VA Mobile App Scheduling

Veterans Affairs Awards $19 Million Contract To DSS For Mobile App

VA Mobile App Scheduling

This week, VA announced it awarded a new vendor contract to create a faster mobile app to help veterans schedule medical appointments. The contract is worth $19 million.

Under the Faster Care for Veterans Act of 2016, the $19 million contract was awarded to Document Storage Systems, Inc (DSS). That law requires new access improvements not previously available through existing technologies.

Does anyone find it interesting it took Congress to create a law for VA to now implement yet another new appointment scheduling fix?

About The Agreement

The agreement is part of an 18-month trial run at three or more Veterans Integrated Service Networks (VISNs). The app will allow veterans to schedule and confirm health care appointments using a mobile device like a cell phone or tablet.

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If it works, the app will help bypass the sometimes ridiculous phone wait times plaguing VA call centers for decades.

“The VA is making critical improvements to Veteran health care, and will always look to leverage innovative tools that will put more capabilities in the hands of Veterans,” said VA Secretary Dr. David J. Shulkin. “ Self-scheduling apps are widely used in the private sector and will help create a better experience for Veterans and their medical-care providers.”

VA does already have an app available at 99 sites, which also has many of the key capabilities required by the Act. That older app is called VA’s Mobile Veterans Appointment Request (VAR) app. VA will continue to develop that app to incorporate new capabilities.

VA Repeats Failure To Fix Scheduling

Of course, these new apps are the result of “VA’s scheduling system betrayal” of taxpayers and veterans leading up to the wait time scandal initially cited at Phoenix VA.

For years before, VA was toying with various options and spending hundreds of millions on solutions that did not protect veterans from criminal VA employees who rigged the system to show better performance data than really existed. Veterans died while waiting for care as a result of the scheme that went largely unpunished.

One commenter to an op-ed published in the IT publication MeriTalk said VA spent well over the $6 million budgeted for the VAR app that initially went into production in 2013, calling the entire project “putting lipstick on a pig” while doing nothing to improve veterans’ access to health care:

It is too bad that all of your facts are completely wrong. You apparently read a book from the 1980’s to write your slanted dissertation. The solution being implemented by VA is lipstick on a pig and does absolutely nothing to enhance a Veterans Access to Care. The same invisible appointment slots that exist in VistA today, are still going to be invisible with the new interfaces that are being deployed as part of VSE. Secondly, the Veteran Appointment Request mobile application is simply a way for Veterans to request an appointment. It is the same, protracted, waiting list that Veterans endure today. Epic’s Cadence Scheduling system leverages the extreme performance of the Cache database, one of the fastest DB’s in existence, and feature rich web and mobile user interfaces, along with business-rules driven appointment scheduling to fill every available appointment slot within the Medical Center or CBOC, and further enhances access to care by searching across facilities to provide appointments in locations across VA. Something that VSE/VAR & VistA cannot do today. At the end of the day, there is little efficiency and enhanced visibility in VA’s custom solution. I would also like to point out that VA has spent far in excess of $6M to build VSE/VAR to date, and the $152M to pilot Epic’s Cadence is an order of magnitude higher than the price proposed for the pilot.

Is The Fix In? Or Will DSS Fix The Problem?

All in, what do you think the odds are that DSS will be able to pull this one off where previous contractors were paid millions but failed?

Will veterans get something that works, or will we get stuck with little more than a blank screen like the iPhone in this article’s photo?


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    Many Veterans believe that the VA is not treating their medical ailments properly, especially since the VA relies heavily on Evidence / Experience-Based Medicine [EBM]. EBM has its limitations. EBM tends to cause the Primary Care Physician [PCP] to be limited on prescribing specific medicine(s) that gives the Veteran the relief for their medical conditions.

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    Good news from the home front. My wife finally realized that the VA is dangerous, she now is in full support for me to obtain Medical Marijuana (MMJ). There is still a lot of stigmatism associated with using cannabis to treat certain medical conditions. And, sometimes, people will believe the words from Physicians that don’t support MMJ, because they have a piece of parchment that hangs on the wall. I understand this, but many older Doctors are out of sink when it comes to using MMJ to treat medial ailments.

    There are side effects to all medications, whether they are revealed or not by symptoms. Your liver, kidneys, urinal and gallbladders are all effected. Most all drugs have residuals. Some are short lived, while other last longer in your system.

    This is the last long post that I’ll submit. I spoke about this in a previous post. There is so much that I need to do. I’m in total and firm believe that my health and life is in jeopardy under the care of the VA. And, I’m expecting to reveal why I distrust the VA, and if they want, they can put me on their dam Disruptive Behavior Committee [DBC] or EPERS List if they want to. Why? . . .

    Because the VA’s main reason for putting Veteran’s on the DBL, is because the Veteran shows or has a tendency to threaten VA employees. For me, I’m not threatening any VA employee(s). I’m trying to protect myself from being hurt due to medical malpractice.

    Anyway, if you’re confronted by a VA employee or the VA Federal Police intercepts you, the first thing that you should do is to state; “I’m not threatening anyone, and I’m not destroying any property. I’m no threat. I’m only in fear of not getting proper medical care, because I believe that my health and life is in jeopardy.”

    And, make sure that others are around you to hear what your saying. Repeat, a second time. If things get tense, repeat the same statement as many times as you believe necessary. Also, it is always best to have a love one or friend with you when visiting VA facilities for scheduled appointments or tests. And please, don’t show any signs of aggression. If you do, well, the VA wins again.

    I’ve used the above statement many times in the past at my local VA Medical Center, and I’ve never been negatively approached by anyone after I spoke. I would always get a reply, “Yes, we know that you’re not a threat.” Only if the dumb fucks only knew that I was carrying a concealed weapon in my deep trouser pockets.

    This is my last longie post for a bit. May God bless each and every Veteran, and their love ones (including animals), and those that stand by our Brothers and Sisters for the purpose of support, while they do their best to maintain their life, in order to survive this fucked up heavily influenced worldly progressive process.

    ** VA Veterans Care Terrorism ** – the intentional emotional, psychological, and detrimental assault on Veterans proper medical care, and claims processing for compensation and pension, that directly puts a Veteran in fear of losing their health, and fear of losing their life.

    – – – Sorry for the lengthy post. Thanks. Nutter.

    1. @ANutterVet, i trust your judgement and knowledge on this issue. I have known a few people in chronic pain that are elderly and they are having success with it. Their doctor order it and they are getting relief without other medicine side effects. They had never tried medical marijuana or any marijuana before and are eating better and having less pain.

      This is good advice on this issue and about confrontation with va police or any law enforcement agency. It is something we Veterans need to remind ourselves so to help diffuse a situation and keep ourselves safe. It is a sad state of affairs a place that we are to go to for help wants to try to cause us harm.

      1. @ANutterVet @Ex va – – – I absolutely support the usage of Medical Marijuana, and CBD. No ifs, and’s or buts.

  2. @ALL – – – Took the weekend off this computer – – – hoping for a quiet one. Not to be.

    Mama taken to Emergency at the hospital Saturday afternoon. Blood test revealed dangerously low sodium.

    In process of stabilizing, ER overshot dangerously high – – – then had to wean back down. Still not quite right (bounces back and forth) as I type this. Mucho testing today, and probably tomorrow. She was coughing up some pink tissue this AM – – – so plenty X-Rays to be shot this morning.

    Keeping fingers crossed – – – and hoping for best. Starting to work my way through a few hundred e-mails that have accrued in my box over the weekend from this blog. A few days will be needed to get caught up.

    Hope everyone had a great weekend.

    1. @Disgruntled Veteran – – – Hope mama gets stabilized. We hope that its only a temporary electrolyte imbalance due to dehydration, treated with fluids, and nothing major. I don’t know if it will help or not, but I noticed that many individuals with sodium being low, they usually drink Gator Aide. I know many construction workers on the islands, that take lemons and cure them in a highly concentrated salt brine, and keeping the glass jar in the sun. Many other iron workers, who mainly work out in the sun, did this also. I tried eating the lemons, but it wasn’t for me. Sending hope and wishes for a fast recovery. We’re still enjoying those morning coffees, thank you. – – – Nutter.

      1. @ANutterVet – – – Mahalo. I hope she gets stabilized too. She drinks about 2 gallons of Gatorade weekly, plus eats a ton of salty seeds. She goes through salty seeds like most folks go through oxygen. That’s why puzzling.

        We shall see.

      1. @James Gallegos – – – Thank you. Right now, we can use all that come our way . . .

  3. My iPad comes with Siri. Siri can take voice commands and do stuff for you. Right now, when I told Siri, “fuck off”, her response was, “I am sorry you feel that way. beep beep.”

    Now, extending Siri to use with the VA app, the response from Siri from wihin the app when you tell her to “fuck off” would likely be, “I have forwarded your profanity to the Disruptive Behavior Committee. Your app is temporarily disabled. Please enter the validation code you will receive from VA to re-enable scheduling. beep beep.”

    So maybe the app shouldn’t be for an Apple product. We need something dumber.

    1. Two empty soup cans and a long piece of string is right up there with VA tech know-how and is definitely dumber.

    2. Just watch and see if the app requires you to “Allow” location services in order to use…

      Want to get healthcare? Allow the app to track your position.

      Wait a minute? What is that you say? You say that the owner of the app would not need you to “Allow” location services owing to a geotimestamp affixed to each message at the server level in order to know where you are? You mean, they can track my location to within a city block without me knowing?

      Wow. I guess it’s fine by me to let the federal government track where I am. After all, how bad could that be?

      1. Well, I wouldn’t think the DoD would waste the $$$ on a Tomahawk Missile triangulating on a Veteran deemed that much of a target by the VA’s DBC, but who knows?
        Do those poop canons have Bluetooth or an App for handy remote launching? Additional settings for the poop canons such as: Scour Showers, Thirty Minutes After Thai Food, and my favorite, Splat Attack?

      2. Oh, Dennis, what could go wrong with our caring and benevolent VA providers tracking our location?

        Are you suggesting if the app indicated a wheel chair bound veteran went to the YMCA gym that they would reduce their rating? Without checking with the veteran about using the hot tub or sauna as physical therapy?

        Would our helpful VA caregivers flag your record of you went to a burger joint located in a strip mall with a liquor store on one side and a head shop on the other?

        Or do you think permissions would be turned on so they could examine your text, email and phone call logs?

        All for your well-being of course in their fervent pursuit of providing timely, accurate and quality health care?

        Yeah, I don’t buy that shit either.

  4. Off-Topic but important:

    Liberals have made so many “safe places” for needle drug addicts in major cities that it has caused *many* major chains of both retail and fast food, regardless of socioeconomic makeup of a given neighborhood, to now go to extremes of placing keyed code combos on bathroom doors, buzzers, to even placing low-light blue lighting in restrooms that make it nearly impossible for the addicts to locate a vein to shoot-up.

    All this has done up to now, providing needle exchanges and “safe places” is made the heroin and opioid epidemic worse on a much larger scale…it’s also enabled many more home invasions and crimes of opportunity even in neighborhoods that formerly did not have such crime.

    Having lost a Veteran best friend in few years ago to his own overdose when the VA abruptly cut-off his pain meds, this is a very touchy subject for me because what I hear some of our representatives and city bureaucrats saying is they are trying to paint the dialogue that every since Vietnam War Veterans came back addicted and these bureaucrats are somehow trying to link Veterans from that war to today’s out of control heroin epidemic? WTF?

    I just wanted to air my concerns that we Veterans are somehow being used as an excuse for what the very Dr.’s have caused with overprescribing and abrupt cutting off of RX’s (like the VA often does), and not saying it’s any excuse, but people will then go to the ‘streets’ and get their pain relief but then quickly become slaves to a terrible drug that almost always has an ugly ending.

    If you are a Veteran with these addictions, please get some help. Everyone else, watch your six and keep your doors locked, it’s becoming a heroin zombie apocalypse out there when public bathrooms have become such a huge liability for business owners that may want to continue to see “safe places” but *also* do not want the liability and crushing bad publicity of an addict found OD or dead in their bathrooms during business hours.

    Meanwhile, 20-22 Veteran Suicides in USA each and every day!!!

    Messed-up world…this is also happening all over in rural America…saw it in rural farm country, Indiana recently. Sad. So sad, when weed would never cause all these problems. Peace.

    1. Yes we use to hear about all the powerful drugs the VA was giving veterans and then with the candy man doing what he did, charged.
      VA figured we better stop this ! They did making many go cold turkey and the drugs ate so additive their body needed something so bad the Drug dealer’s, picked up where VA stopped.

      Luke I said before many people do not pay attention until it effects them personally and these drugs are effecting everyone.

      So people are speaking out how that it is their kid’s.

    2. Nam, perhaps I’ve missed it, but typically with a drug epidemic, there is mention in the news of where those drugs are coming from, cocaine and some MJ from Mexico, Meth from whatever local cook shack, etc, but with heroin, I am not seeing it reported.

