Forum Of Hate MSPB Removal

Veterans Law Judges Removed For Forum Of Hate Racist ‘KKK’, Homophobic Slurs

Seven years of racist and homophobic rants by Veterans Law Judges on their secret Forum Of Hate at the Board of Veterans Appeals resulted in a recent decision to uphold termination by the Merit Systems Protection Board.

This one falls into the “Truth is Stranger than Fiction” category, so I plan to merely cut and paste excerpts from the decision. While we know some racist and sexist employees still operate within VA, I often hope it is not so blatant as it was in this instance.

The Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) recently found “proved” the bad conduct that justified the removal of one Veterans Law Judge and another Chief Veterans Law Judge.  As for James Markey and Dennis Chiappetta, respectively, MSPB found “good cause” to remove the duo from federal employment for their roles in the Forum Of Hate (FOH).

While the allegations against Chiappetta barely raised an eyebrow other than his failure to shut down FOH and its highly offensive commentary, Markey’s involvement was worth noting. Three other Board of Veterans Appeals (BVA) attorneys were Bernard DoMinh, Charles Hancock, and John Prichard.

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Now, I like a good joke, but the comments from members of the Forum were highly offensive, especially for a group of attorneys and judges who have worked at VA for twenty years adjudicating veterans claims.

Let’s not forget, many of the veterans whose cases were adjudicated belong to the groups disparaged by these judges and attorneys. Those individuals whose cases were decided by any of the judges should evaluate the position taken by the agency very closely.

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Excerpts From Veterans Law Judge James Merkey MSPB Decision On Forum Of Hate (FOH)

Of note from MSPB decision are the following written by Markey. All below statements in italics are directly from the decision:

  1. Respondent participated in an email chain on or about January 14, 2008, which ridiculed a BVA Deputy Vice Chairman’s Puerto Rican accent. (Tr. Vol. II at 38-39; Agency Ex.  [*5]  3-D).
  2. Respondent’s reply referring to a “taco lunch” attempted to trump “the outrageousness of his [Bernard DoMinh] email” by further stereotyping and mocking the Deputy Vice Chairman’s nationality. (Tr. Vol. II at 39-40).
  3. Respondent participated in an email chain on or about January 14, 2008, which used homosexual slurs to discuss several BVA employees. (Tr. Vol. II at 40-41; Agency Ex. 3-D).
  4. Respondent identified numerous BVA employees as homosexuals in response to the email using homosexual slurs. (Id.).
  5. On or about March 21, 2013, Respondent participated in an email chain containing a picture of an all white little league team. In response to the picture, Respondent stated “[n]ice, but where are the white sheets? Gotta start them when they are young” and “of course my bad. ‘Bon Fire’ after every victory.” (Tr. Vol. II at 41-44; Agency Ex. 3-C, 3-D).
  6. Respondent’s references to the Ku Klux Klan’s (KKK) infamous hooded white outfits and the KKK burning crosses in celebration are racist and offensive. (Id.).
  7. On or about August 28, 2013, Respondent participated in an email chain containing altered pictures of an FOH [*6]  member receiving an award; the pictures were altered to contain derogatory terms for Vietnamese people and also called an African American BVA Chief VLJ a “G-Pot.” (Tr. Vol. II at 44-46; Agency Ex. 3-D).
  8. Respondent’s statement that the racist alterations to the pictures and other racial statements were “hilarious” encouraged and condoned the use of racist terms, regardless of whether one of the individuals in the photograph was an FOH member. (Id.).
  9. Respondent replied to an email chain containing a picture of four female BVA employees; the email contained derogatory terms to describe having sexual intercourse with one of the females in the picture. (Tr. Vol. II at 47-48; Agency Ex. 3-D).
  10. Respondent participated in an email chain on September 11, 2013, where another FOH member described a BVA Chief VLJ using inappropriate terms and describing her treatment of another BVA employee. (Tr. Vol. II at 48-49; Agency Ex. 3-D).
  11. Respondent replied to the email describing the BVA Chief VLJ as being a “total bitch” to the BVA employee; the reply did not use any sexist or racist terminology. (Id.).
  12. Respondent sent an email on September 19, 2013, containing [*7]  a news article he altered. (Tr. Vol. II at 51; Agency Ex. 3-C, 3-D).
  13. Respondent altered the news article by adding the following sentences: “[t]he opponent, a fast food working, basketball type playing man, indicated that such talk just wasn’t cool. He left, timidly, when 11 people causally tossed ropes at him.” (Resp. Ex. B-7(1)).
  14. Respondent’s use of “fast food working” and “basketball type playing” refers to African Americans and are offensive racial stereotypes. (Tr. Vol. II at 53; Agency Ex. 3-C).
  15. Respondent’s statement concerning tossing ropes refers to the KKK’s use of ropes to lynch African Americans. (Agency Ex. 3-C).
  16. Respondent participated in an email chain on or about December 13, 2013, which ridiculed a BVA Deputy Vice Chairman Puerto Rican accent. (Tr. Vol. II at 54-55; Agency Ex. 3-D).
  17. Respondent’s reply stating “[m]ore likely he’ll roll on Dennnneeeeeese CheeeOpeeeeta and Jeeemy Marssshhhh” further stereotyped and mocked the Deputy Vice Chairman’s nationality. (Id.).
  18. On January 30, 2014, Respondent sent an email calling another VLJ an “Ewok.” (Agency Ex. 3-D).
  19. On January 30, 2014, Respondent participated  [*8] in an email chain where Mr. Charles Hancock made a reference to two male BVA employees engaging in oral sex. Respondent’s reply to the homosexual comment was “[y]ou’re on fire today Chuckles,” to which Mr. Hancock stated “I am clearly filled with hate. Need to stop.” Respondent then replied “[n]o!! actually keeps it sane here.” (Agency Ex. 3-D).
  20. Respondent’s comments to Mr. Hancock’s emails condoned and encouraged Mr. Hancock’s homosexually charged comments. (Tr. Vol. II at 55-56).
  21. Respondent participated in an email chain on or about May 20, 2014, which included racial and homosexual slurs. (Tr. Vol. II at 59-60; Agency Ex. 3-D).
  22. In the email chain, Respondent refers to two male BVA attorneys as “butt-buddies,” and a Chief VLJ as “charo.” (Agency Ex. 3-D).
  23. The FOH used “Charo” to mean someone of Spanish decent. (Agency Ex. 3-C).
  24. Respondent used “butt-buddies” to imply two BVA employees were homosexual. (Tr. Vol. II at 59-61).
  25. Respondent only stopped sending FOH emails because he was “caught” by the VA OIG. (Tr. Vol. II at 88).

VA v. Markey, 2017 MSPB LEXIS 4774, *4-8 (M.S.P.B. Nov. 9, 2017)

Specific Breakdown Of Homophobic Emails

The following is a short excerpt from the MSPB decision focusing solely on the issue of homophobia:

On January 14, 2008, Mr. Charles Hancock sent the FOH an email asking whether two male BVA members “BOTH gobble jizz.” Respondent replied to the email “[y]es, Regan’s.” Mr. Hancock followed up his statement with another email declaring “[t]here may be a spot open in AA’s Forum of Gayness,” to which both Respondent and Mr. DoMinh sent emails listing numerous other male BVA employees as potential candidates for the “Forum of Gayness.”

Respondent defined “jizz” as sperm. (Tr. Vol. II at 40). Therefore, when Respondent replied to Mr. Hancock’s email, he was implying the two male BVA employees “gobbled” a male BVA employee’s sperm. As such, the January 14, 2008 email chain referenced above contains multiple homosexual references.

Specific Breakdown Of Racist Emails

The following is a short excerpt from the MSPB decision focusing solely on the issue of racism:

The VA asserts in Charge 1, Specifications 3, 7, and 9, Respondent participated in a series of racist email exchanges. (Complaint). In the March 21, 2013 exchange, Respondent received an email containing a picture of an all white children’s [*20]  baseball team and responded stating “[n]ice, but where are the white sheets? Gotta start them when they are young.” In response to Respondent’s statement, another FOH member, BVA Chief Judge Dennis Chiappetta states, “[c]ome on James, that is the name of the kid’s team: ‘The Maryland White Sheets.'” Respondent replied to Mr. Chiappetta’s comment “of course my bad. ‘Bon Fire’ after every victory.”

Respondent’s emails concerning the baseball team refers to the Ku Klux Klan’s (KKK) infamous hooded white outfits, KKK members burning of crosses during celebrations and rallies. These comments are intrinsically racist and offensive and do not promote confidence in the judiciary. The ABA Model Code of Judicial Conduct Rule 1.2: Promoting Confidence in the Judiciary directs a judge to act at all times in a manner that promotes public confidence in the integrity,  [*21] and impartiality of the judiciary. Respondent’s callous reference to such infamously racist acts, especially when referring to children’s baseball team, diminishes the public’s confidence in the judiciary and undermines his status as an impartial jurist. These emails alone equate to conduct unbecoming a VLJ.

