New Website Helps Veterans Increase VA Accountability

VA Accountability

Benjamin KrauseA new website released at will help increase VA accountability by allowing veterans a chance to rate their VA facility. I’ve been dying for someone to come up with a project like this since it will obviously help all veterans track what we are experiencing. Let’s just hope it does not get compromised.


What do you think about this? Be sure to check it out and come back to let us all know your thoughts.

Here is their press release:

Charleston, SC: – the largest Website reuniting U.S. military veterans – has launched a nationwide online database of VA Hospitals with ratings and reviews at The goal of the site is to allow veterans to share their experiences, rate their local VA hospitals and clinics and to help improve and provide awareness to Veterans Affairs facilities nationwide.

U.S. veterans and military personnel are the foundation of what has made America the symbol of freedom and opportunity that we enjoy today. The Veteran Healthcare Resource Center is a free resource for all veterans and their families. powered by provides a free ratings/review system with a directory of all VA Hospitals, Outpatient Clinics, Veteran Centers, National Cemeteries and Intake Centers. The rating system consists of a 5 star rating process with questions about a veteran’s visit that deal with: Department, Ease of scheduling, Wait times, Treatment quality, Staff’s quality of care and more. A comment section is also available where veterans can add more information and others visitors can respond directly to posts. was created to provide objective reviews of services provided by the VA from U.S. veterans and their families. It is important for veterans to know that their VA facility has the highest quality of care and expertise. is an ideal platform for information to be exchanged, questions asked and unbiased reviews are posted.

Each month a topic will be spotlighted in our awareness campaign featuring a specific health issue. The topic covered will coincide with the national awareness months such as Breast Cancer Awareness in October and American Diabetes Month in November. Additional resources include information on how veterans can obtain VA Benefits, along with a library of VA forms. Furthermore, health topics and articles address illnesses, new treatments and discoveries, along with healthy lifestyle tips plus a variety of others. offers additional services such as: search over 1,900,000 members to make contact with old service friends and relatives; information on how to obtain your own or a relative’s military records and medals; message boards; military veteran job boards; upload past and present photos; military jokes; search and post reunions, military pride merchandise and more. encourages all Companies, and all Americans to honor and support our U.S. veterans and active military of the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard — All heroes of our nation.

Founded in 2000 by a U.S. military veteran, thousands of people have been reconnected through, spanning from World War II through to Operation Desert Storm and the present. For further information and/or interview opportunities please contact at: (843) 606-2578


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  2. “crazyelf says

    August 13, 2015 at 3:15 pm ”

    No reply for the above, or below post so I’ll do it here.

    Again thanks for the links and info. I’ll search around more on this site too. First place I’ve ever been able to post like this and not have it deleted or never showing up. For sure.

    I read and listen to a lot of news but locally we never hear about much about local happenings unless it’s propaganda, feel good news, sports, Hollyweird, college news, happy living in the liberal/neocon utopia here, or cute puppy dog stories. Plus the local vet groups aren’t much interested or don’t want involved due to politics or employment or just not wanting the hassle. As always I will keep my ears and eyes open for anything of value. I stopped Legion dues, etc., because of the dis concerns and no help. I don’t drink so I don’t fit in with all that stuff either. Typical for my area, most here think about the big I and little you. Unless the cameras are rolling then the stories change.


    1. On this va rating website is says quote “In this regard, we need to do a better job leveraging the comparative advantages that each of the different providers bring to the delivery of veterans health care. ”

      So this means it is either the VA that created this or vetfriends is a VA co- conspirator. Note* it says “We” That is where they messed up!

      Dumbasses! We need to boycott vetfriends!

    1. Gee, hacked my stuff too? I played them in a game where they were too late for my party! FEEL THE LOVE? TRUST ME, WHY IS UTAH CALLING OUR PHONES IN OUR PLAN?


    reading this article by Susan Brown, we veterans are once again seeing bona-fide proof that fixing the VA is directly proportional to Washington DC higher ups…all the way to white house.

    i didn’t hear anyone at Fox ask the candidates about the VA scandal(S) & VA corruption from over the years. i’ve written to Fox for years, never have a reply from them. i’m little people, i get it. but the veteran community as a whole is HUGE! don’t forget that Fox.

    i don’t hear Bernie Sander’s discuss accountability at VA but he doesn’t mind tossing tax payers money to corrupt VA/union officials while blaming everything/everyone but the corrupt officials within VA. and the potus says he’ll veto H.R. 1994 (accountability act)!! i mention him as he sits on a VA committee! come to think of it, we don’t hear much about this from most of the current candidates.

    so, DAMN STRAIGHT we veterans need a website like & @Ben’s. for the most part, veterans sure can’t rely on Congress or WH to fix it.

    i hope too, lists the ineffective Congressional offices that do zero to fix the corruptness at VA across the board, not just one or two low lying employees for show. you know the ones, smoke-n-mirror experts, they talk a lot, but have little results to show veterans.

    i hope too, lists some of the great VA employee’s that do good works, though they typically get fired or quit after awhile. i actually have met a few wonderful employee’s at VA over the years. don’t think they aren’t frustrated either.

