All-Male Draft Unconstitutional

Military’s All-Male Draft Unconstitutional Rules Federal Judge

The all-male military draft is unconstitutional according to a federal judge in Texas in a ruling challenging the decades-old practice.

While the restrictions premising an all-male draft may have been “justified” in the past, men and women can equally serve today and apparently be equally drafted. In the 1981 case, Rostker v. Goldberg decision upholding the discriminatory policy was “fully justified” at the time, the expansion of women’s role in the military has eroded the reasonable basis for the Selective Service System.

The National Coalition For Men brought the legal challenge arguing that an all-male draft was unfair. Any mail failing to register in the Selective Service System by their 18th birthday cannot receive student loans or be eligible for federal employment. Meanwhile, women cannot register even if they want to be drafted.

Government lawyers attempted to shunt the thrust of the lawsuit citing a commission that may call for a similar outcome, disbanding the all-male draft, but the men’s rights group cited that Congress has weighed reversal of this issue since 1980 without action.

The National Commission on Military, National and Public Service is set to release recommendations at some point in the future, but there is no telling whether Congress would take action on the recommendations even if those recommendations were consistent with the Constitution.

Enter the ruling of this case.

All-Male Draft Not Substantially Justified

The ruling highlights the basis required to justify discrimination in its decision that it “must substantially serve an important government interest today.”

The government obviously failed to carry the burdens necessary to support that level of justification to maintain the discriminatory policy.

“Yes, to some extent this is symbolic, but it does have some real-world impact,” said Marc Angelucci, the lawyer for the men challenging the Selective Service System. “Either they need to get rid of the draft registration, or they need to require women to do the same thing that men do.”

Personally, I am surprised it took this long to address the antiquated policy. It was about time someone did something about that one.

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What Would You Change?

If you had your way, what old policy would you abolish related to military service?

I would do away with forced vaccines when those vaccines are experimental or being used for off-label purposes. For me, our forced inoculation with the experimental anthrax vaccine was unnerving. We hated it. I hated it.

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If you refused to take the vaccine, our chain of command had the power to arrest you and end your military service with a life-altering dishonorable discharge.

Others serving in Gulf War I dealt with Vaccine A, Vaccine B, and Vaccine C. Who knows what those were? What we do know is hundreds of thousands of soldiers came down with mysterious disabilities years later as veterans without much help from the government treating or diagnosing the illnesses.

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  1. I made no comment as to the posts’s intent—that was incomprehensible. I just felt the thing was funny. The fact that you were trying to be serous actually makes it funnier…you crack me up. 🙂

  2. Steven Ford High….WHAT THE FUCK are you whining about??????? The PT test is NOT artificially high, its set so you can show your physically fit. Has nothing to do with allowing women in or keeping them out as you are claiming. I dont give a rats ass if the person in the foxhole next to me is male or female, all I care about is if I get shot can this person help get me back to a medic and if he/she cant then they dont need to be there. And as I said before, if they can pass the same physical standards as the others, then welcome. If not then go be a clerk in a supply room or some other position where you wont get someone killed. As for that $1. for $1. bullshit just stop. Women get time off for womens troubles and men are expected to come to work with a broken limb. If anything happens to a child women get off of work early and men are told “have your wife or girlfriend do it.” I know this for a fact as when I left the Military I was in a factory and my partner’s wife was in a car accident and was in the hospital. They knew this at 9:45am and they didnt even bother to tell him until almost 1:30 that afternoon and then they took another 30 minutes to find someone to replace him on the line. Why? Because the person that was the relief person didnt want to do his job and she would have had to. BUT there was a woman co worker whos kid had tummy trouble and they let her go five minutes after they told her. You have maternity leave and other shit that women get that men dont and when you add it all up, its actually the men who work 40+ hours a week that make less then the women. And this has been proved by the Department of labor so dont start with this happy happy horseshit of yours by the man hating twerps. And just HOW do you think “men on men” is helpful to anyone except the homos doing it?

    And yea if I had ever had a boss of mine play grab ass with me I would have dropped him like a bad habit and probably busted his jaw. And I am the kind of person that does what I say and say what I mean and if you dont like it then thats YOUR damn problem. And if you want to think you are wired to fuck other guys, then I would say thats a mental problem of YOURS! But if you tried that crap with me your nickname would be dickless as that would be your natural physical form. And please stop using that pansy “homophobic” crap. I dont care what way you swing as long as you can do the job, just dont force me or try and tell me that its normal as over 2 million years of history of the human race clearly show its not. So keep it to yourself.

    And finally numbnuts, the 14th Amendment has absolutely NOTHING to do with this conversation, so maybe you should go back playing with your playdough and petting your puppies in your safe space and discussing with your PC prof, about how bad the world is because it does not fit the way you think it should.

