subversive political organizations

Antique VA Circular On Subversive Political Organizations

subversive political organizations

Following the debate last night, I wanted to post about an old VA employee loyalty that called out subversive organizations like the Communist Party USA.

These kinds of historical documents are useful for many reasons, which is why I thought to post about it today. Two of those reasons that I find most important in this context is that they give us a better understanding of our place in history today. They also give us insight into previous standards that may be useful in guiding forward-looking perspectives.

Today, we have numerous organizations within the United States that appear to have subversive agendas inconsistent with American ideals and the Constitution, and it seemed appropriate to me to highlight this document given what is happening right now.

We have seen numerous scandals within the Department of Veterans Affairs that resemble “sabotage” as prescribed by an old CIA instruction booklet originally published by the OSS during WWII.

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[Note: The linked article above has the OSS manual attached for your review]

We have an agency promoting horrible managers while admonishing whistleblowers. Great employees are not receiving the upward mobility they should. All the while, the AFGE Union seems to be doing everything in its power to undermine VA’s mandate for greater accountability.

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All the while, the AFGE Union seems to be doing everything in its power to undermine VA’s mandate for greater accountability. The union’s president, J. David Cox, even went as far as to say he would “whoop” Bob McDonald’s “ass” if the Secretary did not get on board with the AFGE Union.

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How is that? Aren’t the employees there to perform their duties at the direction of the Secretary? Or is someone else their master? Is AFGE, in itself, a subversive organization intending to subvert the Constitutional mandates of the Department of Veterans Affairs?

If VA had these kinds of publications before, what do you think they have today? Are veterans’ names or organizations on any present list of subversive groups at the agency?

I would like to know.

Download Source: VA Circular 36 Employee Loyalty Program

A Little Background

As some of you know, I am spending time at the VA Board of Veterans Appeals to represent the interests of veterans struggling with VA appeals at both the Board and the Regional Office. Yesterday, I spent time digging through the Board’s exclusive library of antique VA documents it uses to adjudicate claims in the past.

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Many Americans are unaware of the Department of Veterans Affairs’ vast libraries both at Central Office in Washington DC and elsewhere. One amazing resource is the Board.

While there yesterday, I stumbled across this interesting circular calling out employee loyalty and highlighting subversive organizations. The way our organizations used to talk about subversive activities is certainly something of a bygone era to say the least.

Subversive Political Organizations

One list from Circular 36 were organizations that “seek to alter the form of government of the United States by unconstitutional means” were:

  • Communist Party, U.S.A.
  • Communist Political Association
  • Socialist Workers Party
  • Workers Party
  • Young Communist League

Another list including organizations that “adopted a policy of advocating or approving the commission of acts of force and violence to deny others their rights under the Constitution of the United States” where were:

  • Columbians
  • Ku Klux Klan
  • Protestant War Veterans of the United States
  • Silver Shirt Legion of America

An Aside About This Election

Curiously, according to a new Project Veritas video, the Democratic National Party could be added to this list if it were created today. To give you an idea of what I am talking about, I recently came across some videos on point.

As an independent voter, I found the videos below, which documented DNC involvement in using unlawful acts of violence to deprive voters rights, alarming and disappointing.

I have voted “Democrat” in the past (voted for Bernie during the primaries), but I will not go that route this November with Hillary Clinton because of the behind the scenes garbage.

The below video of documented and unlawful tactics certainly resembles behavior of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party pre-Nazi Germany more than anything else I have seen in this election cycle. It will keep me in the independent category this coming November:

More On VA Employee Loyalty Program Circular

That aside, here is the explanation of the circular and the primary list of organizations it addressed when highlighting concerns of employee loyalty:

“The purpose of this circular is to bring to the attention of all employees of the VA the consolidated list prepared by the Attorney General of organizations previously designated by him as within Executive Order 9835 by letters of November 24, 1947, and May 27, 1948, according to the classifications of section 3, part m of the Executive Order.”

Here is the list of other organizations by type (some of the spelling of these may be distorted by the transfer, so I apologize for any typos I was unable to change on my laptop):


  • Black Dragon Society
  • Central Japanese Association (Beikoku Chuo Nipponjin Kai) Central Japanese Association of Southern California
  • Dai Nippon Butoku Kai (Military Virtue Society of Japan or Military Art Society of Japan)
  • Heimuska Kai, also known as Nokubei Heieki Gimusha Kai, Zaibel Nihonjin , Heiyaku Gimusha Kai, and Zaibei Heimusha Kai (Japanese Residing in America Military Conscripts Association)
  • Hinode Kai (Imperial Japanese Reservists)
  • Hinomaru Kai (Rising Sun Flag Society–A group of Japanese War Veterans) Hokubei Zaigo Shoke Dan (North American Reserve Officers Association) Japanese Association of America
  • Japanese Overseas Central Society (Kaigai Dobo Chuo Kai) Japanese Oversas Convention, Tokyo, Japan, 1940
  • Japanese Protective Association (Recruiting Organization) Jikyoku tin Kai (Current Aff airs Association)
  • Kibei Seinen Kai (Association of U. S. Citizens of Japanese Ancestry who have returned to America alter studying in Japan)
  • Nanka Teikoku Gunyudan (Imperial Military Friends Group or Southern California War Veterans)
  • Nichibei Kogyo Kaisha (The Great Fujii Theatre)
  • Northwest Japanese Association Peace Movement of Ethiopia
  • Sakura Kai (Patriotic Society, or Cherry Association–Composed of veterans of Russo-Japanese War)
  • Shinto Temples
  • Sokoku Kai (Fatherland Society)
  • Suiko Sha (Reserve Officers Association Los Angeles)


