Reporter Blows Lid Off Military Corrections Board Scam

Military Corrections Board Scam

Benjamin KrauseInvestigative reporter Alissa Figueroa blew the lid off the Military Corrections Board scam of denying male sexual assault victims the justice they deserve and uncovered a bigger scandal. In her four-part coverage of the scam, Figueroa uncovered a real benefits scam that begins well before the American becomes a veteran of the Army (linked below).

Officially called the Board for Correction of Military Records (BCMR), Figueroa reported the Board routinely screwed sexual assault veterans out of the benefits and health care they deserved by labeling them as having Personality Disorder and providing an unfavorable discharge as a result. While the problem child here is the Army, all military branches run a similar scam.

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In 2006, Figueroa reported that the majority of the 96,000 sexual assault victims reported by Pentagon were men. She also found that military branches routinely discharged these servicemembers with Personality Disorder after the victims reported the assault. The Army mislabeled many victims with Personality Disorder to justify a discharge that would void the veteran’s eligibility for many benefits including health care and GI Bill monies.

According to Figueroa:

Personality Disorder is a good litmus test for the BCMR because it’s one place the military has made mistakes. A 2008 report by the Government Accountability Office reviewed Personality Disorder discharges for 371 veterans across service branches and found that, among other things, almost a third of the soldiers discharged from the Army with a Personality Disorder were never diagnosed by a psychiatrist or PhD-level psychologist — a requirement by military policy.

Most shocking was Pentagon’s absolute denial at the Board for Correction of Military Records. Figueroa uncovered that not one of the 3,000 appeals she evaluated for wrongful discharges made by the rape victims were overturned. Veterans would gather hundreds of pages of medical documents proving these assaults but the Board would only spend 3 minutes and 45 seconds on average discussing each before rejecting it.

How can you read through hundreds of pages in less than 4 minutes? Most highly trained doctors can only evaluate a veteran’s medical file at a pace of 100 pages per hour. Do military lawyers at the Board read 20 times faster than doctors?

Veterans’ lawyers say that a practical lack of oversight is a big part of the problem. You can challenge a BCMR decision in federal court, but attorneys estimate that happens about 1 percent of the time (the Army was not able to confirm that information). Lawyer fees range from $5,000 to $15,000, so most service members can’t afford one.

“In the last 30 years there’s been almost no judicial review of these cases,” said Michael Wishnie, professor at Yale Law School. “The boards have come to function with impunity, without fearing that they’ll have to defend their work.”

Figueroa blew the lid off the corrupt branch of the veterans’ benefits system in a four part series covering how the Board scams veterans out of a square deal following their sexual assault.

Part 1: The military lied. And they lie again with the Boards of Corrections

Part 2: Another way the Army can deny justice to victims of sexual assault

Part 3: Veterans sue Army board in wake of Fusion investigation

Part 4: Former Army Board staff lawyer speaks out about unjust practices and calls for reform

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  1. I was diagnosed with a personality disorder in June 2008 through the VA. I have never heard of a personality disorder before. That was my first time ever taking any of these ridiculous psych tests and speaking a a psychiatrist who is a human being just like me. How is it that they do not experiences things in life like others?

    I was pressured into it be a relative. I was due to mobilize in 2009 and admitted to seeing a psychiatrist. I was found unfit three months later. Since November 2009 to Present I have been through endless medical boards, run arounds, providing useless updated by demand from the military and it has affected my overall well being.

    I served honorably and was discharged in May 2007 and transferred to the reserves. I never gave the military problems and I was an outstanding soldier. How does this happen?

    I do not appreciate any of this. I do not appreciate how I was severely mistreated by others and for this scandal that is allowed to continue on. I do not appreciate how those who have a license behind their name can just label someone and throw their life away and claim it is just…

    This is ungodly and with all of these soldiers going through this, it speaks for itself what is going on…I thought I was alone…The Lord will repay evil for evil

    Psalm 23

  2. I was diagnosed with a personality disorder through the VA in June 2008. I was pressured into it by a relative. I gave in…I have never in my life been diagnosed with a mental illness before. That was my first time taking these stupid psych tests and speaking with a psychiatrist. I served honorably and was discharged from active duty in May 2007. I transferred to the reserves (bad mistake).

    I was due to mobilize in 2009 and I admitted to seeing someone my first time. I have struggled from November 2009 to Present going through endless medical boards and having to hand over useless updates by demand from the military. This is my last medical board. I pray things turn out well and that I can move forward in life.

    I do not appreciate any of this. How I was mistreated and to find out others went through this speaks for itself what is going on. It is all wrong…

    This ungodly and the Lord will repay evil for evil…

    Psalm 23

  3. they did this to vet,s of the vietnam war,,, those code,s they stuck on our discharge,s i think they ran from a one to a four,, they all have a meaning,, not sure what they mean,,,, but i know some of those number,s they used are very under handed

  4. WOW. I think Ken James Carlisle needs to be put on probationary status here. HE has been making some dubious comments lately,but this is not cool.

    The pictures of him on Facebook were really telling, the black wig and him being in some “band”.

