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CNN: Phoenix VA Sharon Helman May Get Job Back

Sharon HelmanFormer head of Phoenix VA Sharon Helman, the woman who lied about lobbyist handouts, may get her job back due to a decision by Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

That decision was to not defend the VA reform law Republicans and Democrats were applauding not long ago. The VA reform law was supposed to protect against problems like this and allow termination of unethical employees, but the Attorney General decided to not protect the statute.

Ironically, Helman was one of the first people fired after President Barack Obama signed the reforms into law.


The AG’s decision came three months after Helman took a plea deal related to her falsification of federal reporting about $50,000 in gifts she received from a lobbyist. She was discharged following a lengthy investigation where VA botched her prosecution.

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Only in America, right?

A woman convicted of essentially taking $50k in gifts from a lobbyist under the table and then lied about it to the feds may still get her job back even after being convicted. How is that for justice? Or is justice merely a t of the past?

The entire roll-out of the scheme seems to display little more to the American public than the idea that federal employees at the executive level are above the law.

According to House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy:

“When Congress passed the Veterans Choice Act, a key provision allowed for incompetent and indifferent executives whose inaction allowed veterans to die to be more easily fired. Now, even after the President signed this provision into law, his administration is refusing to defend this measure of accountability.”

So why is it that President Obama is refusing to defend the law? Does it have to do with AFGE union pressure against such accountability within VA and the federal government? How is it that government executives always seem above the law?

As the election moves closer, it will be interesting to see which candidate will appear tougher on VA fraud, waste and abuse. Thus far, Hillary Clinton rebuffed claims of rampant problems within VA and the wait list scandal claiming it was little more than Republican rhetoric.

I would like her to say that to the face of any family members of dead veterans.


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  1. VA ONE BIG BIG BIG FEDERAL RICO CRIME RACKET RUN BY AFGE UNION THUG RATS SO SCREW THE VETS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. To anyone that that wants to find out the truth about the “straw man” report you can google the Commission on Care wich will lead to the Commissions website. The creation of the Commission on Care was mandated by Congress in Section 202 of the Veterans Access, Choice, and Accountability Act (VACAA) of 2014.

    on the main page for the website a link to the statement Chairperson Nancy Schlichting issued regarding the Straw Man Report that is being misrepresented by the VSOs and the AFGE Union.

    Also on the websites about us page there is a link provided “Independant Accessment” which leads to the results of the independent assessment, delivered to VA on September 1, 2015.

  3. I live in Prescott, AZ, and 2 months ago filed a form 95 (Claim for Damages) against the VA, for Medical Malpractice, Pain and Suffering, Failure to Treat, and illegal activity done by the now acting Medical Director here and former COS, as required by law, with a lot of other hoops you have to jump through to file a law suit. I have all the documents to easily prove everything, including statements made by staff close to him. I am in the hospital here now as an inpatient again, and found that we are approximately 20 nurses short here because Most have walked off the job, do to all the problems here. I know why we don’t get the coverage of most VA hospitals because we are not as big as big city VA’s, therefore it seems .!as if the VA cares less for issues here because they know this. I have all the documentation proving his lies to elected official’s, and am just waiting for the 6 month review time the VA gets before you can proceed to litigation with a lawyer in court. I have a few who put in request for me to contact them, but I am waiting to see what other lawyers with proven track records apply. Please if any of you are from this VA, or know someone who is, and have had major issues here please contact me at [email protected]
    Or if you would like to know more. Thank you and God bless you all my fellow Brothers and Sisters.

    1. Keep us informed. The acting director. Where did he/she come from. In house?

      I have seen where they have a rotation list they use for manager’s to cover when a temporary director is needed !

      That could be any chief of a service connected. Janitorial supervisor. Kitchen supervisor Kitchen. Grounds keeper supervisor !

      These manager’s only make things worse. They are not qualified and are put into s position. Where they can hire people who are their friend’s And can put their agenda into action .

      Their are so many unqualified manager’s and supervisors that they are destroying the moral and the VA as a whole.

      Have you requested you record’s to see if they are recording in your record’s that you are a problem veteran !

      Be very careful and watch out for employees trying to provoke you. In an effort to claim you have become disruptive !

      They use the disruptive committee to punish veterans Who dare. Question them. !

  4. Russ Feingold former Wisconsin Senator running on a platform of “I didn’t get the Memo”.

    The campaign team for former Sen. Russ Feingold accused his opponent, Sen. Ron Johnson, of abusing his position as chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee and Government Affairs committee.

