AFGE Union President To ‘Whoop’ VA Secretary’s ‘Ass’

Jeffrey David Cox AFGE

Benjamin KrauseA leaked recording of the AFGE union president catches him calling Rep. Jeff Miller “a fool” and that he will “whoop” VA Secretary Bob McDonald’s “ass” if he steps out of line.

The recording was of a speech where American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) union head J. David Cox showed off his crass sensibilities to a room of perceived friendlies. He was applauded by conference attendees for fighting reforms aimed at improving how VA does business, particularly firing and hiring.

Luckily someone pressed record on their phone, but the exchange really makes me wonder who is calling the shots at VA, after all?


About Bob McDonald, he said, “I like Bob McDonald. I’m prepared to work with Bob McDonald. But I am also prepared to whoop Bob McDonald’s ass. He’s going to start treating us as the labor partner… or we will whoop his ass, I promise you.”

About Chairman Miller of the House Committee on Veterans Affairs, he had this to day:

“[Takano] has fought the bad Rubio bill, he has fought that fool that thinks he’s chair of the House VA. I’m sorry we even have the same name—you know, I’m Jeff, and he’s Jeff. I may have to change mine and just go by ‘J.’”


A spokesman for the Chairman had this to say:

“[Chairman] Miller is clearly doing a better job as HVAC chairman than Cox is as AFGE president. This appears to have upset Cox to the point where he has resorted to name-calling and threats of violence. We hope Cox seeks professional help for his anger management issues.”

This kind of childlike, belligerent talk seems akin to the overall corruption and depraved thinking of many VA employees who believe laws are a joke.

No wonder VA has experienced an exodus of great employees due to overt corruption at all levels. Let’s hope this blatant thug talk will turn the right heads.


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  1. Day in and Day Out, this web site, as well as many others, provide all of the rhetoric about He Said, She Said, They Said. about what is wrong with the VA. However, the ones who can solve the problem, are like deaf mutes. They remain silent, for whatever reason, that’s beyond me. They have allowed this issue to become so embroiled in Politics, that the real issue and resolution gets lost in the process. As I listen and read, I get the impression, that the so called experts on how they propose to improve the VA, they are trying to kill an Elephant with a Fly Swatter. The Veterans Hot Line to the White House, is like the Boy With His Finger In The Dike. Until the President, activates the Hot Line and reads all of the problems that us Veterans have/are having with the VA, nothing is going to be done. Why He Has reneged on all of his campaign promises, to take care of our veterans, or why He would have a Veterans Hot Line installed and not activate it or why He has not answered any emails, letters to him, regarding the Veterans Hot line not being activated, makes Him part of the problem and not the solution. One has to question, why has the Senior White House Representative For Veterans Affairs has not been referred to or heard from since the day he accepted the position. Since the very first press conference at the White House, not one reporter or News Agency has asked about the Veterans Hot Line. They have taken Him to task on many issues, but not one mention of the Veterans Hot Line. How much longer will this charade go on ?

    1. Sgt Ray, the problem just got much worse this afternoon with the naming of a special counsel.

      The media and their assistants in congress could give a shit less if veterans were hanging themselves from the White House fence. As long as they have a chance at drawing blood from Trump or any of his administration over Russian boogeymen, veterans are persona non grata.

      Unfortunately, there are so many in DC used to riding the Gravy Train, this nonsense will continue in order to protect that easy money.

      Far too many in DC would only be concerned if a Russian provided that veteran the rope.

  2. The AFGE is a spineless money sponge that does nothing for its members. THEY DON”T DO SHIT FOR THE MEMBERS.

  3. The veterans who can, should be out in front of every V.A. Hospital and clinic there is. Then when the union police come to move us on, we will have all the news coverage those basters can eat. AND JUSTICE FOR ALL EXCEPT IF YOU ARE A VET.

    1. Out of a Indiana county of a hundred thousand I can’t get ONE single person to stand next to me and a sign saying “The VA is killing vets.” Not one person abuse is willing to be identified. Such things like that is very sad. But! Look how many run to fill stadiums like the Romans did to see sports, blood, savor distractions all secured by national, state and federal forces. But one single hurting veteran is a total threat to the state, nation, and locally to be the target of countless POS in their community and from the ‘networks and mafias?’ Too many sheep and all those groups and stuff seen on TV is a pure joke and lies out in the real world.

      We are not permitted to protest the left or the corrupt in Indiana or in college towns. It was okay to protest Bush but Obummer or Hillary or anything else seen negative to the tyrants and special interest groups and unions. Same with open borders that even the unions and elected thugs demand silence over from us serfs and slaves.

      The other joke is the constant left to right diatribe and finger pointing. They all serve the same masters. Keep in mind veteran VA health care is indeed a SOCIALIST system filled with unionized lefties and with plenty of right wingers to juxtapose to all others evils and neglect.

      Here’s another one whether it’s in how many other states and towns, I don’t know. Our local civil service and other AFL-CiO unions and others affiliated with the state, city, county, etc., have their very own clinics we tax payers provide for but can’t use a VA card at. Only the elected and privileged who constantly vote Democrat – Socialist and corrupt to the core can use the clinic. This was under way for them to avoid the, then, coming Obama care stuff, and it also gives them better care and more secrecy about our leaders and union activist, like with drug and booze issue and them hiding the facts about dirty blood tests. Like Congress critters and others having their very own styles of care and golden insurance coverage we can’t get.

      It’s the union staff along with the administrations that bully, propagandize, harm, abuse, neglect, threaten, kill, etc., us at the VA centers of cookie cutter – conveyor belt- one kind fits all – 15min tops office visit- health care. Yet people want more socialism and communism and fascism?? I don’t understand it.

      1. I believe are very weary and at this time don’t trust our government officials and may think the government would use the police to arrest veterans stating they are a imminent threat to fellow veterans and employees or could be.

        This would only inforce their power and I think citizens would not be willing to be arrested for veterans.

        Veterans need attorneys who would join veterans and then when they arrest the people.the people know someone would gay them out of jail.

        If something like this us has to happen after the whole country has been advised it’s going to happen on a certain day.

        Veterans should not have to fight this battle alone.we need the citizens of these United state’s to join us as one voice.

        Then and only then will our elected officials listen and if they don’t.they should be thrown out of office.

        I’m sure you noticed very few if our elected officials speaking out.that’s because their eather in the take or they just don’t care If veterans are being trampled on.


      3. Yes, So sad but very true. That is why trying to change such a messed up socialist system called the VA is like trying to change the country back to being about America and Americans first, not all others, Hollywood, entertainment, to seeing my animals getting better care than I and many others have seen or got.