  • American Patriots, Inc.
  • Ausland-Organization der NSDA P, Overseas Branch of Nazi Party Association of German Nationals (Reichsdeutsche Vereinigung)
  • Central Organization of the German-American National Alliance (Deutsche­ Amerikanische Einheitsfront)
  • Citizens Protective League
  • Dante Alighieri Society
  • Federation of ltalian War Veterans in the U. S.A.,
  • Federation of ltalian War Veterans in the U. S.A.,Inc. (Associazione Nazionale Conbattenti Italiani, Federazione degli Stati Uniti d’ America)
  • Friends of the New Germany (Freunde des Neuen Deutschlands) German-American Bund (Amerikadeutscher Volksbund)
  • German-American Republican League
  • German-American Vocational League (Deutsche-Amerikanische Berufsgemeinscha1t)
  • Kyff haeuser, also known as Kyffhaeuser League (Kyff haeuser Bund), Kyffhaeuser Fellowship (Kyffhaeuser Kameradschaft)
  • Kyff haeuser War Relief (Kyffhaeuser Kriegshilfswerk) Lictor Society (Italian Black Shirts)
  • Mario Morgantini Circle


  • Abraham Lincoln School, Chicago, Illinois
  • American League Against War and Fascism
  • American Association for Reconstruction in Yugoslavia, Inc. American Committee for European Workers’ Relief American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born
  • American Committee for Yugoslav Relief, Inc.
  • American Council for a Democratic Greece
  • American Council on Soviet Relations American Croatian Congress
  • American League for Peace and Democracy
  • American Peace Mobilization
  • American Polish Labor Council
  • American Russian Institute (of San Francisco)
  • American Slav Congress American Youth Congress
  • American Youth for Democracy
  • Armenian Progressive League of America
  • California Labor School, Inc., 216 Market Street, San Francisco, California
  • Central Council of American Women of Croatian Descent, aka Central Council of American Croatian Women, National Council of Croatian Women
  • Citizens Committee of the Upper West Side (New York City}
  • Civil Rights Congress and its affiliates Committee to Aid the Fighting South Communist Party, U. S. A.
  • Communist Political Association Connecticut State Youth Conference
  • Congress of American Revolutionary Writers
  • Congress of American Women Council on African Affairs
  • Council for Pan-American Democracy
  • Dennis Defense Committee Friends of the Soviet Union
  • George Washington Carver School, New York City
  • Hollywood Writers Mobilization for Defense
  • Hungarian-American Council for Democracy
  • International Labor Defense
  • International Workers Order, including People’s Radio Foundation, Inc.
  • Jefferson School of Social Science, New York City
  • Jewish Peoples Committee
  • Joint Anti-Fascist Refugee Committee
  • Labor Research Association, Inc.
  • League of American Writers
  • Macedonian-American People’s League Michigan Civil Rights Federation
  • National Committee for the Defense of Political Prisoners
  • National Committee to Win the Peace
  • National Council of Americans of Croatian Descent
  • National Council of American-Soviet Friendship
  • National Federation for Constitutional Liberties
  • National Negro Congress
  • Nature Friends of America (since 1935)
  • Negro Labor Victory Committee
  • New Committee for Publications
  • Ohio School of Social Sciences
  • People’s Educational Association
  • People’s Institute of Applied Religion People’s Radio Foundation, Inc.
  • Philadelphia School of Social Science and Art
  • Photo League (New York City) Proletarian Party of America
  • Revolutionary Workers League
  • Samuel Adams School, Boston, Massachusetts
  • School of Jewish Studies, New York City
  • Seattle Labor School, Seattle, Washington
  • Serbian Vidovdan Council
  • Slovenian-American National Council
  • Socialist Workers Party, including American Committee for European Workers’
  • Relief
  • Socialist Youth League
  • Southern Negro Youth Congress
  • Tom Paine School of Social Science, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Tom Paine School of Westchester, New York
  • United Committee of South Slavic Americans
  • United Harlem Tenants and Consumers Organization
  • United May Day Committee
  • United Negro and Allied Veterans of America
  • Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade
  • Walt Whitman School of Social Science, Newark, New Jersey
  • Washington Bookshop Association
  • Washington Committee for Democratic Action
  • Wisconsin Conference on Social Legislation
  • Workers Alliance
  • Workers Party, including Socialist Youth League
  • Young Communist League


  • Communist Party, U.S. A.
  • Communist Political Association
  • German-American Bund
  • Socialist Workers Party
  • Workers Party
  • Young Communist League

Download Source: VA Circular 36 Employee Loyalty Program

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  1. Everyone on here knows how I feel about the VA. This Sunday morning I found this on Utube from “C-Span”.
    Although it’s about the DEA, one could relate it to all “government subsidized agencies”, especially the VA.
    It’s about “firing protocol” of ‘civil service personnel’!

    Listen carefully on how these individuals try to spin accountability and transparency!

    ” “Can you see how absurd that is to a regular human being!” Mick Mulvaney grills DEA”

    published Oct 22_ 2016
    By “C-Span”

    As namnibor would say, “WTF”!!!!!!!

