Anthrax Vaccines Bad Batches

New Anthrax Vaccine Email On Bad Batches Requires Scrutiny

A new anthrax vaccine email purportedly from USAF addressing bad batches and 100 percent disability benefits requires scrutiny.

The new email states soldiers may be entitled to 100 percent disability ratings for those exposed to the bad vaccines due to autoimmune diseases. Two of my readers reached out about the purported Air Force emails yesterday seeking answers. So, I wanted to address what I found so far given our previous review of an earlier Army communication.

UPDATE 1/23/18 10:40 AM CST: This morning, following original publication, my friends at Veterans Warriors received a response from USAF confirming the email was sent. However, according to the sending MSgt, the original email contained false information, and USAF HQ issued a second email. The second email was not forwarded and the nature of any error was not disclosed.

A copy of the first email and the email confirmation are contained below.

2018 Army Memorandum

The emails are similar in content to an Army memorandum we secured last year that made a similar assertion about disability compensation. At that time, we were able to authenticate that memorandum as being digitally signed by the soldier whose digital electronic signature attached to the document.

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The person who signed the PDF may not have had authority to do so, but the document itself was clearly typed and capable of being authenticated. Again, being authenticated is not the same as being an official memorandum of Army policy about disabilities.

Other news publications stated the PDF was a fake because the Army said the person who signed the document was not authorized to do so. Of course, the lack of authority does not make the PDF a fake, it merely means PDF was not official policy.

2019 USAF Anthrax Email

Today, I received two versions of the same email from two different readers. The body of the emails was the same, and they contained the same misspellings. The anthrax email differences related only to the identity of the sender and other miscellaneous information.

The new email is not capable of being authenticated using digital signatures. Purportedly sent January 15, 2019, the new emails provide a list of locations that supposedly administered bad batches of anthrax vaccines.

The anthrax vaccine emails were purportedly sent by at least one Master Sergeant and a former Chief.

Below is a copy of the anthrax vaccine email I received first.

I did not correct any of its misspellings. You will notice “anthrax” is not spelled correctly, which was consistent between the two versions of the same email I received purportedly from two different USAF sources. This is significant since it readers as if the two senders simply cut and paste the information into an email and then forwarded that data.

I am not posting this because I believe it is authentic. In fact, I do not yet believe it is authentic until I can prove to a reasonable degree of certainty that it is authentic.

I am instead posting it to create a record of the information circulating between veterans on the topic at this time and will continue to review the matter. I redacted the names at the request of the personnel who sent the email.

USAF Email – Bad Batches Anthrax Vaccines

—–Original Message—–


Sent: Tuesday, January 15, 2019 7:46 PM

Subject: FW: 100% Disability for Anthrax shots (bad lots)


I received the following email from HAF/A3OJ this morning.  If you deployed to OEF/OIF between 2001 and 2007, and received ANTRAX vaccinations, you need to check your immunization records.  If you have any of the listed lot numbers below on your DD Form 2766C, the VA will be authorizing 100% disability (due to bad batches).  The side effects range from squalene-positive tests to autoimmune diseases.

To find your records/lot numbers, go to AF Portal, open the IMR/ASIMS app, click the ‘Immunizations’ tab and the ‘View DD2766c’ button.


FAV 008, FAV 020, FAV 030, FAV 038, FAV 043, FAV 047 (Squalene-Positive [per FDA and SRI]) FAV 041, FAV 070, FAV 071 (Have Induced Anti-Squalene Antibodies [per Tulane Med School]) FAV 017, FAV 048b, FAV 066, FAV 068, FAV 069, FAV 073, FAV 074, FAV 075, FAV 078 (Associated with Autoimmune-Related Symptoms or Fully Diagnosed Autoimmune Diseases in Troops [per Tulane])

Below is the list of locations each batch was administer at:


FAV 008

Dover AFB (Delaware); fort Bragg (North Carolina), BioPort (administered to workers); Shipments of FAV 008 were also sent to Israel, Germany, Taiwan and Canada.