But Respondent’s behavior did not stop there. On September 19, 2013, Respondent emailed a news article to fellow FOH members concerning a Frederick County Sheriff who posted pro-gun videos. (Agency Ex. 3-D). The article explained the sheriff was shooting automatic weapons while shouting obscenities about liberals, minorities, and the Second Amendment. (Id.). Respondent modified the news article by adding “Some of his [the Sheriff] supporters . . . got into a heated debate with an opponent. The opponent,  [*22]  a fast food working, basketball type playing man, indicated that such talk just wasn’t cool. He left timidly, when 11 people causally tossed ropes at him.” (Id.).

Respondent admits the use of “fast food working” and “basketball type playing” refers to African Americans. (Agency Ex. 3-C). These terms are used by Respondent as racial stereotypes and meant to be derogatory. Respondent further admits his statement concerning tossing ropes refers to the KKK’s use of ropes to lynch African Americans. (Id.). This statement, concerning lynching African Americans, is offensive and racist in nature and beneath the dignity of Respondent’s position. Accordingly, I find Respondent’s emailing the modified news article containing racial stereotypes and offensive racial acts violates the ABA Model Code of Judicial Conduct Rule 1.2. His actions fail to promote confidence in the judiciary and this constitutes conduct unbecoming a VLJ.

In yet another instance, Respondent received an email chain on May 20, 2014, containing various comments by FOH members the VA deemed unbecoming a VLJ. In this email chain, another FOH member states: “[d]e rules be diffrint up in de Big House where de plantation [*23]  massah lives. Out in de fields, we field slaves hafta pick de cottin at three bales a week an’de obserseer hagta make sho he delibber 20 bales a week.” This FOH member is clearly referencing African American slavery by stereotyping the way African American slaves in the south spoke.

Speaking as if one is an African American slave is inherently racist and deplorable.

Veterans Law Judge Racism, Homophobia Summed Up

This is about as bad as it gets for VA employees who are entrusted to fairly decide claims regardless of race or sexual preference. Can you imagine how these jokers decided claims of male veterans who were victims of sexual assault or black veterans who were victimized by race?

This needs to be evaluated more deeply.

Based on the follow-up analysis of MSPB concerning ethics rules, it seems likely these judges will have their licenses challenged by their respective bars for inappropriate behavior unbecoming judge.

Those affected by decisions from any of these judges should contact your lawmakers in Washington DC to demand an inquiry. It is possible many denials could be overturned based on the findings through an equitable relief package from Secretary David Shulkin.

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  1. I was under the impression that a lot of the VLJ’s were retired Judges.

    IF that is true, any and all notice should also bleed into every case they tried before retiring and going to word at the VA. How many cases does a Judge rule on before they retire them?

  2. OT :
    Kept secret, why.

    Couldn’t post under VA IT filing mess thread.

  3. Thanks so much for this post. You truly are doing a service for veterans.

    To me it is unbelievable that the MSPB, which itself is deeply racist, would uphold the removal of racist VA judges.

    In decision DE-3330-14-0364-I-1, still readily available on their website, the former, and now disgraced Chair, Susan Tsui Grundmann, along with the current Vice Chair, Mark Robbins, UPHELD VA attorney Jeffrey James Hatch calling me a “goat herder” and a “garbage collector.

    The Administrative judge who originally saw no problems with racist slurs in OFFCIAL COURT PROCEEDINGS is David Brooks. The Chief MSPB Judge in Denver, Stephen C. Mish has also upheld the use of racist slurs in court proceedings in Denver.

    Disgraceful, and still true. When do they get removed>

    John Paul Jones

    1. That Grundmann used to be counsel for AFGE, what a loser! She is part of the DC bar and that Robbins is a loser as well!

      1. Thanks for your comment, “CorpsmanUp.”

        And I was a Corpsman, with the 1/69th Armor, 4th Infantry Division, one year, 1968-69, Binh Dinh province and the Central Highlands.


    1. Ignorance Dull, Obtuse, Neglectful, Torpid Greedy, Insolent, Vapid, Emotionless Apathetic Slothful, Heinous, Indifferent, Tedious

      1. Ignorance Dull, Obtuse, Neglectful, Torpid Greedy, Insolent, Vapid, Emotionless Apathetic Slothful, Heinous, Indifferent, Tedious (I Don’t Give A Shit)

  4. Like boo hoo. The VA or a VSO already probably has a job lined up for these pieces of trash.

    I reported DAV racist and bigoted employee and VA and DAV did nothing and opted to fire me.

  5. I don’t care what words, language or stereotypes are used by individuals privately because our First Amendment allows people to say whatever they want with certain exceptions, the workplace being one of them. If you can’t leave that crap out of the workplace, then they deserve everything coming to them.
    Just when I thought VA employees could not become more shocking and vile, I am again surprised at what they get away with for years.
    This is exactly why I no longer put race or other demographic information anywhere if at all possible, specifically because of this kind of behavior.
    More detail on this would be helpful. Exactly what was this Forum of Hate? Was it simply emails sent to specific people? Or was it a complete system with a discussion forum set up? Emails are one thing, but a specific system running forum software suggests there should have been many people involved.
    What does he mean by the “AA Forum of Gayness”? Does this mean another forum has not been uncovered yet? Does “AA” stand for Administrative Assistant? Acting Administrator?
    Anyone involved in any of these email chains should be investigated, even if they did not contribute if they did not report it, because this lunacy affected many veterans for years, and will likely cost VA huge…as it should.

    One has to wonder how much of this grab-ass activity goes on daily, and if that is the reason for such a massive backlog.

    Any good lawyer that has a case before this bunch, or ever had a case before this bunch would FOIA any emails related to these forums, or the emails of everyone listed on these email chains.

    Given the years this went on, and how many years these guys may have been working for the VA, this may turn out to be bigger than the TBI scandal of the VA using unqualified hacks for TBI exams.

    Shulkin should get on the stick quick with equitable relief. Even that might not be enough to avoid the shitstorm heading his way if the media picks up on this.

    1. Well actually, the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) lacks a quorum, so there’s three job openings. And, this slime will fit in quite well with the MSPB and all the wonderful work they do.

  6. Here is a thought, not just race, but think about how conservatives were targeted by the IRS, whose to say they would not target Patriots/Christians/Conservatives/Gun owners 2nd amendment supporters/ after all, why help anyone who might be on a targeted list?

  7. How can I find out if these “professionals” if that’s what you call them, ever reviewed any of my claims? Will there be more investigations?

    1. You can be sure that if the VA were to review *any* cases from these asshole judges, it will only be to benefit the VA, no a single Veteran. Sad, but truth.

      1. I would be interested in seeing the ratio of minority cases approved and denied. and for what conditions. Then compared to similar cases from “majority” appellants. That should reveal some interesting numbers and would probably serve as proof of animosity and violation of law when deciding cases.

      2. Other than demographic info that’s pertinent to say a service connected condition that happens to affect minorities or women profoundly different than your standard issue human, there’s absolutely no reason race, sex, or even sexual orientation to be utilized when examining any given Veteran’s health records…we all bleed red, wore variety of blues & greens, and we all love our USA and at one time would have died for it…all that matters unless you are part of some ‘good ‘ol boys club like the recent Moore debacle.
        The VA probably utilizes demographic info to deny Vets svc. connection.
        For ex: The VA could easily try to deny burn pit or Agent Orange to an African-American making claim of Sickle-Cell or Leukemia by trying to say that’s a “thang” with certain demographics, not the burn pit or AO at all, et al…

      3. yeah but there are other types of stuff like injuries.

        Lets say Pvt Joe Snuffy gets shot in the head and suffers TBI and resulting PTSD. Now private Snuffy is white. He submits a claim and is approved 100% all fine and well.

        Now lets say Pvt Shawn Johnson also gets shot in the head and suffers tbi and resulting PTSD and presents symptomology nearly identical to Pvt Snuffy lets say near enough as to make no difference with all things being considered equal. He submits a claim and is rated 30%. This should absolutely raise some red flags when examined statistically.

      4. While I agree, as long as that door is open to the polar-opposite taking place when say it’s a minority examiner whom is rating a non-minority Veteran. See how bigotry works? It’s hate and prejudice either way. This type of crap took place in USAF under the term “Social Actions”, and it was even used as a ‘tool’ by a couple Airmen I was supervising in order to try to get out of doing required continuing coursework in military career field by simply making a false claim that I was somehow discriminating by requiring the exact same work as anyone else. They did not succeed but just because of that “false claim”, it cost me a promotion due to the reprimand I received for the “false claim” that was utilized as a weapon.

      5. I absolutely agree when it comes to bigotry being a two way street. If a minority judge is caught half stepping like that he or she also should feel the full effect and weight of a veterans righteous fury.

        Fuck a slap on the wrist. Fuck a sternly shaken finger. Fuck a letter of censure.

        Some times I think Kim Jong-Un has the right idea. Strap these fucks to some AA guns and squeeze the trigger.

      6. Up a notch: strap these fucks to any missile fuselage with industrial super glue and give them a view before shark stew.

      7. could fire them at incoming ICBM’s. Might not stop the nuke but the *SPLAT* would be more satisfying and in the end really with the track record of the interceptor system would we have really lost anything?

