Tomah VA Drugs

Was VA OIG Shamed In Tomah VA Drug Bust?

Tomah VA Drugs

Benjamin Krause

One VA employee and two civilians were arrested on Monday at Tomah VA for a drug selling scandal not unlike those VA OIG denied last month in its unsolicited white paper to Congress.

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VA claims the investigation that led to a VA employee arrest started only one week ago. This means VA was somehow magically surprised until last week that VA employees were selling drugs to veterans on Tomah VA property after denouncing such behavior last month.

Do you smell the ripe and apparent scent of “bull shit”?

I – do – not – buy – this – BS – at all. But if you do, I have ocean front property in Wisconsin you might like to buy…

Let’s not forget that just one month ago VA OIG seemingly absolved Tomah VA of all wrongdoing, more or less. I took that to mean VA employees were cleared of wrongdoing including illegal drug trafficking related charges.

VA spokesperson (aka professionally paid liar according to some) Matthew Gowan said the investigation only began last week and that VA police teamed up with city and county police enforcement to arrest one VA employee and two civilians.

Since when has VA ever moved so quickly when it comes to taking any police action against any VA employee for anything?

I cannot help but speculate that the drug sales investigation had been ongoing in connection to the DEA investigation into Tomah VA. And, that the facts surrounding the circumstances here are so closely aligned to the known issues seems nothing more than an extension of what VA knew was going on in Tomah VA all along but whitewashed for a positive press spin.

Most of my readers here agree that many VA OIG employees are a bunch of lying cowards and spokespersons for VA. As such, they have turned this former “watchdog” agency into little more than amateur spin-masters dedicated to some untrue VA talking point.

What kind of revelation is this? How did Tomah VA not know this was going on up until last week? Either way, VA leadership is lying to the American taxpayer. What’s next?


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  1. Just curious about who this VA employee is. Some clerk? Someone in the pharmacy? How is it so many drugs can be dispensed through prescriptions, and so many can be skimmed that there is enough for sale that nobody notices? How many pills were replaced with sugar pills, with veterans who truly needed the medication having to suffer because their medication did not work as intended?

    Finally, it pisses me off to no end to see veterans across the country suffering after having their medications cut off cold turkey, with the veteran being blamed rather than the bastards in the VA…including the OIG’s office that looked the other way for years, whitewashed this, or were too friggin lazy to do their jobs.

    1. Here is how it worked when they supplied me with Morphine at 180 mg per day, and Norco (Hydrocodone) at 4 pills per day: I complained bitterly about lack of care. I faxed every day. The clinic manager got so mad that he threatened, then did, place me on a Disruptive Patient list. The clinic manager banned me from his clinic, because he said he was on the DBC and “owned” it. He did.

      So, in the fued that is ongoing here in Roseburg VISN-20, his own people retaliated against HIS actions against me: The pharmacist placed a “pain contract” into my health record. She sent me the unsigned contract and instructed me to call. The pain contract was with our own “candy lady” who still works at the Eugene Clinic. The pharmacist simply noted in my records, “Patient was not here to sign the contract.” The doctor was there, but she didn’t sign it either.

      Then, the doctor whom I had never met, in a clinic that I was banned from, began sending me 180 mg per day morphine and 40 mg per day Norco. I was on 8 mg per day Clonazepam (same doc) and a variety of psychiatric meds. This went on despite my plea in Secure Message to see the doc that was prescribing to me. Respoonse in Secure Message? “You will get no medical advice from this clinic.”

      Concurrently, across town, they also took pity on me. The psychiatric clinic provided me with an envelope of Welbutrin outside of the clinic after hours on the street corner. A chance return of a FOIA request revealled an “Internal Investigative Report, in which the local VHA police investigate the distribution she did on the corner of 7th and Pearl in Eugene Or. In it, (the investigations read like an episoe of Dragnet, at 10:21 AM the VHA police asked her and she denied it. At 10:25 AM they produced the enelope with pills not of my dosage still in it. They asked if the handwriting was hers.. At 10:46 (skipping the emotional breakdown they documented), “She handed the VHA police Chief Andy Paperman of Roseburg VHA Police a written confession, and said pointedly, “I wasn’t in this alone.”

