he’s there, he’ll REALLY find out about rationed care. No prison camps or low-security prisons for him, either. He needs to do hard time in at least a medium-security facility.

    The main point, though, is that he needs A LOT of company there from the VAMC’s around the country. One prosecution does not constitute a trend, and there are lots of VA employees who need to go to prison for the rest of their miserable lives.

  11. Remember the UCMJ? If the VA were forced to follow it, I bet we’d have a bunch more “Whistleblowers”, because there’s two words in it which they could use for protection—–
    “Unlawful Order”! I think I just made my point!!!

  12. To All, namnibor and all others.
    Ol McDonald, Gibson and everyone else in the VA,(admin & med), needs to come clean on EVERYTHING! This bull crap that’s being spread around makes me sick to my stomach. When this puke goes before the judge, that’s IF VA allows it to go to trial, I hope he and his attorney can prove the allegations that upper management ordered him to falsify records!
    I also believe EVERYONE involved, from top to bottom, should be held accountable. JAIL TIME FOR ALL!!!!! Maybe, if they come clean on VA over what’s happening Nationwide, the court MIGHT reduce their sentence. This way the “VA SCANDAL” will hit a new height of repulsive attitudes amoung ALL THE CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES…
    Now, remember President Truman? The “plaque” he had on his desk? What it said was “The Buck Stops Here!”
    Maybe Ol McDonald should take heed of those words. Because, just like what happened to the lower ranking NAZIS, is what happened to all the higher ranking NAZIS…. A couple took the easy way out— suicide. Others were “hung”, literally from “gallows”! While others spent the rest of their lives in prison.
    Namnibor, you sound better today. Hope all is well?!

  13. is it surprising someone who purportedly falsified records would tamper with a witness?

    While looking through my appointments on myhealthevet a month ago. I noticed an appointment made for a dental consult at the main VISN VA. It also was shown as cancelled. I called scheduling, they couldn’t tell me who made it or cancelled it. I talked to my local dental clinic and, they also, couldn’t tell me who scheduled it or why it was cancelled. They say it doesn’t show in my medical file.

    So where did it come from and where did it go? It still shows up as a cancelled appointment on myhealthevet.

    By the way, my dental department still uses a paper based appointment system until about a month before my appointment, then it shows on myhealthevet. Same old, same old. Sure glad we got rid of all the people faking appointments and times.

    1. Dan F

      McDonald and Gibson are claiming there are 7 million more appointments this year over last year as one of the reasons to raid the Veterans Choice program. They do forget to mention that 4.5 million of those additional appointments were through the Veterans Choice program.

      Given the VA’s past and current performance it seems likely that the appointment was one of the 2.5 million additional appointments they are claiming for this year as their reason to raid the Veterans Choice program.

      1. Jade, according to a report by a VA employee in management, sometime around April or May this year. The Choice Program only had so many, i can’t remember the ‘total’ number given’, apply for permission. This doesn’t mean an appointment was kept! Remember, to use this program, the physician must be of their choosing, not the veterans. And yet this was after the fubar that was discovered over 10’s of 1000’s of veterans on a “list” were “deceased”!
        Because of all the false facts, false figures, false documents etc., etc., etc. McDonald and Gibson have spouted since last year. I feel VA (BOTH ADMIN & MED) DOES NEED TO BROUGHT TO THEIR KNEES AND LEARN A SERIOUS LESSON! sorry bout the caps, I’m p!$$€D at this lying, thieving organization…

    2. Hi Crazy Elf,

      The numbers that I am using in the above post stating: “McDonald and Gibson are claiming there are 7 million more appointments this year over last year as one of the reasons to raid the Veterans Choice program. They do forget to mention that 4.5 million of those additional appointments were through the Veterans Choice program.”