    Because Senator Ron Johnson’s Veterans affairs staff made sure he was informed about the problems at Tomah VAMC and Senator Johnson did some thing about it.

    Unfortunately Mr. Feingold didn’t feel the need to employ a staff that actually cared about Veterans and is unable see the correlation.

    Good luck Mr. Feingold with your “I didn’t Get the Memo” Campaign.

    1. @Seymore Klearly
      Yea, we’ve got a lot of “elected and appointed officials” who’ve never received those memos!
      Seems they only care about us during election cycle also!

      1. Hey Elf,

        Here is a link to an article on the Tomah Meeting with union employees and veterans.

        From the article they are trying to fight to say that the VA is being privatized and that union members need to fight it. They are recommending the same tactics they have been using to fight the Veterans Choice Program.

        “AFGE spokeman Mike Rosenblatt said the final report due June 30 doesn’t carry the force of law but has the potential to be influential in the light of recent negative publicity involving VA hospitals. He urged union members to get involved and make sure any privatization proposal is “undermined and sits on the shelf.””

        Know why the Choice program is so screwed up the staff are undermining it and making sure the paper work just sits on the shelf.

        “Union warns of privatized at Tomah VA”

        Oh and of course the DAV was there speaking, and of course the American legion was sponsoring the event.

      2. That is so fucking disgusting. I will be returning my DAV Life Membership. I don’t have a Legion card since they refused to help Gulf War vets since the mid 1990s.

      3. Elf here is another article on the pending case at the VA regarding the Candy man.

        “VA Inspector General Denounces Agency Report Supporting Ex-Tomah VA Head”

        “Houlihan In Pending Case Over Suspended Medical License ”

        “Pending cases involving the former Tomah Veterans Affairs Medical Center chief of staff could be impacted by a U.S. Senate field hearing held this week in Tomah.

        Dr. David Houlihan, who headed the medical center during a scandal involving opioid prescriptions, had his medical license suspended in March by the Wisconsin Medical Examining Board. But in April, a judge reinstated Houlihan’s license while the decision is appealed. She cited a 2015 white paper from the VA Office of Inspector General’s that found no wrongdoing in Houlihan’s practices.

        But Tuesday at the congressional hearing in Tomah, the VA’s new Inspector General Michael Missal denounced that report and its use to support Houlihan. He said he does not agree with the tone of the white paper and some of its contents.

        “My office took the white paper off its website so, to me, that means it no longer is a document of the Inspector General’s Office,” Missal said.

        Houlihan’s attorney could not be reached for comment.”


      4. A government white paper. Well shit, they should just reinstate him immediately since if found some putz to write a white paper. FFS can anyone explain when a fucking white paper on anything ever carried any weight?

      5. “FFS can anyone explain when a fucking white paper on anything ever carried any weight?”

        Yes…used toilet paper. 🙂

      6. You got me there nam…:), and your version is more factual than any other.

      7. Here is a link to Mike Rosenblatt’s linkedin page:


        He is the person mentioned above that calls for VA Union Empolyees to undermine and make sure the paper work sits on the shelf for improvements in VA Health Care.

        The union and VA employees have done a great job of preventing the Veterans Choice Program from helping Veterans in need of Care.

        Mike Rosenblatt is Obama’s boy. Check out his linkedin page before he deletes it.

      8. Choise ? Is not working. They don’t known what their doing. VA must have picked straws to see who got the contract.

        Do we have to enities. Not doing their job and seem not to know how !

      9. 1.) What the hell is a “White Paper” anyway? How does it “hold any power” on what does, or doesn’t, happen to Houlihan? What “Legal Power” does it hold?

        2.) If they’re “denouncing” Houlihan, wouldn’t that infer
        Missal, since he “removed it, might be taking some kind of “legal action against Houlihan”?
        The DEA still has a “open investigation” going! Plus, I read an article where many “facts” have come to the surface on the Marine Houlihan murdered, ie: phone calls to many law enforcement agencies, (FBI etc.), calls to elected officials, etc., etc..
        Then there’s that little question as to – “Was Houlihan ‘HIGH’ when he was questioned?”

        3.) Now I have a better grasp on “WHY” the Choice Program doesn’t work for the greater majority of veterans!