  8. In my heavy drinking days I made many complaints to the bar. All I ever remember was a headache the next day.

    1. Oh won’t you fetch for me some Stoli and Drum
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  9. I am pretty sure the complaints went to their respective bars, but the question is, What are they going to do about it?
    The judicial canon of ethics comes to play, but challenging ” absolute immunity ” is the key.
    You literally have to should a lack of jurisdiction to defeat absolute immunity.
    That is why Trump said he could stand in crowd in the middle of 5th avenue and get away with it.
    Abuse of power and abuse of process.
    Reversal of all adjudicated claims during their tenure is a very lengthy process, by the Secretary is getting advice from the same corrupt General Counsel that is calling for equitable relieve.
    No David two toned titty Shulkin, there is no equitable relief in criminal activity under US 241.
    This is where Special Counsel is need to remedy this situation. Far more important that that Mueller inquiry that is costing a lot of money.
    The Tuna beast Vanguard award goes to all the bullshit attorneys at the VA, fucking over veterans.
    A bunch of jackasses that never served adjudicating veterans claims , is despicable to the umpteenth degree!
    Stow your titties away and get the fuck out of town already!

  10. In the past year, “We the People” have;
    Found out members of Congress are “paying out hush monies, using taxpayers monies to accusers” to quiet them over sexual misconduct by said congressmen! And more!

    Found out foreign nationals were spying on the U.S. [Awan brothers] and sending classified information to unknown persons! And, they were stealing government property right under the nose of the person who hired them. And MORE!

    Found out, “irreprehensible terminology” being used by the members of the DOJ and FBI against our duly elected President! All while sitting in on an investigation which has NOT proved anything against said President. And MORE!

    Found out the previous administration, which WAS directly linked to the CIA and Obama, was involved in the “transportation, distribution and marketing of illicit drugs” WITHIN OUR REPUBLIC, by enemies of America [Hezbollah]: ie; “Operation Cassandra”! And MORE!

    Found out, NOW, those who are supposed to be objective when adjudicating veterans claims, are far from being objective in their own lifestyles! And MORE!

    I hope y’all have noticed one damn thing here! That is, “We the People” would NOT have KNOWN about ALL of this, and much much MORE, IF the other person, [and I refuse to name HER], had been “Crowned President”!
    As far as I’m concerned, even though the “SWAMP
    RUNS DEEP WITHIN AMERICA’S BOUNDRIES”, it IS being slowly drained!

    1. @Crazy elf- I’m worried they’re multiplying quicker than the rate of swamp draining. Remember, nepotism is the glue that keeps the fatties in-place for generations…making it one BIG gravy boat called the V.A. Titanic.

      1. My sister’s a VA nurse. She’s not fat, flagrant and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t fart around patients. She LOVES veterans, she loves being a nurse at the VA and helping veterans as much as possible. Everyday you say some disrespectful shit about nurses. You are as bad as the ones in this article. Fuck you.

      2. And fuck you too, as they were not speaking about your Sister but about shits who I have myself observed.

      3. Don’t take it personnel, we all know there are good VA employee’s and bad VA employee’s, ask you sister if she has ever seen a veteran abused and then asked what she did about it.

        Did she stay quite or did she do something about it. Sorry you feel this way, but time and time again VA employees are caught doing something against Veterans.

        VA just caught closing 278 veterans claims illegally ! Their PUNISHMENT NO YEARLY BONUS for you.

        These employees were more or less denting these veterans their deserved disabilities and treatment.

        Thank you sister for me, I sister was a nurse also.

      4. James,
        The VA employees I like are the ones coming onto “vetcentric websites”, like this one, claiming they’ve “Witnessed First Hand” the “waste, fraud and ABUSE” against veterans, only NEVER report[ed] it!
        They’re “one main excuse” IS, “I didn’t want to lose my job!” Quote, Unquote!
        Can y’all imagine, someone in the VA witnessing ABUSE by VA medical providers, then looking the other way!
        On the one hand, I do believe, IF these individuals were to have reported it, their lives, and livelihood, would end!
        On the other hand, IF enough of these witnesses were to band together, like we did in the military, NOT one person in upper management could stop the train from derailing!

        Oh, and James,
        I just got off the phone with Howard Altman. I gave him Ben’s website information and asked him to call Ben!
        I explained it was Ben who helped break the story on the “TBI SCANDAL”! He thanked me for the info!
        I hope this helped!!!!!
        Plus, once Mr. Altman reads what Ben’s been doing for a long time, they just might get together on something! Wouldn’t hurt, right?!?!

      5. @CrazyElf, apparently she has been scoping out the website looking at comments. There is fact behind me saying that there are fat ass nurses there. Many reports of nursing patient ratios do not compare to civilian hospitals. I have worked on a busy ICU and step down unit in private hospitals.
        Proof compared to VA nurses would show that they are fat as hell. This blog is not formatted for picture uploads, but I can show you a herd of them on the VA websites in the photo section.
        To be clear, the nurses are male and female………Fat as HELL!

      6. CorpsmanUp,
        I haven’t met one VA nurse who didn’t have a large body! And, then there’s those who have 12 inch fingernails who apply, and are hired as schedulers! You know the ones who “type 12 words per every five minutes!”

        Of course, that’s probably because VA hires only relatives! You know, from their favorite website, “…”!
        (Did I leave anyone out?)

      7. As long as they can generate their own gravitational field in order to just have their lunch orbit around them, they’re hired with the caveat they never go near the MRI machines. (an engorged purple team member easily become ingrown within any MRI machine, even the newer open ones)-extraction is very costly.

      8. Ignorant clerks at the desk , talking about ” Guuurrrl, I gotta go git my brefast before I do anything”
        That shit adds up and gets old.
        Veterans hear everything in the lobby.
        Now imagine if you work there and hear that type of talk and disparaging of veterans everday?
        That is why I say something when I hear someone try to defend the indefensible.
        “Oh my sister works there”
        Me: Fuck you and your sister.Your sister’s 1000 patients died while you were in the cafeteria.
        Imagine if you had a medic in combat operations that didn’t do their job?
        These TunaJobs need to be shipped on the front line.

      9. “[…To be clear, the nurses are male and female………Fat as HELL!]”

        There comes a clinical pivotal point in which the gender is androgynously polyunsaturated cellulite amoebas and that’s why VA Nurse Uniforms only come in spandex. However, should a bee sting one and you are in proximity of 50 yds, that’s an IED PTSD attack accident just waiting to happen. (think crescent roll can of biscuits popping open)

      10. I will. I don’t take it personally –believe me. I am a Veteran too, and I have experienced my share of assholes and limp-dick big mouth idiots as well. There are a couple of assholes on here that seem to really really enjoy (just like the assholes in the article) putting women and especially nurses down. Gets old.

      11. Not all nurses are caveats of professional to generalize protecting “nurses” they have been caught stealing, abusing patients and so on.
        Not all veterans are worthy of their DD214 either.
        The VA does not respresent any shape or form of military service period to be patronizing the title veteran.
        I could go apply for benefits, but I choose not . I have earned my expeditionary medals and sea service as a Corpsman with the Marines. Put a few in bodybags in my tour of duty, but sadly 10 fold i placed in body bags at this shitty healthcare racket. I have worked with lazy ass nurses who sat at the desk for hours, listening to disparaging remarks about WWII,KoreanWar, and Vietnam Vets.
        I was trained by a Vietnam Veteran Corpsman who knew his shit and saved many lives. There is a creed follow it, unless if you are not a combat designated veteran, you may not know.
        Keyboard designated combat has not been approved by Congress yet.
        185lbs able to defend myself without a weapon. Geneva Convention 1907

      12. How old are you? 12? Get a grip little boy– Did your fat ass momma with her big saggy tits whoop your little faggot ass one too many times? I’ve worked with lazy fat ass big mouth vets too. Your the big mouth keyboard badass. 1. you’re a fat ass 2. you have a fat ass momma that whooped your ass too much 3. you’re afraid of women -particularly nurses -lol

      13. I am 13 actually, you prepubescent tunabeast! Go take your titanium tip tampon and go fuck yourself troll!
        Read your very own words as it relates to the subject matter . “faggot” “whooping ass” So much for disparaging people when it doesn’t align with your troll agenda.
        You are a terrible woman! LOL!
        You might want to check with your psychiatrist to see if 5mg of Visken might the edge off those psychotropic meds you are popping!
        What a douche canoe (british accent)

      14. Fuck you too you big pork chop eatin magnetic nipple havin big fat bitch!
        Straight Axis Ii histrionic personality disorder
        Bye fatty!

      15. namnibor,
        One has to know WHO the “Swamp Creatures” are before one can drain them!

        From what’s being said on many of the MSM’s, it looks like they are panicking. Anyone who can’t see what’s really going on, is lost!

        Like that Joe Scarborough, [a democrat MSM stooge]! Did you know there’s a push, down here in Florida, to “…reopen the DEATH of his young female aide!” Who was found DEAD in his office with “blunt force trauma to the back of her head”! All while he was an elected official!

        There’s LOTS of screaming and crying going on within the democrats and RINO’s as of late! All because of crap having “light shown on them” they thought would never be seen!

      16. Joe Scarborough needs to be investigated for that death, there is no statute of limitations for murder, Joey. Joey Journalist???? Har, Har, Har, Har, Har. Get lost Joe.