    1. A few minutes ago I went on Facebook. The first ‘post’ was from “Joe Mazzone”.
      The article is from “ETF NEWS”, on Apr 15, 2016.
      In case y’all have forgotten, here’s the title to google;

      “Obama Cuts 2.6 Billion From Veterans While Allocating 4.5 Billion To Syian Migrants Moving To America”

      I hope everyone reads this. It is still in the minds of veterans!
      Why isn’t America more upset?

  2. “Pentagon asks California soldiers to repay bonuses: report”

    “[After giving thousands of California soldiers bonuses for re-enlisting in the National Guard, the Pentagon is now asking soldiers to return the money they were paid almost 10 years ago, according to a new report.

    The payments came during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan when the Pentagon feared a shortfall of troops, according to a Los Angeles Times investigation published Saturday.

    Recently completed audits revealed that the California National Guard was overpaying bonuses due to a lack of oversight at the time, the investigation found.

    Veterans who spoke to the newspaper expressed their frustration and financial difficulties with the payment demands, which include wage garnishments, interest payments and tax liens for soldiers declining to pay.

    “I signed a contract that I literally risked my life to fulfill,” Army Sgt. 1st Class Robert Richmond told the Times. “We want somebody in the government, anybody, to say this is wrong and we’ll stop going after this money.”

    Soldiers have paid the Pentagon $22 million back so far, but the California Guard is working to aid soldiers in filing appeals with the Army Board for Correction of Military Records and the National Guard Bureau, according to the report.

    “At the end of the day, the soldiers ended up paying the largest price,” Maj. Gen. Matthew Beevers, deputy commander of the California Guard, told the newspaper.

    “We’d be more than happy to absolve these people of their debts. We just can’t do it. We’d be breaking the law,” he said.]”

    Knowing that the VA looses this kind of money on a bright sunny day or allocates crappy employee bonuses and relocation $$$$ to scammers, YET the Pentagon has the audacity to go after California Troops for bonuses from TEN YEARS AGO??? WTF? I would say just -1- Wells-Fargo employee bonus out in California could have paid all these bonuses back and then some…again, WTF OBAMA??? Obama can let loose shy of a 1000 inmates from prisons, of which, will be immediately on the welfare and public assistance and all that goes with that as a burden on society and tax payers BUT let’s stick it to the military??? WTF? WTF?? WTF????????????????????????


    1. “””” The full investigation and it the newspaper site will not allow copy/paste but it’s the better article, showing dollar amounts, bonus up to $15,000. each for up to 10,000 vets. Cannot tell me THIS is any good for PTSD or activating a little PTSD when you face losing your home, everything…WTF? Why not make the lack of oversight officials that made this error pay this back???? Again….WTF??

      Oh, if you are a AFGE VA employee making fraudulent relocation schemes, do not even worry about that $140,000. **but** we want that $15,000. from each vet in CA dammit!!! WTF?

      Yeah, in a mood this Sunday morning; reading about Vets that did what they were asked, and more, even took a bonus for doing it again and again…but sorry, 10 years later…OOOPSY….wtf? Greedy Rat Bastards.

      Sorry. The Pentagon shat in my coffee this morning~

      1. Point of posting this was to show how political crap in gov’t., ultimately trickles down and affects and requires more blood from Veterans. Where’s VA Secretary Robert McDonald standing-up for the affected Veterans, whom signed a contract that is being reneged upon?
        The long article mentions that overpayments for reenlistment bonuses took place in all other States as well, are they next or was California just low-hanging fruit for the Pentagon? Bad Grapes.

        At this point I could not recommend a young person to enlist, when all promises, earned, might as well be vapor. Where’s the honor in that? How many contributions to the 22 Veteran Suicides a Day has this added to the tally alone?

        How many BILLIONS did we just give to….IRAN? (going for a sunrise to calm nerves)

  3. Hey, folks.
    Here’s a “Fox News” video, from this morning, y’all should watch.
    Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn discusses the Veterans Administration. He met with about a few hundred veterans. And “…they are sick and tired…” of it!


    “The Same Day Hillary Gave Away Our Nuclear Secrets On A Debate Stage A General Paid For”

    (06:28 minutes)
    Check it out!!!!!

  4. “Greed” IS one of the “Seven Deadly Sins!” So is “Sloth”!
    All of what we have in our elected and appointed officials to date!

    Hey Seymore,

    Here’s a Utube video, IMO everyone should watch.
    It’s from “RUPTLY” and published on Oct 21, 2016.

    “Putin warns Americans: You’re being distracted!”

    He has many questions concerning what will/might occur after the elections.

    It seems, at least in my opinion, Mr. Trump was correct on Putin NOT having any respect for our current POTUS and Hillary Clinton!
    This can be seen by the questions, and statements, he poses toward his news medias!

    My question to y’all, “Wouldn’t it be better to have a ‘conversation’ than war?” This is what Mr. Trump has been saying for some time now!

  5. Because the Veteran has asked to share this video of his VA appt & VA’s neglect I felt moved to post it on here. Do read all his follow up comments in the comment section. Perhaps Ben & you all can help him.

    VA Healthcare Nightmare and Truth by whackamac420

  6. i get why folks would vote for bernie, with the current political landscape looking as it does. But for a veteran website that speaks out so much about VA and gov accountability, I question a vote for bernie. I mean the guy sat on VA committees and held zero accountable. Rarely if ever called out the VA union. Rarely if ever spoke of veterans’ plights with VA care and VBA issues. I remember him usually commenting it was all republicans fault or commenting VA issues were all about mo money and blaming someone else or political group for that failing. Yet he kept giving mo money to VA.