      The other thing I am wondering is:

      Patient A has a prescription for pain meds, but doesn’t need them all, so Patient A sells his extras to Patient B who had their prescription cut off. Patient A then has their meds cut off, so now Patient A and B go to the streets.

      Both have valid needs for their pain meds, but both are now forced to become criminals because of a knee jerk reaction.

      The really fucked up thing about this is that if both Patient A and B are veterans who end up in jail for criminal activity, they can demand better health care, and sue for civil rights violations if they don’t get it.

      With attorneys lined up to help.

      1. 91Veteran, Theres rumor & proof, men came from Afghanistan into Mexico to show them how they produce the poppy product & have set up a supply line. Now heroin is being cut w/fentanyl that is coming from China. Free Market of opportunity at work.

      2. You are breaking the law if you give or sell your drugs. As it should be.

        Someone could die by misusing your drugs and you become a pusher.

        If someone does not take their medication as directed, why even take it.

      3. @James Gallegos – – – Absolutely correct. If you are giving away or selling your medications, you should be locked up if you are caught.

        I would never “share” mine – – – as my experience has been that when I need something strong for pain, it is usually during the hours that VA closed. Not going to the ER for a non-emergency. Otherwise, a few 800mg Ibuprofen taken along with 500mg Acetaminophen caplet to “jump start” getting it flowing through my system are all I have. Sometime takes the edge off – – – which is about the best I can hope for.

        Since I have a very limited number of strong pain killers – – – got to hoard them for when I need them.

        I would give the shirt off my back to help out a brother vet truly in need. But my pain killers are off-limits.

      4. James, go back and re-read my comment.

        I was offering a hypothetical scenario. One in which a veteran sells their extra pain medicine for whatever reason…put food on their table or other, but both patients end up using street drugs because of an overreaction without regard to the patient.

        Not that it matters, but I have taken nothing stronger than Tylenol for almost 3 years when I stopped taking my pain meds after surgery. I still have them and would not sell them.

        I don’t care to take pain or other medicine simply to mask an ongoing problem that should be fixed if possible by health care other than throwing drugs at it.

      5. @91Veteran, @James Gallegos – – – Well now were getting to the real meat of the Veteran drug problem; VA not providing the latest technological and non-addictive pharmaceutical compounds to treat and manage acute and especially chronic pain issues. I know because I’ve been battling with this monster [pain meds] for over 15 years.

        The VA is so bad at managing pain injuries, that they filled in the warm water pool in the VA Physical Therapy Department at my local VA. WTF? Stupid. And people wonder why Veterans get so messed up by taking medications.

        Now, since the VA doesn’t want to prescribe a medication to me, that has worked in the past, and that is non-addictive to me, they want me to consider doing a trial and error process to possibly find a anti-depressant that may give me relieve. Are they fucking nuts. Read the dam side effects of anti- this and that medication.

        Do you think the VA is aware of the books by Dr. Paul Breggins, MD, such as;

        – Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal- A Guide for Prescribers, Therapists, Patients and their Families

        – Medication Madness- The Role of Psychiatric Drugs in Cases of Violence, Suicide and Murder

        – Ah, WTF here is the link to Dr. Breggin’s books; “”

        I’m so disgusted with the VA MF’s for the way that they have handled my health care. It has been a fucking struggle ever since I started to receive treatment from the VA. And please, I already know what I’m supposed to do, and its in the process already.

        Don’t mean to sound sarcastic and acting like a smart aleck, but the drug problems with Veterans are real. I’m happy for those of you who were able to get off of pain meds. But remember, there are Veterans with major chronic pain, and the condition eats up all their financial resources each and every month.

        Support services for the family from the VA? Fucking none existent. The VA could care fucking less. Give em a fucking big fat bonus for not supplying me the Lidocaine Patches that stick to my back.

        Now they want me to tape them, when they are supposed to stick to you. Got a mirror so I can see my back, in order to know where to put the tape? The whole fucking system is a shame.

        The VA even provides generic medications that are less effective compared to getting a script from your local pharmacy like; Rite Aid, Walgreens, or CVA. I believe that the VA Pharmacy secures medications from the a provider that has the lowest cost, plus I’m pretty sure that the VA has no means of properly testing the medications that are purchased.

        I still have problems with medications being effective. And guess who’s fault that the VA puts that on? Veterans, me. In the private sector I had a similar problem with a generic that did work. Rite Aid Pharmacy worked with me until we found a generic that did what it was supposed to do; give me relieve.

        Even though I’m not doing this, but some folks wonder why some of our unfortunate Veterans sell their medications. Like 91Veteran said, to put food on the table, or to obtain medications that does give them relieve. The problem is bigger than what we


      6. @ANutterVet – – – I do not doubt a word that you say. While I was able to successfully self-withdraw, it was a very painful process. One thing that has been a constant with the VA for over twenty years – – – is no VA support.

        Whether it be assistance at filling out complicated forms, getting needed outside care, getting needed pain killers, getting help to stay off the streets, whatever – – – the one constant has been NO VA support.

        Say something about the lack of support? A billion excuses, and the DBC for you – – – you sub-human piece of flotsam that dared step forward at a time when your nation sorely needed you, and it was not popular to do so. Thanks for your service. Now go away and die will you? We need our bonuses, and you are a speed bump in the road to getting them.

        I, too, live with major chronic pain. For myself, the times when I get a short respite from it – – – is a cause for celebration. Thank goodness that the younger kids are exploring newer technologies. I have found vaping CBD oil along with my regular juice – – – can sometimes help. It is somewhat expensive, but I manage to set my priorities. Don’t mind not being able to go out for a movie. Or afford a new pair of jeans. Roof over our head, food for mama and the girls, and a bit of pain relief for me. Got my radio, and got Ben’s Blog.

        Not ideal. But could be a lot worse.

        Hope you are able to get some relief, Brother. I do know that it is rough.

        Got to get to the hospital.

        A Hui Hou!

      7. ANutterVet, I didn’t mean to sound flippant in my comment, I know what you and many other veterans are going through.

        It my opinion the VA cutting off cold turkey a veteran who has been prescribed strong pain meds for years is the height of malpractice and flat out inhumane.

        It shows the complete abandonment of proper medical care. Not only cutting off medicine without properly tapering off the medicine, but by then completely ignoring treatment for pain that has been well documented in the veterans medical records.

        If it was not well documented, why did the VA provide the prescriptions for so long before cutting them off?

        Speaking of tapering off…if cutting off medication is no big deal, why is it when taking psych meds, the dose is either increased or decreased to see if it works? Or that a prescription is tapered off before changing prescriptions?

      8. All I can say is I’m glad I have my daughter back and she has her kids back and she is working. My grandchild deserve their mother back.

        A sober mother, I have no empathy for anyone that would take a hard drug and sell it to her. To control her.

        Whom every buys those pills for resale are harming innocent girls and children, know it Or not. And their parents whom go to an early death worrying if they are alive or dead.

        That’s why it’s illegal. !
        People can try and justify anything. Does not make it alright.

        If I would see someone trying to give my grandchildren some of these needed drugs. !

        That person will wish they never met me !

        Pissed off father.

      9. Should say- The problems are bigger than what we can think or imagine.


      10. @91Veteran – – – 91, geesh, somedays I fell like I’m 91. Hey, I didn’t take it in a sour manner from what you posted. And, I’m sorry if I came off that way. In no way, shape, or form, was that my intention. Its just that the VA is so full of corruption, that I’m truly in fear of my health and life being in jeopardy. Sorry. And thank you for your concern and the information and feedback that are in your posts. – – – Thanks. Nutter.

      11. @ANutterVet,@Disgruntled Veteran,@91Veteran: All three of you are correct. I will echo the jist of what your saying, it is criminal for any provider to provide narcotics to any person, veteran or not, and then abruptly stop the flow of those narcotics. Hell, even an imbecile knows this, now what does that make the VA? A criminal enterprise, that should be shut down. I mean, that is what they would do to any other health-care provider that would do such a thing, and could be directly linked to a death because of those actions.

    3. Namnibor, That’s genius hiding user veins with the click of a lite switch. I wonder how many users have figured that out.

      Haircut places also take advantage of lighting that turns your hair to grey, when it isn’t really to get you to color it because some people don’t want grey hair. Thats deceptive.

    1. @Ex va, sorry your in so much pain ex. yes everything is planted except the plot for tomatoes.

  5. Union City, Tennessee has two great attractions. The wife and I visited one. It’s called; “Dixie Gun Works”
    If your interested in weapons, old and new, I strongly recommend visiting!
    They also have a small “motor vehicle museum” and an original “Gun Smith Shop” from the early to mid 1800’s!
    I found some things necessary to complete my “1865 Navy Revolver” collection! Now, it’s in a case for people to view!
    My 1825 “Pennsylvania Derringer” will soon be completed, and be in a beautiful case, along with all its accruitments, as well!

    They also have “hard to find ammo”! For example: I had been searching for “41 cal. ‘rim fire’ ammo” for years. No one had any. It was for my “1866 2 shot Derringer.”
    What’s unusual about the original Derringers is, when the trigger is pulled, a “blade” fired both shells at once! So, there’s two bullets coming straight at someone. Maybe this is why many gamblers and others liked it so much as a “Hide-a-way!”

    Like I said, if y’all like history of weapons, you’ll love visiting “Dixie Gun Works” in Union City, Tennessee ! The wife even found some stuff for her!

    1. Crazy elf, The internet is a wonderful thing, by the click of a button I can go see what you have seen & be amazed. Glad to hear you all had good vacation.

      1. @Crazy elf, @NiteWish – – – I’m so dam messed nowadays that I get lost whether on the road or on line. Dam, what page am I on? . . . – – – Nutter.

        Warning – – – If Elf visits you, please don’t play cards with him for money. He can be a pistol sometimes. hehehehe, LMAO, with myself. I’m not ok, so don’t be concerned. – – – Nutter.

    2. Crazy Elf,
      Went to the Dixie Gun Works many (around 40) years ago. My family went to Reelfoot Lake for the week. The lake had some great fishing and some real neat stump jumper boats. It got real hot then blew in a terrible storm. The Gun Works was really neat. I remember getting a catalogue from them with all the parts, guns, and accessories. I am sure they don’t give those away anymore. Excellent area to visit. Really nice country from what i can remember.

  6. Okay folks, time to go plant some taters, Later gators……………………<——-that shit right there rhymes. I'm outta here.

  7. I have a question for you all, I have been going to the VA for over 40 years now. I have heard mentioned here on numerous occasions, reference to the purple team, etc. I have no clue what you guys are talking about, could you please inform me?

    1. cj,
      it is the name the Indy VAMC uses to designate what PCP clinic the veteran is in. They have several of them and they are all named after colors (blue, green, yellow, purple). I am not sure of how many PCP clinics they have. I hope this explains it.

      1. @figure8fan: Thank you figure8fan. Honestly I thought it was some kind of coding system, that treated different veterans differently. So it’s like, follow the yellow brick road, because they think we can’t think? Can’t wait for this system to hit N. Chicago. I imagine following the red line, will take you to a diving board on the 5th floor balcony.

      2. cj You weren’t alone in the purple team question. Purple the color of royalty they should be treating you f8f as such.

      3. My local VA uses letters to designate Teams. Or is there teams that contains Veteran Beneficiary Patients and Teams for Medical Staff that is assigned to the Teams of Veteran Beneficiary Patients. Confusing . . . another form of . . .

        VA Veteran Care Terrorism.

      4. Forget about my post above. I must have taken 2 tabs of meds. I thought I was feeling a little different because when doing regular dosage amounts, it doesn’t give me much relief.

    2. The VA Purple Team can very easily be visually mistaken for that other big purple thing called ‘Barney’.

      No singing of kiddy songs.

      But, yes, because of the butts in Purple Team (or any other VA Team designated color), the hallways are often greased-down at night to keep things sliding along. This is very important to structural integrity, but not to be confused with regular integrity at all because this is the VA.

      Purple Team is particularly dangerous in the early mornings but any time any random employee from another team wanders through with donuts, then a “Purple Obese Obstruction Pararescue” (POOP) team must be called to pull apart the tangled mess in the hallways in event another VA employee should get hurt. Then have Veterans place more lubricant on walls in anticipation for the next confectionary event.

      The VA Cares.- Your Engorged Purple Team

      1. The AFGE will not enforce each VA Employee spraying themselves down each morning before their shifts with Pam Cooking Spray. This would save the taxpayers tons of $$$ on greasing wall time and expenses. Then the walls can simply be coated with Teflon.

        Your VA Purple Team in a tight pinch.

    3. My VA uses the name of breakfast cereal. I was assigned to team Fruit Loop. The oatmeal team is good if you have intestinal problems, they hit the spot. Corn Flakes often get left waiting to stay away from them. Cherios always seem to be leaving early. The Cream of Wheat team takes care of the patients waiting for the morgue. Team Coco Puff is sort of a catch all team.