FAV 017

Osan, South Korea; Tripler Army Medical Center (Hawaii); Camp Lejeune (North Carolina); Fort Stewart (Georgia); 18th MEDCOM APO AP; Grand  Forks AFB (North Dakota); Eleleson AFB (Arkansas), U.S. Air Force Academy (Colorado); Fort Drum (New York); Fort Campbell (Kentucky);  Langley AFB (Virginia); Ellsworth AFB (South Dakota); Mountain Home  AFB (Idaho); MacDill AFB (Florida); Pearl Harbor (Hawaii); Offut AFB (Nebraska); Barksdale AFB (Arkansas); Portsmouth (Virginia); Moody AFB (Georgia); Buckley ANG (Colorado); Malmstrom AFB (Montana); Fort Lewis (Washington); Davis-Monthan AFB (Arizona); Beale AFB (California); Fairchild AFB (Washington); Barkdale AFB (Arkansas); Virgnia Beach (Virginia)

FAV 020

Al Jaber, Kuwait; U.S.S. Independence (Persian Gulf); U.S.S. San Jacinto (Persian Gulf); Saudi Arabia; A shipment of FAV 020 was also sent to Australia.

FAV 030

Al Jaber, Kuwait; Dover AFB (Delaware); Michigan ANG (Michigan); Holloman AFB (New Mexico); Perry Point (Maryland); Naval Station Everett (Washington); Norfolk (Virginia); Cannon AFB (New Mexico); Holloman AFB (New Mexico); McChord AFB (Washington); Shaw AFB (South Carolina); Nellis AFB (Nevada); Fort Lewis (Washington); Travis AFB (California); Fort Bliss (Texas); Fort Dix (New Jersey); Grand Forks AFB (North Dakota); Seymour-Johnson AFB (North Carolina); Hickham AFB (Hawaii); Peterson AFB (Colorado); McConnell AFB (Kansas); Camp Pendleton (California); Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Willow Grove (Pennsylvania); Redstone Arsenal (Alabama); F.E. Warren AFB (Wyoming); Shipments of FAV 030 were also sent to Germany and Canada.

FAV 038

Osan, South Korea; U.S.S. Roosevelt; Hill AFB (Utah); Fort Benning (Georgia); BioPort (administered to workers)

FAV 041

Al Jaber, Kuwait; Westover AFB (Massachusetts);  Dover AFB (Delaware); Michigan ANG (Michigan); Dharhan, Saudi Arabia; Tyndall AFB (Florida)

FAV 043

Osan, South Korea; Wright-Patterson AFB (Ohio); Tennessee ANG  (Tennessee); Dover AFB (Delaware); Fort Bragg (North Carolina);  Oklahoma ANG (Oklahoma); Grand Forks AFB (North Dakota); Travis AFB (California); Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Willow Grove (Pennsylvania); Fort Sill (Oklahoma); Key Field (Mississippi)

FAV 047

Travis AFB (California); Dover AFB (Delaware); BioPort (administered  to workers)

FAV 048b

Grand Forks AFB (North Dakota)

FAV 070

Dyess AFB (Texas)

FAV 071

Dover AFB (Delaware); Camp Lejeune (North Carolina)

FAV 073

Fort Hood (Texas); Fort McCoy (Wisconsin)

FAV 078

Al Jaber, Kuwait



Airfield Management Functional Area Manager USAFCENT/A3AO





Update 1/23/19 10:40 AM

I received the following email from my friends over at Veterans Warriors this morning from one of the senders of the original email confirming it was sent by USAF HQ. However, the MSgt stated the content of the original email was incorrect. He did not explain which part of the email was incorrect. Below is the email this morning.

Sent: Wednesday, January 23, 2019 9:58 AM
To: [email protected]
Subject: RE: [Non-DoD Source] EMAIL regarding 100% Disability for Anthrax shots (bad lots)

Good Morning,

A follow-up email was sent out by HQ Air Force shortly after they sent the first email to correct this information.  The VA had been contact and the story is in fact false.