    1. note to self: may be i spoke too soon. didn’t realize one had to register at that website.

      didn’t you, @Ben and others, say something awhile back about your phones making odd noises? never know where a honeypot is.

  4. What do I think, just another way to get email, names on veterans and probably use it against the veteran and place them on the disruptive. Committee radar! They don’t give two red cents about what we think. Just Another ploy to hurt veterans whom have tried to get heard! They just want another good laugh at our expense. I for one don’t trust that they really have our best interest in mind. Their past track record should speak for itself! . I think not long after you tell the truth, they will retaliate! They have screwed me enough, if I would sign up and told the truth, I would be expecting a visit from Hitler! That is what I think.

    1. Breaking news on Channel 9 WFTV Orlando, Florida at 6:15 pm.

      “Isis is taking credit for bombing Bagdad.”

      It was a short news article.

  5. I’ve stated this several times at least. That kaiser’s medicine plan is what just about everyone gets for health care in this country’s businesses/corporations or in most of our government, which isn’t real health care but nothing but a bunch of evil bastards running around pretending to be medical professionals and we’re just experiments to charge high price for. AND that kaiser uses SEIU for it’s employees and SEIU should be considered dangerous because they do no good in hiring everybody and anybody so the employers can pay little to nothing for cheap labor that comes out of prisons and other countries that receive crash courses in medicine leaving us with maiming, being sicker or our early demise.. Between the both, they’ve ruined any ability of receiving any real medical care whether it is for civilians or the disabled vets and all they want is money, taxpayer money, anyway they can get money.and both kaiser and SEIU are responsible for the new medicine called evidence based medicine, NOT your real. medicine that heals and cures but medicine that will make you sicker. Just about everything I’ve read on your blogs is what civilians have been going through for decades now. Everything. I didn’t know that such evil could pose as medical care and this country’s biggest union union to back it all up..

  6. Here is another side of this ratings site. If no one rated the VAMC’s in the bad to terrible rating, or they get some ratings, then they can use this to say how great the VAMC’s are. They tried this with the Choice Card program and tried to say that the vets were not using the program because they want to use the VAMC.
    If the fear of retaliation for giving a bad rating keeps veterans from giving an honest rating then the VA has won again. The fear of giving a bad rating may make some give a better rating even though the VAMC did not deserve it and again the VA wins. I am not sure if I should rate the crappy Indy VAMC or not. I know it does not deserve anything more than a quarter star rating on a good day.

    1. After registering I gave a very poor rating. Gues what it wouldn’t post it. So my thought is— this site is bull shit.
      A few months back I tried to find a friend. Same thing, no luck at all. Couldn’t even find any of the units or divisions or battalions I was with. Hows that for a site that claims such high marks. I feel they ARE part of VA!

      1. Crazy Elf

        If you look below at your original post on how your rating was not accepted you will see a response from Ryan Waga Director of Healthcare Resources at

        You might want to read the post and response then maybe try again.

  7. You should be able to make an anonymous comment or rating of any VA facility, but instead they require you to register. That’s about as smart as a Jew in the 1940’s registering with the local Nazi party in Hitler’s Germany so they can voice their concerns about how hot the execution ovens are. Hence, there is only one rating for my local VA clinic. Sure, I’m going to jump in there and register — NOT! The fuckers there already tried to frame me for conspiracy to commit murder, and actually falsely arrested me in the process, then put me on the Disruptive Behavior List, just to show what crazy ass-backwards shits they are! In an attempt at fairness on my part, I would point out that the Clinic Director ordered the VA Police who set me up with their false arrest to back off, but that just does not make up for the over the top shit that Clinic has done to so many vets and me over the years. Even if the Director made an effort to clean up her act, that Clinic is beyond ever being straightened out; not until the entire VA is gotten rid of and replaced with something that resembles competence. So, sure, I Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally trust them, as in, never will again, for anything, and I mean the entire VA. Sure, it’s like, “Please, Mr. Nazi, throw me in the oven next. I’m not a Jew, but you’re not really Hitler’s Germany, but can you execute me anyway!?” Okay, if someone says that is anti-Semitic, sorry, it is not. Hitler was the Devil in the flesh, and screwed over the Jews by the millions because he was a total psycho. I think that is a perfect analogy for how the VA treats us vets. What a fucking joke, as usual, the VA can’t do anything right. Ben, what do you mean, “I hope the new site doesn’t get compromised? Did you notice the part that you are required to register in order to make a comment about a VA facility? Maybe it was compromised and it wasn’t Ben saying he hoped it didn’t get compromised. Nothing the VA does would surprise me, including that. To clarify that, I bet I am not the only one that constantly sees shit posted here that was obviously trolled in from some shithead from the VA posing as one of us. Now that I think of it, if they impersonate Ben, they are falsely holding themselves out to be an attorney, since Ben is an attorney. As Ben says, “Burn in Hell.”

