Cockroaches Phoenix VA

Cockroaches Spotted At Phoenix VA, And We Aren’t Talking About The Leadership There

Cockroaches Phoenix VA

Real life cockroaches, not just the metaphoric VA leadership cockroaches, were recently spotted at Phoenix VA and exposed by FOX 10.

One whistleblower who caught the cockroaches on video said the Phoenix VA pharmacy has a cockroach program. The whistleblower is a patient who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of retaliation by Phoenix VA staff. While sitting in the pharmacy, the whistleblower noticed several cockroaches while waiting for medication.

The videos taken by the whistleblower were forwarded to FOX 10 Phoenix.

“I know they’ve had infestation problems for years,” said Brandon Coleman, in a phone interview. Coleman, a former Marine, is a whistleblower that believes Phoenix VA leadership is apathetic to the problem.

“They’re used to it,” said Coleman. “They’re used to substandard care. I think veterans feel lucky just to get an appointment with the secret wait list going on in Phoenix. A roach is no big deal.”

A VA spokesperson denied that cockroaches were found during an inspection. In a statement:

Whenever insects are reported, our environmental management specialists provide immediate action and ensure the external pest control agencies are notified to come on site for complete remediation activities.

“I’m grateful to the whistleblower who came forward, and hopefully… they’ll make sure there aren’t any roaches for our nation’s heroes because that’s disgusting,” said Coleman.

Recently, Hines VA Hospital, located outside Chicago, Illinois, also had a cockroach program where the roaches were served to patients with food. There, VA OIG confirmed the allegations.

Hines VA plans to spend copious amounts of taxpayer dollars to fix the kitchen.


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  1. Cockroaches in a VA hospital?

    The AFGE takes hiring relatives seriously!

    Given the walls were crawling with cockroaches IN THE PHARMACY, you know they have a serious infestation somewhere, and it wouldn’t surprise me to see many more bugs in other parts of that dump.

    I do like the statement though. Typical government bureaucracy.

    Hint: You’re not supposed to manage cockroaches! You’re supposed to kill em!

    Makes me think someone’s uncle has the pest control contract.

  2. @Seymore Klearly @cj @James Clement @Crazy elf @Namnibor @OLDMARINE – – – Due to the crunch on prescribing pain medications, here is a SLIM database that contains Doctors that prescribe pain medications. You’ll have to browse around it a bit, its not really straight forward on how to use. I looked for others, but to no avail. – – – Nutter.

  3. @Seymore Klearly – – – Thanks, and yes, I’m super curious about their backgrounds. Waiting for attorney to contact me back. Hopefully to locate one that is near me, and doesn’t have a heavy case load, in which many attorneys don’t like to admit. @CorpsmanUp! needs to be aware of these incompetent ass wipes.

    As a matter of fact, the Patient Advocate has yet to send me any information that I requested, nor has he replied to one of my emails. I don’t expect nothing from them. All I would like to do, is to break apart their unaccountability smugness, so that others don’t have to jeopardize their life like myself. Damn, and I thought that I wouldn’t have to use the gear that is in my closet. All of my suspicions and intuition has been spot on.

    Seymore, thank you so much for your time and effort. You can call me at 302-894-3135 from 10am – 6pm, then 7pm – until 12 midnight Eastern Standard Time (EST). – – – Nutter.

    1. @ANutterVet: Now are you going to get a lawyer? I told you “money in the bank” for you, and……. I know damn well you’ll win! It will be a LARGE amount! Good luck, and congrats. Just do it!

      1. @cj – – – Already in progress. Been waiting to bust down there damn doors. “I’m coming, and its nothing of a sexual nature. Fucking Bitches.”

      2. @ANutterVet: I know you got this one, git er done. Walk softly, and……never mind…… just fuel up the Howitzer, load a beehive, and pin their asses to an old oak tree!

    2. ANutterVet, find out who the Privacy Officer is for Wilmington, then send them a FOIA for all your in-home nurse notes covering whatever time period you want.

      They either produce them, or the claim there are none so they are paying for a Nurse to do nothing, or the notes you get are nothing like you expect.

  4. ANutterVet,

    Sorry it is taking awhile but I do have about 4 hours into it. Right now I can tell you that you are insane to be trusting these people and you need to see a real Doctor that is in no way connected to the VA.

    The ethics of one of these, so-called, Doctors. One has lost their license repeatedly and used falsified information to obtain a licenses in a different states. Fricken VA hiring people impersonating doctors.

  5. Right now on Rachel Madows show she has the trannies from the pentagon. Personally I find it to be freaky.

  6. I visited the Phoenix VA Facebook page. Reviews are ballistic. – – – Nutter.


  7. @Imayurt – – – Just like the rest of the troll or handle changers. But yet your kind NEVER stands up for Veterans who can prove that they’re incompetently being treated via a damn PCP at the VA. Prove me wrong. You know shit about cockroaches. They don’t need water to flow into their nesting area to bring them out. Then like moisture, even know to swim in open water and pipes. What brought the cockroaches out is either a diminished food source, or after all these years, finally an exterminator is using the right insecticide instead of water. Fool.

  8. @Crazy elf @Namnibor – – – Could be someone using another handle then previously used. Just saying. – – – Nutter.

  9. Such a clever headline, Ben. Well done, you!

    It’s monsoon season in Phoenix. That tends to bring out the bugs. But, don’t let that pesky little fact get in the way of your conspiracy story crafting!

    I’m absolutely saddened reading all of these comments. Hatred must completely consume you all. What a pathetic way to exist.

    1. @Imaturd
      The ‘bugs’ in Phoenix VAMC need no monsoon season, plus there’s plenty of a needed exterminated human AFGE infestation that keep killing Vets on fake wait lists and more. Need say more or do you want to make this really fun? Are you somehow saying ANY cockroach is considered acceptable in ANY medical environment?

      You bastards are WAY too protected from malpractice and more from we veterans. Hoping this changes profoundly because as long as AFGE infests the VA, lackadaisical performance bonuses will persist, rat bastard!

      1. I’m not saying anything of the sort. But, keep going. Your fantasy writing could get really good.

      2. @Crazy elf- Are s=you really surprised, considering the subject of cockroaches came-up on today’s main blog subject?
        Brings to mind that now-classic scene in first “Men In Black” movie where in the morgue at the counter, the alien occupying the human ‘bag of flesh’ has several cockroaches escape from his sleeves and the morgue tech smashed them and it made the alien troll very, very upset. 🙂

      3. Those monsoon really hit the desert hard all around Phoenix this time of year.

        Is that you Lem?

    2. @Imaturd – – – Your handle says it all. Piece of SHIT. A-hole. In a mood now, bring it BITCH. – – – Nutter.

  10. You better not identify yourself because the will retaliate! They did against me, started will messing with the dosage of medication, then weren’t reading radiology correctly and then call VA Regional telling the my SC disabilities were better. Set up appointments at a different VA hospital, called canceling saying I didn’t need any appointments, I’m in Denver now. They run like a mafia, it’s crazy and could have killed me. They have something brewing now.

    1. If your referring to me, I have nothing to lose, except my life. And, the way its going with VA health care, it will happen on their course of treatment. That’s why I’m exposing them. Unless you’d rather that I grab one, poke my thumbs into their eyes, and then scratch that incompetent itch on their cerebral part. This was bound to happen anyway.

  11. For research sake, @WyldeChylde, to show you that I’m aware of what’s happening in our Country, our discussion is just one issue that has been causing divisional issues between us. So lets do this, agree to disagree, and move on. Agree Brother?

    1. I already stated I was willing to agree to disagree in a previous post and as far as I’m concerned that should have been the end of it but since your not really willing to let it go why should I?

      Be careful with your hate bro, it will consume you.