    My God you make me want to barf!

  3. I believe in equality. I believe it is an ideal enshrined in our Consitution—in fact, I believe it is **the** Ideal enshrined there. I understand We fall short. I get that even the drafters fell short. I’ll even admit that they may not have ever thought about women and poor people being equal. But then again, maybe they were as alive to their own limitations as humans as we are.

    Either way, Service must be indifferent to gender….IF (you knew it was coming…)…

    Requirements are set based on actual need—not the artificially high physical standards meant to keep out women, nor the artificially low ones meant to permit entry. SOG required stamina, and that was pretty much it physically—all the rest is about emotional discipline (or “mind over body”, if you like)—in fact, in my experience, big guys failed more often than others, because they’d never faced a task their physicality couldn’t overcome (and that was the point). So no reason women can’t serve in SO. As they already serve everywhere else—or are supposed to—then there’s no reason they shouldn’t be drafted.

    Just as soon as they make $1 for $1. Being raped is being raped, regardless of the rapists “bright future”. Being handled is being molested, regardless of what one is wearing.

    So, if we want women to be so equal that they are going to (keep) dying alongside us—and I believe that is merely recognising a truth—then we are going to have to see them as equal. That means for most men, seeing the thing as “male-on-male”; which is hideously sexist, incredibly misogynist, and outrageously homophobic, but also pretty helpful for a lot of guys.

    If most guys were at work hanging out on their lunch break (assuming anyone still gets a lunch break) and saw a male co-worker get his ass cupped by their male boss, the first thing all of them would declare was that “if he tried that shit with me…” (various claims of physical violence). But in the moment, what you’d be looking at is the very real consequence of losing your job over a “mis-understanding”. And, how were you dressed? Those work coveralls really make your ass stand out; maybe he just couldn’t help himself? Maybe the way you walked turned him on. After all, it’s natural for him to want to fuck you. It’s the way we’re wired—dominance.

    None of that would wash. It only washes for women to us because they aren’t us. As many of us are not sexually interested in men, and many of us are homophobic, we see the thing as it is—an unwanted, unsolicited, intrusion of some one else’s desires on OUR person. That is not OK. It’s what bullies do. And that’s worth remembering…

    Because rape and sexual assault are NOT sexual. They are about power, and about hate.

    So yeah, if we would like to have the Federal Government enforce equality across the board, as called upon by the Equal Protection clause, I am all in.

    Otherwise…hypocrisy much?

  4. It’s all by design, Lookup

    The Secret CIA Campaign to Influence Culture: Covert Cultural Operations (2000)

    Of course on utube

  5. Pretty easy call.

    Bang, Bang, Senator.
    Bang Representatives, too.
    We need our women to fight this dirty war,
    So, we’re taking your daughter too.

    Pushups and run forever.
    She’ll do them in Boot Camp.
    With luck, when her ass hits a hot LZ,
    Her platoon won’t be turned to scramp.

    The Congress has been such patriots,
    Letting all Veterans down.
    Now you’ll know how we all feel,
    When your daughters “on the ground”!!

    USA – – USA – – USA!!!! Biggest Third World Nation on earth . . .

    Just remember: Whenever the Government speaks of the National Interest, we are talking either Drugs, Oil, Arms Sales or Military Bases. You can mix and match them any which way you like.

    Way past time for mandatory military service for ALL in our country. ZERO deferments.

    What would I change? I would bring back some of the old rocks and shoals ceremonies. Our military over the years has gotten way too reliant on Hi-Tech. We have long lost the “get ‘er done, no matter the cost” attitude our armed forces once had.

    I despise war. But, if you have to go to war, there can be but two palatable outcomes. Victory or Death. Anything else, is simply wasted. Wasted time, Wasted money, Wasted lives.

  6. I have ALWAYS said to force those man hating bitches into fatigues, if for no OTHER reason than to give them just a very SLIGHT taste of what men and even BOYS endure every single day! Why do you think bitches are so unsympathetic to males, and hate on us so much! They have Bolshevik professors telling them CONSTANTLY that we are their natural enemies, and, therefore, ANYTHING they do to us is fair game because even absent ANY evidence, we must have done SOMETHING to deserve being hated! Marry that to bitches who risk no rejection, do no work (there ARE exceptions, of COURSE, but not NEARLY enough!) never ask or pay for any part of a date even when they are skanks and the men are whole packages, and you have the perfect explanation for why huge numbers of men today are Men Going Their Own Way, or MGTOW! When you ADMINISTER hate, you GET hate! There is a REASON why 70% of men 18 to 40 are unmarried, have NEVER married, and will die unmarried. Contrast that with 1958, when only 15% of men 18 to 40 were unmarried! This is a FLEA/MALE problem that men suffer from. This worrisome trend totally dovetails with the flea/male hatred and erosion of male and male veteran rights that men have endured over the last 100 years. Remember the MALE bonus marchers in 1932? Giant numbers of men are just choosing (unlike Vietnam) to leave the rigged gender combat arena, and live alone, or socialize with like minded men, and just shun and reject the HELL out of women! If you don’t know and realize that, or are out to shame men like me who have the balls to shine the light on these anti-male injustices, you are stupid and uneducated, brainwashed by your mother and other females, or a white knight, simp, and MANGINA. Don’t shoot the messenger!

