Barbara Temeck

Criminal Blockbuster: Cincinnati VA Surgeon Says Shulkin Involved In Retaliation

One former Cincinnati VA surgeon has flipped the script on a drug prosecution against her by putting Secretary Shulkin on trial over whistleblower retaliation before a jury.

The drug prosecution against Cincinnati VA former deputy chief of staff Barbara Temeck will prove to be the case of the year if it goes to trial before the jury. Those jurors will be asked to answer a bizarre set of questions.

  • Was Dr. Temeck, a career VA cardiothoracic surgeon and administrator, wrongfully prescribing painkillers to a friend?
  • Or, is the federal government retaliating against a whistleblower exposing wrongful relationships between VA leadership and the University of Cincinnati system that could expose massive mismanagement and abuse nationwide?

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Temeck Claims Whistleblower Retaliation

According to

Temeck says the Cincinnati VA has labored under the heavy hand of UC Health, its Corryville neighbor and nonprofit medical partner that operates the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. The VA pays UC Health at least $40 million a year to help care for veterans. Some Cincinnati VA leaders, such as chief of surgery Dr. Mark Molloy, hold teaching positions at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. Other VA doctors also work second jobs at UC Health.

Temeck says that when she sought to crack down on bad practices at the Cincinnati VA, leaders of UC Health and the medical school resisted her, blocked her promotion at the hospital, and stoked a staff rebellion that led to the felony drug charges.

In response, the U.S. attorney’s office says Temeck is throwing up distractions, and the jury will simply weigh the narrow issue of the prescriptions, not her workplace problems.

“While (Temeck) may have ‘physicians and other medical professionals’ within the Veterans’ Health Administration and the university who do not like her, their purported views and animus cannot be impugned” to VA investigators or federal prosecutors, wrote Assistant U.S. Attorney Kyle J. Healey. “As such, (Temeck) has presented no evidence of discriminatory intent on behalf of the prosecution.”

In 2016, Temeck issued the following complaint of wrongdoing and overbilling at her facility that apparently predated allegations of unlawful prescriptive practices:

The Cincinnati VA will pay more than $1 million in overtime in 2016 to nurses and other health-care providers who are covering for the absences of surgeons, who also claim their salaries.

The VA had a contract with UC Health for more than $1.5 million to provide radiology services. Temeck replaced that contract by hiring staff radiologists, and “UC leadership was very upset.”

The medical school billed the VA for $887,000 in extra educational costs for medical residents at the Cincinnati facility. When Temeck analyzed the billing, she found the actual amount due was closer to $67,000. She said a disappointed medical school official told her, “We’ll do better next year.”

Most Cincinnati VA surgeons work only four days a week although they are supposed to be working for the VA five days a week. Many of them also are working for UC Health at UC Medical Center.

VA surgeons often weren’t available for VA clinics because they were working at UC Medical Center. “Physician staffing is controlled and manipulated” by UC Health, Temeck’s statement said.

Veterans were sent to UC Medical Center for procedures that the Cincinnati VA could do if it were properly staffed with surgeons. The Cincinnati VA keeps an operating room ready and staffed with nurses 24 hours a day.

UC Health blocked Temeck from reaching out to TriHealth or Mercy Health for help in hiring for open jobs that UC Health or the College of Medicine promised to fill but did not.

Secretary Tries To Force Temeck Out?

After years of back and forth about whether Temeck illegally prescribed drugs, DOJ decided to prosecute her, but she refused to leave the agency despite an offer to plea out.

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Temeck refused to leave VA and was demoted to work as a data entry clerk in the basement of the hospital. In April, she issued a statement linking Secretary David Shulkin, MD, to her demotion, asserting he was directly involved in the allegedly unlawful retaliation.

Now, it is not all roses.

Temeck is linked to a variety of hospital fails from Hines VA Hospital to St. Louis VAMC to now Cincinnati VAMC, where a lot of veterans were harmed from withholding of medical services.

Did she make a host of bad decisions that harmed veterans or was she merely cleaning up a mess at each location? If she wins and then shows up at Roseburg VA, we will have our answer.

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Should her attorneys get in front of a jury, it will be very interesting to see what evidence and testimony they put forward to support Temeck.

This case is worth paying attention to regardless of your possession on Temeck, directly, because of what the case might bring up.

Who knows, President Trump may owe Temeck a pat on the back for having the guts to put the whole system all the way up to Shulkin on trial.


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  1. 01/05/2018

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    U.S. Attorneys cover up criminal activity too [1998 Cox Report] so do not be surprised that a U.S. Attorney sides with crooks—it is in their nature to look the other way, and not work very hard.

    It could be worse, they can be in Boston, but Cincinnati has its problems, I heard most of those wise guys are now in Tucson, Arizona.

    “The medical school billed the VA for $887,000 in extra educational costs for medical residents at the Cincinnati facility. When Temeck analyzed the billing, she found the actual amount due was closer to $67,000. She said a disappointed medical school official told her, ‘We’ll do better next year.’”

    When she is gone!!! They will ask for 1.6 Million next year!

    Should there be a Third Party Audit?

    Really what is the US Attorney Office doing? I called it Treason in 1988 [Aerospace/Manufacturing] and I had and am calling this Treason since May of 2014—it has not changed in three years.

    Stealing for the Veteran Funds at .82 million for xx years [10 years = $82 Million].

    Yeah I can put my kid through Medical School on that kind of money.


    Don Karg

    1. One petition:
      Embodiment of corruption: Your health insurance network




      I just blindly picked a link about Tricky Dicky since there are so many about this bill he signed. Does it help or wake some people up? Nope. Change anything or give us more hope? Nope. According to TV, talking heads, etc., everything is just peachy, economy great, all is well in occupied USA. Reality is…. it’s all FUBAR, SNAFU. The sun will indeed come up tomorrow though, and with the all the same song and dance and pony and dog shows.