  4. 02/14/2016

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    So little is known about the Union’s activity at the VA, and that is the root of the problem.

    If the “Conservatives” really cared about this issue—the issue would have been gone years ago.

    Like in Cleveland years ago with Presser—the Government jump in and took control of the Union.

    Take the example of the Government seizing the Mustang Ranch–and who wrecked the Business.

    The Union [Government controlled one way or another] is steering the VA into a total breakdown.

    Act of Whatever, call it what you want—-it is still Treason.

    This is why the AFGE union president called Rep. Jeff Miller “a fool.”

    Congressman Miller is on a Tightrope, and there is no safety net.

    And since Bob is a Cincinnati Boy—-I am sure AFGE can make sure all stays well.

    What does that all mean for our Nation?

    Is this the real business in America?

    How did we get in this position?

    Business and Government has got us into this position.

    Ignoring the Americans totally, with Decades of Entertainment from Hearings to OIG Reports to long Speeches on how the VA will change (see— Roscoe Butler, the American Legion’s deputy director for health care testimonies); as the over Taxed [Mentally and Physically] Americans trusted their officials, the Government still trampled down the Veterans [19,500 die from abuse, neglect, etc. every year].

    Now since Watergate, The S&L Crisis, LTCM, Enron, 911, The Great Recession/Banking Scandal, and the many more other Scandals that has rocked this Nation; Americans have taken to this VA Scandal and won’t t let the Officials “pretend” that the scandal is over.

    The Storm has not blown over, apparently we are in the eye of the Hurricane, and we are expected to have two more years of severe changes. A couple months ago Rep. Miller stated, “The Times are a Changing,” in November of 2015.

    The AFGE Business Model will have to make the changes to survive.


    Don Karg

  5. The VA scandal in Cincinnati VAMC over the WW2 Veteran that the VA wants proof he even served in spite of the records he has already given them with the VA claiming the St. Louis Fire destroyed all records. This was on FOX News today:


    1. “The Department of Veterans Affairs has launched a formal probe into allegations of “misconduct that adversely affects the care of the veterans at the Cincinnati” VA, Fox News learned late Friday.”

      1. I brought this recent event up because here again, the VA is Investigating Itself…no less, protecting their own as usual. This also has a heavy dose of nepotism and brought to question how she was prescribing for Vets.

    2. There has to be thousands of the same boat.

      The VA pulled this on me and covered it up for forty years And only after Ken carpenter attorney out of Topeka Kansas fought for me and all of a sudden all my records were found.

      Very troubling when you own county would turn their backs on veterans.just because of mismanagement and greed.

      Veterans having to suffer with their service connected disability and being refused treatment because they were refused their disability and therefore were also denied medical or mental health care.

      Veterans that this had happened to should be paid all backpay from when they were discharged and filed a claim and the VA used the excuse their records were destroyed in the st Louis ?.

      We all know many.many veterans committed suicide because they were refused treatment because of this lie.

      Veterans should also get damages.veterans denied treatment for ptsd and traumatic brain injury.suffered many years not understanding why they were having problems trying to understand why they were having flash backs.night sweats.not trusting people.doing things they normally would not be doing.

      The VA could only use this excuse for so long and found other ways to deny veterans their disability.

      We all know the VA has and is denying American veterans their disabilities to this day.excuse after excuse.knowing if they keep sending veterans denial letters they will eventually stop trying and the VAs mission was accomplished.

      They saved millions of dollars for employees bonous.while veterans were placed into jail for whatever reason because lack of treatment or they just gave up and took their own lives.

      How us it possible for such evil people employees get away with such atrocities against the very people who defened this country.just by joining the military on day one soilders could be called upon to go to a hostile place.

    3. On lost records: This back then was in and out of the news fast while God only knows how many vets went without care over lost records. Now back in the news years later and still little justice to be had for those older vets. The ones still alive anyways. Kinda like the long wait Korean vets had to deal with being unrecognized for a long time.

      As for the unions: I learned the very hard way about union and corporate, political corruption and how many networks and ties they all had. Meaning we had to end up fighting countless unions, state, federal and local agencies, plus all those with kind of connection with any of them too. That includes them using those like the police and fire unions who are also under the same organizations, agendas, defending networks. That is why we will never hear of any “whistle-blowers” coming out of Indiana or it’s VA systems. Few dare to ever speak out any negatives about the towns, the vast corruption, the censoring, or anything evil or paying back those who stand up to any of them.

      Anyone remember AFL-CIO president Trumpka on the news about the SEIU affairs to his and the globalist wants for no borders and global wide unionizing of their workers under their vast networking umbrella? They are totally globalist and far left wing complete with all their self-serving activist, militants and corrupt included.

      Just like here if you take on one you take them all on, in one way or another. They will see to it you don’t get a date or a chance in any courtroom, or to be heard by the media let alone allow any so-called journalist or reporters in close enough to see some reality or truth. Here are some links below to understand a bit about how far reaching the VA unions are with much more to explore about the issues. (See the “Feminist connection – activism.) (from 2012 and not any better at all) (More Humana?) (Looks good but Public Relations firms are hired by all concerned to manufacture a pleasant facade.) (HMO styled socialist health care? Remember the horror stories about their HMOs years back back denying treatments and support for the ill and dying?) Same crap different year.

      Now maybe somebody else can spend time playing connect the evil and corrupt dots if concerned. And treat all the activist stuff and propaganda for what it really is and meant to do. Putting all the damned hero worshiping stuff on a shelf somewhere until the serious issues at hand are properly dealt with and exposed. That will upset many of course.

      Most of the good and best information negative info links no longer function or on the net now. Guess those companies being paid to remove corporate and harmful news from the net and blogs is working well.

      Now I hope some remember the SEIU being caught in action and corruption like ACORN and other militant leftist were. It’s plain to see and to read between the lines about what they are about and who they are more than likely, and to me, obviously in league with. They are all about “activism activism activism.” Now we can do the research, or go to any local college town meetings or student union committees to see what we face at the “Socialist styled VA health care systems.” Good reasons to see why any time we dare mention the activist to incompetence at the VA joints or CBOCs all the activist terms and words and labeling are used just as much in real life when dealing with town’s corruptions, nepotism, the retaliation and attacks for merely speaking truth or wanting something investigated. Instead we are called names, labeled as usual by the PC crowd, union activist, and all the rest who love to join in to create chaos, distractions from the real issues or complaints, then the censoring, threats, to being driven off, which includes being intentionally driven off from VA health care if we are obviously being targeted for simply not agreeing with them. Or not agreeing with their pathetic insane propaganda and demands, threats included.

