VA OIG Dumps Treasure Trove Of Cases Friday Afternoon


Last Friday, in typical, “there is nothing to see here” fashion, VA OIG dumped loads of reports on its website of advisory and closed cases.

Following the Tomah VAMC cover up, OIG claims it is working to be more transparent. It was in this spirit the supposed watchdog issued created two pages on which it will publish either advisory reports or investigation closures.

Administrative Investigation Advisories

According to the corresponding webpage, OIG states:

“The Department of Veterans Affairs, Office of Inspector General (OIG) independently reviews allegations and conducts administrative investigations generally concerning high-ranking senior officials and other high profile matters of interest to Congress and the Department. While these reviews and investigations may result in the issuance of a formal report, they can also lead to the issuance of an administrative advisory to VA senior leadership. Advisories have been issued instead of reports if allegations are substantiated but no recommendations are made or are unsubstantiated during the course of the investigation and there is a need to notify VA leadership of the investigative results. It is our intention to maintain transparency with veterans, Congress, and the public by releasing information related to administrative investigative work completed by OIG.”

Friday, 38 reports of this type were published.


Administrative Investigation Closures

“While these reviews and investigations may result in the issuance of a formal report, they can also result in the issuance of an administrative closure memorandum. Closure memorandums are issued instead of a report or advisory if allegations are unsubstantiated or if the subject of the investigation retires or resigns from government service prior to the completion of the investigation, at which time no disciplinary action can be taken. OIG intends to maintain transparency with veterans, Congress, and the public by releasing our administrative investigative work. If additional administrative closure memorandums are issued, they will be available on this website if it is released publicly under Public Law 95-452, Inspector General Act, Public Law 104-231, Freedom of Information Act, or any other controlling confidentiality statute or regulation.”

Friday, IG published 49 of these reports.


The information is worth looking up from time to time.

While these reports are mostly old, they give a small view into the world OIG previously withheld from the public until now.

When you take a look at some of these, let me know what strikes you as surprising within the treasure trove of OIG reports.

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  1. you really want to know what pisses me off is that i know of veterans collecting more than 30% and working in a law enforcement capacity. you must be physically fit to work in that capacity, who helped them in getting this

  2. When Trump finishes “draining the swamp” at the white house, he needs to pull the plug on this VA cesspool. The Secretary of Veteran Affairs is circling the drain and hopefully he’ll be replaced with someone that will actually do something besides put frosting on this huge VA turd.

    1. VA DC HQ TO ALL VETS MEET THE NEW BOSS HOG SAME AS THE OLD BOSS HOG AT VA DC HQ WILL MAKE A BET WE VETS WILL BE SCREWED AGIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. First report in the site. Let’s hide Ms. Nelson’s name in pages 1-4 and reveal it in page 5. This would be a privacy violation by the group chat inside the VA investigating VA privacy violations. Ben Krause, who would investigate the OIG?

  4. Seymore,
    Is there any connection between the drug companies and Brown?
    I’ve tried, only can’t find anything.

    On #2, I think a long prison sentence should be added to murdering veterans.
    On #3, not only accountability, but make it easier to fire incompetent individuals.

  5. The way I see it there’s three things that have to happen with VA . One , the AFGE has to go. Two, no more bonuses for letting Veterans die. Three, accountability by all who work at the VA. You know, that 2nd amendment works both ways. We all know that the VA is out of control. If Brown is selected, Trump is batting 000. How angry do we have to be, before We are heard?

  6. “Closure memorandums are issued instead of a report or advisory if allegations are unsubstantiated or if the subject of the investigation retires or resigns from government service prior to the completion of the investigation, at which time no disciplinary action can be taken.”….. This says it all, if they bury the evidence deep enough or keep an investigation open long enough, they get to resign or retire with no consequences!!!! How does this make any sense?

  7. Seymore,
    Check out these two Utube videos.
    From; “AmicusGenerisYT”

    “Trey Gowdy’s Thoughts On Donald Trump’s Immigration Plan”

    Nov, 22, 2016 (03:06 minutes)

    Seems Congress ain’t waiting for President Elect Trump to initiate something over ‘delegates using Immigration as a platform during election cycles’! Congress plans on doing something about it now!

    From: “Jim Beckwith”

    “Just In: Trump to Issue Executive Order including 8 more news stories”

    #1 is painful to watch. It’s about Brown possibly being the next VA Secretary! Of course, it’s not “written in stone” YET! Let’s hope and pray President Elect Trump has second thoughts!

