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Surprise: VA Not Keeping Employees Safe Enough, Needs More Oversight

I am completely mind blown by a new report from GAO (Government Accountability Office) saying VA needs more oversight in securing its facilities.

Howly cow! I am so not surprised. I am almost dying from my level not surprise.

The GAO report concluded the agency fails to account for the population of individuals using VA healthcare facilities or the size of facilities when conducting risk assessments. It also concluded the agency does not include performance measures in its assessments.

Back to kindergarten for those VA employees, apparently.

According to GAO, VA further:

  • does not review the quality of medical centers’ required risk assessments,
  • does not identify whether countermeasures were implemented appropriately by the medical centers, and
  • does not collect system-wide data to gain an understanding of physical security issues across medical centers.

How safe would you feel if you were a VA employee reading this?

At the end of the day, VA is not doing everything it should be doing to keep its employees safe. Why is that?

And The “No Duh” Award Goes To…

If I were a VA employee, I would be super worried my employer is so incompetent when considering any risk to me, as an employee.

Luckily, I never fell into the trap of working for The Man or Big Brother after law school, so I only have to deal with my own risk assessments and not rely on others to keep me safe.

Again, this one falls into the obvious, “No Duh” category of common sense, right? You should consider the number of people using a building or the size of a building when conducting a risk assessment. I only assumed everyone knew this since 9/11, but I guess not, or not at VA, at least.

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Why GAO Evaluated VA Risk Assessments Of Health Facilities

Here is why GAO conducted the investigation resulting in the report:

The Veterans Health Administration (VHA is responsible for providing a safe and secure, yet welcoming environment for staff, patients, and visitors at nearly 170 medical centers. These facilities have been the target of violence, threats, and other security-related incidents. Assessing and managing risks a critical element for ensuring adequate physical security at these facilities.

GAO was asked to review VA’s physical security risk-management policies and practices. This report: (1) assesses how VA’s policies for risk management reflect prevailing standards, and (2) evaluates VA’s oversight of risk management at VHA medical facilities. GAO compared VA policies to ISC standards; reviewed VA documents; interviewed VA and ISC officials; and assessed risk assessment activities at nine medical centers selected based on factors such as patient and security-incident data and geographical diversity. While not generalizable, these nine locations provide illustrative examples of how VA’s policies are carried out.

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Feedback From VA Employees

I am really curious about the perspective of VA employees working at these facilities. How do you feel knowing your boss failed to take common sense approaches to ensuring your safety? Does that make you feel safe? Do you still want your VA job?


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  1. N9t sure why I can’t reply to the last 3 of Dennis’ comments. No reply button. Oh well.
    Dennis, if you get the letter, it will likely be a form letter. No matter, it will still be hilarious to get. I wonder if they will have a blank where they fill in what you have donated for, or whether they have refined their form letter such that it is not shown.

    Isn’t it ironic that some of the worst run VA hospitals can’t effectively schedule a veteran for an appointment, or even make sure their providers know how to use secure messaging, but they damn sure can set up electronic donation taking caliability.

    Next, you should donate $1 to their phone operations to assist the VA in keeping their contact information for veterans updated. Can you include your own number in these donations?

    Do you have to include your name? I assume you would have to since its a donation.

    I’m curious what gimmicks they use to account for donations getting to the right place. Does anyone believe they do this? Or do they just ignore what the donor wants and they put it all in a slush fund.

  2. Ben, let me share an insight about VA and about just exactly what the priorities are. First let me explain my dilemna.

    Because of VA retaliation all communication to VA online from me has been blocked unless I use the IRIS system and send a message as a non vet general question which by the way pisses them off greatly. I am not yet sure what justification VA will cook up for the reasons no longer qualify for a VA provider, or what they might dream up about why I can no longer inform them online my phone number has changed. I do know that they have claimed to have called me, but without a designated PACT team, point of contact, or in fact ANY employee wanting to talk to me about anything then my old number just remains on file.

    NOW that is the prequisite bitching about VA lolz because here is the item I found that in all honesty made me bust a gut. I can still log onto myhealthevet and while I was clicking on all the links to try to fid a way to update my phone number (no luck) I clicked a link that led me to the following paragraph!!! Keep in mind I clicked through to this link from my online health record attempts which failed! Cut and paste from VA website;

    “Donate Online

    VA Medical Centers can now accept donations online via major credit card or debit directly from your checking or savings account. To donate online, select a state and medical center, then click ‘Donate Online’. 100 percent of your donation will go toward supporting Veterans and you can even choose which fund your money will support. An immediate confirmation of your donation will be generated with a receipt. A thank you letter will follow.

    Note: If the medical center you wish to support has not established E-Donate at this time, you will not be able to select the E-Donate option. You may still donate in person or volunteer at the medical center using the option provided below. Thank you for supporting America’s Veterans!”

    Fuck, I just cannot stop laughing!!! Are they fucking serious??? This my friends is like a thief asking his victim to send him a check later to cover his bus fare home after the rip off.

    1. Ben, if you like my post the please send me a thank you letter…..Or wait a minute…. how much do your thank you letters cost and do you accept all forms of payment under the Sun too? You know counsellor if you advise your clients to donate then it might be presumptive evidence of mental illness and could be the edge you need to win compensation. Just get your client to say he believed all the money he donated will go to vets and its for sure he will be rated less than GAF 10.

      1. heheheeeee. I just donated $5 to VA Roseburg. They ask what it should be used for lolz…..General fund, but you get to add praise and specify how you wish the money to be spend.

        I asked at it be spent for continued Disruptive Behavior Committee Operations and vowed further donations if they got their already impressive numbers of flagged veterans up.

        Now let’s see if they really do send out the thank you letter they promise, right? The press called me three days ago for an interview next week regarding VA again – same reporter who already conducted 23+ interviews with me over VA. I hope to show her the thank you letter for supporting VA efforts to exclude vets from care. That $5 made me smile!

  3. What happens when you partake in too much Maui Wowie?


    ‘This is not a drill’: Hawaii gets ballistic missile alert ‘by mistake’
    Published time: 13 Jan, 2018 18:49



    When does someone partake in too much Maui Wowie?


    Right after a new team is put in charge of sales of Missile Defense systems for Lockheed.

    The Insider
    Lockheed Martin promotes two
    January 08, 2018 | Marjorie Censer
    Lockheed Martin said today Rick Edwards has been tapped to lead Lockheed Martin International, while Frank St. John will oversee the company’s missiles and fire control business. Both appointments are effective immediately.

    The Insider
    L3 names O’Reilly vice president of engineering
    January 09, 2018 | Marjorie Censer
    “L3 Technologies said today it has named retired Army Lt. Gen. Pat O’Reilly, former director of the Missile Defense Agency, corporate vice president of engineering, effective immediately.”


    When does the Main Stream Media start telling us how inadequate our current Missile Defense System is?

    Even though it is total Bullshit!


    After Someone partakes in too much Maui Wowie.

    1. Classic “WHOOPS, WRONG BUTTON”- HI Public Employee Engineer on news this a.m….”WHOOPS”? WTF?
      Did we just witness a new type of hacking or…a way to make an entire State politically rabid and pissed-off because of the insensitivity and audacity that now has been exposed that Hawaii, home of Pearl Harbor, HAS ABSOLUTELY NO EMERGENCY PLAN…a female Vet that was in a HI nursing home called her daughter stating she can’t get down on the floor and nobody was helping nor knew what to do…SHE’s A PEARL HARBOR SURVIVOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Was this “political terrorism” by inciting fear upon an entire state? Something smells very fishy.
      I hope heads fly on this one.

    2. @SK

      If you think Maui Wowie is mind bending then you should just try some labradore. Now that is some serious shit.