      Hopefully some can get the idea of who we have to fight against for the smallest complaint or issue one may have. Especially since most of us do NOT have thousands to spend on investigators and lawyers (I was quoted $ 25,000 for a retainer just to get started on just one issue alone.) to fight a good fight to win. Plus the costs for some security since so many people are related or support the evils and corruption that be. Or to at least try to get something to the public’s attention to see what we may have to deal with and how it can be linked to other activist and militant, dangerous groups in real life. Then to consider politicians, town and state cliques and others have family or friends who work in these areas we are trying to expose, and truth be told or known of. Also we all probably know the media is not on our side. Locally they are all in cahoots and a tax paying citizens or vet doesn’t stand a chance living under all the vast corruption and connectedness to deal with. Like I have dealt with before, and once it began with a issue, just one, the retaliation and pay-backs never end, with compiling more issues like the VA on top of the rest doesn’t exactly help matters.

      Is someone dealing with these issues are unlucky enough to live in a state or area like mine, feel blessed and very lucky. If you live in such a corrupt mafia styled, corrupt, activist filled, far leftist area, then my prayers are with you because it’s not fun having to live like this or deal with it all coming in from every direction with not many caring or concerned. Or, afraid to get known or involved. Some activist or those out here may think it’s funny but it’s not. We have the youth and future generations and veteran we should be concerned with minus all the corruption, unneeded activist crap, or more fascism to censorship to endure.

      Have a nice weekend all. Even our pet VA agents and supporters.

    4. It figures fire,shredding,hide typical knuckle dragging Neanderthals at the union threatening people. Well Mr McDonald you need to get with President Obama and coordinate locking up those “bad assets” at the VA and the union and see how much BS the union president talks than. Especially when they drag him out in cuffs to.

      1. My last fiasco with the VA before leaving them this year ended with more issues, of course. I was told I could have a surgery locally using civilian care. Just before, like four days, I was told no and to drive 200 miles for the procedure at Roudebush VA Indy. To see a contractor in one of their clinics so the 40 mile rule is out. Resulting in more conflicting information about VA care and it’s 40 mile rules. Turned out to be an expensive joke the VA plays. I had the procedure done at the VA with a local temporary primary as a back-up and other minor stuff. I have had to have one surgery so far to correct lousy surgical work and the end of this month two more corrective surgeries to try to fix what those VA contractors, interns, students, were allowed to do to me. On their fast moving socialist conveyor belt for care. (More union staff calling in resulting in short staffing) Primary here told me to go back to the VA as an example and to show them what happened. I said “NO WAY.” I am done with those uncaring freaks. Just more VA incompetence. Served with big smiles and a huge facade of caring.

        Now I am having troubles finding a permanent family MD that takes Medicare, and to continue on with the meds it’s taken me years to know what works and doesn’t minus all the testing and game playing for bucks.

        We are nothing more than test subjects, rats, and Guinna Pigs, carcasses, for medical school students, young cocky punks that can’t look up from admiring their own long white coats and shiny heels and shoes.

        An aside to the union issues it is all much bigger than that. When we were being told to ignore chronic pain issues, or that broken bones to heart attacks were “not chronic pain issues’ to told never to use civilian care for nothing if we sign the contract with the pain clinic to live by their rules, etc. Being the only one pissed and asking questions I was told all this new VA training and abuse comes from the top. Meaning the POTUS, DoD, VA admin in DC and our states’ VA reps, states Attorney Generals, Medical Licensing Boards… all of them, the AMA, all of the state’s medical schools, all of their contractors and all administrations from top to bottom from all concerned or connected. PLus media refusing to take on the subject.

        Now that is a chunk of people to try to file grievances with or to report patient abuse, intentional neglect and torture, incompetence with. None I contacted in previous years along with others got no attention or concern. Alot of passing the buck, flip-flopping but nothing serious. Attorney General reported getting tons of calls about the VA, nothing they can do, then passed us on to all the Medical licensing boards and back to the VA Patient Advocates who do nothing but put-off and play games.

        Don’t know about other states but here… no negativity about anything is allowed. Murder, corruption, to the activist running nuts trampling our freedoms and rights, to lost property rights and freedom of speech. Doesn’t matter. Those hired Public Relations firms and politicians to the facade of media done it’s evil jobs well.

    1. Write your concerns on that site.I did about the illegal disruptive committee and how they used it to punish veterans without evidence.

      How the VA does not know the definition of disruptive behavior.they punish veterans at will and told them the VA is no a judiciary component of the justice system and need to stop thinking they are.

      Veterans civil and constitutional rights are being trampled on and the VA has no business acting as if they are.

  6. Ben, there is no reason to question who runs the VA. The union runs the VA. Always have, and always will. Privatization is the only way to remedy this.

    1. Civilians are the rot to the VA Boat. Veterans are used to order and discipline and that thing called accountability. The rot needs flushed with a massive enema.

      1. Went to VA can submit your concerns.I requested they look into the illegal disruptive committee and how they can punish veterans without evidence of the disruptive behavior.

        Told them how management cover up for the employee and let the employee in question answer any and all inquires themselves.when it’s the employee doing the harm.

        I will try anything to try and stop the VA.from falsely accusing veterans of disruptive behavior and they don’t have to provide proof.

        Proof of time place and what disruptive behavior the veterans committed.

        Especially when they tell the committee the veteran would come into the clinic At least twice a month and become disruptive and not once did they note the disruptive behavior anywhere.

        In my opinion The VA has no business in judiciary matters.That’s up to our court’s not private citizens.

        The God complex needs to stop now.don’t know who they claim as their God.but mine Jesus Christ frowns on that type of behavior.

  7. I received this from a colleague of mine concerning this article……………..He’s was a member of the AF.

    This partially explains why it is so hard to make improvements.

    100 years ago in another galaxy, I had 3 civil servants, union member receptionist/clerks. One NEVER was able to get a phone message 100% correct. I tried to help her, had others help her, did not want to fire her because she was a single mom with three kids. I also brought the union steward into the picture cluing him in that I would give time off for any training the union could provide.

    Of course, he and the union never offered either ideas or training to help her learn to do her job.
    It took me 3 years to fire her. I suggested to her that she find a good labor attorney to sue the union for not helping while continuing to take her dues.

    Unions, while having rich history of helping workers, have unfortunately devolved into a state where much of their efforts involve protecting the worst employee. Thus is the state of teachers unions.