      That internal investigation netted three pages of drugs seized from their clinic. It netted a VHA Secure Message Tablet in a doctors purse. A psychiatrist doctor. They aren’t supposed to be prescribing Morphine. They aren’t supposed to be doing it on a drug tablet, bypassing the computer.

      This is how drug diversion works. A whole number of employees collaborate. It isn’t one, or two, in my case – documented in my records and police records, it was over a dozen that were aware and notified that drugs were being delivered illegally.

      Nothing ever happened to them that I know of. When I notified VHA Roseburg that I had posession of their internal report and had handed it to State Police, they moved my care 120 miles round trip distant and required an armed guard at all times. Documented. Printed in the newspaper.

      The story about drug diversion in my case has not yet been reported. I posted the number of the internal invetigation I found on this sight but it was removed, so I must have violated a policy. I wlll be posting that investigation along with 4 telephone calls made to me that I recorded in which Roseburg VISN-20 laid out PRECISELY who the VHA is. It is gonna be a whopper.

      How do they divert drugs? They do it because they have a WHOLE lot of people involved. When I called the FBI and explained I was passed the drugs on the street, they said that they could not legally investigate unless the OIG referred the case. Hmmm. All I could do was notify DEA.

      I can identify in my record the names, time, place, and certainty that at least 17 VHA employees knew they were shipping me Morphine on a forged pain contract. Morphine that a civilian doctor could find no reason medically to continue even one milligram. It was my fault for eating the deadly candy they gave me. I don’t blame them for putting pills in my mouth.

      But it is the governments full responsibility for the wrongdoing of the 17 known collaborators; “The US government accepts full responsibility for any wrongdoing by their employees.” You see? It’s not their fault. As long as VA OIG doesn’t inform FBI, FBI cannot do anything.

      I wonder why DEA can?

  2. I read and read,not shocking what goes on at all veterans hospitals.12 Years primary care physicians then she retired,then new primary care changes all my meds and tells me all meds for the past twelve years were wrong for appointment or blood work done to.change my meds.finally appointment made ,primary care then tells m he will only be there three months now new primary care physician and no.appointment, .video camera all over parking lot,people drive up sit in there vehicles and what do you visualize.the picture is in the frame hello.I am off the subject but to think how many veterans receive survey’s letters we are looking into ur claim we have not forgotten about much more deceiving ,corruption,and in plane English language are we going to.see.if a veteran if possible could visit three veteran hospital with three different primary care physicians then wait for diagnosis they would all be different.corruption will never cease veterans will be lied to.

    1. I use to get my pain meds from my doctor in Tomah. when they started to be investigated for over prescribing pain meds and two OD’s they took my pain meds away after forcing me to sign some bs drug contract. The VA used to be my Primary Care Taker, when you are in constant pain you will find away to get rid of the pain be it legal or not. They told me not to come back,so I went to another doctor after they got my records from the VA they stopped giving me my meds as well bc they VA labeled me a doctor shopping drug seeker. if I have to keep getting my pain meds on the streets the DA will be my Primary Care Taker!

  3. Y’all ain’t gonna being this. I went to the sites ‘figure8fan’ suggested about Ol Bobby being in Indianapolis, Indiana today. What I found at the bottom of one is disturbing.
    According to “U.S. Senator Joe Donnelly” (Wednesday) VA is “building a new outpatient clinic in Mishawaka…” It’s supposed to open “…spring of 2018.”
    Has everyone in VA lost what little sense they ever had? Look at the fiascos going on now. Taxpayers should be pissed as all hell over this. VA can’t build anything. That’s fact. Wonder who got this contract up and running?

    1. I found the video from Ol’ Bob’s visit. I will post it but not as a link so it will get through the system better. Add a “w” in front of this and you should be able to go to the video page of WTHR. Look for the title “VA hospital issues” and watch.

      add a “w”


  4. Tomorrow (24 July) at 5 pm on Channel 9 local news, in central Florida, there will be a story about the VA and wait times and vets having to travel long distances. At least that’s what my wife just informed me.
    Once the story gets put online I will let everyone know,

  5. Not really seeing how this is much of a breakthrough. I looked at both this article and the one it linked to, and there are a ton of details missing.