      1. A grammer mistake from above. Should’ve been “I don’t hate them.” And I didn’t mean to use the word confused as a overall state to everything. And, I have PTSD as well from the military. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t really matter how you got PTSD, symptoms are basically the same. But severity is another thing. And, that’s where I’m at. Didn’t know it for many decades. Like I said, lets agree to disagree. I stopped posting. You?

  12. @WyldeChylde – – – Wrong again. I don’t feel sorry for the way you feel on this issue. And, I need not to have your penitent remarks towards me. No offense, your there, and I’m here. Left and right. Or is that wrong and right. I forget. LMFAO Chill Brother. Whoops, I forgot, I did this before, and the party was male and I thought he was a female. What gender. And, please, don’t give me; agender.

  13. @Wyldechylde: Wyldechylde, I think it was you, and I apologize if it was someone else, Thank you all just the same, whoever suggested this. So far proving I have never been in El Paso TX, has cost me 25 bucks for my local police dept to certify, and produce a set of finger prints. Now off to the TX State Police, along with whatever they will charge, to generate a report that says ( This asshole has never been in El Paso, and has never had any contact with LE in the state of TX, and left no fart trails even if he was). I am just wondering how much is this all going to end up costing me? All because the VA puts into my file I am someone I am not, and even after doing so, never taking that wrong tidbit of info OUT of my file? WTF?

    There goes my lifelong quest to privacy………..right out the fucking winder…… a single day one local police dept, and 2 fucking states, and probably the entire fucking country now has a set of my prints because of some screwed up fucking bitch called Kathleen Parker who is a fucking VA Quackkkkkkkkkk! Hey Kathleen…..fall asleep on any patients lately? or pit wife against husband and laugh about it? yeah google is a moooooooooooooooooooooooooooder fooooooooooooooooooooooooooker isn’t it bithch?

    I don’t care who knows, I am fucking poor, 25 busks is a lot of damn money to me. ARse holes!!!! FUCKING ARSE HOLES….THAT IS THE HOLE OF AN ARSE. STINKY RINGS OF NOTHINGNESS……….YOU GOT THAT YOU VA ARSE HOLES?…………………………..

    1. Worried about hand implants? lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooo don’t worry, VA will accuse you of being jack the ripper, and it’s up to you to prove otherwise…………………..right?

      1. Yeah, I am in a mood. Will back when I cool the fuck down sometime next century…

        Later Gators -!ii!-

      2. @cj btw do you watch Archer at all? Your sign off “Later Gators” is something straight out of the show. It’s on Netflix if you can get your hands on it some funny ass shit if you need something to laugh at.

    2. @cj – – – Get the VA to send you a resident list of where you lived from when you first filed for anything with the VA, until this current time? I’d let them prove it. If nothing else works, save ALL of your receipts for reimbursement. There the ones that should have to prove where your residence is now, and in the past. They have it on record from the first time you filed anything with them. VA can’t be depended upon for accuracy of the simplest things. – – – Nutter.

    3. Yeah that was me and glad I could help and hope it turns out righter for you than it currently is. Not sure what your current state of representation is but if you have a lawyer make sure they get copies of the results.

      stick it to them right in the asshole it’s the only way they pay attention. I’m about to try and do exactly that myself.

  14. I don’t expect anything and I’m very often not disappointed.

    As for no thoughts of comfort or sensitivities in the Vietnam War I’m not sure what the correlation is, but I’ll put it this way.

    If a person has a problem with seeing another persons naked body in the shower no matter what it’s gender or perceived “deformity”, then it’s that persons problem and nobody elses.

    We can, of course, agree to disagree. To me the issue is like a hurricane. Lots of huff and puff around the edges, not so much of a bid deal in the center.

    As for the whole Progressive thing I’m not sure if you’re trying to lump me in with a group, if you are thanks for that, or trying to make a blanket statement that condemns a political affiliation for not thinking the way you do. For the record I tend to vote Democrat I have voted Republican before and I suspect I will again at some point because I’m one of the apparently rare birds that believe good ideas come from both parties.

    With respect I’m sorry you feel the way you do.

    1. The larger issue of concern, rather than hurting anyone’s feelings, or morality….not the issue here: The ISSUE is if the VA and Military cannot get the regular Joe and Jane medical correct, WHY should they be allocated BILLIONS for gender reassignment and more UNTIL they get basic human healthcare that’s SAFE and EFFECTIVE down pat…THEN maybe consider having the VA and DOD deal with the question of pronouns…but not until ALL can be SAFE. As it is, I would not allow any VA hack to even pull a hairball from my cat’s ass, let alone my own…

      My post had nothing to do with morality and such stuff nor even tolerance issues…it’s about human safety.
      Hope I was clear.
      I will say I cannot be compassionate to ex-prisoners guilty of selling secrets or exposing secrets at a time of ongoing wars…that includes Chelsea Manning.

      1. If the larger concern is out of safety to the soldier then I concur whole heartedly that no procedures be performed until the risks are understood and mitigated.

        But who are we really kidding right? At best the move to discriminate against transgenders is a smoke and mirrors bit to distract from other things. And at worst it’s a way for the President to let his bigotry go for a walk. I’d like to reiterate for the record my prior sentiment in another thread that what a person may or may not have between their legs is not my business.

      2. Pretty soon if it keeps on going, next will be with animals and children. Shit, as we discuss this degrading progression, there are money cover ups being discovered by the actions of some. Anyway, this isn’t fruitful. Causes way too many negative consequences. Freedom doesn’t mean to the point where all are satisfied.

      3. Wyldechylde, I have no idea whether Trumps decision is based in bigotry. Given his and his families public pronouncements on LGBTQabcBLT issues, I don’t think that bigotry is the reason for his decision.

        I suspect like any practical businessman, he saw what the bottom line costs are to accommodate trans people in the military, and he decided the cost was way too much for way too few people.

        Again, bottom line for me is the huge waste of money to please a special group of people.

        The lunacy of this is shown in Mannings case. The nitwits in Obama’s administration decided the military would pay for Mannings sex change. There is a news report from May stating Manning will stay on Active Duty after getting out of Leavenworth, and is entitled to military health care.

        Not a one of these damn fools have considered that cost, or the much higher cost from the little temper tantrum Manning threw by leaking many thousands of classified documents.

    2. OK there WildChild, you win (not really its a psyche). Progressives have done enough harm to our Country. Now I don’t want to get you too confused, but you talk about correlations? Well correlate societal problems with the so-called new norms of today, compared to the past. And, its just like how fast the same sex marriage peaked so damn fast. Forced upon everyone to accept. Do you live close to the home of the 9th Circuit Court? Like I said, a moog point on this issue. You should know this instead of keeping on a poking. Way to close for comfort. LoL

      1. I wasn’t trying to win anything if it matters that much to you, and I suspect it does, the win is yours.

        Alluding to my mental capacity when you know nothing about me or the state of my mental health just reeks of an attempt at a personal attack. I do have military grade PTSD so if you want to come at me like that then sure, go ahead.

        I don’t want to correlate anything at all. What I want to do is discuss the basic issue at hand. Should a transgender citizen have the right to claim the mantle of patriot by serving in our armed forces. For me the answer is yes and must be yes so long as that citizen is mission capable and physically able to do the job.

        Society evolves it happens every day and we get further than we where from where we where with each successive generation. Values dilute as traditions change. It’s not my fault, it’s not your fault it’s not even the fault of this vague, faceless, group of “progressives” you keep trying to dump me in with. I won’t apologize for voicing my opinions I don’t expect anybody else to either.

        As for the spat of same sex marriages who really gives a crispy fuck but for those who are let me offer an opinion. For the first time ever in this country same sex marriage was legalized. A large group of people who for what centuries, maybe? where marginalized, ridiculed, scorned, abused and generally shunned when they weren’t being outright assaulted and murdered and lets not even get into the “pray away the gay”crowd Looking right at you Michelle Bachman. So all of a sudden this enormous group of people is now granted the rights that are supposed to be available to all citizens and they exercised their rights. Last time I checked we both signed up to protect those rights for all citizens not just the ones we like or have a high moral opinion of.