  8. when Reagan fired all those air traffic controllers where was the Union for them I know they had to take an oath not to strike which I did to but where was the Union for them or did they even have a union I don’t know if the AFGE was in there or not. but far as I’m concerned I think AFGE is useless. I’m done talking about them they are just not worth talking about anyways bye

    1. I don’t recall which was which, but the FAA had NATCA and PATCO before and after the firings. One organization was gone after the strike, and the other took over when the strike was over.
      As for the AFGE or any other public sector union, they think they are all powerful, and have been since Obama took office. Not only has he strengthened them in any way possible, but he has stacked any government position possible to protect them, such as the MPSB.
      The unions fully believe they will always have this power or the backing of the WH, but that will certainly change regardless of who wins the WH. At some point, the corruption and incompetence will become too great for it to be ignored.
      I would still like to hear from anyone that can justify the AFGE labor contract that requires VA jobs to be advertised in-house first and ignores federal veteran preference laws. I cannot believe that provision in their contract is legal.
      The AFGE master agreement for the VA is on the web. Perhaps I will read through it over the weekend and see what other outrageous perks they demand at the expense of veterans.

  9. Double standard employees at work.saying they will kick McDonald’s ass.sounds disruptive behavior to me.

    On I forgot he’s an employee and can threaten the head of the VA.

    If a veteran went to the VA And said that.they would have him arrested or worse yet.have the disruptive committee punish him without a trial.

    Double standard true.they are fighting over money.not veterans care.

    How many veterans will see any of that money for disability.veterans are stuck in the middle and have no voice about anything.

    Why are our elected officials not speaking out.has this country become so corrupt.that it’s a free for all.

    Someone brought up race again on here.people like that need to remember one race is not better than another.thousands of different colors have been killed.wounded and carry the same burdens.

    America is made up of immigrants.unless you are a full blooded are a immigrant.

    American is only as good as it’s teach your children to hate.they will listen and follow you as your the adult and their parent so you must be right.

    When citizens join the military.they are doing so to protect this country.their freedom and the American dream.and we all bleed the same.

    We all have feelings and hate does no some of the documentaries on will many soilders of different nationalities and you hear from each other We got your back or I know he has my back.

    I was told my uncle Willie died in ww2 when he jumped on a grenade to save his fellow soilder.

    No room for bigots.were all in the same boat and must still have each others back.

    1. I brought up race because it IS a HUGE issue at the VA, like everywhere else is society today, and getting worse.

      You kidding me? Before going to the VA I was told to visit a foreign doctor here in town. How many get by with telling a White American veteran that we are weak and that chronic pain issues are good for us, makes us know we are alive. In broken English of course. That’s okay though to the PC crowd.

      When first signing up years ago for VA care the scuttle-butt and warnings were openly discussed in some groups before it all became non-PC and forbidden by the VA. And all our physical meetings groups ceased and forced to go online through tightly moderated and censored teleconferencing. Nice way to censor and control people huh?

      Like in modern society only Whites can be racist or bigots right? Or at least it’s what I get from your post, and sounds just like some VA staff I’ve had to deal with when dealing with foreigners and others that we aren’t supposed to say or report anything against. If we do then the PC police and special interest groups come out of the VA wood-work and start to ruin our health care from clinic to clinic to CBOC to etc. It doesn’t stop when your taking stands against pure real racism being white, being ignored, abused, watching others because of race cut in line while every white person sitting there noticing this just shrugs their shoulders and let it happen day after day or ap after appointment. It gets old and the silence and fear of speaking out gets old really fast. But I guess that’s okay with you.

      The military nor the VA is free from social issues. All negativity and crimes are present, rape, murder, dis-loyalties, back-stabbing, gossip, retaltiation, blanket parties, punish all corporal punishments, join or die – be just like us or else, never complain etc. Yeah right, tell me about life buddy. But now I bet you think me a racist, right? For speaking some truth and reality, oh my.

      WE joined the military believing the lies about freedom and all that propaganda untl we see some truth. We aren’t free and have few rights. Unless one is in a clique, wealthy, or etc. More hype.

      When people and activst keep using words and terms like “No room for bigots” is like telling those like me with a lot of life experience and dealing with corruption on many levels is like telling me “We support your right to free speech” then censor the hell out of me or us trying to get some reality noticed minus all the usual bleeding heart crap and Social Justice Workers, who comprise most at all VA systems and a requirement.

      The truth is:
      Marx-Feminist control freak man hating women can get by with whatever, even deleting offensive and obvious hateful and degrading emails to hide their true agendas. I have had the pleasure of being told off by Contractor’s staff and VA workers how important their rights are over mine and how I should never question or challenge them while they perform “my (theirs) educated professional position knowing more than a stupid man.” Then have all emails disappear once I started standing up to VA and their contractors abuse and neglect and incompetence.

      Social Justice Warriors like the “Black Lives Movement” to the Panthers are very present at the big cities and VA.

      The LGBT can fly their colors and act goofy, but don’t dare wear a Rebel battle flag or have a Christian symbol on your vehicle. My vehicle was scratched like hell with the stickers scratched off. So, so much for that freedom you speak of and the kindness of other so-called brothers in arms, huh? The major VA joints in big cities are no different than those who love living in those cities and criminal plagued urban areas, with the ‘special interest groups’ anti-freedom movement in full swing – subtle or not- it is there. Just like those kindly union workers and other selling Herion in the parking lots or in the VA it’s self.

      All veterans are NOT our allies or freinds at the VA or affilaites. They are there for the money and positions, period. The ego tripping and arrogance to a pathological state doesn’t hurt them either. It those “VA veterans and officials, the media, etc., had our backs we would NOT be in this living hell we are dealing with now, right or wrong? IT’s about self preservation of self for them. And God help those who have to work with good intentions and true concerns for us vets. I could not, and never have been able to work around liars, the corrupt, crooks, real haters, those with anti-American agendas, who think White people are door-mats for others, Liberals who are not liberals at all, to the rest of the trash that complete our entire systems/gov today.

      I have learned and suffered the effects of having everybody elses “back” in my many positions and work and many years of volunteer work. I can count on one hand how many of those others have had my back in return when sticking my neck out or standing up to corruption and the many ‘evils’ that permeate our existence today. Veterans or not. In my town some of the most corrupt are veterans and don’t give one damn about others outside of their facade of being do-gooders to the community, or outside of their ‘Leagues or Legions.’ Many have tried going to them for help here and were greeted with disdain and not wanting to get involved in politics or any other persons issues. That is some reality to chew on. Especially when you live in one of the most corrupt, censored, feared areas in the corrupt United State of Lost America. But they will kill or ruin someone over a puppy or an illegal alien to be PC. While allowing for a fellow veterans to deal with corruption to their death.