  7. A Draft s coming, looking for young skinny-hungry people from poor families. Rich kids get deferments to go play golf in Canada. Or, later on they can claim to be combat veterans and run for communist congress like Dicky Blumenthal. If that doesn’t work they can go to medical school and learn how to do electro-convulsive shock treatments to Veterans or pollute the bodies of our injured with pounds of brain destroying chemicals.

  8. This while Bolton is banging the war drums in Venezuela. Pence is in Columbia to hire the Mercs, and get “neighboring countries’ “support”. Translation. We’ll arm the “freedom fighers”, send in our spooks for support, you take the refugees, and we’ll take the oil. Gets me all flag wavy ‘n shit.

    1. you’re right its a time bomb with a lot of negative consequences.

  9. I see no problem with the drafting of women. They claim they want to be in combat units to get flag rank (General and Above) so fine, then start drafting their asses! The howl is going to be the loudest from the woman who want the benefits but dont want to put in the time. It will be music to my ears. I went and EARNED my Ranger tab and I EARNED my place in the 101st Airborne, I wasnt given anything because some old hag in Congress demanded that I be let in. And I will be honest I stand 6ft 3in and go about 260 pounds of gristle and muscle, and I barely was able to see it through (I saw college football players who thought they were tough shit wash out). So the first thing I would change is this idiotic dual PT requirements. There should be one set of requirements for BOTH sexes and you will pass or fail by the same PT requirement as the other guy or gal. They claim there are three Rangers who are women…BULLSHIT!! When you wash out in Ranger school, you have to wait between 6 months to a year before you can be considered to go to the school again. These three women were not required to do that and were placed in the upcoming group right behind where they washed out from. And one was allowed to do this FIVE TIMES and STILL damn near failed and was only passed by the Training Sgt on orders from the Obama Butt Buddy who was then Sec of Defense, the same dipshit that awarded Obama a military medal! You wanted to know what pissed me off about this and what I would change, and now you do.

    1. As a Disabled 20 yr Female Veteran, US Army Airborne, I have seen all the changes from the early 90’s up to when I retired in 2009, and none of them were good. I strongly opposed the changes on the PT test for females, bc they are getting an unfair advantage over men that have worked very hard to get to where they are today. The same goes for those women who tried and failed at Ranger school, non of them had a right to be there in the first place, taking the slot for a well deserved man/ soldier who has the qualifications to be there and bc of Obama those women were given a free ride, it made the rest of us Real females/soldiers that had put in the time and effort on other MOS’s look bad bc we were not trying to ACT like men and go after the MOS’s specifically assigned to MEN only for a very important reason “Were Not Men”. I firmly believe that all these changes that Congress has been making will backfire with great consequences and harm, specially in this BS “MeToo” era, where Men are not allowed to be Men, and once you put one of these “Milineals” in real Combat, the first thing they will cry about will be “He touch me, while pushing out to safety and I didn’t ask him too” I might be a little too literal, but I know that I’m not wrong, its just a matter of time before its starts. Sorry to say but this includes all the Gay/Lesbians that have been allowed into our Military, there’s no place there for Real Men and Women, who all they want to do is serve their country proudly without the added BS that Congress and O ama, Bush have implemented into practice. This is real reason why Abugrave (misspell) happened, and it will continue to happen if these new policies stay in place. I really miss “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, bc I never have given a Fuck which way the soldier swings as long as they did they’re jobs, I didn’t need to know, now its right on your face, and your job as a soldier and the unit cohesiveness and Mission is no longer the priority. So many Top Enlisted & Officers now have to worry not about the Unit Mission, but worry instead of not hurting that alternative Sexes feelings, it has become so much BS, Im glad that I’m retired. PS: this is not against anyone, everyone has the right to be who you want or thing you are, but sometimes a line has to be crossed in the sand and think of what’s best for the Unit Mission, not for certain individuals only and ignore everyone else in that unit for the few. This is not about Race or Gender, its about what’s right.