    #3 is good. It’s about how “Sanctuary Cities” will, and rightfully so, be dealt with!

    That’s as far as I got. I’ll go back later and watch the rest of it.

  8. Hey Ben , who picks up the investigation when the VA OIG stops because the person quit their job ? I know some of these people were rehired . How long do you have to stay on hired before the investigation goes away ? And why doesn’t anybody else pick up all these terrible allegations ?

  9. There’s obviously two sets of laws in this country . One for me one for them . I do not understand one iota of the VA employees can keep stealing killing and lying over and over and over , and still have a job . It seems, all they have to do is say they’re quitting , or get fired , wait a few weeks , and get rehired . There is absolutely no justice for veterans with the VA OIG . More than that, the VA OIG is useless . Jason Hillary Clinton and her foundation , may get her a fine , or don’t do that again . We pay , they take .

    1. The VA is not subject to the Constitution at all. Just like military folks are not subject to the Constitution. Military folks agree to foresake Constitutional protections and accept the Uniform Code of Military Justice. VA gets to formulate their own set of standards, police themselves for compliance with their own standards, and adjust their own standards at will, and ALL of it is done independentantly and protected from The People.

      VA was made a cabinet by Reagan and implemented as such during Bush #1. This means that it is no longer subject to any provision of the Constitution as a practical matter. VA people are effectively part of the Executive Branch and enjoy enormous political power as a result. In essence they legally can refuse to abide by Constitutional restraints and there is no recourse for anyone so harmed by their negligence or vengence and even the hacking up of chilled bodies called non-human will touch none of them.

      The VA can openly send police on frivolous “safety checks” and be very honest in doing so in retaliation for being insulted, yet the police are helpless to stop it because false reporting cannot be prosecuted if the report comes from the Exec. The VA routinely makes false felony allegations that once discovered false have zero repercussions for the accuser. False reporting therefor is the standard and not the exception.

      There is only ONE insurmountable problem at VA, and absolutely NOTHING and NOBODY has been able or ever will be able to stop the horror until this problem goes away – the VA is not constrained by ANY code, either UCMJ or US Constitution and they are untouchable and wallow in that fact like pigs in warm mud. There is no power in the land that can fix VA until this point is made a part of history. You cannot sue them like other Americans, you cannot jail them like other Americans, and you cannot hold them accountable for wrongdoing like other Americans. They enjoy the priveledges of foreign dignitaries in this respect.

      This and this alone is the reason for the horrors we have seen for so many decades. Nothing at VA will change until VA is held to the same Constitutional standards as the veterans they serve.

    2. Well Dennis that explains it well enough, and better than I have been told about the mighty powers of the VA, which assuredly is state, unions, social activist, clique, medical boards, and federally sanctioned, allowed, to do whatever. One sure sign of the level of corruption and them allowed to run amuck, breaking state and federal laws, then civilians to carry on with such stuff refusing to take any stands against VA mal-practice, threats, abuse, neglect, etc., is another obvious story teller about how big this mess actually is and how well supported and protected the whole shebang is, top to bottom of it all, all facets of our lives. Now today we have to fight for civy health files for months only to see they to are not the actual paper work and has been condensed, changed, and protects the VA and staff.

      I received another packet of files from/about whatever, from the lousy VA. The FOIA request or requested files. Doesn’t matter. I am not going to waste my time going through it all since the majority of it is total bull and far from decent, informative, honesty, in-depth, record keeping or keeping with proper record keeping and patient communications of days gone by. Well, years gone by and lost forever.
      I notice Indiana again not on a list, or this list. Typical, and it isn’t going to get better just as you say. I have spoken to people here that have made it as far as they can go, to Congress critters, state reps, and they are veteran group, clique, and townie insiders. They were able to discuss matters, sugar coated and giving the politicians their honorable mentions, to no real avail, or any good to come of it. So if those people who have been involved with Vet groups for many years, insiders for many years, rub shoulders with local creep politicians, the elite, know lawyers and etc., can get nothing done much let alone a much needed all out investigation of things here, then I don’t have a chance in hell of being heard or taken seriously. Of course they are all showing me by their cute maneuvering, not wanting to get involved, don’t care, it being either legal or medical issues no-one can get involved with, “hands are tied,” “fear the VA,” it’s retaliation, or down to them not wanting to lose their “free care,” or take chances or some other form or retaliation from unions, family and friends of VA staff. Yep, sad as hell.