        4.) Why would that AFGE IDIOT infer the outside Hospitals are “getting a pass in the news medias” over crap they’ve done?
        Could it be those hospitals aren’t “in the news” that often, because they aren’t committing mass murder (of the people who protect “Civil Liberties”, ie: AMERICAN VETERANS)? Plus, receiving BILLIONS of taxpayer’s monies to do so!?

        5.) Just heard this morning our, “all talk-NO action”, elected official, Republican Congressman John Mica, here in Central Florida is going to be giving a “tour”, or some such B/S thing, today at the VAMC’s at Lake Baldwin VAMC, (the former Naval Hospital in Orlando), and the new Lake Nona VAMC, (also in Orlando)!
        Y’all remember those two fiascos? “Legionnaires Disease”, “over-budget like the ‘Black Hole’ in Colorado”, “paying 62 physicians to sit at home!”-(this one just came out within the past month), etc., etc., etc..

        6.) With Obama’s insult to ALL veterans this past week, especially against the VFW’s, I wonder what their thoughts on this “subject” will be?
        I’ve noticed some members are split over this issue, ie: privatization and Choice Program. I feel it’s mainly because they don’t have all the facts. I “reason” this to the union, and VA employees -(from top to bottom), not being truthful!

        ???Any thoughts??

      10. P.S.
        I wonder how the news medias, tv and papers, are going to project Mica’s little “gathering” down here today?
        The last time a “gathering” took place, it was “shut down within 45 minutes!”
        It was supposed to last two (2) hours. Just like today’s “meeting”!

        Going to be interesting! I also wonder IF veterans will give Mica HELL over the B/S he spews, about the VA, from time to time?
        He’s surely trying to get the veterans vote!!!!!
        I hope people see through his crap!

    2. Here in Ohio, our ‘Former Gov., Ted Strickland, is running for either Senate or House (D) and the repeated TV ads are “using” the VA Scandals in ad re: Wait Times and Deaths of Vets while at that very time Ted Strickland was shown saying, “I ant to reduce Veteran Disability Compensation….Vets are paid too much…”, and in another statement the a$$ made within same paragraph of, “I made the most $$$ I ever made in my life (Enron), …and The Veteran Administration is the BEST CARE in NATION, no scandals here…”!!
      So, we Vets are being USED for the VA Scandals in Political Attack Ads, but the same Main Stream Media refuses to fully report and regularly report the really ugly facts of what’s been going on with their TAX $$$.
      (Strickland is running against Ron Portman, so you can google the add that way. We Veterans are just like 91veteran has stated, we are just ‘props’ for other’s gain and $$$.

      Rant Out.

      🙂 Oh…@91veteran– I am rather proud of that answer for “weighted white paper”. 🙂
      Any ‘White Paper” held by the VAOIG needs to be spun out of Kevlar and coated with 8 ounces of gorilla glue. (don’t shoot this gorilla) 🙂

      God…I hear Killary’s shrill voice on my TV….must make…it…STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. @Seymore Klearly, namnibor and 91Veteran.

      In one of the articles, links, Seymore gave. Rosenblatt, (a union representative), is informing VSO’s AND VA employees to hold back on paperwork. Basically, in my opinion, telling VA employees to violate the laws set down by Congress and signed into law by POTUS. Which, by the way, the President IS required and mandated by the Constitution to “ENFORCE ALL LAWS!

      Am I wrong that Rosenblatt is telling VA employees to violate the law?

      1. Elf,
        No you are not wrong you are right.

        Quoting from published articles in both the La Crosse Tribune and

        “AFGE spokeman Mike Rosenblatt said the final report due June 30 doesn’t carry the force of law but has the potential to be influential in the light of recent negative publicity involving VA hospitals. He urged union members to get involved and make sure any privatization proposal is “undermined and sits on the shelf.””

        This is what the VA has been doing with the Choice program and is continuing to do. The reason why is clear the union is telling them to.

        No matter how you look at. It is a fact that many Veterans who need health care are being denied that care. Veterans health and lives are being put at great risk because the VA and VA Union Employees are fighting against providing that care through the Choice Program and any other programs that allow Veterans to receive Health Care outside of the VA.

        Clearly they are demonstrating that they do not care anything about the damage to the lives and health of the Veterans they are suppose to provide care for. For them it is all about keeping control of the Veteran population options for healthcare by any means possible.

        Regarding these so called Veterans Service Organizations(VSOs).Like the American Legion who sponsored the meeting in Tomah and Disabled American Veterans who had a speaker do a presentation at the meeting in Tomah.