  8. I have been trying to tell you all what will happen if you say anything negative on these sites ,see what happens Drs VA & Civillian look out for each other they say that under Hippa law you are protected my ass ,I know because I have been blacklisted ,I was in my VA CBOC for many many years everything was really good ,then all this shit about opiates and then I had Drs rolling in & out really quick ,cutting me off all Meds ,I also contracted c-diff year ago June filed a complaint because she did not use sterile practises ,so I went to civillian Dr first visit he was really nice thought wow I found a good Dr my next visit this Dr turned into biggest asshole ,just like VA he actually told me to go back to VA and also cut my Meds .I actually think it’s great to know how well or how bad VA are but you write something bad about them ,just like Bens Site we all know they are monitoring this site just be careful what you say .I have no idea what to do for health care at a total loss .Best of luck my fellow veterans

    1. If your correct, I’m glad my “rating of VA” was not accepted.
      Of course, I really could care less. Because, for these past ten years or so, I’ve received extremely poor care.
      Also, FYI, down here in Florida, the “new unfinished Lake Nona VA Hospital” can’t find a single physician to work there. It’s supposed to open in December. But, because of this “revelation” and budget cuts, no one knows the “WHEN”.
      Remember me telling y’all about what was said by a Channel 9, WFTV, news caster last year after a scathing report on VA. Quote, “Why would anyone want to work for the VA?” Evidently, physicians down here heard that and are NOT stupid enough to get hired by VA! VA needs to fill around 400 slots. And there’s a LONG ASS waiting line….
      There’s one thing I’d like to know. When a VA physician gets fired in another state. Or gets transferred.
      I sure do wish we had a site, or something, that would forewarn us of his arrival.
      Like that shrink up at Tomah, who was just fired. Could he get hired at another VA? If so, we need to know. That way we could say to VA, no way are you to put me on his patient list. See, if he has no patients, VA won’t need him!!!!!

      1. It’s heart breaking to know this crap is so wide spread. I am always told about everything really, that I am the only one that ever has complaints about anything from the town or the VA.

        One of my last PCPs was a retired prison doctor. The next was a Black woman that reported she didn’t have time to read my file but I didn’t need pain meds or anything for cramps. Then of to another one a young Indian girl with tattoos that was only concerned in my allotted 15 minutes, the blood and urine test, and then on to my not having enough chronic pain to get my meds I’ve had for years, very small amounts and volume. Then told to go on the stuff other MDs told me had already ruined my liver and to never take again, ever. Including the head dope they promised was miracle cures for pain, No it was not. Very severe withdrawals and side-effects, most horrible stuff out there for me. She wasn’t aware or was I contacted about my falling and other injuries. They just have their agendas.

        I was also informed that all these new regulations have come from entities like state’s medical boards of health care professional licensing and other boards. So politicians can’t be blamed for it and nothing can be done about it, since no-one can fight against the gods of the medical profession. May want to check into your own states boards on that issue.

        We also don’t have ‘patient rights’ here. Not really. Privacy maybe but that’s it in reality.

        People also need to know that the VA is totally different than civilian health care.
        1. They have their own pharmaceutical lists and medications used/available.

        2. They do not recognize civilian treatment plans, causes of ill health, or labeled diseases/issues/afflictions like Chronic Fatigue or Environmental illnesses. Like from chemical or toxic environmental over-load, migraines, etc. VA has completely different labels and issues they treat or recognize.

        The same stuff as us using acupuncture or chiropractics until lately. But we still get looked at like we are nuts and they claim their own are being trained now to use. Ha. Not me. Newly trained??? Med students again I guess.

        Sad to hear and know that at least around here not many people know about the difference between the two health care systems and why vets have such hard times being treated for symptoms that the VA may not recognize at all or treat.

        For me I will just keep on with my last acts and words of defiance and keep praying for change. Which may not come from the evils of DC or the admin of the highly paid VA.

      2. Elf, Gary is right. You don’t have to wonder if he is correct. The VA is composed primarily of staff at all levels in every field that are only there for a paycheck. They have a union that trolls this site and goes after any vet that dare tells the truth. To be clear, Gary warned us to not speak out against the VA lest you face serious retaliation.

    2. Gary, you are right. The VA could care less about how we rate them, and they will burn your life down in a minute if you tell the truth about them or expose their incompetence.