      I have stood up and spoke out when seasoned combat troops just sat there silent with their jaws on their chest wondering what the hell some POS veteran VA staff just told them or accused them of… like being individuals and separate from the rest with separate needs and treatments. Fear? Folder flagging fears? Just rush out after afraid to even discuss what just happened? Why? We are not all the same or should be forced to bow to the corrupt and the pathetic treatment from many at the VA. That includes all the special interest groups and stinking activist, period. It really pisses me off. That includes the animal rights crowd that claims to be so loving and good, service for vets, but then claim no sick vet or poor vet should be, nor can be, responsible for a pet.” We were told by a shelter activist ‘veterans can’t control their pain meds so they can’t be responsible for a pet.” Yeah right, tell me how loving all that propaganda on TV really is in real life.

      I say, all lives matter, the rest is activist BS.
      Corruption is corruption on all levels regardless of labels or falling back on playing the veteran word game claim.

      Every damned thing should be openly and honestly discussed minus the one sided heard only deals, and void of TV crap, politics included.

      The above also concerns the newer vets seemingly being against veterans in the Nam era. Why the separation or degrees of it there? Seems the youth don’t have seniors or elders backs much in this day and age. Heard enough of that crap and so-called wisdom from that crowd too.

      Corruption in all areas at all levels are too deep to begin to even try to vote out. When VA unions, contractors, veterans, media, state officials, local officials and cliques are against us there is no chance for change or much to happen to start a investigation or inquiry about some reality and truth. We all know truth, reality, honesty, good… is unacceptable in today’s culture

      1. Who is white what nationality.there are many nationalities that are fair skin are you talking about the arrion nation.excuse the spelling.

        Those people killed millions because they were from somewhere else. Who would you get rid better be careful some green or blue eyes are not as you say white.

      2. Another fine example of how we Whites aren’t ever supposed to raise concerns or issues of “RACE.” How many out here while in college as some of us old people Oprah wants to see die, were expected to stand up in class and denounce our White heritage and profess our White guilt?? You must be another of those SJWs (social justice warriors) that think some issues are off the table and allowed to go unaddressed. Fine with me but I’ll stand my ground against the PC and anti-White crowds and activist.

        It’s rampant in Indiana and bombarded on our young at every level of school. At the VA too. All must bow to PC-ness and communist, tyranny, and the rest.

        How much White hatred have you experienced? Any? Or being the privileged Blacks and others who cut in line by telling the VA clerk…”hey cuz I got to run, can you get me in now?” Of course they allow it. I noticed that you complainers about race are evading the anti-White sentiments and allowances that have been discussed. Nice dodging tactics just like a good little VA worker or some other activist. I am more than accustomed to it living in a multiple college college town where freedom or thought, speech, or speaking truth is forbidden. And the courts are just as corrupt and hateful as the activist. White man gets run over and killed by a Semite, no news. Those of us asking why are attacked, ignored and threatened by the mafia cliques here. A kitty cat story got more news and let a murderer go free cause he’s non-white and a in the clique college punk with a good corrupt high living opportunity filled non-White life. Give me a break.

        Oprah said all old White people need to just die off. period. Not much said about that but local veterans who are far lefties agreed with her and Hillary. So it’s again about politics, Marx-culturalism, activists, and control.

        The Aryans killed millions??? Check your history, not that taught in public schools. All have murdered others and the genocide continues today all around and is supported by our government and foreign tributes paid with our tax dollars, when those trillions to foreign aid like to Israel or Africa could be used here for vets, not our enemies, or to go to some mobster clan. How about the Bolsheviks? Oh no let’s not go there either huh? Gaza Strip? Our gov bombing and killing millions in foreign nations to establish corrupt governments and get oil and war for Israel? There is plenty of hate and corruption and killing to go around. Hell, through in the Catholic church too. How many has that ‘religion’ killed off?

        How many veterans do you know that went to a clinic or hospital well enough but never came out or had a massive heart attack just after having a test then walking out the door said to be just ‘fine?’ Get real instead of running on a liberal one sided agenda and blaming Whites for everything. Yes, I have had enough trouble from “Whites” so who needs more enemies that are allowed to band together and riot to get their way.

        I quit all my volunteer work due to the White guilt and white hatred crap. I help who I feel needs it not who someone else tells me to or the United Way to tell us to take care of illegals over veterans or American needy and the ignored. You can do the same and dodge the topics but it doesn’t help matters and just makes things worse when more people are abused and openly shown disregard and disrespect because they aren’t from the “hood” or some left wing nut case activist hating on everybody but their own.

        Any others want to dodge the issues at hand and show how it’s allowed to happen and should be because we are supposed to be door-mats for all others and condone incompetence from foreigners working in the VA system that really don’t give a hoot for anyone but their own? This shows why the VA nor our country will ever heal or change. The division, hate, the want of control is too deep and truth and honest discussion is not allowed, especially at the levels it needs to be discussed and dealt with.

      3. If you only want to speak of one race.I’m sure you can find a one race site where you can be king of the mountain hand get free white sheets.

        Sounds like you have been in a coma for a long time and looked out the window and was supprised everyone is not the same color.

        Thousands of nationalities in this country.many are half white. Many Americans are mixed.that makes a better America.your still living in the dark.come out and join the rest of the world.

        Love is stronger than hate.

      4. Oh back to the race card crap and derail the other issues. You must be a VA Social Justice Warrior and part of the BLM activist. White people have no voice and are not supposed to complain about discrimination or obvious neglect and hatred from any others. Sorry, wrong is wrong and you can take your well ingrained political correctness and obvious lefty disdain for white vets and pack it. You don’t know me, what I have done or much else but sling your lefty libtard labels and crap around. Thanks for showing your true side in all the maters that be. Including white lives or white veterans lives don’t matter when it comes to VA PC rule. All the unions and activism have proven that and it must really upset you socialist and real bigots and race activist hating us whtie for something called “white privilege” in colleges and the VA when no such thing exists. Just in the minds of anti-American and the likes of Al Sharpton your hero. Now we see how workers feel at the VA, justified or not. Government workers are all alike.

      5. I’ll bet you if you and I would place our arms next to each would be darker than me.but I won’t hold that against you.

        Your out of touch with what Americans really look like.we are of many shades and no one is better than the other.

        If you see someone doing something wrong report it. Their is good and bad in every humanbeing.people can eather help or fill sorry for yourself.

        You never answered what nationality is white. What should happen to all the others.would you round them all up and kill them.