        These back stabbing VSOs and the actions they first took against expanding Veterans Choice to all Veterans.

        From an article in the Daily Caller:

        “Top Veterans Service Organizations sent to the VA Commission on Care following an April Commission meeting where VSOs were invited to present their response to the Strawman document in which seven Commission members proposed total elimination of the VHA in 20 years.

        The VSOs had also heard that the commission was considering expanding Veterans Choice to every Veteran.”

        “American Legion Leaders Go Against the memberships wishes and lobbies against expanding Veterans Choice to All Veterans.

        “American Legion Defies Members, Discards Its Own Survey Showing Vets Want Private Care”


        “The Legion’s top brass told The Daily Caller News Foundation that it threw out the survey results because surveys aren’t comprehensive and veterans weren’t savvy enough to know that private-sector doctors don’t always provide perfect care either.”

        “The Legion and six other similar Veterans Service Organizations (VSO) wrote to a government commission April 29, saying their national executive boards did not favor expanding the Choice Card program to all veterans.”

        What truly Corrupted, Back Stabbing, Self-Preserving, Organization these VSOs are!!!

        Here is a link to the letter they signed, just copy and paste to your address bar and remove the quotes:


        Here is a list of the VSOs that signed:

        The American Legion
        DAV (Disabled American Veterans)
        VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars)
        Paralyzed Veterans of America
        Military Officers Association of America
        Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA)
        Vietnam Veterans of America


        “Federal Workers Union Warns of Privatized Veterans Health Care”



        “Union warns of privatized at Tomah VA”


  5. Tomah VAMC employees and AFGE union members meeting sponsored by The American Legion post 10007. Meeting to to push member’s to support replacing Doctors with Nurse Practitioner.

    “VA Proposes to Grant Full Practice Authority to Advanced Practice Registered Nurses”



    Medscape Medical News

    “VA Plan for Independent Advanced Practice RNs Riles Physicians” by Robert Lowes, May 25, 2016


    1. What’s if veterans want a doctor. They are being forced to see s nurse. I don’t care now much advanced training they are not doctor’s.

      And don’t have the education !

      These people are not qualified to make the proper diganosis of veterans conditions and will understate their disability.

      Now many times has it been reported examinations were conducted by unqualified personnel.

      The VA continues their tatics to give veterans. Second class care.

      Don’t make the veterans pay with their health and lives. Just because the VA wants to save a buck for their yearly bonous.

      McDonald’s attempt to fix the VA. Is going in the wrong direction !

      God. Help us veterans. From the evil.the VA has and is doing to veterans.

      Enough incompetence !

  6. I can’t say for sure whether Helman will get her job back, but she sure seems desperate to get working again and is surely pushing the envelope. I always felt she would get the charges dropped and would come back into the VA system. I feel she was told by her network of scumbags that she should wait for a good year to pass, and then she would have a better chance of succeeding. I just knew that was not over with and she would surface again. Although there are no guarantees, having Loretta Lynch on her side seems somewhat promising for her. I would like to hear the real story of Helman bellyaching to everyone she knows for the past year, including bitching at her disables husband, and her kids asking her “mommy, when you going back to work – you’re such a pain in the ass at home on the phone all day taking to your scumbag friends!”
    Yes, it’s do or die for her.

    1. So they.the family don’t care about veterans. They want the veterans to have to live with someone they don’t want arround !

      That should say volumes !

  7. If this Sharon Helman crap is still dragging-out around Halloween this year, I would just once like to see Benjamin add to that Sharon Helman “Bad VA Art”, a crystal ball in front of Helman and maybe lightening bolts coming out of those manicured claws. 🙂

    On Topic: Anyone want to bet that even though the DOJ blatantly ignored the Law and ignored this case evidence, that the same DOJ is already poised to defend the parents of the child and gorilla story if the Cincy Zoo and prosecutors go forward with the pending lawsuit?
    Hell, I think the DOJ would even go to bat for the dead gorilla before we Veterans. What’s up with this?

    Veteran Lives Matter, dammit!

    1. @namnibor
      Just now on Channel 9 news, @5:45 pm, WFTV, Orlando, Florida.
      Looks like the taxpayers are going to be stuck paying for veterans who are transgender and their sex change operations.
      Yep, it’s true. Those male veterans who believe they are female, will be able to go to the VA and have their “wang removed at the taxpayers expense!”
      My wife just stepped out on the front porch and was not too damn happy about this “revolting development!”

