BUYER BEWARE: Four Reasons VA Sex Changes Are Scary Business

VA Sex ChangesEven though VA is (not so) quietly seeking to end a ban on providing sex changes to veterans, veterans considering the procedures should think twice.

The agency has a well-known wait list that causes veterans of all backgrounds to go without timely access to care. And sometimes the care they do get is done in an unsafe manner that may not be properly documented.

Should you fall victim to an unsafe practice, suing the agency may be harder than you think.

(NOTE: The problems suing VA for malpractice discussed in this article apply to all veterans, not just those seeking sex changes.)

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In case you have been in a drug-induced coma for the past two years, VA has a well-known problem getting veterans in for major procedures in a timely manner.

The agency cannot seem to speed up access to health care after two years and billions more in funding, according to a recent PBS analysis. Yet VA wants to add sex reassignment to its list of services it already does not provide in a timely (or safe) manner.

How is it that an agency incapable of speeding up wait times should try to expand the health care it provides while many veterans wait months for routine procedures like MRIs or prostate exams?

Buyer beware.


For veterans wanting government funded gender reassignment, just know that sometimes you get what you pay for.

I have talked with numerous veterans harmed by VA doctors or VA contracted doctors through the years. VA would do anything to evade accountability ranging from deleting records to falsifying records to failing to keep records at all.

The fact is, VA medical recordkeeping is a mess depending on the local practices of the agency clinicians.

God forbid, if a clinician screws up, it is really difficult to find an attorney willing to represent veterans against the agency (more on this later). While there are many reasons for this, agency manipulated medical records is certainly not the least of the problems.

Another problem may be suing the doctor who botched your sex reassignment because he or she is a government contractor. VA does not believe it is responsible for the bad actions of government contractors it relies on to provide surgical care to its veterans.

So if you try to get relief via FTCA, you may be SOL (shit-out-of-luck) because you will need to sue that person in state court rather than filing an administrative SF-95 claim with the agency and hoping for the best.

This is significant because many states require the use of experts in lawsuits. Finding an expert willing to testify against VA is hard because most doctors in America were trained there. Or if they were not trained there, their business is somehow reliant on VA contracts.


To compensate for its shortfalls, VA now wants to pass new legislation to allow advance practice registered nurses (APRN) to work without being under the supervision of doctors, a practice that has long been held as necessary in the private sector.

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While VA cites research showing nurses can do a good job, that same research relies on metrics from systems where the nurses were supervised by doctors. So basically VA is now supporting a system of health care not used anywhere else in the country.

VA touts one benefit of the change as being a reduction in wait times for veterans. But when you are sick, would you not rather see a doctor? I know I would.

One friend of mine who is a nurse turned cardiologist gets the difference, and I plan to talk more about the issue tomorrow. My big take away from her was that she did not know what she did not know as a nurse. As a medical resident, she learned a great deal more than she ever knew as a nurse, and that is something nurses will generally never experience outside of going to medical school.

Doctors from the American Medical Association think the move is bad and the American Association of Anesthesiologists think it would jeopardize veterans lives:

Whether or not APRNs should be able to practice without physician supervision has long been a hot button topic for physicians. In a press release, Stephen R. Permut, MD, the American Medical Association’s (AMA) Board Chair, said the AMA believes the proposed rule would “significantly undermine the delivery of care within the VA.”

“While the AMA supports the VA in addressing the challenges that exist within the VA health system, we believe that providing physician-led, patient-centered, team-based patient care is the best approach to improving quality care for our country’s veterans,” Permut said.

The American Association of Anesthesiologists said the proposed rule would lower the standard of care and jeopardize Veterans’ lives.

Source: VA Issues Controversial Proposed Rule To Expand Nursing Care

As if this is not shifty enough, VA is well known to be a teaching system where veterans are more often than not treated exclusively by residents with very limited oversight. I have seen situations where the attending physician disappeared for days while the residents ran the show.

The medical records read like the script from the movie Lord of the Flies.

It is almost as though the lack of staff doctors has fueled the excessive and unethical reliance on residents. And now, as if that is not bad enough, VA wants to change the law to allow advance trained nurses to treat veterans without supervision.

I know you may be saying, “Well I am sure at least a doctor would be in the room during the procedure. So what is the big deal?”