      1. If it were up to me theynwould be names of marijuanna strains;

        Team Trainwreck
        Team Purple Skunk
        Team Blueberry Kush
        Team Pineapple Haze

        and for the disruptive patients, they get

        Team Bunk Shit

      2. @Dennis,@All, Never lose your sense of humor folks, sometimes it is all we have left, and all that keeps us sane. Thank you all for the fine answers. For namnibor, I found an old mousetrap with very nice, strong spring on it. I will prep it, and glue one of those business cards to it. Another fine idea.

      3. I’m pretty sure Team FrankenBerry and Team BooBerry, along with Count Chocula operate the VA’s Psych Dept.’s and Team Grape Nuts runs Urology. (Grape Nuts=Urology) 🙂

      4. @cj,

        good advice about maintaining a smile when at all possible.

        My advice is work to live, don’t live to work.
        Fight for life, don’t live to fight.
        Pretend for an instant that this moment is all we have, and it doesn’t come with a return policy or a warranty and in that moment you will no longer have to pretend. There are really only two things in life that persistently belong in the shit can; fear and shame. Do not pretend they matter.

        So when I get pissed it’s because I am enjoying myself and have learned after less than six decades that when being pissed is no longer fun to stop. It makes the pancakes taste sweeter, and my joints a little less skunky.

        I like your style cj.

        Semper Fi

  8. Ben,

    You have high connections in places I perceive so I beg you consider forwarding this idea to VA, but only to high upper management. Thanks in advance.

    Dear VA,

    How about an app that scans a veterans records, then present a menu to veteran of choices. Then, lets say he chooses to get medical care or get reimbursed for care. The app could then send an email authorizing Social Security to take care of the shit without delay. This will take a fast computer. Tell them to use the fastest known American supercomputer technology, located at the IRS tax audit department if necessary to augment their existing computer technology.

    Disabled Veteran

    P.S. Can you please remove the disruptive patient personal record flag from my record? I mean, I enjoy the VA Police guys because they are nice, but I would rather use the restrooms alone. Thanks in advance. Your friend and patient.

    1. Among their other varied duties, the VA’s Disruptive Behavior Committee (DBC) also must ensure they escort all red flagged veterans to VA restrooms for their other duties under same anagram, ‘DBC”, which is “Dick Babysitting Committee”.
      They get you coming and going either way.

      1. @Namnibor – – – There nice people, and they blip it for you as well ! Rat bastards.

      2. Soon, there will be a VSC, (Veterans’ Safety Committee) who will escort each of these bureaucrats to the potty, so they don’t use their potty break to screw off any more government time. Trust me, brother, these people are going down big time……………………………………

      3. Yea, they tried to pull that crap on me until they found out I was a lawyer and a former Marine Officer and am looking for any reason to haul their corrupt asses into federal court, (United States District Court),
        You need to contact a veterans’ advocate lawyer and sue the panties off of your detractor who wrote those red flags. Then run them out of their little jobs. They have been using that “acting out” crap for a long time.
        Semper fi Brother, “up their asses with red hot pokers” as that kid in that basketball flick said to his corrupt coach.

  9. Hey, brothers and sisters.
    The wife and I just returned, last night, from a long vacation. We went from Florida, through Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Texas and Tennessee, then back to Florida!
    Everywhere we stopped, gas, food, motels, etc., we briefly asked people about their “thoughts” over what’s occurring in the Veterans Administration!
    Many didn’t know everything that’s transpired/transpiring nationwide. They basically only knew what’s really going on in their local areas.
    Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, didn’t have a very good word about the VA!
    They agree on two things, and two things only – that is;
    1.) The VA is ripping off the taxpayers!
    2.) The VA is treating veterans extremely bad!

    They have also said veterans were being treated worse than illegal immigrants and refugees from foreign countries!
    They don’t know how to fix it was another concern!

    When our conversations were finished, I or my wife, would give this website out. Some even googled it right then. When they read what Ben had written, they became very upset. They couldn’t understand how VA employees could treat veterans in such egregious acts! Especially when some of these government employees were veterans themselves!
    I explained “…the VA was a very corrupt government agency…” which would not treat “whistleblowers” kindly if they leaked the truth out!
    The other problem was/is: the national media won’t report it!
    Many didn’t know the VA spends $25 million (of taxpayers monies) on a “Public Relations Firm”! Which one of it’s soul purposes is to stop negative information from being exposed!

    Once people became aware of what the truth was, they wanted more. Some even googled other sites!

    I do believe our short vacation was worthwhile!

    1. Welcome back, Crazy elf! You can go all over this great nation but there’s nothing quite like wherever you call home to be back to.

      I too, need a vacation. Been well over 10 years since and this year am going to make myself do something outside my comfort zone…I may even talk to a human I walk past on a hiking trail. 🙂

      1. @nanmibor: In the fall I want to head out to Missouri or Kansas, to take a 1 mile shot at a 24 in steel plate. Those are the closest states that have ranges that far. You are welcome to join me. If need be, I can come and pick you up and drop you off after. Will be plenty of other firearms to play with as well, not just extreme long distance shooters.
        It will be a blast………pun intended.

      2. @cj – – – Question; During the fall in the Missouri and Kansas area, is the weather changing towards a real fall or is it still hot like deep summer days? I’ve never been to states that are landlocked, I like the ocean. I ask because I’ve noticed that early spring until almost the halfway point in fall, that the temperature in that area stays warmer compared to the East Coast where I live [Delaware; one of the most fucked up States there is for passing Medical Marijuana Laws in then Country]. Like everyone else nowadays, the only thing that moved our Politicians was more money. Delaware is hurting in the tax collection department. You’d think after all those Big Corps filling here for Corporation Status, that she [DE] would be doing really good. Not so, and I forget what other State(s) are now drawing Corp Clients to file in their State instead. Money, money, . . . wait a second . . .

        Hey, I’ll post the rest of my comments later at the bottom of the page. Check back for the rest of my post. Thanks. – – – Nutter.

      3. @ANutterVet: I don’t know if this is the answer your looking for, but I will give it a go. I am in the Chicago area, Missouri, and Kansas, is normally 10 to 20 degrees warmer then up north. I like to take extreme long distance shots in stable weather conditions. Think ideal flying weather for small craft. In the fall it is not too hot, nor too cold, nor too windy. As a bonus the colors changing, is amazing to see. No doubt, my favorite time of year.

        Extreme long distance shots you need to take everything into consideration, all atmospheric conditions, wind of course, outside air temp, temp of your ammo, temp of your barrel, any crosswinds, there can be several from opposite directions, the rotation of the earth, the target will not be in the same location from when you pulled the trigger, and the bullet reaches it’s target, right turning tendencies with a right hand twist barrel, think of the bullet flight as an arc around a center point, the transonic flight characteristics of the round your using. Always a fun crap shoot, there is much more to just aiming small to miss small. Ballistics sheets developed over many many hours of shooting, reloading, testing, chronograph logging, and just plain, sending the damn thing down range lol. Sounds like a lot of work, but really, it is a lot of fun.

        This is also why you always bring an assortment of firearm goodies. After the real work is done, it’s time to let loose, Few boxes of clay pigeons, few garbage bags of old cans, of different sizes, balloons on sticks, exploding targets. watermelons, milk jugs filled with colored water, New liters of soda pop. Lots of different things that go ding, dong, boob, kerplop, and splat. Damn………………………..I refuse to ever grow up.

        Was this too much info?

      4. cj , ANutterVet, My daughter lives in Southern Missouri weather is hot, wet, humid all year, Summer is like Florida your body drips with moisture, in the winter it is cold wet humid. Yuk. I can’t breath in that hot wet weather.
        Its 100~ right now in CA, unbearable without A/C.

      5. @NiteWish: Being from the midwest, it is normal to me. We hit all extremes here, summers can get to 120 and above, coldest winter I remember was -90 with the wind. Hunting season is often snow covered and raining…….absolutely miserable, I don’t hunt anymore lol.

      6. @cj – – – Sounds like my kind of FUN day. Just not in Hawaii. Most Anal firearms laws in the nation . . .

      7. @Namnibor – – – I too, am at the point where a vacation or mental break from life would do me some good. Hope you get yours soon.

    2. @Crazyelf: Elf, maybe you hit on something, I think I will print out business cards with Ben’s site on it, and start handing them out to everyone I come in contact with……………..including my VA PCP lol. I think that is an excellent idea, they have good business card stock you can buy for your printer. No need to have them done at an actual printer. It certainly couldn’t hurt. Great idea, thank you elf!

      1. Have the ones designated for any VA employee be printed upon one of those old time wooden mousetraps to ensure they get the point. 🙂 Rat Bastards!

      2. I wonder if someone could go on go fund me and ask for donations so we can start a letter drive.

        Send all residents a simple letter stating veterans are dying VA is lying. Few stats and phone numbers to their local elected officials, news outlets etc.

      3. @cj – – – That is a really good idea! Think I will take that one for action ASAP. A referral card to this blog might just help some other veterans (and civs) to become a wee bit better informed about what really goes on with the VA/AFGE.

        Gotta be a good thing, right?

      4. @Disgruntled Veteran: DV, was elf’s idea, I like it as well, I think we can spread the word a bit, and then word of mouth can kick in. The public has a right to know what is happening with their veterans and tax dollars.

      5. @cj – – – I’ll make mention of that to elf next time I reply to a comment of his. Damn fine idea! And yeah, the public DOES have a right to know. Whether they want to or not.

    3. I believe most people don’t pay attention until it effects them personally.

      Donald trump said he could shoot someone on 5th avenuse and no one would care. !

      So if the VA is harming veterans, seems no one cares.

      If the media would keep veterans issues in the fore front. Someone might pick up their head and take notice.

      This is tellin me that the information is not getting to them. Thanks for letting them know.

      Word of mouth works. If you have a problem with you car and someone worked on it and did nothing to fix it and you told someone else not to go there.

      If this person runs into someone who needs work on their car and says I’m going to take it to that shop. That person will tell the other person what happened to you and would not go there.

      The people must get the word. Our news agencies need to food the airways with the problems going on at the VA and those people have to keep calling our elected officials, until our elected officials get so embarrassed they take action.

    4. @Crazy Elf – – – Good for you! A nice vacation coupled a little spreading the word. Definitely a success.

  10. OFF TOPIC BUT VERY INTERESTING The Shocking Reason Why Countries Are Now Banning the Use of Microwave Ovens…Convincing and Convenient Vs. Lethal To Humans and Other Life…….”” eight subjects living in a controlled environment for 8 weeks, and they would eat microwaved and cooked foods. They seldom ate raw food. After each meal they had blood drawn to be sent for testing. It was disturbingly found that microwaved food can alter blood chemistry.

    1. You do realize you also get bombarded daily by oodles of radio waves of varying intensities and frequencies, to include microwaves each and every second? Then if you also take into consideration Bluetooth and Wifi, when like in my apartments, they recently placed free basic wifi repeaters in all basements in all apartments…you really do not need to eat microwaved foods to potentially be harmed by these things.

      To be frank, I have way too many chronic health issues currently and greet each new day with earnest welcome that I have been granted yet another day….now to microwave my quinoa flakes.

      (also, take into consideration how many Veterans of all eras have been exposed to all kinds of nasty crap, some of it still locked in welded shut bank vault doors in concrete structures that have several extra feet of concrete and lead around them but have leaked since those days of the Manhattan Project…and we got to play war games and such all in that bubbling water….not so much worried about convenience and possible dangers of microwaved foods at this point)

      1. namnibor You do realize you also get bombarded daily by oodles of radio waves of varying intensities and frequencies, to include microwaves each and every second?………I do not here where i live thats why there are more birds and bee’s here than ever before.the only thing i have here that affects me is my electric meter and i have aluminum foil around it LOL . it helps. I even wear a grounding strap at night when sleeping….. so i am a well grounded person LOL….
        US National Library of Medicine
        National Institutes of Health
        “Earthing: Health Implications of Reconnecting the Human Body to the Earth’s Surface Electrons”

  11. OFF TOPIC……..,In 1878 in Switzerland, Hermann and Luchsinger demonstrated a connection between EDA and sweat glands. Vigouroux (France, 1879) was the first researcher to relate these phenomena to psychological activity. In 1888, the French neurologist Féré demonstrated that skin resistance activity could be changed by emotional stimulation and that activity could be inhibited by drugs…….when people take antidepressants an E-meter won’t read anything from them, to the meter they are dead. And more often than not, even after quitting antidepressants, they stay dead to an E-meter permanently. That’s huge, because if true it would prove beyond any doubt whatsoever that antidepressants destroy people.

    1. OLDMARINE, Namnibor, I think the ‘human’ is older much older than the 200,000yrs from the accepted ‘evolved’ timeline. Our skin has been a mystery to me as it being the largest organ we have it is not well suited for the planet or climate. The UV warning before skin damage is usually only 15 min. in CA. & bird song is changing. They sing in harmony to the Earth’s pulse but with so much interference the song is changing & under study.