      This info has been kept under wraps from tuesday, May 10, 2016! So, for almost a month the VA, along with the MSM, has kept a tight lid on it, until now!
      According to the news report veterans who need operations will come AFTER those wanting a sex change operation, (paraphrasing)!

      Title of article:

      “Transgender Vets Wants Their Surgery Covered”

      From “”””””
      by Scott Shackford
      May 10, 2016 @ 4:50 PM

      1. Have Bob he the first one and find a ?.who wants to be s man and give her his. She probably won’t be happy with the results.

        This us just crazy !

        Have we gone mad !

      2. elf, not to upset you but they don’t cut it off…they turn it inside out to make a vagina.

        Sort of like what Bob did with his brain and anus.

  8. To All Veterans and our Supporters!

    This just out from; “NEWSMAX”

    “VFW Commander to Obama: Don’t Insult Vets’ Intelligence”

    by Jason Devaney
    Friday 03, 2016 @ 1:36 PM

    There’s a ‘no hold’s barred” response from the National Commander of the VFW to Obama. After Obama insults every veteran during a speach in Indiana on Wednesday.
    The “comments section” is even worse on Obutthole!
    Y’all gotta google and read everything!
    I got really pissed off at Obamy for his disrespecting everyone, past and present, in the military!

  9. I remember seeing a questionnaire while in the hospital, asking veterans to; “tell the truth about your PTSD”. I took that to mean the VA didn’t believe a lot of the stories they were being told by veterans who said they were suffering from PTSD. I have not seen an article on the topic yet though.

  10. The AFGE is more powerful than our weak congress who refuses to pass true reform , just softball legislature . The VA is terrible. Those that have tricare should stay in private care. I hope she gets her job back and veterans in Phoenix boycott. No one cares about veterans . We are a burden to the system .

  11. Has anyone heard of the following?
    A friend called me over this issue.
    Seems the VA is going to re-evaluate thousands upon thousands of veterens “claims over PTSD!”
    My friend said it was on “WFTV Channel 9, Orlando, Florida” last night. He also said McDuck said it “…was unacceptable…” veterans were receiving compensations for this when they shouldn’t be, (paraphrasing)!

    I sure hope this isn’t true. I’m going to have my wife try and find the article! Can y’all help to see if it’s true? This could cause more anxiety amoung veterans.

    1. @crazyelf- are you sure your friend did not mistake it for the re-eval of all the TBI Veterans or could the news have gotten it wrong? I am no internet Jedi master but I so far cannot find such a news release but will keep looking along with others.

      Interestingly, PTSD is one of the top 10 things the VA is notorious for having their Psych Dr.’s throw medication darts sponsored by big pharma at Veterans, my brother went through all that in another State and said enough, as I did. If it’s remotely true, then maybe the VA is done with it’s research rats, err, Veterans?

      I will need to see/hear proof that the V would do such a thing to PTSD Vets, instilling even more anxiety and depression than the VA already oppresses us with.

    2. Hey Elf,

      I took a hard look around the web and wasn’t able to find anything on it. The only thing I am finding in resent listings are about McDonald’s statements on TBI.

      1. Yea, I caught the heavy oder of “Troll” stinch against us this a.m. also!

        My friend sometimes gets things wrong. He probably did hear something about tbi’s and related it to ptsd.
        Sometimes I have to say something. Most times he’ll get it corrected later.
        He’s gettin elderly – 82 years young.
        He’s also the same friend who is adamant over the VA does not have a union! No matter what news source I use, he says that, quote: “…It’s against the Constitution for the VA to have a union!” unquote!
        So, I just have to skirt that subject all together!


        On a side note–
        Today is “National Donut Day”! So, I went and got me a dozen from our local ‘donut shop’, called, “Donuts To Go!”
        Great donuts!

      2. @crazyelf- National Donut Day is entirely relevant to the VA, except the VA spins it as, “Nuts For Dough” and that’s everyday, the Veterans are the “Dough Holes” to the VA. 🙂
        However, anyway you look at a cake donut, it still resembles the rear pucker of a camel in heat. 🙂 Mu-ah–ah-ha!

  12. The VA mouseketeers at Tomah are announcing the reopening of the rides at Candyland with the addition of 11 new nurse practitioners. They are even planning an open house for the new exhibit on June 27th.

    Just think the staff at Tomah now will have 11 new bosses to give them orders.