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  1. i got the Anthrax shot in 1987 as i deployed to many places. not a problem that I noticed. but i have mentioned several times that the most obvious problem is the TCE contamination. In fact it is so obvious that the Government was going pay and I have heard some was paid for TCE contamination at Camp lejuene. It was slow, but since they won the class action the Government paid them a share of what was won. But there is proof that many was just as contaminated in all branches of service, both in peace and wartime. And somehow it causes same conditions claimed to happen by anthrax shot??? TCE has been proven by scientific testing to cause the problems, but I have not seen this for Anthrax, maybe many stories or speculations but no science tested proof. I would suggest that the anthrax shot is a decoy condition, maybe put out by VA, but probably just internal military rumors. I was an armorer in Peacetime, and have systemic sclerosis and several other conditions from my time cleaning weapons with TCE and PCE. And I have same conditions as people at Camp lejuene, we have TCE in common, and contaminated water on our post in common. I suggest more people read into TCE contamination to human body. And I would also add, that TCE has been used now for at least 100 years in the military. Many of the history of military conditions come back to it. excessive numbers in autoimmune conditions such as Parkinson’s, lupus, and the rare systemic sclerosis, and Cancers all from TCE, and a few of the other obvious chemicals like Agent Orange, which Vietnam soldiers had TCE galore but it was never suspected until 1971.

  2. Makes a little sense now. I had 3 shots only two from Fort Stewart 2003 and the 3rd one doesn’t say where but they put FAV 078. I was told from 2008-2011 I had Lupus off and on. Then they would run more tests it would come back negative. In 2011 they diagnosed me with RA. They told me it can be genetic but funny how no one in my family has it. I’m been having some lung issues and they say it’s exercised induced asthma. In 2017 I found this funny because i was running between 3-6 miles a day then one day I start coughing for two hours after my run and now all of a sudden I have exercise induced asthma. Now 2019 I just trying to complete 2 miles without having to stop.

  3. If this pans out to be true, this can become a massive lawsuit against the government and the Pharma companies.

  4. I received my shots (5) and within a year I had Thyroid cancer. I have file and will filer again with VA. There has been a lot of Thyroid problems with this vaccine.

  5. My guess is that these soldiers was already contaminated by TCE, which has all the same effects, as it causes Autoimmune diseases as we all know. So after they got the shot, they blamed it on Anthrax. I am not 100%, but seems very suspicious, and it would be interesting to track the jobs, and exposures of each person that is known to have a reaction. I am sure nobody has done this yet at VA! But telling people they are sick from a Vaccine when we all know it is from TCE and maybe a few other chemicals common in their military workplace is not helping. Scientific proof is needed, we have that with TCE, because of Veterans like myself and Camp lejuene who is absolutely known to have been exposed, and I am sure their is many like myself, who still have no idea what made them sick, (Armorers) before 1989. If they was followed I am sure most or many would have same symptoms as me, those at Camp lejuene, and those claiming to have issue with Anthrax vaccinations, and yes those from Burn Pits!

  6. I had the shot in 1989 before deployment, to mu knowledge I never had a problem with the shot. i do have a few autoimmune conditions that are very rare except for military Veterans. but those are from TCE and PCE in the water at the time in Hawaii, and my job as an armorer working with the chemicals daily. i have studied this and found much information from Government themselves that connects autoimmune to TCE, but nothing on Anthrax. I think we have someone muddying the waters, maybe VA themselves? they have been known to throw groups off by adding in some speculation about something nobody will ever prove. Another delay tactic. I will read some scientific papers maybe from some schools and doctors who would have studied it, to see if there is any truth, but my guess is it is a dead end. Study TCE and the human body and see if it comes up a dead end? i can guarantee it won’t. i won’t have a real opinion until I actually can see a few documents on it from repeatable source.

  7. As a Conncerned Marine i see Veterans have their Senators or Representative contract the Veteran Affairs Committee how improve Veterans Health Care no excuse like they don’t listen or they don’t give a S.H.I.T Remember without Veterans we would not called United States.

  8. Desert Shield and Desert Storm: We received a lot of shots; Navy corpsmen would line us up and the stand at the head of the line.
    Two of them, one on each side – and as we came up they would shoot us in both arms at the same time with those pressure guns; then we received other injections as well. Also, we were taking many other pills and we had self injectors. I have been pretty screwed up since then. Life has been a grand cluster !

  9. Says to find health records/lot numbers go to AF portal, what is AF portal. I was in camp lejeune 2002-2003 had to get some anthrax vaccines several times because they ended up losing my shot records as well which meant – let’s just give her the shots we already gave her all over again. Military intelligence is the biggest oxymoron I know

  10. Curious if the error is the dates. I have my records in front of me. I had 4 out of 5 anthrax shots match those batches. Only thing is, the dates are from 25 Sep 98 to 24 Sep 99. FAV030, FAV038, and FAV024.
    Always wondered why I have so many issues. I begged not to get these fucking shots and now it’s suddenly a problem. Fucking military always using us as guinea pigs

  11. Aside from the USAF address, it is interesting to note that the places with contaminated vaccine batches include Navy and USMC locations as well. This does not pass the smell test to me. It would be interesting to see if HRSA (The Health Resource Services Administration) has any Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VARES) information. As this is a separate system from DoD or VA it may be interesting to see what a FOIA request could reveal.