    1. The story mentions three different law enforcement agencies and seems to indicate that the VA police were the agency that made the arrest. I assume that means that these three will face federal charges, but that isn’t clear.

    2. It would seem to me that these arrests were made despite the BS report that VA OIG issued rather than because of it.

    3. You can’t shame the shameless. If these arrests happened because of people calling foul on the VA OIG, they happened because of political pressure coming from somewhere — not because the VA suddenly grew a conscience and decided to do the right thing.

    1. It’s almost like some kind of engineered “bait and switch” as far as the original -3- VA Employees (Pharmacist, Psychiatrist, and another), and NOW these~~~*MaGiCaL*~~~new -3-, two are thug civilians, and one is a VA thug employee? You now say the “illegal drugs ended-up NOT be more than Motrin…”, so I do not consider myself incredibly daft nor a genius, BUT this is the most ridiculous FIVE STAR variety of BS the VA and VAOIG are serving-up here.

      Also, just because this also happens to be a “VA WIDE problem”, it’s STILL a “Tomah Problem”, and fires need to be put out as their found…it becomes dangerously codependent when even a little bit of apathy presents itself, because I am sure that’s exactly what they are trying to pull over everyone’s eyes.

      So, if these -3- just *happen* to be entirely isolated from what was reported previously and repeatedly about things taking place at Tomah by VA Whistleblowers??

      We are expected to believe the VA OIG would STILL hold onto their previous findings that there WAS NO problem? VA found themselves some sacrificial lambs to place under the bus instead of the REAL offenders?

      I am more than a bit confused about this. Could it be the fumes from this BS?

    Bob was at the Indy VAMC today. It was just on the local news on WTHR. I guess he is handing out bonuses in person. That would explain where the $3 billion went. He was blowing smoke as usual and the news portrayed the Indy VAMC as being a great VAMC. We know better. I don’t think it has reached their site yet. I will post it if anyone wants to see that BOB is alive and “well”?

    1. I found the article. I swear Ol Bobby ain’t all there. His head must be so damn buried in “SHIT” he’s got brown ring around the collar.
      There was some good news though, VA HAS NOT received, (or stolen), from the “Choice Card Program”. He, and Ol Gibson, won’t know their fate until ” late next week”!
      One thing he’s still saying, they are still threatening a shutdown. Wonder what the union will do if that happens?
      One good thing, at least we know he’s still alive. Damn……………..

      1. crazyelf, I have been trying to find something but after I posted the “bob” comment, my laptop went nuts and I had to give it an exorcism. It appears to be better now but it was weird that it did it after that post, hhhmmm.
        Anyhow, if anyone wants to read what ol’ Bob is pitching, I googled this:

        veterans administration indianapolis bob McDonald

        and it brings up a few articles on his Indy visit.
        I think I will re-run a security scan now!

  7. Question, has anyone heard if VA has been allowed to take any monies from the “Choice Card Program” (fiasco)????
    We’ve heard nothing on any of the ‘local news stations’ here in Central Florida.

  8. I have lived a long time. Correct me if I’m wrong. But in many cases, after a drug bust has happened, other ‘drug busts’ occurs. This may not happen at Tomah, but it sure will put a damper on anyone wanting to prescribe narcotics in large quantities. At least that’s been the case in many districts across the nation. I hope it happens there, and everywhere…..

  9. This story is a huge breakthrough. It shows how local police departments outside the VA do in fact become active in undercover investigations and arrests of federal employees. We must use it as a model to arrest VA employees for fraudulent self enrichment that endangers or socially harms us at any stage of seeking any earned VA benefit.

    1. No problem with site. Query has anyone been getting alot of telemarketer calls from the vicinity of a VA Office. I have been receiving in the last few days alot of calls from a telemarketer. Calls don’t identifty or pitch what they are selling. Reverse phone lookup just identifty as a telemarketer.

  10. Ca I get someone’s help by putting the following as a direct link please.

    # 1.)
    From the “U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs”
    “Official Blog of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs”
    “VA leaders meet with members of Congress, seek budget flexibility to provide Veterans continued access to care”
    By Gary Hicks

    # 2.)
    “VA urges Congress to act and transfer funds for Veterans care”

    This was posted last night or early today. Everyone in VA should be ashamed of themselves!!!!!