  4. And we wonder why the VA remains a shithole? Here’s the types jumping up and down, wanting to be brand new congress critters and tell me, you think Chelsea Manning is going to D.C. to clean the VA up or make sex reassignments more common than regular healthcare with or without peanuts? (conviction of passing classified docs and wants to go to the most ethical place in USA…D.C. Swamp?….LMAO)

    “[…Chelsea Manning, the transgender former Army private who was convicted of passing sensitive government documents to Wikileaks, has filed to run for the U.S. Senate in Maryland, according to federal election filings….]”- D.C. Swamp Post, source: “”

    1. namnibor, a gift for you.

  5. “Senator Jon Tester wants to hear from veterans about what they would ask U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin about the state of the VA. Reply with your question using #AskShulkin and tune in Wednesday here: “”

  6. Since this issue has surfaced, I thought this “Breaking News” article would show HOW the leftist radical leaning democrat court systems is/are screwing veterans and helping the thugs and thuggets escape prosecution!
    This is well documented!
    “Breaking News Today”
    Dated: Jan. 12, 2018 [03:40 minutes long]

    “Leftist Prosecutor Jails Marine AFTER Home Intruder Shoots Him, Then HELPS THE THUG!!!”

    This injustice of our court system happened in Detroit! Well worth viewing!

  7. Good morning from Cannabis free Oregon! On my walk this morning to coffee it occurred to me that just how and why our government is so utterly incapable of helping hose kids returning from war. It has to do with this article today.

    We send these guys into the meat grinder and strip them of nearly everything it means to be a peaceful part of a community. These kids forfeit their rights under the Constitution and accept UCMJ. We raise these kids who were taught that to be a part of our community that you can’t hurt people and that generally if you play by the rules then you will be treated as an equal. Then we teach them to kill when ordered irregardless of who it is that they are ordered to kill. We dehumanize them because it is the only chance they have at surviving when we send them to kill people who are more than capable of killling back.

    Then what happens? They come home and then they begin to miss terribly the community they knew as a high schooler that seems to have vanished as it was before. Suddenly instead of dreams of heroics, medals, and parades on sunny days, they find themselves with horrific memories of death and dieing that they can’t shut out, nights that they can’t sleep, and a horrible sense begins to creep in that they can never really just leave it behind in the sand and just come home.

    They take their mom and dad to the doctor or hospital and they see there that things really are the same as when they left. People still get hurt and die and there is still a place to go when you need help. It is good to be in places familiar and places who try to foster hope.

    Then when the kids need help he get shipped to a VA facility…

    Instead of a coffee pot tray, welcoming faces waiting across the desk, and an architecture design and colors and decore focussed on reducing stress, they find concrete barracades, four inch bullet resistant glass, drilled holes speak through, and security forces and electronics that could easily repell a full squad of combat troops long enough for help to arrive. The see guns walking around and those guns are meant not for enemies they once fought if needed – those guns are issued for use upon veterans as needed. Do you not think this doesn’t hurt??? They see patients in wheelchairs being escorted by armed guards out of fear the wheelchair bound vet will kill somebody. I have seen octarians being escortd thusly. Unlike the waiting room when they took Mom to her appointment, the waiting room he is sent to for help has armed federal agents that he notices are scrutinizing his every move.

    It confirms for him that he can never come back to the home he left behind. He can never “be a part of” the others because after all when he gets sick he once again has to face an armed force in a place fortified for imminent attack, just like when we sent him to do our killing for us. He can’t walk away in his head from the hell he was in because in order to help him with that we send him to a place that looks just like it. He doesn’t get the coffee tray, the open spaces, and face to face and human touch the “others” in town get – he gets Fort Knox. America tells him in this way – you don’t get to come back to the life you left. You can’t come home and be like the others. You have to go to a special building to keep us all safe….

    Too many take their own lives and we persist in ignoring the billboards in front of our noses that say, “WAKE UP you assholes and think about it!” We look and see this whole idea of sanctioned veteran segregation tumbling ever more out of control, becoming ever more militant, and building ever greater fortresses and forces to protect themselves from ……..

    The men and women who were willing to sacrifice everything for America.

    President Trump, Sir, if you want to allow these troops to finally come home then I beg you to cease sending them to a place that proves to them that they never really can. Maybe, just maybe, when the kids get to really come home and really get to once again be a part of the same thing that everyone else is then they will choose life in the home they knew – instead of suicide from a place they no longer see as home and a place that they are no longer wanted.


  8. If only VA scandals would remain in mainstream news like POTUS’s word for the year of…shitholes.
    For posterity: MOST VA FACILITIES ARE SHITHOLES. (used in a sentence)

  9. Nurse Pilbow: “Don’t get upset Mr. McMurphy”
    McMurphy: “I’m not getting upset, Nurse Pilbow, I just don’t want anyone to slip me salt.” peter!

    “There’s no doubt in my mind that McMurphy’s won, but I’m not sure what.”
    –Ken Kesey, One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

  10. Who needs protected? There is a large river, under-currents of hate and cultural Marxism going on here and we are targets. It’s obvious as Sun light. Like with the white genocide that has been happening in South Africa for years, and not many know of it, and news refuses to report it. Some of the same stuff is happening on our shores and to vets present and past. It’s a pity the MSM won’t report on a fraction of what is going on in the grand ol’ USA to appease some.

    Guess this why when we may be asked by some counselor about our believe in a God or about having a spiritual experience they may rebuff. “You don’t believe in that shit do ya.” I better stop there.

    I guess many things are coming to a head.


  11. “Lawsuit: SC VA hospital flubs urine sample; tells sick man he’s cocaine addic”t
    By John Monk, The Herald, January 12, 2018


    “When U.S. Navy veteran Eric Walker went to the emergency room at Columbia’s Dorn Veterans Hospital with severe pains in his abdomen, he was asked to provide a urine sample.

    To Walker’s surprise, medical staffers told him after an hour that he had flunked the hospital’s standard drug test.

    “Dorn Emergency Room personnel informed (Walker) that his stomach pains were a direct result of ingesting multiple illegal drugs, in particular, excessive cocaine,” according to a lawsuit that Walker has filed in U.S. District Court in Columbia.

    Instead of treating Walker for his abdominal pains, the hospital told him to go home and try to free himself from being a cocaine addict.

    “Dorn promptly discharged (Walker) and offered him pamphlets relating to one’s treatment of substance abuse,” the lawsuit says.

    At home, Walker grew more ill. After several days, he was driven to Lexington Medical Center by a neighbor, said Walker’s attorney, Todd Lyle of Columbia.

    At Lexington Medical Center, Walker was “promptly diagnosed and rushed to emergency surgery for gall stones and disease of the gall bladder and pancreas,” Lyle said.

    Walker, 47, was in the Navy from 1989 to 1993, serving a six-month tour in the Persian Gulf as part of Operation Desert Shield in the first Iraq War. An enlisted man, he was part of the crew of a guided missile ship.

    Lyle, a U.S. Army veteran who flew Apache helicopters in combat operations in Iraq in 2011 and continues to fly them in the Army National Guard, said he was moved by the story of Walker, a fellow veteran.

    Walker recovered. However, his lawsuit seeks unspecified damages for his Lexington Medical bills from his surgeries, as well as for his pain and suffering.

    Dorn did not respond Friday to a query about the lawsuit.

    The U.S. Attorney’s office in Columbia, whose lawyers likely will represent Dorn and the Veterans Administration in the case, said it does not comment on pending litigation.”

    Read more here: “”

    1. Man…and just *whom* requires more *protection* again, according to bloated toad AFGE Pres. Cox and from whom? !!!

      1. Several updates to the article have come out over the weekend that state that part of the lawsuit is because someone at the VA switched his urine sample with that of another patient.