        I fail to see the relevance of living close to the 9th circuit. Is this another attempt at scathing vitriol? I should know what exactly? If my opinion is so close that it’s uncomfortable then perhaps you should grow some thicker skin.

        I guess freedom’s ok…as long as your white christian straight and republican right?

      2. A Transgender is a person with a huge shit bag filled with mental problems that will plague them their entire lives. If the military would do a better job pre screening for psychiatric problems, none would get it regardless. Then even if a Tranny got in they would not handle the abuse and ridicule. Would be married to the VA for life costing millions. They need help, not secluded with 2 country boys, it just creating problems that will never be corrected. They are sick people. How bout in the barracks and the dude comes out in a mini skirt looking like Dan Marino?

      3. @Mike- I’m definitely not a transgender BUT I an a huge shit bag willed with mental problems that will indeed plague me my entire life. PTSD. What’s the point of the cause or origin?
        The Nat’l news just stated the Pentagon reports in total across all the Branches, there’s currently 2,450 Transgender Active Military. That’s not a small number by any means, and I actually do not think POTUS Trump’s declaration will stand-up in the inevitable Supreme Ct. case that will challenge this.

        What’s even more troubling is, what else will POTUS make a sudden abrupt about face on? Draining the VA Swamp? Swamps in general?
        Integrity is a frayed word at this point.
        However, I agree that the military barely is dealing with end of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and I think the transgender thing was force fed by Obama on a still-not-ready military when Military Sexual Assault is still a very real thing for both woman AND men currently. Add Transgender to that mix…we have too many issues and hang-ups to address properly first and cleaning-up the VA to be a safe place for all.

        Nut what do I know? I’m a huge shit bag filled with mental problems…. 🙂

      4. @Nam plus not to mention how are these 2450 trans gendered soldiers going to be removed? Honorable OTH Bad conduct? This off the hip decision by Trump will have far reaching implications in these soldiers lives. Somehow I doubt POTUS is capable of thinking that far ahead. These people don’t deserve to have this happen to them for volunteering to protect The Constitution or the general public.

      5. @Wyldechylde- I agree, they definitely do not deserve to be treated like human undesirable trash…and done by Twitter and apparently to complete *surprise* of WH Staff.
        This may be the legal Achilles Heal Trump may have to backtrack and rethink…as you said, what kind of Discharge?
        On other hand, I thought it was an inopportune time in midst of active long assed wars for Obama to just drop the Transgender into active military and with such high numbers, considering. Any disruption, perceived or otherwise with Troops in active war is not exactly great forethought on the Peas Flies POTUS. But it looks damn good as a ‘legacy’ amongst hard liberals.

      6. @nam So more stuff is coming out on the web about costs and unit cohesiveness etc etc. Now let me preface this. Statistics can be made to look like anything depending on who’s presenting and what they hope to achieve.

        Apparently the medical costs are pretty negligible if the article I read is to be believed annual costs for trasngendered related health care to include, I assume, surgeries would cost around 85 or so million annually. This seems like a high number until you realize that the military spends aprox 84mil annually on Erectile Dysfunction for it’s service members…84mil to keep the ram in your rod…if those numbers are factually correct, and I have no way of knowing that they are, then it all seems kind of silly really once you put it into context. Rand Corp, I know I know but it’s the only study mentioned in the article, put the effect on unit cohesion at negligible to non existent, what I take this to mean is that your average rank and file doesn’t give a shit if somebody is swinging a tree trunk.

        There are also reports starting to circulate that trump traded away these soldiers futures for funding for 74 miles of border wall that Mexico was supposed to pay for…

        Personally I feel that a President that runs from the thought of gunfire in order to save his own skin is not fit to polish the boots of ANY of these patriots much less determine which citizen is allowed the honor of defending their country and which is not.

    3. So if your in nothing but constant battle, with no R&R, that things will be fine? Enemy would kick your army’s ass all over the place. Correlation; results of battle with no R&R, and battle with R&R. Who do you think would win if both sides had the same level of logistical warfare leadership, and same weapon power? I’d put all my money on the army that had some comfort mixed with the battle. This is easy, a given.

    4. Now WyldeChylde, here you go again. Bringing in a party affiliation when I mentioned none. Do you want to know why I didn’t bring a party into the mix; it doesn’t matter. Happens on both sides. NO NEED FOR COMPLEXITY.

  15. Breaking non-cockroach news: “Political world, LGBTQ community react to Trump transgender military ban”


    I wonder if this will also curtail the VA from wanting to do transgender surgeries now? Hope it ends the possibility, as cannot imagine the VA making heads or tails with correct placement of parts and pieces. With that said, it does encroach on the cock-a-roach news for Veterans and the VA and future Veterans. 🙂

    1. Personally, I don’t have a problem with transgenders in the military. I feel that if you want to sign up and risk your life for the constitution, and to protect our rights as a free people, you should be welcomed to do so, I feel this very strongly. I also feel that this move is an attempt to hide hatred and bigotry under color of law and just serves to further segregate one portion of the population against others. If you can hit a firing position and put lead down range, it’s none of my business what may or may not be between your legs. I strongly suspect we have bigger things to spend our time worrying about rather than “is Spec. Marsha staring at my ass or not”

      1. I’m sorry that didn’t make sense Leatherneck. If you’re asking how I am then I’m about as good as I can be, which isn’t very good at all, but I try to make due.

      2. Everyone is concerned with their sensitivities. What about others who may not feel easy with a transgender in the shower? Never mind don’t answer, let the fucking progressive liberal attitudes and beliefs get more of a foothold in our society. Don’t hate them, I don’t like what they promote for the best interest of the kiddies, who are already confused. OK, I’m sorry for thinking normal. Get me a fucking doobie. Shit.

      3. I’m not concerned with anyone’s sensitivities. There should be no sensitivities involved. If people are so offended by seeing a swinging dick in the shower then they should probably question their career moves because, lets face it they’ll see a 1000 more before they ETS.

        Last time I checked Uncle Sam required one thing of me, to kill in his name. Thoughts of comfort or sensitivities don’t even factor in.

      4. But you expect others to be sensitive to their needs or wants? Our great fearless leaders go no thoughts of comfort or sensitivities during the fucking Vietnam War, and what the fuck happened. Progressives thrive on desensitizing. We may have to agree on a moog point on this issue. No movement on either side. If many others speak out on this issue, there’ll be a separation clause involved. LMAO

      5. U.S. military acknowledges 19,000 sexual assaults per yr. Our Military is Not ready for Unisex of any sex.
        Norway’s small Unisex Dorms are working they report but we’re not Norway.

      6. 18 countries that allow trans military personnel.
        Australia, Austria, Belgium[a person must undergo surgery & sterilization for the military to recognize their identified gender], Bolivia, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Israel, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden, UK[trans individuals should have finished transitioning before they serve] as always theres a plan =LGBT Military Personnel A Strategic Vision for Inclusion @
        Hollywood is programming unisex, it just takes a bit of time. wait for it or not.

      7. I agree with your initial premise wyldechylde about serving, but disagree about there being little impact.

        Soldiers are being booted out over bullshit personality disorder diagnoses, why is this not considered similar or as some other mental health issue?

        We saw earlier about a navy ship being built with no urinals. What other outrageous and expensive accommodations are taking funds in order to accomodate the whims of leftists wanting to conduct their little social experiment in the military?

        It has been reported the military would pay for the treatment of, transition and surgery needed if they chose. Why should money be wasted on that when other soldiers NOT wounded by Choice are not getting the care they should?

        If trans soldiers did serve, how much of the lifestyle they chose to indulge in would be considered service connected, with benefits provided by the VA?