    1. @crazyelf-
      What you do with anything you want to copy the link or link to a video or article is this: 1) place your cursor over the link in an article OR up in address bar in Internet Explorer, or whatever you use.
      2)RIGHT CLICK ONCE on the link you wish to copy. This will highlight that link and a small window will open with a few options, RIGHT CLICK on the COPY option.
      3) Now, wherever you are wishing to copy and place that link at, as in if it were right here***in middle of sentence, you make sure you have left clicked in the empty space you WANT that copied link to go, then just push and hold the “Ctrl” (Control Key…usually the left-most corner key on any keyboard) and while still holding that Ctrl Key push the “V” Key and that will copy it where you wanted it. (Holding Ctrl Key and the “C” key effectively copies something you have highlighted as well.

      I am very much a ‘visual person’ but learned all these tricks writing endless papers while in college after military and as an older, non-traditional student (as they love to call us), I had to play computer catch-up really fast then ended-up tutoring students more academically advanced than I as I quickly found out I was pretty good at writing, grammatical stuff, et al. I have a LARGE “HOBBY” that helps with my Anxiety and PTSD and it’s playing with electronic synthesizers and musical instruments, and it simply requires special electronic know-how for what I enjoy doing, but have yet to start that “BOOK” I need to write about military crap….but if these instructions come with difficulty for you please let me know and will try to help.

      DO KNOW that when and if you place an actual link in a Blog Post here, it ALMOST ALWAYS will leave your post “hanging” with a message saying “Your Post IS Awaiting Moderation”…this is more or less a protection to keep from malicious links being posted and SPAM prevention of sorts…so use selectively, as especially on this Blog, it does not always work as intended.

      I am still not quite understanding how the ORIGINAL THREE or so VA Employees, one of which I am SURE was a Pharmacist and another a VA Psychiatrist that was RXing these huge amounts of pain meds….why is it according to Ryan, that THEY ARE STILL EMPLOYED?
      Are these new three, two civilian, one VA female employee, were specially selected to be HUNG in place of the ORIGINAL OFFENDERS?!
      I am trying to make sense of this but feel like chucks of info are simply missing for this to remotely make any sense. Especially, since the VA OIG claimed just weeks ago they FOUND NO EVIDENCE of overprescribing or however they worded their lies.
      P.S. @ Ryan–glad you got out of there but you stated this is a “VA Wide Problem, not a Tomah Problem”…well, what is happening to, if anything at all, to the ORIGINAL THREE VA Employees (Pharmacist/Psychiatist) that were reported by Whistleblowers as actually committing these CRIMES?
      I ask because if they are still there or working for the VA, then it’s only a matter of time before they do the same thing again, perhaps even at a different zip code?

  11. There is one thing being overlooked ,what about Veterans that have a real need for pain Meds ? I don’t want to be a big pu–y .i have had fractured collarbone titanium plate 6 screws in my spine ,I need another surgery in neck and have fragment L-4-5 causing nerve impingement in sciatic nerve ,I have been down since Sunday .i used to have a better quality of life ,maybe 1 good day a week & then I am down for rest of the week,this is not living .i am sorry but I am not entirely sure that this whistle blowing Bull shit has done anything for anyone it’s made the Powers that be go on the defence & you know nothing happens they just take it out on us.I used to get good care @ my VA ,Now I had an annual my Dr told he does not need to see me for another year.Maybe and just maybe when we GE another President with some Balls some heads will role ,i only hope I am alive to see it .thats my 2 cents worth

    1. Gary,
      Sorry to hear about how much you are hurting. I am one of those who need the pain med or I cannot hardly move. My PCP at the Indy VAMC took away my pain med that I had been getting from the Seattle VAMC that I had been getting for almost 10 yrs. I moved from WA to IN and my PCP saw no need for me to be on any type of pain med above Tylenol. As a result, I was not able to obtain employment and I am now homeless and living in transitional VA housing. After complaining for four months, he finally prescribed a lesser dose. I am now employed and working on getting out of where I am currently living.
      As he was prescribing the med he warned me if I came back before my six month follow-up he would take away the pain med. I did have to make an appointment three months after the first appointment and he let me know about what he said by not filling my pain med. I called everyone at the VAMC and he finally prescribed them. I had to go three days without them.
      Sorry this got off of the subject but to answer you part about the “not wanting to see you for another yr.” the same thing happened to me as I have explained above. I now have to worry every month if he is going to continue them or take them back. I still have very bad pain but I have to live with it if I want to better myself, it should not be that way.