    I just can’t buy into bernie. Bernie world looks great on paper and sounds great on talking points. Yet current reality doesn’t jive with Bernie world. Hillary wasn’t/isn’t much better on veteran/VA issues either. How many years has she been in office and heard the please of veterans and did nothing? Yet, like her political self-serving elite, accepts millions from an odd assortment of unfriendly foreign bedfellows though.

    Open borders and strict socialism, how is that working out in the European theater and in some south american countries?

    Pure human greed and sheer human arrogance will ruin any political & financial system at mach 10 speeds, (relative to human time) destroying everything and everyone in its path with zero remorse. The shelves of libraries are filled with factual historical proof of this.

  7. Seymore, namnibor, 91Veteran

    The results from the last debate are in ——

    From “Next News Network”
    Gary Franchi reporting on Oct 20, 2016!

    “America Has Spoken! Final Debate Polls Show America Has Picked Their…”

    These polls tell a different story than CNN, CNBC or any other Clinton run news media!
    Y’all gotta watch this!!!!!!!!!
    Spread it all over the web!!!!

    1. I am sure you are aware of this but just like The Rand Corp. can be like a snack dispensary machine, so too are polls: You get the results you are looking and paid to see, thus, I have never ever trusted polls of any kind. On year I made the unfortunate mistake of saying “yes” to the National Census Worker, whom came back probably 8 different times with the same stupid questions that never applied to me the first time let not the 8th time. The National Census was trying damn hard to place me in some odd demographic and having also worked for the Dem’s “Get Out & Vote” canvasing effort in years past, I know those results are also exactly what they are looking for and no room for anything else.


  8. On “ABC World News” at 6:30 eat.
    ANOTHER postal worker, this time in Atlanta, Georgia, was videotaped throwing MANY mail boxes/bins into a small ditch. When the Post Master was notified, there were over 20 bins of mail. The workers who retrieved the mail, were very pissed!
    Many letters had “sensitive information”, including pay checks and other important information.
    When ABC contacted the Post Master, he said it was a crime. Yet, would not say whether the worker would be prosecuted or fired.

    IMO, it should be both!

    There was nothing said about “absentee ballots “!

    1. Great point about the potential at this very time of Absentee Ballots. *Some* of these Federal Workers really give a bad name to the good and great ones that have to be there.
      Earlier this week another Federal Worker/State in Houston, TX she was a 9/11 Dispatcher/Call/Operator…who hung-up on 100’s of calls….people died.
      Seems more of America is going the circular path in the swirl of the toilet water down the cesspool. Hoping Trump, if winning, turns things upside down. However, been let-down so often I almost expect it in a codependent way. Sick times.

    2. Elf,

      Wonder what will happen with him.

      If the post office is anything like the VA then almost certainly that is considered a promote able offence.

      1. Probably cross-promoted to oversee all the VA’s mail incoming mail. Notice I said noting of outgoing mail.

        This is far from the first of such USPS workers doing such things. A couple times in just last year in Ohio there were workers that had basements FULL of rat-packed, never delivered mail. WTF?

      2. Seymore and namnibor,
        ABC never said one word of a “follow up” to this article.
        I’ve got a sneaky suspicion nothing else will happen to that postal worker. Maybe just a slap on the wrist, like VA employees receive for killing veterans!

  9. I have a sister who lives in Roseburg Oregon. I think I’ll head that way, and see how the VA is out on the West Coast . Thing is, my case goes back to 1999, and I have been afraid to move. This video, so blatantly wrong.

  10. As a younger man I made a living as a flight instructor/banner tow pilot/glider instructor and general aviation junkie. I flew airplanes for food. I wore K mart cloths. Life was good.

    Back then it was FAA that I was married to. A colosall agency that monitors professional pilots like I was. They have a very different approach to how they ensure the safety of their stake holders, versus VA stake holders. I am guessing that FAA only has historical files about anyones political agenda if that agenda actually impacted safety. They too have people that get pissed off and do the wrong things, but ALWAYS the principle of passenger safety is the guiding framework against which all decisions are based, and if appealled against which all decisions are judged.

    I got to thinking this morning after I inhaled vaporized marijuanna extract, which is nearly pure THC and is the ONLY drug that defuses PTSD (100% sc) about,y days as a pro pilot. We often joked among ourselves about things we would just love to say over the intercom lolz. I pondered as the drug took effect how an airline ride might sound over the intercom if VA was in charge of airline safety…

    “…squak…chirp….Attention passengers, please notice that the Captain has turned on the seatbelt sign. Our flight into known icing conditions was just wrong. VA concurs.

    The gut wrenching sound you heard moments before the passengers in section 2 through 7 forward were sucked out, was from our left engine blowing up – the results of wrongdoing. The VA OIG recommends additional training for the pilot. OIG recomends softer ice. The Captain concurs.

    As you can see, the flight crew is strapping parachutes on now. Stay calm. Crew safety is an AFGE mandate and the parachutes protect employee safety. Do not worry – our employees are highly experienced in jumping from burning planes. They are safe. Stay calm.

    The crew invites even disgruntled passengers to join them them on the ground after the aircraft touches down onto the Earth for a discussion of what you believe we have done well, and what we might improve on.