    “VA officials said Tuesday the facility has hired a full-time psychiatrist and two nurse practitioners to staff the unit. They are part of a slew of new providers — including four physicians, 11 nurse practitioners, two additional psychiatrists and a dentist — hired in the past few months.”

    “Tomah VA to reopen psych unit”


    1. To Help kick of the celebration of the reopening of the Disneyland VA Health Care Experience rides at Candyland. There was a free screening of the PBS program “Being Mortal” in the Clinical Recreation Therapy Building. Open for all Veterans and their families who are currently receiving VHC at Tomah.

      Nothing like a good End-of-life care film to get the celebration started.

      Still no word on that Mickey Mouse Candyman himself Dr. Houlihan. With all the secrecy about his hearing you never know when he will turn up passing out free cocktails of California Rocket fuel with a Tramadol twist. Just to enhance the up, down, inside out Disneyland experience of VA Healthcare at Tomah. Especially when being programed to think about that once in a life time experience of End-of-life.

      “End-of-life care film June 2 at Tomah VA”


    1. Hey ‘Nex’
      If you had a “6 figure $$$$ job plus unlimited monetary perks”, wouldn’t you try your best to screw over everyone and anyone to get it back?

      I’m not saying it’s right. What’s important is, the bitch has absolutely no freaking morals! She’s garbage! I can’t wait until she meets whatever GOD she praises! How many of “the seven deadly sins” has the bitch broken?

      1. I don’t know. All I know that if she squirmed her way to where she was before, she can do it again somewhere else. You know she has connections with her same kind some where that are willing to take her stinky, worthless ass in. Probably all 7, including one she created.

      2. William. These people have had decades to stack the deck. Friend’s and family will lie through their teeth. To protect one of their own.

        They defend each other and will hurt any veteran that should speak out about the way they are being treated.

        I bet. If someone would take s survey and ask questions like. Do you have any family member’s working for the VA and where or if they knew the person that hired them.

        They change directors from facility to facility more than some people change their socks.

        Someone needs to find stuff like This out. You seen where graves and her ? friend. Got about $400.000 to move and pressured others to move so they could be togather !

        They went in from of the VA committee in Washington and what happened. They plead the fifth and that all they had to do and they kept their jobs and ?.

        A veteran who was shot in the head and suffered a TBI. Gets denial letters for their disability.

        They lied to the veterans telling them their record’s were destroyed in the saint Louis ?.

        When they had the records all along that proved the veteran was shot on the head.

        There has to be change. But it seems that they are getting more hostile against veterans. More and more each day.

        Say one thing and do another !

        They are liers and until someone stops them they will continue to lie.

        They say 22 Veterans kill themselves each day. I think there is way more to the suicides than suicide. To many drug’s given to them and the veterans die.

        It seems to me That a major investigation needs to be done to find out if this is the case.

        14 different medications given to the veteran that died. Hum !

  13. We all come here to complain, bitch moan and groin and it does nothing. Bottom line is no body cares. They throw money at it trying to shut us up, but no body cares.

    As crazy elf says, people care more about a dead ape. I am surprised we are not in a 30 day period of national mourning.

    1. That ape is now probably having a high $$$ commissioned bronzed carbonite statue made for the White House and will likely displace some significant Military Veteran Memorial Site with the ape’s erecting. 🙂

      Sad, sad times we find ourselves in. Revolution is ripe and nigh in this once-great USA.

  14. What gets me the most about Helman is what she did to get the job in Phoenix and nobody mentions it in the media. All of the Veterans suicides she was responsible for in her job before Phoenix. Now there is a body count.

    That coverup and transfer by promoting her out.

    They want to start slapping Veterans in the face by playing this Helman game it is time to let people know what she and the VA are hiding in her closet.

    1. The epidemic of Veterans suicides that surrounded her in her last position is the reason why they did that study that showed 22 veterans per day where committing suicide.

      This Disneyland mickey mouse game they are playing by using Helman to insult Veterans is going to cost them dearly.

      1. That study on Veteran suicide is from 2012, isn’t it. Plus, was that study done by the VA or non-bias center. If it was done by VA, then you can probably triple it. If it was done by private non-bias center, you can probably triple it as well, plus add an under the table bribe by the VA.

    2. Be also aware that these slaps in the face to Veterans are timed to coverup what they are currently trying to do at the VA. Where they are trying to replace Doctors with nurses at all VA Health Care Facilities. This is a very deadly move against Veterans who use Veterans Health Care.