      1. Hey f8f! I read your comment above and found you are still in the same predicament as you were many months ago. It’s just a head shaker. The Indy VAMC must be something else – and so must your doctor. The fact that he gave you half dose and told you not to come back before your six month follow-up is really a head scratcher. He sounds like he is nuts and dangerous.
        No one should have to put up with this. I am glad you found employment and you are trying whatever you can though.
        I have a suggestion that you may want to hear about, another thing to try perhaps. Donald Trump for President Veterans Hotline. He set up this hotline just a few days ago, and I called it yesterday just to see what it was about. The person on the phone told me Donald wants to hear directly from veterans themselves who are having problems with the VA – especially those who have been denied proper healthcare or other benefits. He is collecting hard documentation so he has an exact understanding of the problems from the horses mouth. He plans to expose this in due time to everyone via media and other means as he sees fit as the presidental debates get going soon. She also told me they will give you phone numbers to call about your situation.
        I’m not saying this will help nor will this solve your problem, but it another thing to try in your case if you want to. You can get the toll free number by googling “Trump for President Veterans Hotline” (I just don’t have it handy right now). Good Luck.

      2. Hey figure8fan, i just posted trumps phone # and email on here.
        Their open 8 am to 5 pm daily cst. When it comes on here I hope everyone calls.
        He needs to go on live tv and give it out many times.

  12. To clear things up, I turned down the offer to come back to the VA. No way in hell I would ever work for the government again. The monetary compensation was to cover attorney fees. I wanted nothing except an acknowledgment from the government I did the right thing and a complete wipe of my federal personnel record. There were many other items in the agreement I can’t disclose, but needless to say I’m satisfied with it or I wouldn’t have signed it. It was never about money. It was about the government acknowledging that it had done wrong. I could have drug it out for some kind of financial gain, but that’s not a fight I want to take part in.

    1. Good man! I hope you didn’t think I was being flip, or rude, in my comments. It’s just that I wanted someone to tell what truly happened. The VA is, and has always been liars. We need people such as you, to come to the aid of veterans receiving inadequate care from incompetent VA employees. I wish more were like you and the 100 or so that “protested in Detroit” yesterday!
      Again I apologize if my comments were taken wrong.

    2. I am a 100% SC veteran. I worked for the VAMC for 5 years as an Addiction Therapist. I loved my patients and felt guilty for leaving them but by the time I left I was broken from all the corrupt managers etc. It was a horrible experience.

    3. We understand Mr. Honl! it is just the level of disrespect the OIG showed you and how you made them look completely foolish. The OSC should be ashamed of themselves instead of trying to settle. It was a clear violation of the law. If OSC doesn’t do their job, why are they there! Outstanding job!(hand salute)

    4. Ryan how did you get someone to listen to you. What procedures did you use. You are one of the very few, that I have heard from that something was actually done. Most readings or posts tell how the va ignore veterans and can’t get anyone to listen. I don’t blame you for choosing not to work for the va, there are many va employee’s that retaliate against each other and management turns the other way or join in on the cover up. There are directors that are unable to perform the job and rely on the chief of staff make their decisions for them. They don’t have the skills to say no, when they know it’s wrong. No back bone! . Management would rather cover up something that is wrong, instead of just saying it’s wrong and correct the problem. The federal government must step in and weed out these criminals and stop them from enabling employees to run amuck and accuse veterans of disruptive behavior and not have to provide any proof, that the veteran actually was ever disruptive and refuse to provide any evidence they used to attack the veteran and then let the very same person making the allegations answer any inquiry about the issue at hand. That should be illegal and those veterans should be able to face their accuser and that employee be forced to provide any and all evidence they used as proof. Sadly the federal government should take our concerns into account and force the employee to provide the evidence. If it is found out there is no evidence, that employee should be fired and the veteran made whole.