My big deal is that when things go south, finding an attending doctor to evaluate an evolving condition or a destabilized condition may be tough. And the lack of accountability and lack of resources within VA only has them seeking to lower the standard of care rather than hire more doctors.

Still want your junk reassigned by a VA doctor?


The last on my short list of reasons to not get your sex reassignment done by VA is that finding an attorney to represent you against the agency is hard. The biggest reason is that attorney fees for Federal Tort Claims are capped at 25% percent of recovery plus costs after court.

Meanwhile, in every other malpractice action, attorneys charge between 33% to 40% plus costs.

The missing link here is that most cases in most states require experts to testify at court. You cannot even get the case in front of a judge without an expert. And experts cost big bucks. Many malpractice cases cost between $50k to $100k in expert fees if not more.

When attorneys select cases, they select cases where they will get the most return on their investment. Attorneys invest two things into cases – time and money – with the hope of getting a return on that investment since they need to eat and pay bills like most other business owners or W-2 employees.

If you had two equal cases come into your office, and the cost to bring the lawsuit was essentially the same except you could only record 25% for fees while also having to wade through falsified records, which direction would you go?

If you would receive $25,000 on a $100,000 settlement vs a return of $40,000 on that same $100,000 settlement, which way would you go?

Most logical folks would invest in the case where they get the most return for their investment of time and money meaning most malpractice attorneys only represent civilians against normal hospitals.

FTCA cases simply do not have the level of return as other cases, and you do not have to deal with an obtuse agency when it comes time to drop the hammer.

Personally, I focus on FTCA cases to help veterans get justice because that is what I do. But most attorneys have massive student loans that I do not have, thus I have the luxury of taking on cases that may not result in a substantial return on my investment of time and money.

Veterans usually come to me after shopping their case to the local big firms only to get turned down after waiting 4-6 months or longer for feedback. That feedback reveals their damages are not high enough to warrant the resource investment.

Anyway, the gist of the #4 is that finding representation in FTCA after a VA doctor harms you is really tough.


These are just a few of the top reasons I could think of that any veterans seeking sex reassignment might want to think twice.

Free is nice, but having someone sew on the wrong part could cause a permanent problem.

Lack of accountability and oversight surely result in less safety, not more. Adding new procedures to an already long list of things VA does poorly seems like a step in the wrong direction.

Instead, if VA is really going to support sex reassignment, they should probably farm out the procedures to ensure they are done correctly. At least, that is what I would ask for if I were in that kind of situation.

A botched reassignment could be a really bad deal for everyone.

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  1. Has this been changed?
    [CITE: 38CFR17.38]Code of Federal Regulations Title 38, Chapter 17, Section 38.c)
    c) In addition to the care specifically excluded from the “medical benefits package” under paragraphs (a) and (b) of this section, the “medical benefits package” does not include the following:
    (1)… …(4) Gender alterations.

    Department of Veteran Affairs Health Affairs Manual, M-2, Part 17, Chapter 11. GENDER REORIENTATION (SEX CHANGE)

    11.01 PURPOSE
    This chapter establishes the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) policy for gender reorientation (sex change).

    11.02 POLICY
    It is VA policy that transsexual surgery will not be performed in VA medical centers or under VA auspices. Veterans Health Administration (VHA) will not carry out any process or procedure involving genital identity revision.

    1. It has not been changed, but the VA has proposed a “rule change”, which is why I think it’s a political setup using those wanting a sex change as pawns.

      Historically, a federal agency terms something a “rule change” when they are proposing an administrative rule change. Essentially, the agency has already been given the authority to do something by passing a law amending Title 38 of the Code of Federal Regulations which you cite. A rule change is often just how they carry out implementing the law.
      From what you cite, it would be illegal for the VA to do this without getting Congress to amend Title 38, because they would be using appropriated funds for a purpose not authorized by Congress.
      If this is a setup to attack those against it, a rule change is the way to go since typically a rule change allows for usually 90 days of public comment. So, collect 90 days of public comment to intimidate Congress.

      If this is nothing more than a political setup for attacks during an election year, then it is damn disgusting because those setting up the attacks often have no intention on passing a law, but are simply using people supporting this issue in their attack.

      But then we are dealing with Obama who has never shown he gives a damn about the rule of law yet.