        “Navy veteran sues SC hospital for cocaine misdiagnosis”
        Lexington Herald Leader, The Associated Press, January 13, 2018

        “COLUMBIA, S.C. — A U.S. Navy veteran is suing a hospital that he says misdiagnosed him as being a cocaine addict instead of suffering from gallbladder and pancreas disease.

        The State newspaper in Columbia reports Eric Walker has sued Dorn Veterans Hospital in Columbia for its treatment of him when he went to the emergency room in May 2015 with severe abdominal pain.

        The lawsuit filed in December says Walker’s urine sample was switched with that of another patient. It says Dorn discharged Walker and offered him pamphlets about treatment of substance abuse.”

        Full article at: “”

        “Navy Vet Told To Leave Hospital Over ‘Cocaine’ Actually Needed Emergency Surgery”
        Jonah Bennett Daily Caller News Foundation, 01/14/2018

        “Walker’s condition got worse and after a few days, his neighbor had to drive him to Lexington Medical Center, where his attorney Todd Lyle said Walker was “promptly diagnosed and rushed to emergency surgery for gall stones and disease of the gall bladder and pancreas.

        Walker recovered from the surgery, and now he’s seeking damages from the VA to recover costs from his treatment at Lexington and for pain and suffering. His lawsuit claims his urine was switched with someone else’s at the hospital, and was the reason for the cocaine abuse misdiagnosis.”

        Full article at:””

    2. I don’t know whether to piss, weep, or blow up reading these countless stories. Which keeps bringing me back to my own stuff and what I’ve seen others endure.

      One episode was like this. I took one neighbor vet down to the CBOC for a heart check check up. Said he was fine, tests showed great heart condition. He walks out the front door and has a heart attack. Lives through it. Has another one a month or so later and told to drive a hundred miles to Indy, having a heart attack, who kept him and done open heart emergency surgery on him due to severe blockages, etc. Survived, but then kept changing his prescriptions say for high blood pressure, thinners, and heart, then they “think” throws a clot killing him months later. Nuclear family didn’t seem to know much of what was going on, who paid the bills, who will, didn’t know what to communicate, questions to ask, what he was going through, etc. Clueless comes to mind, or complacent, to not wishing to deal with VA crap, so the chapter ended, sadly.

      WTF is wrong with people in this damned country? They’ll go out in the streets, parade, for every damn ignorant or anti-American issue out there but continue to allow this stuff to continue and bow to all our masters, agents, unions, activist of all sorts who couldn’t care less about us… not a peep.

      And attorneys here refuse to get involved or care. Unless they can make big money that many of us don’ have for retainers… with no guarantees. Most just want things to remain the same. Sad.

  12. Brookings, OR CBOC, part of the infamous Roseburg VAMC lost its only doctor – again. This one lasted four or five months. She couldn’t handle the bs. So, we’re back to none – and no Phys Assts.

    Thank you for your service. God Bless Amerka. I get all flag wavy ‘n shit.

  13. The VA employees are the danger towards veterans. Who is protecting veterans from VA employees. No I do not want to go back and work for someone with no morals.

    employees, employees, employees, how about veterans, veterans, veterans. Oh i forgot we are nothing. we can be abused at will and employees are at fault.

  14. DAYTON, Ohio — A federal lawsuit alleges that officers at an Ohio jail beat a homeless veteran so severely that he ended up in a coma for two months and is now wheelchair-bound and cognitively disabled.

    Joseph Guglielmo, 59, filed the civil rights suit against Montgomery County’s commissioners, its sheriff and six employees of the sheriff’s office, the Dayton Daily News reported.

    Oh yes, that’s right, everyone but those dirty “trained killers” need protection …..righttttt?


  15. MEMPHIS, Tenn. — WREG is uncovering startling allegations coming out of the Memphis VA.

    Tennessee Congressman Phil Roe claimed two employees attacked a patient in early January but local leadership was not informed until three days later. He sent a letter to the U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs saying he was “gravely concerned” about the allegations.



    FUCK YOU VA- Legalized Vet Killers, Causes of Love One’s Pain, Sufferings, Broken Hearts

    FUCK YOU GAO- Pussy asses too, the articles, solved and unsolved complaints, and those that have complaints, but are in fear of coming out the closet, all debunk your report, and fucking again, more wasted monies.

    FUCK YOU VA OVERSEERS- for now planning to implement new programs to protect any VA personnel

    FUCK YOU AFGE- Veterans need to be more protected from your employees, and most corrupted leaders of any US union

    FUCK YOU VSO’s- get your hands out of the cookie jar, stop acting like you care about Vets, and truly stand up for them, and open up to speak out about your maternal oven that creates your type of wicked off spring

    FUCK YOU TO ANYONE- who supports the VA and believes that all is well, and that their are no changes needed in the VA’s operations, treatment of Veterans, policies, rules, guidelines, etc.

    FUCK YOU TO THE WEIGHT LOSS NGO or COMPANY- the tunabeasts are still tunas and beasts, weight plans not working (see Oper Oprah’s plan, she’s the new libturdytard on the Hollywood Platform today).

    AND, FUCK YOU, WHOM EVER- believes this shit, because you’re a complete dumb, dumb fuckner, certified by National Association of Can’t Figure or Think for Yourself (looking for State, County, City, ant Township Chapters)

    PLUS, FUCK THE PRESENTERS OF THE VA’s BONER AWARDS- you didn’t pass out enough, and you need to increase the amount on your next purchase order. Maybe VA can offer a Veteran monies for a new start-up. I’m sure with the going rate and support from VA, there’d be many Veterans that would be more than willing to polishing them Boner Awards up, so that they have less friction, and smoothly slide right on in there, just like every fucking thing else that’s basically associated with the VA, and against Veterans.

    Shit, my fellow Veterans, maybe Hollywood might pick up the presentations of them there BONER AWARDS, with coverage of all the MSM outlets, and again, Ms. Opree Oprah either giving out the awards, or picking the people that are good at doing so (hint; sponsoring another up and coming celeb).

    And listen up, don’t get me started, because the VA has changed things up on me, and I’m a new Veteran, with a new mind, and with new writing ideas. Come on VA, make me even a psycho sicko from suckling from your warm, and immunized and freely liquid giving titty teat teats.

    Mahalo nui loa, but lets not forget, you can still fuck off.

    1. That is why I went so public and not afraid to call a spade, a spade. The shit does not, or may not stop, at the VA or their CBOCs. Everything, anything, anyone, medical boards, all the social justice activist/warriors, ANTIFA, (cough) who think they are more important or more deserving than vets. Multiple unions, civy health care workers, city councilmen that have family or wives working in local hospitals so they can get our most private info and make nasty calls, every state or local politician, vet groups, civilian care, media types, all jump on board the VA or status quo, pop culture band-wagons and leave many of us in the dirt and under constant attack, threats, without decent med care and needed meds. Many of them have shown their true colors and who they will stand with or investigate some issues over.

      The shit, depending on how corrupt a town or state is, is never ending and one humongous cluster fuck, or cacophony of hate and terrorism towards any vet out there with a complaint that will shine a light on all the corruption, professional misconduct, killings, the networks of retaliation, the harm, etc., done to vets, or others who may get in their way.

      People locally, vets too, are so damn afraid of the powers and cliques existing, the nepotism , corruption, to join in doing anything or discussing major issues. I think God (except for my house), common decency, integrity, has left the state. Steve Martin once visited here during a flight stop over. In short order, which he later apoligized for, called this town… “Nowheresville man, No-wheres-ville.”

