Congress Bites On Great McDonald Con


Benjamin KrauseVeterans Affairs con of the modern taxpayers is no better embodied than in McDonald’s current scheme. He believes Congress will open the purse strings despite looking like total suckers. Maybe our leaders are suckers.

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McDonald is continuing the White House position that the money allocated just one year ago for Veterans Choice be diverted to account for agency shortfalls. Given his smile, I presume McDonald is well aware that the Administration’s con of the American taxpayer is well under way.

I saw the recent picture of him with his glib smile while selling the Administrations 7 year scam of the American veteran and American taxpayer. Problems of either group have not subsided. Meanwhile, folks like McDonald grin, and I could not help but remember the Cobra Con of the Karate Kid Movie. His grin here seems similar to that of the nasty gang ignoring laws while harassing those doing the right thing.

Government is now in support of only itself and those long toothed deceptions it seems.

Military Times gives us enough of a cite to know we are never going to see accountability:

“My worst nightmare is a veteran going without care because I have money in the wrong pocket,” McDonald said. “I earlier compared the inflexibility we face to having one checking account for gasoline and another for groceries. The inflexibility we’re talking about today is even more puzzling — I can’t spend food money for food.”

But lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle called that an oversimplification of the problem, which they see as stemming from poor forecasting and poor management by VA officials.

“There’s a lack of trust and transparency, and giving them a blank check is not what we need to do,” said Rep. Jeff Miller, R-Fla., chairman of the veterans committee. “They knew they could come at the last minute and force the committee’s hand, and make us appropriate the dollars to fix their budgeting problems.”

McDonald knows Congress will keep the purse strings going. What else can we expect now other than a repeat of shams moving forward?


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  1. This does not deal specifically with the VA but I am sure it is included in this article.

    add the w in the www. Copy and past this and put the needed w in front.
    It is about a pole in which the Federal employees tell what it is like to have people who can’t do their job and yet they feel as if they cannot be fired. It is the same about potential hires who are more than qualified, can’t get hired.
    I thought it was interesting.

    1. Good article Figure8fan.

      Also wanted to point out that yesterday in a post, you responded to Crazy Elf, about the VA talking point concerning 7 million more appointments over last year you replied, “They are also probably including appointments from private Dr’s that a vet attends and the VA is in no way involved but they can count it to get the total count up.”.

      According to an article published by Military Times that 7 million appointments included 4.5 million additional appointments with private doctors under the Choice program.


      1. To Jade & figure8fan.
        Here’s an easier way to get to more stories on that subject.
        1.)McDonald optimistic Congress will plug VA’s Budget Gap
        This one is the same Military Times article. It also has other sources of his trip to Indiana VA.

        2.) Congress May Act Soon to Shore Up Budget with $3 B Injection

        This one is from KHN Morning Briefing written July 24, 2015 – full issue. It gives more.

        I have one major concern or problem– it’s McDonald giving the speach using facts and figures by VA employees.
        Needless to say, I don’t trust him!!!!

      2. I would bet that that BS appointment number includes when veterans call, and whatever issue is handled over the phone. I called to get an appointment to get my shoulders checked. One (service connected) was so bad I could hardly move my arm, the other (not service connected) was painful, but I hand numbness and tingling down to my thumb. The PCP assistant diagnosed nerve pain over the phone and said they would provide a prescription. He called back a few minutes later in a panic just to insure I was not having a heart attack. Anyway, I went to the VA and picked up the prescription having never been seen by anyone. The prescription lessened the tingling, but has not eliminated it. I just waited out the pain which continues, but is at least tolerable now and I can again tie my shoes myself.

    2. f8f,
      That article was very informative. The times I, and many of my friends, have gone to VA. We have heard the following statement(s)- “Since I’m past my ‘probationary period’, I can’t be fired!”
      Or just, “I can’t be fired!”
      These statements were made within the past 2 to 4 months. That seems to be the attitude of all VA employees.
      That’s why I say, do the partial shutdown. Have “military personnel” take complete charge of all aspects of VA. Read my other comment I put on today….. about the workload hours VA employees would follow.

  2. I’d like to put some more info about our new “fearless leader”, Bobby McDonald.
    In the year he’s been Secretary of VA, he has been caught telling lies.
    Remember the “I was Special Forces!”? He was not. According to him he “Misspoke”!
    Remember the lies he told on “Meet the Press”? Concerning how many VA employees he fired. Again he said he “misspoke” on how many he fired. That’s according to all news reports. In my opinion, That was a “Bald Faced Lie”, as my father’s generation would have stated!
    There’s more. When he ‘toured’ America to allegedly inspect VAMC’s and the unfinished and over budget fiascos of (illegal) contractual hospitals. He came here to Florida. Two of the few he visited were the Lake Baldwin, Orlando VAMC and the unfinished (and hundreds of millions $$$$$ overbudgeted) Lake Nona, Orlando Hospital.
    During the tour he asked about many things.
    The “illegal aliens” who had been hired!
    Why did the roof collapse which added more to the cost? And much more.
    Another question he asked, was about the “former Marine” who, after a medical appointment, went to his vehicle and committed suicide in the parking lot at Lake Baldwin. The answer he received was, “That never happened!” He even reported that on the news.
    Excuse me. It was on every news channel and every news paper here in Central Florida for a few days in early to mid 2014! He had received the facts BEFORE his inspection. Why he didn’t call that out is not only frustrating. It’s. Abhorrent!
    It just goes to show. He doesn’t give a rats ass about any Honorably discharged Soldier, Sailor, Marine, Air Force or Coast Guard member! It wouldn’t be until two to three months later he would admit to the “Suicide” by that Marine! What, another “Misspoke adventure”?
    Here’s another fact concerning the Lake Baldwin VAMC. During his visit all employees looked like they were busy. When my wife and I were at the eye clinic. For my eye exam. We noticed many individuals doing absolutely nothing. During my appointment, I was instructed to take a “Visual Field Test”. It’s in a small room in the rear of the ‘eye clinic’. While I was busy with that test, my wife noticed a few employees on a computer in the rear of the room. What she saw was the employees playing a “computer game”! When they noticed she was observing, they turned the computer so she could no longer witness what they were doing!
    There’s also reports on that VAMC, concerning employees, “laughing and making jokes…” stating, “McDonald can’t do anything to [them]!
    Really? Well, maybe their correct. We all know they have one hell of a union!!!
    Does anyone here have any more stories they’d like to share in their neck of the woods?????

    1. Here’s another great story about VA.
      “VA can’t shake bad rep with foul ups”
      by The Associated Press
      Posted July 18, 2015 @ 12:01

      Y’all gotta Google this one. Looks like Mac can’t dig himself outta this one. He just keeps settin up the VA for more questions than he has answers!!!!!

      1. crazyelf,
        that has some good info in it. I noticed a couple of thing in the article.

        “In addition, the VA has proposed disciplinary action related to data manipulation or patient care against more than 130 employees nationwide, (VA spokeswoman Victoria) Dillon said. In all, VA has fired nearly 1,500 of its nearly 340,000 employees since McDonald was confirmed as VA secretary on July 29, 2014, she said.”

        I have not heard of this many VA employees being fired. Is this true?