      1. Bruce, I know everyone is right. I’ve been saying the same thing about VA’s fucked up system.
        I’ve been getting dirty looks by some of the VA employees where I go. But, y’all know what. I don’t give a shit.
        Let them make fools outta themselves.
        Do you remember the article I put on here in the past few days Called;

        “VA Backs Down on Threat to Take Idaho Veteran’s Guns”

        If you don’t, please google it. It shows just how much veterans stick together! Not only that, but the “top cop”, a representative of his district and a representative from their neighbouring state, (Washington) came and stood up for that veteran, plus civilians. This is a great article. Now, get this, I contacted the FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement) today about this incident. They were very interested in that article. He said, as he looked it up, he was going to email it to the other 49 states top law enforcement agencies, (He knows my wife’s cousin who is in law enforcement)! The official I spoke with gave me a site to go to called;

        “Abovethefoldflorida dot com”

        He said it was a site where each morning they email articles from all the newspapers in Florida to me at 9am. When you sign up all you give is an email address, thats it.
        If I find something I will post it in the comments section.
        Suggestion if y’all have a site like this in your state. It might have articles you could use against VA.

  9. I should also add and as I keep telling all those new, younger, or older PCPs. “I don’t and cannot trust you or the VA any longer. I have been told so many out-right lies, contradictions, been YELLED at, insinuations of being a liar, not knowing my own body, not being able to know my own body, or the VA and the Gov thinks they know me and my bodily functions and pain better than I do, you are all wrong and in total defense and protect mode, period.”

    And now I’m paying for it after leaving a local CBOC for the hospital which is much worse and farther away. Racism and total negligence or ignoring is a part of the treatment too. Oh I know. Only white people can be racist and ignore the needs of others… wrong.

    Those cards they give us for civilian does not work either. More VA and Gov lies and pretense.

    It’s bad enough today and under the broken system in Indiana and corrupt officials and the elected, I cannot allow or trust the VA to do any surgery on me or put me under in any way for anything or reason. Yes, it’s that bad and they all cover their butts and protect and defend each other that way. The vet is the enemy, regardless of which political party is in charge because neither side will never take a stand for us unless it’s a photo op and the words don’t mean a thing. Much worse if you live in a town with nothing but leftist Democrat-Socialist and if we believe in the Constitution, integrity, truth, and decency. The opposite of what this state and college towns are all about. With many vets and people not wanting to get involved or to complain openly in fear of pissing too many of the corrupt or VA jokers off. It may rock the local boats of politicking and favoring, or exposure.

    1. Google the following Tryon,

      “VA Doctor Arrested in Danville”

      He was an Indiana pain management doctor, who somehow was hired to be a pain management doctor for VA. Seems, in Indiana, he killed some people. You might find the articles interesting.
      There’s a bunch of bad publicity out there on VA. You just gotta look.
      Trust me, you ain’t the only one who feels this way about the VA.

      1. Thanks for the link. First I’ve heard of it. See, that’s another problem we have in Terre Haute, IN. Severe censorship in media, on all forums we have attempted to discuss matters over and connect with others being mistreated or about vast corruption. None of that is allowed. No negatives about anything locally is not acceptable and I can attest to the retaliations and hate, attacks, from the networks of cliques in my town, lawyers, politicians, media, all elected butt-wipes who are all those Democrat-Socialist-Marx types. I’ve had rabbits stolen because I am a murderer for eating bunnies by the local cliques and animal rights-humane shelter types, with the cities blessings. To have my garage vinyl painted, vehicles trashed and sliced and absolutely NO form of representation about my basic rights or grievances with local or state government, mainly because I do stand out and bitch and let my self be known to some commie council members who in turn have gossiped and spread word about me to every leftist hate groups out there from the SPJL to the Move-On dot org communist. Plus the fact of them getting my private information and health stuff from local VA clinics and hospitals due to all the various corrupt cliques in Indiana. That is how it rolls in Indiana and my area. If city or county workers, cliques, elected, have family or friends working at the VA or local health care and American Legions, etc., then they have all your info. Especially when the local Legions told us to we had to turn in copies of our DD-=214. Which the national said not to do later on. Too late. So in Indiana you can be boxed in between one corrupt rock and another with another corrupt boulder pressing down on you constantly seeing to it you’re always on guard and prepared for inspections, threats, damages, insurance cancellations for no reason. Oh yes. And to … now get this, not having our SS dis or Vet disability as exempt on a bankruptcy, which it is. No matter though. Illegal activities here and mis-conduct, etc., goes un-challeged and supported here. From the courts to the AG to the Supreme Court that reported no wrongs were done. But the VA in Washington DC said it was illegal but they couldn’t help. And no attorney will look into it for less than 25,000 thousand bucks win or lose and no guarantees. Just more contradictions and deception and passing the buck.

        The whole deal is like dealing with a pack of lefty activist who hate veterans. The SEIU union which covers our VA hospitals are not pleasant people to talk to either. While you can sit and hear them brag about how often they call in to work to create personnel shortages so others can get OT. Or thugs in elevators bragging about how hard it is to get fired from the VA once in the union, and how slow they can work and with ear plugs and cell phones on all the while. So it’s easy to disregard us or us having a chance to get attention to ask for directions or help. Not there.