      17. Elf since you live in Florida would you be willing to contact Howard Altman Tampa bay and ask his to do a story on how the VA is letting VA employees falsely accuse veterans of disruptive behavior and being punished and veterans have no way to defend themselves. How due process is eliminated and all of our civil, human and constitutional rights have been taken away. 813-225-3112

      18. James,
        Some vets, from my understanding, have already contacted multiple news outlets. For some reason beyond my comprehension, they’re stonewalling!
        In my opinion, the uncovering of such a story would not only benefit vets, it would shine a light on vets NOT being treated under the same laws, Constitution and Bill of Rights, as others!
        It could also help a reporter on possibly an Award or something they could treasure.

      19. James,
        I contacted him. Gave him Ben’s website to visit. Maybe he’ll call Ben and asked him about everything you’ve mentioned!
        I gave LOTS of information as well!

    2. hey Elf I’m really starting to be concerned about your HRC obsession. I mean it’s been almost exactly a year since 45 took office. As far as the swamp being drained. That’s a joke, always has been always will be. It’s not really a swamp drain when all you do is replace the alligators. If we truly want the swamp drained then it will have to happen via another American revolution.

      Now I know I’m not privileged to anything in the Mueller/russian collusion investigation beyond whats been released in the press. I suspect your not privileged to any sensitive information either. Why don’t we just simply let this play out. If Trump is clean, and that’s a big IF then he’s got nothing to worry about. I do firmly believe that Trump will do or say ANYTHING to obtain and retain power. It’s his nature. Lets not even begin to discuss his position on women, minorities and transgenders You know those same groups who serve in our ARMED FORCES with distinction on a daily basis.

      I find your defense of this man reprehensible and disgusting. He is a coward and mentally unhinged at best and a dangerous blowhard who will get us all killed at worst.

      Also, while we’re on the subject of investigations. I find it ironic that the republicans wasted plenty of tax dollars trying to railroad HRC who, for the record I am also not a fan of. How many Benghazi investigations played out with no findings? Do we not owe Donald Trump the same duty of investigation in the interests of fairness?

      Let me take this opportunity while we’re pointing fingers at Presidents running drugs. You are aware that the whole Ollie North Iran/Contra deal happened under Reagan right? But since he was a Republican I guess he’d be more believable if he where alive to deny it right?

      Oh also as to your double negative.

      Definition of irreprehensible. : not reprehensible : free from blame or reproach. conduct in all respects irreprehensible. Fix your shit.

      As far as I’m aware Mueller removed the author of said “reprehensible” post when it came to light. Last time I checked that was the move of a fair and impartial person.

      Lets also not forget that Mueller was appointed by republicans who, at the time of his appointment was praised as keen, impartial as well as also being a decorated combat vet. The fact that your willing to support a known coward over a vet is troublesome to me. The fact that the republicans are now turning on him tells me he’s getting close to something. I, for one, am willing to wait and see what happens. It should be highly entertaining watching this disgusting pig being dragged from office. It will also be highly entertaining to watch the “party over country” crowd squirm when they are forced to recognize their own failures.

      Neither party has your best interests at heart maybe it’s time you recognized that instead of being a republican fanboi.

      1. “WyldeCylde”,
        All I did was give you “facts” as what has came out from the darkness!
        As far as your “biased ‘slant’ against me” is concerned, there’s little that I can do to change your mind! You must be following most of the “left leaning news outlets”, instead of researching other avenues of information!
        I like to view ALL avenues of news! Then I research, and research some MORE!

        As far as President Trump is concerned, there’s MANY in our past history who’ve never served, in the military, in an elected or appointed position! Even those who have didn’t “cut the mustard” to help our veterans!
        As a “Combat Vietnam U.S. Army Veteran” and a “Combat U.S. Navy [Beirut, Lebanon] Veteran”, I can assure you – I’m completely disgusted with the way our elected and appointed officials and VSO’s have turned a blind eye to our plight AGAINST the VA!

        That being said, I’m sure you’ll agree these “illegal activities” by many in our government, would NOT have found their way into the sunlight IF anyone else had been elected POTUS! That in itself is refreshing!
        IF “We the People” don’t know what’s transpiring within our government, how are we to combat it!

        Ben, puts lots of negative information about the VA on five (5) days a week. What, or HOW, could we know about ALL the illegal activities by VA if he, and other patriotic men and women, wasn’t around!
        How would you be informed if not for “commenters” like myself, Seymore Klearly, 91Veteran, and MANY MORE were NOT around to give out any information about what’s transpiring within our government?

      2. Here’s two more things!
        1.) When HRC stops her bullshit, then I’ll stop my opinion of her!

        2.) Like I commented on, These illegal activities by many in our government needs to be brought out into the open light!
        My wife sends “Ben’s blogs” to our representative, Rep. DeSantis, every day! In the hopes that he will one day contact Ben, and setup a meeting!
        What have you done?

      3. 1. Which particular BS are you referring to.

        2. What good does it do to forward a link to a guy who doesn’t care?

        As to what I’m doing. Well to be honest since I’m such a recluse with a deep seated hatred for most things that walk on 2 legs. I haven’t done much.

        Currently I’m involved in discussions with my state rep to get legislation passed to amend our state cannabis program to allow vets to cultivate and care for vets who are financially disadvantaged yet have a qualifying condition for the medical program. So far that’s still in it’s early stages as the legislative body in CT seats in January.

        I’m in the process of exploring ways to start and fund a Vet organization that actually cares about vets. However such things require careful planning and structure then you have to build out a member base and get funding so you hopefully see results that will justify your existence.

        Once my Va case is resolved favorably. I intend to get into real estate and be a Landlord. I intend to give vets preferential treatment for housing. That however is more in the long term. Ideally I’d like to find somebody to donate about 20 acres and build out a state of the art treatment facility designed to house and sort vet problems in one place while the vet goes through the VA comp and pen process. That’s not going to happen unless I win the lottery.

        I don’t know if any of these are on the level of sending an email every day but I gotta start somewhere right?

      4. Go see someone about all the surplus real estate from U.S. Military bases which is sold to investors who turn around and sell homes they build on it/them for millionaires.

      5. As you are working on your legislation WC, be aware of a politicians greed for more tax money.
        With CT being in the state it is in financially, your legislation might go through if other greedy politicians are convinced they can get piles of cash from taxing it.

        That is happening here in CO, and it is making the black market flourish even more because they can undercut the price of “legal” weed.

      6. 91Veteran,
        I talked to my son, who lives in Colorado – below Colorado springs – and he’s said the same as you! He even said the “black market”, in most cases, has a better “product”!

      7. Sure is, 91Veteran. The wife and I visited our son there two years ago! Beautiful country. Only we don’t like snow! LOL!

      8. No snow here on the western slope, even in the hgh country, but its moving in tonight.

        I was over there around Peublo, CS and Royal Gorge in October.

        Lots have changed in 30 years.

      9. Elf,

        I do actually get my news from multiple sources and from both sides of the aisle but thank you for being concerned about my access.

        I tend to find a significant slant on both sides and I’m not really shocked by this as the media has been weaponized for quite some time. I tend to take whatever the given propaganda agent of the day spits at me with more than a few grains of salt. I then apply this to my own internal process. What is really being said. What isn’t being said and what I believe to be true according to my own worldview and discerning nature. In short I like to keep my bullshit meter in tiptop shape. Don’t worry, you don’t need to change my mind. You just simply have to open yours.

        I suppose you have indeed given me facts. Yes the Democratic party definitely has their own fires to put out. Is it anywhere near the mess that the Republican party is? In my not so humble opinion Nope. If you read bias in my statements it is there to counter your own obvious slant.

        As to your comments about Trump not being in the military. I completely agree with you we have had non military presidents and that’s completely fine. What I cannot abide is a President who, when his country needed him to step up via the draft, obtained multiple deferments to get out of getting his ass shipped to Vietnam. Those are the actions of a coward and that’s a fact. The fact that a coward is now the President and Commander in Chief of our armed forces both sickens and disgusts me. We may as well have elected Jane fucking Fonda to shit all over the Oval Office. In this regard it’s the same thing. Incidentally I wonder what happened to the guys who had to go in this cowards place. We blame Bergdahl for the injuries sustained in his search and rescue attempts. Why do we hold Trump to a different standard?

        I will agree that there are a shit ton of motherfuckers in government that need to be frog marched up to a wall and shot. But you will have to concede the point that those motherfuckers are from both parties. Both equally guilty both equally punishable by said frog march, wall and bullet. As for your “sunlight” theory under a “different” President. No I don’t agree at all. Conspiracy has a way of unraveling no matter your party affiliation. See Nixon. I am firmly of the opinion that Trump had to fire Flynn because information had been made public. If the public never knew about Flynn then he would still be employed by Trump and would still be a “wonderful” man. I find this to be unacceptable. Information has a way of leaking and that’s a good thing.

        I have no issues with Ben and the fine people who take time to put out vital information. My only issues are the lack of a proper forums to develop meaningful discussions. My problem is with the obvious Republican bias. The simple facts are Hillary Clinton is not president and will probably never be president. Is that a good thing? In my opinion yes it is. Now with all that being said. I think it’s time we let go of the “but what about Hillary!!!” excuse and start holding the current administration accountable for it’s failings and glaringly obvious faults.

        Let’s begin shall we?