      I will always strongly agree with Dr. Elaina George. The entire scheme of things, the establishment, is totally, completely, full circle, top to bottom, broken and corrupt.

  2. Off topic: I continually get requests from the va regarding
    their request for information. From MVP for one which
    I never signed up for. Va regarding Survey of Healthcare
    Experiences of Patients Specialty Care 2017. Another one from
    va regarding R and D. Am I correct not to respond or should I?
    IDE appreciate your feed backs.

  3. I never understood to protect American taxpayer dollars this has not been implemented at the VA’s. It can avoid VA employees from gaming the system. My wife checks in at work with this type of system.

    Face finger Iris Biometric employee attendance management system

  4. Shill-kin!!!! I would like to stick a gas line up his ass and a lit match to his face, while he rocks back and forth with hand in air, waving to the crowds outside the front gate of Disney Land…..sitting right next to Cox, with a helium bottle jammed down his fucking throat, making a sound like a Hungry Hippo crapping…

  5. Ben you have a very good critical eye, I want your opinion on the ‘Rapid Appeals Modernization Program’ (RAMP). I received a letter from VA to turn my appeal into this program. Law goes into effect Feb 2019 but they are inviting a few long term appeals & claims to the program (Public Law 115-55)now. Review, suppose to be completed in 125 days. If you get a chance give your opinion.

  6. Should not try both cases at the same time.

    If there is retaliatory conduct by the VA, the case should be dropped. Facts and evidence will rule the day.

  7. Another thought. Clearly someone blew the whistle on Temeck prescribing drugs for a non VA patient…the VARO directors wife.

    When does Shulkin go after the whistle blower?

  8. After reading the linked article, it seems clear that Temeck is being retaliated against because she refused to quit…after shaking up the rats nest there.

    35 years at VA and now they find a problem with her?

    Nurses making $50,000 a year in over time alone because of refusal to hire adequate staff, Temeck wanted that changed and then it hit the fan? Along with her exposing vets being sent to UC when the VA could have provided the care? Somehow I doubt UC settled for Medicare rates of payment for that care.
    Cincinnati alone would be a good place to look for saving money rather than cutting veterans benefits like IU.
    As for the charges, they appear to be little more than a technical violation, but they should be dealt with if the person was not her patient. She raises a good point about why the privacy violation has not been charged.
    Its all laughable bullshit though if the VA is claiming some high ground here.
    She surrendered her DEA license to prescribe those drugs. That suggests she’s aware of the violation. This is laughable that VA is pressing for prosecution when the VA knowingly hires convicts, those with restrictions against their prescribing license, known drug abusers or those with no license at all.

    It also seems as if the VA can actually push for prosecution of crooks when they want.

    1. It does reek of collusion. It sounds like perhaps a hearing should have been held regarding her Rx’ing pain meds instead of immediately yanking her license.

      1. I get the impression she surrendered her license as part of a deal, which seems to happen often with VA doctors not accused of selling drugs. From the article, the charges came later when she refused to quit.

        She’s since been assigned to a data entry job. I’m curious if she retained her same salary. That is likely if she had any kind of contract. Hell, its likely even without one.

      2. I wouldn’t doubt it after all, most people who get “punished” either keep their money or are allowed to retire out of “punishment”

      3. Also, on a side note, there appears to be a serious HIPPA violation concerning the release of the patients medical records publicly. I want to see the results of THAT investigation.

  9. I have a bad feeling DOJ won’t let a jury ever hear/see this case and even “if” this goes to trial, they won’t let Temeck prevail becausw her prevailing would substantiate her allegations of swamp creatures.

    I have been there and done that with MSPB, DOJ, and state/federal courts. They either sat on my cases until I gave up asking about them or denied them based on unsubstantiated facts/law.

    That’s why MSPB keeps on giving swamp creatures their jobs back…to avoid them going rogue like Temek.

    1. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t the MSPB being run currently by one person? This is a problem because no quoram can be achieved that way. All part of the plan.

  10. Nothing will change as long things are done behind the closed doors of the VA. I do not use VAMCs, I literally fear for my life. Re: murder of psych patient by nurse’s aid at Alexandria La. VAMC the VA has tried to cover up for four years.

  11. It would be nice if these daily VA scandals would get the same consideration as these Hollywood libs, transgenders, illegal aliens, civilization jihadist, etc; get.

  12. There has to be more details to this article, but if the VA has it’s way it’ll get covered up or whisk away if the doctor temeck is on point with her evidence then most likely she’ll have her day in court or might not make it to the court at all

  13. Am I surprised at any of this? No. Any examination of providers at any VA hospital shows the doctors have an outside relationship with either a university or a local hospital. If you look at my VA, there is no local medical school to associate with, so they associate with the local hospital, or have their own private clinics. If you look at Denver VA providers, they can associate with a university.

    I suspect what she is laying out is common at any VA asdociated with a university. The university gets access to massive research funding and the staff to support that, along with facilities.

    I see the university was also busy billing the VA for training costs. Seriously, WTF is that? The university should be paying the VA for providing the opportunity to practice on vets, which is bullshit from the start anyway.

    Regardless of whether she is distracting or not, her allegations are serious enough to warrant a thorough investigation. The BS about using the university radiological clinic is bad enough, but the double dipping by a doctor claiming VA pay and university pay at the same time is massive, along with keeping the VA short staffed so as to require using the university facilities. There should be plenty of records of all of that if an investigator was ordered to look.

    Will any investigation happen? Doubtful. It would require congress demanding a GAO investigation since the VAIG would white wash it. Or Trump calling for an audit of just that VA. In the end, it would piss off a lot of people since it would expose a university to scamming the VA and veterans. Perhaps Trump would do it since the left has been attacking him over his own Trump University issues.

    Will any of it matter? No. The US Attorney will get the judge to bar anything not directly related to the drug charges. The only way she exposes the scam, and possibly has a conviction overturned is if she sues over the retaliation.