        Any time like with Topix several of us have tried to us that chat site to connect with others but can’t. The city has their own moderators and editors they use on the forums for total control. The work for our local paper, so no real news in or out of here unless by net. No connections here unless it’s a liberal (sic) group or agenda. All others will have a hard time and have their threads deleted. No important topics stay up for long as can be seen when rationally scanned. Just useless junk and nastiness. Stuff like that makes living here a real pain and totally un-American. No use attending town hall meetins here either or talking to the elected state officials. You must be a country clubber or some mafia member or a clique.

        For years others and myself have tried to get attention to this town and the VA, to no avail. They keep dying off, and the VA and corruption gets worse and more deep seated and protected.

        Our VA claims to being broke and under staffed. Oh my! Tough. The state will spend millions on a B-day celebration and the town gives 50 thousand plus for animal shelters and such but for vets outside of their cliques and not part of their special health clinics for the elected and area employees, they care nothing about but to silence, attack and control.

        I also don’t care about being known or for standing up out of the large crowd of sheep too afraid to make a peep. Too old, tore up, tired of a life-time of corruption, no change, no possible change and having absolutely no representation and no media to tell some truth or why veterans are killing themselves so much instead of the reported ‘accidental over-doses’ as claimed. Who would want to claim some truth and lose out on all that money? Not many. But jump on board about the war on drugs which to me is a failed joke, like the war on poverty and hunger.

        Whew, I’m wore out now and Arthuritis is talking to me. And my government and VA says it’s not pain. Oh well. You all try to have a nice and better day. One day the trash in DC and liars and big money jerks at the VA and the corrupt will learn to listen before they do into WW3 to harm more Americans and treat them like trash or throw-aways.

        I do appreciate any info or links, TY

      2. Tyron, today’s “Blog” isn’t the only subject Ben has done. He’s been doing this for quite some time. You evidently have just been on here today. Take a look at yesterday’s and the day before and so on. Not only does Ben give additional links to go to. So do the people who leave comments.
        Here are some sites to “google” and visit.

        1.) VAwatchdog dot org


        2.) VAislying dot com

        3.) “VA foul ups for 2015”
        on this one I just Googled that short sentence and wahlah, I got bunches of fuckups by VA.

        These are a great source of info. As is this site.
        What I do is everytime a new article comes out, I email them to the news media, friends and anyone who I think would be interested. I also put articles here in the comments section. So everyone can be aware of VA’s BULLSHIT… Tyron, you should do the same. If an article comes out in your area, ( ALL OF INDIANA or Ohio), put it on here so we can look at it….
        I understand your frustration over the news media.

        Things that happens there in Indiana doesn’t get to us here in Florida.

        The only reason I knew about that Doctor being extradited back to Indiana. Was because he was arrested in Danville, Illinois. A “brother” of mine from Peoria (we were in Nam together) called me this past Sunday evening and read the article out of his newspaper. See, again, we here in Florida don’t get information from other parts of the country. You would be invaluable to all us if you could tell us sites to go to.
        Hey, think about it ok…

  10. I have been going through pure hell with the VA clinics and Indy hospital for years. The problem with putting your name on some ratings site is the creation for the vet to receive more head-aches and retaliation from the hospital, their unions, the out sourcing entities like Humana and the revolving doors of so-called medical staff, called supposedly our “Primary Care Physicians.” What a joke. With each year brings a newly VA trained MD who won’t take the time to learn about us or even care to?? Today all they want is for you to run yourself stupid around all the clinics, replace your needed pain meds for “forced” SSRIs and anti-psychotics for pain. Plus a list of other ultimatums and miles to drive to appease the new pain clinics, brain-washing and hate centers, at the new and not improved VA hospitals. And telling us there is no such thing as chronic pain. Or that ancient man or those in third world countries can go without pain meds and get amputations and suffer back pain to migraines without pain meds, then so can we.

    Also part of the new program is. “if a veteran before you has burned his home down for dope and drugs or pain meds, then you will too, or may in the future. So we must treat you all the same. And put the blame on those who came before you, not us.” Nice huh? Socialist-commie-fascist health care and don’t dare question the VA way or how we are treated by VA trained idiots. There is much much more. Including not having one single person to complain to. And no Patient Advocates to depend on since all are there to make the VA look good and defend. Also not one veterans group doesn’t seem to care about the VA in Indiana since we must be one protected swept under the carpet state so corrupt and evil no-one cares to come here to investigate or challenge this great lying state and it’s networks of corruption and cover-up.
    That is what I think.