      1. The VA Spin Cycle Machine is now like a FEMA Camp with rows of huge cement trucks churning the crap to cover-up other crap. So the VA has become essentially a Waste Management Agency. 🙂

        McDonald’s eyes should be brown by now.

      2. I thought the brown eye color was a requirement for the job.

        I also see there are a lot more articles about Tomah that are getting buried because of this slap in the face with Helman.

        Definitely the Government spin cycle machine trying to cover up with this Mikey mouse game they are playing by bringing up Helman.

  15. I only have couple of things to say.

    1.) If the “Congress passes the bill”. The President can either “veto” or “sign it into law”! Once it’s been made into law, it is his “Sworn Duty” under the Constitution to “Enforce [said] law”!
    If he fails to do so, he is in “violation of his Oath of Office!”
    Of course, it’s becoming extremely clear about Obama’s, and his administration’s, “political positions” on the “Constitution and Bill of Rights!”
    His two main concerns right now are;
    a.) Bathroom privileges for ‘transgenders’
    b.) his “apology tour” to all our “former enemies!”
    Not to make slight of those issues. Only, his “Duties” are to the Americans who are being poorly treated the worst – first!

    2.) Oh Hell, Hillary Clinton’s positions on VA have been made clear.
    “The Butcher of Bengazi” lied to the families of those who were mudered. She blamed it on a “false narrative” of a “video”!
    Since she is a known “pathological liar”, anyone who believes her now, would be, IMHO, concidered delusional!

    3.) Tonight is the meeting between the “American Legion and AFGE!”
    I hope a few people, who live in that area, at least try to attend. Record what’s being said “before, during and after!”
    There might be some interesting things said!
    Call the news stations. Do whatever it takes to get the information.

    4.) It’s extremely sad, a “lion” and an “ape” received more “press coverage” than veterans being murdered by incompetent individuals of the VA!
    I’m not trying to be insensitive. Yet, where are the “values” of the American Public over this outrage!

    5.) IF Helman is rehired, then veterans need to make a plan to do something!
    If she’s rehired, then we know the corruption is deeper than we imagined!

    What a fucking way to start a weekend!

    1. Notice the ‘pattern’? You can almost bet each and every Friday, the VA will selectively release crap to be buried and smothered in current and weekend news cycle.

      If it’s a long Federal Holiday Weekend, that release is usually even more very warm steamy piles of VA poop.

      Word of the day is indeed poop or pooped.

    2. crazy elf,
      in response to your post, i’m offering a few ideas to challenge some “out of the box” thinking by the veterans on this page. because as long as you believe what you’ve been taught to believe, we will get nowhere as we always have in this situation.

      1. Congress, each and every one of them, works for a CORPORATION called the United States of America, Inc. (although there is some disagreement about this, as some believe, but cannot prove, that USA, Inc., was purchased by another CORPORATION called “Homeland Security” which is now the ruling CORPORATION in this geographic area we call United States or America.)

      All other so-called “government” bodies are ALL corporations. Fed, state, county, local.

      Since these entities are corporations, those who work therein, are employees of the corporation. They do NOT work for you. They do NOT represent you. That’s why they don’t pay attention to you. ever. they don’t care about your phone calls or petitions or demands.

      The CONSTITUTION is no longer used by the corporation, if it ever was. The Constitution is a diversion, a ploy to keep people confused & contained.

      Obama’s only duty is to his employer, the corporation. Anyone who believes these corporate actors (congress, candidates, gov employees, elected officials) … if you believe what they say, or if you believe that they work for you … at this point, you’re plain delusional.

      2. As for Clintons… more actors hired by the corporation to put on a TV show called “The News” that most people over the land watch (and unfortunately, many also believe The News is real or a picture of reality or what is really going on. more delusion).

      Actors. Trained actors. Some of their actors they snatch right out of hollywood and place into “office” with phoney, rigged elections. Actors: Trump (has TV show), Reagan, Arnold, Sonny Bono, plus more. You get the idea, and in your heart, you know it is true.

      Crisis actors are also being hired to stage these mass shooting events to bring gun confiscation. The actors have been identified at more than one event (same actors at Sandy Hook, Boston and Denver theatre shooting).

      Political actors. Crisis actors. It’s all staged.

      3.If there is a public meeting, it’s purpose is to stall, brainwash, demean or mislead the people attending.