    Off topic: There are ABC news reports that the guy who shot that Deputy here in Colorado was an Iraq war vet who had been treated by the VA in Wyoming and possibly here in CO. He was on a 72 hour mental health hold in 2014. The article describes the number of guns he bought, and that his brother said he was diagnosed as bi polar.

    1. Citizens Grand Jury. Indict. Recommend charges to DOJ and do not let off their ass until they commit to an investigation.

      Actually Indict. Recommend investigation to FBI and then press the DOJ to bring charges.

    2. just as an aside, here in CT the relationship is between the VA and Yale. Maybe I should do some digging into the financials of that relationship. How does one go about that beyond FOIA’s?

      1. The best and quickest thing you could do is to go to your VAs provider listing. Research each one of them and fine out what their associations are.

      2. Well I mention it only because a few years back when I was just starting my comp claim with the VA I was being seen by Yale psychiatry. One of the doctors Khan was a VA practitioner. I thought perhaps he’d be willing to help me with my case. NOPE. In fact he stopped seeing me once he learned I was a vet and was about to file a claim.

  14. By the way, that cozy relationship between UC and the VA can also be found on steroids at the Indianapolis VAMC, which buildings for Indiana Univ. are upright and only inches, even connecting to the VA, and then there’s Lilly and other Big Pharma right there riding the VA’s cash cow.
    I suspect this can be found in multiple instances in all 50 States and U.S. Territories such as Puerto Rico.
    Veterans again, are only benefiting the cash cows by being the ticket to enter the VA cookie jar.
    I’m rooting for Dr. Temeck in this instance. I mean if it’s ‘Thunderdome’; two enter, only one can leave. 😀

    1. You know that’s exactly the vibe I was getting from this article. Sounds like this chick was actually trying to do something. Imho UC needs to be investigated for their shady billing practices and breach of contract. I will stipulate that UC losing aprox 800k in “research” costs was probably the final straw.

    2. The Madison VA was connected to the University by an underground tunnel. I used to go to the university cafeteria for chow since it was better than the VA.

      1. Did you have to step-over VA body bags in that tunnel while travestying the VA side of that tunnel? Must have been like walking carefully around a puffball mushroom as to not cause it to explode.

      2. No body bags.

        Unless you count the walking VA meat sacks going over to the cafeteria to hide all day.

    3. All kinds of those cozy relationships, quid pro quo, perks, college credits, etc., go on constantly all over this state, or nation, that most people won’t connect the dots with when it comes to why we have to deal with so much corruption to censoring info.

      Everything in Indiana that is below board seems to be on steroids and increasing. Eskenazi, med schools, Lilly, Pfizer, unions, etc. It may help some things to see Terneck to win. But we will suffer, cities, universities, big Pharma, big medicine, the corrupt will make the money and ability to get decent care to pain meds.

      Odd too is how these universities and townships can claim near total control over several county wide areas and all those living within. Or they can claim everyone is in total agreement with them over anything they may do or claim.


      “A letter of intent specifies the city will pay $6.5 million for the property and a few surrounding parcels. IU Health will use the funds for the new Regional Academic Health Center. Officials say the total value of the site is almost $16 million, so the city is purchasing the property at a discount.”

    4. Edward Hines VAMC, and Loyola Medical Center, joined at the hip.

      North Chicago VAMC (Captain James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center), and Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science.

  15. Just had a run in at the Destin, FL VA clinic we’re I attempted to make an appointment for dental work during a 2 month stay at a Navy camp ground. I broke a tooth and had hopes of getting that done while there. The place was pretty empty but I spoke to a vet with angina that had been sitting there right next to sign indicating that the VA cares about their vets. He had been sitting there for quite some time. I wonder how much $$ the VA. Spends on veterans propaganda, kind of brings back shades of Göbels under Hitlers time and his propaganda

    1. Touchavet,
      According to a previous blog by Ben, the VA pays an outside public relations firm $25 million dollars/year to spin their bullshit!
      There’s a current blog where they spend thousands more to someone else each month!
      (I’m not sure about the second part though)

      This should be enough to let you know exactly what VA thinks about veterans healthcare! They don’t give a rats ass about us!

  16. Want to know HOW many elected and appointed officials in Washington D.C. make their money?
    Watch this video;
    “Glenn Beck identifies largest criminal organization in U.S. History, The National Democrat Party”

    Even though this video is from Dec.17, 2011, both sides of the aisles, in my opinion, are complicit. As it is explained.
    Peter Schweitzer explains, in detail, the massive corruption in Washington D.C. during the 2008 financial crisis and much more! It’s STILL continuing in today’s climate in Washington D.C.!

    This is exactly why “term limits” are nessasary to keep our government officials in check! There are quotes from a few of our Founding Fathers which should be applied and followed by ALL today!

    1. Glenn fucking Beck? The guy is one step above or below Alex Jones. Isn’t he still running his mouth in Israel?

      1. Between having to choose between attempting to have an intelligent and coherent conversation with Glenn Beck or participating in an all-out brawl knock-out in a Walmart aisle over the last box of Ho Ho’s, I would choose the Ho Ho battle any day and I despise Walmart.

      2. Aren’t you a big supporter of the Democrat party? I gave you an invite to come to my locale and go to a town meeting with me and I can quickly show you how deeply corrupt your party is and totally ruins lives of others who don’t bow down to them or their shadow governing for Israel and all their groups here. Censoring is a big one.

        Insider trading for one example, etc. I don’t care much for Jones or Beck either but I won’t throw the baby out with the bath water over what information they may give. We all know people can’t report on certain groups or so-called allies in America or in the media. Yet insider trading for example is a fact and legal robbery.

        To hell with the messengers and just investigate the information. But then again it’s my experience those who always distract from info wasting time on bashing messengers that may be salting us with some truth needs a listen to. Or like me being attacked by the party, or activist, for just passing along info from those I don’t even necessarily like or believe, speaks volumes.