      It all seems to boil down to dirty politics, greed, power, identity poli-ticking, what clique you many or may not be in, what college Greek society you deal with, what religion, what you support or don’t support or agree with. Here it’s as simple as not voting straight ticket Demoncrat or not supporting their fascist ways or the heavy handed censoring and bullying that has gone on here for generations. Which is why this locale is called “Sin City,” “The union strong-hold of Indiana,” “Socialist (communist) strong-hold of Indiana due to Eugene V. Debbs and other Marxist fun clubs running the joint. And is brain-washed into every kiddie born here and forced to go to public indoctrination camps called public school and liberal arts colleges….or med schools in Indiana of politician correctness and unity of hate and majors in retaliation, ‘Professional Courtesies’ that means to allow the oath takers, medical professionals to the attorneys, all, to be protected by the others and to see we are destroyed by any means possible. Including being totally ignored.

      It’s so bad here they will not let you record in certain places like the court house, behind closed door meetings with town’s attorneys, court rooms, judges or staff. They want to hold all the powers and evidence and total control. We have no rights and freedoms here as I have shown and written about, and can prove. That scares the shit out of them all. There are words for this kind of stuff…tyrannical, Draconian, corrupt, fascism, etc.

      If we deal with some female they pull out the momma card. ‘Well would you question or talk to your momma that way? Well, my momma wasn’t a lying AFGE commie or treated others like you do. But then we are misogynist and put on Marx-feminist hit list of man haters. And we know about scorned women or them having a bruised ego.

      Then the all time favorite of them using the race cards, being anti-Christ if we deal with some Catholic connected entity, Or anti-Semite if we step on toes from any of them from the Mid-East areas, or anti-something or xenophobes because we are supposedly the violent sick ones, they are all perfect and there to help.

      If we don’t assimilate, conform, bow down, kiss their many butts or lick their boots, vote the way they want, allow them to treat us like test subjects. Not supposed to bruise some professional’s super or god-like ego, on and on it goes and leads to in the end… we are the enemy for wanting to expose of world full of pure shit and corruption. With the longer it goes on without remedy the worse it gets and more anti-American slugs, corrupt benefiting people, and groups jump on board to try and ruin our spirit , silence us totally, crush us, or me. Not happening here. Not with me. I got enough of this bullying shit in school, and some from the same people in offices and professions today that seemingly never grew up, got free passes to piss on others, the country clubbers, silver spooners, Masons, Skull and Bone types, or still living their glory days of college hazing and tormenting the townie days.

      1. I’m in the process of doing so. Family been informed and warned that all heal (I mean hell) may brake out. But, been there before, and I still think my friend cj, will help me to put a straight line bird flying bead on the problem areas.

        CJ, keep up your reporting.

        Plus, I think we should make every day a FUCK YOU VA DAY. Post every day FUCK YOU VA, then comment on the articles. Ben, the lives of Veterans are more important than page rankings. IMO.

        This site is being monitored by those fuckers (who should be shot up with numbing, no think juice, to give their weary minds some rest). After all, GAO reports VA employees are more at risk. The reasons, if any, because the VA is fucking up us Veterans.

        What would you do? Please Mr. Custa, I don’t want to go-oh-oh.

  17. BERWYN, Illinois (Fox 32 News) – Suburban Chicago police investigating a double murder have arrested the man who drove one of the elderly victims to the local veterans hospital.

    Ira Moore, 67, and Tommie Moore, 70, were founded shot and stabbed in their home in Berwyn on April 1. Ira Moore was a Vietnam veteran and double amputee. His wife Tommie suffered from Alzheimer’s.

    Roger Scoby, 40, is accused of murdering the couple. Police said he drove Ira Moore to his appointments at Hines VA Hospital. Scoby was an employee of a company that contracts with the hospital to drive patients to their appointments.


    REPORT 14-030-9023
    Edward Hines, Jr. VA Hospital

    The complaint indicates that the recipient received forced emergency medication with no
    indication of physically harmful behaviors. Reportedly, the recipient did not resist receiving an
    injection but understood that the VA police were present to hold him if necessary if he refused.
    The complaint alleges that the recipient has no history of violent behaviors and was court
    ordered for medication, not for threatening behaviors but for deterioration of his ability to
    function only. Additionally, the complaint alleges that the recipient requested the forced
    medication issue be investigated by the VA, but it was not.
    The complaint also alleges that staff on the Behavioral Health Unit have stated that
    forced medications are given on an emergency basis at the first sign of agitation because military
    veterans are “trained killers.” A unit physician testified to this statement at the involuntary
    medication hearing of the recipient on 4/03/14, when he stated that medications would not be
    administered this way on a “regular” psychiatric unit, but that they are on the VA unit because
    the patients there are “trained killers.”


    The Mental Health Code mandates that all recipients shall be informed of their right to
    refuse treatment, including medication. If such services are refused, they must not be given
    unless they are necessary to prevent the recipient causing “serious and imminent physical harm”
    to the recipient or others. In this case the record does not support the case for forced emergency
    injections except perhaps for one administered on 3/22/15 which mentions verbal threats but no
    specifics. Both of the entries for 3/16/15 fail to meet the standard for dangerousness- the first
    entry even stating “Veteran subsequently agreeable to medication.” Entries which show that the
    recipient was “anxious”, “pacing”, “delusional”, “agitated”, or “manipulative” do not convey
    that he was also a threat of imminent physical harm.
    The record shows that the unit physician testified in court that veterans are considered
    “trained killers” and thus are held to a different standard when making decisions regarding
    emergency medication. The HRA cannot assign decisions made on the unit to this stereotype,
    however we condemn this image and ask all staff to apply the same Mental Health Code standard
    for dangerousness that is practiced in all Mental Health treatment facilities across the State.

    And the fucking VA says they need more protection from us?


    Fuck you, you cryin ass AFGE assholes!!!!!!
    Thats right, your the hole of a fucking ass@ Deal with it.

    Nothing but a stinking ring of nothingness..

  19. I think what we can take from today’s blog is to reinforce your own security program to take care of yourself don’t fall victim to the spin of being violent and threatening to anyone.
    Truly hone in on your skills as the warriors we are, because when the time comes to defend yourself and your family, you would rather deal with “your honor” than get caught with your drawers down without your armor.

  20. Having previously worked for the VA and with a desire to respond to Brandon’s curiosity concerning VA employees, I briefly reviewed the GAO report highlights. What I discovered was of little shock value to me. Per the highlights, “In the absence of a comprehensive VA-wide strategy or guidance that reflects these internal control standards, individual sights have established their own approaches to carrying out VA’s risk management policy.”

    Similar to the work I conducted in the VA’s Caregiver Support Program (CSP), where there was no unified standard by which the VA was required to conduct business operations in a consistent manner, it appears as though each facility identified in the GAO report has been allowed to implement security standards without adequate guidance or oversight. One may recall that in early 2017, the CSP achieved national recognition for its lack of uniformity and absence of standard operating procedures (SOPs), all of which led to multiple veterans/caregivers being removed from the CSP as a correlative and causative result.

    Per my subjective experience, which may be easily dismissed as mere anecdotal evidence by those who refuse to admit that the emperor simply isn’t wearing any clothes, the VA tends to shy away from “comprehensive VA-wide strategy or guidance” in the form of SOPs. Committing organization-wide policy to black-and-white standards opens the flood gates for noncompliance scrutiny. As long as it isn’t written, the VA may deny, deny, deny, deny. “The shortcomings of that facility isn’t the VA way, because that facility is a rogue anomaly,” is easier to defend than admitting, “We as an agency have failed.” How is such a defensive strategy achieved? Simple. Commit as little to writing as possible.