      The Numbers come from an article published in the Military Times July 23, 2015 titled “McDonald optimistic Congress will plug VA’s budget gap”

      To Quote the article:

      “McDonald said the VA has completed 7 million more appointments this year than last, thanks to its hiring of more than 1,100 new doctors over the past year and other steps. Those include 4.5 million additional appointments with private doctors under the Choice program.”

      But as these charges against Cathedral Henderson and the appointment mentioned by Dan F prove the numbers truly cannot be trusted.

      Your right about how the Dr. must be of the VAs choice not the Veteran.

      What they truly need to do is issue every Veteran discharged under Honorable Conditions a true Veterans Choice card. Which could be used anywhere any Federal medical assistance program is accepted such as Medicare or Medicaid.

      That way the trolls Ericman19??, G Murphy and her “Family” can still go to a VA health Care facility if they are getting such great care there. We also would then find out the truth about the cost of services being provided at through VA Health Care facilities. I personally won’t because I hate being used as a training dummy and Laboratory research animal.

      One more thing I have to mention. Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld his company Gilead Science and their $1000 per hep C pill is truly war profiteering at it best on the back of Veterans.

      1. Jade, I do understand the “figures” Ol McD and Gibby gave. I was trying to state those “figures” ARE possibly “grossly exaggerated”! I believe Ol McD and Gibby are also counting “deceased veterans” (who AFTER their death had and cancelled an appointment), the false data of what this article is about and what veterans on here are stating: example.—(appointments being made and then somehow being canceled without our permission and/or knowledge).
        Sorry if I wasn’t clear. Sometimes I don’t know how to say things.

  14. Is it just me? I feel 5 years for 50 counts of blatant fraud on a Federal Level, affecting probably MANY MORE Vets than stated, should be at least 10 years because we ALL KNOW Henderson will more than likely not have to pay one cent of the “max. fine”, so just change the law and make that 10 years to make-up for the never going to get $250,000. fine out of him…it may be punishable for a “maximum of 5 years” but do any of you REALLY think Henderson will have to actually serve that or even the complete sentence?
    I do not, sorry!
    Like all things VA, I am betting he will worm out of this and them be PROMOTED to where he can do EVEN MORE damage.
    I’d love to be proven wrong, but trust has been seriously violated.

    How many Vets at that VAMC took their own lives because of their actions? I am thinking there’s MUCH more dirt on this story and as I stated before, I really believe all those that were under Henderson, “just following orders” should face the SAME sentence.
    Remember, the Nazi’s caught immediately after WW2 at the infamous Trials in Germany where EVERY Nazi stated , “We were only following orders!”….that tells me the integrity has been totally lost with everyone below Henderson for not having the integrity and balls to report this rather than “just following illegal orders”!

    Just as President Reagan placed the fear of God in Air Traffic Controllers and FIRED THEM ALL…in the exact same vein, Sec. McDonald needs to do a massive firing with charges that stick just for starters…again, how about a published list with their picture, and all charges and final punishment so we can all see what’s actually been done rather than just his and Gibson’s word…their integrity and “word” is not worth anything at this point after holding veteran Medical Care Hostage rather than simply ceasing certain over budgeted projects until a MASSIVE AUDIT is performed, then let those heads fly as well.
    Reset, rinse, and repeat.

    1. Don’t expect Bob to fire his own Nazi stormtroopers. Hopefully, the real shit will hit the fan soon, with felony charges, arrest and jail for the Furer.