  2. Some articles bring out every creepy veteran that exists. I support the rights of LGBTQIA veterans. They risked their lives alongside other veterans, and deserve the rights to have quality of life. This article is about the safety of veterans using the VA medical system, and not about our beliefs regarding gender roles or sexual preference. They can’t see the forest for the trees…..

      1. My response said that I support their rights, and that was in response to the jerks making nasty comments about ANY transgender person. I didn’t state that the surgery should occur, but that the real issue is that VA healthcare in general can be dangerous, but I guess you didn’t understand that….

    1. I don’t disagree with a veteran getting medical care to improve their quality of life after being injured or sickened while on active duty.

      What injury or sickness will be improved by having gender reassignment?

      1. I didn’t say either way whether or not they should get VA reassignment surgery. I didn’t say that it was a service-connected condition. I was merely saying that there were comments by creepy veterans regarding ALL transgender persons, and that I support their rights. If they don’t qualify for this VA benefit of reassignment, or any other surgeries or treatments, then they shouldn’t be approved. There are many other questionable non-service connected disabilities that are treated by the VA, and if we object to one, we should be objecting to those, also. The tremendous risk of getting VA assignment surgery, or any other surgery by untrained physicians is frightening. The unfair method of pursuing malpractice with the VA is completely unfair to ALL veterans for ALL treatment errors. I’m hoping that I explained myself in a manner that will clarify this.

      2. You did, and I appreciate your rational response. I agree similarly that there are things that are currently considered service connected that probably should not be, but then the way to change that is by getting Congress to change Title 38.

  3. I do not think that the VA should provide gender reassignment, for pretty much exactly the reasons listed above. Mostly, the VA system wasn’t created to cater to us in this way. It was created to service our needs from a critical care or preventative care standpoint. The VA does provide other services such as social and psychological care as well. The system is so overwhelmed, and there is such a demand for just basic services that there is no place for this in the catalog of services that the VA needs to provide. I personally don’t think it’s the job of the government to provide for wants…this is need based care. We need to make sure that every veteran has the basic lifesaving care available to them before we start down this road.

    If you agree that the VA should NOT be in the business of gender reassignment, please sign my petition to tell the VA that we, the veterans it was created for, do not want our precious resources squandered on political pandering:

  4. too many good points to ignore these posts-i’ve seen and experienced both the good and bad at various va hospitals. they need fixed aswell as our government that funds and regulates them. we need not have our military fight in a foreign country anymore but, we do need them on our own soil to oust those that are putting money and self interest above our own people.

  5. Good morning from Australia.
    It seems to me that the VA has the American Veterans chasing their tail, whilst continually fighting medical document fraud, which appears to be the being main reason behind rejected claims.
    If it were made VA policy, that, when a veteran visits any type of medical facility, then, before the veteran leaves that facility, he or she be handed a signed copy of the diagnosis and other pertinent facts.
    Similarly, a veteran should request a signed copy of the diagnosis with any visitation to private practitioners.
    This would give the veterans some audit trail to help with their claims.
    Kindest regards
    George Perrin.

    1. @George Perrin,

      Good morning. Nice to have you on board!

      As far as your suggestion, veterans can, at time of leaving a VAMC, request a copy of their medical visit. Or, what is called a “Progress Notes”! This details the vets complete physicians visit.
      Usually the vet will have to wait awhile to get it. If the physician “…writes it up quick…” enough!
      Or, the facility can mail it. Which ever is better for the veteran.

      Thanks for your comment. We hope to see you on here often.
      Crazy elf!

  6. This is so slick, the powers that have weaseled themselves into policy corruption over bureaucrats. The fix is in, they use the false science to create an illusion of need, when in fact its not needed at all. There is no evidence to show that this operation will actually do what it is intended to do. It is more like Dr. Mengle and the failed experiments that nobody wants to talk about.

    You cannot make a man into a woman. Not possible. The minds of these people who think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence…they are missing cards…the butter doesn’t float..ya know…its nothing more than an illusion, or in basic human terms, a lie.

    The suicide rate is more than double post operations…the buyers remorse is almost certainty.

    yet, they have the ballz to say…its medically necessary…thats BS

    or to make its politically correct, its as necessary as importing gas from the middle east…

  7. @Ben & et al,

    >>VA would do anything to evade accountability ranging from deleting records to falsifying records to failing to keep records at all.

    how many veterans has this happened to over the past decades and current decade? my calculator can’t count that high.