        “An internal report by the agency’s Health Eligibility Center says about 238,000 of the 847,000 veterans with pending applications for VA health care are likely deceased. The applications go back nearly two decades and some applicants may have died years ago, although there is no way to tell for sure when or why the person died, the VA said.”

        Applications that go back nearly two decades! Really, the VA has veterans applications from two decades ago and have made no effort to see if the applicants still want health benefits. It would seem that this would be so easy for someone in the benefits dept. to find out. Call the veterans and ask. If they say no, have a bad number, are deceased, or anything else like that then remove the application and go to the next one. Another Idea, have the IT Dept. re-right the program to date the application. After a year of applying, if the application has not been completed and used, it is deleted. That one should be no problem as the VA loves to delete things.
        I would love to see more if these surface. It gives us vets something to use showing that things are not great in the wonderful world of Disney!

      2. f8f
        I haven’t heard of anyone being fired, except for what John Boehner has mentioned. What, something like 3 to 6 people!?
        Maybe this, and the other reasons (deceased vets etc.), are why the committee told Mac, ‘when you find the right answers, come back and we’ll discuss the money issues’. I’m paraphrasing of course.
        Those issues and more are VA facts and figures, remember!?

      3. f8f.
        The only way I can see the truth coming out, is for VA to do a “Partial Shutdown”. Run the VA JUST like the military. Until all bad employees involved are either rooted out or put in jail.
        Put real corpsmen and military administrators (for the backlogs and other fubars the VARO’s employees have screwed up for decades) in VA. If they see someone not doing their jobs. Let them tell the VA employee to hit the road!!!
        Were you in the Navy? Weeellll VA employees would NOT like being put on a “port and starboard” workload scenario. That’s 4 hrs on, 4 hrs off, PLUS your daily work schedule….that’s what’s called “Sea Duty”!
        f8f, i’ve been there, done that. When the “cruise” was over, I actually felt as if I had accomplished something good. And I felt extremely good about myself!!!

        VA employees are just gonna have to be happy that the jobs are finally getting done. And the veterans are FINALLY being treated great.

  3. Bruce Wallace you are right about G Murphy.

    Just so that everyone is aware of G Murphy and Ericman1949.

    First Ericman1949 is a former National Service Officer for the DAV. As far as the DAV goes they assisted in covering up problems with a surgery I had at the VAMC Minneapolis.

    I believe that most of us here already have a very low opinion of the DAV and feel they have failed to support Veterans when it come to the VA. Also that the failure of Veterans Service Organizations especially, the DAV, has contributed and allowed the corruption at the Veterans Administration.

    As for G Murphy an analyst of G Murphy’s comments on this site shows that she is currently employed by the Veterans Administration.

    1. Don’t know where you get your ridiculous data. I am not employed by the VA. I am not employed by anyone.

      1. You lie for a living. I hope that one day you develop a conscious and realize the damage you have done. You will have many sleepless nights ahead.

      2. Please explain the “damage I have done”???? Is it damage if I don’t agree with you?

      3. Jade,
        I think the best thing for all of us veterans and those who do know what is going on is to not reply to “G”. this individual is only hear to try and get us off track. This “G” has stated how great the VA is and just answered crazyelf with a flip-flop answer about how the VA does need to change. If it is so great, then why would “G” think it needs to change. “G” started out by stating “VA facts” and stood behind them and now “G” just answers something opposite of what someone replies to “G” or to a post.
        My dad always told me, if you don’t feed the stray cat it will go away. If you continue to feed it, it will stay.

    2. Yes, I had a strong feeling about those two. Couldn’t put my finger on it.
      By the way, go to the site-
      see what they say about that group. Their ‘comment’ section is chock full of the true stories on them!
      Here’s a current story. A treasurer in Roanoke, Virginia was just arrested this week for embezzling thousands of $$$$$. My wife emailed the info to Ben this afternoon. The local news paper had to “print a correction”. Seems the newspaper used the name “Disabled Veterans” instead of the correct name, “Disabled American Veterans”! The news paper corrected the name today. The treasurer was arrested on wed. 22 July 2015 and bonded out on Fri. 24 July 2015. The “Chapter Commander had no comment!” Duhhh
      When y’all go to ‘DAVREFORM’ I hope you get really pissed ’bout what you read. Y’all think you got it bad with the VA, the members of the DAV have it worse! lmao If they want the members building, they come in and take it under a false pretence. Then put the members “at large”. That way the members have no say in anything…. The state officers, with nationals blessing, not only do not follow their own bylaws. They don’t follow “Robert’s Rules of Order”! My favorite “story” about that organization is about how they tried to “steal a VFW Post” here in Florida! It didn’t work out as one could imagine……
      As far as G Murphy. SHE will fade away. SHE will learn liars and thieves usually don’t last long in a “society of laws”! The only thing that I hope will happen is— someone in law enforcement, where she lives, learns about what’s SHE’S up to and arrests her MANY TIMES.

      1. Thank You Crazy Elf for point out the site . I believe that Ben posted the link and an article about the site before. One of the links on the site was to secretly recorded videos from the DAV Convention. The first one showed one of the members from my state Minnesota fighting to find a way around letting disable Veterans join the DAV. SAD.

        There is a lot on it and going to take some time to review. Thank you again for pointing it out.

      2. One VSO that heard about what happened to me did reached out and tried to help was my local VFW here in Duluth MN. After attending their stand down they believed that the county veterans services officer was going to help. At the stand down she indicated she was really going to help. But she didn’t.

      3. Wow- what happened between 4:30 and 7:30? Are you drinking?
        I really thought that I learned things from you and that we were able to communicate.
        So what is the deal with the whole “liars and thieves”???
        So what am I “up to”?????? Why would any authority arrest me “many times”?????

      4. Crazy Elf I did respond to your post but it had a hyperlink in it so it is still waiting for moderation I posted it at * pm. It was thanking you for the info on the website

        Also I believe that, like you said, if you ignore G Murphy she will go away.

      5. Wonder why you have not responded to my last reply and have sent this instead. I asked what is the damage you think I have done?? That makes no sense to me. You even call me a liar. We are all military. Why is there such animosity on this website when we are all concerned about getting great care for veterans??

    1. So, do you call all people names who don’t agree with you? That’s really mature. I am retired and part of a military family with many veterans and some currently serving in the army and airforce and deploying. We have received good care from the VA. I am distressed that much still needs to be done for many of us and I follow it closely. I am also not so naive as to believe what everything the biased news media has to say who only want headlines and parts of the story. And I am not so ignorant as to believe anything that our “professional politicians” have to say since they will say anything to try to make themselves look good and protect their precious jobs. Time to clean house in Congress big time. They have had “oversight” for decades.

      1. I agree 100% . Something needs to be done before the USA is brought to her knees in hopelessness and dispair.

      2. Hey, responding to your post that we agree 100% on that one post that I made. Miracles do happen! Concerning your most recent post, it is ridiculous what you went through to get your MRI! I hope the changes they are working on now bringing their technology into the 20th century will help. Then you had a positive post! So glad you got the care you deserve!!

