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Benjamin Krause Is Not MIA…, I Promise

We can’t seem to get away from these riots in the Midwest, and American is seemingly coming apart at the seams. I’m writing this just a few miles from the Kenosha riots while visiting family.

If you are like me, you may be feeling like US military veteran topics about VA’s schemes against veterans are no longer front and center but instead replaced with rioters, er, I mean, “peaceful” protestors (if you believe NY Times), and debates over efficacy about face masks in Kindergarten classes.

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The good news is I am not MIA.

Some friends of ours have been asking around on Facebook if I am okay. I’ve been watching and reading this summer but not writing about my findings.

Veteran issues should still matter. And, I may start writing more about observations of the press that I have avoided for a few years.

People need perspective, the MSM clearly cannot be trusted to provide an accurate perspective without major spin, and there are a lot of schemes afoot across the political spectrum to deprive Americans of a proper vote.

Moving into Election 2020, it is time to ramp back up with writing and videos. 

For those of you reading this, I would love to get feedback on what you think is important to address over the next 70 days.

Ideas, anyone?

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  1. Noone seems to care about the dc va suicide. Noone cares about va police. Noonecares the postoffice owes billuons for illegally targetibg the disabled as most are vets. No one cares 110,000 died waiting on ss disability

  2. The police killed a mentally disturbed young white male with a knife in our local park. They kept moving forward on him pointing guns and telling him to drop it. He was walking from side to side and didn’t advance on them but they still after warning him, killed him. Many of these people can’t or won’t comprehend a warning. Law enforcement is frighteningly quick to kill for just not obeying but wonder how much calmer things would be if cases like this also made national news.

    1. All the time in the world to talk a kid down with a knife that isn’t advancing. Problem is too many police are police for the opportunity to kill. And you are right, MG, if this made National News it would make a difference but not much in the light that of the MSNBC reported 156 killing so far on Wednesday night 123 were black according to the report. Have not seen that report in print. It is just known, because of the systemic racism that it is easier to get away with killing a black instead of a white.

      Do the laws in your area protect the police in any situation against a weapon? I suspect so.

  3. Ben, we still need to address 22 combat veteran suicides per day. Nearly 2.5 times the National Average.

    The reason Anosognosia isn’t a neurological diagnosis for many of the “Adjustment Disorder” diagnoses. If a person doesn’t know what he is trying to adjust to, how is he going to make the adjustment. If he feels like a demon is sabotaging his efforts, isn’t it likely that he opt for that finale exit, suicide? Is the VA Medical Department avoiding that diagnosis to facilitate suicide and reduce compensation entitlements?

  4. Dear Benjamin, thank you for your nice note to remind me to read your material. I really appreciate that a lot.

    In response to your question, about the next 70 days, one of the most important things that need to be done is a comparison between the two major parties in everything from Foreign Policy to economics to Domestic Policy in terms that people can not only understand but also relate to.

    If there is a way to show people the effect of the election outcome on them individually this would be a powerful tool that could be used to keep us from becoming the next Socialist state or worse, Communist country. There is a whole litany of things to be covered and I am reasonably certain you know what all of them are so won’t belabor the point.

    I think that instead of discussing politics, there needs to be a discussion about good versus bad outcomes based on the representations of the candidates and their party’s platforms. and then make it granular enough to show the effect it will have on the reader by making the incorrect choice at the polls.

    My fear is that at the rate we are going, we are headed toward civil war, not a comforting thought at all. I am old enough to have 20 grandchildren and 9 great-grandchildren and it is their futures that I fear the most. Trotting out a list of accomplishments and a list of failures illustrates the differences in the candidates but does nothing to personalize the consequences of an incorrect vote in those next 70 days.

    Thank you, Sir, for taking on a noble task by making the offer. If there is anything I can do to assist in that effort, I would be pleased to assist. I don’t need credit, a title, or any of the rest, and instead, need only a good outcome.

    Paul Curtis

    1. Your fear is certainly warranted, Paul.

      And it will be a communist dictatorship with a Putin lacky at the helm. The civil war to get there is almost certain with the seeding of mistrust in the running of our elections.

      Suspect you will be armed up on your side and it will again be a very bloody civil war with the outcome as I have stated. The passives won’t fight.

  5. It is understandable, however, when an irrational man is jumping in a car with a large knife around children that they actually shot him to protect the children. Sad but not totally unprovoked.

      1. Directed at me or Ben, Charles? Kind of feel the same way if it is at Ben. Probably will join you. Its not about politics but which politics.

    1. In any case if you have the gun you just back off out of range of the knife and talk him down. If he is going for a gun and you have a gun in his back you have time to say, no bubba, I got you unless you drop it. This went too fast and no turn around in the video. Sounds like a cop who wanted an excuse to shoot. Like Ferguson, MO.

    2. Protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin over police shooting of …
      12 hours ago · The governor said he’d seen no information to suggest Blake had a knife or other weapon, but that the case is still being investigated by the state Justice Department. Benjamin Crump, a …

    3. So there was actually a knife. Still a knife to a gun fight? If the man had been white the officer would have backed away from knife danger and warned the guy that he was going to end up dead if he persisted.

  6. Where were the body cams? 5 times in the back with kids in the car?

    I changed my vote this year for someone who will follow medical science. As a former medic what else can I do in the face of this out of control pandemic that will hit over 200,000 dead by election day at the current rate.

    1. I’m with you, brother. Being a veteran does not mean that we blindly follow irrational leadership. This will be a big change for me too.

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