      It won’t ever come out that taking those types of medication is causing permanent damage but they do.

      If you don’t already know this: when you put women together say in an office space, in a short time ALL the females menstrual cycle will synchronize & will PMS, then bleed, then be fertile in a group. You men who have worked or fought with the ladies may have noticed the females all being ‘bitchy’ at the same time, its due to the ’cycle’ & to make it even better, males unconsciously can ‘smell’ the fertile female so don’t be dismayed when you notice unsolicited arousal in your member. Being aware of the science behind it can help with controlling that. Even after the menopause women go through the cycle during full moon phases but with no egg left to release it’s a chemical reaction in the brain. Fascinating stuff.

      And lastly: Test your micro-wave shielding. Everyone I’ve told this to first response is to freak out so don’t freak. You need 2 phones, 1 being a cell the other don’t matter. Put the cell phone into the micro-wave – you are NOT turning the Micro on – use the other phone to call the cell phone, it should NOT ring, if it does get rid of the micro wave it is not shielded.

      Most times when I have to go out into the people world I put my own shield up, picture Star Trek, I’m the captain & order shield up & picture the force around my personnel space. It actually does help me.

  12. @NiteWish, @cj – – – I looked up synonyms for our new word of the day; PROFILGATE = Libertine. So, butthurt snowflakes = Libertines. Now you won’t forget the new word. – – – Nutter

  13. I wonder how long it would take for the VA to wither and die if the VA employees at all levels just suddenly started dying off approx. 20-22 a day due to self-inflicted deaths, you know, just like the daily number of Veteran Suicides in USA?

    I’m betting that the AFGE would magically come-up with a VA AFGE Employee Suicide Plan (ESP) so they can maintain their dues-contributing minions….while Veterans still die at a rate of 20-22 a day in USA.

    These AFGE VA Employees are in this for the long-game and are in it for THEMSELVES. This is quite obvious now.
    The VA lost it’s original mission and integrity long ago—-> The VSO Piggies naturally followed where the $$$$ was heading, so the VSO’s lost all integrity and also their mission to assist Veterans…the VA is like Mad Cow Disease or Ebola or a combination of both…infectious and needs put-down out of our misery. 🙂

    1. @Namnibor – – – Right on Nam. It would be a totally different story. There’d be PR’s all over the MSM, and different types of Employee Suicide Plans and Programs to find out why this is happening, and how to stop it. They’d spend a lot of monies to do so. Shootz, where do we stand? Not in their fucking favor that’s for sure.

      1. Remember the VA’s New plan to fight veterans suicides. They said they will review veterans charts to see who might commit suicide, sometime in their life.

        Going to write to these veterans and tell them to come in for special treatment.

        Now what will happen if the veterans don’t want to come in for special treatment.

        Is the VA going to call the police and tell them you are a threat to youself or other’s and refuse to come in and the police drag you to the VA in cuffs.

        Police tells the VA This veteran did not want to come in, we had to hand cuff him.

        VA tell them thank you, we got to him just in time, we will take it from here. O.k. the police had to hand cuff him, he’s combative and suicidal get the restraints.

        And give him the strongest medications we have. Boy we got him just in time, we just saved his life !
        Good grief ! Charlie Brown !

      2. No one should be surprised at this BOOB solution to a serious problem, suicides by our brothers who were fortunate to come back physically somewhat intact.
        I favor killing a VA bureaucrat every time a veteran kills himself.
        Veterans are killing themselves because they cannot cope with the non treatment and substandard treatment they receive/do not receive from what is the most corrupt and incompetent bunch of fools in this country.
        Many military bases are sold off to private developers and then the homes built are sold to wealthy persons with no thought of providing homes for homeless veterans, (unless they build a chicken coop with slots for each suffering veterans).
        Who is the boob who suggested this stupid “solution’ when the veteran’s record and the veteran should have been scrutinized from the gitgo? I SAY, WHO IS THE BOOB WHO SUGGESTED THIS “SOLUTION”?
        What great medical/psychological minds will have this task?……Will it be some of the young, new hires,
        new psychologists who are instructed to obstruct veterans’ claims for PTSD, or BRAIN TRAUMA?

      3. @Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve: Point on!!!!! Stop using fucking hacks to deny TBI/PTSD!!! Agreed, shoot a hack, save a vet.

      4. Yes, that is the main problem getting your deserved disability in order to be eligible for treatment.

        Deny, deny, is not the answer !

        These people have no clue what a veteran goes through with PTSD and or TBI and them denying their disability and treatment is just setting the veterans up for trouble and then death.

        They call you milinger, lazy, mentally retarted, faker, until the veterans take their own life, then they say we have to do something.

        Wonder if they ever though about treating them first. Or does that make to much sense.

        Let’s see give the veterans their disability, treat them and they get better. Sounds good but why pay the veterans their deserved disability.

        When we can not treat them and they take their lives, we only have to dish out $250 to open and close the grave.

        His much money have they saved so far !

    2. @Namnibor – – – Not sure how long it would take. And as ANuttervet, Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve, and James Gallegos have all observed – – – It is a knuckle-headed “fee good” solution to a real and serious problem.

      Would be good to see though, wouldn’t it? I would attend their funerals to pyss on them as they were put into their graves . . .

      As would you, I am sure.

    1. @Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve – – – Its fine Bro, no ill feelings. Please continue to post. We need all of us to stick together as a unit. VA’s goal is to cause division and to separate us, so that there is no possible way for Veterans to pull together as a contending force to deal with. FPG, I do believe, but don’t know when, that the VA is going to cause a major fuck up in the future [one that effects the live of an important Political Figure], and things will hit the fan. I say this [maybe I’m wrong], because the VA has done so much in the past that it wouldn’t be tolerated in the Private Sector.

      The Main Stream Media [MSM] would be all over it. The MSM is aware of everything that is in Ben’s weekday articles. They have the tools to do this. Plus, MSM gets daily activities of newsworthy topics, even if they don’t publish the current actions of how the VA is screwing us all over.

      I’m an Investigative Research Biologist, and I’m in total disgust of the VA’s Veteran Care Terrorism actions and behaviors. I don’t know what else to call it, but terrorism fits the bill at hand on how these Moinks [cow and pig] treat us. I love K9’s, but they get treated better than Veterans. Keep posting. Thanks. – – – Nutter.

      1. A O.K.
        The VA would not want me for assistant director of personnel cuz there would be hell to pay; I wish I was in the VA hierarchy so I could kick more butt, but the VA is sooo very corrupt. even to the point of a guy bragging to me that he couldn’t be fired because of his political connections in the bureaucracy. Not too much later the I.G. tapped him on the shoulder and said, pack up your stuff and leave the building, pal. (He caused the deaths of two veterans)

      2. If people would just listen to veterans and the whistle blowers and take this NO nonsense approach many other employees would get that tap.

        I don’t like people to lose their jobs, but some deserve more than just loseing their jobs.

        It’s good to hear someone listened to you.

        These employees that get fired, a yearly employee report should be done with names and why they were fired and given to VA employees as a reminder.

        You will be held accountable. !

  14. One thing is for certain: For Veterans with PTSD, The VA is absolutely wrong in their ever changing bullshit. They have become a true threat to my health. Vietnam just won’t go away.., direct result of VA apathy. Many Veterans on this site are,, or have said in one way or another, the VA isn’t going to heal. I’m sure that this organization, along with others, are stealing billions from American taxpayers. How could Shulkin not know? If he doesn’t know, how can he fix it? @Old Marine, I am old school, and faithful is more than a word. My values have been under attack. I’m not seeing a happy, life and liberty future. Our leaders have lost their way. God Bless the Veterans and their families.

    1. Semper Fi, he knows, but he skates with each skate on a separate sidewalk


      1. @Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve – – – I never offered a solution for the unfixable VA. Although, I do believe there is a solution, but I’m not part of the inside theme of things to offer said solution. Read the post. I call it as it is in the VA’s overall current state. Lets not forget, and I think you may have mentioned it, that it has been reported that between 20-22 Veterans commit suicide daily. VA Veteran Care Terrorism. Are the VA employees doing their best to stop this? Doing their best to stop obvious things that need change? Think not.

      2. ANutterVet I read new suicide numbers the other day somewhere, I just jotted the numbers down & didn’t keep the link. The US has a Suicide by Despair epidemic. 44,000 people take their lives yearly divide by 365 = 120.5 a day. What % of them are Veterans I do not know, not even sure if they were counted.

      3. NiteWish,
        This was from the VA. It is about VA suicides. I call them VA assisted suicides. We go to the VA for help in that area as they are supposed to be the “Professionals”. By them not helping, they are assisting.

        In 2014, Veterans accounted for 18% of all deaths from suicide among U.S.
        adults, while Veterans constituted 8.5% of the US population. In 2010, Veterans
        accounted for 22% of all deaths from suicide and 9.7% of the population.

      4. f8f after some thought the 44,000 came from the local news report. My town has had 2 people [that they know of] jump off a bridge into the water this week, they haven’t found them yet, speaker said we’ve seen an increase of Suicide by Despair but google ‘Deaths of Despair’.

  15. COX has the right sounding name, he is the enemy of the veteran and someone should throw his fat ass through the plate glass window of his office and watch him bounce and roll into the fresh water of the Anacostia River. I wish some Senator with properly developed GONADS WOULD STAND UP TO THAT PHONY BASTARD WHO JUMPS TO THE AID OF EVERY VA BUREAUCRAT WHO JUST CAUSED THE DEATH OF A VETERAN AND RECEIVED A BONUS FOR IT.

  16. You cannot put a loaded rifle into the hands of a nitwit and expect him/her to help you win the battle.
    No amount of money will change the attitude that prevails in the VA bureaucracy, and the VA, as it exists will never serve the veterans in a way that is barely decent, despite the few dedicated health care professionals trying to swim to shore in the cesspool called the Veterans Administration, the Department of Veterans Affairs, or known by any other name. Just changing the name and ‘re-organizing” doesn’t change anything.
    Your toilet cannot be cleaned by taking a stick and stirring the shit; You must FLUSH THE TOILET.

  17. What the hell is the difference between this 19m dollar POS and a 20 dollar answering machine?

    I am fed up with the mentality of just throw money at it instead of I dont know THINKING!!

    Just another example of Just Other Peoples Money.

    1. Answering machine No one will listen to it. Delete button. I thought about that too and they will get back to you later or not.

      Most go to answering machines now ! Now is that working. If you are thinking about killing yourself call this other number.

      You call the other number, WHAT do you get an answering machine.

      NO one is going to know how many veterans will die because of this New program.

      Someone else said something about this. Blaming someone else. Or something else.

      1. @ANuttervet and everyone, I will just have to go on my computer and readjust my posts if it will let me modify my initial posts. I believe my phone is messing up because it is double spacing in these posts. I will just do my posts from the computer until I get my phone squared away. And too, I do not have a Medicare supplement. I have Tricare from being retired from the Navy but if Medicare will not pay, then, Tricare will not pay at all. No, it does not matter what state anyone
        lives in when it comes to Medicare and Tricare. Will get to my computer to finish. Hey, everyone, I am not mad. I just get really involved because all these issues are very sensitive to me.

      2. @Angela, Agree, without a supplement policy. Medicare is shit, could easily put a veteran in the poor house. Right​ again, anything the government touches turns to shit, unless it’s for politicians.

        I think you, myself, and the rest of the bloggers, not including the occasional troll, have a good handle on the shenanigans our government is up to. Keep up the good work, all of you?.

  18. Let me tell you first impressions of VA implementing an app to schedule appointments:

    It is precisely the most unexpectedly right thing the VA can do, but NOT for the reasons ostensibly offered! Ben may delete any post of mine that applauds a VA program (believing of course I am an imposter) but my reasoning comes from personal experience.

    At VA in VISN-20 I am permanently (and illegally) banned from receiving ANY psychiatric care from ANY VA doc or counsellor. This followed my whistleblowing in the press of their psychiatric unit that named names and got two full spreads coverage alongside of the story of a vet who suicided by cop after seeking help at SAME VA mental health clinic (An Oregon Nat. Guard Capt.) to no avail.

    I can snivel or cheer that VA is no longer in the employ of folks twiddling around inside my skull nor ever will be, because in my own spiritual tradition I accept that this is the way it is.

    HOWEVER…if there was app provided to all vets like me (120%+ SC disabled with 100% of it PTSD) to use, then management would have a tremendously difficult task trying otherwise implement the same illegal ban. The app would surely authenticate that a mental health prescriber had been assigned to a PTSD patient, right? I mean, they have all diagnosis contained alongside all other data in my record and the whole point of a medical record in database form is for things like this.

    As a programmer your parameters are to authenticate the request. The set of authentication rules is already spelled out clearly in law, Title 82, so the programmer has nothing ambiguous to go by. It is clearly spelled out.