        Inability to fill cabinet level positions with QUALIFIED personnel.
        Doesn’t understand why we can’t use Nukes.
        Not able to be trusted with classified information.
        thinks grabbing women by the pussy is ok . Pro tip: it’s not
        Stands accused by multiple women of sexual assault
        Still in violation of the Emoluments Clause of the constitution. THIS ALONE should be grounds to impeach.
        Refuses to release taxes as is customary for sitting presidents.
        Inability to nominate qualified judges to, you know, apply the LAW.
        Consistently undermines the credibility of the State Dept. and the DOJ. Hell his own AG had to recuse himself in the fucking Russia probe.
        Supports alleged pedophiles for higher office because “We gotta keep those seats red” Incidentally has now backed 2 loosing candidates in the Alabama Race for Sessions vacated seat. He is toxic to any republican candidate he stumps for.
        This guy is such a Man Baby that he requires a USMC GENERAL to babysit him. whiskey tango foxtrot over.
        Busted the budget of the Secret Service with all the travel by his family.
        Inability to fill key positions at the various agencies with qualified and competent people. Rick Perry Dept of Energy???? Ben Carson Dept of Urban Planning and Development???? Tom “what do you mean I can’t jaunt around the world on the taxpayers dime” Price????
        We’ll build a wall and Mexico will pay for it. Mexico “Nope”
        Stevey “the loose cannon” Bannon. This guy warrants his own line.
        Mikey “yes man” Pence. he gets one to.
        Kellyanne Conway. wannabe spinmeister fails miserably because her boss is garbage and toxic.

        Notable accomplishments to date.

        Pushed Congress to overhaul the tax code to make himself and his cronies/henchmen/other cocksuckers even richer while brushing a few crumbs to the middle class and poor for a few years. After all, those suckers can’t understand anything this complicated. Pro Tip: We can.

        Hasn’t gotten us into WW3…yet. I’m not holding my breath on this one.

        Hasn’t managed to kill the old and sick…yet. That’s Phase 2. How do we pay for these tax cuts anyways? Oh yeah SS and Medicare.

        Plays A LOT of golf. Didn’t he bash Obama for this VERY SAME THING???? The country is burning and Nero plays the fiddle.

        We can also get into the Republican majority in both The House and Senate. Those august and noble bodies that can’t manage to get rid of a health care system that is apparently more popular than they figured. Haven’t managed to get anything notable done without sweetening the honeypot errr I mean deal for all it’s holdouts/sellouts. See Tax Reform above. I suppose the Democrats will get the blame for this when it goes tits up despite it having received no democratic party votes in addition to 12 republican house members siding with the dems?

        Trump likes to point his finger and misdirect and make inflammatory and wildly inaccurate statements (see twitter) all in the hopes that you won’t notice what he doesn’t want you to see. I’m sorry Sir I’m not buying it. I suspect Russian collusion and I suspect that Mueller’s investigation will bear that suspicion out. Any protestations of innocence are at this point moot for me. The sooner this guy is out of office the better off as a nation we will be.

      10. Now now boys. We’re all on the same leaky life boat here. Let’s first search for some inner peace. Ooooohhhhmmmm.

        As for heroes, stop looking for them in Washington. Ain’t gonna happen. Let’s just look at facts OK. The NWO brethren having been ramping up their game since the 70s – or maybe November 63. The constant nipping away of social fabric, erosion of income in the middle class, total degradation of public education, sale of the medical system to the highest bidders, deregulation of everything that can (and has) fucked all of us, turning the US military into the finest mercenary army on the planet, bombing the shit out of brown people, infesting our streets with drugs, (Golden Triangle smack in the 70s (CIA’s Drug interdiction program (the bought it), coke in the 80s (same Scare America flying boxcars in Centro Americano (Hassenfus), did I mention bombing the shit out of brown people?, erosion of infrastructure etc.

        All this shit happened regardless of parties in charge. The Clintons and Obamas and Bushes, and Bushes, and Clintons may well have been cuddlier with the real power than Trump is. That doesn’t mean the real power can’t negotiate their way around a bone-spurred silver-spooned perv who makes the rest of us suffer from his Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

        Bottom line? We’re at or near the bottom of anyone’s to-do list. The only progress we’ve made is graduating from cannon fodder to election year flag wavers. “By, Of, and For” the people has been tossed under an ox-cart, a Conestoga wagon, a stage coach, and a bus since the day it was written. Just follow the money.

        Try not to expend one milligram of your ire on a comrade. Save your flags and tears for the brother who stood beside you. It will never get any more meaningful than that. Ever.

        Ohhhh ohhhh by gosh by golly
        It’s time for mistletoe and holly

      11. Thank you Sir. That’s pretty much what I was trying to say.

        The names may change, but the song remains the same.

      12. Maybe you should be a Judge on the Court of Veterans’ Appeals since you are so “informed” and “Objective”

      13. Great comment, Flotmorton!
        I’ve always tried to give only the “Facts” when it comes to what’s confirmed by reputable news outlets. I’ve even put articles on here from left leaning news outlets, WHEN, (and only when), the information can be “fact-checked”!

        For example, did you know that when anyone in Congress says they don’t have the authority to have anyone arrested, I fact-checked that through a “.gov” website and found out they can!
        It’s an old law, set down by the Supreme Court in 1821, and again in 1835 or 1836 (?), plus it’s still applicable today!
        Once someone is found GUILTY in Congress, say for “perjury” or “Contempt of Congress”, the Sgt. at Arms has the “duty” to arrest and confine them until they comply with whatever they’re charged with!
        That’s not the only duty they have. They can also [physically] remove any member of Congress not complying with the Speakers orders! They also “introduce” any dignitary entering the chambers!
        Someone might ask, How or Where did these rules come from? They were/are written down in “Robert’s Rules of Order”, then applied to everyone in our government – elected and or appointed!
        BELIEVE it or NOT, These “RULES” even apply to every nonprofit [VSO] organization[s] as well!

      14. Come listen to some of my stories and complaints, proof, about living in a one party ruled town, Demoncrats, with three major lefty colleges, all Demoncrat filled positions in government, far left media only, etc. Only Democrats can run and win here, all others, no hope. Unless they change labels and agendas to fit the establishment and corrupt. That is why the majority here will not vote and not get involved in local politics, only Dems and far left allowed, or will run for office. Or get hired by local government to fill positions. What do they say about absolute power? So staying stuck in the right-left paradigm of politics or one being better than the other is like living the “Matrix.” Make an enemy of any of those “Democrats” here and pay for it for life. You won’t have any Constitutional rights here, no free speech, no representation, period. Total corruption, bullying, PC-ness, even attacks from a major hospital and other lefty establishments and professionals can and will attack and neglect at will and to their enjoyment. Regardless if it’s a life and death matter or dealing with some old non-party toe the line veteran or white boy.

      15. Surely (not Shirley), we can agree that any form of evil is a bad thing for humanity and Veterans and just agree to disagree? In the end, each and everyone of us is getting screwed to some degree by the VA and Gov’t., regardless of potty or party, right?
        Myself, I do not subscribe to any organized political party because both sides are dain bramaged beyond reconciliation. I think all Vets could agree to our allegiance to The Constitution and perhaps the name Constitution Party would be great until such time it becomes the Constipation Party?

      16. I feel insofar as I self identify politically it has to be democrat. After all their not talking about cutting SS and medicare, two programs I rely heavily on while the VA takes it’s sweet ass time. If there is a lesser of two evils here I feel it’s definitely that way.

      17. WC. I can sit down with any veteran, and after sweeping away the detritus of Fox or MSNBC, I can find vestiges of conservative and liberal in every man who has lived in a shittier part of this planet. Party messaging and extremism has needed to morph in order further divide people from each other under the guise of party. Heaven forbid we all get our heads out of our asses and take our country back. Sheeple love to graze on grasses clover. It is only fences that give credence to fear and hate.


        Oooohhh, the mood out there is frightful
        The Dems and Pubs are spiteful
        And if your spirit is getting low
        Let it go, let it go, let it go.

        And when I grow up, I want to be a bud tender by day and PTSD counselor by night.

      18. at this point I don’t feel it’s about republican or democrat. It’s about the consent of the governed and that got dragged behind the woodshed and shot. Now we just blindly march along wearing a D or an R and shouting the approved party line from the latest liar in power. I think from now on when I take a shit I’ll announce “THE HOUSE IS NOW IN SESSION” before commencing the business at hand. Honestly better political leadership falls out of my asshole than what we currently have stinking up the joint.

      19. Slaves who love their chains will NEVER be Free & this is the MAJORITY of Society as we know it!

      20. lol 2 people hate the fact that I identify as a compassionate human being. Only in America people. 😀

      21. You lost your support here. Mueller was told “anything arising out of facts” which includes the Ur anus 20% deal and the pay of $10 Million dollars by Hillary to change the outcome of the election, and the loss of classified documents for which many others have been convicted on a lesser standard. Your rage against Trump, you stick up your ignorant behind.

      22. I’m not sure I’d call it rage. More like…disillusionment. My whatever it is at trump is on display because the rage at Hillary is already there. She is every bit as unfit to wield power as Don the Con. Is she crooked. You bet. She sabotaged the primary after all in a failed bid to add President of the United States to her resume. She has a long and storied career as a climber of the rungs of political power. Her history is fraught with suspicious and possibly illegal activities. Anything she touches turns to shit and she constantly needs to backtrack and be bailed out of situations she helped create. Why isn’t she in jail? Probably because a whole lot of other people would end up there as well. Is it right? Nope not in the least. If somebody can find something to pin on her in such a way that she can’t slip and slide her way out of it then I hope they fucking CRUCIFY her. I hope they put her in a hole and throw the hole away.

