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Scott Brown Named In Creepy Fox News Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

VA Secretary contender and Fox employee Scott Brown was named in a sexual harassment lawsuit for allegedly groping a female co-worker in a sexual advance.

Alleged sexual harassment victim Andrea Tantaros has filed a lawsuit against Fox News for firing her after complaining about numerous instances of sexual harassment. She is now suing for $49 million because she believes her termination was the product of retaliation.

In the complaint, her allegations named numerous high-profile co-workers and executives including Roger Ailes and Scott Brown for their participation in the now infamous Fox News “Playboy Mansion-like cult.”

In the complaint, Brown allegedly snuck up behind Tantaros to grope her in an unwanted sexual advance where he wrapped his hands around her “lower waist.” She previously rejected his request to go to a nightclub following an earlier interview.

Let me say this a different way and be very specific.

Scott Brown, possibly the next VA Secretary and a married man of 30 years with two college-aged daughters, crept up behind a young woman other than his wife, and groped the front of that woman’s “lower waist,” the area above her vagina.

This alleged sexual harassment, which apparently includes this assault allegation, amounts to disgusting and creepy behavior toward a female co-worker.

If true, it is certainly not what veterans need, especially those veterans struggling with military sexual trauma or harassment from a superior.

Scott Brown Grope Denial

Brown denied the allegations publicly, citing his post-allegation Fox News promotion as evidence of no groping:

“This allegedly happened a year ago. Since then I’ve not only signed a new contract [with Fox], got a raise, I’m on almost every day… I had [Fox executive] Bill Shine call my house yesterday and say, ‘Listen, you’re one of our best employees.’”

Does this sound familiar? VA promoting bad managers linked to fraudulent behavior? Does the fact of the promotion mean no wrongdoing occurred?

Apparently, it does at Fox News and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

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Regardless of the truth surrounding the allegations, if selected for VA Secretary, Brown would have to deal with the lawsuit while also fixing the systemic deficiencies within the most corrupt agency in history.

Is Brown up for the challenge or is this a recipe for disaster?

Despite this hurdle, Scott Brown asserts he is “the best person” for the job at the helm of the Department of Veterans Affairs responsible for its $160 billion annual budget.

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How Is Trump’s Team Missing This?

How is it that I can piece together an obvious red flag within a few minutes of digging but Trump’s team and the mainstream media is completely silent about the sexual harassment lawsuit? Where are Trump’s advisors in flagging this candidate as unfit?

If you are giving Brown the benefit of the doubt, I plan to publish more about his anti-LBGT positions including against LBGT servicemembers.

In the video above, if you watch the entire footage, you can see Brown insinuate that gays openly serving in the military would harm the mission.

I plan to cover more on this tomorrow.

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Tantaros, Scott Brown Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Details

According to Tantaros’ legal complaint, the incidents implicating Brown occurred after an interview on her Fox News show Outnumbered in August 2015.

After the interview, married Scott Brown hit on the Fox host when he suggested the two go to a nightclub together, saying she “would be fun to go to a nightclub with.” Brown is married to journalist Gail Duff, and the two have two college-aged daughters together.

Tantaros reportedly rejected the former Senator’s advances onset. But that did not conclude the matter.

Later, Brown allegedly committed an assault while Tantaros attempted to buy her own lunch in the Fox cafeteria. The complaint states Brown snuck up behind Tantaros to grope the front of her “lower waist” while she had her back turned.

According to the complaint:

“After the show was over, Brown snuck up behind Tantaros while she was purchasing lunch and put his hands on her lower waist. She immediately pulled back, telling Brown to ‘stop.’”

The lawsuit also alleges Fox News ran a “Playboy Mansion-like cult” where sexual harassment was condoned by network executives perpetrated by Roger Ailes.

A Clintonian Denial By Scott Brown

Scott Brown vehemently denies the allegations using Clintonian specificity:

“There were never any circumstances of any kind whatsoever in which I had any interaction with her or any other employee at Fox, outside the studio,” Brown said (emphasis added).

“If there was ever a chance encounter at a restaurant, or public place, all interactions were professional and cordial. All interactions and contacts were in the studio in NYC and always in full view of all staff, personnel and talent,” he added.

“In the 3 years I have been working there, I treat all people there the same, whether they be male or female. If I am asked to make a witness statement of some sort, I look forward to that opportunity.”

He clearly borrowed one from the Clinton playbook on denials of extra-marital affairs.

Almost 20 years ago, former President Bill Clinton denied allegations he had sexual relations with subordinate Monica Lewinski. Later, Clinton admitted to the allegations but asserted he confused a common definition of “sexual relations” with his own, more limited definition that conveniently did not include the acts he perpetrated with Lewinski.

Denial Before

Admission After Investigation

Here, Brown asserts he never behaved in an inappropriate manner “outside the studio.” But he goes on to indicate all his interactions with Tantaros were inside the studio.

Why would he specifically exclude all his interactions when denying the assault?

The alleged grope (which is an assault) occurred in Fox’s studio at the facility’s cafeteria. So what happened inside the studio? We do not care what happened outside the studio, but the slight of argument may throw off some casual readers.

I have received insider reports that the grope most certainly occurred and that it occurred in front of witnesses inside the Fox studio. I guess that means Brown is being 75% truthful.

Why Is The Press Silent On This?