        Just as my lifestyle should have zero impact on serving in the military, so should theirs. If they want to play dress-up on weekends when they are off post, I don’t give a damn, but when money is spent on special accomodations for their choice, then I am strongly against it.

        The suicide rate among trans people is reported to be very high. I don’t know if it is similar to the suicide rate among veterans not in that special class, but I know which group I would rather see get proper mental health care either by the military or the VA.

      8. 91Veteran, Since erectile dysfunction gets treated by the VA, I’ve known men who get them like candy so “Red Sock” would probably be covered.

      9. Nitewish, I don’t agree with that either unless the ED has been proven to be either service connected, or secondary to a service connected issue.

  16. @Seymore Klearly – – – Here are the medical staphs full names;

    Estella Carrigan- APRN- my VA PCP- Team Hotel
    Jessica Johnson- PACT RN Care Manager- Team Hotel
    Dr. John Donnelly- Psychiatrist
    Dr. Hieu Hoang- Pain Management
    Dr. Kay Marioni- Pharm D- Pain Management
    Dr. Susan Needham- Psychologist

    Seymore, if you’re buckled down for time, send me the links so that I can look these ass wipes up to check their professional performances for any complaints or such. I’d like to get this done ASAP. – Nutter.

    1. ANutterVet,

      Look up each of those names on sites like vitals dot com. Find out in which state they are licensed in, or whether they have a private practice on the side.

      Pay attention to any reviews on those sites.

      Once you find out what state they are licensed in, go to that states licensing web site to look up details on their license, whether they have any adverse actions against them, and how to file a complaint with that licensing board of you choose to do so.

    2. Carrigan is licensed as a Nurse Practitioner in Delaware and Pennsylvania. Doximity dot com suggests her license in PA expired in 2016. Her PA license # SP007708. The PA licensing site shows She has 2 active licenses in that state.

      The PA licensing site shows no disciplinary actions under either license, but her prescriptive authority agreement is terminated.

      The Delaware licensing site shows she has 3 licenses including prescribing controlled substances. Unfortunately their web site is screwed up so, while you can find the licenses, clicking the link to view details causes an error.

      My mistake. If you use Internet Explorer, their web site works, no disciplinary actions shown, but both her licenses expire 9/30/17.

      She appears to have a Masters in Nursing from Widener University.
      Nothing substatial in Healthgrades dot com.

  17. To contact ANutterVet, call 1-302-894-3135. I’m on Eastern Standard Time. West Coast callers are 6 hours behind East Coast Time, or another way is to say that I’m 6 hours ahead of your time. Example; when your West Coast Time is 12 Noon, my East Coast Time is 6pm. If you call to try and scam me, an electrical shock will pulse from my end, and this pulse is electrically engineered to singe off your penis and testicles, and the ejaculation process will continually to proceed out of your mouth. Have paper towels ready if you want to fuck around. Not in the mood for games, but more than willing to take your call to show me that you support my effects. When calling, make sure that your Caller ID is on for verification. I’m ready to talk to you.

    Calls are Now being accepted. Thank you, Nutter

    1. @Namnibor – – – Now you have my number. Next time your around the Barber, you can have him talk directly to me. Make sure the hair on his teeth is trimmed so the I can understand what he is saying (reduce muffling of ones voice). LMAO. In seriousness, I’ll talk with respect to the piglet.

      1. My barber was not ‘the VSO piglet”, it was a waiting in chair yet to be seen by other barber and he should have been minding his own piggy business. My barber is fine, well, not healthwise because, he uses the VA.
        Most of the piggy VSO admin. type only occupy office and counter space in VA’s, they get their healthcare elsewhere.

      2. My barber told me they recently cut off his pain medicine for polyneuropathy and replaced it with a double helping of….gabapentin…only thing is, it’s in his freaking health records he’s allergic, deathly swollen leg blood clot allergic, but the VA ignored it. WTF?

      3. @Namnibor – – – I retracted my earlier comments about your friend in an above post. Sorry, this edginess and amped up stressful feelings interfere with my daily reading, thoughts, and many time expressions. Its very hard to keep under wraps. Per your friend taking Gabapentin, wtf, the incompetency is rolled out across our Nation. And, the more this continues, I don’t care anymore, and at some point, if things don’t start to change, some one is going to get hurt. Enough of this life threatening bull shit.

      4. Nam, his only choice may be to go to the VA ER, check in for an allergic reaction, then take a pill and wait.

        That was the only thing I did to convince the fuxstix at the VA that I was allergic to NSAIDS after months of trying.

    2. I get scam calls all the time from muslim dialects claim American names like Bob and Scott or Mary. I just tell them I don’t support terrorism and they usually hang up. When the ghetto hood rats with their million mile long nails call me I just ask how much they charge for a blowjob and then chuckle at the string of invectives that get hurled my way 😀 😀
      Lately somebody claiming to be from my power provider keeps calling trying to get me to give him info off my bill. I told him to suck my dick. He didn’t like that very much and hung up. Some Achmed Towelhead trying to pass himself off as “Scott” mmmhmmmm sure thing buddy

      1. @Wyldechylde – – – Don’t say the word, yes, over the phone. Yes is the word they want to record to screw up any charges relating to any accounts in your name. I just keep on repeating, fuck you, fuck you, or I continually hit the #9 on the dial pad. By pushing #9, this most times tells their device to delete your number.

      1. @NiteWish- Your right, my mind was on the beach at Kona Hawaii. Thanks, I missed that.

    3. ** Correction – – – Time difference from West Coast to East Coast is 3 hours. West Coast being 3 hours behind East Coast. Thanks NiteWish for catching this.

      1. No problemlemo my parents when alive lived in NJ I had to always be mindful of the time.

      2. Opposite of this time-change problem, until only a few years ago did my little stripe of farm country Indiana NEVER participate in daylight savings time…it was like this locked in wormhole of time tiny community…that’s now turned into a heroin and meth opioid head crackpipe asscrack of society with farmers having to fend-off zombie like heavy druggies from stealing parts off farm equipment or siding off barns to sell for scrap for…more drugs. How the fuck does this happen?
        I could never move and live back there again because I would end-up in jail for shooting someone.
        Again, it’s only for their safety, I refrain. Setting sites on Colorado in next couple years. Providing AG Sessions does not ruin that as well.

      3. Sessions, I still can’t take to this character. Reminds me of an old hick. @Namnibor responded in the past, “that’s because he is.”

      4. Nam, if you move out out here to CO, I suggest staying away from the Boulder/Denver areas, as well as the I70 corridor west unless you are further west than Rifle, CO.

        Too many raging asshats in those areas wanting to control your life.

        Other areas are becoming infested, but not as bad as the Denver area.

  18. In the last couple weeks, the local National Propaganda Radio Station out of Northern California (“California Report” segment in morning show) has had several non-serialized articles regarding the California prison system. Two of them mentioned prison system healthcare. Today’s quote, “Prisoners should at least come out of prison in better condition than when they came in”…

    Nobody mentioned cockroaches.

    Loves me some Amerikan priorities.

    1. @Windguy: Didn’t a Veteran just make the news for doing something to get put in prison, so he could get the healthcare he needed, and wasn’t getting from the VA?

      1. THAT would not surprise me one bit. It’s as much of a last-ditch effort when a Veteran loses ALL hope and sets themselves on fire right outside a VAMC parking lot or in their car sitting for weeks.
        I never would want to be incarcerated but I can totally see the pragmatic logic in potentially, potentially, receiving better healthcare in prison system than the VA…and funny thing is MOST of America’s Prison System is now entirely privatized.
        Why do I mention that?
        At least here in Ohio, since the entire privatization of prison herd populations, there’s been MANY news reports of inmates having maggots in their food, Mansfield, OH comes to mind…still a problem but on the bright side, since privatization, there’s been an uptick in escapees, so a Veteran’s chances might be better going to prison, get needed healthcare, kill bubba, and escape. 🙂
        Like @Windguy- nothing really surprises me anymore.