    So if an authentication fails because no provider is assigned to the requesting patient, the program would either automatically make the assignment (independent of the notorious DBC), OR it would require a human override of some sort at a high level to clear the authentication error. This is standard programming practice and simply would not be excluded without the program hanging up horribly.

    Here is why I like it: I do not see how a local pissed off VA could bypass this in a nationwide app without gaining the spotlight from higher up. Moreover, a vet taking his cell phone into his congressmans office, along with is VA award letter (to authenticate he is entitled) and demonstrating personally that he is locked out has FAR greater likelylihood of nipping that shit in the bud than just the words of a crazy vet, right? An iPhone screen is worth a thousand words if a congressman is looking at it…

    In short (which my posts never are), the app would correctly place the tedious clerical jobs onto computers with the enormous benefit that the clerical beaurocracy that enables VA to engage in malfeasance is cut out of that part of the loop. No more could a wink, a nod, or a poke in the ribs, cause a providers name to somehow “drop” from a patients chart when a DBC member with a grudge is nearby the front desk clerk…with no replacement assigned. No more could the only answer in response to a request for psychiatric care at VISN-20 be, “Let me check with my supervisor, and I will get back to you.”

    I give the idea two fingers up!

    1. …well, said Columbo, there is just one more thing…

      This app would make it possible to solicite feedback into a national database. Simple five star assignment, post visit, assigned to EACH person involved in your treatment. Just click a star rating next to the photo of each person.

      Then, make absolutely certain that EVERY VA person understands they will be individually graded.

      What this might be tied to are bonuses or lack therof, and advancement. I mean, who could argue that five star providers should not be advanced over three star providers? Who would argue that one star providers needed a bonus? Cox? hehehe, not likely.

      Once an app is in place, then legislation laughably but true could guide VA in a manner of speaking by legislation of the app functions available. VA would be hog tied in a few instances by the will of The People and not because we marched, demonstrated, or petitioned, but because of a godamn iPhone app!!!

      God Bless America!

      1. @Dennis: Dennis, I am not as convinced as you. At present, the kiosk does not work for me, when I call in for an appointment, I get the “hold please, there is something wrong with my computer”. In person, I go directly to an administrator, to bypass the appointment desk. They refuse to issue a current service connected id card, they destroyed my initial service connected priority card, issued a regular id card, and lied about not having service connected priority cards any longer. Every single time I walk into a VAMC it is a problem. This new app will be no different, can a regular citizen use the app? NO, so there is a way to lock certain people out, I guarantee I will be one of those locked out. I have already seen what my useless congressmen, and senators can do. All this app will do is make union members even less accountable……………….it will be the apps fault. Once again, the veterans that are currently having problems with the VA, will now have an entire new layer of bs to wade through, every time you need to make an appointment. You can take the new app, and your dd214, and your award letter, to whoever useless politician you want, the outcome will be the same, sorry Charlie, nothing we can do.As they pat you on the back, tell you ” thank you for your service” and hand you a business card on the way out the door, so you can sign up for their newsletter.

        I deleted the next four extremely violent paragraphs.

      2. Cj, Dennis & Others, I think I like the robot to make appts even though I don’t have a smart phone or any apps I believe for now AI can’t be programed for health care terrorism.

      3. James G That really made me laugh in a sad way. I wonder what new & wonderful spam / robo / text calls will come out because it will get sold or hacked. If my phone don’t show a name when it rings I don’t answer it anymore. Spam callers never quit. I don’t even check the voice mail its all full of spam. I have only a basic cell phone & the same phone# for 30yrs or so.

      4. Devils advocate questions. Part of my disability I guess, some time’s one has to think outside the box.

        Can’t put anything passed them. I have watched and seen and heard to much not to think this way.

        One must question everything. Some don’t and just say ya that sounds good, do it.

        With out determing the final outcome on how it’s going to effect everyone.

        Veteran’s can see when something is not right, where employees think they have thought it through. Good vs a bad decision.

        Might sound good at the time, but in reality it’s not a good idea after all.

        Why not ask veteran’s for their input, believe it or not there are veteran’s that could help them understand what we need.

        Not the VSO’s.

    2. No, cj, you did not hear me correctly. Yes, I have great private sector doctors. Even if medically necessary, and even if other health care insurances pay for the procedures, Medicare may choose not to pay. This issue is not with the provider but Medicare itself with financial dependability.

      1. @Angela: Still not understanding what you mean. Maybe because my supplemental picks up everything Medicare doesn’t. Not sure what point your making. Don’t get mad, some things just don’t make sense to me.

      2. @cj, @Angela – – – Even when things does make sense, I sometimes still miss what is trying to be said. Shootz, Dennis, Dennis, are you going outside? How bout a fatty? – – – Nutter.

  19. Off Topic Weekend – – – [1] The VA System will not undergo any major changes that deals with reforming or re-organizing health care and/or claims filing processes. Making extreme changes in the VA system isn’t a priority to our Elected Officials, VSO’s, AFGE, or the American public.

    [2] Due to the downright hate of President Trump, the united front of the Democrats along with some Republicans, and the Main Stream Media [MSM], they will continually keep the political pressure on POTUS until his election term(s) end, or if and when they succeed in removing the President from office.

    [3] The Democratic Party members are doing their utmost to band together in order to win the Presidential Election next term. Hillary Rodham Clinton [HRC] has created a new Political Action Committee [PAC] called Onward Together, and its goal is to fundraise for such groups as Color of Change, dedicated to improving the lives of black Americans, and the Indivisible Project, whose stated mission is to “Resist Trump’s Agenda.” Onward Together plans to boost left wing and anti-Trump groups.

    What do y’all think? Please list your comments. Have a great weekend. – – – Nutter.


    2. The article below, plus other items I’ve found, alienate me against Trump, once and for all, he’s just another oligarch, battling it out other oligarchs to become king of the shit house known as the US government. He’s as much a member of the 1% as the Koch brothers. If he is impeached, it’s fine with me, because there will be no longer any confusion about what forces are really in charge, no one will delusively think anymore that Trumpism and populism are in the future with a neocon like Pence in the cat bird seat. Then supporters of Trumpism can rally and focus much better against the 1%. Trump is only for Trump, with all of his class biases and prejudices, and for pushing his family to rise from national capitalists to multinational capitalists, where the REAL money is!…… and again i voted for no one this time around…….”Donald Trump, Empire, and Globalization: A Reassessment”

      1. Hey ole Marine, a word from the skipper that I haven’t seen any Republican thugs beating up old people in Berkeley or Portland or Washington, D.C. Would you rather have someone in office who left four of our brothers in the Ben Ghazi desert to die needlessly?

      2. thats why i voted for no one. yes trump is the lessor of two evils, but that is about it,and klillary should be in prison ….i’m just fed up with politicians they all suck

      3. I should have added these days democrats equal communism its as plain as day and night

      4. Hey, compadre, as ole Marshall McCloud used to say: ‘There you go!”

      5. Trump and His Cabinet Members Awkwardly Dancing with Swords in Saudi Arabia (New show this fall: Dancing with the Terrorists, Business Insider)

      6. oldmarine Nice they arrived before Ramadan before all those rules kick in – like no dancing or music in public.

      7. @Old Marine, if President Trump gets removed, this country will crash or collapse. This is the Democrat agenda for this country to become a single party country. If we think we do not have rights now in the VA, just wait until the Democrats take over, this if Trump gets removed. If Democrats take over there will be no civil rights period unless the Democratic party redirects it’s governing path. The Democratic party is to far to the left. The jobs will reverse course to the foreign countries with the continuance of the outsourcing. The Americans will not even have a job to go to. This country will become even more dictated and Tryannical.
        Capitalism is really the only solution for this country unless people want their civil rights removed. And, yes, Socialism does exactly this. Single payer healthcare 100% if Democrats are in power with rationed healthcare and death panels. Single payer is tremendously over the top expensive to cover everyone. As far as the Special Counsel being appointed, actually what is happening is all these government officials such as the Deputy attorney general appointed him to protect his own reputation. All these governmental officials have no loyalty to the country or the American people. All they care about is protecting themselves to line their pockets. I am mainly referring to Democrats and Liberal Republicans. And too, the fake left media.
        @cj, hey, when I was speaking about Medicare, I was only sharing about my own experience. My comments pertain to me.
        Addendum to my Capitalism comments.
        Capitalism just affords the American citizens to be more able to live their lifes the way they choose. Freedoms and civil rights. More self-reliance & Independence.

    3. Folks, I have heard alot about the mainstream media, Medicare, Democrats, AFGE etc. I want to comment on these topics. As for Medicare, they pay for what is medically necessary, not routine. However, though, if a medical doctor believes the procedure is medically necessary, the Medicare may still not pay with disagreeing with the medical doctor. In this case, the medical doctor has to write it off as their liability. This is what I have an issue with is the government does not need to be in healthcare period unless they are past medical providers who still have their license working in the government in the healthcare. Many decisions are being made by government officials even in Medicare who do not know really what they are doing from my perspective. Let me explain. A medical procedure can be both medically necessary and routine. For example, a condition has not been checked on in 5 years, well, too much time has elapsed which then makes it medically necessary but being that is not life threatening yet makes it be considered as routine. In the government, it is based on black and white, either yes or no. But in reality this is not the case. There is gray areas. The example I gave is part of this scenario. As for President Trump, yes, the Democrats want him gone. Though, folks, where is the crime? The Democrats have done 4 investigations and the 5th is in progress but to prove what? A crime has not been identified. Collusion, if there has been any, is not a crime. They have appointed a special prosecutor for what? A special counsel is to be used for criminal. So far there is no crime that President Trump has committed. This could backfire on the Democrats. Because with the decline in the country, most is due to Democrat policies under the Obama administration. Look at all the incidents that occurred in the Obama administration. Bengazhi, Fast and Furious, Lois Learner with the IRS with targeting conservatives, Hillary Clinton with her emails and server, Susan Rice with the exposing and spoken about as lying and refusing to testify, Ben Rhodes, the 20% of U.S. Uranium given to the Russians by Hillary Clinton, John Pedesta putting the stock of his Russian involvement in a Russian company under his daughter’s name, Seth Rich the young DNC employee who is believed to have been murdered and being spoken about as to have provided Wiki Leaks — Democrat party information during the election last July, the Iran deal by Obama and the list goes on. The Democrats have been desperate for a Special Counsel. What they really want is an Independent Counsel. The Independent Counsel statute expired many years ago. My question is Why didn’t the Democrats get a Special Counsel during the Obama administration? This should have happened then, not now. This actually from my take shows negligence and lack of accountability to the law by the Democrats. So who knows where this investigation might lead. Due to all the crap that has occurred during the Obama administration, this investigation may lead to the Democrats their further decline instead of the impeachment of President Trump or indictment of President Trump. Folks, Saudi Arabia rolled out the Platinum Carpet with a Royal Warm Welcome to President Trump and his staff. The Saudi King even shook the First Lady Melania’s hand and Ivanka’s hand. I am bringing this up because they are women and women are not really acknowledged in Saudi Arabia. And they usually have to wear the veils over their faces. So folks, I really do not agree with the software app for the scheduling of appointments. I honestly believe that the money could have been spent more wisely. Folks I could go on. I still need to comment on Benjamin’s previous article but will go back to that article to comment further on the AFGE and employment in the VA. Take care all.

      1. Democrats, be careful what you ask for, now Bob Mueller can go anywhere his investigation takes him, wherever the facts take him so Hillary and Podesta and company you are on the spit next to be placed over the
        fire. What idiots the Dems are, do not they know? (Vengeance is mine saith the Lord!)
        The Dems are digging their own grave just like the victims of the Mafia are forced to do.

      2. It will be of interest to see what the Saudi Kings give as gifts to someones’ who already have everything. Even pets get gifts to place in the National Archives. Rolex’s for everyone & fine jewels for the women. “”

      3. No need for riches, just a few plagues saying how great he is. That’s all Donald wants, say thing’s nice about him that’s all.

        Russia, knows this !

      4. James Gallegos The giving of gifts is tradition. But where do they really go, what is the National Archives. I picture the scene from the Raiders of the Lost Ark movie at the end is a ware house full of crates full of treasure. The dragon’s hoard.

      5. @Angela – – – You have a lot to say, and I’d like to read your posts with out missing my place when reading them. Can you please use paragraphs so that it breaks up your text so that we don’t get lost, and then try to find our place. Keep posting. Thanks. – – – Nutter.

      6. @Angela, and others:

        I have seen posted over and over again, how bad Medicare is. I can tell you first hand, I have Medicare, and a Medicare supplement. I assure you, I have some of the finest doctors available, Barr none. I don’t know where you, and others, are getting your information from, but your wrong in thinking Medicare is somehow sub standard. I pay a small deductable (160.00) each year, and all other charges are covered. You can look up the Sherman hospital healthcare system, and see, it is one of the top rated in the country. There is never a question of if a treatment was necessary,or routine. Medicare is better than any VA healthcare, or Obamacare​, or union provided Blue/Cross Blue Shield. I have had,and used, them all.