        Don’t play like the local tyrants, agent provocateurs, two party rat fink supporters of corruption, and Democrats. Be specific and bring up rebuttals for discussion of the info being presented. Principles, truth, some integrity over personalities or our favorite personalities or entertainers.

        Posted after phone calls close to this same issue, and more, along with threats. Insider trading and secret info for the insiders happens here all the time behind some doors and accepted. Odd how we can get calls from numbers like 1-812-238-1397 constantly to call them back for some dialog or questions only to be told by operator 63052 that the number is not in service or disconnected.

      3. I don’t know who you are responding to, so I’m going to assume it’s me.

        Am I big supporter of the Democratic party? Yes and no. I do tend to vote democrat as opposed to republican although, that being said, I have voted republican as recently as Nov 2016 and no it wasn’t for Trump.

        In my, not so humble, opinion, there is simply no place at the republican table for me. Our views are diametrically opposed on pretty much every issue as expressed by the modern republican party. Remember this is the Party that swing it’s endorsement and funding behind alleged pedophile Roy Moore in a bid to retain power. This isn’t fake news. It isn’t made up. It’s all easily verifiable on the net. A party that puts power over morality is not a party I can endorse and is in fact a party who’s destruction I will actively seek.

        The democrats are equally as culpable. I remember full well Pelosi hanging the 99’ers out to dry in 2008. I remember reading stories about people who lost everything. Job. House. Food. Necessities. I remember these people committing suicide out of despair and I also remember people turning in desperation to the government to help them. I remember full well the smirk on Pelosi’s face when she declined to extend UI to people who desperately needed it. I also remember full well talking to a friend of mine at the time who had a very sizeable 401k. I can recall the horror on his face when he found how much of a fucking haircut he took.

        Let’s not even talk about the democratic parties culpability in throwing a primary race that by all accounts was as crooked and fixed as anything I’ve ever seen. It is a blatant act of election fixing and the people involved should be in prison for subversion of our democratic process. Looking right at you Debbie wutshername-slutz.

        So no I don’t carry water for anybody who puts party over country. However, that being said. You’ll be hard pressed to find a democrat in power who says “lets fuck the poor by dismantling SS and Medicare.”

        Does this make me a democrat? No. It means I vote my own self interest. Anybody who votes otherwise gets what they deserve. We’re seeing that already with Trump in his first year. My only regret in this whole sorry fiasco? The massive amounts of collateral damage that is and will continue to be inflicted on the american populace because of this fool of a president and the soulless wastes of skin that is the current party in power.

        I want to rail at morons who blindly put party above all else. But I won’t. It serves no purpose other than to divide. We get more than enough division from the current crop of fools in the FedGov.

        As for Jones and Beck. These people are borderline lunatics. Jones is a self admitted shill who’s only in it to make a buck. His “conspiracies” are every bit as fake as the products he hawks. These “people” are the very definition of modern day snake oil salesmen and anybody who relies on their “opinions” and “reporting” should automatically be suspect. Don’t even get me started on Rush “PILLSbury” Limbaugh. With as much shit as that asshole spews I’m amazed he hasn’t choked on his own bile or a vicodan yet.

        I’m never in the habit of “shooting the messenger” these “messengers” are simply full of shit. The only things these “messengers” are concerned with? Elevating their own status and position and amassing wealth.

        As for insider trading by members of Congress? For all we know it’s been going on since the invention of the stock market. Guess what? Both parties do it. It’s not right. Good luck getting anything done about it.

        As for the section on local tyrants or whatever. I honestly don’t know what you’re trying to say here. Let me state this. I kneel or bow to NOBODY. I’m the guy that refuses to take his hat off in court because I show nobody respect that hasn’t been earned.

        As for your offer to have me sit in on your local Dem town hall? Sorry I’m on a fixed income with serious physical and mental health issues. Suffice it to say I get all the corrupt town halls I want from both sides of the aisle right here at home.

        My sincerest wish for you, Sir, is that you stop trying to find a kernal of truth in the modern day equivalent of the Jerry Springer show.

        Until then. Take care of yourself, and each other.

      4. lol. Yeah it was to you. Not in a mean way either. My main point is…. being specific about the story, report, topic, at hand. Like what Schweitzer who happened to be on Beck’s show was discussing. Instead of just seemingly brushing off someone, some messenger, their report or side of things just because they are not liked. If I absolutely hate someone and they put out some info, I will take the time to check that information out and the sources, plus the connections to it all. Very simple.

        Locally it’s a generally accepted thing to do is the total shut-down of information or news if someone in our ruling party doesn’t like the character or is not part of their party or agenda. Like modern colleges banning those or having riots over someone they may not agree with or don’t like their looks, or some affiliation. Here, the Democrat party, the CPofUSA (communist party), socialist, Marxist, Bolsheviks (alive and living still they are), all repeat their motto of “we must stay on the same page and disallow others from speaking or having voice.” That attitude breeds division, fascism, vast corruption, strong one party rule, and socially engineered kiddies, and ignorant citizens afraid to ask questions or seek some truth on their own.

        You are lucky though. You have two parties to argue with. I have only one very deep seated corrupt party and with state and federal support, with all the evils, retaliation, predatory practices, professional unethical misconduct to prove it. The last half-way acting R conservative left the council reporting he could not get a work in edge-wise nor would the left or college rulers even consider anything he reported on, had the facts on, or how his constituency wanted to be represented, or have issues brought up to councils. Of course only the ruling party could have their way. And that is our political system here complete with deep nepotism just like Trumpster is using and I do not agree with at all.

        Doesn’t matter though. I am tired of locally just having Democrats to vote for, or having to always voting for the lesser of two evils for any office. And for many years have seen little change playing the two party system which both are corrupt as hell.

        With all that said it just happens to be the left or Democrats, and some Rebarfs, that totally support the VA, ignoring us, support the AFGE, SEIU and every other totally corrupt thing out there that is not much good for us at all. That includes putting puppies, kitties, illegal aliens, sports, etc., before veterans in dire need of care and to be listened to. Not to forget who rules the media and the connections behind them as well.