    1. Tell Tryon,
      I go to the Indy VAMC as well and I can agree with you 100% on EVERYTHING you have stated. This VAMC is one of if not the worst VAMC I have been to. I had been on chronic pain meds for several years and when I moved to this VA, I was told that my disability did not exist and I did not need the pain meds. I became homeless because I could not obtain a job. I complained to everyone at that place and I finally received a pain med that is at the bottom of the list and one I had over five years ago. I am at the lowest dosage as well.
      I was able to get a job; however, it has caused my pain to become extremely high and I am holding on until the end of this month to see if my PCP will increase the dosage. If he does not then I will turn in my two week notice as I cannot continue to handle this amount of pain.
      I was given the use the forced” SSRIs and anti-psychotics for my pain and of course it did not help. I have been lied to called a liar, and completely ignored as well.
      I will move from this VAMC if I cannot get what I have received from the Seattle VAMC. I hate the Indy VAMC!!!

      1. Media and forums don’t allow for it, certainly not regular chat forums so vets can meet up and share stories and possibly form some kind of group for locals and areas. Just to have old time visits and chat over coffee would be nice. With the censorship and vet forums many don’t allow for it, or the privacy risk may not be worth it for some. Locally we can’t put signs in the yards for much at all. No protest signs especially over the town to Obama or the VA or corrupt attorneys here who refuse to take on our disputes due to “professional courtesy.” What the hell is that? Must be like all those buddies and friends in Congress and the VA admin. Fliers are also illegal here for any purpose.

        The East side of Illinois or Illiana ( the combo for Indiana and Illinois) is part of the Humana (the insurance company that was allowing people to die off from the old styled ways of insurance. I forget what they were called.) controlled CBOCs here. All physical meetings and groups were stopped here and now they use that telecomputer-vision stuff for tightly controlled meetings. That way, so am told, they can control the issues and keep everyone on topic and keep any negatives from being discussed or stories shared. Yet when I have gone to Illinois and talked to people they have physical meetings and groups for vets. Some say the treatment is better and those cards for out-sourcing is not difficult to use. However, some reported to having to now use Indy VA hosp., for certain treatments instead of the Danville Hospital. Or the one by St Louis. And that has some of them very worried since they know people who have gone to Indy and hated it.

        Privacy? Don’t believe it. My Facebook is monitored by our city council members and their private eyes, news papers censors, aka, forums moderators and editors on other forums controlled by news agencies or in cahoots with the corrupt and politics, and activist. My mistake for falling for that social media crap to stay in contact with family and old friends.

        I don’t worry much about the privacy since all we do is somehow stored, spied on, filed and kept on us. Every damn thing. Hard to prove unless some idiot makes a mistake and mentions something that they should not know about. Or say them, knowing who I am using a phony handle on local chat forums, knowing who I am and me knowing who I have had discussions with in real life or at meetings. Or them knowing who else I have talked to about some matter or issue. Like Karma it seems to come around full circle at times.

        Our so-called Healthy E vet page? Same thing. I had emails I was saving for some proof about nasty attitudes and conflicting information. Big lies and contradictions. A HUMANA/VA computer tech got in and deleted them all. That is after I was constantly told it was private and for our doctors use only. Not so. And the email pointing that out along with argument was also deleted. So the only way I will talk to any of them now is only recorded or in hard print and with witnesses. Witnesses hard to find cause nobody wants to waste the time or deal with the likes of the VA and lousy two faced VA trained MDs. I had words with the young gal who did the deleting when I kept pushing for that secret clinic information. I was told that asking questions and telling a “woman” that she has done wrong in her job and the deletions, were “inappropriate” and “unacceptable.” So we can throw in some Marx-feminism super ego and male hatred there. Or so it sounded. It wasn’t pleasant.

        I know I’m not going through the stupid fascist Draconian ultimatums and expectations of the new pain clinics they started. Called PMRS Pain Clinics. Total BS and take over of our personal lives and our own priorities and responsibilities that we are supposed to say to hell with to appease them. No way.

        I really hope the best for you and your own outcome. And thanks for backing me up because so many just don’t care or don’t want to bother. Sad part is that so many don’t even realize they are being treated worse than dogs and never had much experience with illnesses, ill health or older age issues. Let alone dealing with VA styled and trained staff and MDs. The good ones and staff just can not make up for the nastiest and negatives we have to endure from the others.

        Perhaps if enough raise hell and all those vet groups get together and take some stands.