      3. G Murphy,
        you state: “I am retired and part of a military family with many veterans and some currently serving in the army and airforce and deploying”.
        You are not a member of any branch of the military and yet you seem to know how great the VA is. How many appointments have you attended at any VAMC which you were the patient? How many claims have you applied for in which your military service has caused you a physical or mental condition?
        You also state: “We have received good care from the VA”. You personally have received good care from the VA for your appointment?
        I am sure the answer is none. If you did not serve in the military then you do not know what is going on other than what you see on the TV or hear from the VA. If you believe the VA then you will never know the truth. Us vets on here have had many, many years of dealing with the VA in many aspects of their system. We know what has worked and what has not. We know how the VA tries to manipulate us and pressure us into their brainwashing scheme. Some fall for it and the others get tagged as “disruptive” or get the red flag for not conforming to their communistic ways.

      4. I DO know how members of our family have been treated and cared for. I would agree that much was done in the past that was detrimental to veterans. Glad you had one positive experience that you surely deserve.

      5. G Murphy,
        I am glad to hear that your family is receiving good care from your VAMC. Not many others get good treatment. I would keep the Dr’s, ETC… your family is currently seeing if you like them because if you switch, you may not have such a good time.

      6. Appreciate your response. Hope you are as fortunate and that the VA is able to turn things around for so many.

      7. Well G Murphy you just told what many on here thought, but wasn’t 100% sure of. You, personally, were never in the military….
        And yet you try to defend an organization which has done egregious acts to hundreds of thousands of veterans throughout it’s history.
        You say you know more about VA than those who have actually experienced the horrors. I think you need to get out from glass house and just go to a VA, sit outside and listen to veterans. Don’t talk just listen! You just may learn something. I’m not trying to be rude. Only I really do believe you so GREATLY misinformed when it comes to VA Healthcare!!!!
        I wish you luck. My wife just said for me to tell you, “Get educated!”

      8. Well that is disappointing, when I thought you were able to have a conversation.You may tell your wife that I am very educated (masters degree) and I am, and have been, very involved with all in our military family who are or have been receiving care from the VA. We’re blessed that that has been so positive. It’s terrible that your experience has been negative- but attacking me is rather ridiculous. I truly hope something changes for you! I most certainly don’t live in a glass house. We are military like you are. Let’s quit attacking each other and try to work together.

      9. Ok you say you want to work together.
        Then how about this. Why don’t you find out why your family gets such “great care” from VA and 10’s of 1000’s of other veterans don’t???
        When you can explain that one, then we will be on the same page.
        FYI, I also have a Master’s in Asian history and philosophy, with a minor in American History. I went to the University of Hawaii.
        You see, unlike many who work for VA, I’m proud to state where I received my education….
        By the way I wasn’t attacking you or being rude, I was just trying my best to be as polite as possible to someone who really doesn’t know the complete history of VA. From it’s inception to today. Do you know how many names it has had? Do you know how many times upper management has been caught doing egregious acts to Hundreds of Thousands of Veterans? Have you ever heard of the “GAR”? Did you know, for example, how many “Secretary(s)” VA has had in the past 10 or 12 years? You will, or should be, surprised at the answers!
        There are 22 veterans committing suicide each an every day. Why? That answer may also surprise you. Was it due to inadequate care by VA? I’m sure not all happened due to VA. Only I do believe many did! How you want to take these facts is up to you. I hope you try and look up these and other facts concerning VA.
        As far as my wife is concerned, know this, she was trying to get you to go to a vamc, by yourself, sit outside, listen and learn.
        Sorry bout the ‘run on sentences’!

        U.S. Army 1964-69 (Vietnam 1965-66 and 1968-69)
        U.S. Navy 1975-82 (Beirut, Lebanon 1976) received a medical under Honorable Conditions due to injuries received..
        Now, as I believe everyone on here will say, “all my medals and $1.69+tax, might get me a cup of coffee!”

      10. You’re right- I don’t know the full background of the VA- but I know enough that it has not been good to our veterans over the years- and that is terrible! Why have those in our family received good care when others haven’t? I don’t know. Regardless, it needs to change and then the answer is how. I appreciate that you have tried to be respectful. We as a family are all in. And we all want the same thing and things need to change. I just think that some things are now starting to change- though not fast enough. And my heart is heavy for all who are struggling to get the care they need and deserve- like you.

  4. (I am a Civilian and A Tax Payer)
    I as a Taxpayer, I work hard for every penny earned as most Americans. I have found out my tax dollars are paying for bonus’s for the elite Top Brass in the VA. VA needs to be shut down. They need to clean house. This means-Fire those who are not helping our Veterans who fought for and died for our freedoms. Shut down for 2 months and let our Veterans go outside and use their Choice Program cards for what it was intended to be used for. I paid for those cards so I have a say in what they should be used for. I don’t get paid or get bonuses for screwing Americans out of their Tax $$$$’s so why should someone be able to do it to me and my family? Everyone should be mad and contact their Senators and their Congress people at least once a day to let them know how we feel. WE DESERVE OUR JUSTICE NOW. Shut Down the VA for 2 months To Fire those Big Buck Earning Traitors.

    1. Well said Katterkat. I’ve been saying the same thing.
      Here’s another suggestion, while VA is shutdown and a “house cleaning” is underway. Inform all employees, from top to bottom, those illegal bonuses received last year WILL BE RETURNED, ASAP! According to many, and I do mean many, news sources this year- bonuses were given out. I’m not sure why they were given out. Because all reports from late 2014 and the first part of 2015 indicated “Congress disallowed all bonuses during this period!” Yet, for some reason, under Bob McDonald’s watch, bonuses went out. WHY?
      Again, Katterkat, thanks for your support. Are you going to inform your friends and family members of this website?

    2. Which veterans to see non VA doctors? All?

      And what of most of us who have no issue with VA medical care?

      How are you going to provide these doctors with millions of veteran’s medical records, histories?

      What about those inpatients?

      Do you transfer them all to pvt facilities?

      How about vets scheduled for surgery?

      What impact would this have on non-VA providers ability to treat their regular patients?

      Closing down the VA and not paying the VA employees?

      Punishing all the good employees at all facilities although there may not be any problems at a particular facility?

      The hysteria generated is astounding. Aspects of VA healthcare need improvement and rebuilding in some cases. But, VA successfully and efficiently treats the vast majority of us, who believe in the system’s foundation of care. The biggest problem, in my opinion, is how the flames have been fanned by alarmists so people are led to believe that a problem with one employee at one facility means all facilities suffer in the same way. People who have zero personal experience at VA medical facilities, including veterans who don’t use VA care, are convinced the VA is a living and evil thing that tries to mistreat veterans whenever possible when that is nowhere near the truth.

      Complainers always make more noise and impact public opinion more than those not complaining, in every societal realm. People who scream the loudest are, in my experience, the least credible and are spending their time blasting every aspect of the VA for psychological need in most cases, and are fueled by getting oher people to believe in their hysteria.
      An employee at the Augusta VAMC was just charged wwith 50 counts of felonious acts, but that has zero to do with other facilities. Yet there are now cries that his actions are part of a systemwide conspiracy.

      If you don’t know something to be true, then verify before joining the hysterical masses. Even then do not join them. Please.