    2. Nammy – nice choices – incinerate or incarcerate. Gets me all flag wavy n’shit

  19. To All – – – I just posted a comment on Jedidiah Bila’s (JB) FaceBook page. JB is one of the host’s on the View. See the comment where I mention; corruption, K9 PTSD-Alerting Service Dog, and I mentioned Ben’s website. Its under another person’s account. See under the section about Dance Moms interview. For some reason, I couldn’t post under McCain picture, and I’m glad that I couldn’t. McCain is no friend of mine.

    1. My old time barber I occasionally go to is a not very healthy now elderly Vietnam Veteran and reason I continue to give him my occasional business and he asked me this morning what I thought of Sen. John McCain going immediately for Mayo Clinic outside the VA care?
      I did not mince any words and simply stated it’s a shame McCain cannot use his unique and in the limelight presence to clean-up the VA, even BEFORE this current medical woes of McCain. My barber agreed and chimed-in what he thought as well.
      Sitting still waiting to have hair cut was an AVID supporter, a LIFETIME DAV member, who thought WE were the self-serving Veterans for even daring to THINK such things about…get this…AMERICA’s HERO.

      Yep, I could not keep my mouth shut to that piggy VSO, but I was polite and non-combative. He was acting as if Veterans do not appreciate ALL that DAV and other VSO’s do FOR US.
      So, I asked the DAV piggy why they are in cahoots with Big Pharma Drug Co.’s spending oodles of $$$ on daily TV and radio commercials blasting the November …November ballot issue in OH of ‘The Drug Price Relief Act”?
      He said, “That’s not neither or hither, we’re talking about McCain!”
      I replied, “There lies the rub and disconnect…McCain is not helping Veterans, only himself, just as you VSO’s are ONLY looking out for the VA’s interest and likely a drug company contract that only benefits AFGE or VSO piggies”!!
      The DAV fat cat got a bit red in face and pissed and tossed his paper down and as he walked out he said he will tell all his “brothers” to NOT come to that barbershop.
      My barber’s weaker voice replied just as the DAV piggy was exiting, “That’s okay, we only prefer real Veterans that do not leave their fellow Veterans behind”!!!
      🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

      I **really** had to bite my tongue and stick with a “less is best policy” and not get myself in any trouble.
      The VSO’s in Ohio ARE in cahoots with Big Pharma and I think it’s something Benjamin should look into why the American Legion, DAV, and others are advertising WITH Drug Co’s $$$…is this the new VSO piggy trough, political advertising?
      VSO Piggy of the day also looked as if he was the VA’s epitome of health in the need of at least 175 LB weight loss in just the ass section. Wide Screen Ass. (WSA)

      (I tend to attract assholes in life and thus a very good reason I remain single with cat and sane) 🙂

      1. @Namnibor – – – I’d like to talk to this jerk. I’m trying to find a way to post a non-tracking phone number (first choice), but then I may have to step it up even further. – – – Nutter.

      2. Sorry Nam, I overlooked the contents of your article. This is not the first time that I’ve done this. All areas of my life has now been negatively effected by the incompetent medical care from the VA. This is the “true trickle down effect.” Sorry for my mix up. Give my best to your long time friend. – – – Nutter.

      3. Good for you Nam. If Fat Bastard believed what you said was false, and believed the bullshit he was pushing, he would not have turned red and stomped (waddled?) out.

        In addition…interesting how he demanded support for the DAV, but how quickly any support for you and the barber was forgotten when you told him the truth.

  20. If you search Google using the words “infestation veterans administration” it calls up about 897,000 results. Looking through the results show the rich history insect, and vermin, infestations at VAMCs.

    Well infestation in a civilian hospital could end up with the hospital losing its certifications to practice medicine it seems that it is just a common occurrence at VAMCs. Apparently, the conditions are generally acceptable by the staff until news reports occur pointing out the problems.

    An example:

    At one VAMC there was a reoccurring problem with maggot infestations in the noses of comatose patients. When a local news service reported on the recurring problem. The VA was then quick to investigate and respond to the press report. A spokesperson for the VAMC responded that not only have the maggots been removed from the comatose Veteran’s noses but their investigation located and removed the cause of the infestation of flies which caused the maggot infestations. Adding “They’re ghastly,” he said, “but they’re harmless.”.

    The VAMC blamed the cause on a number of dead mice in a food service are that had not been properly removed by cleaning staff. Also, to insure it didn’t happen again the janitors had been trained in dead vermin removal from food service areas.

    Sources: “Maggots found in noses of patients”, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

    Personally I believe a better solution would have been to remove all vermin from all VA Hospitals.

    1. Of course, another Great Article on problems with maggot infestations at the VA is:

      “Maggot-gate: VA Staff Quit After Maggots Found In Elderly Veteran”
      By Benjamin Krause –
      December 5, 2016

      In that article they were able to successfully remove a number of live vermin associated with the problem.

      1. Update on another vermin and maggot infestation.

        “Many Questions’: Opponent Calls Out Wasserman Schultz Over Arrest Of IT Aide”
        Will Racke Daily Caller New Service
        AM 07/26/2017

        “Carla Spalding, the Republican candidate for Florida’s 23rd Congressional District, said Wednesday that there are “so many questions” that remain unanswered about IT staffer Imran Awan, including his access to sensitive or classified information and the nature of his overseas financial transactions.”

        ““If there was a security breach of Congress by Congresswoman Wasserman-Schultz’s aide, then anyone involved in or having knowledge of the crime must be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law,” Spalding said in a statement. “I trust our law enforcement agents will conduct a thorough investigation and get to the bottom of this. In the meantime, I call on Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to step out of the shadows and come clean about what she knows.”

      2. Honestly, for the Democrats to even remotely have a chance in succeeding in it’s “supposed” makeover it must immediately divest itself of any and all influence from the likes of the Clintons and Wasserman-Schultz at the least.

      3. “RNC Chair: Wasserman Schultz Obstructed Potential National Security Threat”
        Amber Athey, Daily Caller New Foundation
        11:25 AM 07/26/2017

        “RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel urged Americans to pay attention to a scandal involving a Rep. Wasserman Schultz staffer smashing hard drives and trying to flee the country.

        As uncovered by The Daily Caller News Foundation’s investigative team, FBI agents recently seized smashed hard drives from the home of Florida Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s IT administrator. Imran Awan has repeatedly tried to retrieve the smashed drives, and on Monday night, he was arrested at Dulles Airport for bank fraud while trying to flee the country to Pakistan. (RELATED: Wasserman Schultz’s IT Aide Arrested At Airport After Transferring $300k To Pakistan From House Office)

        McDaniel decried the fact that the story has been largely ignored by the media and the Democrats.

        “[Wasserman Schultz] kept him on her staff. He was a taxpayer-funded government employee until yesterday when she finally fired him,” McDaniel said during a Fox Business Network interview on Wednesday. “We need to figure out why he’s under criminal investigation and we’re not hearing that across the country right now.”

        “We have to get to the bottom of this, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz has obstructed at every level on something that affects potentially our national security,” she continued. “We are not hearing the Democrats talk about it at all. Where’s Debbie Wasserman Schultz?”

        Wassermann Schultz refused to fire Imran until Tuesday despite him being a criminal suspect in a cybersecurity probe that alleges he accessed congressional computers without permission. The Florida congresswoman also threatened a police chief with “consequences” if he continued to investigate a laptop that was used by Imran. (RELATED: Wasserman Schultz Threatened Police Chief For Gathering Evidence On Her IT Staffer’s Alleged Crimes)”

      4. Definitely agree with you Wyldechylde.

        Also about the Batshitcrazy person who will even threaten a police chief on camera during a recorded hearing of a Congressional committee.