      6. I live in a college town full of people like you and the corrupt elected. Now don’t be goofy, You know what I mean by Caucasian or the common weed called White people or even at the VA we can hear … “crackers,” white bread, polar bears, snow-flakes etc. from the BLM and Social Justice Communist that have no place in any health care setting including the VA. If a “White person” can’t speak out against non-English speaking frauds pretending to be doctors or health workers something is wrong. Or should we have bought some Heroin that was offered to us to appease your boys in the hood? But those like you call it “racism.” But with people like you feeling that only whitey can be a racist there is no discussion to be had and no appeasing your leftist and activist brain. God help a WHITE veteran with severe issues like I had with the VA if they have to talk to you. Hopefully you aren’t a Advocate that plays the same game I dealt with and what you show out here.

        Bet you loved Beyonce’s hate filled messages at half time during the goofy bowl huh?

        Doesn’t matter, this old dude is well aware of all the activist’s tactics, lingo, agendas, speech, and hate for anyone that may disagree with you and your activist labeling. Especially towards those you don’t know, or think you do because they offended your communist anti-freedom of speech or VA negativity ways. No run off and go kill off some veteran for your activism. You’ll make the Panthers, SEIU and SJWs proud at the VA. Get a life and stop thinking all us whites are filled with self guilt and hatred being taught in schools and demanded we have from people like you. You and your kind sure don’t help matters and demanding silence or some people and issues not be discussed or known is pathetic on your part there bubba. Have a nice life and enjoy those tax dollars, salary, while playing hater behind your mask. Go hound someone else about being silent, your love of loss of freedom of speech, censoring all but your fellow activist and VA workers. You have shown readers a lot here, thanks.

      7. Your welcome.again if you would take your phone and sit next to these employees.who are saying these horrible things (record)them and turn them in.

        Sounds like they say it a lot.employees like that need to be recorded and turned in and removed from that position or fired.

        All veterans are being treated unfairly.but you don’t see other races blaming another race.

        My son in law us from Indy.he has his father here in you known what he told me.

        He said I hope I can be like do you do it, you talk not yell. You raised your children.who only show respect to others and your whole family excepted me with open arms.

        My response if you treat people with respect.they will respect you and if someone disreapects you ignor them.if they continue punch them in the nose and if they still don’t show you respect you.kick them where it counts.

        If their attitude don’t change their voice sure will.

        Take a chill ? and go see a funny movie.If you don’t your going to have a stroke.

  10. On the “source” Ben uses, there’s an interesting comment by “KLRJUNE”. It’s about a “website” called “VAPulse”. The commenter says “…it’s where VA employees can vent their frustrations at VA management.”
    The commenter also claims taxpayers would be infuriated at VA if they knew about it. Also, the “news medias would have a field day!”

    I’m going to see if I can find it!

    1. A national network to discuss veterans personal information? How much do you think we paid for this and what benefit is it to the veteran?

      Why the Department of Veterans Affairs Chose Jive Software
      January 9, 2015 11:29 am

      By Jason Fornicola Federal News Radio

      For federal agencies looking for a modern, social solution to connect employees, spark engagement and better serve the public, the VA Pulse program might be the model for the future. Developed by Jive Software, the centralized, online platform provides VA employees access to resources and expertise of fellow staff in a user-friendly manner. The platform allows employees to share important resources, get answers to care- and process- related questions and connect with VA employees nationwide.

      VA Pulse was designed to allow for connection, collaboration, idea sharing, and innovation and ultimately uphold the standard of excellence at the point of care.

      Today’s environment of email, instant messaging and conference calls could soon give way to online social networking platforms to enhance productivity. According to a July 2012 study by the McKinsey Global Institute titled, The Social Economy: Unlocking Value and Productivity through Social Technologies, “more than 1.5 billion people around the globe have an account on a social networking site, and almost one in five online hours is spent on social networks – increasingly via mobile devices.”

      Businesses have caught on as well, with companies utilizing popular tools such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to connect with customers and key stakeholders. In fact, the McKinsey report predicted businesses could realize more than $1 trillion in potential annual value. “Social technologies, when used within and across enterprises, have the potential to raise the productivity of the high-skilled knowledge workers that are critical to performance and growth in the 21st century by 20 to 25 percent,” according to the report.

      Jive Software, the technology platform that powers VA Pulse, first implemented and evaluated the program about a year and a half ago at three pilot sites in New Jersey, Texas and California. It supported 1,000 users working in capacities from administration to clinical with the intent to provide for better employee engagement across the VA. The success of the pilots led the department, headed by new secretary Robert McDonald, to move forward with a national roll-out.

      According to Jive Software Federal Director Jim Kovach, who also is a veteran, VA Pulse brings the user experience one is accustomed to in his or her consumer life – through platforms such as LinkedIn, YouTube or Facebook – to the work lives of VA employees.

      “We’re out here in our consumer world and we’re enjoying the experience that we get, but then when we come to work it’s vastly different,” he said. “We’re back to the 1990s whether it’s with email or intranet portals or even instant messaging or some of the tools that have been around forever and we really haven’t moved the needle too much in the form of communication and collaboration when it comes to that. So, with Jive and enterprise social networking technologies for the workplace, that’s what we’re intending to do. We’re intending to improve communication and collaboration that users require for their work today – to serve today’s mission, if you will.

      “‘Reply all’ is not a form of collaboration,” he concluded.

      Kovach also said the platform offers users numerous points of engagement, from simply asking a question, commenting on discussions, posting ideas, participating in polls, creating collaborative groups, as well as the traditional social features of liking, rating, and sharing content. “You can also monitor and stay current, or maintain situational awareness, on all the relevant on-goings of the community,” he said.

      Recruitment and retention

      VA Pulse, according to Kovach, is one way to help the VA recruit and retain the best and brightest to government service, including the influx of millennials looking for work.

      “We all know the next generation workforce is not inclined to use email, or any other 1990s utility for communication and collaboration,” Kovach said. “Most of them grew up with social technologies and user experiences, so for them it is expected. Many workers join organizations, are assigned their email account and access badge, and after that it is ‘best of luck’.”

      But Kovach says Jive offers something more. “Jive will give them a virtual 24/7/365 community to join, and the ability to immediately connect with those relevant to their job function,” he said. “The ‘on-boarding’ and provisioning time for them to become productive decreases significantly.”

      Helping caregivers help those who served

      Most importantly, VA Pulse figures to change the way caregivers serve the men and women in uniform who come to the VA for help.

      “If I was a doctor or nurse and I could leverage the collective best practices of my colleagues to find efficiencies or improvement in patient care, then I imagine that would influence decision-making for the better at the point of care,” Kovach said.