      1. Evidently you have not been keeping up with the MANY news reports from many reputable civilian news papers, military news papers, news stations and the “watch dog” groups (gao and more) reports coming out nationwide. These legitimate reports show widespread failures within VA’s system. It’s not going to get better by pumping more $$$$ in this broken system. Only honest and truthful accountability and transparency can insure proper medical care and proper results in the claims departments and other areas.
        VA needs to learn how to “balance their checkbook”! The alleged “facts and figures” VA upper management has been spouting for the last year has changed each time someone speaks.
        They have proven, time and time again, there is no accountablity,
        transparency or truthfullness when it comes to their expenditures from the taxpayers.
        As far as veterans being seen outside, I understand your reservations. At the same time, you must understand VA must be held accountable for their misdeeds. Which are occurring nationwide on almost a daily basis.
        Its not just a few bad apples within VA who have caused this problem. It is many. Look at the large number of “Whistleblowers” who have come forward nationwide. I didn’t realize how many there were. Everyday new reports surface. I’ll use the example you gave of the employee in Georgia. He was a manager. He got caught. But how many below him were not indicted for doing the same thing, possibly under his instructions? Someone had to speak up due to his illegal acts. How do you think OIG caught him? Do you truly believe he turned himself in?
        I’m not trying to be mean or flip, this problem is not going to disappear if civilians and former military persons just ignore it. And allow the taxpayers monies to be squandered away by individuals who may be self serving mode.
        As of today, 25 July 2015, Congress, the Senate and the Veterans Committee have until Friday 31 July 2015 to hopefully come up with a strategic plan to do something that is conducive to helping the veterans. Not the VA upper management. In my humble opinion, this is the problem. Upper Management is reaping most of the benefits right now.
        Lastly, I’m honestly glad you are receiving, in your opinion, great medical care. On the flip side, I feel, your unaware of the 10’s of 1000’s of veterans who are not receiving great care.
        From what I have seen on here the vets and civilians making comments , represent less than 1% of 1% of veterans trying to bring the truth out. It’s a fact now, that more veterans of the Iraq and Afghan wars are being treated as were the Vietnam war veterans were being treated. Very poor to say the least.
        That’s all I have for now….
        Thank you for your service and welcome home.

  5. Here’s a site you may want to visit.

    “Veteransclaims’s Blog”
    “information of interest to veterans filing claims with the VA”

    title of article;
    “New Hepatitis C drug shows promise”
    by, Alicia Chang
    dated, April 29.

    Vertex Pharmaceutical Inc., out of Cambridge, Mass. has developed “Telaprevir”. According to Ms Chang, the new “…experimental drug…” “…is still under late stage testing and is not available commercially: the company plans to seek government approval next year.” There are three other pharmaceutical companies trying to “…compete with…” Vertex.
    The article also stated, the drug has “…many side effects.” Also a % of patients stop using it because of the side effects (paraphrasing).
    One might say the amount of patients being cured far outweigh the risk of the side effects. I agree. I believe this would be a decision each patient must make on his or her own. Especially when the drug is being given to patients in “late stages” of the disease!”
    Note—- This article has to do with why VA wants to utilize $500 million of the “Choice Card Program” for veterans suffering from Hepatitis C desease!

    Again, please find this article and decide for yourself…

  6. Here it is folks, as I promised,

    9 Investigates VA backlog |

    There’s more stories on this site about what VA is NOT doing for veterans in Florida. This story concerns the FUBAR on the “Choice Card Program”! I live over 120 miles from Tampa VAMC. That’s 240 round trip, minimum.
    So that 40 mile crap doesn’t apply ????
    Last, Tampa was were they had the rat and roach problem, if you’ll remember. Do you really think I’d want to go there???

    1. PS. The 40 mile rule is a joke and The 30 day rule is a joke.
      I just made an appointment on the 21 July and was told “The earliest appointment available to see my optometrist was 5 November.”
      I had gone outside VA to an Ophthalmologist, on my own dime, and was told this was the type of physician I should be seeing. (Because of my eyes being severely damaged due to an explosion while serving my country in Vietnam mid 1968!)
      The VA’s “Choice Program” is a joke. I’m thinking about paying out of pocket to receive proper medical care from an Ophthalmologist on the outside. Because he seems to care……

      1. crazyelf,
        I called for an appointment for an MRI and I was given a date from the Indy VAMC for an MRI that was 25 July. I contacted them (VAMC) on 5 June. the appointment was 50 days out. I was informed by the VA employee that I would be eligible for the choice program. I received a letter from the Indy VAMC with the instructions to contact the program. I called after the week wait as it states in the letter and was told “we do not have you in our system and you need to contact you VAMC to have them place you on the waiting list. I called the radiology Dept. and was told that I was never put in the list. If I wanted, they could put me on the list, send me the paperwork and then wait another week to contact the choice program. I told them the VAMC sent me the paperwork when they sent me appointment information. The woman on the phone from the VAMC stated “she had no idea why I was sent that letter because I was not on the wait list”. She said she would put me on the wait list and send me the paperwork for the choice program (that I already have). I informed her that I have that paper and just need someone to figure their job out. She stated that she put me on the waitlist and for me to call the choice program in a week. I said fine and hung up.
        A week went by and I called the choice program only to be told they could not find anything on me. I was told to call back later in the day to see if they had found me. I call and they did find me. They had no idea of what procedure was to me done and where it could be done. I said I have no idea where is could be done and informed them of what I needed to have done (MRI with and without contrast). I was told that if someone did not return a call to me by mid-next week, the I should call them. I got the call and was informed of the hospital, date, and time.
        This took most of June and on the week before the appointment, the hospital doing the procedure called me and told me that they had the approval from the choice program but did not have anything from the Indy VAMC. I contacted the VAMC and informed them what the other hospital needed from them so the procedure could take place. I received another call from the other hospital informing me that the approval from the choice program and the Indy VAMC did not match and they could not do the procedure. The difference in what the choice program approved and the Indy VAMC approved was this Choice: MRI with and without contrast. Indy VAMC: MRI with contrast. I asked why couldn’t the procedure be done with and without. The choice would get what they wanted and the Indy VAMC would get the “with” as they wanted. I was told that could not be cone.
        This is when the choice program stated they could amend the approval for with only; however, for them to do that it would take another two weeks to complete. Two weeks to change two words “and without”. Really??? After a couple of days, they approved the MRI and I finally got it. The approval was on the afternoon of 10 July and my appointment was on 11 July @ 9:30am.
        So much hassle and no one trying to help, only blaming other people and waiting for someone else to take care of this.
        On a bright note, I had the procedure don at the Hendricks Regional Health in Danville, IN and the woman in the scheduling Dept. was the best customer care person I have ever had to deal with. She was pleasant, courteous, had dealt with this mess before, kept in constant contact with me to inform me of what she had done and her success or failure so I could try to get something she could not. I think the VAMC should clone her and put her clones in all VAMC’s. Such a sweet woman who greatly wanted to help. That is so rare in the VAMC’s. I told her I would have all of my treatment done here as everyone I had to deal with was so great.
        I contacted the hospital and gave them a super glowing comment on this woman and her commitment to caring and helping others.
        Sorry so long, I don’t get to comment on here in such a positive way.