      1. Unfortunately, “The Beast/VA” has many heads and just cutting one embezzling “head of The Beast/VA” off, will not really cure the problem due to fact this is college textbook example of what a “Systemic Problem” actually is played-out.
        This is like the lower levels of pork belly politicians hell, in a Dante kind of way, of the influence of Corporations now under Citizen’s United, and that then plays a HUGE part in this multi-headed problem monster out of control VA, because then think groups or Koch Brothers, and the rest of the 1% that now really legally run this Country…this carries over to promised campaign “whatevers”, call the promises or “appropriations” or saying of the day, these crooks probably use the DOD as well as VA Agencies as huge slush funds in a way that really is at least obvious an audit needs performed by say, accounting firm not even related to VA/DOD at all, even if it’s a firm from Sweden or Canada, or South Pole…follow the money…then as the Red Queen says, “@FF With their h___ s”! (incarceration not promotion)
        So, what I am trying to say is I do not think it’s been proven by repetition that just placing a new VA Secretary, or whomever is in charge of something Agency wise, and not addressing the ugly “CULTURE” within the VA, which could get someone the Peace Prize by writing a book on the atrocities of way Veterans are cared for as well as the good, but also other countries, Canada for instance supposedly has their own issues very akin to our own going on up there…maybe a world stage Humanitarian address to Publicly Shame the VA on The World’s Stage, and make ALL aware for a embedded time of news, saturation, rather than all these fleeting 14 characters or less…Billions of those bounce off satellites in less time than you realize, so maybe something resurrected out of laws from post WW2 Nurenberg (sp?) Trials, and NATO, in how a Nation is to treat not only prisoners, but also their own and beyond the Code 38 stuff.
        My rant for day over. Nausea is unfortunately my ‘friend’ today.

    2. namnibor

      I believe that the possible sentence of 5 years and possible $250,000 fine is for each count, and that he is looking at 50 counts of the same crime.

      So if they convicted him on each of the 50 counts the maximum he could receive is 250 years and a $12,500,000 fine.

      1. Their Union probably has some clause that they will pay the fine as long as no jail time…and call me a skeptic, but I will believe he serves 5 years, let alone 5 weeks for what he “actually did”…it will be some other “lessor charge” and he will be free to go back and run the asylum.

        I quite liked F8F’s ‘Weapons of Mass Deception” comment.

      2. Namibor

        Unfortunately your are right, about these charges, since the VA doesn’t prosecute employees for fraud against Veterans.

        But as Ben pointed out in this article Henderson’s LinkedIn account shows he is a manager of the Chief Business Office and that Henderson and that he was promoted to Chief of Purchased Care at the Augusta facility. So he was a person with 2700 opportunities to commit fraud against the VA as the Chief of Purchased Care and who know how many opportunities in his prior position as chief of Business Office.

        Given his Moral and Ethics, I just can’t imagine any way possible that he wasn’t stealing directly from the VA. That the VA will prosecute using the Department of Justice and likely the DOJ is running a deeper investigation into his business dealings.

        I am sure there will be more from this story in the future about Henderson.

  15. Massive trouble posting here. Took 6 tries and even my PC’s security program is giving me pop-ups telling me this is a potentially unsafe site.

    “According to the indictment, Hen­derson ordered employees to falsify medical records to show each case had been properly closed.”

    I as well as many others believe that each and every VA Employee that followed Henderson’s illegal orders to commit fraud to get the SAME SENTENCE. This is the ONLY way to give the VA an enema because this tells me those SAME employees will be more than willing to follow illegal orders from yet a different face and if Sec. McDonald wishes to earn Veteran Trust again, he’s going to have to be aggressive and also PUBLISH a complete list of names, charges, and outcomes of the huge number he claims has already be terminated or jailed.
    Sorry, Bob…trust is earned. VA Accountability would be a great start instead of talking points.
    Oh…it’s also not very trust-instilling when we only really hear more VA asking for more cash and HOLDING VETERAN MEDICAL CARE HOSTAGE, rather than treating vets with respect that is definitely deserved.
    Massive VA AUDIT IS definitely REQUIRED and until that happens I do not plan to vote again for ANY politician that’s currently in office, regardless of Party or likeability…time to clean house.

    1. I agree with all you say, and will add that most likely the VA has hacked Ben’s site. Ben is the only one who really investigates the VA and exposes their corruption. It took me an hour to even be able to read the story because their hacker has it so messed up. Find the IT fucks at the VA doing this — and it can be done, and they will get serious jail time.