        “Overlooked class action against Democratic Party and Wasserman Schultz turns nasty”
        By Francisco Alvarado
        July 26, 2017 at 5:23 am

        Plaintiffs in a lawsuit against BatShitCrazyGirl have filed a motion for court ordered protection.

        “Despite the explosive accusations in the lawsuit and the subsequent motion seeking court-ordered protection, there has been no coverage of the case in mainstream media outlets, including South Florida’s newspapers, since it was filed in June 2016.”

        “Last month, an attorney representing 150 Democratic voters in a little-noticed class action lawsuit against the DNC and its former chairwoman, U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, sought court-ordered security guards for himself, his clients, and his co-counsels and their employees following a string of bizarre incidents in June, including strange phone calls and emails by individuals disguising their voices and a mysterious break-in at the home of one of the plaintiffs.

        On June 15, Senior U.S. District Judge William Zloch denied Fort Lauderdale lawyer Cullin O’Brien’s motion after determining that his request would overburden the U.S. Marshals Service because the plaintiffs reside in 45 states and Washington, D.C.”

      5. Seymore,
        The wife just told me that President Trump and DOJ Sessions are “buddy/buddy” again!
        Her opinion is, this (alleged) fued between the two was to see, or make visible, how many reprobates were actually against President Trump!
        She thinks this because yesterday or the day before, President Trump said “…[he] didn’t realize how deep the corruption went in Washington!” AND, “It was more like a sewer than a swamp!”
        A swamp can be seen and the swamp rats/critters are mostly visible. Whereas, a sewer runs hidden below the surface and the sewer has rats/critters NOT visible – in most cases!

        Plus, these new revelations concerning “Wasserman Shultz” coming to light. Well, it’s NOT hard to figure out WHO the culprits were who actually “hacked the DNC during the 2016 Presidential election!” Especially since it was Hillary’s people who “…started the Russian hacking & collusion bullshit!”

        I don’t know IF I’m stretching things. Only, when there’s proof the Awan brothers were sending information from a laptop to someone, or many someones, outside the United States of America. Where there’s smoke, especially in this case, there’s a raging fire going on!

    2. When it comes to maggots I’m glad I’m past the point of hunger pains so this grossness cannot affect my appetite. Maggots have a peculiar smell to them a warning I think to stay away.

  21. cockroach not the only thing. Ever watch the ergonomics of having you’re blood drawn at the VA. The only thing sanitary during that procedure are the haps of the blood sucker.
    Puts on sterile gloves and than touches everything around him. The drawers handles which have never been sanitized. Answers the phone with the same gloves he/she looks for you’re veins. Uses the ball point pen etc.Ever wonder why HepC is so rampant in Vets?

    1. @[email protected] – – – Your comment is another good offshoot of information branched off from my original post. This is exactly why one never knows what others will add to ones post. An example of informing others. Excellent! – – – Nutter.

    2. Just protecting themselves from HIV. all we used to use was alcohol to sterilized the area and a sterile needle. (including syringe bulb before the disposable units came out) And before HIV.

      1. @Lem – – – Alcohol has to be of high percentage per volume to be effective. Otherwise this will not work!!!

      2. Lem,
        I remember those days when VHA blood sucker vampires would use the glass syringes and an alcohol cotton ball.
        In the early 90’s, at the VHA in Cincinnati, this VERY LARGE Vampirilla tried to take my blood, right after using the same needle on three other veterans. When I refused, she tried to “forcibly take my blood!”
        Let’s just say she didn’t know the best way of standing back up once she “met the floor!”
        When the police showed up, and saw “Fresh Blood”, (NOT mine), on the hypodermic needle, they escorted HER off the premises! I never saw anything like that since. A VHA police officer actually helping, and standing up for, the veteran and NOT the VA employee!

  22. This is a fact; there are many lethal microorganisms that live on the exoskeleton and in the digestive tract of cockroaches and bed bugs. This was an area of research, that I was trying to find ways to get funded at an undergraduate school in Hawaii, under the supervision of a good friend and microbiology professor. Previously, I was researching to find, isolate, and detect the types of any lethal strains of bacteria contained in the eggs of the fruit fly. – – – Nutter.

    1. ANutter……Check this out and let me know what u think……….. Beck blood purifier

      1. @OLDMARINE – – – I read about the Microbe Electric Purifier, and the concept makes sense to me. This is because if the frequency of any cell is changed at a higher level for a certain amount of time, this will disrupt not only the cell, but can have a negative effect on an organism.

        When HIV was first widely publicized, I suggested to my Microbiology Professor to stimulate the blood of HIV patients with a current, but beforehand, tag the cells with an identifier, then some how laser the cells after being detected. I don’t know how to do the latter, but the concept makes sense.

      2. If you haven’t seen this its interesting. Struck by lightning repairs her eyesight.
        She’s worn glasses for years, but since the strike, she says she sees just fine without them. And then there’s the color of her eyes.

      3. NiteWish …..Well I better get outside and find a flag pole to hold on to and wait for my boots to get blown off, couldn’t be any worse than VA care….LOL…Or I could just ZAP this guy back to life and he could fix us all …””….When he died so did his cures,,, BAD, BAD, PIG PHARMA. Didn’t want that thing being used, no money curing people…LOL…I have one of those I asked nutter about, Just wanted his opinion, need to use it more often……

  23. Hand Microchip Implants- A company in Wisconsin is using hand microchip implants on their staff for employee time management monitoring, and to use the implantable chips to open doors, buy snacks, log in to computers, and use office equipment. This is not the first time that microchip implants has been in the news, an outright attempt to downplay any concerns that the chips can be used to track every move of someone’s life. The company stated that they will not use the microchip for the purpose of tracking employees outside the workplace. And, to encourage all to participate, the company will hold microchipping parties, and will even serve salsa and drinks. Wow, I’m sold in using chips to monitor our daily activities in life. Yeah, right.


    Short Take- If a drug dealer can be charged with murder for selling opiates to a person that overdoses and dies, then why aren’t there many Doctors being charged for over prescribing pain medications to their patients that overdosed and died? Can you imagine how many VA pseudo-docs that could be fired? Then again, VA PCP’s have the protection of the AFGE Union, and each other. VA does anything that suits their objective of governing themselves.

    Even though that I’ve been prescribed Opiates long term, I’ve NEVER been tested for any hormone imbalance or other possible deficiencies that long term Opiate use can effect. Therefore, the VA can prescribe opiates long term without ANY accountability what so ever. I know, I brought this to the attention to my VA PCP, without any concern shown.

    Health Update- I finally received a call from the Nurse that visits me every week, and shared with her how I feel, the increase in severity of PTSD symptoms, being insecure of my health care from the VA, and the fear that I have about protecting my life. She told me that she doesn’t know what to do, and that everything that I shared with her, plus her observations pertaining to my health, has been documented. The VA will do nothing more for me. So I lay in a hospital bed located in my living room, and wait. Wait for what? Death? – – – Nutter.

    1. Link should be, “”

      1. ANutterVet, this chip implant bullshit is a fix looking for a problem, and has been for some time.

        Wisconsin has been pushing chip implants for various issues for some time…because former Governor Tommy Thompson is involved with the company that makes them. Much like the Epi Pen rip-off of mandating them in schools (creating a market), the chip implant goons have been trying to create a market by mandating them for various things.

        At one point, they overstepped with some issue, I don’t recall which, but it pissed off a lot of people and the nitwits finally backed off.

        If I recall correctly, chip implants may be mandated for various animals in WI, and if they are not chipped, they cannot be taken off the farm to participate in various functions.

        That was a result of the dairy and beef industry using chips in their cows, and wanting to lower the cost of doing that by spreading the misery to other animal owners.

        Again, it was nothing more than a politically connected industry trying to create a market by mandating something through the force of law.