        All of this, however is highly irrelevant. Hillary Clinton isn’t President and Donald Trump is. If Donald Trump knowingly gained the Presidency via external sources I as a proud, card carrying member of the American citizenry would damned well like to know. Personally I, as a citizen, find it hard to believe that members of his campaign team reached out to Russia for dirt on Clinton without Trumps knowledge or permission. I also find it hard to believe that the only thing discussed with Russians where “incidentals” of half remembered conversations and “adoptions”

        Mueller is a Republican.

        Mueller was appointed by Republicans to investigate Trump/Russia Collusion.

        Republicans are now trying to discredit Mueller.


        Since I wasn’t aware of your “support” or the absence thereof have I really lost anything?

        As for shoving it up my ass? Well I would, but, I’m too busy shitting political leadership. I hope they get the votes. I’d hate to think I dropped everybody off at the pool for nothing…

      23. Not to get all conspiracy theory-ish, but Mueller was also in charge of investigating the Miracle of Physics, aka 9/11. Pancake theory my ass. Mueller’s outcome will be what someone else wants it to be. Follow the money.

      24. Wibdguy,
        Let’s not forget Mueller also carried, in the dark of night, “Highly Enriched Uranium” to Russia to insure a contract with a “Russian Backed Canadian Firm!” All while the Clinton’s received large sums of money to their foundation.
        And, then Bill Clinton gave a 20 minute speech in Russia at the personal request by Putin! Then received $500,000 for the speech!

        As far as Mueller and his team goes. Yes, they are registered republicans. Problem is – 95% of his team gave donations to Hillary Clinton for her POTUS bid! Only 3 or 4 did not donate to anyone! And no one donated to Trump!
        What’s a person called who “plays at being a republican”, yet helps the other team? Oh, yea. A “RINO!”

        There’s a whole lot more I could put on here, only it’s a waste of time trying to get people to understand anything IF their minds are already filled with hate!
        Not one person, except for a few, has mentioned anything good President Trump has accomplished in this past year! Like the jobs he’s helped create, by bringing corporations back to America. Or, the rise of the stock market to unprecedented heights. Are just two examples!

        Other countries laughed at Obama. All while he kow-towed to other leaders. And has allowed our Republic to be overrun with illegal immigrants and refugees from countries which are not friends to America!
        Before anyone claims different. We have immigration laws that are supposed to be followed! Why aren’t they?

        Other countries feared both Bushs’, because they didn’t realize how much of a “war hawk” they really were! These two reprobates started two different wars!

        Other countries laughed at Carter! And yet, during his administration he had the privilege to NOT get America involved in another war! Oh, there was some difficulties, only he handled them diplomatically!

        Other countries fought America, militarily, when LBJ was POTUS! IF it hadn’t been for Cronkite, we would have been in Vietnam a lot longer! Those words ARE in his memoirs!

        Other countries wanted to get along with President Reagan! Remember this famous line – “Mr. Gorbachev, Tear down this wall!”?
        His economic plan DID work! It just needed more time!

        Other countries were really going bonkers with Kennedy. He got us closer to WWIII than any President, past or present! Remember in schools doing “duck and cover” I do! Many of you don’t, only you’ve probably seen videos of it!

        The one President I truly admired was “President Truman!” Remember the “plaque” on his desk in the Oval Office? It read, “The buck stops here!”
        He meant it too! He took a lot of heat for dropping those two Atomic Bombs!

        IF you noticed, I left out “I’m not a Crook” Nixon. That was on purpose! He was a freaking crook!

      25. I gotta disagree with you about Carter there Elf. He may not have gotten us into some war, but he presided over other special ops such as Eagle Claw, and presided over the decimation of our military which took years to recover from.

        We are still dealing with the consequences of his appeasement to Iran, and many have suffered and died in attacks by them.

      26. Meuller only removed Strzok AFTER the IG found the texts. Meuller recognized the evidence would come out and he had no choice.
        As for his “investigation” into Russian collusion, many are POd at the incredible double standard we have regarding the law rather than equal protection under it.

        Mueller, rather than following the law, went directly to GSA to get the transition emails, many of which may be attorney client privilege, then never told the attorneys of those he was targeting. Targeting with zero evidence of any crime being committed. In regards to Granny Grifter, she had HER attorneys review roughly 60,000 emails she claims were on her shithouse server and she and her attorneys chose which ones were work related, and all these stellar FBI agents hyperventilating over non existent Trump Russia collusion allowed it.
        Iran/Contra was a policy dispute in Congress that the left blew up because they didn’t want their commie friend, Ortega, removed from power. If you are concerned over money spent investigating why Granny and that cowardly bastard Obama let 4 Americans die, then you should be concerned over the money wasted on Iran/Contra and this Russian collusion nonsense while Granny offered the US to the highest bidder like a garage sale, and Obama allowed a designated terrorist organization to funnel coke into the US and launder money back for more terrorist acts, all so he could preserve some crazy fucking deal with mad, middle Eastern Mullahs.

        By the way, if Mueller is the upstanding law and order Republican you believe him to be, why are all of his top investigators or lawyers such rabid Hillary supporters?

        I don’t give a damn what party someone belongs to when they use third world banana republic tactics and ignore the Constitution. They need to be called out for it.

      27. Are we to assume that Mueller should read every single tweet/text/email yadda yadda yadda of every single employee who works for him? That would be one way to shut him down I suppose. I guess the salient point I disagree with is your characterization of the events. If I’m an independent prosecutor and somebody says to me “hey your guy Strokz is a bit lippy and heres the proof” If after reviewing that proof I then remove this person how exactly does that make me the bad guy? Of course the info is going to be leaked it usually is.

        Now if Mueller is such a corrupt and unethical individual why was he appointed by republicans who should be well aware of his past credentials. Who should be well aware of any and all “issues” he may or may not have.

        As for the GSA emails I can’t really speak to that as I don’t believe all the facts are out yet. But I will say this. if those emails where obtained illegally then the defendant(s) in any trial that may or may not result will have the opportunity to have that evidence suppressed as tainted fruit. It sounds like Clinton knew how to apply the law in her case in a more favorable light and had people willing to go along. Again is it right. Nope. Is it a complete double standard. Yup.

        Why is anybody a rabid hillary supporter? for that matter why is anybody a rabid Trump supporter. People are passionate about their beliefs. I assume that investigators are people and thus just as equally passionate in their beliefs. Hell some people believe the earth is flat and that we never went to the moon. My point is you can’t argue with a zealot.

        I guess the biggest question I’d like answered is if the republicans in Congress investigated Benghazi in all it’s various forms at least 7 times by 2015 and came up with nothing. Surely that pack of ravenous wolves would have been licking their chops and pissing all over each other if they had something they could use to topple her. They came away with nothing because it’s all bullshit.

        I have a theory Mueller was hired to verify no trump/russia collusion since Sessions recused himself Maybe Mueller isn’t playing ball for whatever reason. This has the republicans in an uproar. Of course how a republican independent council gets away with that level of deception is beyond me.

        The irony of me, somebody who leans (D), having to defend an (R) to a bunch of (R)’s is completely and utterly laughable. Anyways I have to go help with the groceries and what not.

      28. My only point in pointing out it was the IG who informed Mueller of the texts is that people are giving Mueller credit for firing the guy, when in fact he had little choice.
        In regards to who appointed him and whether he is a Republican is irrelevant to me since he is a swamp rat appointed by swamp rats. He may have been an honorable man at one point, but he has been corrupted long ago, and the proof is in the double standard he applied to enforcing the law.

        In my opinion, that is no different than a veteran having his rights removed by an illegal Disruptive Behavior Committee.

        That double standard is shown when Hillary or her aides or lawyers were able to respond to serious investigations involving national security at their convenience rather than pre-dawn raids, while Manafort and his wife were subjected to such a raid. Same with the emails and with ignoring attorney client privilege.

        Rightly or wrongly, whether guilty or innocent, an honest investigation should uphold the Constitution or we are no better than the North Koreans.

        As for Benghazi, I still believe there was some honesty involved in investigating and trying to get the facts, but I also believe as those facts were uncovered, other swamp rats like McCain or Graham were uncovered, so the investigation resulted in nothing happening.

        I can’t believe certain members of Congress were not aware of the CIA having a base there and were buying weapons, or whatever the hell they were doing. Regardless, it was despicable by everyone on whatever side of the aisle they were on to let all of them fight for their lives with nothing done by the administration to help them.

        Finally, Mueller was appointed by another swamp rat, Rosenstein. I can’t believe he bounces around DC for as long as he did without becoming a swamp creature. Yes, he was appointed by Trump, but Trump has no time to vet all of these rats personally, so he ends up with whoever is recommended to him by other swamp rats. None of that would have happened if Trump would have appointed someone with guts as AG other than Sessions. Sessions recused himself because he got weak-kneed as soon as the left accused him of colluding with Russia, which was a farce. Rather than push back immediately and show the proof that the FBI told Sessions he did not have to discuss any meetings he had with Russians as a sitting Senator, he immediately bailed out and recused.