    >>The fact is, VA medical record keeping is a mess depending on the local practices of the agency clinicians.

    many of us have moved across this great nation over the years, and almost without fail, VA “local practices” are as messed up as any other “local practice”. sad, but some are just worse than others.

    >>God forbid, if a clinician screws up, it is really difficult to find an attorney willing to represent veterans against the agency (more on this later). While there are many reasons for this, agency manipulated medical records is certainly not the least of the problems.

    guess that is [one] explanation why it has been so hard to find good legal reps for veteran claims and/or malpractice claims. took me contacting many legal reps before one actually signed on…and won (he actually read the records and obviously saw the odds a bit in our favor, though no guarantee against VA even with evidence.). dare i say, two legal reps had past connections to VSO orgs, and the reasons they gave me for not helping me were like out past pluto-realm. either they didn’t even read the records, or they conjured up that so common, VA black-hole-voodoo-logic that many veterans, here and everywhere and their caregivers, are so frustratingly aware of.

    >>VA does not believe it is responsible for the bad actions of government contractors it relies on to provide surgical care to its veterans.

    VA does not believe it is responsible for “their own” bad actions, let alone gov contractors.

    >>That feedback reveals their damages are not high enough to warrant the resource investment.

    true, yet i will toss this into the mix, it also may warrant a conflict of interest for a legal rep that many are not going to acknowledge. check their curriculum vitae. i’m sure it stares us in the face that VA legal eagles over the years have designed this system, a system that will crush many veterans filing a claim, and to pay out as little as possible over the greatest amount of claim-time involved. thus few legal reps will take on a veteran claim…all about the easy benjamin’s.

    though, there a few like @Ben, thank God, that help.

    VA sex changes scary you say? dude, speaking of which, that is one freaky looking image you got there, top of your webpage. though everyones’ perception of their doppelganger is different i suspect, the VA will have a field day with new word-twisting additions to [their] particular DSM-xx manual with all this.

  8. Here’s a new article out yesterday, 06/05/16, by Luke Rosiak of the “Daily Caller News Foundation” –

    “VA Defies Ban On Grilling Job Applicants About PTSD”

    Basically, The VA won’t do “background checks” to see IF any healthcare professionals are “wanted for a felony”, ie: MURDER! Yet, they will (illegally) ask veterans, wanting to be hired, about “mental health issues!”
    Ain’t that some shit!

  9. This type of operation should not be done at a VA hospital. Why not? Because the chances are low, but still a chance that someone will get the wrong operation and suing the VA is not the same as suing a non-government facility. A non-government medical facility is more likely to negotiate in good faith and want to resolve the issue in a timely manner. The VA will likely stretch every Code it can and delay to keep from making amends.

  10. I don’t have any idea where this sex reassignment/transgender care is coming from other than it is now the political flavor of the month. That means it should be added to your list Ben, because when it is not the flavor of the month, where do they go for care?
    I also question the VA providing any kind of care like this since generally the VA will not provide care unless it is spelled out in legislation passed into law by Congress. When did that happen?
    I believe there have been news articles about a VA opening a transgender only clinic. At what cost? What other veterans are having their medical issues ignored at the same VA because they don’t have money to provide care? Where are the VSOs on this? I recall clearly some VSOs refusing to support legislation for Gulf War veterans because they claimed it only helped us and not veterans as a whole, which was not true. We heard the same excuses from Congress, yet now it’s OK to treat a much smaller subset of veterans?
    Further, although it hasn’t been mentioned anywhere in the VA doing this, a typical reassgnment requires mental health or other counseling. Does this mean, since it’s the flavor of the month, that mental health counselors for reassignment will be hired and provided over mental health counselors for PTSD which is a damn sight more supportable for service connection than changing your gender?
    As for the AMA, it’s interesting to see them get excited about this nurse proposal when it might mean someone will dip into their rice bowl. Where have they been in calling out the pathetic care from doctors in the VA? Why not demand those doctors meet similar standards as those private doctors who are AMA members?
    Finally, good explanation on attorneys Ben. This situation with veterans and attorneys is kept this way by Congress which is infuriating because it’s a double standard from other groups that can sue federal agencies in other situations. Think of environmental or civil rights groups that can sue and recover significant costs that a veteran cannot.