        In my youth I was one of those ‘real liberals’ unlike the ones today. I was also a strong union man and union official… until I got the wake up call, seen reality, and left both. Never worked a union shop since either. And only to go to both parties gatherings was to get info and keep up to date on their activism…ie Communist Manifesto, Rules for Radicals and such.

        Oh well. You take care too. We just can’t afford, future generations of hurting vets, can’t afford to keep playing the same games or generations old back and forth. Like they say here… we need to “get on the same page” and to hell with all side distractions, personalities, everything else. Have a good one.

    2. I think Schweitzers books and research are phenomenal…if only someone at DOJ would listen.

      The problem is, with corruption so thorough and so deep, where do they start other than with US Attorneys bringing cases?

      When they aren’t distracted by BS games chasing Russian ghosts.

      1. @91Veteran- My fear is exactly as you stated and after I *just read* AG Sessions and DOJ plan to NOW go after and shut-down States with “Obama-Era Blind-eye”, recreational/medical marijuana…and want to bet the DOJ passes-over/chooses to not do a thing to anyone at the VA, incl. today’s article and ALL the other BS all over this USA?

        Shall I now predict we shall soon add to USA history as the Marijuana Civil War breaks-out? The Aurora Colorado VAMC may just have to become a massive fortress and we should take it over now! 😀
        Let’s hope the VA contractors included underground grow light rooms. 😀

        So yes, I can see the DOJ chasing Russian and Green Leafed Ghosts but no justice for out of control Federal Agencies.

      2. Sessions wants a war on cannabis. I think he should be VERY careful what he wishes for. Although I will say this. The current cannabis “scheme” in my state could use a FedGov shake up…just sayin…

      3. In the article I read about Sessions, he is punting his MJ obsession to the US Attorneys allowing them to prosecute if they see fit.

        Perhaps once he is no longer distracted by that obsession, he can focus on those corrupt federal agencies.

        Wishful thinking, I know.

      4. I don’t think he’s so much punting it. More like directing prosecutors to start building cases.

      5. I guess we shall see. I just read an article on the US Attorney here in CO saying he is going to continue business as usual, and only go after those who are the biggest threat to public safety.

        I have no problem with that since the cartels have been trying to get a foot hold here since legalization.

      6. I absolutely agree. Illegal grows should be destroyed and the perpetrators locked up and/or deported. I also just read a story where one of the (R) reps threatened to put a hold on all DOJ nominees until Sessions backs off. Apparently Sessions promised this rep that he wouldn’t go after cannabis because the rep was holding Sessions own confirmation up. Seems odd to me to have a liar as our Top Cop….

      7. I don’t care about some 5 or 10 plant operation. Its the production of hundreds of pounds that he needs to go after. They busted a couple guys in a small town near me running an operation that produced over a ton. Both were cartel connected.

        As for that rep claiming Sessions promised him something, I can’t believe that would be true. I cannot believe Sessions would promise to ignore a federal law in order to get confirmed.

        I could believe a Rep would try that though. That little pissant Senator Cory Gardner is screeching about Sessions rescinding that policy. Gardner can whine about things when he thinks it might affect his election, as if the pot brownie crowd will vote for him, but he doesn’t give 2 shits about how veterans in his state are treated.

        It once again shows how Chicken shit congress can be. If they want the law changed, they have the power to do so. Ignoring federal law as a matter of policy is just bad. Just like the VA.

      8. I agree a small 5-10 plant “garden” is definitely arguable as personal consumption. Especially if the canopy is rendered down to concentrates. Takes a lot of plant material to make a small amount of wax or butter. The 5k-10k fields that the cartels have going on are the true problem. These guys give no fucks for americans or their rights they’ll kill you just because you got to close to their grow. They certainly don’t give a fuck about the wildlife or the environments as chemicals are often found in the immediate water sources once it leeches out of the soil. In some cases entire areas of land are decimated to make way for grows. This is the kind of shit that absolutely needs to stop. And this is what Sessions should be focusing on. Personally I’d love the opportunity to teach Sessions just exactly what is and is not within his purview.

      9. After reading reactions of politicians on twitter to this issue, I am finding it hard to describe how thoroughly disgusting I find them.

        Sessions is ending a policy. It was a policy put in place during Obama’s term to ignore federal law, and congress, being gutless, went along with it rather than changing the law.

        Now, those in Congress like that putz Gardner and Lizzie Warren are acting like hysterical girls over Sessions ending the policy. Gardner is all over Twiiter, Facebook and other news whining about what Sessions promised him, and about how much money is brought in from taxing sales of MJ.

        I find it disgusting because the VA here in Colorado has been a fucking disaster, and I have written a letter to Gardner pointing it out, along with how worthless his local offices are in helping vets.
        I have gotten ZERO response from him on that letter, but let an Attorney General rescind a policy and enforce federal law, and Gardner starts shrieking hysterically and wetting his panties.

        He won’t lift a damn finger when it comes to helping vets.

      10. Honestly at this point I don’t think things can hold together much longer. The longer this farce of gov is allowed to play itself out on the national and international stage, the more likely it is that some major seams are going to start tearing. With all we have going on in the country and the world I truly feel that something wicked this way comes. I’d love to be wrong. But I don’t think I am.

  17. hehehe……

    Do you understand the horrible dilemna her legal strategy has put nearly every VA clinic into? She is a clever girl…

    By forcing the issue of illegal prescriptions and illegal practices under the Controlled Substances Act she will have a front and center stage to tell America ehat goes on in each and every clinic all of whom are routinely breaking the law. As most of you who read my posts know the VA I was at got pinched for multiple drug stashes in just one clinic. If they are going to try to burn her at the stake for some jimmied up charge of drug inpropriety then they better pile on extra wood because she is gonna have company lolz.