    1. With out question an FOIA is a great start but just know these shady cocksuckers hide even the fact they new they were tainted MICHIGAN BASED CONTAMINATED BIOTHRAX LAB SAMPLES. NOT authorized for human beings even when created EXPERIMENTED IS CORRECT….

      There is a special place in hell for all the top secret Jew nob polishers who signed off on these death sentences Which turned out to be the largest EXPRIMENTAL VACCINE trial in military history …grasp that fact.

      WHILE SERVING MY 4 yr death sentence. Our shots were planned 4 years in advance….1994 was printed on these post card front and back memos

      with not one fucking officer from the TOP SECRET AIPAC JEW puppet in Scrambled eggs officer Corp. fast forward 1998-99 med cruise in Persian gulf while onboard CVN 65 USS Enterprise which has archived enterprise Newsletters and records of people being told over captains memo to convince 4800+ sailors that the shots are mandatory and they will involve or force discharge of military for refusals. In. Nutshell.

      Basically sugar coating the feel good (Jesus Christ and our web developer approves the BIOTHRAX vaccine .) …hilarious indeed….when you really grasp the ludicrousness of the newsletters. …I .found in Navy archives….And at the time I was clueless about these details .. With close to 100 pilots in USAF and USN were immediately ready to leave the military if forced to take the EXPERIMENTAL INTRAMUSCULAR BIOTHRAX VACCINE ..

      MY shots HAPPENED to be a series of 5 or so shots that included boosters . Immediate reaction on skin swelling and rashes on other body locations face and muscle pains and various adverse reactions bone & muscle pain and Light limited duty prescribed as a fix.

      The deception of this safe shot for a arisolized airborne weapon makes this even more insane. Because the shot wouldn’t protect you from airborn weapon of antrhrax …..when you really start to grasp this TALMUDIC AIPAC CONTROLLED GOVERNMEMNT EVEN TODAY . BACK THEN and why they did it. It becomes even more shocking …MUCH LIKE feeding RADIOACTIVE OATMEAL TO ORPHANS….TRAITOR AND PRESIDENT Bill Clinton signed off on 400k military personal in the southwest Asia theater/ .Middle East to force shots on niaev sailors LIKE MYSELF .. Keep in mind
      1997 the Internet was super new on the ships AND YOU WERE LUCKY TO ACCESS THE INTERNET ONCE EVERY ONE OR TWO WEEKS SHARING A CPU BETWEEN 30 sailors. So information was limited. . And it takes a decade or more to find out that these cocksucking AIPAC TALMUDIC gentile killing KILLING BABY EATERS who HAVE EXPERIMENTED ON HUMAN GUINEE PIGS. THE Soliders …meanING (SOILD TO DIE )

      LIGHT BLUE post cards they(medical depot end while in hangar bay ) in line handed out which had 1994 printed date and adverse reaction warning …I guesss to let themselves off the hook for this massive ducking RICO ACT of epic scope. ….do . REALIZE these motherfuckers knew 4 years before I received this death sentence with all the varied disabilities …..
      this one is by far is the worst and that trumps the broken bones and accumulated disabilities I unfortunately experienced while in. Some aren’t so lucky. PICK YOUR RATE CHOOSE YOUR FATE.

      So on top of the BIOTHRAX vaccine forced upon sailors and marines of carrier group enterprise 98-99 med cruise. You can bet your shady as AIPAC DEVIL WORSHIPPING JEWISH RAN TALMUDIC GOVERNMENT will flat out fucking deniE

      you have any condition that resulted in their experimentation ON YOUR UNSUSPECTING in the dark 18-22 year old poor and expendable youth.

