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Cancer Linked to Toxic Exposure Claims Life of Iraq War Veteran, Founder of Veteran Warriors

Cancer linked to toxic exposure in Iraq claimed the life of another Iraq War veteran this week. In an announcement from Veteran Warriors, founder Lauren Price, 56, passed away from cancer linked to her toxic chemical exposure she experienced during her tour in Iraq in 2007.

Lauren, a personal friend of mine and passionate advocate for disabled veterans relying on the beleaguered VA Caregiver Program, passed away March 30, 2021, surrounded by her family, friends, and beloved pets.

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Despite her disabilities, Lauren was one of the most active advocates I know who co-founded Veteran Warriors with her husband Jim. The Navy veteran and medical retiree lived in New Port Richey, Florida.

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“It has been my greatest honor to serve the veterans of this nation as their advocate’” Lauren said shortly before her passing. “The people and organizations that I have met and worked with have been the best in the world.”

Her bootstrapped organization, Veteran Warriors, was a niche veteran advocacy group focusing on helping veterans, their caregivers, and families nationwide. Lauren was effective in holding VA executives’ feet to the fire on numerous occasions and testified before Congress.

Over the past years, I had grown to know and appreciate the strategies and advocacy style Lauren used to push forward veterans’ rights and the VA Caregiver Program. Mired on controversy, the Caregiver Program was best known over recent years violating common sense and decency to boot caregivers from the program to save a buck.

Lauren and her team fought hard to help booted caregivers win back the monies they were wrongfully denied, and they were very successful. If Veteran Warriors even had a fraction of the budget directed to the big VSOs like Disabled American Veterans, American Legion, or Veterans of Foreign Wars, the sky would have been the limit.

The organization is moving forward with a brief reorganization following Lauren’s passing, and will continue moving the mission forward. Holly Ferrell has stepped in as the Executive Director.

Read: Veteran Warriors Press Release On Price’s Passing

I will miss her, and I know I am not alone in that sentiment.

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  1. Last claim I filed over a year ago, I added all the K2 information I had to the claim. During the evaluation, the doctor was given all this information too, and he stated that toxic chemicals can cause a whole slough of medical issues. I haven’t heard anything yet from the eval. There is a bill in Congress that is ready to be passed reference to K2.

  2. I replied to Crazy Elf with a comment on AO-a few days ago
    It is not here-
    I consider myself an expert on Agent Orange claims.

    Maybe it will show up- it held good info

  3. Condolences to all over Lauren’s passing, and at such a young age like countless others.

    “Veteran Warriors.” Never heard of them. No real advocates around my area willing to take on my state the unions. From what little I can find to read about advocates in other states they are really putting up some fights and some advocates still reporting, like Sue B., the entire system is too corrupt to fight according to her videos.

    I’ve upset some higher ups, various groups so much with my “negativity” it seems I have to play with the USPS too. Since they cancelled my POB, paid for it, trying to get the old numbered box back again, and been two weeks and still no phone calls back and no new POB…. just gas-lighting, passing the buck, and games… as usual. Oh well, some things and areas never change or get better. Guess the enemies want to see me totally silenced, shunned, cancelled, etc. Fun times living in corruption land with a legal system and “leaders” to match.

    Try to have a happy healthier Easter out there.

  4. Please have a happy Easter Ben my friend and friend to the VETS . I hope that the Easter Bunny is especially good to you buddy !!! God bless 😇 and take care 😷😇🥳. Please don’t forget He is the reason for the season!!!!!🤠🪂🪂🪂🥳🪂🪂🪂🥳

  5. I’m a Vietnam Veteran and am slowly losing to Agent Orange. The VA still won’t add the disabilities they were required to do a few years ago – WHY?

    1. What disabilities do you mean?

      The new ones are:
      bladder cancer, hypothyroidism, Parkinson’s-like symptoms.
      Also the BVA has made some awards for AP Hypertention due to the Suffcient association of HTN to AO in the NAS report.
      I am an AO widow and filed a claim for my husbands 1151 HBP to become direct SC.
      I found out the VA lost the claim, that’s OK I have had a battle with every claim I ever had-and won them all.

      I had put links in my post and maybe that is why it did not show up.
      Ben, you might remember me-My husband died due to VA health care.
      I succeeded in FTCA, 1151 and direct SC death.

      My Bill S 221 has passed the Senate and is headed to Congress- it can save lives-because
      VA manipulates their malpractice statistics- and 1151 awards are absorbed into their General compensation amounts in the BVA annual reports. No one really knows how many vets the VA Medical System harms or kills.
      I met my husband at a vet center where I was a VA volunteer in 1983 and have been helping vets and their survivors get what the VA owes them, since 1983.
      The Bill is on line ( S 221) and is intended to prevent more VA malpractice.

  6. Condolences to you and her family. I’m thankful of her service in the military and being an advocate to help others! R.I.P. sister warrior!

  7. Are you going going to talk about K2? I was there. I’m 100% T&P and gradually getting worse.

    1. The K2 vets are having a hard time-
      shades of Thailand AO,and Camp LeJuene bad water- and BWN AO ,but those vets have succeeded for the most part-

      is the 100% P & T you have ,due to exposure to chemicals at K2?

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