    I also learned what a “bull queer” is.

    Click here to read the legal documents that reveal Sargent Carlisle’s “colorful” past. I highly recommend the Sargent’s Facebook profile photos as well. They are highly enlightening. As for you Sargent Carlisle you are a disgrace to the United States Army, a disgrace to the uniform, and a disgrace to the human race. Someone with your appetites has a lot of nerve trashing my character considering the human garbage you are. If there is any justice in this world, your next address will be in the federal penitentiary. Sooner or later they’ll catch you. You just can’t get rid of that itch can you?

  5. 1. All veterans should read: Congressional Research Services / STATUTORY PRESUMPTIONS (by law clerk Nichols October 2010.
    2. All Vietnam Veterans should read DVA January 2010 Compensation & Pension Bulletin Policy (211): Information on Vietnam Naval Operations; June 2010 2010 Compensation & Pension Bulletin Policy (211): ADDITIONAL Information on Vietnam Naval Operations.
    3. Read The Nehmer Court Order / The Nehmer Training Guide (211A) and Nehmer Training Guide February 2011 Revised).
    4. The Nehmer Court Order clearly indicates: VA compensates class counsel for it’s work on Nehmer Claims. I told the Nehmer Working Group that one (nor I ) should have to get a lawyer of group of lawyers to enforce The Nehmer Court Order that is already laid down and laid out.
    5. Please Apply Congressional Research Services / STATUTORY PRESUMPTIONS (by law clerk Nichols Oct. 2010).
    6. Nehmer Court Order indicates sanctions against VA for not being in strict compliance.
    7. Where’s the sheriff to arrest the VA officials for non-compliance ?

  6. Well Ben it seems we’re all in trouble, it seems to me uncle sam is so dysfunctional these days that us little people don’t have much of chance.

  7. Where is the proof of the sexual misconduct on such a grand scale? All I see here is rhetoric about Personality Disorder discharges, but the Army uses that discharge for many reasons. Where is the proof being alleged here?

    What has been done at the Pentagon and by the media over the last few years has been to take away from all the heroic service given by brave men and women, and it has somehow turned our wars into some BS about the military being a lust fest!

    1. No offense intended, but I think you’ve got your head in the sand on this one. I was drugged and gang raped by a small group of soldiers from my unit in a hotel room on a weekend pass while in infantry training at Fort Benning, Georgia. After I got to my permanent duty assignment I had a complete mental breakdown. After two suicide attempts, I was diagnosed with a personality disorder and forced out under a “Convenience of the Army” discharge. I didn’t get any VA health benefits.

      I stumbled through life barely able to keep a job for more than a few months. I blamed myself because I thought I had a personality disorder which translated in my mind to that you are just a bad human being. I suffered through 15 years of abject poverty, no access to any health care, and shame about what I had become. The stress and shame associated with the assault destroyed my mind, my body, my ability to interact with women, and my very soul. I have met many others like myself. It is something that is very real.

      1. Thanks for your input Terry, and if your story is true you are owed at least your rights. However, I also had an ex wife who would lie just to set men up. Mere words being the point proves nothing. This article offers nothing but words. So again, where is the proof about the Board of Corrections?

        With that again said, in your story, you mention nothing about how you brought charges, or not, after being gang raped in training. I do know in reality there are sexual assaults, and then there are jail terms as well.

        There would be no reason that if charges were brought forward in a training environment that rapists would not be convicted by the cadre there. Thus, I am having a hard time with your story. No offense of course is meant, however if you didn’t bring charges than I would say that was your fault for not doing so. As well, any fair minded person might be inclined to then conclude it also wasn’t rape that occurred.

      2. That has to be one of the most despicable disgusting comments I have ever heard. You are the walking epitome of why men don’t report sexual assault, and any reasonable person might be inclined to then conclude you are an ignorant heartless jackass. My proof is my now 100% service connected disability rating. My proof is that the VA medical profession finally had to omit their “error.” As for me not reporting it, exactly how many 18 year old kids are going to report being raped to their Drill Sergeants in an environment such as the infantry? Shame on this website for giving views like yours a venue. My first donation will be my last, and if you sir work for the DVA, god help us all.

      3. Terry I think your full of it, first you got no benefits, and now you have a 100% rating………so which is it you were raped by your peers, or by a drill sergeant? Or, you just had sex, and then wanted to call it rape but not report it? I feel for you in any event as you seem to be a very confused individual! I didn’t call you any names, but instead got called names by you when I asked why it wasn’t reported. But after hearing your response, I’m sure there are plenty of names for a person like you! POSER comes right to mind!

      4. Your words, “As well, any fair minded person might be inclined to then conclude it also wasn’t rape that occurred.” Yeh that’s not an insult? You are some piece of work my friend, and if you work for the DVA, I’m just dying to know your supervisor’s name. As for me being a poser. I’ll gladly upload scans of my DD214, my disability awards letters, and my veteran’s id card only to expose the magnitude of your colossal ignorance. I’ll ask the site owner. I hate to do it to you, but you sure as hell deserve this.