  16. These two things have nothing to do with today’s blog. Only i believe y’all need to check them out asap.
    1.) As of last night, Congress passed a few bills, non of them contained the permission for VA to move money around. That’s good news. Unless someone stuck it in a another bill as “pork”.
    You know, like someone tried to “sneak in Kerry’s Iranian Deal” by attaching it to a “Transportation Bill” late last week.

    2.) This one should interest everyone one here. It’s from;
    Righttobear dot com

    Here’s why seniors on social security might have their guns seized
    Pj Media reports:
    The Los Angeles Times reported aspects of what Obama is up to now. Seems seniors in VA, and civilians, who have fiduciaries can’t take care of themselves. Therefore they shouldn’t be allowed to have weapons.(I’m paraphrasing)!!!!

    In the article, Quote, “If the same standard as the VA is adopted, about 4.2 million people will be affected.”
    The article also stated the facts presented are “laughable”!
    As I read it, I got to thinking. How many seniors out there are veterans? I Bet a bunch! And how many of us would defend ourselves, No Questions Asked???
    This article is just one more “Constitutional Right” Obama is just trying to deprive us of!!!!
    And he’s supposed to be “Constitutional Expert”? What the hell is Congress thinking about by allowing him to continue as President???? Nixon and Clinton didn’t screw things up this bad. We all know what happened to them. Nixon quit. Clinton was made to look like a fool. Remember Monica and the dress, cigar and “I did not have sex with that woman!” fiasco… Shame Shame Shame….

  17. Henderson is in jail. Great News. Tampering with a witness is another criminal act he will, or should be, charged with. In addition to the 50 counts of fraud.
    Observation, this VA is outside of Ft. Gordon. I wonder what the “active duty men and women” who are stationed there are thinking about the VA. Especially when they get discharged. Are they now wondering if they too will be treated as cattle or a number? Instead of being treated as a human being? Will they believe their records will be falsified?
    Can one imagine the demoralizing effects this will have on our “active duty personnel”! Because it has been reported through all military news, our military is, as of right now, at the lowest in morale.
    This is just one VA employee who was caught. How many more have not? I have found out that I have allegedly seen physicians more times than what I had! Example, according to my VA records, I saw a neurologist five times in 2014. When, in fact, it was only three times. That’s at the Lake Baldwin (Orlando) VA.
    I wonder how many others have their records falsified as mine are…?????
    McDonald needs to go on camera and give names, dates, the types of criminal charges being brought and anything else to prove he truly wants respect from us. In essence, quit his lying!!!!
    Quit giving false facts and figures. Quit asking for money, or to move money around. Do a partial shutdown, so VA employees can come forward and tell how veterans are NOT being given proper medical care in most cases. These are the VA employees veterans need to be working there. Put only physicians who graduated from American Universities at the top of their class in VA’s. Same with any and all healthcare personnel….only those who have graduated in the top 10% of their class, in The U.S., will be allowed to work at VA….
    Clerks will be monitored by “active duty personnel” who will insure quality control in all aspects. If a clerk is caught doing anything wrong, he/she is immediately fired.
    There’s more that could be done, but isn’t.

    1. P.S. I wonder, did Henderson receive “orders” from someone above him to
      “falsify the records”?
      Because, if I remember, his attorney stated, “that would come out at his trial!” I think I got the quote right. If not then I’m paraphrasing…..

      1. Proper punishment would be for *every employee* that followed Henderson’s illegal orders to receive the same punishment and even if Henderson tries to say HE was “only following orders from above him”, well, those heads need to fly as well, regardless of rank and file in this corrupt system.

        Firing just one employee as a ‘sacrificial lamb’ will NOT set an example. The VA Employees need the fear of god placed in them to do their jobs and QUESTION AUTHORITY if it sounds remotely wrong, it’s probably indeed wrong.

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