      7. OLD Marine and all, I wanted to comment further on all these topics. I disagree with you OldMarine about President Trump. Here is why. President Trump is not even receiving a taxpayer funded salary. He is non-stop working trying his best to renew this country to success and prosperity. He is really giving back to the people and the country. His agenda is being slowed down some due to the obstructive Democrats. Also, Liberal Republicans that want to stay on recess and do care to not work like President Trump. And yes, the Democrats want to implement Socialism 100% through out the country or Communism. Old Marine, I agree with you on the Communism. The Democrats are all about power, greed, and removing people’s rights. If Hillary Clinton had been elected, our country would be really on its way to the bottom. I do want to share with all and I know all of you are probably aware of all the Fake news propaganda with CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, the Washington Post, the New York Times etc. The point that I am getting to here is even, when numbers are used by economists that determine factual exactness and documents truthful positive occuring growth or growth that has already occurred, the Leftists Media always reports it as negative propaganda. They always put a spin on the factual data with not reporting it or reporting it as false. Our country now has a 182 billion budget surplus. Has the leftists media reported on this? No. This slow but sure growth is due to Trump’s efforts. The GDP rate is predicted by the Federal Reserve Bank to reach 4% during this quarter. Of course though, this prediction was before this appointment of the Special Counsel. There is so much unrest in this country due to leftists fake news propaganda. The American people do not have all the facts. This is what is contributing to the protests and violence. Coordinated attack on President Trump by New York Times, Washington Post, and Wapo. Reports. It is all fake gossip to destroy the President. Actually, this is really a Communist leadership technique. To sabatoge. And Benjamin, you have even included this in some of your articles about the Communist sabatoge. The mainstream media / leftists media is fake garbage. I totally ignore mainstream media. It is lies. I do not care to even tune in because it is not factual news. As for Medicare paying for care, Medical procedures that are routine are not paid for. However, like I was discussing in my previous comment a medical procedure can be both medically necessary and routine if it has not been done in a certain time frame. The procedures that are done
        to determine internally what is going on, the government will not even pay for. The doctor decides to do the procedure based on reported factual experiences. If the doctor does not do the procedure because the insurance does not pay, if there is an issue going on, it can’t be determined unless it is done. If there is a life threatening issue happening, it will be determined when the procedure is done. Then the status becomes double medically necessary. So the bottom line is government healthcare is not dependable, accountable, or flexible anywhere in or out of the VA. Though, Medicare with using private doctors is more accountable for the medical conditions themselves but not for financial accountability or dependability. For top of the line healthcare, one needs to be in employment with having the healthcare insurance as a benefit with their employment. Like I said when the government does not pay, the private sector physicians have to write it off as a liability. See how the government screws the private sector left and right. And the person in the government making the decision, may not even be qualified to make the decision but they do. The person overrides the medical doctor. SAD. This is why the government does not need to be in healthcare period. The government screws the patient and the private sector doctor even if it is medically necessary. See why we have such a mess in this country with healthcare. Private sector physicians have standards and are held accountable if they screw up. In the VA, there is no accountability period as of yet. We will see how this legislation is going for the Accountability Act in days to come. Folks, though, I have been denied Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation forever but they are wrong. I do not even want to deal with them. They promote sabatoge. The government is good at this. And too, always looks to step on. Though, folks, even, with what I have been through, I am headed back to the private sector workforce with the goal to get off this government healthcare. Taking the steps. I will see. Still going back to Benjamin’s previous article to comment on AFGE, Veterans preference, and VA employment. Everyone have a great evening and rest of the weekend.

      8. think about this for a minute. the person or persons that know all the top secret projects going on and the final purpose of those projects what ever it may be . really runs this country not the president he’s on a need to know basis also ….and yes he works harder than OBUMMER….I am basically saying there is a shadow government running the show

      9. @cj, @Angela – – – Are you saying the with Medicare that Medical Services don’t or shouldn’t be different because you live in another State. I don’t know, but I’d think that it is the same per each State, only difference would be the availability of certain Physicians per field of practice. Or the lacking of trusted physicians. We all are aware that just because a doctor has the parchment hanging on the wall for all to see, doesn’t mean that they are good at what they were trained in.

        Even in Politics, look at Muffled Motor McCain; the hotshot Naval pilot that started the fire on USS Forrestal by showing off by getting her down on the flat top of this carrier. Don’t you wish that we had Daddies or Mommies that are or where people of influence and power?

        I’d think that a major problem that many Veterans face, is that not only are Veterans expending a lot of time, energy, and trying to figure out how to get help or to solve their issues, that if the Gubmint would provide such services to help us figure out a healthy pathway of solving our issues, that we’d be in a better situation.

        Do I say that it is the Gubmint’s responsibility to help me? Yes I do. Why? Well, the VA will not treat me properly for PTSD, and you know what that does to your body. Plus, being on powerful pain medications, and instead of supplying me with a know muscle relaxer [A Schedule 4 Controlled Substance- you know what it is, informing others], the VA would rather for me to take additional Oxycodone [A Schedule 2 Controlled Substance].

        @cj, I know that I’m adding more issues on top of issues, but DV even supplied me with a list of Organizations and Non-Profits, but cash is tight, or they don’t offer services to help me.

        If there was a service offered by the Gubmint, that proactively assists Veterans with their issues, problems, and circumstances to obtain better health or to relieve the fucking anxiety kicking in stress that extra-ordinary things that Veterans go through [especially if it is Service Connected], then that would be a big help for my wife, my life, my K9, and in keeping a stable household going.

        Fuck, as you’re aware, the VA wouldn’t even back me up in helping to train my K9 PTSD-Alert Service Dog. VA did squat, only to cause fucking problems. I’m so fucking pissed off on how they’ve treated me after I’ve been upfront with them. Then after finding Ben’s blog and listening to others tell their horrifying stories, did I realize that the VA wasn’t just fucked up, . . . but they are dangerous to the lives of Veterans . . . therefore, I’ve come to the deduction that the VA has established a new topic;

        VA Veteran Care Terrorism. Fucking Murderers! Moinks! And thieves! Plop in some fingering art work for me, will ya? Lay er down as a new post instead of under here, so that others can see how we give the VA nice welcoming hand gestures.

        Oh, and @Angela, no offense, but sense it is hard for me to follow your posts without getting lost by one or two lines above where I’m reading, I can’t get a clear gist of the point that want you to make. That’s why I asked earlier to make paragraphs for a more flowing reading experience. Don’t worry, I’ve done this myself when I first posted. Someone had my best interests at heart, and shared the same thing to my as well. Mahalo Nui Loa. – – – Nutter.

  20. $19 million for little more than a glorified email app.

    $19 million that would not need to be spent if clinics would answer their fucking phones, and those AFGE thugs that only care about quality health care for veterans were not gaming the system.

    $19 million that could go to hiring some of those 45,000 hacks the AFGE were whining about.

    Little Cox should realize he’s getting peanuts while connected crony’s are making millions.

    …and the veteran that this money is supposed to help is forgotten about…

  21. This bill was supposed to be laid out to the public/congress, in mid February. Then, open bidding. Why are we getting blindsided? How many other bills are out there? How do I keep up with this SHIT?.?. It was written specifically for this reason. It’s a stupid bill.

  22. I love the va bad art today. It pretty much sums up the article. ??!!!! Like someone said before it shows they took some action at the scheduling problem. It does not come close to solving the problem, but the va is good at wasting taxpayer monies on things that don’t work like the afge!!!! LOL!??????????……..???

    1. (Off Topic) @Ex va – – – I have recently began saving “Big Ben’s Bad VA Art” to my photo library. While Big Ben is one serious taskmaster when it comes to his investigations, and advocacy – – – I find his choices of artwork to be quite humorous. Worth some hard drive space.

      Hope this finds you and all the other regulars well. Got a lot to do in a short time. Will see you folks sometime early next week.

      1. @Disgruntled Veteran, i really like some of Ben’s bad va art too. Lol! I need to start saving it too. Helps me keep laughing. Hope you have a great weekend!! Take care and talk next week.

    2. There is nothing that can be REPAIRED in/at the VA.
      The VA is so corrupt and full of incompetent bureaucrats and the esprit de corps is non existent.
      The VA hires only foreign doctors because our own native doctors are so much in debt they cannot afford to work at the VA.
      There is an attitude throughout the VA that veterans applying for benefits such as compensation should be defeated in their efforts to secure these benefits.
      Executives who cause the death of veterans are never prosecuted.
      The VA is a half ass race horse with three broken legs.
      The Choice program only refers veterans to doctors who accept only medicare payments while most talented successful doctors expect additional payments.
      The Choice program is administered by the same kind of bureaucracy which exists in the VA.
      The VA cannot be fixed, it is so broken and should be abandoned in favor of individual medical care by individual private doctors who are five star rated.
      This latest 19 Million dollar boondoggle contract is another turd in the wilted salad bowl, and we are commanded to “eat it”.
      Certainly we should be able to look to veterans like Johnny Boy McCain, “Songbird” extraordinaire, but he is so busy playing in his sandbox throwing sand in the eyes of Donald Trump because our President called Johnny Boy out as he really is that he is not/never was a hero.
      Can I ask how many veterans’ lives were saved at the corrupt, incompetent Phoenix VA hospital, by McCain’s intervention?
      Can I ask how many corrupt Phoenix VA bureaucrats were fired and prosecuted via the intervention of Songbird McCain?
      Many of you veterans have seen the incompetence and corruption up close, as I have, and the attempted strong arm tactics to silence the veterans’ cries of FOUL .
      Once I found an old black guy sitting in a wheelchair in the D.C. VA outpatient pharmacy waiting over six hours for his prescriptions. So I went up to the Director’s office and told them to IMMEDIATELY take care of this veteran, I was told “not to raise my voice” I said to the super executive, “Oh, Sir I haven’t raised my voice at all, but if you don’t take care of this veteran immediately you will hear the raised voice of a Marine Captain, whom you will not remove from this office via your phony “acting out” policy of removing veterans who just want you to do your job. And it goes on and on and on……………………

  23. Yep, just wasting more taxpayer dollars and still no implementation of quality improvements to the actual healthcare with the diagnosing and the medical treating to enhance the recovery and to promote the healing to a more healthier life. More wasteful spending just like the Democrats with their constant investigations of false conspiracies. Wrong priorities exist with these so called leaders. Financial accountability, medical accountability, ethicallity, and humaneness should be the priorities. VA is not focused on the substance of why the VA exists. Substantive quality medical care to veterans.

    1. @Angela – – – It is NOT just the Democrats. Corruption, Stupidity, and indifference know no political nor social boundaries. Just like racism. You cannot be “only a little bit racist”. You are either racist, or you are not.

      In the same vein – – – you can not be “only 25% corrupt”. You either are corrupt, or you are not.

      I was raised (due to parents divorce) in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-religion family. What that taught me was that we are more far alike than different. There are corrupt Democrats. There are corrupt Republicans. There are corrupt Civil Service workers who do not vote.

      All of them need to be weeded out, and fired. Then prosecuted.

      Until that happens, I do believe veterans should be given the benefit of the doubt when it comes to their claims submission. What kind of system is it, when a veteran with TBI/PTSD goes in to see a counselor to file a claim – – – and the veteran is expected to understand and file the claim themselves?

      TBI = Traumatic Brain Injury. Does the VA not get what that means?

      If a normal, healthy person working for the VA can be given the benefit of the doubt when it comes to getting fired when they screw up? Should not a TBI/PTSD Veteran be given the same leniency when they make a simple mistake on one of the thousands of forms they are required to fill out?

      Good Grief! They have zero problem holding up a veterans claim for years, due to a simple typo. Rather than calling that veteran and saying “Hey, you made a mistake on block XX of the XXXX form you submitted last week. What is the correct information. Give that to me, and your claim is out of here today. Don’t want you to wait another year to get what was promised you”.

      That would be professionalism. THAT is what nearly EVERYONE of the regulars here in Ben’s World has NEVER experienced with the VA and AFGE.

      May be a while before I can type a response. Got to give my 62 year old hands a rest. Peripheral Neuropathy being troublesome today.

      Good to see you in here again.

      A Hui Hou!

      1. @Disgruntled Veteran, Exactly DV. I have only one request of you…..stop making sense.
        LOL Just kidding.

      2. @Disgruntled Veteran,
        Not sure what you are trying to tell me. I agree with everything you have said. The point that I was getting to is the VA has not put 100% focus where it is supposed to lie. I speaking about accountable quality care
        without medical errors and without causing the death of a veteran. My message was about accountability all the way from financial, Medical, etc. Competence. Yes, I do agree with you about a veteran should not be hung out to dry because of an error on a claim or whatever the case. Yes, many Veterans do need assistance in the whole VA process from claims to again whatever the case may be. Every person in this world is fallible. And you are right, when someone anywhere has overlooked a detail or details on paperwork or even online forms, the employee person who is supposed to be receiving the forms should take the time to contact the veterans to help clear up the errors to get the claims going to get the situation resolved to take care of the person. Yes, and too, if someone is racist, then, yes they are racist. What you are speaking of is either a black or white situation. Disgruntled Veteran, though, there are gray situations. It just depends on the topic or situation at hand.