        As it is, Rosenstein is only in office because Sally Yates was fired for refusing to carry out directions from the Executive Branch. Another swamp rat gone.

        A good beer with your groceries would be nice WyldeChylde. Wish we could share one.

      29. Another Beast that never disappears is Henry Kissinger, He’s one of those turds you just can’t flush He just keeps circling the swamp drain…The pervert

      30. A double tap would be too lenient for that motherfucker. I’d be happy to wield the scalpel myself. That NWO jewluminaziberg sold out two million Cambodians knowing full well the doctrine China foist upon the Khmer Rouge.

      31. That is just one of the things I find rather disgusting with Kissinger Windguy. Thanks for reminding me.

      32. True that. I can’t fathom why Kissinger is considered anything other than a demented fossil.

      33. 91Veteran,
        Breaking news, Mueller was “forced”, by President Trump’s Attorneys, into giving back all of the transition emails and documents.

        I just received the news!

      34. Crazy Elf, in my opinion, it no longer matters whether he gives them back. The investigation is compromised, and done so foolishly. I also think it was done with intent. I believe Mueller agreed to grab them this way to try get Trump to fire him to turn this into a worse shitstorm. The proof is in all the media and politicians, including Eric Holder saying all week that if Trump fired Mueller, there would be protests in the streets.
        I think this was done because Mueller has found nothing to pin on Trump himself.

        The best thing Trump could do is let Meuller twist in the wind, get a new AG and go after the rest of the corrupt DOJ and FBI.

        By doing so, he continues making this look like the biased sham that it is.

        As for giving it back, it doesn’t matter. Privileged information was released, and that genie won’t go back in the bottle.

        Mueller has already used some of the information in questioning Trumps team. That’s how they found out Mueller had it. Now, all Mueller has to do is claim he came by the same information in another way.

        It would be interesting to see if anyone sues Mueller over privilege or Constitutional rights violations.

        As it is, I see a story in Politico about a group in congress investigating corruption in the DOJ and FBI over handling of the Trump dossier….which was paid for by Hillary.

      35. I think at this juncture it’s a matter of semantics. Was his hand forced? sure. When your in that situation there’s no real choice at all anyways.

        As to the way these cases where handled I can’t pretend to understand the nuances. It’s been my point of view that Clinton was sheltered and groomed to succeed Obama. The whole Slick Willy Loretta Lynch Tarmac meeting was highly suspicious as well. No way in hell was that a “random” thing. He either propositioned her so he could get off preferably with a blowjob because we all know that’s how he rolls. Or he propositioned her so he could get his wife off, preferably of all criminal charges. Hell maybe he was trying for a twofer the point is we won’t ever know because nobody involved will ever say anything. I believe at some point she was “Abandoned” by Obama. I recall reading accounts of her being told she made her bed etc etc. How true are these accounts. I don’t know.

        I honestly got very numb to the whole Benghazi thing and kinda tuned it out. I was aware of Sean Smith as an entity named Vile Rat in a game called Eve Online that I played for well over a decade. He was an extremely well respected or loathed player, depending on which side of the space ship you found yourself on 😉

        I think the Manafort raid went down the way it did is because, let’s face it, the guy can disappear if he needs to. I believe he has or had multiple passports. Disclosed and more than likely still as yet undisclosed assets totaling in the millions if not 10’s of millions. He also knows things which would make him valuable. What happens if he goes to Russia or China and either gets accepted in or winds up dead. Suddenly Manafort turns into a dead end. On a side note I’m not sure what he was thinking to make Mueller withdraw his plea deal. Also on a further side note have you read any of Manafort’s daughters texts to “friends”? She’s turning into quite the little influence peddler.

        As for the GSA emails I would assume the reason it went down the way it did is maybe there was suspicion of destruction of evidence and the move was needed to secure it. Not unlike a cop knocking on your front door then kicking it in because he hears the toilet flushing and thinks your dropping two bricks of coke down the john. Again I don’t know.

        I will say this. In this new era of Total Government Polarization. I find it hard to believe that a (R) would go soft on a (D) willingly, especially if that (D) is Hillary Clinton.

        As for the CIA having a base in/near benghazi? Who knows who knew what. It is the CIA afterall. Not every Congress Critter is privy to every CIA op/site. Should Clinton, as Sec State, have known about the CIA use of diplomatic facilities. I think so.

        Finally onto Rosenstein. I’m not really a fan but then I haven’t been too aware of him as of late. I absolutely despise Sessions because he is willfully ignorant to the benefits of cannabis. Good people don’t smoke weed. This person stood a post with a rifle in hand. This person signed up to put his life on the line for the Constitution and the ideals it represents. This person smokes weed. This person is a Good Person.

        From what I remember about Yates she was sacked for standing on principle.

        I guess the bigger question I’m asking is this. If we remove all traces of mueller/russia collusion etc from the equation. And we rely soley on Trumps record thus far. When do we get off the let’s blame Clinton bus and start realizing that this particular emperor wears no clothes?

        I don’t drink beer all that often. But you can absolutely come sit on the back deck and pass the bowl around with me.

      36. WyldeChylde, I just can’t understand why the same reasoning over destruction of evidence was not used for the seizure of Hillary’s IT devices, her server, or sending federal Marshals to David Kendall’s office and seizing the thumb drives that held her emails.

        As for Manafort, I hope he gets everything coming to him. I believe he is shady, although I cannot point to hard evidence of it, but the raid on his house should have been equally applied to many others.

        As for Benghazi, regardless of the issues, I just think it was damn disgusting to see the President at that time and his Secretary of State blatantly lie not only to the families over the caskets of the dead, but then to go to the UN and lie to the world, when many in that body likely cheered the attack and knew full well what happened.

        Yates was fired because she refused to uphold Trump’s order on enforcing immigration law. If she wanted to stand on principle, she should have just resigned. She decided she wanted to ignore the authority vested in the President’s office by our Constitution.

        As for the beers, I would have to stick with that since I am allergic to weed.

      37. Here’s some additional information on Hildabeasts attorneys who were allowed to view those 60,000+ emails! They were breaking the law! How, you may ask? Not one had any form of “security clearance”!
        Not only did they break the law, Hillary Clinton broke the law by giving those emails to them!
        That was discovered during the Bengahzi investigation by both Rep Jim Jordan and Rep Trey Gowdy and Rep Grassley!
        Then, later it was reported some of those emails had an “SAP” classification. That’s the highest classification of documents! It stands for: “Special Access Program!”
        I had “Top Secret Crypto”, the classification right below it!

        As far as her getting away with this crap for so long is simply this: Since her time with the “Rose Law Firm” in Arkansas, up until her time as “FLOTUS, she has amassed a large amount of information on everyone of importance. Some believe it’s for “Protection” on never being prosecuted! That’s called “Blackmail”!
        As in what our duly elected officials are paying to those women who claim, without evidence, sexual misconduct against them!

  11. apparently we’ve paid Mr Chiapetta aprox 1mil USD since 2008 to be a world class bigot and racist.


    1. It makes me wonder if it were not for the Harvey Weinstein assholes in the news of late losing everything for their deeds, if these charges would have even stuck?
      Each of their abilities to practice law should be forever stripped…not even allowed to do paralegal work…banished…and how about letting Black Lives Matter know Veterans are being discriminated and pissed upon or has the movement fizzled-out?

      1. That’s a brilliant idea Nam. I wish I had contact info for them I’d drop a link. I’m pretty sure we can get at least three of these douchebags since their still attorneys and not judges. I don’t know what the rules are for Judges and Bars.

      2. There are similar rules for Judges even if they are not real judges like the BVA and CVA.

  12. I assume these guy are all still able to practice law with the blessings of their respective bars? Maybe we should do something about that.

    1. They should be disbarred and if someone will go through the State Bar Rules and the American Bar Rules, and present these to the respective BAR, they will be disbarred. Board of Veterans Appeals and Court of Veterans Appeals are a farce and a fraud, seven government lawyers against one vet’s lawyer and the “judges” are bent too…………………….

  13. this is a story that needs to be pushed far and wide. The average citizen should wake up tomorrow to see this story staring them in the face across their feeds.

  14. If I was a veteran that had to deal with any one of these fucks in an appeals case and I found out after 9 years that he had a hardon for me because of my skin color. He’d go in the fucking ground. So would his wife, and the rest of his family. If you want to be a bigot, do it on your own fucking dime and time.

    Surely these wastes of air and skin can be sued into poverty for what they’ve done. We all know their personal bias entered into what is supposed to be a facts based, dispassionate process.

    At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what color you are, you swore to be a proud member of the green tribe. What these fucks have done to one of us they’ve done to all of us. That is unacceptable and it must be answered back.

    1. Amen! I personally think each of those judges should be locked in cells with their personal bias/bigoted nightmare as in a very large statured African-American Homosexual named ‘Bubba’ just for starters. Set…and forget…

    2. Amen, green brother: That is why I didn’t want to take my case into the appellate system, cuz I knew how corrupt it is and instead asked for a hearing on the record to present my case. They just granted my compensation cuz they were so out to lunch in their defense.