    Please place your seats in the upright and locked position, and place your head between your knees prior to touhdown. The crew is exiting the craft now and once on the ground will immediately request additional funding for this flight.

    VA concurs.


  11. After watching the video, I cannot be able to support anyone from from the Democratic party. It’s all wrong. With what I know of the Republican party, just don’t know. Two things for Trump…He was right about the Democratic party paying agitators at Trump rallies, and, he is not a Republican. I know the video is real, it’s just; How much more is out there? Can’t imagine the ramifications of this.

  12. Ben Good Luck and I hope they listen, The VA is hurting more Veterans than helping. Remember they Lie, But I don’t have to tell you that, you all ready know. Watch for the Wool !

  13. What about veterans on a list. Can you find out what a “sensitivity 7” is and why only qualified officers of the VA can view a veteran’s file if he is a “sensitivity 7”

    I’d like to know. I’m a sensitivity 7.

    1. any VA whistleblowers that want to enlighten us as to what the “codes” are. many veterans have been flagged at VA and these codes stamped on their digital records.

      we’d all like to know what those codes are, their wording, and such.

    2. I found this PDF which provides some insight into sensitivity levels (see page 5-3 for level 7):
      5.03 Sensitive Access Levels
      a. Description of Sensitive Access Levels
      Some VA records require additional security measures to ensure that the
      privacy of the individual is protected. These records are assigned a sensitivity
      level and corresponding access level, and only employees who have the
      corresponding level of clearance can access those files. The table below
      describes this process:

  14. Good luck sitting in on your counsel Ben. Many of the organizations you have listed above I believe were targets of Senator McCarthy way back. At that time they believed everybody was a communist . I’d have to check this stuff out for years before I understood it .

  15. Thank you Ben for a truly fascinating piece of history. When I went into the service in October of 1972 they were still using a version of that list of “subversive” organizations.

    Your comment about the election is interesting. Forced to vote for either Bernie or Hillary I would have voted for Bernie too. But while Trump is not my ideal candidate, I must vote “for” him November 8th. I cannot possibly vote for another Clinton. Especially after reading Gary Byrne’s book “CRISIS OF CHARACTER”– the book by that Secret Service Officer who had been assigned outside the Oval Office. Trump’s “gutter” language and often offensive behavior pales significantly in comparison to the Clinton Criminal Crime Clan’s trail of “suicides” and deaths. Whether back in Arkansas, or when the Clintons were variously in positions of authority in Washington (Benghazi, Libya, Somalia and so on).

    Those who read this and think that I am just another “bigoted Republican” are wrong. I consider myself an independent and this year will in fact be the first time that I have ever voted for a major party presidential candidate in my life– always having voted for “third” party alternatives such as Ross Perot, Ralph Nader, John Schmitz, Pat Buchanan and others.

    On the contrary, I believe that both the Bushes and the Clintons (in fact endorsed by key Bush family members)
    are war criminals and servants of the Wall Street elitists and New World Order globalists who have been destroying our once great country– and so much of the rest of the world along with it.

    Thanks Ben.

  16. “Is AFGE, in itself, a subversive organization intending to subvert the Constitutional mandates of the Department of Veterans Affairs?”

    Ben, if this question is anything other than rhetorical, you’re hopelessly naive. You acknowledge the AFGE president threatening McDonald. The fact that no one has yanked a knot in this arrogant thug’s tail clearly indicates where the real power is in this agency. When this organization commits to thwart reform efforts favored by the public, passed by Congress, and signed by the president (and succeeds in its goals), what else can you call it but subversive?

  17. Heads Up!!!

    Russian Ministry of Finance reports Clinton Foundation has move $1.8 Billion to Qatar Central Bank. The money was moved on Sunday October 16. Also noting that the money was moved within 12 hours of a meeting between Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, Jamie Dimon at the Chappaqua Compound.

    Jamie Dimon is the CEO of JP Morgan which is the largest of the U.S. Megabanks. In 2009, both President Obama and Hillary Clinton allowed Jamie Dimon to break US laws by allowing Dimon to buy millions-of-dollars of his company’s stocks prior to the public being told his JP Morgan bank was receiving a Federal Reserve $80 billion credit line—and that caused JP Morgan’s stocks to soar.

    John Podesta currently is the Chairman of the Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign. Prior to his current position he served as the Chief of Staff under Ex-pres Clinton and as Counselor to president Obama. Also currently Podesta’s Emails from his G-Mail account that was hacked are being released via Wiki leaks. It is Podesta’s emails that have shown the illegal actions taken against Bernie Sanders by the DNC and the total corruption within the Clinton Email investigation. As chairman of the Hillary Campaign he is ultimately responsible for action of the people documented in the Project Veritas videos included in Ben’s article.

    The report states that the Bank For International Settlements (BIS) registered a $1.8 billion transfer from the Clinton Foundation (CF) to the Qatar Central Bank (QCB) through the “facilitation/abetment” of JP Morgan Chase & Company (JPM)—and for reasons yet to be firmly established.

    Also the report includes “the Bank for International Settlements is the world’s oldest international financial organization and acts as a prime counterparty for central banks in their financial transactions; the Qatar Central Bank is the bank of that Gulf State nations government and their “bank of banks”; JP Morgan Chase & Company is the United States largest “megabank””.

    Clearly John Kerry at the state department knows about this transfer and no doubt President Obama has been informed and has full knowledge of what is in the works.