      1. Agreed, Pillow Biting Obama Admin has Turned the Military into a Fkn Social Experiment gone bad. I use to vote Dixiecrats years ago, now i Vote Independent but the Democratic Party along with that Drunk Pelosi and that Hindu Kamala Harris want to give every dam right Straight People Fought for to anyone who want to be a little girl one day and the next want to be a little boy in a 40yo body, along with giving PEDOs rights also LOOK UP BILL 2282 THESE FKN DEMS/REBUBS ARE JUST GIVING THESE SWITCH HITTERS EVERYTHING THE GAY AGENDA WANTS AND THEY DO HAVE A GAY AGENDA CAUSE O-PUNKBAMA GOT IT WHEN HE GOT IN OFFICE…

  10. P.S.
    In my opinion, we might not have to worry about a “draft” in the not too distant future. Because, our representatives – although telling us there will be no draft – still haven’t figured out, publicly, how to keep their sons and daughters from being drafted.
    Once they’ve SECRETLY passed a bill, and POTUS signs it – which this POTUS won’t, their kids will be safe!

  11. Maybe the Next Draft we will EquallyDraft the same Number of women as men, I bet that Bullshit we want to be equal will be Screaming no i was just playing when i wanted to be like a man. Nope too late Feminist/Lesbos you going now!!!

  12. It wasn’t enough to remove God from our schools, the pledge from our class rooms, allow our most valuable treasure as men, ‘women’ in combat roles, now they want to draft our daughters, granddaughters, and put them in harms way.
    Men better assume there masculine roles, and stand up to all this nonsense being suggested, or stand idly bye and further watch as the last bastion of what made our nation so great be flushed down the toilet.
    I for one think we should spare our women not only from the draft, but the horror’s of combat and all that is bad and that goes sideways on the battlefield.
    Call me old fashioned, call me sexist, call me what you will, I can take it.
    I’m the last of the few, who treasured our girls and women, and the last thing we wanted, was them in a fox hole next to us being shot at and under fire.

    1. From where I’ve been watching, it appears as if we may be flushing a whole lot more of that greatness down that toilet, unfortunately. From local to national level, there are changes being thought up as we speak (write), not to mention…some of those leading the movements appear to have lost their minds and their desire seems to change US, not necessarily for the better.

  13. Gulf war 1 vaccine breakdown:
    Vaccine A was the “shut the fuck up or we’ll Article 15 your ass” vaccine.
    Vaccine B was the “shut the fuck up or we’ll court-martial your ass” vaccine.
    Vaccine C was the “you’re fucked” vaccine.


  14. there is no doubt in my mind that the inclusion of women in the combat forces will become a management problem in the field, I’d prefer the elimination of college deferments. While I was in the field humping my shit, they were back in the state drinking cold quality bier and getting laid.

  15. Oh yeah, I remember that first few days upon entering the U.S. Army. Going through a barracks at Ft Jackson, S.C. and receiving “shots” no one knew for what.
    Oh, and the scream of a recruit who’s arm was just ripped open from the “innoculation gun”!
    Is it still done that way? Oh, yeah! The military hasn’t figured out a way to give vaccines in a safer manner!

    1. You mean that pneumatic inoculation gun that backwashed other people’s blood into the vile and spread Hep C? The lied, denied, but funded Hep C research up the waazooo.

    2. Crazy,
      I went through Tank Hill at Ft Jackson in 1967, I confirm the use of the pneumatic inoculate gun, needles too. I actually have my shot record and carried it to Germany then on to Vietnam in 1969. here’s the kicker, the VA will not accept that as evidence! I got so many shots I lost count and many of the stamps in my little yellow book are not described as to what they were. In Chu Lai, the shots made me sick enough to put into quarantine for 2 weeks then off to the boonies. Not like taking shots of Yeager Mesiter in Germany.At FSB Cindy some shitbag tried to give me more of something, i said no to the shots but was forced to take the ” win their hearts and minds bullshit General Abrams forced on us. That didn’t stop us from giving the gooks their shots (175mm) all day long and all night until the site was overrun , our people killed (2) and 100 RVN whacked. Under Abrams we stopped patrolling 11 miles out to search and destroy ( Westmorleand’s mission), when that happened the gooks crawled up on us and watched us 24/7 (ping, ping…) . They had a shot plan for every soldiers arm but no battle plan for us at Trabong (over run in late 1970); Sam Perkins and Capt Vavrin wound up dead. Names on the wall Bro. We are alumni from Ft Jackson. Peace out.

  16. Ahhhh yes. The good ole days strolling down the assembly line with the sound of Ping-Ping-Ping and the 2.0% beer machine at the end of the line. It’s probably the reason why most of us are here bitchin all the time.

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