Waiting Vocational Rehabilitation Backlog

SURVEY: Did Vocational Rehabilitation Meet With You Within 45 Days Of Applying?

Waiting Vocational Rehabilitation Backlog

This survey is aimed to see how many VA Vocational Rehabilitation offices are honoring the general rule to meet with a veteran within 45 days of applying.

According to policy, the Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment program is required to meet with applicants and provide an entitlement determination within 45 days.

“As a general rule, whenever possible, provide notification within 45 days from the date of the application and immediately after the entitlement decision is made.” M28R, Part IV, Section B, Chapter 2.12(f)

In our Voc Rehab Facebook group, we are hearing story after story describing lengthy delays in certain offices up to one year to even meet with a counselor much less receive the determination.

This makes me wonder if VA’s Vocational Rehabilitation program is hiding yet another benefits backlog.

If you have an experience with the program, please take a couple seconds and provide answers here about your experience. I plan to write about this later on The Hill if we get enough information pulled together.

It would be great if you could take 30 seconds to fill out the form. The only required fields for this survey are the first 5.

If you want to participate even more by providing a quote for the news, that is always appreciated.


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  1. Hey ANutterVet,

    Why are unions for hospital personnel in the private sector fighting against getting the flu shot that is a required condition of employment?

    “Essentia flu shot mandate challenged”
    By John Lundy on Oct 24, 2017 at 3:49 p.m.


    Do they know something that we don’t?

    1. @Seymore Klearly – – – Not a mention of why employees didn’t want to be required to obtain a flu-shot. Like you, the article leaves one to think why? And, what else do they know about the vaccine? Author should’ve been more definitive. These type of “hanging” articles leaves more questions than answers. Thanks for posting. – – – Nutter.

  2. Namnibor here is another of those VA AFGE union member pedophile that got taken out in handcuffs.

    Erik Zachary Bietz, 28, was initially taken into custody at his workplace Thursday morning. He works at the VA hospital in Aspinwall. Investigators said Bietz admitted to previously uploading child pornography to the storage site Dropbox.com using the email “[email protected]”.

    A trained forensics investigator found 20 videos and pictures on the laptop featuring children as young as one year old engaged in sexual acts with adults, according to the criminal complaint.

    The complaint said the videos were extremely graphic and also included children as young as 10 having sexual intercourse with other children who were 10 years old.


    1. It’s gr8 to see the DOJ and FBI finally cracking down on pedophiles and two things are amazing, 1) HOW MANY there are, 2) Obama and Lynch and Holder turned more than a blind-eye to all this with the volumes of pedophiles they are bringing-in. OFF WITH THIER HEADS!

  3. Hey Elf,

    Did you catch the news?

    “Authorities: Brother of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock arrested in Los Angeles on suspicion of possessing child porn”
    By The Associated Press
    October 25, 2017 12:07 pm


  4. Here is how you find out what their scam is;

    Do a FOIA request for the pay structure of the department within VA (kingdoms inside of kingdoms lolz) that details the criteria for bonuses and advancement.

    This will be the blueprint for their misconduct. Once you have the blueprint, ask youself what a crime syndicate would do to exploit such a pay scale then you will know precisely what is happening.

    How many little kingdoms evolve from one corrupt agency? Each with their own mote, motives, and agenda and price tag. How many little tyrant kings, like these counsellors, exist inside their own little ponds behind their own closed doors? To fix his problem you would have to go office to office at VA and lay siege to each little kingdom one at a time because none of those people are beholden to anyone else. This is the nature of corruption.

    1. That “Golden Rule” of counselor’s meeting a Vet within 45 days Ben speaks of *must* be more than the VA’s usual “Golden Rule” which is to piss in as many Veteran cornflakes as possible while still collecting a nonperformance bonus in the Kingdom of Engorged Purple Teams, (K.E.P.T.). Other ‘Golden Rules’ honored at the VA are stored right next to The Holy Grail collection. 🙂

    2. Thanks, from a former Department of Veterans Affairs Career employee. This is the problem. Voc Rehab is paid more than non-profits. It is the body for misconduct and hidden policies.

  5. Sorry Ben.
    I never used “VOC REHAB”. So it would be inappropriate for me to fill out this questionnaire!

    1. Same here, elf. So I postulated on what “Golden Rule’ means to the VA….do not eat the yellow snow.

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