    Everyone should get ready for the False Flag event likely to include the use of Biological or Chemical weapons within the US facilitated by Saudi Arabia.

    1. Hey Seymore,
      How about a ‘Red Flag Event’, say – of our currency value taking a nose dive right into the gutter?!
      It’s been reported multiple times. Could be this is the beginning of WWIII.
      I sure hope everyone is ready for something!

      1. Interestingly, in today’s postal mail I received a two page letter from bank describing “new policies” where ANY bank, ATM, point of sale, et al, can without warning LIMIT the amount of funds you can take out on any given day…WTF? That sounds like legalese for, “when the shit breaks loose, we are keeping all the money” to me, but I have also been known to be a creative thinker, so what do I know? I only see patterns. Patterns in shit. I guess that makes me sort of a ‘shit whisperer’…LOL

      2. Could this be a “world wide currency war”? I’ve read recently, where China is/has begun “manipulation of their currency!” Just as Mr. Trump has warned!

        Or, as Hillary wants, a “Cyber War”? She’s already stated this at her rally’s! If she, and her minions, continue to accuse the Russians for the ‘hacking’, how far is she going to take this role of a bully? We all know what happens to bullies most of the time!!!!

        Or, as some have written, a full on WWIII using ‘conventional weaponry’ first. Then escalating to the “Big Bang Theory” type of warfare!?!?!
        Many of the ‘Alt-Right News Medias’ have speculated on this. I hope these “Progressives” think real hard on this issue!
        Laying waste to our world is nothing to speculate about!

    2. “Ambulance service treats 26 people after London City Airport evacuated”, Reporting by Guy Faulconbridge; editing by Stephen Addison, Reuters; Fri Oct 21, 2016 | 1:54pm EDT

      The article states:

      “London’s ambulance service said it had treated 26 people for breathing difficulties at London City Airport after an apparent chemical incident.

      It said two people had been taken to hospital.

      “Ambulance crews and our Hazardous Area Response Team are attending the incident at London City Airport,” London Ambulance said in a statement. “We have treated 26 people at the London City Airport incident. We have taken two patients to hospital.””

      1. “Waves of cyber attacks hit Netflix, Spotify, Twitter”; Eli Blumenthal and Elizabeth Weise , USA TODAY 1:57 p.m. EDT October 21, 2016

        addistional sites taken down today by cyber attacks are Amazon, Paypal and Reddit but WikiLeaks is still up. With a new email release from Podesta’s G-mail account. Real damming stuff this time.

      2. UPDATED 1:33 pm central time: “At least 34 people hospitalized after chemical spill in Atchison, Kansas”, By: 41 Action News Staff, Posted: 9:11 AM, Oct 21, 2016, Updated: 5 mins ago

        ATCHISON, Kan. – At least 34 people have been hospitalized after a major chemical spill at MGP Ingredients Inc. in Atchison, Kansas.

  18. I can understand several of those listed since it was issued so close to WWII, and those guys took things a damn sight more seriously then, but several others listed are common today, and claim to be mainstream as pushed by a willing media and lack of history education in school.
    It would be interesting to see a current listing of who the government considers to be a threat today. I suspect it looks nothing like this, and would be quite shocking to many.
    I also suspect any veteran would be near the top of any generic government list, and at the top highlighted in red neon of any VA list.

    Maybe Burch could supply the list he has received, and provide any list of who he suggested should be listed to the DHS.

    Finally, if you think anything has changed from when this was issued, do a search on the Insider Threat Program, and Executive Order 13587. About the only thing that might have changed are the group listings according to who might be in power at the time.

  19. So in conclusion we can assert that not only is targetting Free Speech as well as a litany of other civil rights a current trend, but rather a historical tradition. The abuse of power is not new to my grandpas folk, my fathers folk, myself, or now my children.

    The temptation to dispense with persinal knowledge of our own Constitution is just too great when you tell a person that their actions are not bound to that document in any meaningful way. In law enforcement they call it “entrapment”. It works nearly every time it is tried because of the nature of how humans work.

    How entrapment works, for example, is the government would send samples of child pornography to a person. Sometimes this would go on for months and years. Then one day, for some reason, the person sends in the order form. BAM! The police show up and nab – “entrapment”.

    Placing even a well intentioned person into this agency is precisely like entrapment. They are exposed time and again to opportunities to engage in wrongdoing. They become convinced, correctly, that even their supervisors are engaged in wrongdoing with no consequences. Then one day, a tied soul figures, “What the hell, I’m just gonna shred this effing thing and forget about it.” Or a cranky nurse makes up a theat and turns out a me tal health patient forever who refuses police escorts. No consequences is entrapment.

    Even when I was being railroaded by a vindictive CBOC manager, scores of VHA personel would say to me unde their breath, “You are getting a screw job.” It was so bad that one of them even decided to supply me with drugs I needed outside of the clinic after hours. In the VA police report anout the matter she said, “I knew what I did was wrong, but I am not in it alone.” (VHA Police report quote”.

    Ecery single person who whispered to me instead of talking in a plain voice is unfit for duty. Liars and thieves whisper indoors in the daylight and cowards who cannot raise their voices and say, “Godamnit, This is EFFING wrong!!!” have NO place in government.

    Yet scores of them turned away. “I am not in this alone.” was her statement to VA police who then seize dozens of illegally held medications that they were dispensing to DBC patients outside the clinic because being flagged means no more medicine.