      3. VA do something extra, Not My Job. Last year I sent for my medical records –hard copy- to the wrong place, got a letter back saying “in attempting to comply w/your request we found that you have never been seen at this facility. You need to submit your request to Palo Alto.” Ok then, how about giving me the correct address in your letter thank you very much for nothing.

      4. What you vets don’t understand is that the VA consciously plays dumb in order to frustrate you efforts to get care and compensation for service connected injuries/maladies.
        I caught them at it , really and then the Director of the Regional Office spilled the beans and admitted to me that I was absolutely correct in my allegations.
        I have had them tell me that I had no right to go into the Board of Veterans Affairs or the Court of Veterans Appeals, (after I explained the error of their ways they grudgingly let me in).
        I have seen lies, incompetence, and even a bureaucrat who bragged that despite his causing two vets to die, he couldn’t be fired because of his connections. (He was fired after I went to the I.G., but it doesn’t happen often).
        As I have said before, the VA is an incurable cancer and needs to be shut down and veterans receive care from the physician of their choice, not some “Choice” substandard caretaker who will take only the medicare
        fee and is rated two stars.
        Private attorneys can adjudicate the compensation claims.
        Until that happens veterans need to be given the attorney of their choice at the beginning of the claim, not just when it reaches the Board of Veterans Appeals level, (this conflicts with every other type of law and with the constitution as no new facts can be inserted once the appeal starts at the Board of Appeals.)
        Did you ever read a case before the Court of Veterans Appeals and see the list of Government attorneys
        When your claim is denied ask for a hearing immediately on the record and have your friendly attorney represent you ON THE RECORD.
        Did you ever see how much can be accomplished by a unit of persons trained as military persons.
        Let’s get organized and co-ordinate, who sued ole Songbird McCain when he had those vets arrested after he refused to speak with them??? NOBODY.
        How the hell can McCain get re-elected after screwing the vets?

      5. Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve, oh we understand. That’s why we come here to vent & stay sane, to share good/bad, to encourage or run off the trolls. What ever is needed we attempt to provide.
        The people I’ve heard are sleeping, misinformed, brainwashed, ignorant. Always have been. Perhaps with the internet the education can begin.

      6. Should ! Now many times has this word been used when speaking about the VA.

        They should do s lot of things and they have that’s why we are here now.

        You said should have, they will take this as you being disruptive. Your saying we made a mistake, were God’s and don’t make mistakes.

        If we do make a mistake so what everyone makes a mistake. Only difference is it’s to much work to correct it.

    2. It looks like everything will get better now that Big Daddy is in the White House. Nice that he is spending time with the Saudis and the Israelis. These are the two countries that have absolutely no interest at all on our survival as a nation. I know Ben is a big fan of draining the swamp and Big daddy, but it is time to admit that the cause is lost and the theories are not conspiracies. Everybody got cucked and now the swamp is infested with people who have the best interest of Israel and the rich in mind. I know it was a while since I wrote but I have had the pleasure of spending some quality time with NYC’s Boldest. That is over and I am victorious. Ben, the last entry you wrote regarding me you had stated that I was bitter. Bitter is someone who has the government drop 1/4 of a million dollar on their education only to have that person do a 180 and then make it a life mission to criticize and attack on the proverbial hand that fed you. There is no need for bitterness when you have accepted your situation. What you see as bitterness is actually awareness and eyes wide open. It’s cute to read what these professional veterans have to say all day, cute to see Ben pretends to be a lawyer fighting the good fight. You found your niche and you are going to ride bike until the wheels fall off. Meanwhile, real people with real problem are getting holocausted by all these wind talkers spending their days cucking instead of opening your eyes. Quit following that six point master plan and realize you’ve been had. Big daddy ain’t your savior and this is simply a forum that people complain about the government welfare they are receiving.

      1. Look everyone it’s Suzie Snowflake. Here comes Suzie Snowflake.



      2. What’s the matter Tommy? Get locked up for being a good little snowflake? Whaa whaa whaa, criminal Hillary lost and her wittle Tommy snowflake is all butthurt.

      3. @Tommy Distefano – – – Your a fucking nit wit, and don’t know shit at this particular time. Your mind is still wrapped up with the wieners of NYC’s Boldest. Such audacity to come on Ben’s blog (even though your welcome to do so whether you make sense or not), were all here to help you via counseling you, in order to help you (welfare)through your traumatic deep penetrating emotional experience that you went through. Keep posting, and after a bit, you’ll get over him. Thanks. – – – Nutter.

      4. tommy did you have a brother, uncle or father who was killed at kesahn??

      5. @tommy distefano, what crawled up your ass??? You came on this blog that is owned and operated by Benjamin Krause to insult him and the disabled veterans? You don’t understand that these benefits are earned because of an individual taking an oath to put their lives in service of the U.S.Government to defend their country and the constitution.

        People like you don’t have a clue of service and self sacrifice to something bigger than themselves. Some Veterans get injured or exposed to something harmful in performing their service to their country. All you can do is be angry and obnoxious to others because of jealousy or amniosity about what someone else has achieved thru benefits earned. You will always be angry and jealous because their is something ugly in yourself you cannot come to terms with. I would suggest volunteering work and maybe you could feel better about yourself by doing something purposeful and meaningful for someone else.

  24. When I go to the VA, I look around, talk to a few. Most don’t have computers, and maybe 1 out of 7 have smart phones. I totally agree to follow this 19million. I’m guessing though, they aren’t targeting most Veterans. Only the Veterans on a blog. Them crooks are good. Who’s suggesting all this crap? I haven’t heard a thing that helps Veterans since……….? And the beat goes on…….

  25. Learned a new word today:
    Profligate = recklessly extravagant or wasteful in the use of resources. ie. Dept of Veteran Affairs Appointment Request Mobile App, the same, protracted, waiting list that Veterans tolerate today. Profligate.

    1. @NiteWish: I like that new word, it ..sings. I will use it all this next week, to burn it into memory. Your still on fire. 🙂

  26. Here is my earlier comment. I Have removed the e-mail address. Although, it does seem to me that doing so weakens the post considerably:

    Good article, Ben.

    Yes, it is “interesting” that Congress had to create another law in order for the VA to implement a scheduling fix. Since the VA seems quite disinterested in following existing law – – – we all know already how this one is going to play out.

    ““The VA is making critical improvements to Veteran health care, and will always look to leverage innovative tools that will put more capabilities in the hands of Veterans,” said VA Secretary Dr. David J. Shulkin. “ Self-scheduling apps are widely used in the private sector and will help create a better experience for Veterans and their medical-care providers.”

    Uh -Huh. Going to pay for me to have a smartphone that I cannot currently afford, Mr. Secretary? You know, if I had the benefits this nation has promised – – – I would not have to ask that question. I will most probably be homeless again within thirty days, Mr. Secretary. I have a wife, and dogs. Honolulu VA has proved absolutely useless to me for more than twenty years with my military/VA situation. Please forgive me if I seem to have far bigger concerns than a smartphone app. You personally going to jump in and help? Send me an e-mail to (my e-mail address was here) – – – and I will lay quite the story (with supporting US Government documents) on you.

    I can see only one way to ensure that America’s Veterans receive what they were promised.


    1. Recognize the problems inherent in the VA are SYSTEM-WIDE, not just limited to a few locations.

    2. Fire all the Lazy No Good Workers. Fire EVERY single AFGE/SES Employee.

    3. Sell off all the VA facilities. Alternatively, they may be converted into housing for homeless veterans.

    4. Issue all veterans a card that allows them to choose their own doctors within their community that they can TRUST.

    5. The United States Government will PAY those doctors promptly (Within 45 days) for the care they provide veterans.

    6. ELIMINATE the “Federal Protection” Umbrella for incompetent QUACKS that the VA sends to other states to practice other than their own. Going to practice in Hawaii? You need to be LICENSED in Hawaii. Same applies to all other states.

    7. Any claim a veteran submits that requires more than 90 days to adjudicate, is automatically found to be in favor of the veteran.

    POTUS Reagan broke up PATCO in the ’80’s. Time for POTUS Trump to do the same to the AFGE now.

  27. Looks like veterans and taxpayers get the “royal shaft” again!
    So, what else is new!

  28. Another form of VA Health Care Terrorism. Still the same anyway you cut it. Moink, moink, moink, . . . money machine. Where’s my MMJ. Shootz. – – – Nutter.

    1. @ANutterVet – – – Love the term! But more accurately, it would be “VA Veteran Care Terrorism”. Because the VHA and VBA are supposed to work together to ensure the needs of America’s veterans are met.

      Whoops! Did I say work together? From what I have observed, neither works at all. Never mind working together for the veteran . . .

      VA Veteran Care Terrorism is precisely what it is.

      A Hui Hou!

  29. The longer they delay the inevitable, the longer veterans will die. Give them care cards to go to the doctor/hospital of their choice. Any other action is the planned genocide of Veterans!

  30. Published a long comment that may have disappeared into the ether – – – not sure why. Will give a few hours, then publish again if I do not see it. Hands.

    1. I see. Awaiting moderation. Whoops! Stuck an e-mail address in there. I have zero objection if that e-mail published. My life is an “open book”.

    2. Hopefully some disgruntled mentally injured veteran still has his M-60 and quite a few belts of ammo left and will go to the top of this evil quagmire.

      1. @Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve – – – I should be so lucky. BTW, I love your handle. Slight modification of the old Fibber McGee and Molly character. Awesome!

      2. Tanks, “kid” I didn’t think anyone would remember the Great Gildersleeve, and his laugh…..
        One of the many wholesome programs on the radio when I was just a ‘whippersnapper”

      3. @Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve – – – Been a radio guy all my life! Listened to them, Built them, Had an Amateur Radio (HAM) Operators License in the late ’70’s, worked MARS both ashore and afloat. Still listen to Shortwave today when propagation allows .

        Radio has been the one enjoyable constant in my life.

  31. What a waste of taxpayer money… and shit I don’t even use a cell phone..

    1. There l lies s problem for a lot of veterans that unable to use or have a divice.

      Land line only, his do they make an appointment. What are the telephone and schedulers going to be doing.

      Less human contact, a little more obscure we become. Benefits whom. !

      Veteran’s making their own appointments and they have a machine in the clinic’s where you can check in with you VA card.

      This alone should eliminate all the staff in administration, don’t need any schedulers or check in clerks.

      Just make an appointment, scan your card have a seat and wait for the provider. Don’t need any supervisors for those employees.

      What are the current employees working now doing this going to do. Made manager’s !

      1. I think your on to something there. I hate those things too. After you use it they just tell you to have a seat. I think the machine can tell you that. Now I tell them my card doesn’t work for some reason. Now they get pissed because they have to punch a few more buttons. I think the chimp unemployment rate is high.

    2. They are thieves and incompetents they will kill you one way or another.
      Can you imagine appointing someone with a “Doctor in Education” to be the head of the Psychologists and Psychiatrists in a VAMC,, Yep, Yep, they are that incompetent and evil. Cast not thy fate before fools.

    1. Even a pig will treat you decently if you feed it enough garbage, the VA is broken, my fellow warriors, time to storm the Bastille,

  32. You can’t fix stupid. “Stupid is, what stupid may at the VA”. An App will just guarantee more future $$$ is thrown at it to keep it up to date, meanwhile, it will later to be found only for the VA employees to be benefiting from the App because they were all along Veteran Vicinity Tracking AVA employees could hit that big red button to activate and cause the Veteran in vicinity’s phone battery to explode and catch the Veteran on fire.
    Okay, *maybe* a bit over the top, but I stand behind…”You can’t fix stupid”.

    1. Has nothing to do with stupid…some politician or their friend is making this money…so some politicians voted for their contractor to make 19 million…the vets can starve for all they care beyond election day…they did the same with the choice program that 4 billion went to the contractors that were doing the evaluations for vet intake..they then just got it to do nothing much apparently….one was a boeing offshoot contractor…so vets still waiting…still getting some bad care and same bad doctors they get the illusion that somebody cares and politicians and their friends get the money…are you really surprised…follow this money too see who is a part of that contractor and who voted for this…then tell everyone you know about it….at least the really corrupt ones might get voted out…or better yet run for office yourselves!!!

    2. The VA is broken beyond repair and the boobecrats and the corrupt federal union officials do not want to let go of their siphon off of the federal budget and money which never, ever benefits the veterans.
      The VA is a hoax and needs to be trashed and veterans need to be able to go to private doctors who are five star rated instead of the trash clinics that the “choice” boobeaucracy refers veterans to.
      Are you crazy, veterans, the choice program only refers veterans to doctors who will accept just medicare payments, doctors who are not highly rated or just starting out.
      The VA is a hoax and even the DAV, VFW, American Legion are cancerous pimples who ride on the furtherance of the veteran hoax.
      The VA intentionally screws veterans in their efforts to secure compensation and pension benefits.
      Are you ready, veterans to upset the tables in the corrupt VA, do not let these vultures feast another second on our flesh,
      This is no exaggeration, tear down the VA allow us to get real medical care and let private lawyers administer the pension benefits program.