      2. figure8fan
        I have heard glowing reports of some of the employees at Danville. I have also heard some bad, and I say some VERY BAD, reports of employees at Danville.
        How, you may ask?
        It’s because of a close ‘brother’ I have who lives in Peoria. We were in Nam together, 1968, during TET.
        He, and others I have personally met up there, has given me much info on VA.
        Some have had great experiences, only more have not.
        I’m so glad you finally got your procedure done. And had a great experience…
        The next time (when I don’t know yet), I see my PCP I’m going to ask to have specific testing done. I hope he agrees. I also hope he understands why I’m asking. I’m a “dual service veteran”. Army then Navy. Not one VA physician has ever gone through either medical file. Or the early VA medical file. How’s that for incompetence! There are/is evidence in each that needs to be addressed today. It has come to my attention though, they believe I’m putting in for “compensation”! Nothing could be further from the truth. I’m at 100% T&P! The’medical conditions’ I had been diagnosed with are getting worse. So all I want is to have a better quality of life as I get older.
        There is more to my story, only it would take too long to explain. Plus, “when one complains, no one listens”, right lol.

      3. crazyelf, I had my procedure don at the Hendricks Regional Health hospital in Danville IN (private Dr. through the choice program). Sorry for not making that clear. My fault.
        I have also heard the same thing at the Danville, IL VAMC. I have a couple of relatives who use it and they are 50 – 50 on the facility. I am not sure if it could be worse than the Indy VAMC. lol

  7. SHUT DOWN ALL VAMC’s and ALL OTHERS CONNECTED TO VA. LET’S PROTEST AT YOUR LOCAL OFFICES. LET’S GET THE MESSAGE ACROSS— NO MORE BULL SH!T! Get your boots out guys. Let’s march. Make VA use that Choice Program to take care of us for the next two months from the civilian sector. Let the VA pukes go without a paycheck. I know some are good people in VA, but in my opinion, they are collateral damage. This will give them, the good ones, the chance to “stand tall” and do the right thing! That is, tell the truth of the egregious acts others in VA are doing. If they do that, we would have more respect for them!

    What do you think? You know if the colonists hadn’t taken a stand against the “acts” COMMITTED by England during the 1770’s we would still be flying the British Flag. We need to stand tall and stay cool and loose.

    1. PS, I can see an outside ophthalmologist, who is extremely highly praised within the medical community, within 5 to 7 DAYS. Unlike over 100 days in the VA.

    2. Shut down all VA medical facilities. Gee, that is a constructive idea. What are you going to do with the vets who are inpatients? Or scheduled for surgery? Or the millions of us whose prescription medicines are mailed out each month? So good employees get screwed and you say tough shit, COLLATERAL DAMAGE? How about the contracts with associated university medical schools? I suppose this means a further claims backlog since no C&P exams could be done for 2 months. How about the great majority of us who don’t buy into your “THE SKY IS FALLING” fantasy? You really think it is a good idea to send millions of veterans to non-VA doctors with no access to their medical histories, current prescriptions, x-rays? You must want the VA to pay for all the millions of unnecessary tests just so a vet can get treated by a non-VA doctor, when the same information is at the VA. Now that sounds like a great idea. Then after 2 months, how are you goiing to get these millions of new medical records and prescription records included with the vet’s VA medical file?

      The proposition of closing down the “EVIL EMPIRE” VA healthcare system is such a bad idea it is almost funny.

      1. ericman,
        if the VAMC’s were closed, I would think that the VA would have in place a solution for the vets to get care at private Dr’s. The part of this that scares the VA is that the private Dr’s will find things the VA has been trying to hide from us vets so they do not have to treat us until it is too late to either cure or minimize the damage so whatever was found could be treated properly.
        See the VA does not want to treat someone with say an initial onset of caner. They would hide the results and claim it was something else and treat it in a different way that would be a fraction of the cost. Meanwhile the veteran who has treatable cancer and could be saved would continue to go about their daily lives not knowing they have already been declared DOA by the VA. The reason, money. It costs more to treat a veteran with an early diagnosis of cancer and the many years of chemo, surgeries, medicines, hospital stays, extra appointments, ETC…
        If the VAMC diagnosis the cancer later when the survival rate is much lower, the treatment options are different and the cost factor is much lower. We are not seen as veterans who need Healthcare to continue to have a healthy life, we are seen as dollar amounts and those of us who have more problems than others have a higher dollar amount. Us vets are also seen by the VA as being an insurance liability rather than an asset. The VA thinks of itself as an “insurance company” and the veterans who belong to this insurance company do not pay a premium in dollar form. This make the VA have no paying members who are guaranteed healthcare. They have no way to recoup the premiums that we do not pay. So to them the less amount of dollars they spend out of their pocket helps their bottom line.
        The forget that we have all paid our premiums in another form and some have paid a huge premium. Those who have paid the largest premiums are the ones who get the worst treatment.
        As for your concerns about our medical records, current prescriptions, and x-rays, every vet can get a copy of their medical records, current prescriptions, and all of their x-rays. They can get these from any VAMC they have been seen at.
        As for the millions in “unnecessary” tests would be welcome thing for us vets. We have to beg now for a simple test that any private Dr. would do automatically. I would be sure that these tests would shed new light on things the VA were to inept to find and the “same information” is not at the VAMC because the VAMC would not do the basic tests.
        “How are you going to get these millions of new medical records and prescription records included with the vet’s VA medical file?” you ask.
        The VAMC’s have a system set-up to connect the VAMC’s and private Dr’s. This allows the VA and the private Dr. to communicate what has been going on and the private records can be electronically brought into the VAMC’s system and inserted into each and every vet who used an outside source.
        So closing down “THE EVIL EMPIRE” is not a bad idea. Things would change for the better for us vets everything medically that was done outside of the VA during this time would be integrated into the VAMC’s system and then we all go on.
        Thanks for your concern

      2. Thank You figure8fan. I couldn’t have said it better!
        You just gave THE best argument as to why the VA should have a partial shutdown in August and September.
        Remember McDonald said “partial shutdown”. Which means, just like the military, emergency personnel (“physicians and surgeons etc.) and a small contingency of administration personnel to handle any emergencies that may arise!

      3. Of course, now I’m talking about VA having to be run like the military. Hummm VA personnel who have never served would — well they’d find it uncomfortable to say the least. Those who served would, or should, understand….

  8. To add insult to injury, I just received in the mail today a color brochure on the VA’s Choice Program and how to see if you are eligible. This is end of July. They mailed the Cards out start of this year (2015), then the ink barely dry they state before Congress not very many Vets have used it and then when caught in obstructing Vets from actually using it because of odd convoluted methods to determine, including our favorite, “as the crow flies 40 miles”, then the VA wasted no time in telling Congress if they make them allow more vets to use it this will somehow cost the VA way more money than previously thought (remember, the VA just had told Congress hardly any Vets are using Choice Card and Vets LOVE the VAMC’s?)…so with that fuzzy math, and now the VA’s abrupt and strategic (and VA supposedly unaware) $3 Billion deficit, which is ALSO fuzzy math because they are actually demanding $3.5 BILLION.

    If the people elected and serve on these Congressional Veteran’s Committees cannot or will not take action, LET’s USE OUR VOTE TO CLEAN HOUSE! A Collective Veteran Vote sure could move mountains.
    The VA has become a feral federal agency with no discipline. Accountability and Discipline go hand in hand. We have neither.

    1. I think that all in Congress need to be replaced by honorable men who do not lie and make things up so they will be reelected. Only 8% of Americans have any faith in Congress. We truly do need term limits!!!!!