    I am not in this alone.
    I knew what I did was wrong.

    And yet when they asked her if she wanted a lawyer she said, “No.”
    She asked for union representation, AFGE, and delivered a written confession to VHA police after a short conference with the AFGE rep.

    The VA Police Chief, Andy Paperman, told me that just the crimes she alone committed included fines up to $450,000 and six years in federal jail for essentialy stealing VA drugs and delivering them to patients as a LCSW. And they found MANY more stashes inside.e

    No legal action beyond the internal incestigation was taken.

    I am not alone.
    I knew what I did was wrong.
    VA employee.

  20. Nice historical article and documentation, Ben. Yet again, I find myself with no allegiance to any ‘Party’, and as a Veteran, feel even less represented. Yes, one candidate has been on/off vocal about the VA but in my honest opinion, not very strategic nor consistent, making we Vets yet again seem nothing but a stage prop, to be placed with dust covers once election is over and pulled-out in another 2-4 years.
    Is it just me, or do other Vets feel like we are truly considered sub-citizens and our plight for equal and fair treatment and that “Square Deal” is only remotely considered when it’s possibly beneficial to electing or re-electing the same tripe that will forget about us as soon as the final poll and vote count is done…until the next time?

    Regardless of Mr. Trump’s attempt to be vocal about the VA and Veteran’s Issues, when a country has been engaged in solid 15 YEARS of WAR, should not Veteran’s Issues be front and center since we are sending our troops to further these scum’s agendas and if a Vet is fortunate enough to survive and return, they now have an entirely new battle…with the VA.

    The other huge problem is anything outside the “Two Party” paradigm is completely marginalized and purposefully placed on the fringe. I for one am ready for something completely different…like a reboot to our original Constitution and heed the very warnings of our Founding Fathers. The Tea Party was crapped upon by those seeking to profit from it, was not a fan and it always seems the individual I want to vote for either never has a fighting chance or simply never wins. I was secretly a Bernie Sanders leaning supporter.

    The one positive that may have occurred, regardless of whom may win election, is the implosion of the Republican Party and the slightly more diversified Rep. Party. (slightly…still very lily white Party). I have always viewed the two party system with the exact same disdain expressed towards the AFGE and it’s keeping corruption and fraud in the VA trenches.

    Republicans/Democrats really could care less about Veterans is my assessment and quite possibly, ANY of Benjamin’s listings of past/present “fringe organizations” may very-well had given Veteran’s Issues more seriousness and thought.

    Why was Charlie Rose allowed to format the questions for this final debate? Why not have it entirely open to Facebook and Twitter, unscreened questions from the American Public? (yes, silly me for thinking logically) It makes it more than obvious that the MSM drives the elections, NOT REAL ISSUES AT HAND.

    Finally, as much as I detest the stranglehold the AFGE has on the VA, I continue to feel exactly the same way towards all Political Parties. What’s next? Citizen’s United Political Party? Wait for it….

    Benjamin- Watch your six while amongst the city of lamprey.

    1. Correction: I meant Chris Wallace. A Talking Head all the same and not the great band, ‘The Talking Heads’, whose song “Stop Making Sense” is most appropriate today.

      1. “Life During Wartime” is the actual song title of ‘The Talking Heads’…more coffee…

        “This ain’t no party, this ain’t no disco
        This ain’t no fooling around
        This ain’t no mud club, or C. B. G. B.
        I ain’t got time for that nowww
        Stop making sense, stop making sense…”

      2. @namnibor,
        I agree with you on almost all your points.
        Yet, IF it hadn’t been for Mr. Trump, there wouldn’t have been any reference toward veterans and our many issues, EVER during this campaign!!!!!

        In my opinion, Chris Wallace should never have been a ‘moderator’. He was nervous from the onset. He couldn’t control either candidate. Although he did appreciate, and agree with, Mr. Trump more than Hillary.

        I felt this last debate was “scripted” towards Hillary, as the two previous debates were! She kept looking down and reading something. Could it have been the answers to the questions?

        She was caught many times in lies. Her most egregious were about the “Foundation”, saying “90%” goes toward helping “…22 million…”! In reality, only less than 10% to 15% goes toward anything. Look at the “Haitian Relief”, which has not been accomplished. Or, how about her foundation taking TENS OF MILLIONS of monies from Muslim countries. Which do nothing to help anyone, except the Clinton’s bank account!!!!! A “Pay-For-Play” illegal money laundering scheme. If ever there was one!!!!!!

        Then there’s that “…helping…” all those children, for healthcare. In reality, that was actually accomplished during, and by, “Slick Willie’s” reign, (1993-4), (of stupidity)!

        Her continued attack on Mr. Trump’s businesses, and his tax release, is just another way of trying to take the “spotlight” off her illegal accomplishments!

        Mr. Trump has made it perfectly clear on one specific issue. With all the years, over 30(+), Hillary has been in “public office”, WHY hasn’t she accomplished anything!?!?!
        Oh, wait, she did name a “Post Office”! And I believe a road!

        When she ran for the Senate, she promised “…200,000 jobs…”
        for the State of New York. Instead, because of NAFTA signed by Bill Clinton, New York “…lost over 68,000 jobs…”!
        I don’t need to bring up her “Failed Attempt” at being “Secretary of State”! “Benghazi” is all about an alleged “gun running” scheme! Her illegal act of destroying 10’s of thousands of emails, possibly containing her “Pay-For-Play” schemes, proves my point.