    3. Dear Senator Sherrod Brown Ohio, Senator Rob Portman Ohio, Congressman Tim Ryan Ohio, and the Whitel House,
      1. No veteran or formal soldier should be disciminated against at the VA. Or anywhere in our nation for that matter! A man/woman is a MVP Citizen, who has an honorable discharge from the military. And should be treated as such by our country!

      2. It makes me sick, that somebody or anybody would withhold something (such as earned benefits and claims) from a veteran or former soldier, because of the color of their skin, political affliliation, federal disability status, their veteran status, ethnicity, religion, age, or sexual orientation and, or gender.

      3. However, for me. It is important to identify those VA employees, who are NOT like me. So to rule out bias, and discrimination…
      For example:
      1. Eric Canna VA Employee Akron Ohio Outpatient Clinic Waterloo Road Non veteran Catholic, who stated, and said,
      Eric Canna said and quoted these statement to me.
      2. Pamela Sue Sherer VA Employee Akron OHio Outpatient Clinic Waterloo Road Non Veteran Catholic. Across the hall from Eric Canna.
      The only disorder, or diagnoses Pamela Sue Sherer took, was the one from 6 to 7 months in Lancaster Pennsylvania. A private provider who was a Non Veteran, Draft Dodger 1964-1973, Catholic (possible anti military) democrat (liberal) private provider in Lancaster Pennsylvania. In the face of being handed many medical notes, and a DBQ form completed by two private providers in Ohio, who knew me for 5 to 6 years. Interesting Pamela Sue Sherer, cherry picking disorders from another catholic, and non veterans. Just interesting. While disregarding injury disorders from the military…
      3. Peter M. Barach VA Employee Wade Park Cleveland Ohio Non Veteran Draft Dodger 1970-1973 (Posssible deferment for mental illness from military) Jewish, Democrat, Liberal, Leftist (possibly, quietly anti-military).

      4. PETER M BARACH OHIO NPI #1396773610 Ohio Medical License No.3280 paid over and over and over again by VA CASH HOG in Ohio to engage in 20 page C and P exam, Hatchet Jobs, and Psych E-vals by design to sabotage injured vets and disabled former soldiers benefits, and claims. Peter M. Barach: The VAs paid “Forensic Whore”. Engaging in “Forensic Fraud”. Lying on C and P exams, lying alot and lying often on C and P Exams. Thus attempting to throw these bull shit C and P exams, in front of DRO Judge Decision Review Officers without any due process in Cleveland Ohio.

      5. PETER M. BARACH: Creating false narrative on C and P exams by “Cherry Picking” and “Checkering” C and P exams through the assistance of other Non Veteran, Draft Dodgers, (Anti Military) catholic private providers from Lancaster Pennsylvania. It is well Known in psychology. The longer an institution or court pays the same quack to complete C and P exams or Psych E-vals, the more, and more a guy will likely (50% or greater) favor his Payee. Thus he is known as “A Forensic Prostitute”, “A Forensic Whore”. Once this become public, that Peter M. Barach is a paid “A Forensic Whore”. All VA C and P exams are suspect to fraud in the past, and future…

      6. Peter M. Barach stated and said, “I HAVE NO TIES TO THE VA. I AM OBJECTIVE!” Of course Peter M. Barach only used .05% of the private medical notes, and thus only “Cherry Picked” from those few private medical notes. These notes being from a fellow, non veteran, Draft Dodger 1964-1973 (Possibly anti military) Catholic from Lancaster Pennsylvania, who was only seen for a very, very brief period. Peter M. Barach has two supervisors at the VA. So lets not kid ourselves about his ties to the VA. This VA “Gatekeeper” grew up across the street from the VA Wade Park Cleveland Ohio. His family members work there, and family members work in the same dept at the VA Wade Park Cleveland Ohio. Lets NOT kid ourselves about Peter M. Barach’s ties to the VA Wade Park Cleveland Ohio. Then strangely, Our VA Hitman moves backward in time from the present on the C and P exam, rather than starting from the point of injury in service, and thus moving from the point of impact displaying losses due to injury on his 20 page C and P exam, hatchet job…
      *MYVA, huh??? “Benefit of the Doubt”, huh. Really? A little bit of “delay to deny” here (Which is illegal), or “develope to deny” (which is illegal) in the face of overwhelming evidence to grant benefits, and claims…
      *Oh. Then Peter M. Barach magically. Out of NO where. “WATCH ME PULL A RABBIT OUT OF MY HAT!” Peter M. Barach comes up with a magical disorder. “A Magical Diagnoses!” In the face of three private medical providers in Ohio (2 fully developed claims), concretely prescribing me a in service injury disorder based on evidence, legal testimony from officers, medical lit, medical research, and a DSM V…
      Wow Mr.Chris Attig, and Mr. Ben Krause. Just amazing…

      7. VA Employees and providers encircling me, sabotaging my benefits and claims without any due process. It is important to name what they are. And what I am NOT!
      I am an Injured veteran
      I am a disabled former soldier
      I am NOT of the same religion.
      I am not a draft dodger. I am NOT a non veteran.
      We differ politcally.
      I am a third generation U.S. army vet, artillery (88-90, 90-96 and after 9/11 03-05) from a family where all the males served, earned honorable discharges, and entered the service as A1s.
      I think it is important to estabish, what these VA Employees in Ohio are, and what I am NOT…

      8. Thanx you again disabled veteran . org for allwoing me to express my opinions…

  15. Morale of story VA: Habitual Masturbators in all glass houses (or conference rooms) should not be shooting things in same glass house (or conference room).

  16. I concur that the **only reason** this is being upheld is because…they got caught and each and every decision they ruled on should be reevaluated and considering in this same time frame the Head of VAOIG was caught incessantly masturbating in an **all glass** conference room and was allowed to **retire** with **full benefits**, not much confidence in the VA at this point.
    Let me just say tongue-in-cheek: The fact that one of the homophobic racist asshole judge’s name was…HANCOCK!! Really? CALLING…Mr. Sigmund Freud! We have ISSUES…you fucking rat bastards who cannot even properly cook chicken let alone choke it.

  17. That is only because they got caught. A veteran can complain to the bar and they do nothing.
    I complained to the Pennsylvania bar about Marcus Graham and Carl Sinwell out of the OGC and they did nothing of course.
    Meghan Flanz, who use to be OGC got my complaint apparently and did nothing to investigate.
    Pennsylvania licenses a bunch of fucked up attorneys and will do nothing.
    DOJ even lies when defending them.
    Look up Jennifer Welsh and Whitney Cloud another Pennsylvania attorney.
    I filed a complaint against Welsh with OPR and the OIG of DOJ and they stated it is their policy not to interfere if there is litigation .
    Straight fraud, but I make it known publicly.

    1. You are spot on CorpsmanUp…they got caught. The difference must be that someone had evidence in writing.

      It makes me wonder if others were aware, but just ignored it.

    2. I have always been funneled to file complaints to the Indiana Supreme Court of Disciplinary Action. Zip from any so-called BAR or ABA, or the like. Of course anything ranging from catching your attorney at your X-wife’s to be apartment, to attorneys here telling veterans their VA disability is not exempt from bankruptcy cases, and much more, is ethical, no mis-conduct there in their eyes. It’s okay for judges here to call you into their chambers before open court with strange Freemason types present to be told ‘you can leave now, good witnesses and case put together, case dismissed.” I stay and go forward when the case number is called. Judge says.. “I told you case dismissed, have a good day.” In chambers I was told there are certain people locally not to mess with or bother with such things. Then all hell breaks loose with the retribution from bruised narcissistic corrupt egos. The generations of attorney generals to those in politics or media are of no use either but protect their own cliques. And of course, nepotism, with the same families of judges and town’s attorneys staying, appointed, to the same offices or voted in. That is living in a one party lefty town.

      I would like to know how these emails got leaked. All my emails and communications that could prove some VA games, intentional neglect and “racism” against this white boy, to other stuff, I had saved on the Healthy E Vet Secure Messaging site were deleted by VA, contractor, IT staff. All those communications over the years… gone. To cover some asses then the real VA attacks and local game playing top to bottom began.

      But I digress. Only white people can be racist or hate. Hell, that has been spread far and wide for all to know anyway. And taught in schools. IF I try to find help or other pale skinned victims of hate in or out of the VA, I am labeled the racist and hater for daring to speak up about the flip flop of discrimination that can’t be denied in today’s cultural climate. No human rights, civil liberties, no spokes-people, no groups, no ACLU or ADL of BB aid, or SPJL for me, no activist in their right minds… for me, or those others in my position. Especially in a state and town like mine. In fact, I would put the hate, violence, racist crap, neglect, discrimination, I have had to endure up against those Lebron James, Oprah, or kneeling Kapperneck types any day. Ahem, from the sixties to this date. I won’t bother with the many examples.

      That said, like I’ve said before, the VA, civilian hospitals, other institutions or judiciary should be totally free from politics, all forms of activism, retaliation, etc. Not going to happen since activism of all sorts plus corrupt politics, social justice warriors, twisted agendas, corrupt unions, and more, is found everywhere. Nobody should get a free pass or protected for doing wrong, total or intentional incompetence/malevolence, or harming people because of skin color or beliefs, especially in places like the VA. But we won’t hear much about the reverse of this issue. While I have seen plenty in the reverse but taken in, ignored, like a common breath of air and dismissed.

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