      5. Fool if your insulted so be it, you offered no proof of the Board of Corrections being a part of any wrong doing like I asked. You then began to tell about some story about yourself, again offering no proof just some convoluted story about what sounded like drunken sex. I say your a Poser who will say anything, because again you went from having no benefits to being 100%. Your either a liar, just plain stupid, or an imbecile as you make no sense.

        Oh, poser I work for 7-11 and my supervisors name is Jamar Mustafa.

      6. How do you want to do this Einstein? You want me to upload the documents to Facebook, friend your ignorant ass, let you view them, and then block you. Whatever you need, or do you want me to take a little road trip and take them directly to your crib in DC? You sound like an interesting person, and I’d love to meet you.

    2. STFU punk, you and I aint buddies and I don’t live in no crib punk. But you do seem as dumb as I thought, I would have to accept any friend on FB before you could block………what’s your IQ like 30. You do seem to be threatening though, so you better be as bad as you wanna come off as punk!

      1. I’m smart enough to know all about you SFC Kenneth James Carlisle, Jr., US Army retired. You had a paranoid personality label slapped on you, and you had to go to court to get the mess straightened out. The internet is a funny thing Sargent, once stuff gets out there, it pretty much stays. You would think someone with your colorful past would have less hate and more compassion for a fellow vet, but I guess not. I guess anybody who gets raped must automatically be a “faggot” in your mind, and I can’t offer a remedy for that. Best of luck to you.

      2. Wow Sargent Carlisle, the more I read about you it just gets worst and worst. I was going to let you be, but you just don’t deserve it. Funny thing Sargent, after somebody has been victimized, emasculated, assaulted in such a violent way they develop this special sense about them. They can just look at somebody and sense when they’re looking at a predator. I can spot a bull queer with one eye shut. After perusing through your Facebook page that you so carelessly link to, I found my bull queer. Why don’t you tell the honorable veterans of this sight how you attempted to receive combat pay for which you were not entitled to? Why don’t you tell them about the letter of reprimand you received from the Army. Yes Sargent you got lucky with the criminal charges but the Army just couldn’t let you off free and clear. What was you doing with the alcohol in your recruiting car? Tell them how you got kicked out of a high school when you worked as an Army recruiter. Wasn’t 18 young enough for you? You just had to get closer to the younger ones? Click here to read the legal documents that reveal Sargent Carlisle’s “colorful” past. I highly recommend the Sargent’s Facebook profile photos as well. They are highly enlightening. As for you Sargent Carlisle you are a disgrace to the United States Army, a disgrace to the uniform, and a disgrace to the human race. Someone with your appetites has a lot of nerve trashing my character considering the human garbage you are. If there is any justice in this world, your next address will be in the federal penitentiary. Sooner or later they’ll catch you. You just can’t get rid of that itch can you?

      Your comments to Terry showed the EXACT KIND of disrespect and lack of empathy that the very VA has for people that go through such events. I can say this because as a man, I was assaulted by other men that were animals and I was made out to be the “deviant” and thus not a victim.

      Ken…get your head and neck out of your ass and grow some gray matters and balls!

      1. I find it extremely rare that other veterans will stick up for someone this has happened to. So thank you. Little worms like Ken can’t fathom the damage this does to a man especially in a military environment. I had a VA therapist tell me stories of other patients (of course without revealing names or private information). She had one male patient who was in the Navy, and he was raped with the handle of a mop. The assault was so violent that he had permanent damage to his colon and lower intestines. I think a lot of vets don’t want to talk about this because they think it somehow diminishes their sacrifices and service if they admit monsters like this exist in the military. Unfortunately the US Army covers up a lot of these crimes and protects the predators. Anybody who hasn’t gone through this can’t even begin to understand what this does to a young kid barely out of high school. I was so naive I didn’t even think that sort of thing happened to men. Still to this day, outside of mental health, I get treated like a worthless piece of garbage by most VA doctors. The level of ignorance is breathtaking. Doctors treat combat vets then they look at me with disgust and contempt written all over their face. In the doctor’s mind, every health problem is automatically transformed into a psychiatric issue. If what was done to us was done by the enemy, it would be considered torture. Since it was done by a fellow soldier, it’s our own fault.

  8. When our Govt needs warm bodies for ANYTHING, who better to get than those who so VALLIANTLY give to their country. when you are GI, you just that “GOVT ISSUE”. You have pledged your ALLEGEANCE, but there is no RECIPROCACY on the GOVT’s part.

  9. Let me get this straight. The male soldier gets sexually assaulted while on active duty. He reports the assault to his CO. Paperwork is generated on it and it gets into the upper command level and then the decision is made to give the victim soldier a less than honorable discharge on the basis of having a “personality disorder”. The less than honorable discharged soldier now can’t get VA benefits because of the “personality disorder” he now has to wear for the rest of his life! It’s just another way to re-traumatize the victim in other words!…..I’m disgusted.

    1. Yes Dennis, happening on a huge scale. Watch “The invisible war” The EXaCT senerio you discribed happed to me. The discharge Board refuses to change because of course, will need to admit guilt and pay up . Uncle Sam doesn’t admit guilt, just distroys lives.

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