  33. Should all be on Ebenfits website, not scattered. They also need to put an appeal site on Ebenfits, One stop shopping.

    1. Seriously. How fucking hard would it be to create a mobile version of that, with secure email right to your PCP requesting the appointment?

      This is nothing more than millions shoveled at a crony.

      While a veteran gets a denial letter.

    2. Timothy L Coffey AGREED ,,its about as stupid as owning several cars and you can only drive one at a time but they all need maintenance to function properly. just another place to waste our tax dollars … fuck the VA. and FUCK the worthless politicians. fucking greedy bastards when is enough . enough ….I’d like to stick my shotgun up there pedophile ass and pull the fucking trigger, then i wouldn’t mind going to hell….LOL at least they would beat me there

  34. 19 Million for a fucking app!!! For you gi Joe? No fucking claim, DENIED!!!!!!

    1. Can’t wait to hand out millions to make no fucking difference. For you giJoe? We make you wait your entire life!!!! Back in line for you!!!!!

      1. AFGE/SES is really gonna love this new app. They are more unaccountable than ever…….. They can now claim the wait times, and delays are the apps fault!!!!

      2. Maybe they are making veterans do their job’s for them or this is so you can make an appointment to see a clerk to make an appointment.

        Since the veterans are now working for the VA are we going to get paid, is the union going to defend us.

        I want a nice chair, desk an office with a view and phone and computer.

        My son just told me at our local clinic they have a person sitting at the window and when he said be was there for an appointment, she told him to use the machine a foot away to check in.

        Age DoD not want to take the time to check him in great way to treat s disabled veterans.

        Clerks like this should not receive working for the VA. This clinic is in the country and when you go in if your lucky you may see one other veteran.

        Getting paid to tell the veterans to use a machine. No need for a person at all !

        Small town clinics should be closed and all those veterans be automatically put on choice.

        President Trump since I’m saving this country millions do i qualify for part of the saving. Reward those who save money. !

        Problem is what are you going to do with those employees. If it’s up to the union they will be sent to some other facility.

        Problem those veterans will have to deal with them.

        Something just don’t seem right. ! Something is up! Maybe this is the begaining of the end for the VA as we know it.

        Or just a waste of money.?

      3. The sooner they flush the toilet and get rid of the VA and put the money into reimbursement of REAL doctors’ fees for veterans care at private facilities and get rid of the corrupt unions the better.
        Private attorneys can adjudicate compensation and pension awards without all of the billions of wasted money on the buildings and bureaucracy.

      4. Agree. Seems other’s would have figured thus out by now.

        I been through a closure and I maybe wrong but I think you may have been ? !

        Wait and see !

      5. @Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve – – – I could NOT agree more. And Veterans will be allowed access to an attorney, nay – – – encouraged to get one IMMEDIATELY upon their registration with the VA.

      6. choice is a second class medical care because they only pay medicare fees and not what most doctors charge, GET IT? you get to see doctors who need the medicare payments not doctors who are 5 star caregivers.

      7. @James Gallegos,Your right!! I forgot about those stupid kioks, I hate those damn things. And right again, they sit on their fat asses, and point to the kiosk. So……. what are they getting paid for again? Fuck!!!! I need to start a new business. We offer seats to veterans, on a bus to go on a field trip, to run over AFGE/SES workers. It will be a hit right behind hand grenade catch.

        Later Gators.

    2. SAME SHIT DIFFERENT DAY VETS SCREWED AGIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. My former PCP (before she was my former) wanted me to be seen by Ortho. VA Othro could not see me until mid-May. My PCP put me in for the choice program on March 15. The choice people stated it was for the right knee only. My former PCP put right knee only after we discussed that it should be both knees. I had told her my left knee was hurting more. I told them it was to be for both knees so they returned it to the VA. This was also the time that I received my “flag” in my records. My Former PCP changed the consult so it did not state either and/or both knees. I told the choice people again that it was wrong and they sent it back. The consult sat at the VA and no one would touch it. I got the “I’ll look into it” from the patient advocate (AKA VA advocate).
        I talked to the Ortho place that I was going to go and they told me it had to specify exactly what was needed and what was to be looked at. I was finally told it was corrected and would be sent to the Choice program again. It never arrived and by then it had reached the 30 day limit of the choice program to make an appointment.
        So now the VA told me they would put it into the non-VA fee services and I could still go to the outside Ortho “if I still wanted to”. I gave the VA a week to get the consult to the outside Ortho place but they still did not. I checked with the VA and was told that it was entered into the system and the outside Ortho place would eventually get it and the “Ortho place WILL call me”. I took this as they were telling me to stop calling them.
        The consult finally got to the outside Ortho place and I now have an appointment for June 16. This is a month longer than if I had taken the VA Ortho appointment. Someone from the “program support” at the VA put in my records that “Patient was requesting for services that were not on the original consult”. This was on May 3. I did not request services that were not on the report, I wanted what was supposed to be on the consult (place blame on the patient).
        I am sure all of this delay was due to the VA and my former PCP putting the flag in my records. The choice program was doing their part in trying to get me scheduled, it was the VA that was deliberately screwing this up.

      2. figure8fan, don’t be so quick to give the Choice Champion any good vibes until you’ve blue buttoned & read what they put in your file – they lie too. Sounds just like what they’ve done to me. This delay, delay & hope you go away has me wondering how many other VA’s other than Palo Alto are using ‘special’ needs high school kids to do work at the VA for them. Wait until they start billing you because VA don’t pay them Choice Providers.

      3. NiteWish,
        I was referring to the choice people I talked to on the phone. I asked them what the consult stated and they told me on the first consult “right knee” on the second “nothing is stated. Only that it is good for up to 20 visits. You may be right if the Choice Champion is in the VA. I have a very good feeling it was my PCP. I had just sent several things via secure messaging to prove some things. After that is when i got the flag in my records. I am sure she did nothing on this to punish me. The Patient advocate did nothing as well. I e-mailed my PCP and informed her that the consult stated right knee only and we had decided it was for both. The woman I talked to at the VA got mad when I suggested it was my PCP. She stated it could not have been my PCP’s fault. She was the one who put in my record that I was wanting something different in the consult.
        I do know the Choice Program were the ones who messed up my last consult a couple of years ago. That took an extra couple of weeks before it was cleared up and I continued to get billed by the Hospital for a year later until the VA either paid or the hospital gave up.

      4. f8f I talked to them on the phone & took notes & PCP by email each blamed the other for the delay & each covered their ass in my record to make me look bad. Choice sets the appointments with the outside doctors, they lied to you. Being slightly paranoid I’d bet some secret mark was put in my file to delay the payments just to ‘get even’.

        Choice is so well informed their provider website is still listing a Choice anesthesiology & pain management Provider that was arrested for fraud & other charges last month.

      5. Better think again, if it was not your pcp, then it was the person who got mad at you for saying what you said about your care giver.

        This is just another example of the VA misusing the so called disruptive committee.

        Its a catch all to teach veterans for speaking.

      6. James,
        It was my (former) PCP. The person I talked to that got mad was in May, The delay started shortly after March 15. My PCP at that time was not happy with me because I had caught her lying to me at out last appointment and I had sent her e-mails and proved her wrong. After that I asked her why the consult was not what we had discussed and if she would correct it so I could be seen. Her response was to help with the flag, get me a new provider, and to ban me from the Purple Team. She did nothing to address the consult problem. She knew if she sat on it, no one would know and I would be punished for what I did to her.

      7. It does not matter who did this to you. The fact that they reported you is wrong.

        DoD you deserve this flag.? If not don’t try and justify it for them. This illegal act will following you for ever.

        You think it’s s one time and deal. ! Nope it opens the door for more abuse. Each time you say something someone can see the flag and you will forever be looked at as a threat or possible threat.

        Again DoD you deserve the flag. The damage is done, if you ever have to go to court this is evidence someone cam use against you.

        Let’s say God forbid you had to defend yourself and have charges placed upon you and since your s veteran and they get access to your record’s, they see the flag and that you were considered a disruptive person.

        You could end up being found guilty because of your passed disruptive behavior.

        This is nothing to take lightly. ! I will male a suggestion to all veterans that the VA has accused of disruptive behavior and they did not deserve it, should write the Secretary of veterans affairs.

        Tell him their story how this happened and state they want it removed.

        Remember if they want they can report you again and again until you are arrested have federal charges and banished from all VA care. !

        Again how many veterans have killed themselves because the VA turned their back on them and instead of helping they made things worse.

        I am one who will never stop trying to stop this illegal committee. This is not a game. !

        And everyone should be out raged that the United State’s has an agency acussing it’s veterans of a crime and the VA is the accuser Judge jury and punisher.

        This illegal committee is not part of our judiciary system and they are taking away all veterans civil Human And constitutional rights away.

        Other countries did this but took them to the gas chamber’s. This country better be very afraid if other agencies start doing this without having to prove Anything.

        I been fighting the VA over the disruptive committee for letting a former coworker accuse me of wanting to murder someone (staff member’s).

        I take this very serious as the VA without providing or the employee using hearsay or right out lies, could cost me my freedom.

        Since they have accused and punished me and it’s been written for all to see. The VA saying if the VA EVER HEARS that you again become disruptive !

        You will have federal charges Arrested and banishment from all VA care !

        How can anyone get away with falsely acussing someone of something and punish them without one shrewd of proof.

        The accused tells them that they were falsely accused by a disgruntled VA employee whom you use to work with and the other employee only did the reporting as a retaliatory act to harm the former coworker.

        This is dangerous to the veterans. ! Mentally and the acussing employee in their glory that they were able to punish the veteran and her supervisors letting her do it without having to provide Any proof.

        I know these people know they did wrong, but instead of correcting it, they decided to cover it up, so they won’t look bad.

        Any veteran who thinks this will not happen to them, better think again. All you have to do is meet an employee having a bad day and you were the last straw.

        Click, yes a click of the mouse and you are guilty and will be punished. You can talk till your blue in the face, they don’t care.

        This employee can not produce any evidence of anything, no times dates or who was there. She can’t even prove I was there in person, because I was not there.

      8. James you are a good soldier but this veteran needs to push the envelope and sue this boob who put the red flag in and identify other veterans who have been similarly damaged. This Poop has been going on way too long and it is time for us to ruin the “professional reputation’, (as it is), of these boobs.
        I set one ‘psychologist’ up and she swallowed the whole bait, but I didn’t have the heart to yank her credentials, but looking back I should have when she came to the defense of the corrupt boobecrat I got fired.

      9. Yes indeed. ! No retirement, repay bonus money and at least 18 month’s with big bubba or ms bubba.

        Look up criminal libel ! Class 6 felony. !

      10. James G, That’s no different than the police officer who shoots & kills because they’re being trained IF you hesitate your dead. When it goes to review or court by pleading I was in fear of my life, its accepted as a valid defense probably masterminded by the Union(s)

      11. James,
        my posting is not about my flag, it is about the amount of time it has taken to get an appointment for care. I was explaining that the flag came at the same time. The flag was not a result of this action, they were happening at the same time. I am not justifying the flag as it was for what I had explained with the post. I had previously caught her in some lies during an appointment previous to the outside care thing happening. I am sorry if this came off as it was about the flag: it was not. It was the fact that my appointment with the VA was 60 days out and after the VA screwing me over, my appointment ended up being 90 days out. That is all I was trying to convey.

      12. Sabatoge veterans want choice, ok we will give you a choice on our terms.

        Make errors on purpose to hinder your choice. The veterans try and try to notify them of the mistakes.

        You have just been deemed disruptive. !

        S person can only take so much until their tone of voice raises a notch and this is disruptive because you keep calling.

        The VA hates veterans whom want a choice and are retaliating against the veterans..

        Choice to them is the veterans not being happy with their current treatment or the way they are being treated.

        So they do what they so best Retaliating.

        They want you to get upset just for this reason. These people are dangerous and do not care whom they harm and will do so when ever they feel like it.
        How dare you question my work, you always want something. !

        But it’s your job (oh really) you know what pesent veteran you just earned a disruptive flag and if we ever hear of you being disruptive again. !

        You will have federal charges Arrested and banishment from all VA care. !

        Don’t talk back. ! I said shut up are you so stupid you don’t know what shut up means.

        Low life veterans, don’t you know we are God’s. Don’t think so, watch me make your life a living hell. !.

        Old man sitting in the waiting room and the God looks at him and says what you want some too !

        Old man, but I didn’t say anything. ! No but you might sometime in the future. Do you understand old man.

        This disruptive committee is out of control and must be delt with.

        I’m sorry they harmed you.

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