    2. Hand implant to see how many jag offs really live in Wisconsin, they have an up down sensor, don’t forget the Left handers…

      1. Screw RFID Implants!!

        I have enough daily health problems from the ‘bugs’ the USAF chose to implant with a simple surgical operation and that took place in 1984. Imagine if the VA started requiring RFID Implants. Just imagine the VA having to keep placing yet another grain of rice-sized implant every time they abandon previous contract to a new RFID vendor? A veteran’s hand will in no time LOOK like a bag of rice or giggly cottage skin encased in skin.
        No thank you. Plus, the ONLY thing that would work with an implant would be the many selections of Melba Crackers in VA vending machines, and you would be guaranteed to be uploaded a complete stranger veteran’s health record on YOUR chip.
        No Fucking Way. I’d rather shovel coal for Satan in Hell. 🙂

      2. @namnibor: I hear you nam, me either, will never allow any kind of tracking device to be installed in my persons. I figure it’s Wisconsin “America’s Dairyland” or as we call it here in Illinois “The cheddar curtain”, they are use to implanting shit into dairy cows in such, (okay, I don’t know shit about farming, and am talking out my ass here) so to me it kind of figures they would move to human subjects.

        I lost my train of thought, dunno if any of that makes sense or if it has anything to do with what we were talking about…………..sorry….

      3. Nam, imagine the nitwits at the VA mandating RFIDS.

        How many years would RAND have to study health problems caused by the implants before they concluded…more research is needed?

        Could you imagine the look on the engorged Purple Teams faces when an amputee shows up to explain why they can’t get the chip implanted in his hand?

        After that veteran was added to the DBC for being uncooperative?

        After the veteran received a letter saying his meds were cut off for not getting chipped?

    3. @Namnibor @cj – – – I posted this about the hand implants due to the media’s desensitizing efforts, in order to make this controlling technology (nothing new) to go main stream and accepted. Wait for it. Get ready, that revolution is right around the corner.

      1. They will have to disguise and recode the ‘666’ to appear to be more hip and pop culture, invent apps that will give impulses to get rid of that nasty farting problem or to cause someone else to have a remotely controlled farting problem…now, that would be loads of fun, but still, no implant/tracking device allowed installed on me and I even limit my phone’s ability to do so. I still read Rand McNally USA paper road atlases…:)…I do not need to be someone’s consumerism and marketing slave boytoy. Nope. Not even my cat has an implant. Personal choice. Both mine and cats.

  24. Woke this morning with, “roaches on my mind”. A Vietnam veteran cannot go to sleep with cockroaches being his last thought. Not without dreaming a little ‘nam. Makes for an average day, and a fairly average night. Hopefully, Happy, with pictures, has shared with one of y’all. Freaking cockroaches. I guess it’s a way of waking up. Off to private cardiologist. Money that choice should have paid for. Service connected, but I just can’t seem to have my heart attack on their time. Veterans friendly VA. Who says that?

    1. Georgia on my mind!

      New Song.

      Roaches, Roaches, the whole day through.
      An’ just an old sweet song keeps roaches on my mind.
      Roaches, Roaches, a song of you,
      Comes as sweet and clear as moonlight through the pines.
      Other arms reach out to me;
      Other eyes smile tenderly.
      Still in peaceful dreams I see,
      The road leads back to you.

      Light em if ya have em….

      1. Cockroaches cockroaches in the VA
        Climbing the walls,
        Infesting the halls

        Cockroaches Cockroaches in the ER
        Who gives a shit?
        Until the next war?

        …. credit/apologies to Fiddler on the Roof

  25. From: “The Next News Network”
    via: “Fox News”
    Dated: 25 July 2017 (05:33 minutes long)
    U.S. Oligarch wants to give YOUR tax dollars to the Ukraine!”

    Seems like Congress, democrats, is planning to send “One Half BILLION taxpayers monies to help Wounded Ukrainian Soldiers!”
    They’re wanting to “take care of” other countries soldiers, and leaving America’s soldiers in the dust!

    This is a must watch video!

    1. That is about as wrong of deal that could ever be made.
      Hey I know, let’s call the Saudi’s, maybe they will bail out the American GI Joe/Jane? While we are busy taking care of the world, instead of our own……………….

  26. I remember reading, decades ago, “the cockroach was the oldest living organism on the planet!”
    That’s being said, does anyone actually believe we mere humans can kill them off?
    The only thing we can do is “move the pesky little creatures to new locations.” When any infestation is found, extermination takes place. All that happens is, many are killed, and the rest of the colony moves along to a new location!
    In large buildings, if the exterminators only hit the bottom floor, the problem moves to some other location of the building.
    Experienced Exterminators will explain, “A cock-a-roach colony can NEVER be completely eliminated!”
    So, unless there’s a new wrinkle in the extermination procedure I’m not aware of, that “problem is here to stay!”

    Oh, and while I’m at it. Back a few decades ago, “EasyRiders” magazine put an article in where our government gave “Grant Monies”, millions of taxpayers monies, to research “The Sex Life of the Cockroach!” Nothing was added to any earlier studies! I also don’t believe anything has been accomplished since, either!
    Do you remember that?

    1. P.S.
      And before anyone believes I’m defending VA, wrong!
      They should shut down the VA for a few weeks, actually forever would be ideal, to chase the little bastards over to some other locations!

    2. Residual sprays can greatly reduce the problem. But they are also dangerous to humans. No problem when DDT was uses with soap to keep it there. Of course that meant everything that ate cockroaches died too. And humans’ exposed developed “clubbing” a sign of pulmonary dysfunction. Especially those that applied it. How are the ends of your fingers? Bigger than the rest of the finger? (clubbing). Clubbing is usually a result of liver damage from alcohol poisoning or drug poisoning. The sign of it or lack there of is the first remark most psychiatrists put in your chart on seeing you in person the first time.

      CJ, did I cut the technical jargon enough in this post?

      1. @Lem: Lem,it was a perfect post in all manner. I know others may not have any trouble understanding, but I do at times, and I thank you for dumbing it down for me.

  27. Speaking of cockroaches our own gov. have been hiring professional cockroaches since the 60’s…
    Why Can’t People See What’s Happening?..Truthstream Media….fbi..cia…turds
    “”…9 min.

  28. Memories are not always an enjoyable thing to recall. My true life introduction to cockroaches coming from an Indiana farm where I witnessed about every type of animal giving birth, shit, beetles, snakes and all kinds of vermin but never once had I seen a real-life cockroach until I went o basic training in San Antonio, TX.

    That first night, staring-upward in bed with fluorescent lights still on, listening and obeying every command, the plastic baffle on those lights had *many* large shadows and those shadows were moving.

    Every day in my time in basic, there was massive construction and massive jackhammering going on in periphery where we practiced marching, and stuff. That jackhammering caused an ocean of not only cockroaches, but the Texas-sized Palmetto Bug/flying cockroach variety…so many that when marching, all those smashed but still somehow moving larger than life cockroaches were stuck to the people’s boots all in front of you, meaning you already were pretty sure you also were caked with still-not-quite-dead cockroaches.
    We learned from that by stepping on any cockroach, you also are loading your shoes with cockroach eggs and are spreading an almost nearly impossible to rid situation of infestation into even more of a problem by spreading their population.
    Also, if you can *see* even -1- cockroach, 1000’s are in the walls and wherever there’s no light and moisture.
    I also learned that was a normal day to most Texans in any urban environment **UNLESS** you combat the cockroaches with the veracity of that of nuclear war because they also adapt rather quickly.

    The VA’s cockroaches are probably escapees from VA Genetic Insect Nuclear Alteration Program (V.A.G.I.N.A.P.) In other words, escapees from the body cavity of an engorged purple team member. 🙂

    Yep, I’m entirely not right in the head.

    1. Nam, given the reports of bed bug infestation at so many hotels, I’m curious how bad the bed bugs are at various VAs that are much harder to see…and kill.