    2. namnibor,
      In my opinion every vet is eligible for the “NO Choice Card” and every veteran should have one. One of the requirements are “if you are scheduled an appointment 30 days or greater” (paraphrasing) then you are eligible for treatment outside of the VAMC. By stating this, that would indicate that ANY veteran could potentially have an appointment more than the 30 day rule and therefore be qualified for the program.
      I recently dealt with this program because I was scheduled for an MRI 50 days out. I contacted the program and after many phone calls to the program, the VAMC, and the hospital that was to do the MRI, I finally got to have the MRI on 11 July (Sat.). So after it was all said and done, I got my MRI through the Choice Card Program done in 35 days. Not much sooner than the VAMC. It was such a nightmare to deal with this program and they (choice card) mess up and informed me that it could take another two weeks to get it corrected. I told them “I don’t think so” and after another few phone calls, it was approved.
      What a mess.

    3. namnibor, do you live within 40 miles of a VA? I ask because I have never heard a word from the VA about the Choice program. Granted I live within 40 miles, but I have gotten nothing from them on it. No card. No brochure. Nothing.

      1. 91,
        I live almost 10 miles from the Indy VAMC and I too had never received anything on the Choice Card. I recently had to use the Choice Program and I received everything (info, card) the day of my appointment. That appointment was 37 days form the first contact with the Choice Card people. It took them that long to get this to me. I returned back to my place to find it in the mail. The woman at the hospital I went to wanted some form of information for the billing and I told her I didn’t have anything. She wanted to put me as the person to bill and I said “no way, the VA will have me pay for this”.
        That is why I stated that EVERY veteran should have a choice card in their possession. If the time comes that a veteran need to use the card, the veteran will have it and not have to deal with the stuff I did. You would still need to go through the approval process; however, you would know that the card would be the one the hospital, clinic, specialist, ETC… would bill and not the veteran.

  9. Yeah, and my PCP at the VA has rescheduled my appointment for the third straight time. I was supposed to see him back in April but now it won’t be until September before I can see him. In the meantime my prescription was running out so then I had to make the 59 mile trip over to the hospital (that’s 118 miles round trip). I had to drive over there to tell his nurse about the prescription because NOBODY on the primary care team that I’m on cares to answer their telephones, and my PCP does not participate in the Secure Messages on the My Healthy Vet web site. Sometimes I can’t even get the VA operator on the phone. But I see all this for what it actually is. It’s the VA frustration game to make veterans give up and go away!

  10. Great comments on the obsufcation abilities of the VA but we’re over looking the biggest lie of all, according to McDonald the average wait for a veteran to receive a new Primary Care appointment is 3 days, Mental Health 4 days and Specialty Care is 5 days. He actually said that over and over again borrowing a tactic from Lenin who said “a lie repeatly told becomes the truth. I have friends who work at the VA who said the staff are disgusted by this incredible lie. To see a specialist or get a new Mental Health appointment at most VAs takes weeks and weeks at best and often months and months.

    1. …I was just contacted by my Primary Care doctors assistant to have an appointment in Primary Care (I really don’t like to associate the word “care” with the VA because I don’t like to spread rumor’s or lie when after 47 year’s experience I solidly find that they don’t care)! Anyway, in regards to 3 days, my date that the VA gave is August 7th, I also have to say about fifteen year’s ago I started using military doctor’s (retired from wounds received in Vietnam) then I chose to have private health care which if I hadn’t and kept the VA Health I do not believe I would be writing this…I would have been killed by the incompetence of the VA that is supposed to monitor my service connected injuries. They were not, and through records way back decades I find misdiagnoses, over medication, wrong medication and lying Home Depot hires that call them selves doctors and other medical titles for what they wish they were. I have to go to the VA when they call, just to stay in that system, I will never let them touch me in any type of medical procedure except for taking blood to check on the Type II Diabetes I received from exposer to Agent Orange, as thousand’s of Vietnam Veteran’s have plus, other life robbing medical condition’s the government used for what? The love of $$$! I was a Combat Medic with A Co. 1/327 Abn Inf of the 1st Bde 101st abn Div. and suffered a penetrating head wound that put a two square inch hole in my skull and shrapnel in my brain, this is why I was retired. The VA who cannot connect the dot’s just last year denied that I had a TBI! WTF! I say tear down the smoke shack’s, fire the last in their class medical personnel. That won’t happen, just more Veteran’s getting more frustrated of the non care or sadly dying either by the VA or their own hand. It is FUBAR at it’s best and they continue to do damage to the men and women Veteran’s each and every day! You too can be a VA doctor, either stand outside Home Depot and wait to be hired or just send in to Allison Hickey, two box top’s from Co Co Puff’s and a dollar and you can be one of the VA’s special people…FTVA!

      1. You may be granted an even higher GS-position if you mail-in 4 box tops of Frankenberry and Fruit Loops…you become an instant VA Psych Dr. with the Fruit Loops.

  11. He is not asking for more money, only transferring the money he has to put it where the veterans need it. They have had 7 million more appointments than last year partly due to hiring about 1100 new doctors and the Choice program, have added more Agent Orange exposed veterans, and are paying a fortune for those amazing pills to cure Hepatitis C.

    1. 1.) True, he’s only wanting to “move money from the Choice Program!” Vets and taxpayers have been informed by news medias VA was NOT being truthful about the low figures of vets applying to it…
      2.) Maybe partly true, about 7 million appointments being met. That’s VA’s statistics. If you look at the history of VA, you will find out it has a history of telling falsehoods. That is fact….
      Question, can you explain how he came up with that enormous number when a “VA spokeswoman” stated “Most veterans use outside insurance companies , medicare/medicade and other forms of insurance, instead of VA. That came out just a couple months ago. She also gave a number way lower than what you claim McDonald gave! Mcdonald also said there are “…9 million vets within the system…”! How’s that possible? Especially since it’s been reported “Nationally” “…1 in 3 are deceased!”
      3.) Completely False. About 90 to 95% of all veterans who were receiving compensation for Agent Orange have had it taken away between 2013-15!(source: Military Times, Army Times and many more news sources)
      4.) Very TRUE. $500 million will be used, from Choice Card Program to treat veterans with Hepatitis C. I think that’s the only great idea to come out of McDonald’s mouth. There is one concern though, that medical miracle pill used to cost only $300 each. Now, for some reason, it’s $1000/pill. Why? “Pharmacy” ,I think this was the source someone used to get the price difference. My wife used this site once to find out the meds I was getting cost more (almost double) for the ‘generic version than for the real deal’. Also a VA doctor, when he switched me to the “generic brand” said, quote; “I want to save the VA money!” It was after that my wife found out he “LIED” because of the info from that site. I now know it’s because he gets a ‘kickback’ from the pharmaceutical company…

      So go ahead and spend your web. Every time, or almost every time, you come on here you try to defend VA. Here’s something else, you have to agree VA should not be put in charge of building anything right. Especially over the many FUBAR’s they have got caught doing. Sooooo, according to U.S. Senator Joe Donnelly, VA is “…building a new outpatient clinic in Mishawaka.” that’s supposed to open “… spring of 2018.” VA has been under scrutiny for many mishandling money for how long?

      The people who monitor this site knows the truth.