    This is how rats operate in a criminal organization. When one rat gets cornered and the others bail on her well….. I imagine she can sing like a bird and has many tales to tell and names to name. More than likely though she will be found shot while trying to escape.

    Of course VA will claim that the fact she didn’t leave proves that they didn’t try to drive her out and shut her up… We call that line of reasoning the “Roseburg Ideal”. After all if they really did lie all the time then they wouldn’t have been caught right? It’s a false charge.

  18. In my opinion, the “issues” plaguing the United States of America is;

    “2018 IS going to be one hell-of-a year for many government agencies. Especially, when it comes to shinning a light on ALL of the illegal activities committed by the upper managements in a court room!”

    There’s going to be some interesting prosecutions popping up!

  19. I believe the DOJ lawyers should be scolded for their normal Brady violations to obscure the truth.
    Of course, the bullshitting OIG made the referral.
    The criminal prosecution is just a fancy method to address the employment issue.

    Dave ToddlerScrotum Shulkin needs to go ASAP!

    1. A little song by early Pat Benatar that’s befitting for VA Upper Management called appropriately, “Get Nervous”:

      “”Anxiety (Get Nervous)”

      Get nervous…get nervous
      Get nervous…get nervous
      Get nervous…get nervous
      Get nervous…get nervous
      Get nervous…get nervous

      I feel a little shaky, I can’t control my nerves
      I know you think I’m freakin’, but can’t you feel the curves?
      I swear to you this feeling, it scares me half to death
      It gathers in my throat and it gathers up my breath

      Anxiety – got me on the run
      Anxiety – yeah, I just need someone
      Anxiety – can’t get nothin’ done
      Anxiety – spoils all the fun

      I’m picking up the telephone, there’s no one I can call
      I need somebody fast, can’t find no sleep at all
      I wish I could relax, I just can’t stop my mind
      I wish I could collapse but my body’s not that kind

      Anxiety – got me on the run
      Anxiety – yeah, I just need someone
      Anxiety – can’t get nothin’ done
      Anxiety – spoils all the fun

      Can’t you hear my heartbeat, hear the way it sounds?
      Can’t you hear my heartbeat, y’ hear the way it pounds?
      Just give me somethin’ to slow it down, yeah

      Sometimes in the city, sometimes in my car
      I pound on the windows like a bee inside a jar

      Anxiety – got me on the run
      Anxiety – yeah, I just need someone
      Anxiety – can’t get nothin’ done
      Anxiety – spoils all the fun

      Anxiety – got me on the run
      Anxiety – yeah, I just need someone
      Anxiety – can’t get nothin’ done
      Anxiety – spoils all the fun

      Get nervous…get nervous”– Pat Benatar, ‘Get Nervous’

  20. HELL,YES!!
    However, I will now predict that VA Sec. Shulkin will somehow recuse himself or redefine what retaliation even means to the VA and Whistleblowers, and Shulkin, if actually brought to trial, will blame ALL THOSE THAT CAME BEFORE HIM….wait for it…this always happens and will yet again.
    If Graves and Helman were able to wriggle-out and keep the $$$ and pass go with an entire deck of get out of jail free cards; this is simply sewer rats tossing each other under the buses…as long as rats are run-over and neutralized, Veterans are the winners out of safety issues alone, no matter who gets squashed.

    Let’s all pray this could be the scab picked-off that finally brings the VA to it’s knees…but I suspect Shulkin is not even losing any creep sleep and maybe not even a crocodile tear for the disheveled Cincinnati surgeon Temeck and predict Temeck will be relocated in no time to…Phoenix, the island of lost managers.

    1. Shulkins statement on the policy not being clear is already written.

      They are just waiting to fill in the date when they issue it.

    2. va sewage rats are going to rat out each other form all vets a plague on both your houses shulkin @ trremeck are rats rating on each other may they drown on their vomit they are worthless sewage rats

    3. Ben.
      I am from Ohio. As you learned by my rages against the VA here in Ohio. I always knew there was more to this case and the doctor that is presented here. Tens-of-millions of dollars, if NOT hundreds-of-millions of dollars in Ohio is NOT going to our beloved veterans and former soldiers.

      VA Adminstration, contractors, and the garbage these VA hospitals in Ohio hire here. They are getting money. Or the money is just vanishing! The first thing all VA should be doing, is immediately approving claims injured vets, vulnerable vets and disabled former soldier have in. It was written that way in VA policy, going way back in time.

      The VA money isnt going to injured vets, nor disabled former solders. Money is what the vulnerable vets need. The injured vets, vulnerable vets, and disabled former soldiers. They need to their claims approved. The money at the VA is the veteran’s money. The VA claims and VA benefits should be approved immeditaly. So the injured vets, vulnerable veterans and disabled former soldiers can pay their rent, provided for their families. Give something to their girlfriends, give to their children. You know what i mean. Pay their car payments or house payments. Or pay for their children. Or just pay their bills and NOT have to worry about being homeless. It is NOT happening here in Ohio. The VA money, tens-of-millions, if NOT hundreds-of-millions of dollars is going other places. Vanishing, the money is?

      I do believe the doctor here. I do believe she is being retaliated against. She is whistleblower. Whistleblowers in American are dealt with cruelty. Sought out and systmatically destroyed. A whistleblower becomes “RADIO ACTIVE”. Blacklisted, black balled. Cyber blacklisted.

      Whistleblower’s Mr. Krause are dealt with quite harshly in our nation. Whistleblower. For telling the truth. For trying to do the right things. WE are ruined, blackballed, and blacklisted. Cyber blacklisted, and destroyed from making any furture incomes.
      Senator Sherrod Brown Ohio has identified, that there are problems with the Cincinnati VA. He also explained, there is a lot of nepotism there. Senator sherrod brown of Ohio. Has also stated there are big problems with the VA and Nepotism. Nepotism, Religious Nepotism, and Geographical Nepotims: Also meaning other non veterans are being hired based on who they know at the VA. Members of certain religions are helping other members of that same religion get VA employment at the VA in Ohio. Senator Sherrod brown says this NOT me.