      “Capturing intellectual property from staff that may rotate in and out of a department is another area that can be leveraged collectively by clinical staff,” he continued. “In fact, outside of the VA, we have seen that challenge time and again from many clients.”

      Kovach detailed “brain drain,” whereby the organization has had no efficient or easy-to-use means by which to capture all the expertise and experiences, in particular over an entire career, of its employees. More often, he said, their contributions are buried in an email or computer drive that nobody knows about.

      “Very simply, organizations with better connected and aligned employees perform better,” Kovach continued. “Employees who are engaged with their work and each other deliver higher quality work for their organization and their customers. If a doctor or nurse in Alabama can discover new or innovative methods of patient care from a VA staff member in California that they wouldn’t have known existed, then that translates directly into improving the VA’s overall mission of patient care.”

      Day-to-day experience

      So, how does the Jive Software technology work?

      “The platform is designed to support the way people work today,” according to Kovach. “Email, for example, is where many employees spend a significant amount of time. Workers can answer questions, respond to requests and work collaboratively right from their email client, and not even be required to log on to the system.”

      The platform also provides for mobile compatibility, which will help users who rely on smartphones and tablets as part of their workday.

      “Same thing with their mobile devices and the ability to interact while on the go, away from their desktop or laptop,” he said. “The Jive platform is designed with a ‘mobile first’ premise, and provides for both native mobile apps and browser mobile user experiences. Collaboration features are central to the entire application. Easy navigation and one-click efficiency to share, comment, invite, notify and participate are present throughout all aspects of the platform.”

      Breaking down silos and bridging gaps

      Organizations of all sizes, public and private, can develop silos that stunt growth and collaboration. Jive’s platform works to break down those barriers and bridge gaps to spark collaboration.

      “By leveraging the core feature set of Jive, the first bridge or gap that is overcome is actually being able to discover people that you otherwise wouldn’t know existed,” Kovach said. “People are the core to every enterprise and by simply connecting the people the silos begin to take care of themselves. The people ‘bridge’ begins to take shape as the connective tissue forms across the enterprise. From there content is leveraged, efficiency is gained, email is lessened and the work life improves.”

      Success and adaptation depend on the user experience

      Like any new technology, the user experience is essential to getting people to come back for more. “The user experience is critical when it comes to end users because you’re dealing with a wide set of end users and in today’s workforce we’re dealing with multiple generations from folks who are very Internet savvy to folks who perhaps don’t even want to use an Internet browser,” Kovach said. “The user experience has to be clean, it has to be crisp and it has to be easy.”

      Kovach says organizations mistakenly think because they have a wiki or a blog or even an ideation capability that they have it all solved for the enterprise. “This is far from reality,” he said. “The reality is, a disjointed or inconsistent user experience across those types of technologies often result in poor adoption. If users don’t find value or the experience is just too painful they will not return.”

      Ultimately, Kovach said anytime is the right time for federal agencies to become more efficient and productive, and as it relates specifically to the VA the volume of customers is staggering.

      “It’s clear, business-as-usual technologies and work processes are no longer sufficient,” he said. “I would also suggest that social networking technology has proven itself in the market, certainly within Jive’s customer base, as the only path forward for organizations to support the collaboration demands of their business or mission of today.”

      What does VA Pulse look like?

      Kovach says the user interface has a number of different viewpoints, not too unlike a LinkedIn experience where you might log in and see relevant feeds of information. Trending content and things your connections have shared, produced or commented on will appear. The user will see a very quick snippet to determine if it is relevant and if so, s/he can click on it and investigate more.

      From there, a significant advantage is in the follow up and connection capability. “If I have questions then I can hit [the poster] up,” Kovach said. “You could be on the other side of the country and I may not ever even have met you, personally, but we’re both in the same line of work. So now we’re connections on the community and we share information back and forth, so we have this virtual connection.”

      This is where Kovach sees the platform’s true power that can’t be provided by email, and intranet portal or web conference. “That connection gives you the situational awareness that you otherwise would not have,” he said.

      There are also items that a user may have tagged whereby any time a certain phrase is mentioned the user would want to know about it. “There’s things that you can create, a ‘your view,’ if you will; things that are absolutely relevant to you.”

      If a user is involved in a task force or some type of actual on-going project, s/he can go to where those projects are – describe by Kovach as work spaces or work groups. “From there you can go in and out of the various projects and be collaborative and contribute as you are required to,” he added.

      Kovach also noted it works seamlessly with other applications in the traditional desktop experience. “From there you can toggle off of it and go into another application or go back to doing an email or something else.”

      Ultimately, Kovach sees VA Pulse and, more broadly, Jive’s capabilities as an opportunity for users to enhance productivity in a way that suits their needs and preferences. “It presents itself in a very user-friendly fashion and it gives you, as the user, some control over what you would like to see and where you would like to spend your time,” he concluded.

      1. Thanks Hondo. I’m far from being computer literate. I couldn’t make heads or tails outta what the commenter said. I tried to find a “forum” as we have here. Evidently this site doesn’t have one. Or if they do, I couldn’t locate it!
        I also, after reading your comment, wonder how much was spent if taxpayers monies!?

    2. Crazy,
      Go to Federal News Radio VA pulse, then click on Why the dept of veterans affairs………some interesting reading………..

  11. I was unaware of the union problems with the VA until I heard some members discussing “their powers” over the VA and administration. The first one I heard of was the SEIU workers and their smiling discussions about how difficult it was to be fired working at a VA establishment. Easier to fire some secretary that wasn’t in some office clique to be fired for some kind of patient information leak we are not privy to ask about or know.

    This other union I heard of was from an X VA hospital employee who quit and refused to treat veterans the way the unions and admin wanted him to. In some clinics watching this guy the so-called union workers and staff could not hide the fact they hated this guy even when he wasn’t saying a word in his or our defense from condescending, abusive and neglectful remarks and demands.

    The “veterans” who follow the union’s trends and admins training is no friend or ally of us there to seek proper and decent care. Same way for many of the young college students and med students there that have the bed side manner and respect for us of a rattlesnake. The odd thing is is how they go to any length to defend each other at all costs, using any means possible to do so.

    My last few visits at the grand lying VA at Indianapolis, many of the clinics were severely short staffed and planned what way. One reason I heard later was to see that other union members or some newer staff got to work over-time and create more havoc at the VA. This also included some doctors that didn’t show up. While we sat the clinics, VA, has to call in people who didn’t know how to get us our travel pay or how to log us in using their computer systems. While our new cards to sign in did not function.