        These new videos which has surfaced, and Ben put on here today. Showing, without a doubt, the DNC AND Hillary Clinton using “multple illegal tactics” to suppress her opponents rights, under the Constitution, to run for POTUS. Is another slap in the face of all Americans! Anyone who would even consider voting for the “Hildabeast” has, in my opinion, lost all sense of reality!

        Concerning today’s blog.
        It reminds me of when I was about 14 years of age. Going to a small auto parts store, and viewing a newspaper clipping. That ‘clipping’ was yellowed by age. It was from “The Hamilton Journal” (around the early 1920’s or so)!
        It had “10 steps”, I believe from the Communist Party, to take over the United States of America!
        As I got older, in my late 30’s. I read what Saul Alinski had written. It took me back to my youth and that “yellowed piece of paper” scotched taped up under the glass case in that small auto parts store!

        Trust me when I say, We, the conservative citizens of America, are under attack by the “left”! Or, if one prefers, “The Progressives”!
        Our Supreme Court and Constitution is in jeopardy of being dismantled completely!
        I believe many are waking up to these two main issues!
        If we don’t wake up, our “Constitutional Republic” will no longer exist! Think about what’s at stake here!

      3. @crazy elf- Yes, I hear you about Trump’s at least bringing-up Veteran’s issues. But…if his strategy in talking about Veteran Issues were likened to a game of chess, Trump only moved a few pawns out on that chessboard and while I do appreciate that, there was much already readily available VA scandal info online that Trump very well could have at least used his bishop, knight and maybe a queen, once he moved a few pawns on his platform.
        That’s why I have that same bad after taste of being dusted-off for political points as a stage prop pawn, as a Veteran collective. I am not giving-up nor am I finding gross fault with Trump.
        I will say that debate club at age 14 was more civilized than all three debates, which borderline kids fighting on a school bus over a twinkie. Sad times.

    2. Nam you know it would get truncated it would be the Citizens United Party The See You Pee

      1. McCarthyism much in reference to the source document. I ain’t talking about the woman from Ghostbusters 2016

  21. Benjamin. I was wondering if u could answer a question about being denied disability then getting disability for the same
    Thing 6 years later?

      1. Ben: how do you know this tape is not a production of the Trump campaign? Did you do your journalistic due diligence by verifying or confirming your sources?

        This site seems to lean towards conspiracy theories rather than facts in many of the comments. And God forbid if you have a different opinion like this one—it’s going to be a shit storm of insults and name calling.

        There’s NO reasonable discussions or conversations here. Many thoughtful veterans are chased off after they express their opinion which may be opposite. And after the same few veterans pound them with the usual curses and accusations of being a”troll,” I doubt they return or make another comment.

        Well I await my beating from the usual few. Come on, let’s violate freedom of speech once again that we all served to preserve and protect. I know I did for 9 yrs until I was medically discharged. Now I am 100% P&T service connected and can’t do what I used to do. Oh well.

      2. @rosebud – I’m working on a new website format that will allow veterans to comment within a forum on politics. That way, we can keep the conversation in each comment section relevant to the topic. All veterans are welcome here regardless of political persuasion. I plan to ensure we dial back on name calling and such moving forward.

      3. Gee Rosebud,

        I am “not” sorry if I offended you in any way. To make it up to you let me rub your nose in your prior posts on Disabled Veterans dot Org.

        Nearly every one of them was to target Namnibor, Crazy Elf or myself with misleading statements supporting Hillary Clinton. Except for the ones where you were smearing Trump.

        As for the use of profanity. Your first posts were using swear words.

        Not once have you made a comment meant to help Veterans. Your prior post show clearly that you are only here trolling for Hillary.

        By the way Kathy the Hillary employees that were in the videos quite right after the videos were released. Did you do your due diligence before you started questioning Ben? Never mind it is clear that you didn’t, but we both know that you already knew.

        If you care to check your old post, you can find them under the following articles posted by Ben on this Blog.

        “AFGE Union Beats Back Senate Firing Bill” May 4, 2016

        “Veterans Affairs TBI Scandal Affected 25,000 Veterans” May 5, 2016

        “Donald Trump To Fix VA If He Has To ‘Fix It’ Himself”, July 12, 2016

        “VA Is Lying To Put Up Mystery Billboard”, July 26, 2016

        “Now, Hillary Clinton Finally Promises Veterans Affairs Reforms”, July 27, 2016

        “CON JOB: USA Today Blows Coverage Of VA OIG Wait Time Investigation”, August 8, 2016

        “VIDEO: Was VA Called Out Over ‘Psychic’ VA Settlement Debacle?”, September 15, 2016

      4. Oh and rosebud I know that the above is only a few of your post. But they are all of the post that you have posted using the name rosebud.

      5. I forgot to add your last post on October 19 to the list above.

        “Board Of Veterans Appeals Seeks Veteran Appeals Feedback In Forum”, October 19, 2016


        I am sure you must remember it was the only one you made that day using the name rosebud. you were targeting me with your post.

        Your comment was:

        “rosebud says”

        “October 19, 2016 at 6:21 pm”

        “Let me just say fuck you seeless.”

        Don’t bother hurting your neck Kathy. You are a troll that comes here for only one thing and that is to attack anyone who speaks badly about your Hillary.

        Then try to play the victim as you are doing in your post to Ben above. Everyone here at this site knows that you are not a Veteran by the Way.

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