      1. I guess some of our differences in opinion stem from the fact that I spend hours listening to Congress live- and looking over documents- and knowing that the current poll puts Congress at only 8% of Americans who have any faith in them. I see them only continuing to spin lies and try to act like they are the saviors of the world and so outraged and they will fix it all so they will then be reelected and nothing will change for our country with these career politicians- although they have had oversight for years. Unfortunately, our media will also only “report” what will make headlines and not the whole story. I am willing to give the new guy some leeway- since he probably has the biggest mess of all time- and 2nd largest agency in our government. I have seen some positive steps- more appointments, more doctors, improvements in veterans who are homeless, and work to change the way-outdated technology. I know our family has been treated very well by the VA- including a member with Agent Orange. The Agent Orange I talked of- was the inclusion finally of those on the ground serving the aircraft who have just now been added to the rolls eligible for benefits. That’s how I see it.

      2. The inclusion of crews of aircraft which sprayed AO was no gift by the VA. If was a hard one battle by the Vietnam Veterans of America and a few other veteran groups. The VA went kicking and screaming before they approved these vets for benefits. And, that is after DOD tried hiding the issue for years. I am glad your relative is getting the care he deserves.

      3. G Murphy
        I totally agree, our government “elected officials” are a joke. On the other hand, so is McDonald. I do not trust him. He is a liar, period. I was raised to always “tell the truth! If you lie, you will get caught. Then you have to tell two lies to get out of the first lie!” Do you remember those words of wisdom, probably from your mom and dad. Bet Bob McDonald doesn’t!!!!
        I WAS boots on ground in Vietnam, 1967-69! I was a “radio operator” for short range recon in The Central Highlands, Two Corp. I also, on occasion, carried the M-60. I had other “jobs” too. I had put in for AO MANY years ago and have never received compensation or anything else specifically tied to it. I know many, and I mean many, had it taken away during the past few years. I’m glad someone is getting something for it. But don’t you think guys who had been in areas where it was sprayed should still be getting it?
        Ok, you’re being treated very well by VA. Question, do you think it could be that way, so you could praise an organization which is known for egregious acts against veterans. So that way, if they treat say a hundred here, a hundred there, etc., they won’t look so bad????
        As far as new docs, where did they get them?
        Recently I asked a nurse, she said she was a nurse, where she got her degree from? She said, “New York!” I then asked, “What college or university did you attend?” Guess what happened. She ran out the office. I’ll leave that to your imagination.
        What I wrote before was taken out of many news articles. I also check out my sources by the way.
        So, I guess you and I will have differences of opinions. That leads to lively discussions.

        namnibor, me and a few of my friends received our “Choice Card” before Obama signed the bill in November 2014. Still haven’t been able to use for one reason or another….. btw. Have you received your new VA ID Card? I still ain’t got mine.

      4. Hey, lively discussions can be good- as long as respect is included. Sorry you have not received what you are due! Why don’t you call McDonald? He gave out his cell phone number. Or go to one of the meetings he has throughout the country? Must say though, I don’t believe the man is a liar. And the new medical staff- I have seen clips about recruiting from medical schools around the country. My brother was boots on the ground in Vietnam. You all should be treated as heroes and cared for as such.

      5. crazyelf,
        the 7 million appointment probably include cancelled, changed, not attended, repeat, and appointments for the deceased.
        They are also probably including appointments from private Dr’s that a vet attends and the VA is in no way involved but they can count it to get the total count up. Bob did not state they were VA appointment, only appointments. That could include the VA employees appointments at an outside Dr.

      6. G Murphy, I am very sorry to inform you, Bob McDonald IS a liar. He has been caught numerous times now. Maybe you might remember the following adage, “once a liar, always a liar!” He has broken his oath he took at “West Point” to all members of the military. Please look it up. It is written in stone all over the “grounds” of that military university, literally…
        Btw, the amount it now costs, $1000, for that miracle hepatitis C pill. It has been “rumored” McDonald has some kind of ‘financial ties’ to that Canadian Pharmaceutical Company. I’m in the process of verifying this. When I learn if it’s true or false, I let all know!
        Please, I really do not like being called a “Hero”. I’m not. I, like my brothers, did our job. No more, no less.

      7. In our lively conversation- I do not believe that the West Pointer is a liar- and I am very familiar with West Point from family members who have graduated from there and friends from there and many visits. And I do believe that all who have put their lives on the line for our country are heroes.

      8. I just found out the “New Cost” of the “miracle drug” for Hepatitis C is now $1200.00 per treatment vs. $1000.00! That’s now at a solid FOUR TIMES THE ORIGINAL COST. So, to my question I had asked before. Does Ol McDonald, Gibson or any other in VA management have any “financial ties” to the pharmaceutical companies? This would explain much, if the answer is “yes”!

    2. To be honest about this, you need to admit he is asking for money to be transferred from the Choice program, to other VA programs that were mismanaged…so veterans can suffer both ways. Once for the initial mismanagement, and again by taking away any shot at getting proper health care through Choice.

      But then, from everyone’s comments, it appears to not be much of a Choice since those running it seem to have excelled at being incompetent.

  12. The big lie here is using (or, should I say abusing) the Veteran Choice Program. The VA claims it isn’t working because so many vets want care at the VA and that the VA can only give that “specialized” care. The funds aren’t being used because of great job the VA is doing. Talk about BS.

    I have read many comments on here and other veteran focused sites, where veterans waiting times are increasing at the VA. How can this be when there is this program which states if you have to wait over 30 days, you can go to a private doctor? I can tell you how. First off the schedulars won’t offer this as a solution, the veteran has to know about it, call a special number, wait for someone to call him back to gather the information, make an appointment with an “approved” doctor for a one time visit. Then they have to call the veteran back with the approval. And, that is if it works according to VA guidelines. If you need a follow-up appointment or referral to another specialist, you must go through the same process. Then the doctor hopes he is paid, becuase they offer a pay scale below medicare in most instances. This is more hoops than a seal must jump through in a circus. Come to think of it, it is a circus but, the veteran is the seal.

    Why else isn’t the money on the Choice program being spent? It is simple, it is because of the 40 mile rule. If you are within 40 miles of any VA facility, you are not eligible if they can get you an appointment within 30 days. Forget about the fact that at the 39 mile mark there is a CBOC which may only have primary care and you need to see an orthopedic doctor who can only be seen at the main VA Medical Center 75 miles away. They have met their burden on the 40 mile rule.

    Finally, the problem with the (no) Choice program is the veteran service organizations, such as VVA, VFW, etc., think everything is going hunky dory with the program and believe the VA’s line of propaganda. So there has been no pressure to expose the ills I have outlined.

    If they wanted to see how many vets would take advantage of private care, all the VA would have had to do is send out a simple survey. Of course, we know they wouldn’t do that, as it would reveal how many veterans would love to escape back into the real world where real medicine is practiced and patients are appreciated and healed.

    1. Here’s an article I found today, concerning the Hines VA in Chicago, it’s by USA Today, Air Force Times and another news outlet, dated 29 July 2014. I know it’s a year old. But bear with me.
      “VA manipulated vets’ appointment data, audit finds.”
      “…delays in medical care to veterans in the 6-MILLION patient national system.”
      Wait one damn minute, McDonald AND Gibson have been using the “…9-million…” figure, for how long now? Not only that, it’s been reported, early this year, that “…1 in 3 vets are deceased.
      Also, “USA Today” – “…secret wait lists were maintained at 110 facilities, the analysis showed.”
      I’d bet if another analysis were taken, there would still be a “wait list”! Only this time, it would not be hidden. Why? Because wait times are 50% longer now. Especially in the south. Few are being able to get to use the “Choice Card Program”. Because Ol McDonald wants it for whatever he wants it for. There’s a lot more Negative stories out there VA is trying to spin a web of deceit around. And AS LONG AS WE KEEP THE PRESSURE ON, THEY CAN’T FOOL EVERYONE!!!!