      2. Tell,
        I always copy and paste any response on the secure messaging part of Myhealthevet. I do it for just the thing you are talking about. I have had some of my e-mails disappear as well. I have also noticed that any of the secure e-mails I have received lately are so “for the VA” response. I have questioned something a Dr. wrote that was a lie and the response was “I am sure the Dr. done what was best for your situation”. What? Whatever, I am so over the Indy VAMC. It is such a joke. I am glad I have not used any IN CBOC as they seem to be as bad, if not worse than the Indy VAMC.
        I don’t mind backing you up on the Indy VAMC. This place needs something done about it as well as any other CBOC in Indiana.
        There was a story on the news about the Indy VAMC not correctly diagnosing a veteran who had cancer. The Indy VAMC stated it was something else and the vet kept getting worse. He finally went to a civilian Dr. who correctly diagnosed him with cancer and because of the delay in diagnosing he now has a very short time to live. He has filed a tort claim but I do not think he will be here to see it through. If I can find it I will put it on here.
        As for the people who are being treated like dogs, my dad goes to the Indy VAMC as well. He is not one who complains about much and lately he has been complaining about the Indy VAMC and how bad he is getting treated. I told him not to take their crap and to complain about anything that he feels is not what it should be. I know it has to be getting pretty bad if he is complaining.
        I hope things get better for you as well.

        Google this:
        Indianapolis veteran files tort claim
        It was on Fox59 (WXIN) news. It gives the story and it is another failure of the VAMC to do what is right.

      3. Tell,
        I went to the pain clinic “orientation” and we were told that the myth of the VA taking your opiates does not happen anymore. “We let you keep your medicines”. So I thought OK I’ll see what they say. I went to my appointment today and what a different story once they lie to you to pull you in.
        I was told that I was there only to get opioids. When I asked about the “other meds” I was told that they use anti depressants and other types of meds like topical cream. I informed her that I have tried all of those with no help. She looked over my Indy medical records and then told me that she could see no reason why I am taking any opioids and that I will be weaned from them. She was pushing for me to use NSAIDS and I told her that my GI DR. stated that I cannot use NSAIDS. She said “there are other NSAIDS besides ibuprofen” and she stated that so many people say they can’t use NSAIDS because they only want opioids. I told her I almost bled to death from an internal bleed and she said again that there are other NSAIDS I can use.
        She twisted everything I said and used it against me. When I told her that I am homeless because of the VA, she stated that there is no way I can blame the VA for me being homeless. I said that things were fine while I was in Seattle and when I came here, my pain meds were taken away and as a result I became homeless. I told her that the VA prescribed the NSAIDS for five years at a high dose and caused my GI problems. She again told me that there was no way I could blame the VA. I said “you’re right, it was all my fault. I was prescribed this by the VA, I took them according to the VA, and I now have a GI issue. It is all my fault” She even twisted that around.
        I finally got tired of it and started mocking her. I talked in her “golf voice” and started twisting everything she was saying. She did not like that and about 10 minutes later my appointment was over. “I think we are done here” was what she stated. I did not care. She has taken away what little hope I have of being able to rise above this hiccup in my road. I was able to be active and had some enjoyment while in Seattle, now I have nothing but pain. She could not read my medical records right. I corrected her on several things she was trying to make me believe happened. This VAMC has ruined my life and now I have no hope of getting out of where I am. My job is now gone, I will not be able to work, and I will not be able to get the correct care.
        I hope the VA gets tore down soon!!
        To any veteran thinking about going to a chronic pain management program, do not believe what they say it is all lies.
        Tell you were right on about how they do.

  11. As far as evaluating, or rating, any vamc I’ve gone to, I would have to say “miserably poor” especially in keeping physicians and nurses. I have had five different primary care doctors in less than two years. My last one transferred back to Washington D.C. I’m beginning to wonder why he even came down here!? He was only here for about four to six months, at the most! Then when you get a new “PCP”, you gotta start all over again explaining what’s going on with your medical conditions….
    When I have an appointment, after I check in, I have to wait for over an hour to be seen by someone.
    What I hate the worst is the nurses and physicians don’t listen. It’s like talking to that proverbial brick wall. Then, after you sit there for some time, they ask, “What can I do for you?” Sometimes I feel like —ooohhh saying “do your fucking job asswipe!” But that would only make it worse. So, I and my wife usually just smile and shake our heads in disbelief….then they sit there staring at you with a blank expression.
    There’s more, only I will bet many on here have had similar, if not the same, experiences!

  12. Looks functional. Then comes the question about who responds/reviews and what do they do with the reponses. Also, I could not find a place to put comments. In particular, I received a postcard saying I had an appt on 8/6/15. Nice but I received the card on 8/12/15. No place I could find to put “comments”.

    1. I was Delighted to comment on my VARO Buffalo, giving them a less than 1 % rating and then telling them the VARO comments need a better menu as well as they need a place where we surviving spouses have an identity box, but I rattled off my latest battle with the Buffalo VARO, that I also sent email to the Sec,Under Sec, VAOIG and IRIS complaint on, and stated this is the same problems, as within my past H VAC testimony I have had with this RO for almost 2 decades now (refusal to read my evidence, and./or refusal to apply the regulations (which I always cite and send to them with my claims)
      I gave my name and toldf them to google me to read that HVAC testimony I gave.

      and at the end of all that I said( ‘gee— I can use this comment as my next submission of testimony for the H VAC Sub Committee and D & B, it just needs to be tweeked a little)
      I did that just to see if anyone is really going to read the comments.