Based on the above allegations, would Scott Brown be the right person for the job as VA Secretary given the overt culture of abuse and harassment the agency struggles with on a regular basis?

Or maybe Scott Brown would fit right in as head of VA?

Either way, given the “grab them by the p@ssy” fiasco, I am wondering why Trump’s advisors are taking Brown’s consideration this far? And where is the press on this one?

Are they trying to set Trump up for embarrassment during the confirmation hearings? It is certainly worth considering.

Compounding this, most veterans surveyed prefer Rep. Jeff Miller, Chairman of the House Committee on Veterans Affairs, over former Sen. Scott Brown by over 80 percent (presently the interim survey shows veterans’ preference at 88%).

For every 100 veterans surveyed, less than 10 prefer Brown over Miller.

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Even if Brown is innocent, this seems like a bad issue that has lots of room for horrific publicity for both the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Trump Presidency.

Maybe it is time to consider other options?

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  1. [Angela Johnson wrote]
    >>I still would love to see Dr. Ben Carson in charge of medical current care and new medical research.

    ditto. though he and his considerable talents i suspect would get wasted away there, unless, as you say a “team of at least 3 individuals” ran the VA where someone on that team was like a VA sheriff and had the real power to hold VA accountable and fire people and actually did so.

    The VA really is too large for one person to manage. heck, the fed gov can’t manage it right now.

    what about new medical cards like medicare for veterans and that VAwould had no say so in who veterans choose to see? we’d probably just get screwed via that too.

    i recently tried “choice program”, that was so much of a joke it is sad and disgraceful what VA puts a veteran through to use it and the outcome is steered to the worst/cheapest care possible with VA still pulling the strings. what a disgraceful joke that is on veterans of America and a telling sign of how our government is run on/over ” joe & jane veteran”. you just cringe on the inside just to go to the VA these days.

    1. You want to know who is responsible for the poor working of Choice, look no further than McCain. McCainis who pushed hard for it because he was already well aware of HealthNet since they are the sole provider now of Obama care in Arizona.
      I suspect these worthless bastards pushed Choice as a way to prop up HealthNet and Obama care.
      They don’t give a damn about whether anyone gets health care. Its about money going to cronys.

      1. Amen. I was disappointed to see McCain was reelected yet again. Meanwhile Rome Burns in his own backyard.

  2. The Pop Tart wants $49 million for getting feeled up under a skirt that is shorter than my kitchen hand towel???

    Isn’t that just a tad over market rate for the horitzontal bop, even for a total biscuit like her? Good golly is she charging by the finger or for each knuckle??? I wonder what the rate is for a Presidential cigar?

  3. Sexual harassment allegations are just that…allegations. Whether true or not, it adds to the reasons he should not be SecVA, which I would be against even if the allegation was not made.

    I am so fucking tired of the SecVA position being treated as a jobs program for out of work hacks!

    We don’t need some namby pamby politician who is happy for the job and won’t make waves. Veterans need some ball busting grunt that will slash and burn that shithole until every flunky there gets to learn what their mission is. Its not to provide some Hungry Hippo a job, but to provide decent, compassionate medical care for veterans that have already paid a high price for it.

    This will be a huge mistake of Trump puts that putz in as SecVA. I don’t care what party Brown claims to represent today. Find him a job some place else.


  5. Hopefully Trump will prove his love for his wife and family by not choosing Brown. If for no other reason than to prove he is not anti-woman or LGBT. His would also show that he is serious about doing a complete resto-mod of the VA.

      1. Benjamin, thanks for the article. I was not even aware of this news scuttllebutt. Brown is not and has not even been my choice for VA secretary. He is not what the VA needs. The VA needs a leader who is without any scandal. We need someone who is upright. The new VA secretary needs to be able to focus on fixing the VA 150% of the time. With this lawsuit, he would not have the time to dedicate to the VA plus anyway and above all the VA does not need anymore scandals. I care about the Vets and the VA reputation. We do not need Brown. I hope Mr. Trump and his new administration realize that the newly appointed secretary needs to be out of the gutter. Let’s get the VA upright for once. More considerations — retired veteran Duncan Hunter from California, Pete Heagesth (sp) Fox news contributor put somewhere in VA leadership— General Jack King he is level headed —- I still would love to see Dr. Ben Carson in charge of medical current care and new medical research. The VA is so large and to get a hold on all aspects of the VA —honestly, I do believe we need a team of at least 3 individuals appointed within the VA secretary leadership at that level.

  6. One thing I am sure, Jeff Sessions thinks like Brown. Women won’t have much justice from that type behavior in this administration. Why not Brannon for supreme court?

  7. But it’s no big deal because it’s not “sexual assault” according to Trump’s new A.G.

  8. Really great article Ben! Yeah, time for better selections. I have to admit that I had higher expectations of whom Trump may consider for VA Secretary. Seems the VA is so damn corrupt that it even has the capability to pre-corrupt, a bit like “pro-crime” in “Minority Report”. 🙂

  9. Nice article Ben. Truth to power. It smelled bad this whole brown thing. Dude is way to eager for a demeaning position such as va secretary. It was more about HIS career than cleaning up the department. Regardless of whether or not he actually did this to tantaros is irrelevant. It would just be another scandal at the VA. Why is the MSM quiet on this? Because they would love nothing better than another scandal to report. You’ve just taken that away from them. Nice!

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