      1. you are right and this is happening all over the country. veterans claims being denied their disability claims and therefore their needed treatment.

        we have said it over and over the VA can not police themselves and do retaliate. At least this doctor will have her date in court. To many do not have their day in court, they are paid off with veterans and the citizens money.

        If one would be able to look at EEO and other harassment’s, i believe your lost money is being used to pay off these employees.

        sounds like you are a va employee, if you are keep your eyes and ears open and let us veterans know what ever you may see or hear, keep records who when where, very important if they should try and come after you in the future.

        what is your position.

      2. james gallegos
        Dear Senator Sherrod Brown Ohio (Asst Amber Moore Phone #216-522-7272), Senator Rob Portman Ohio (Asst Kristy Ramey Phone#614-469-6774) and Congressman Tim Ryan Ohio (Asst Matt Vadad Phone #1-800-856-4152)
        MYVA I still do NOT have my benefits. Retaliation by Non Veteran VA employees.

        1. According, to a disabled veteran, who is employed at the VA Cleveland Ohio. He stated right out to me, I am being retaliated against by the VA. Retaliated against for contacting my state reps in Ohio for assistance. This VA employee stated, retaliation by VA employees does happen to veterans who are patients at the VA, and who reach out for assistance.

        2. Submitted by me to the VA two fully developled claims, 1st in 2014-2015 with a DBQ form (5 years worth of private medical notes). In entering the VA Akron Ohio Outpatient Clinic Waterloo Road. These two were NOT going to assistance me in anyway.
        1. Pamela Sue Sherer Non Veteran Catholic Akron Ohio VA Outpatient Clinic Waterloo Road. Who lied to both senators, Senator Sherrod Brown Ohio, and Senator Rob Portman Ohio.
        2. Eric Canna Non Veteran Catholic Akron Ohio VA Outpatient Clinic Waterloo Road, who said and stated to me,
        Eric Canna Non Veteran Catholic Akron Ohio VA Outpatient Clinic stated these items to me. His father never served either WWII.

        3. First. I was cut loose from the service. Without my medical notes. Injured pretty bad. Medical injury notes withheld from the active service. For years being denied VA health care. Through 1990s denied health care. Up to 2007-2008 denied health care at the VA. And up until I could finally get officers letters in 2014, was accepted into the VA health care system at Akron Ohio VA Waterloo Road Outpatient clinic.

        4. After all these years, after being medically discharged. Taking losses. Losing things and people in my life I loved. Losing jobs. Soon after I arrived at the Akron Ohio VA Outpatient clinic in April 2014. It seemed like the cover up started. To create an alternate injury other than my active service injury. Masking symptoms. Omitting symptoms. bogus disorders from the VA, other then what the DBQ form (And 2 private providers explained) explain from 5 years of documentation.

        5. Instead of moving from the point of the “Known” injury in service. Like most normal people would. And looking at the injury for what it is, and how the injury is cuasing losses in time, While the injury is moving in time, and the injury is causing pain. These paid, VA non veterans employees attempt to merk up the water, and make up stories. Move backwards in time. Anything to lie about the injury.

        6. I left the VA Akron Ohio Outpatient fed march 2016. Obtain a private provider. By April 2017. This private doctor created a 2nd fully developed claims, 2nd DBQ Form, MPI with Social history of injury. Nexus letter, and “A Origins of Disease Report 5 pages long based on Med Lit, Med research, and DSMV. This private provider explained same things the other two privated providers had explained to me. But in greater detail, and without influence of the other 2 private providers.

        7. It is strongly felt. That because I am an injured veteran, a vulnerable vet (poor) and from a poor working class family, and a disabled former soldier. That these VA employees non veterans are taking advantage at the VA due to my poor working class status (Lack of money, and NO finances), and lack of political influence. These VA non veteran employees are taking advantage of me and situation because I am vulnerable, and lack the social networks to assist me. I have NO defense or very little support. So the VA employees exploiting these vulnerabilities…

        8. In March April 2017. I got phone from C and P scheduler MARK BELL Parma VA Clinic Ohio (Phone #216-739-7000 Ex. 2102). That PETER M. BARACH was to conduct a C and P Exam April 2017.

        9. PETER M. BARACH OHIO NPI#1396773610 OHIO Medical License No.3280 VA Wade Park Louis Stokes Cleveland Ohio C and P Hatchet Man Non Veteran (Draft Dodger 1970-1973) Possibly draft deferment for mentall illness from military service 1970-1975 JEWISH, Democrat Leftist. Employed WESTERN RESERVE COLLEGE Liberal, possibly Anti Military. Flunked out of John Hopkin University. Obtained a couple psychology credits. Transfer to ANN ARBOR MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN and majored in “CHILDREN”.

        10. Peter M. Barach, pre-wrote a 20 page C and P exam, prior to me entering his office at the VA Wade Park Cleveland Ohio. In sitting down with Peter M. Barach. He harasses me, badgered me. insulted me. Lied directly to my face. Omits countless facts, that are to be submitted to the DRO (Decision Review Officer) JUDGE May 2017.
        According to the 20 page c and P exam, hatched job. Peter M. Barach claims. “I AM OBJECTIVE. A HAVE NO TIES TO THE VA.”
        However. Peter M. Barach grew up across the street from the VA. Spent his entire 66 years in Shakers Height Cleveladn Ohio. Peter M. Barach has family members that work for the VA, and family members that work in the same dept he has an office and phone in. Peter M. Barach has two supervisors at the VA.
        1. Diana Jonhson VA Wade Park Cleveladn Ohio
        2. Ellery Smith VA Param Ohio, (Phone #216-739-7000 ex2509) Ellery Smith was spoken to Sept 26, 2017 and again in Oct 2017. In great length. Specific were given of PETER M. BARACH misconduct. Informed in great detail of the many unethical things Peter M. Barach engaged in. His misconduct,and may lies. Nothing is believed to be documented by Ellery Smith. Emails and Phone calls had been made. But nothing of the 20 to 30 minutes of detailed misconducted by PETER M BARACH seems to have be recorded or documented at the VA.
        Ellery Smith was informed of the VA patient retaliation by Peter M. Barach for having contacting Ohio State Reps, Sherrod Brown Ohio, and Senator Rob Portman Ohio.