      The VA scum counselor that told us all his rhetoric, threats, attitude, speech, accusations, negativity, sever name calling and degradation “came from the top.” Meaing, he said, from POTUS, DoD, state medical boards, Homeland Suckurity, Indiana state medical colleges, governor, law enforcement, etc. who today “rules over our lives and all our health care.” “They know us better than we know ourselves.” If we leave the VA we would never find health care in this state again like we want, or think we deserve. Yeah, the nasty ass repeated his sentiments and attacks enough times to ensure we left pissed off, vowing to quit the fascist VA system, or maybe for others to bow to them because of need. So they are legally untouchable, the ACLU nor any others don’t care, Gov, Pence doesn’t care. The only thing that must matter here in Indiana is censorship, media black outs, propaganda, lies, and keeping Indiana, encompassing corruption and the VA blemish free.

      Oh yes, we “are all criminals. If not now we will become criminals one way or another.’ That highly trained VA counselor said. “Need pain meds then start drinking more or go to the streets and find some Heroin or dope for what you need.” Yes, the punk with 18yrs at the prestigious VA actually said that and much much more, repeatedly.

      All the VA supporters, Congress, LEOs, unions, local politicians, town workers, even the illegals here have their very own pain clinics and such for care. Not us. I am told in a county of around 110,000 we only have 4 rude, crude, nasty, pain clinics for us low life, while all those others have those golden MDs and clinics to run to. Clinics for illegals are packed and seems business is good for them and while we wait in line at emergency rooms for them to get splinters removed or have babies, all others must wait

      No state official, the AG, no media, nothing, no-one, is here in this state to help us here, to lend a ear, or care to know some reality as long as they have their piece or the corrupt pie, the positions, and families taken care of.

      I want to run some ads and maybe start a group. But am told it would be flooded by idiots, town official’s thugs, and activist and would more than likely be dangerous that way things are going since Trump’s election, and the haters and activist anyone who doesn’t bow to them and all their activism or agendas.

      What a damn mess this country is in. So much for living out the Golden Age in peace and with proper medical care.

  10. Broken Promise Number 1

    “Trump says he’s not interested in pursuing case against Clinton”, By Nolan D. McCaskill and Louis Nelson, 11/22/16

    “‘It’s just not something that I feel very strongly about,’ Trump told The New York Times.”

    “″‘It’s just not something that I feel very strongly about,’ Trump told The New York Times.

    1. Kellyanne Conway: Donald Trump, Media Have To Share ‘Joint Custody’ Of Nation | Morning Joe | MSNBC
      Published on Nov 22, 2016
      “Kellyanne Conway talks about Donald Trump’s decision not to pursue charges against Hillary Clinton, his meeting with media leaders and the latest transition news”


    2. Seymore,
      In reality, Trump doesn’t have to “…go after…” Hillary. His newly appointed AG & FBI Directors can.
      Then there’s Rep. Chaffetz and Gowdy. Both have already stated the investigations aren’t finished. Plus, there’s the multiple FBI investigations in 4 or 5 different states over the foundation’s illegal activities.
      Once those are finished, they will turn over the findings to the newly appointed heads of the AG!
      So, like I’ve said, President Elect Trump doesn’t (personally) have to “go after” anyone!

      1. Hey Elf,

        The election has been nothing more than a big show called the Washington shuffle. A masterfully played con on the American Public. That is all that it is.

        Oh and if you remember early November Trump gave his 100 day plan. Item 5 was to speed up the drug approval process over at the FDA. That they had over 4,000 new drugs waiting for approval.

        I wonder who they will be testing all these new drugs on! Now with Doctors replaced by pharmacist, nurses and assistants at the VA I have a pretty good idea who is going to be the research subjects used to test these new drugs.

  11. 11/22/2016

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    Wow, Christmas so soon, did not expect this! I cannot wait for the Christmas gift from Comey!

    This is going to be the best year ever!

    I can’t wait until the Certified Mail with return hits the desk on 1600 P.A.

    Past gifts were in there like the MOFO 2007 Case, the testimony from Peter Breggin in 2010, Senator Boxer’s June 06, 2014 letter, and so much more; a gift that keeps on giving.