      FYI. Today at 5pm on Channel 9 news, Orlando, Florida, there’s going to be a story about “long(er) wait times and longer drives to get medical care for veterans through VA”.
      As soon as it’s put online. I will post it!

      1. Here’s the story.

        9 investigates VA backlog |

        Scroll down to where you see 9 investigates VA backlog. Or Google the what I wrote. When you Google it there will be many more negative stories about VA.

  13. Ok, I informed all on here yesterday about the demonstration held at a VA hospital in Detroit, Michigan on Wednesday. Just think, IF the veterans committee has the balls NOT to allow VA to rob the “Choice Card Program”. The demonstration that would follow will be tremendous. Can you imagine VA employees, from top to bottom, being furloughed?
    The employees would be without a paycheck for two months. They would feel like us for the first time.
    I don’t know about y’all. But that would just make my day.
    Here’s a thought. VA has said few of us have been allowed, or been wanting, to use the Choice Program. We all know VA has been, lying and trying to get their hands on it since the allocation was approved last year. That’s why many were denied access, remember what came out a few months later?!
    Weeeelllll, while VA is shutdown, we all use it to see outside providers. Isn’t that what it was designed for? In reality, I welcome the chance to get medical from outside VA. How ’bout y’all?
    McDonald said, “…having one checking account for gasoline and another for groceries.” IS very simplistic. First and foremost, he and his employees need to learn how to balance a checkbook. Secondly, he and his employees need to give better accountability, transparency and any other aspect when it comes to spending taxpayers money. So far they have done nothing to prove they are responsible individuals. Case in point, overbudget hospitals, turning vets away from health care, missing or destroyed veterans’ records and many more illegal acts committed by VA.
    Lastly, yesterday I gave the following. Here it is again.
    “Trump for President Veterans Hotline ”
    ph # (855)-838-7352
    [email protected]

    I’m not sure if he can do anything for us. Yet, with all his knowledge, and of course his money, he may be able to stop the Veterans Committee from kowtowing
    to McDonald or Gibson.
    You never know, he may be able to get the many negative issues that plague VA out to the taxpayers in such a way it’ll finally sink in on them. At least that’s what I hope will happen!!!!

  14. I think Congress should dig their feet in and tell the VA that SINCE they cannot manage their own budget properly, as of NOW going FORWARD absolutely NO MORE VA BONUSES across the board…forever…NO MORE! McDonald was trying to use the flimsy analogy that his “pockets have one pocket that pays for gas and another for only food…but at this moment he cannot use FOOD MONEY FOR FOOD…”! (paraphrased)
    I do not think Congress should even LET the VA have ANY pockets of cash! Do as the VA does to *many Vets* when in similar or even manufactured situations–APPOINT A FIDUCIARY FOR THE VA….a MAJOR Accounting Firm with NOT EVEN a fourth cousin that works at the VA…totally not related whatsoever…to manage the VA Budget and ALL Contract Matters.

    I certainly hope Congress places stipulations on this now $3.5 Billion ($500,000,000. additional is now being demanded on TOP OF the initial $3 Billion, supposedly for late-end-stage-hepatitis C Drug)…if the VA had an extra MONTH to beg for cash I am pretty sure the VA would also just want ALL the Choice Card Cash…NOW!

    The grimace on Sec. McDonald’s face makes him look as if he at both the cat AND the parakeet.
    Was he really in Hawaii to “End Veteran Homelessness” or was it simply the furthest U.S. Territory from Washington, D.C….all in the timing, of course? What was the outcome of his visit there on behalf of the VA? Was it along the lines of “The VA will build a Homeless Veteran Facility *once* a new volcanic island pops-up from ocean bottom and will be based entirely on the way over-budgeted Denver VAMC…even same Contractors? Yes, I am being a bit flip here…but it’s as ridiculous as the VA’s unaccountability for a HUGE amount of cash…and this same VA Leader announced some new VAMC to be completed by 2018 while in Indianapolis yesterday??!!

    Building new structures WILL NOT solve the VA’s problems…as long as the SAME PEOPLE are mismanaging the VA. Just as my grandfather used to say, whom was a WW2 and Korean War Pilot, “You cannot fix stupid but you CAN guide the ignorant to knowledge”! The problem here is we only have the “stupid component”…and the VA is not willing to learn, unless it’s self-serving in every way.

    “Despicable” used in a contemporary fashion in a sentence: “To fix the problem, it will never be enough to simply slap down the guy caught cheating, no matter how despicable he might be.”
    “Despicable” as an adjective: “Deserving to be despised, or regarded with distaste, distrust, disgust, or disdain; contemptible.”

    1. Namnibor, did you see where ‘fiduciaries’ were found to be “stealing somewhere around $1 million from veterans in Indiana!”
      So, no matter what anyone suggests, VA will find some way to get their hands on the money Congress allocates to them.
      I say to that Veterans Committee— DON’T KOW TOW TO VA. Let it shut down!!!! Then those “ALLEGED” 9 million vets can converge on their local vamc’s and protest them.
      Just think about that!
      Veterans converging on all the VAMC’s and watching VA employees picketing to get their jobs back. What do you think would happen then? There’s another sentence I’d like to add, but I wont, lmao!!!!! Use your imagination, brother!!!???

      1. Yes, I have read how bad the VA Fiduciary Program was and probably same article you read about how incredibly awful it is in Indiana because that Indiana/Indianapolis VA/VARO/VAMC actually maintains at least FIVE STATES in DISTRICT of Veteran Fiduciary, and ALL skimming $$$ from Vets. I am waiting on Ben to do a story on it someday. The VA keeps the crap flowing with constant pull of gravity, we will need more than boots by year’s end.
        Yes, if they chose to shut down VAMC’s, I can see this as an easy way on a National Scale for vets to simply protest at their nearest VAMC and RO in each State…and the more than likely knows Congress does not want their heads served on platters if they are blamed by the VA for with holding the $$ for their care…see how that works? Lies…all lies!

  15. You got to remember, this phucking meatloaf is 16th in line of succession to be President and this issue has to be brought up as such when these egregious acts are ignored. Many people may have not realized this. Especially given that there was a terrorist attack on the Pentagon that could have very well taken out the preceeding 15 in one shot if they were gathered there.

  16. The VA is one huge glacial-sized train-wreck. They even engineered this “deficit” to the exact timing before Congress goes home on whole month of August Break…they KNEW exactly what they were doing. Slow as a glacier, indiscriminately moving everything in it’s path.
    I think THAT’s the exact reason VA sent Sloan Gibson initially, ONLY TO BUY TIME in case they eventually wanted to see the top dog before Congress…one week before possible LIGHTS OUT. This is as despicable as when the Tea Party members of Republican Party shut the gov’t. down…no different whatsoever, except even more ethically grim when you are using veterans as pawns to leverage even more money.
    Despicable is the word of the day.

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