  11. Potential scenario:

    1. VA does a sex reassignment and hormone therapy on a former male Veteran that happened to also have some lower rating service connected disability.

    2. After the hormone treatments an surgery same Veteran gets a notice from the VA no longer recognizing their former disabilities, asking the now-female Veteran to PROVE to the VA they are indeed the same person.

    3. ^ This could actually happen considering the VA has wrongly declared 1000’s of Vets dead and discontinued their disability compensation and has now placed the burden of proof they still exist upon the presumed dead Vet.

    4. An this is presuming any given Vet makes it through the VA’s version of ‘hormone treatment’, which will be interesting, to say the least, let alone under the knife of VA.

    1. 5. A veteran gets this “elective” surgery, and something, even minor, goes wrong. Will that obligate the VA for higher levels of care because the VA botched the procedure?
      6. Can the veteran then claim that botched procedure for a higher disability rating?
      7. Why would this not be considered a pre-existing mental health condition like a personality disorder like the VA often likes to claim for other issues?

      1. What’s next for political flavor of the libtards? VA gunshot clinics for zoo gorillas? 🙂

        I am *betting* there’s more Veterans that commit suicide in any given day or two than there’s Nationwide, as far as Veterans wanting elective sexual reassignment. Again, I do not know the demographical numbers, but seems the VA should fix their burning forest before worrying about the bushes.

        I also FAIL to see logically, how one’s need or want for a sexual reassignment would be remotely considered ‘Service Connected’ unless it’s claims of oppression in the ‘Former UCMJ’, and discrimination?

      2. @namnibor & 91Veteran

        I read somewhere the “transgender population” is about .003% of the total 330 million. I’m not sure how accurate that statistic is. Yet, I do believe we are going to see many “come out of the closet”. Due to “Obama’s Royal Edicts!”

        As far as this (un)necessary (cosmetic) surgery. I’m on the same page as others on here, ie: it should only be performed because of “Combat Related Injuries”!

        I apologize, this isn’t something the taxpayers should be burdened with!
        That’s my opinion!

      3. I don’t apologize for one minute. There are 1000s of veterans who are rejected for service connection of injuries in the face of clear evidence. Unless it is service connected, it should not happen. If it IS service connected, it should happen outside the VA by surgeons that know what they’re doing.

  12. My take on this and it’s my guess that maybe they’re doing this at the insistence of the O’Bama admin. in order to gain more LGBT support for Hillary this election. Maybe McDonald and O’Bama cut a deal where in return the VA will be allowed to use nurses as anesthesiologists. VA medical care is bad. It’s abusive also. When I go to my PCP, I always try and talk him out of giving me any consults at the VA. They have traumatized me enough over the past 40 years. Enough is enough!

    1. You are correct. More LGBT support for Clinton. I don’t know about anyone else on this forum, but I am pretty nervous about Hillary having a chance at the presidency. In fact, I don’t like the way elections are run at all, and so don’t a mass of people in this country I am reading lately. Ever read how delegates are chosen by each state to vote in the primaries? It’s different in each state – no consistency – and nobody knows how the delegates are picked to begin with. The result is having crap to choose from in each election, progressively worse each time around.. Where is Theodore Roosevelt — who may be the man for the times now.
      I see the VA becoming more idiotic by the day, and I fell they want us all dead. Truly! No conspiracy theory. Who’s going to save the day? Mighty Mouse?

  13. The VA extensively uses medical students, surgery resident/trainees from local medical schools for which the VA has contracts to train. Be it gender change, a hernia, etc. these trainees have requirements to complete and are eager to learn the procedures that will provide them a large income when fully trained and certified. Veterans are their guinea pigs. Veterans do not have the ability to choose their provider within the VA as stated in the patient rights.

  14. I will not employ myself as judge or jury and least of all prosecutor for any veteran whose honorable service entitles them to whatever medical procedure is deemed necessry for them to live their lives in comfort and peace. A vet is a vet godamnit and if he or she was willing to lay it all down for our country then by God I will support each and every one of you no matter how you want sit down to piss or what clothes you choose to wear.

    We fought for freedom and for the sake of the American way and I will not taunt my fellow comrades who choose a free path different than mine. I stand by each of you in this. So much so that I took an oath to that effect when I enlisted in the Marine Corps.