        11. Peter M. Barach, Engages in lying, manipulating this 20 page C and P exam by “CHERRY PICKING” sentences from another Draft Dodger 1964-1973 private medical notes (that are clearly tainted and lied in), who I had only seen for a brief 6-7 months in Lancaster Pennsylvania. This private provider Anti Military, Democrat liberal Non Veteran Catholic Lancaster Pennsylvania 6 to 7 months worth of tainted medical notes is the only medical notes Peter M. Barach “CHERRY PICKS” from. Peter M. Barach “CHERKERS” my C and P exam. Being paid by the VA Wade Park Cleveland Ohio over, and over, and over again tens-of-thousands of dollars, if NOT hundreds-of-thousands of dollars from the VA to do these hatchet jobs . He lies and states on the 20 page C and P Hatchet Job,
        “I HAVE NO TIES TO THE VA. I AM OBJECTIVE”. Of course PETER M. BARACH lied in making this statement, and misrepresented the VA. The field he holds a license in, in Ohio. And misrepresents the injured veterans, vulnerable vets, and disabled former soldiers he serves at the VA.

        12. Some of the 2nd fully developed claim (Origins of Disease Report 5 pages) was withheld from PETER M. BARACH due to concerns he would copy those medical records, or manipulate them too, favorably for his pay master (payee) the VA. These forms were handled directly to the DRO decision review officer Judge May 2017. Also handed to the DRO Judge May 2017. Along with the medical records, objections to Peter M. Barach C and P hatchet job, objections were given from me directly to the DRO Judge May 2017. These objectiongs requestion the C and P be thrown from the record came directly from and by Senator Rob Portman Ohio and Senator Sherrod Brown Ohio

        13. PETER M. BARACH. The question of Forensic Ethics now comes clearly in to fact or play. Peter M. Barach is paid over, and over and over again by the VA (his pay master). This is NOT allowed and when done, done with great caution in Forensic Evals, or psych e-vals, or VA C and P Exams. The one is contracted by one pay master. The more one is paid by the same Payee. The more one will rule more favorably towards their PAYMASTER (the VA). This makes him, Peter M. Barach a paid hire guy, The VAs LAP DOG or a VA Forensic Whore to the institution or court(s), that pay him (the VA). Any judge, prosecutor, or attorney will clearly recognize this fact. Peter M. Barach is a subject, or a prostitute to who pays him. Peter M. Barach is a forensic whore to his VA payee or VA pay master.
        *So we conclude, that it is more likely than NOT likely (50% or greater), that PETER M. BARACH is a paid VA FORENSICS WHORE, and that his evals C and P exams are worthless, tainted, and highly suspicious of corruption. And must be thrown out of the VA record!

        14. PETER M. BARACH OHIP NPI#1396773610 OHIO License No.3280 Non Veteran Draft dodger 1970-1973, possible deferment for mental illness from military, JEWISH, liberal democrate, EMPLOYEED WESTERN RESERVE COLLEGE, possibly Anti Military Leftist. VA WADE PARK LOUIS STOKES CLEVELAND OHIO C and P Hatchet Man.
        In addition, PETER M BARACH magically makes up a disorder or magically from thin air a diagnoses is made on me. MAGICALLY Peter m. Barach pulls a bogus disorder out of his ass. Different then what the 3 private providers agree upon and fill out, and what the 2 fully developed claims have on them. OUT of NO WHERE PETER M. BARACH just makes up a disorder (by copying other meidcal notes, and manipulating other symptoms reported by other private doctors). Magically!

        15. In additon: Mr. Ben Krause Veteran and Attorney Chris Attig Veteran, Clearly there is “Develop to Deny” or “Delaying to Deny” going on here. My claims were being re-filed, and re-filed, again, and again by the SUMMMIT COUNTRY OHIO VSC Veteran Service Caseworker without my permission and behind my back. Again, and against this delaying tactic was done to me, in the face of already overwhelming evidence to grant me my VA claim in 2014-2015. I guess it was being re-filed again and again by the VSC Summit County Ohio Casework. I suspect to buy the VA time to manufacture bogus evidence, and to create bull shit VA notes. This is illegal as Chris Attig, and Mr. Ben Krause informs us injured vets, vulnerable vets, and disabled former soldiers.

        16. Oct 2017 apology letters came from SUSAN M. FURHER VA Medical Director VA Wade Park Louis Stokes Cleveland OHio (Asst Jeff McPeaks Phone #216-791-3800 ex.4070). Apologies were made to both Senator Sherrod Brown Ohio, and Senator Rob Portman Ohio for what PETER M. BARACH had done to me. Peter M. Barach lied often and a lot. The apologies (2 formal letters) from VA Medical Director SUSAN M. FURHER were made to me, and directly to Senator Sherrod Brown Ohio, and Senator Rob Portman Ohio.

        17. MYVA, Huh???
        I am an injured veteran
        I am a disabled former soldier
        I am NOT of the same religion as those VA employees above
        I am NOT of the same political affiliation as those VA employees above.
        I am NOT a draft dodger nor were any of my family draft dodgers. We served our country in it’s time of need. All the males served in my family were classified as A1s, and earned honorable discharges. I am a thrid generation U.S. Army Veteran, all artillery, (88-90, 90-96 and after 9/11 03-05)

        18. I still do NOT have my VA benefits nor any claims approved.
        Thanx you Disabled Veterans . Org for allowing me to explain my difficulties with the Ohio VA

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