    Where the matter of security is concerned; as long as multiple Veteran Integrated Service Network (VISN) locations are free to formulate their own security measures as they deem necessary, and as long as there remains no defining standard of agency-wide risk management review, the identified problems will continue to persist. Only once the CSP achieved national headlines for the problematic business practices that crippled the Program was Congress obliged to step in and address the issue. Likewise, prior to the GAO report VISNs were free to pretend that the naked leader paraded through the streets was adorned in the finest clothing available. Now that the VA is exposed it will be interesting to see what follows. (Hopefully it isn’t a naked leader fleeing the scene in full denial as onlookers pretend all is well within the kingdom.)

    1. Your comment reminds me of Tom Burch. Wasn’t he also in a sensitive security position at VAHQ? Like a VA representative to DHS or something? If so, what did he do in the position other than ignore the duties incumbent with it? Why did he not conduct risk assessments and formulate plans to fix any problems found?

      I just cannot believe a federal agency as large as the VA have not followed many other federal agencies in creating these plans…unless they deliberately intended not to.

      1. Just Passing Through, 91, both of you have hit the nail on the head.

        Just passing Through, is correct, when said, “Committing organization-wide policy to black-and-white standards opens the flood gates for noncompliance scrutiny. As long as it isn’t written, the VA may deny, deny, deny, deny.”

        91, you are also correct when you say “I just cannot believe a federal agency as large as the VA have not followed many other federal agencies in creating these plans…unless they deliberately intended not to.”

        That is exactly it, the VA want’s no part of anything “accountability” related. So yes, it is deliberate, that they will not commit to black and white SOP’s. or form any type of “standard practice” that could be used by the Veteran to bite them in the ass.

        Just Passing Through, excellent post. I hope you decide to hang around a bit, and keep posting.

      2. Thank you. I enjoy the content of this blog while receiving secondary education related to its content. Semper Fi

      3. @91Veteran I’m unfamiliar with the case of Tom Burch so I can’t provide a meaningful response tailored to his circumstance. What I can do, however, is join you in your question related to why the VA didn’t create and maintain these plans. Will we ever receive a reasonable answer to this query? Most likely not.

      4. Tom Burch somehow wrangled a position as a VA attorney, working in the Office of General Councel. He headed the VA FOIA program, and had some kind of additional title about Homeland Security.

        Anyway, he was outed last year of running the worst veterans charity in history. He took in millions, but his charity filings with the IRS showed he disbursed very little to help veterans, but he did help his brother.

        He also drove a Rolls Royce.

        He had claimed for years to be a Green Beret vet of Vietnam. While he may have served in a unit associated with Green Berets in Vietnam, he never earned the right to wear one.

        His scam was like many veteran scams. He had all the right pictures with all the right officials to give a hint of credibility to his “charity”.

        Ben covered him here in September 2016 and other times.

        An October 2017 WaPo article says he plead guilty to wire fraud and embezzling $150,000. In reality, he scammed millions more. He got 5 months in prison.

  21. I am totally behind seeing security increased for most Veterans Administrations employees. For their protection of course.

    I firmly believe anyone who is willing to work at the VA definitely deserves a much more secure environment. They totally deserve the same treatment as their civilian counter parts.

    After all their Civilian Counter parts who also work for Organized Crime get prosecuted and placed in a much more secure setting. Why should they be denied the benefits they deserves which include a much more secure setting?

    Hey AFGE, with the reporting that there has been a large drop in the incarceration rate, due largely to the changing marijuana laws. You need to help protect those Bureau of Prison AFGE members jobs. A great start would be to start supporting finding all Veterans Administration’s employees the more secure Settings they all have earned while working for Organized Crime. For their own protection, of course.

    Just add it to the VA pay package as a Bonus for taxpayers.

    1. Seymore, I think any VA employee AFGE member should be asking why the AFGE is not fighting for better security on behalf of their members.

      Is it because any security applied would be against their fellow members?

      Or to prevent Little Cox from whooping someones ass?

      1. Unfortunately, the VA coworkers who threatened me were also veterans and AFGE members…but not surprised, AFGE protects thugs – veteran or not.

    2. In the glory of the Roman Empire they protected corrupt public servants by holding them up above the angry crowds on a pole with a crossarm. History records that the other public servants will nearly redouble their efforts at honesty when they know they will be kept safe like this…

      Irregardless of how I might feel about it, history clearly shows that civilizations who make an example of corrupt officials have FAR fewer officials on the take. At first it might not hit home with VA leadership but after the third or fourth facility Director is nailed to a cross and lofted high in the manner Ceasar most favored, then more than likely facility procedure manuals would be rewritten at the speed of oh shit and then fucking with vets and scamming bonus money wouldn’t seem such a jolly pasttime except of course to the truly devoted.

      While on the cross of course they could appeal to the Merits Review Board depending of course on exactly who nailed them. It seems humane as far as I am concerned. Nobody should be left with zero hope after all.

  22. A real touchy subject, I always feel safer being around veterans than civilians. Civilians have always reminded me of untrained animals frolicking around consuming chineese junk totally oblivious to there surroundings. We veterans are the security, and they want to protect themselves from us WTF is wrong with this picture. Just another blow to are integrity and service to our country. Somebody ought to be protecting us from them sometimes, not them from us, so we got to protect each other that’s the way i see it. VA’s are more secure than one would think, hell there probably watching us now. Need more security hire more veterans, we have the awareness, we have the skills that they need, we have a kinda sentinel intelligence, but will they do that, no, they would sooner hire some civilian first for 7.25/hr. and givem a uniform that’s to small and don’t fit right, and a pair of smooth bottom low quarter shoes. Yeah there more secure than one would think, because there’s veterans there, because underneath every veterans shirt is a big fucking capitals S. But when VA starts messing up peoples lives and doing irreparable damage and leaving them with no recourse of action, well maybe than they would need more security, to protect themselves. The little place i go to now, the people are very very good ,and they respect people, and they give a shit about vets, yeah i’d die protecting them.

  23. It’s not a good idea to use or visit a VA clinic or hospital and observe or look around the place. You will invariably find lots of shit criminally wrong with all the places. I must say that the dental department in Wyoming, MI is on top of things as is North Las Vegas. But the rest I would not piss on if the place was on fire

  24. What VA employees should ask themselves is:

    “If my director doesn’t care enough to keep sick, vulnerable veterans safe, why should I think he has concern for my safety?”

    “If my director is only concerned with bonuses such that we turn veterans away from our ER and the veteran then shoots himself outside VA doors, how concerned would he be if the veteran shot himself in the ER? Or takes a shot at me before shooting himself?”

    “If my director cuts corners so much that veterans are dying from Legionella, how concerned will he be for me working in the same environment?”

    “I see my director is VERY concerned about safety whenever I am buzzed through the locked doors into his office area. I wonder why that same security is not used elsewhere?”

    “If my director allows veterans to be exposed to HIV and Hepatitis because of sloppy sterilization procedures, why would he care what I am exposed to?”

    “My director is VERY concerned about risk. I see posters up all over the hospital warning about how risky travel pay can be!”

    VA risk assessments are what they are because it is as much a facility security issue as anything, and spending money to mitigate risk might prevent the VA from spending thousands on TV’s in storage.

    But hey! At least the 127 Interior Designers make the place look better than a 1950s asylum. Kinda.

    1. Good point 91 but again the VA has whitewashed something obvious here and expects the public to ignore it.

      In Roseburg Oregon the most likely violent paybacks will come at the hands of a VA employee and NOT a vet. I spke yesterday with a Roseburg VA person whom did not adhere to his leaderships demands that all calls from me get routed to the DBC. This VA kid I spoke to left me with the impression that he would gladly facilitate any form of paybacks against his Chief of Staff, Ma Prem Sheila, and his Chief of Surgery, Dr. Botchedlives and he made it clear that he would work from within VA Roseburg to undermine the plans of leadership to toss vets like me out. He was VERY, VERY pissed about Roseburg leadership and my impression is that he had a bigtime grudge. I now have an inside ally.