    The way I see it OIG will have a new leader after this “legal” stunt, within days.


    Don Karg

  12. Do you suppose if I made a FOIA request for all used toilet paper not currently flushed at VA (there is a waiting list – a real back log) would all evidence of smell or stain be redacted to protect identity of the wiper ( and national security)? If the request returned zero documents would that also explain the foul odor in VA offices?

    How would you even appeal such a redaction? Butt hairs can be tested for DNA thus revealling the VA wiper. How do you redact a butt hair??? Maybe some hair spray with serious holding power?

    I hope he new VA Sec., whoever that is, is good with a Sharpie marker on fragile tissue…

    1. I might be a cleverly disguised secret agent troll for VA so watch your answers! Do you got any paper?

      1. The VA spared no expense at all for your wiping pleasure. Highest grade coarse garnet paper also handy for sanding down that outdoor swing, boat barnacles, and you can even cook in it or seal a leaky motor exhaust.
        Developed and brought to you by VA Gastroenterologists and Proctologists in a little side project on VA time, sold back to the VA for $490. per roll. Only the very best for our bleeding Veterans.

    1. Hi There FLB,

      Just want to say “Thank You” for your endorsement of my knowledge about the inner workings of the VA. Although I have learned a lot about the VA, mostly the hard way by experiencing it. Like you have.

      About your comments about me and Ben’s article. When I read them I checked you out by doing an advanced search on Google using my name and your initials limited to this site. I can only find two times that I have responded to comments that you have made. One where I said you hit the nail on the head with your comment about being able to have attorneys involved in the process. The other was to ask you if the people messing with you from the VA had done some of the same things they did to me.

      Looking back over your posts I see a Veteran, like me, who has been messed over very badly by the VA.

      1. Also FLB,

        Sorry to hear you are having a bad day. But if you do get the chance you might want to reread Ben’s article and check out the links. There is a lot there worth reading.

  13. See More Clearly, From one of your reply comments to me concerning my visits to my doctors, told me that you know all about the inner workings of the VA. TROLL!!!!

    1. @FLB,
      You couldn’t be more wrong about ‘Seymore Klearly’. So don’t take this the wrong way!
      He’s posted many, and I do mean MANY, anti-VA articles on here than just about any other person. I also believe he’s in direct communication with Ben.
      Maybe that’s why he’s more “…informed about the inner workings of VA…” than most of us!
      Did you ever consider that aspect?

      To everyone;
      This morning I went to my small VHA clinic to give blood. Everyone there was extremely courteous and polite. It was a dramatic switch from before.
      My wife believes it’s because we got a few individuals in trouble a while ago.
      Three individuals broke federal and state hippa laws.
      I’m not going into all the particulars. But let’s just say, a two page letter outlining what they did to me, (which VHA officials didn’t want me to have), IS IN MY POSSESSION! Along with another letter, from a VHA official, which outlines the crime in detail.
      I informed the VA investigator these letters, (copies), will be turned over to the proper authorities when President Elect Trump becomes POTUS!

  14. The VA OIG doesn’t fight crime , they monitor it . So who is supposed to stop the crime ? Fighting crime lies with the attorney general , good luck America .

    1. Jo3n
      The DOJ is supposed to prosecute wrongdoings. We all know that ain’t gonna happen. Especially with “Lying Lynch” at the helm!

  15. Here’s what’s on “ News” this morning.
    “US Report on Tucson VA Wait Times Validates Whistleblower’s Claims”
    22 Nov. 2016
    “The Arizona Daily Star, Tucson | by Emily Bregel
    From: “The Horn News”
    “Trump will NOT pursue Clinton investigation”
    Nov 22, 2016

    In my opinion, He doesn’t have to! Why? Because the many states AG’s, and local FBI law enforcement agencies, are still investigating (possible criminal) charges over the “Clinton Foundation”!
    Comparing the “emailgate” sentences which could be handed down vs the sentences over the criminal enterprise of the foundation. It’s quite possible the whole Clinton family and their cohorts, could see more massive jail times.
    Of course, this all depends on “IF” Obama doesn’t give all of them a blanket pardon. Even if he does pardon them. He must be specific on all charges.

  16. I love the new ####### ##### that purportedly ######## instead of the prohibitted personal ###### that allegedly ######, ########, but not #######.