    Semper Fi

  15. Taxpayers money has no business in this arena, if they want a sex change for any reason other than physical health it should be at their own cost. It is cosmetic and taxpayer money should never be used at VA for cosmetic unless combat related. I am sure 85% of the taxpaying population would agree. VA needs to focus on basic’s not on this type stuff that serves very small population. They may try to diagnose people properly for common disease before they go farther into more complicated area’s. I would say that most veterans are un-diagnosed or wrongly diagnosed due to economic reasons of the VBA and VHA. This is what leads to back logs, and millions more money spent in legal area’s. They have it set up that way so there is a market for representation, or they would simply have a computer do the job.

  16. I’m scheduled for a colonoscopy.I’m just wondering if I should trust these people to know which end is up. Maybe I should use Medicare instead.

    1. What’s even more dire to worry about with VA Colonoscopies is they have numerous times had to send out in just last 12 yeas, mass letters re: various VAMC’s that were not properly cleaning and instead were reusing, in-fact, infecting Veterans with myriad of things, and the mass letters, of which I received, stated “you need to immediately be tested for all the Hepatitis, namely B and C, and do not forget about HIV.
      Dental Clinics same thing, where some Third World Dentist was going from bloody instrument mouth to mouth…eek.

      Not to inflict anxiety, but these things an much more are reasons to be leery. Also, there’s been cases where the VA totally missed the mark on detecting aggressive cancerous polyps in Colon Exams, where the Vet went to private hospital ER and it was through competent and thorough testing they found Vet had aggressive cancer the VA struck out on or simply did not document it because it was so blatant.

      So, trusting the VA with one’s’ ‘Junk’, wherever located and appendage or orifice/exit, you be your own judge and jury. 🙂 I can see some Third World VA Dr. sharpening his axe collection for ‘sexual reassignments’…and hot pitch/tar to cauterize the whack. 🙂

      NICE “Bad VA Art” today, Ben.

      1. Thanks for the info. That’s enough to scare me. I’m canceling this morning.

    2. Be careful. My wife just informed me the private sectors, since 2003, are having issues as well over this.
      I would suggest investigating the healthcare entity you are going to be using before allowing anyone to put something, or anything, in any orifice!

  17. These are people that confuse colonoscopies with brain surgery and still have a policy of electroshock for pregnant women. Can’t figure out the basic constellation of symptoms of TBI while proclaiming to be the industry leaders on the subject. No they are going to take the time to turn a penis inside out to make a vagina.

    Why do I think that they will get perfect. No waiting line, private rooms, etc.

    Have they put out a bathroom policy yet? I am glad I don’t use the VA anymore. first time a guy walks into the bathroom with me and I will self identify as an alpha male and kick his butt out. Lipstick or not.

  18. I believe there’s something else brewing within our “Hallowed Halls of Government!”
    This “transgender issue”, and all the other “issues” being thrown around, is subterfuge for something more sinister, at least, that’s my opinion!
    What it is, is unknown to the vast majority of veterans and the rest of America.
    There are so many “conspiracy theories”, which many are now becoming factual out there, condemning our elected and appointed officials, it’s ridiculous. And I’m speaking of ALL government agencies, from local, all the way up to federal levels!

    I’m not sure what’s going to take place in the next five, (November’s election), to seven months, (20 Jan. 2017). Only, one things for sure, I’ll guarantee it ain’t going to be good for America!

    Lastly, why are so many men wanting to become women. Has our government, and educational system, been “breeding pussies” in the past thirty to forty years? What the hell is going on?

  19. The VA should focus on performing excellent healthcare and fixing the damn problems existing systemically rather than doing what the VA always does, create even larger problems such as sexual reassignment procedures.

    Here’s the analogy I will give that pertains to my music background: A person that wants to learn to read music and play the piano or even say a 6 string guitar but does not want to invest the time to learn proficiently AND learn music theory, but rather only learns half-as and learns/adopts lazy habits, YET wants to jump right to a 12 string double necked electric guitar and/or an advanced synthesizer keyboard without knowing a damn thing about sound design and flow of control voltage, let alone even play proficiently…is JUST LIKE the VA jumping to where the OBVIOUSLY BIG $$$$ Research/Grants exist, and a Veteran Population to potentially *botch* without a damn liability to gross medical error.
    I do not know the demographic but does anyone really think there’s a huge crowd of Veterans knocking down fences at VA’s or setting themselves on fire in front of VAMC’s because they cannot get their hormone treatments and reassignment surgeries???
    I see this as a grave concern to those going in for say an amputation of a Diabetes-related limb operation only to come out Jim instead of Jaime post-surgery only because some stupid ass AFGE employee mislabeled the documentation.