      The thing is if this kid snapped and decided to visit harm then he has a magic card that unlocks security doors. Their biggest threat hands down is an employee going postal and to ignore the open covil war going on at Roseburg which has destroyed careers is a collosal security blunder. If a vet snaps and tries to visit harm he would only succeed up to the security barriers. When a VA guy blows up he can do it right in their faces.

      So VA may well build an absolutely PERFECT cage to keep all of us horrific veterans at bay, but then again the movie Resident Evil sort of comes to mind and maybe being inside the nice safe cage isn’t all that cool, right?

      Like all VA solutions they got this one completely wrong. We don’t need to fortify the walls at VA. We need to tear them down.

      1. Interesting point Dennis. I wonder how many VA managers have asked the question of, if they get serious about a risk assessment, would that open the door to having to deal with the threat from retaliating managers or staff?

      2. I’m absolutely positive that Senior leadership has a plan in place to deal with rampaging low level employees. I wonder what their data management practices are…

  25. And, yes, absolutely, the performance level of the employees needs to be considered but addressed by raising the performance level to acceptable.

  26. I know for a fact that this is true for I am an employee and veteran patient who has been employed for the same VA for almost 10 years. Being located at one of the medical centers community based outpatient clinics our pleas for help, action, communication often goes unheard or ignored. I have even been the one to care for a patient who died in my arms from a heart attack in one of the elevators and it took what seemed like an eternity (probably 5 minutes ) to get someone to call a rapid response. Which is a joke because the person who was supposed to be manning the alarms was wondering around shooting the shit. When all was said and done, the man died, I was not asked about a thing, and our parent facility had no idea this even occured. Seems to be a death on a non-emergent care property would be something someone should look into to. Maybe some sort of , “hey, are you ok? You need to talk about what happened?”, would be asked to me. Nope. Carry on and forget this man had a name. I see the same out in the private community hospitals as well though. Sometimes worse. So I’ve lost faith in the Healthcare system as a whole. Very disturbing and sick. But like anything else in this country, we should just turn a blind eye and if we bury our heads in the sand , we are just dandy! American ignorance is bliss!

    1. Yeah, I saw a report yesterday that had video of a major hospital in city of Baltimore taking once hospitalized or ER patients that are homeless being dropped right-off in their bare-assed gowns at a bus stop in freezing fucking weather…and the report went-on to state this is happening all over the USA, namely to the indigent and uninsured/homeless…nowhere did they mention the Veteran Population nor the VA…which made me wonder about the recent Milwaukie VAMC ER where they discharged a Vet and turned him loose in subzero weather and…he fucking died of exposure in the parking garage on VA property.
      WHY is that not all over the news but POTUS calls African nations shitholes and it’s all the talk?
      Yeah, healthcare even in private sector has become haves/have-nots. I figure The Lord is going to take me when He wishes to, so am just appreciating each day one day at a time and use what energy I have to advocate for my fellow Vets in making the VA safe…for once. Was it *ever* safe? I had Great Uncles and Grandfather veterans in my own family warn me before entering USAF about the VA’s shitholes. Seems to be a perpetual generational shithole thing.

    2. As I said elsewhere in another comment, as an employee, you should think about the reaction if that were you having the heart attack in an elevator.

      Ask yourself if you happen to be in a public airport, why AEDs would be readily available, and if the response time might be better there than at your VA.

      Indifference to how patient veterans are treated leads to indifference in how employees are treated.

      If a VA will dump a veteran without health care for a serious problem in order to qualify for a bonus, what makes you think a VA manager won’t dump your safety to protect the budget used to pay those bonuses?

  27. Being downwind from Roseburg Oregon VA us poor folk here in Eugene often catch scent of happenins at VA. To be fair to this GAO report I must in good conscience post an incident in which a VA employee indeed was placed at risk in the VA Roseburg Hospital. Copy and paste from The News Review of Roseburg Oregon this last Novenmber;

    “May (the VA employee) alleges Ranjan berated her for close to half an hour, yelling, looming over her (he’s about a foot taller), and waving his hands angrily.

    Several witnesses corroborated her story, and one reported the incident to the VA police. Following an investigation, VA police concluded that Ranjan had been “loud enough to upset the normal working environment,” and that his “behavior could be interpreted as intimidating.” They found a claim of disorderly conduct was substantiated.”

    The other parts of the story describe that she was crying in fear at about the fifteen minute mark.

    The guys full name is Dinesh Ranjan and he is currently Chief of Surgery at Roseburg VA. His crime of disorderly conduct was reported to the Roseburg Chief of Staff, a woman named Dr. Ratnabali Ranjan. His wife. Both from India. The Chief of Staff of a hospital targetting veterans health issues is a pediatrician.

    So in all honesty right here in mynown back yard VA employees are indeed in fear for their safety. I can only guess at what punishment Ms. Rat gave to Mr. Rat, but as that story explains we do know what happened to Ms. May, the victim; she was fired.

  28. GAO has concluded that there are still a substantial number of veterans not yet being escorted by armed guard, many of whom use the latrine with the stall doors completely locked. Police report disruptive flatulence and overuse of facility sphincter wipe. They found that removing the safety guards from the shredding machines is also a real hazard but employees are often rewarded for productivity so GAo recomends upgrading all shredding machines to the standard models used in Washington DC.

    However, GAO needed more data about actual organoc interactipns between VA folks and a test group.

    GAO conducted an asssment of VA employee behavior in a controllled study. The VA group and the civilian group were both locked into rooms with a truckload of banannas and also an assortment of primates representative of a veteran population. Both groups were instructed to feed and care for the primates.

    At the end of the study it was discovered that the VA group had suffered massive facial traumas, interspecies rape, and three percent reverted to walking on their knuckle however, 90% of the VA bananas were still intact.

    The civilian group was found in the room with he primates mostly cuddling up with them although some were engage in liht play with the humans and even formed rudimentary communication skills and family like ties. The bananas in that room were gone.

    GAO concludes that VA rooms need tighter controls, securtity, animal grade tasers, armed guards, shock collars, and whips. The civilian group is under investigation because the bananas are gone.

    The obvious conclusion is of course we need an app for the violent
    primates to learn to cope with stress associated with Va care and GAO also recomends proactive use of tear gas on all primates entering their facilities and not just the American veterans. Ttaining flyers will be distributed to ensure VA employees can identify each group.

    I personally am just so fucking delighted that GAO is out there saving the lives of VA worms, one maggot at a time. There is alreaady too much death and suffering at VA by vets and its a good,thing we are gonna protect the VA folks who are there right beside those sufferring vets….

    1. We Veterans should band together and form our version of the VA’s Disruptive Behavior Committee, and while keeping the ‘DBC’ anagram, it could be called “Dickheads Behaving Carelessly”…the other DBC, to protect we Vets from sociopathic hacks.

  29. We deal with whistleblowers daily who are threatened, harassed and either fired or driven out. That is why the VA does nothing with risk assessments. Because to abide by them; they would have to use mirrors to find the biggest threats to their employees.

    There was recently a story on OpenTheBooks about how much the VA police force costs the American taxpayer. The general question is WHY does the VA need its own police force. The most outrageous commentary came from civilians who, thanks to the VA media monster; believe that we veterans are drug-addled, barely held together ticking time bombs that VA employees need to be protected from. Added to that were the comments that we are leeches and when we don’t get those “fat checks for nothing”; we take it out on those defenseless VA employees.

    THAT is the narrative that is spinning in the civilian world. That the we are the threat and that the VA does nothing wrong. We blow every minor issue out of proportion, we whine because we are “entitled” and “lazy” and only want that “free money” and VA employees are saints who have to be protected for tolerating us.