    This transparency will ####### ###### without compromising the integrity of the Senior Executive Service. At time I think VA can kiss my ###, but I am afraid of ##### and the resulting ######.

    I just wanted to be transparent in how I felt. Your friend,


  17. The VA-OIG, in my opinion, has been neutered. Along with other OIG’s, especially since Obama took office in 2009.
    I remember someone commenting about this issue a short time ago. It was reported he fired the “COMPETENT” OIG investigators, replacing them with ‘boot-licking surrogates’!
    Until someone who has integrity and HONOR comes along, I feel we veterans are going to receive the short end of the stick!

    On Brown wanting, or vying, to be Secretary of VA, I’ll have the wife send that “sexual charge article” off to the “Trump Team”. She enjoys screwing those who want to screw us veterans!
    And she’s very good at informing Trump’s team.

    1. The VA has not been nuetered! – it is staffed by females. Some of those Hostess cupcakes might look male but do not be fooled! Chin hairs and a pot belly are a unisex feature at VA. It is unfair to call the lovely cupcakes neutered just because they hate balls and those who have them. Even chilled veterans balls oherwise worthy of transplant are much maligned by the “ladies” of the VA. OIG concurs, and FOIA docs reveal that ###### has taken responsibility.

      With respect as always,

      Chilled Non-human Veteran

    2. Don’t you mean Reagan? And continued especially during the Clinton deregulation period? I don’t recall Obama deregulating except when he had a gun to his head from a GOP lead filibuster on paying the bills.

  18. Are you supposed to be able to click on, for instance, VA Central Office/National (19), and see which 19 cass they’re talking about? if so, it’s not working for me…

  19. The current set-up of the VA OIG is they are essentially the marionettes tidying things up for VA Public Affairs and it all sums out the South end of the VA Meat Grinder into magical fairy dust that intoxicates the bureaucrats into submission to feed the meat grinder more cash, a vicious circle leaving Vets in the wake of poo.
    I have said it before, if there was a way to generate electricity from the flow of poo coming from the VA daily, we could have self-sustaining electrical grid. The VA OIG must restrict the flow of poo on heavier days to not overload the senses.
    Drain the damn swamp. Jesse Ventura or Clint Eastwood for VA Secretary. 🙂

    1. VA OIG and all glass conference rooms do not make for the type of transparency we should have to view with the VA. Especially the incessantly masturbating type. (that story alone tells you the OIG has been compromised)

    2. namnibor,
      One must not forget the massive “PUBLIC RELATIONS” asswipes VA spends millions of taxpayers money on to clean up their messes!
      They, along with the AFGE, should be outlawed from VA!

  20. Send an e-mail to shinseki and he would send someone from a different va medical to give their version on the scheduling issues and manipulations that cause waitlists and specific acts that cover the acts of negligence. They create stories to cover up crimes.

  21. One thing that I noticed is that while employed as the Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs, General Shinseki rose from the rank of 35th richest Obama cabinet appointees to the rank of 13th wealthiest Obama cabinet member. How many Million per year do we pay the Secretaries?

    It is noteworthy to mention that he was investigated for allegation that he engaged in ethical violations that led to personal financial gain. But he was cleared of the allegations shortly before he was forced to retire.

    An additional note here is a CNN report 7 days before he retired.

    “Shinseki ‘mad as hell’ about VA allegations, but won’t resign”, Tom Cohen and Chris Frates, Friday May 23, 2014


    The IG report is at: “”

    1. The pay for VA employees is obscene unless you calculate the wage like hamburger at the meat section – per pound! the VA employees that work at Roseburg VA are cheaper by the pound than a ten pound bag of frozen chicken hindquarters from Arkansas – bone in.

      I guess with the VA chief America gets a pretty big bone.

  22. It makes me sick that senior administrators can still squeak by any corruption, crime, or loss of life due to their acts. VAOIG has jurisdiction to prosecute these criminals and they will make up another administrative process to eliminate due process for someone (a chance for justice) who is a victim of their crimes. VAOIG sits on information that would clearly be seen as criminal in any other agency. They decide, they decide, they decide, what warrants an investigation and if it is substantiated to prosecute. These agents could care less when you tell them that negligent dr.s are killing Veterans. Prescribers not doing their jobs. The scheduling system is so corrupted to produce inefficiencies, waste of funding, backlogs intentially. takes alot of people to make that wait list. I never knew of anything could be that corrupted and dangerous to our Veterans.

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