    Why did I say that?

    Because the phlebotomist I go to is a Navy Vet and her father is a Retired Disabled Navy Vet and her father indeed went into the Dayton VAMC for a routine large toe amputation from diabetes, and even though he took a black sharpie and placed a clear message on his leg *just to make sure* the VA did not fuck that up, they STILL…wait for it…yes, they amputated the WRONG toe AND on the WRONG FOOT.
    Neither he or is daughter ever used the VA after that LAST STRAW.

    Now, what could possibly go wrong with the VA involved in sexual reassignment operations and hormone treatment?
    Dr. Frankenstein is IN. (I have compassion for those that may actually NEED such drastic measures, BUT God NO, not at the VA)

    How about the VA concentrate on, oh I do not know, how about Veteran Suicide, PTSD, Agent Orange, Gulf War Illness, and TBI????? You think?

    This is ALL about $$$$. Vets as research rats. Jim to Jaime, Jaime to Jim, whether you ordered it or not…OOPS! 🙂

    1. I meant, Can the very first sexual reassignment patient at the VA be AFGE VA Union President “little David Cox”? 🙂 🙂 (could not resist) 🙂

      1. @namnibor
        I read something, either on here or elsewhere, about what you’ve described. ie: “fixing what’s already a problem vs. making new problems!” (paraphrase)

        What I read makes perfect sense though!

        I’m going to paraphrase! This could be used by any business or even governments!
        Here goes.

        Step 1 & 2.) Create a “problem”. So as to create a “solution”.
        Step 2 & 3) The “solution” would then require monies to create a “fix” to the “problem!”
        Step 3 to 4.) The “fix” would possibly not work, because the “solution” would need more money.
        Basically, the “original solution” causes more problems, which requires more monies to “fix the original fix!”

        Do y’all see where this is heading? It’s basically a “cyclical paradox”! Which is exactly what “McDuck”, “Gimpy Gibson” and “Sulking Shulkin” are doing every time they request more taxpayers monies!

      2. @Crazyelf– Totally! I wanted to share this youtube link to a performance artist I have always loved that was also Lou Reed’s wife, Laurie Anderson, and the song on Letterman Show she did in this link is like the VA, it’s called “Only An Expert–Can Deal With The and Make Problems”. Just apply the syntax to the VA and out of control…


      3. To crazy elf and namnibor, on comments about creating a problem so as to come up with a solution, and the money to fix it.
        I see this in a different light. Like setting up a political attack, or like putting a bag of smoldering poo on your doorstep waiting for someone to stomp it out.
        Bill Clinton did this in the 90s as one of his last acts in office. He created Category 8 vets, without ever providing the extra money to the VA for their care. A Category 8 vet was one not normally qualified for VA care, yet wanted to go to the VA for cheaper prescriptions. Many retirees did this. Many retirees flooded the VA, and when the VA had to cut back this category because they were given no money for their care, Bush and Congress were relentlessly attacked for cutting care to veterans.

        I see the same thing happening here. A flaming bag of poo put before Congress hoping they step in it.

  20. The reality that they are trying to end the ban on sexual reassignment at the VA is just to bizarre for me to understand. Surely there hasn’t been any loud out cry from Veterans calling for this.

    That must mean that the only real people calling for the lifting of the ban are the research institutions and their big pharma donors who want to test new lines of drugs that are used during the reassignment process. Given the protections provided to the institutions and Big Pharma by using Veterans as human subjects their research.

    Given this administrations push for Transgenders rights to chose bathrooms in public schools with an ever clear failure to call for the same Transgenders rights to chose bathrooms in the White House, Congress, AFGE’s government funded facilities, all government contractors facilities and all other government buildings.

    This push is nothing more then an attempt to allow researchers the institutions they work for and big Pharma Veterans as human subjects and the use of VA Facilities paid for by us Taxpayers.

    The only possible outcome from allowing them to lift the ban with VHC systems poor follow through would be the creation of a whole new sexual identity group, or non identity group. We can call them Taints. For taint neither male, female or transgender.

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