      If veterans and their survivors take the time to use this new site, particularly for rating the VAROs as well as the VAMCs etc, and someone at VA cares enough to really look into this stuff, the VA could begin to change.
      because it is veterans themselves and their survivors who will change the system.
      No other entity has done that so far.

      And at least we will have a federal data base somewhere of all of the comments they get.
      If they do nothing with them, then
      under FOIA a reporter could obtain all of that data and then win the Pulitzer Prize with a full exposure of what veterans and their survivors Really go through with the VA.

      I also mentioned in my comment at this new site that names of the 2 VAMCs that caused my husband’s death.
      I didnt use the VAMC comment menu for that.

      Maybe I will next time I look over that site.
      THANKS A lot Ben…..

      It is either more VA BS or a viable attempt to see what is wrong with the individual VAMCs and ROs and why we have such a tremendous backlog.

      1. @Berta, do you have any real hope this “tremendous backlog” will actually be forged through in a favorable time frame and with responsibilities adhered to via Title 38?

        i’ve read many a posts by you on hadit so i know you are very very well versed and seasoned in that area.

        i ask because of this, varatings dot com site @Ben let us know about, in that most of us have claims/appeals in for over multiple years with no end in sight of resolving…i mean, hadit has large amounts of data, vawatchdog does too, congress has years of letters to act on data showing the issues & problems, yet after record amounts of funding, national news stories, etc., here we are in 2015 with wait lists(one of many scandals) getting longer, claims taking longer for a myriad of reasons, crappy medicines put off on veterans, VA’s love affair with those strange brain-dope meds, spouses left in the dust, on and on and on.

        i enjoy your balanced writings and hint of hope, but as you mentioned, it looks like its up to the veteran community to do ?something?

        reporters have already requested data under FOIA and written countless articles, congress reads them and yet, still no real change. its gotten worse. its like VA puts on a thin veil of “see the changes we are making”, yet just under that veil is the real hunkering down of the VA, their union, their lawyers, their lobbyests, etc.

        keep up the good works

  13. Jade, I finally watched your video yesterday. Great editing. Great admissions by our so called “elected officials”! Everyone should visit it.
    As far as Iran is concerned, they won’t honor any deals with the U.S. and for our Politicians who think they will, guess again!!!
    Kerry’s a fool. There were only 6 nations involved in this “deal”, out of how many worldwide? Plus, the “Shaw” of Iran runs that country, not the ‘president’! He’s just a figure head.
    That’s all I gotta say bout that!!!!

    1. Crazy Elf

      I made the video from a televised broadcast and am not responsible for the excellent editing. It was taken from a documentary where former president Bush was trying to blame the democrats for the Iraq war. That is why you only see democrats in the Vid.

      I again linked it to my name on the top of this post just above the dated and time.

  14. Great idea, if it works.
    I just tried and couldn’t get my “rating of a VA vamc” put on. (I registered correctly and received an email saying thanks for registering.) It kept saying my “rating” failed. Is anyone else having a problem?
    I had also tried, in the past, to find friends I had been stationed with in Vietnam (U.S. Army) & friends I had been with in the Navy. Couldn’t do that either.

    Question, could it be one has to submit it on a computer (or laptop) instead of a ‘smart phone’?
    Any suggestions would be helpful…

    1. Personally I have not tried it yet and am waiting to hear how successful others are in using the site.

      Although it truly does sound like a great site.

      Crazy Elf did it ask questions like dates of appointments or last appointment?

      1. I know on other sites where you can rate facilities or Doctors they have a limit of posting only those ratings and comments from people who have been seen by the doctor within the last year.

        That is why I asked if it did ask questions like dates of appointments or last appointment?

      2. Jade, it has a bunch of questions where you rate just about all aspects of a VA. Ex: wait times, employee satisfaction or lack thereof, healthcare ratings of physicians, nurses etc. All kinds of things. There’s also a “bar” or “arrow” to slide across the screen that goes from poor to excellent.
        And a “comment section” to explain or gripe about anything you feel is pertinent.
        Hope this helps.

    2. Mr. Crazyelf,

      We are sorry that you had problems leaving your review on our website, We have checked into this issue and found that somehow your comments ended up in the last name field which exceeded the 50 character maximum. We are looking into how this happened as this is the first time we have seen this problem. We welcome and asked you to please return to the website and try again.

      We thank you for visiting our site and hope you will continue to return often as the site is always being updated with new information.


      Ryan Waga
      Director of Healthcare Resources

  15. I think it,s a good idea. Providing the VA data will be used to definitely help clean them up. Several days ago I like the senator who took the initial to propose that to hold the member accountable and to fire them. I said right we all heard that before. We know he was panning for the camera for election time.

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