      4. Lions and apes get more “press coverage” because the group controlling the press also controls the message of the press. One group controls all the press you see on TV, hear on radio and read in most big & small newspapers, magazine, and movies.

      What group? We the people? Don’t think so. Think again. Open eyes, open brain and really think about it. Who controls Obama? Rahm Emmanuel? Paul Wolfowitz? Bill Kristol? Rumsfeld? Axelrod? Greenburg? Schlomo Shekelstein?

      5. If Helman is rehired, vets should plan to do something?
      OMG, VA has been pulling this crap forever and now vets should plan? Holy cow.

      Here’s a plan: stop watching TV and listening to radio. Boycott the VA and all major corporations at every step you can. Boycott all gov services – including and especially ELECTIONS.

      Don’t you (and owner of this site, Krause) know that elections are rigged? Can’t you see it with your own eyes? And even if you do watch “The News” or believe in “The Press” you can still see that elections are rigged. Don’t go along with it.

      Boycott elections and shun/ridicule those traitors who support this crazy, delusional, phony racket.

    3. If Helman is rehired, it will be a free-for-all for Obama’s last month’s in office for federal executives in any agency. Any accountability law passed by Congress is but one of the laws being ignored here. Federal disclosure requirements, ethical conduct while in office, hell even declaring the gifts as income to the IRS are a few more.
      …and Congress has nothing to say about this? McCain? Anyone?

      1. Congress, House Veteran’s Committee, McCain, Isaakson, Miller, et al, are probably all clamoring their puckers for the emperor’s new clothes to ensure their piece of meat pie is preserved…what Vets? All asleep at the wheel.

    4. The present administration has not upheld the laws of immigration, defense of marriage act, and the drug laws to mention but a few. What would ever make you think a minor thing such as ignoring a law to aid a VA criminal to get her job back would even be a blip on their radar screen?

      The rule of law in the country is breaking down. The leader determines the speed of the herd. As more laws are ignored on the grand scale, we see more and more street violence. I am not a conspiracy theorist, just an observer of current events and noting there are many forces at work

      1. Hey Dan,

        I know what you mean. In my life time I have never seen so much corruption and failure to enforce the law. Not only are they failing to enforce but the things they are doing like walking back all the big banks settlements that were made during the housing bubble burst.

        Like when the attorney general didn’t prosecute anyone for the housing crisis but claimed these settlements where the big banks were going to pay these major fines in the billions of dollars.

        The big banks never paid the fines they had negotiated with the old attorney general and now are claiming the fines were unconstitutional. The new attorney general is letting them get away with it.

        Just like the action with Helman the attorney General is not doing her job.

        It is like they are deliberately trying to start civil unrest.

  16. If anyone collectively had any balls in Congress they would open some sort of Congressional Investigation that finds the VA OIG, and Obama’s DOJ blatantly NOT following the damn LAW and maybe let it go to Supreme Court, where they can tear the VA apart?
    I do not know at this point, really!
    Sharon Helman is like a really bad case of crab lice and clap that keeps coming back to haunt after *that time* on Leave a year prior…she keeps coming back, and that tells me that she obviously has the goods on all others in her periphery and above, as it makes no sense that a President would allow his DOJ to blatantly disobey the damn LAW.
    Will we see this occur with yesterday’s article with McDonald’s “Equitable Relief Measures For TBI”?? Decision or law passed/agreed to ‘fix’ whatever, then do as the VA always does and either outright refuse to comply or do it half-ass and kill the Vet?

    Yeah, Sharon Helman pissed in my cornflakes this morning, just like that cereal plant video feed showed on the news recently by a Kellogg employee…let me guess, Helman and Dr. Houlihan Candyman will both be reinstated and will be running the new Aurora/Denver VAMC Black Hole Project VAMC 🙂 Would fit this timeline.

    I have even more disdain than before of our current DOJ and POTUS at this point.

    Where the HELL is the House/Senate Veteran Committees? Asleep at wheel? 🙁
    Rant Out, and time for fresh cornflakes. 🙂

    1. @namnibor
      We have a Congressman John Mica, who gets “laughed at” by VA employees everytime he says something about the VA. My wife and I have seen it first hand.
      We’ve also heard the following come out of VA employees mouths, “I can’t be fired!”
      I bet VA employees, from top to bottom, have the same disgusting attitudes toward all our elected officials!

      Like I said, “What a fucking way to start a weekend!”

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