    Not one commenter remarked to acknowledge the THOUSANDS who have died waiting for medical care; because the VA employees game the system solely so they can receive bonuses. Not one commenter acknowledged the deliberate actions of VA employees who are now doing everything they can to keep Choice and Caregiver money in house; while depriving veterans and their caregivers.

    Sometimes, being part of the “one percent” is a lonely place to be.

    1. Talking about the narrative about we Vets being walking threats: Just last month in the modest apartment building I live within, this newer older woman tenant asked another tenant that’s a friend of mine, if “it was *safe*”, as a reply upon my friend stating I am a Veteran, living above her apartment.
      The new tenant is 68 and she has drank the VA Pubic Affair spin that we cuddly-wuddly Veterans are ticking time-bombs and pose a threat.
      My friend and fellow tenant invited paranoid new tenant to complain to the property management co. for not informing her in-advance that a “dangerous Vet” lives in building.
      Why did she invite her to do that?
      The landlord/management partners ARE…Vietnam Vets…with…(wait for it)…PTSD.
      Oh, I can be a worse nightmare to anyone if I chose to.
      This paranoid new neighbor has a ground floor bay window that will have a very nice view of the incoming snow storm where I *could* spell “VA SUCKS, BITCH” in pig’s blood or red kool-aid in the snow for her viewing pleasure….but I won’t, because I AM a cuddly-wuddly nice Veteran…just don’t piss me off! 😀

      1. @namnibor

        Mail your frightened neighbor a condom to prove you will be safe. It would be an approppriate gesture…

      2. Dennis, I don’t drink at all, but today, I had a very nice blueberry flavored ale, and it came out my nose after reading your above comment. Thanks for the belly jumping laugh, you sick puppy. Like me, its a good thing that you stay indoors. lmmfao and still wiping my nose from the residuals.

      3. You should ask that new tenant if the fact that you served knowing you might have to give your life to protect total strangers is why she feels unsafe.

    2. “Lauren”,
      According to the Obutthead’s Royal Reign administration, “Homeland Security” [I believe], we veterans are considered to be “terrorists!”
      Let that sink in!
      Then, when you enter the VHA doors, they treat you as such!

      On a side note;
      According to many accounts, around “…97% to 98% of ALL government employees voted for Hillary Clinton!”
      That is very telling in itself!
      IF she had won, can y’all imagine what an appointment at a VHA would be like?! Right now, many VA employees are treating veterans with great distain. All because their “Queen” wasn’t elected!

      1. I keep checking to see if we are all still on the list or have been taken off. So far we are still on the domestic terrorist listings. Per HLS locals we are still on it and need to be. This is from a cop/vet.

        And nothing from the Trump admin about this either.

        At Roudebush we were told to vote Demoncrat for better health care. Vote for Hillary for better care and treatment. In my last visit to the new pain clinic a group of us were again told to vote Democrat for better care and to get pain meds. We were also informed from Steve, I think his name is, a highly trained mental health counselor/addictions specialist via the VA, said we ‘are all criminals now, have been, or will be in the future.” Along with hours long of other demeaning and insane BS pouring out of his highly trained VA, Obama/Hillary/union/globalist/Satanic ass kissing lips.

        Sitting in the main atrium one can learn a lot too just by listening. I kept one hospital news letter that was asking staff to not talk union or shop talk in front of us during business hours or at the hospital. Then a couple days later during another wasted trip there I noticed SEIU flyers and promos stuck on the walls and in the elevator with graphics depicting world wide influences using a globe. So those taking orders from the top to destroy us or treat us like crap, to attack some of us, is flip-flopping, and very two faced…at the minimum.

        As for their safety in the big city settings, surrounded by hospitals and all the security, cameras, plus all the special interest groups/militant union types working there, I don’t see how they are in much danger at all. Unless it would be like a Crips vs. the Bloods kinda thing, among others at times we had to drive through or wait until some group cleared the road for us to drive through. None of that stuff made the news either or seemed to be a big deal at the hospital or university meds when inquiring about such stuff. So they seem it must be a usual big city thing and nothing to worry about. Even in the hoods we were routed to due to road construction where a cop just got shot and killed. Big city life I guess.

        A pill pushing mental health nurse here at the CBOC told me to report any negative incidents to her locally or at Indy. I lost track of the many out-burst, tantrums, explosive actions, to intentional incompetence from some staff there. Even being in a group being chased out of the waiting room by a sawed off, big nosed, white haired, humped over doctor ranting and raving over I don’t know exactly what, but saying he was fed up and only wanted to see retirees, officers, and those with combat medals (from where I could not understand the area) only. The rest of us could go to hell. He was forced to see too many unworthy people, etc. The dude was actually spinning around and blowing snot and slobbering while the nurse just stood by and watched, then shook her head, didn’t appear shocked, calmly mumbled sorry. As usual when I told nurse Rachet about this again I was told ‘it’s just staff burn-out and to get used to it.” And went on as usual to defend it all. I never returned to the arthritis specialty clinic and told them to never send me to a clinic again with such personnel and with a history of blowing up on patients or suffering severe burn-out. Then nurse Racthet blows up a couple days later in an episode of her own. We just had to sit through it and listen to how crazy we all are. lol Holy crap.

        It also seemed the security standing by wasn’t worried much about the staff but watching to see what we would do, with a palm resting on their side arms. Like in protection mode while this freak went off. I’d be more worried about the idiot throwing clip-boards, the slobbering raving dude in a long white coat, knocking pictures off the walls, kicking chairs around slamming doors, and losing it than some old dude sitting in a chair, calmly watching the show taking it all in. Oh just burn-out and they deserve to lose it now and again, poor over-worked things. I really should write a book or two. I need a muse or two and a ghost writer’s help. lol

        Plus we aren’t to have even a ball-bat in our vehicles on VA property to protect ourselves with. So I think all things considered they are fairly as safe as the rest of us are in this present culture. At least they have security near by, plenty of union brothers and sisters to jump in, plenty of them claiming to know Kung Foo, plenty of various gang bangers around and other assorted big city militants and activist floating around reading Nuvo or Rules for Radicals. Typical union type stuff.

      2. “T”,
        As far as veterans committing an act of violence against anyone at a VHA, it’s highly probable “…the act was promulgated by the VHA employee”!

        As far as anyone, at a VHA, telling a veteran “Who to vote for…” is a violation of “Robert’s Rules of Order”! Which the VA, VSO’s and other organizations, ARE supposed to be following. It’s a wonder they aren’t called out on it! There’s so much information within Robert’s Rules of Order it’s actually a great read for everyone!

        Now to the VHA healthcare providers, most of them are already burned out! It’s a wonder somebody hasn’t “Gone Postal” yet! That’s what I’m waiting for! Think about it.
        What IF there were multiple articles out one day, stating;
        “Today, multiple VHA healthcare providers, from around the country, went berserk and shot hundreds of veterans for apparently no reason!”
        “Watch tonight at 10pm!”

        [From what you’ve stated, that’s not a too far fetched senerio!]

      3. “Robert’s Rules of Order” Thanks! I was not aware they were supposed to follow that. I know it’s/we used at meetings, union meets, conventions, to town hall meetings, etc. Been some years and forgot most of it, but will have to give it a refresher course for this old brain.

        The way things are here in my locale with them not reporting on much real news, like a white guy getting killed here and it not being news worthy to protect a local clique, among other incidents, anyone going “Postal” would have to be big enough, and with plenty of witnesses to be aired on any local media.

        There is far too much that the public is not aware of or made aware of. When I used to be more of a social butterfly I’d go uptown and ask why about some issues. The common reply would be “it’s not for public consumption.” Or it’s just for those with the need to know, like with on campus crimes and rape issues that filter out into the townie population. Or the media heads will say, ‘we give you the news you need to know.” Period. With a lot swept under the rug.