      Take a simple quick look at the at Blue Water vets from Vietnam. and agent orange. Denials took 50 fucking years for this KIKE ran insurance companies to address the veterans …those still alive and or homeless. …the dead were probably ON A SECRET WAITING LIST not in the CPU

      Like Ben Keause leads knows I’m guessing that These fuckers are known as the ……..THE BUREAU OF WAR RISK INSURANCE .” …..Grasp that for a moment…..And the rest of the Talmudic facts I just dropped on you as vets and those of you not vets yet. Your lives will never be the same AND MAYBE WE start to bring back public hangings on the whitehouse lawns. Real easy to start. Just like gaining the documents they are burning in trash bins in the pentagon basement. Want to know about bio- thrax vaccines. You’ll have to start the torture of SELLOUT AIPAC CONTROLLED POLITICIANS ANS THATS ALL100% off 535 to be exact.

  12. I was vaxxed three times in 7 years, a Blue Falcon purposely lost my shot record. The third battery of shots was during a Military school. I became very sick and wanted to quit, I didn’t. They quit on me though.

  13. So, the immunizations given from 2001-2007 may be tainted. What about the pre-911 Vets, Desert Storm, Somolia, etc that recieved the anthrax series. Our injections were not documented on shot records. Many times these were administered in the field, under armed guard with a speech beforehand about OPSEC and that if you revealed said shots, you would face possibility of court martial.
    My, my, how things have changed post-911.


  14. The “looks good memo” is like “looks good law” that isn’t funded so means of denial have to be instituted by the VA. Or at least means of limiting.

    Case in point. I called for a Dental appointment through the main appointment number at my VAMC and was denied because they had me listed as only 70% denying my 100% TDIU’s existence. I went to the benefits office to try to get my 100% combined TDIU rating entered on the Medical side and go the same response. I ask for a letter denying me dental benefits based upon what the benefits clerk was telling me and after a conference with his boss was still denied with a refusal to put it in writing.

    I went next door to the Dental office to try to get a denial of service in writing and found the Dental Service had me listed as 100% TDIU and eligible for dental care. An appointment within 5 days, which I kept yesterday and now have two follow up appointment to complete my dental needs within 3 months.

    Questions? How many with TDIU on this thread have been denied VA dental services? Have you checked with your VAMC Dental Clinic directly with your TDIU award letter? Let me know if this needs further work in your area. I’ll write to your local news paper and see if we can break the wrongful denial of your benefit.

  15. One of our members posted this 4 days ago (without any of the header info) and has not responded to 2 requests for full citation / origin info. We have her post “hidden” until we can validate it’s authenticity.

  16. Funny Eglin AFB is not listed. There is a series of 6 shots that are administered and received 4 and all of a sudden they stopped giving them out due quality control issues. I never received any more anthrax shots. From what I can remember is that the Pharma company was from Michigan.

    Fast forward today. I’m at 70%, lower degenerative spine, peripheral neuropathy, numbness in legs and feet, and sleeplessness. Maybe I can get the final 30%.

    1. Edward: Apply for TDIU immediately. It is presumptive at 70% and will be automatically awarded at the BVA although your VARO may deny to delay. You cannot get it earlier than 1 Year before your application. Of course you cannot be gainfully employed or employable at the time of application. If your having trouble with employment, apply for SSDI or SSI at the same time and get a lawyer who will represent you for your Social Security benefits. VA cannot deny if you have either plus 70%.

      1. Use what ever form is current. You can do it online at “” or download a claims form. Can’t get a copy from eBenefits so I recommend downloading a form and mailing and faxing. Mail to your VARO and FAX to the evidence center for your area. If you are not working and especially if you are on SSI or SSDI I’d submit the fast track form. This is a slam dunk. If your VARO denies you, get an attorney. It will be easy to get one. They like these slam dunk cases.

      2. For SSI, I have to return to the US. The SS person at the US Embassy-Philippines, stated that I must be in the US to file.

      3. Several years ago, I was rejected twice by SSI. I haven’t worked since 9/2012. Since I’m at 70%, maybe I can get SSI.

      4. The rejection letter from the Philippines Embassy should be enough, depending upon what it says. There is a VARO for the Philippines in Manilla I believe. It may be connected to the Embassy but you should be able to get it done there if you wish to stay there. Otherwise I’d make the trip and sign up for welfare in California until you can get your TDIU. Might take 5 years to complete although the fast track should get it done sooner. Take your questions to “” There are some people that answer questions there that know there stuff. Berta, Bronco, Tbird and others.

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