  29. “[…One whistleblower who caught the cockroaches on video said the Phoenix VA pharmacy has a cockroach program….]”

    The Phoenix VA “Pharmacy Cockroach Program”, (PCP). Program is based entirely on Wm. S. Burroughs’ novel, “Naked Lunch”.

    You can bet if the cockroaches were getting into the drugs the VA has been stealing, those cockroaches would find themselves in an unwinnable chemical battle against the larger cock-a-roaches at Phoenix and the VA at large.
    Will the VA shift the blame to all that missing pharmacy inventory to blame the now-genetically-modified cockroaches and claim the roaches are responsible for removing many Vets off pain medications?
    This IS the VA so it COULD happen.

    I have a novel idea: How about giving the cockroaches a hand and fair chance at providing a safe medical environment at the Phoenix VA since the larger human cock-a-roaches cannot seem to get with the program and GIVE the cock-a-roach powder and spray to the engorged purple teams at the VA instead? Just as in “Naked Lunch”, those VA employees will soon be talking to their typewriters that also are cockroaches instead of taunting Veterans.

    I dare say that the cockroaches would be more sanitary than VA’s current protocol.

    1. Nam, those in pharmacies stealing medicine will be in a battle with VA management over killing any cockroaches if VA management can figure out how to charge the cockroaches co-pay.

      If they can figure that out, I see many in VA management becoming cockroach ranchers.

      Giddy up little dogey!

  30. Pentagon & Congress
    “Trump promises huge increase in private sector care for veterans”
    By: Leo Shane Navy Times 3 hours ago

    “WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump on Tuesday evening promised to triple the number of veterans “seeing the doctor of their choice” in coming months as part of an ongoing, ambitious reform plan at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

    The comments, which came at a veterans rally in Ohio, are likely to again stoke concerns among administration critics of large-scale privatization of VA responsibilities.

    At the start of the year, almost a third of all veterans’ medical appointments scheduled through the department were with doctors working outside the VA system, in private clinics. White House officials have previously promised an overhaul of those outside care programs in coming months, with an eye towards sending even more patients to community physicians.

    VA Secretary David Shulkin has repeatedly pushed back against concerns that those moves amount to a dismantling of the department, and promising lawmakers repeatedly that both he and Trump aren’t working on a large-scale shift of taxpayer funds outside the government health care system.

    But Trump on Tuesday told the assembled crowd crowd that since he took office in January, “we have nearly doubled the number of veterans given approvals to see the doctor of their choice.” He added that “we’re going to be tripling up very shortly.”

    The comments appear to refer to the VA’s controversial Choice program, authorized by Congress in the wake of the 2014 department wait time scandal. Usage of that program has risen dramatically since Shulkin and Trump took office.

    In an editorial in USA Today this week, Shulkin said that outside care programs for the first half of 2017 VA was up 26 percent over the same period last year. That totals more than 18 million veterans medical appointments being paid for outside of VA facilities.

    But it falls well short of Trump’s “doubling” boast. So does the proposed fiscal 2018 budget, which calls for a 9 percent boost in outside care funding, totaling almost $1 billion.

    1. “Defeat for Tenn. Rep. Phil Roe as House rejects Veterans Affairs legislation”
      By Associated Press • 4 hours ago

      WASHINGTON (AP) — The House has rejected a plan to allow the Department of Veterans Affairs to shift $2 billion from other programs to cover a sudden budget shortfall in its Choice program of private-sector care following opposition from veterans’ groups.

      The vote was 219-186 Monday on a bill to provide a six-month funding fix, falling short of the two-thirds majority needed to pass. House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi joined other members of her party in voicing objections after veterans expressed concerns about cuts to other parts of the VA. The Choice program offers veterans federally paid medical care outside the VA and is a priority of President Donald Trump.

      Veterans’ groups are seeking additional money for both Choice and core VA programs.

      House negotiators now plan to meet with the Senate, where lawmakers are crafting a separate proposal.”

      Full Article at: “”

      1. Smoke and mirrors politics at its best. One great big pie for Veterans made out of fake news.

      2. In my opinion, Pelosi and her horde are simply blocking this to protect their AFGE union friends.

        When Choice or talk of privatizing the VA started several months ago, there were several Democrats making public comments that showed what their true concerns were, and it was union jobs.

        There may be worthless VSOs whining about money shifting, but that is nothing but a bullshit excuse.

    2. How many dead veterans are being refered to choice or live veterans given choice and then appointment canceled and that money sent elsewhere.?

      The VA has been sending veterans to choice, so they don’t have to work. More time to play games.

      The VA has been advised to pick and choose who gets choice.

      Bet it’s the veterans that have been reported as being disruptive.

  31. No pics of cockroaches are in the a wing this is both kitchen and clc I have pics of outdated stuff kitchen used and I can prove it for 2 and half years

  32. Sorry, I see Phoenix. I have seen roaches in several VA’s. I don’t believe the VA is worried about insects. I’m sure they are doing as much, with every dollar they can get. That will happen over and over until they get every last one. May take time, but as long as taxpayers put the money in the right account, we’ll get them. You may see a few around, but that’s a residual effect, and may last for a few years. They are dying inside the walls. The closets, storage rooms, very few ever get to the morgue.

  33. This is at the phx va want to see a waste of a million dollars look at the phx va eoc. I can prove cockroaches at the phx va for the past 2 and half years plus counting July going to osha nothing

    1. Rather than going to OSHA, you should be sending those to the Joint Commission Accreditation, Health Care, Certification.

      This is a health care problem as much or more so than a work environment problem.

      In fact, the Joint Commissions twitter account is @TJCommission. Send them a tweet with the pictures attached.

      The VA likes to brag when it benefits them that the Joint Commission gives them accreditation. Why not tweet some pictures to the commission?

      Or post the pictures somewhere and I will do it.

      Their email address for complaints is complaint at jointcommission dot org.

    2. The roaches in Phoenix are what about 2″, you can ride them. If Phoenix VA state’s they did not see them, they are blind.

      Maybe they are raising them for racing after they finish playing hungry hippo game !

  34. @Happy, why did you take the pictures? Why do you still have them? All Veterans need for all of us to stand up. Which VA?

  35. I’m sure the cockroaches are more at home than the Veterans. Just a looking for a home, just a looking for a home.

  36. I have pics of cockroaches in the phx va for 2 and half years osha doesn’t do anything and the va has used the same poison for that same and we have 37 osha violations plus chief of safety and housekeeping think asbestos fibers cannot be carried by cockroaches

    1. Happy, that reminds me of the pest control contractor for the barracks when I was at Ft. Carson. The barracks were 3 stories, and the contractor would only do one story at a time. You could tell when the contractor did an upper floor by all the cockroaches going down the friggin stairs.

    2. Is Phoenix really that bad ! If they are that bad the Denver VA and all southeastern colorado clinics must put Phoenix as second worst VA.

      Yes, southeastern colorado clinics and hospitals got a 1 rating and my clinic was the worse of the worse.

      Way to go your made it to 0. ! Great manager’s ! NOT !

      1. @Lem – – – what are you referring too? In Hawaii, a response would be, “the kind.” There are too many of the kinds to figure out what one is talking about. Thanks. – – – Nutter.

      2. Appears to be the house vote against moving funds from other programs to cover Choice on request of VSOs (on browser news this A M). I heard the “veterans get a surprise” as a lead up in changing channels on a news program and couldn’t get it back. Couldn’t get the fog cleared from my brain in time to catch the channel and then probably watched the wrong channel trying to see what the surprise was.

        So I can only get sick until the end of September. But lucky me. I can go to the doc almost every other day. 22 unused authorized visits.

    1. NOT TO WORRY VETS THE ROCHES WILL ADD PROETINE TO YOUR DIET SAYS THE VA STAFF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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