    3. If the one percent that you refer to is being an American veteran then the loneliness you feel is connected at the other end with a group of humans willing to lay it all down for honor, country, and family. It is lonely being the only one in the room that understands why the choice for self sacrifice had to be made and perhaps even being the only one in the room that has ever faced down fear that the timid souls huddled close together could not even conceive of.

      You might be lonely being the one in The Arena, but as an A!erican Veteran you will never be among those timid souls who will never know neither victory or defeat. Stay strong until the last heartbeat.

    4. I bet not one commenter said anything about the risk an elderly veteran, Charles Lee Johnson, was in when VA employee Frederick Kevin Harris beat him to death.

      1. Hell…the VA gave cuddly-wuddly medical assist. Kevin Harris TIME OFF TO EMOTIONALLY RECOVER…after killing a 73+ year old Veteran in his hospital bed via blunt force trauma.
        TIME OFF…for the THUG employee.
        THEN legally went to bat…defending your killer union dues payer.
        FUCK YOU, AFGE! YOU are much more of a danger to we Vets than we are of you but maybe you are feeling the tide turning, our anger collectively growing mass while your physical masses become even more engorged while asking for MORE while protecting your serial killers working for you… (did I say fuck off, AFGE yet?)

        Rant Out.

      2. I tried searching to find out what the status is of Harris’ trial, but I can only find a May 2017 news article saying his trial was postponed…for the 6th time…to September 2017.

      3. I would almost wager if I were a betting person, that Kevin Harris is still gainfully employed and working around Veterans…maybe even working in the Hines VA Morgue basement beating the body bags to ensure the Vets are indeed dead.
        Dark, yeah, it’s the type of mood I am in.

    5. Thank you. This GAO thing is about protecting VA employees from veterans who come to the VA for services (even though it’s the VA employees who provoke/instigate these alleged incidents with veterans though rude, inept, and poor treatment of veterans). It’s not to protect VA employees (especially whistleblowers) from other ghetto VA employees.

      I, at the Atlanta Benefits Administration, reported a coworker saying she was gonna ‘bring guns up in here’ – simply because she felt that I had an attitude and she was Chief of Corrections or whatever in her looney mind.

      Wanna know how that turned out? I got fired because I called her and my ghetto coworkers liars and children.

      I also reported her and the VAs refusal to investigate and fire her and others to the Federal Protective Service, and FPS said this is an “administrative issue”.

      So, please GAO, give me a break. The potential for violence isn’t against VA employees, it’s from VA employees because the VA hires garbage… And I’m being polite in my use of the word “garbage” to describe the VA employees I have had the pleasure of interacting with. Ok, I’ll add “illiterate” and “inept” to my description of the scum that the VA hires.

      1. “TaB”,
        In my opinion, this is the “GAO’s” attempt to “spin their bullshit” so President Trump BELIEVES the VA IS being fixed!
        I’ve got a sneaky suspicion this is occurring everyday by those reprobates in Washington D.C. and across the country in VA!

      2. I am adding douchebags, fuckfarts and birdbeast to their descriptions. Its kind of therapeutic for me. LOL?????

  30. Not surprised at ALL…

    I am adopting Pres. Trump’s new 5 Star Rating System for the VA in the way the POTUS yesterday referred to Haiti and the African nations as “Shitholes”…so the VA will have a rating as a system and systemic mess between 1 and 5 “SHITHOLES”, with 5 “SHITHOLES” being the most unsafe, but make no mistake no about it, the “1 SHITHOLE” Rated VA locality is as deadly to a Veteran’s health as taking a bath in an old burn pit filled with Agent Orange.

    “[…President Trump sparked bipartisan backlash on Thursday evening following reports that he referred to Haiti and African nations as “shithole countries” during a heated Oval Office meeting with lawmakers to discuss immigration….]”
    Source, -The Hill

    1. The VA is a shithole healthcare entity on its own. I believe Trump needs to sit his crunchberry beast looking ass down somewhere. Many soldiers, sailors and airmen have laid their lives down in some of these countries, namely Mogadishu, these statements bury the names of these and those who are MIA.
      Those lands are the burial grounds for our MIA and that fat toad needs to respect it despite what goes on in those countries!

      1. Agree. That’s why I have stolen the SHITHOLE rating system from the POTUS and applied it appropriately to the VA.
        Cheeto-man and White Cheddarman are pissing me off because there’s PLENTY of SHITHOLES right here in US of A.

      2. It is disheartening to see one of your brothers dragged on live tv through those streets , but no action was taken, but political rhetoric from politicians that have been given high credentials over the military with zero service. Government Service will never be equivalent to any military mantra.
        #Shithole is legitimate when you experience it . That’s the difference from him saying it from afar. The use of #Shithole is official military jargon . ??????

    2. Well what are we doing in those Shitholes,…. Protecting big businesses while they loot the resources of that country, That is the only reason we are in any country, Protecting them so our politicians can get a cut of the profits, Not for Democracy as they claim…….And as for security at the VA mine put in a security system a couple of years ago now, the nurse has to swipe their card to get into see the doctors from the waiting room and my doctor has a maglight flashlight the biggest one they make on his desk {FOR HIS PROTECTION OF COURSE } When he asks me about black tarry stools he sticks it in my face and says black like this I feel like snatching it out of his hands and smacking it upside his head, But I refrain …For now…LOL..
      I have snatched a Barny Fife’s pistol out of his holster before when he was fucking with me for no reason other then having a badge and I handed it back to him as fast as I got it from him, and yes I did go to jail for a couple of hours paid 70 dollars and got out without a court date…Don’t believe me I can give you a few numbers to call to verify it, that was when i was young and crazy…LOL….FUCK YOU VA

      1. The Time George Bush Accidentally Told The Truth
        Take it from the horses mouth……War trumps peace, For profit of course


      2. Ben said, “…. Luckily, I never fell into the trap of working for The Man or Big Brother….”. Ummm Ben – you’re a veteran.

      3. Funny, I never think of my enlistment that way, but you’re totally right. I’ll make a quick adjustment…

      4. That is the very reason why veterans need to be proactive in their care. Military missions are just that, but protecting freedoms is 24/7. I didnt expect to get assigned to a Marine unit, but when you fully understand its mission you accept it.
        The VA is there to mitigate your training, willpower and the inherit gift of being the ultimate enforcer of Freedom that corruption is afraid of.

        Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside while still alive.

  31. I have always said this, VA is responsible with its battalion of manatee framed clinicians of jointly working with FEMA , should there be an attack on US soil.
    Civilian hospitals will be innundated should that happen.
    Those fat bodies would be the first to be medi -evac’d because they simply are out of shape at a higher rate than civilian hospitals.
    I agree , some veterans know the flaws of VA security, just by looking at some of the gut racks needed by VA’s finest.
    I feel bad for the patients that are gravely ill in these facilities and I already know they are protected spiritually.
    “Those people who do not do right by veterans deserve to die period”! That statement is equivalent to saying the same thing for a convicted murderer!

    1. I just reviewed the report and it said to contact Lori Rectanus. ?????
      RECT- ANUS! That literally had me dying

      1. Wrinkled (still can’t find it) Wrecked Wet Anus [WWWA].

        Damn it, I’ve told you once, and I’ve told you twice, to spread that stanky thing apart, and wipe it with the VA’s no-ply paper (your hands).

        You fucking tunabeasts can follow the most simplest of instructions. You don’t need no more training, you just need to be fucking replaced.

      2. Mud Hut Linguistics can easily confuse colon scope & jackhammer, which would indeed result in a wrecked anus…but the same can occur when the hacks just pass the colon scopes from one vet’s ass to another without cleaning.

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