    Blood draw is a real treat when they are under staffed, using people that can barely speak English, making us repeat our social in public, dump our pockets on a public counter to go do a pee test, break our medic alert system and case, and poke us nine times to get blood. Oh yeah, while other veterans thought this crap was funny. The other staff didn’t even want to discuss weather or seemed concerned about us leaving personal items and wallets out in public for anyone to grab or see what we had in our pockets.

    Those unions as well as the admin are losers and not there for the veterans or our decent care. Spend enough time in a VA clinic or hospital, pay attention, listen, watch, and it’s not hard to see how dysfunctional and abusive those joints can be. Especially as the race wars seem to be heating up, and us Whites expected to bow and allow all others to use big city racial slurs to cutting in line to appease the PC activist and others in those unions who are typically very very far left wing and self absorbed, and to hell with some old veteran that Oprah says should just die off. The VA, unions, social activism, mass foreign workers or here on visas do NOT mix well for our care. Oh and don’t correct or complain when some MD from Pakistan or somewhere tells you how to feel or pain is not pain or they don’t even know 45 is indeed low blood sugar regardless of what they say or try to tell you. The idiots. But PCness rules at the VA, not truth, just the admin, the unions and other assorted bragging trash and traitors.

  12. This is right out of the “old” union days when they had enforcers who carried axe handles and kept the members in line using physical force…………. This guys been watching to many gangster movies……..

  13. #1.) The head of the union makes a physical threat against another human being. No arrest! No “talking to” by law enforcement! No nothing!
    Sure is a “double standard” between the union/VA employees and veterans/patients!
    2.) Jeff calls Jeff (Miller) a “fool”. All Jeff Miller can do is “Nothing”!
    That’s because Congress won’t do anything to stop corruption, waste, fraud and abuse THAT IS VA!
    Congress just keeps handing out billions of $$$, no questions asked!

    Like we on here have said. We’ve got to start voting these idiots out of office.

    I read an article a week or so ago. About why and how our politicians got out of registering with Obamacare. It’s because all of our so called politicians “claimed” they were a “small business”! Thereby eliminating the requirement of having to “join” Obama’s failed “healthcare plan”!
    How’s that for “double standards”?!
    Since they “claim” to be a Small business, then let’s elect a “powerful businesman as POTUS!”

    1. They consider themselves “small business Obamacare exemption”, but in reality, since Citizens United, those very Corporations and Lobbyist $$$$$$$ contribution/donors should be inclusive to their actual “small business” calculation, then I bet they are too large to be exempted. Those Corporations now having “personhood status”, means the pendulum should swing both ways!
      Self-serving A$$holes.

      They all should be required to use the various VAMC’s ONLY in their respective States AND maintain a liaison office to voice valid complaints directly to that representative. Sort of like that kryptonite to the VA called accountability.

  14. This confirms suspicions from yesterday’s blog article where it seemed like Sloan Gibson and Sec. McDonald were/are attempting to “blur the lines” between VA Upper Management Employees and VA Physicians…it’s ALL about catering to damn union.

    President Reagan would have pulled a play from his Air Traffic Controller Union ‘playbook’ and fired them and separated the Union from the VA Employees…no negotiating, JUST BE GONE!!
    President Obama? Not so much. “I have full faith in the VA Secretary and the VA to DO THE RIGHT THING”, President Obama.
    The Idiot In Chief is not helping Veterans one bit by his indifference and deferment of authority.
    This J. David Cox, AFGE Union Head’s statements are very telling of the relationship and stronghold they have on VA Vulture Culture.
    I sincerely doubt the AFGE Union cares that much about Veterans as well, which translates into their Union Head’s attitude transferring to those VA Employees…lead by example, right?!!!
    “What a maroon”–Bugs Bunny
    “Th-Th-Th-at’s All Folks”–Porky Pig
    Looney Tunes theme song fades out….

  15. sorry about some mistakes In the spelling of some of my words. didn’t read it before I submitted it next time I won’t do that I’ll read it. only thing I’ll say again I don’t understand how the AFGE have so much power with the VA employees.

  16. We’re I worked for the government. that union had no power whatsoever they couldn’t save your job you still get fired. you have to be a moron to pay their union dues they can’t bargain for wages. because Congress does that and before I would ever let them represent me if I was getting fired or whatever it was one big joke everybody knew that even the union stewards.I don’t understand how VA employees get anywhere with that union I guess they do but then she couldn’t ride work it was a joke union and I had belonged to the Teamsters that was little bit different. not too many people joined it. maybe had a good dental plan.but I would never let them arbitrate for me and you didn’t have to let maybe all of the employees joined it I wouldn’t pay them union dues. so I guess I just don’t understand how they have power at the VA

    1. We would have to get our hands on their contract books and info first of all.

      When I was a union officer for years with the Steel Workers all was well if you voted for who the National or International rep said to. Or go along with pay-offs, perks, kick-backs, and corruption that suited the upper echelons in the structure. I did not and ended up prepping for a federal brief for years against many…. until I found out how deep corruption really is in these United States at all levels and with most professions from the locals to the state to the feds. This started in early seventies.

      On the flip side companies, some, with government contracts are free, or were in my time, from inspections, OSHA, and other expectations other companies or contractors were not. No unions were allowed in either, period. No talk of it or we would have been instantly fired. One I worked for closed after making millions, left the state and left a big hazardous material mess for taxpayers to cleanup. That is one perk working for the gov.

      SEIU had their support flyers around the hospital for weeks until a news letter came out asking VA employees not discuss union matters or anything civilian or non health care related topics in the hospital.

      I don’t know if they have a strike clause in their contract or not. But it does no good when vast amounts of workers can call in, high tech social networking, planning, shortages of workers in a multitude of clinics. That is NOT good at all, especially for vets traveling miles to get seen and dealt with. Oops, no one there to work and MDs not even showing up for some weird reasons. But I’m sure someone will say it’s all a good thing and some activist have their own reasons so veterans can suffer, it’s okay to the play the game for whatever reasons. Unions and the activist always have a way of doing chaos and harm in some manner. Or like boycotting some persons business that may find themselves in disagreement with some union member or activist. Or worse. We will probably never hear of it unless we are personally aware of something close to us or a friend.

      From what I have seen any Federal Unions, employees, cops, courts, or Contractors can get by with whatever they want. And this AFGE whatever article shows it. I wasted many thousands of dollars to learn my lessons in life and I won’t waste anymore either. I’ll just spout off and piss people off just by talking and telling them how life is in Indiana and any side issue I have personally ever had to deal with, pleasant, pleasing to all or not.

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