      1. James…. you say that should be illegal. Well… it is. That’s why I did a citizens arrest of the private security guard at the VA while I was being false arrested. If I had of failed to arrest that fat lying slob I would have been successfully framed for conspiracy to murder. You have to use your citizens power to arrest or you end up worse off than just their bogus Disruptive Behavior list.

    5. Thank you for what you did for us Ryan. I’m happy to hear you have gotten a favorable resolution.

  13. That’s because Ryan Honl settled with theVA yesterday. It is a spin off because he disclosed the prescription practices that led to opiates being sold. Go to OSC dot gov released yesterday.

    1. I read the letter. “Honl received, “repeal of his suspension, a return to his position and compensatory damages.”

      I would also like to ask, “Was it worth it, Mr. Honl?”

      1. I have to add. Since Mr. Honl agreed to a’settlement’ and gets his job back. does he really believe VA will “welcome him with open arms?”
        I believe, since he may not be covered under “Whistleblower Status” anymore. How will upper management treat him? This and other questions he should have raised BEFORE signing any documents! If he didn’t get exclusion from retaliation in it, GOD help him. That’s my opinion folks!

  14. If none of the narcotics came from “VA inventory”, where the hell did it come from?
    I remember reading somewhere vets, I don’t remember how many, were receiving around 800 oxicodone pills every month EACH! Someone’s definitely trying to spin bull shit to the highest degree.
    No matter how one slices it, bull shit IS bull shit!!!!!!

  15. “[VA spokesman Matthew Gowan said an investigation that began last week and involved VA police, Tomah police and the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department led to the arrests.]” and “[Gowan said the drugs were not from medical center inventory.]” and “[Pates was arrested Tuesday on theft by fraud and delivery of an imitation controlled substance charges.]” and finally, “[Criminal charges have not yet been filed in court.]”

    So what did the VA OIG do…go to a local crack house and while there, found someone selling what they THOUGHT were Oxycodone, but according to their “story smelling of utter bull shit”, they were actually FAKE illegal drugs?!!!

    ***NOTICE NOT *ONE MENTION* of VA Whistleblowers whom not only initially reported this but have been persecuted and harassed because they were not QUALIFIED bull shit smellers or tasters, and they needed a “patsy”…and want to bet the -1- female VA Employee mentioned “as caught” just coincidentally had already filed all her paperwork with Union for full retirement and even though she MAY run a chain of crack houses in Tomah area, the VA OIG will now be spending ridiculous amounts of $$$ to ensure Veterans are blamed for this…this is not to be confused AT ALL with the VA OIG covering their collective asses…and of course giving NO CREDIT nor thanks to the VA Whistleblowers because the VA OIG pulled this variety of bull shit right from their collective asses.

    This does not pass even my cat’s smell test, let alone my own. Want to bet they are trying to sweeten their appearances before Congress because that Choice Program Cash’s smell is simply driving the VA Administrators crazy as a hillside lush with catnip to a pack of cats does.

    VAOIG wants to come across over-the-top?…well, I feel exactly the same about this, this morning because the VA continues to vilify VA Whistleblowers by releasing this and in a sense making the Whistleblowers look as if they had NOTHING to do with this.

    I think the VA OIG seems to think that MUST justify their existence but NEVER admitting to fault. How about a complete disclosure? Oh wait…the VA OIG already had released their expected abbreviated report and NOTHING WAS FOUND? Hmmmm….this bull shit seems a bit older than -1- week.

    1. By the way, what ever happened to the three people, VA employees all, who were put on “Administrative Leave”?
      I seem to remember a pharmacist, psychiatrist and someone else in that bull shit “White Washed” VA OIG investigation having something to do with a narcotics scam. Are they still on “paid administrative vacation”?

      1. All three are still paid VA employees as well as every single person I and many others reported. It’s not a Tomah problem. It’s a govt wide problem. Do some research on the Merit Systems Protection Board and you’ll quickly see how terminating people from the perverbial “boy’s club” is nearly impossible even after acts of congress. Now those who aren’t part of the club and have few or no legal resources are almost unanimously the ones terminated. But as the saying goes “crap rolls downhill” so until senior leaders are held accountable no one else will be either. Quite the contrary, the corrupt will protect the corrupt.

  16. I clicked on to bull shit dot com and VA OIG website and found some similarities. I just hope they call the OIG into a hearing and soon as the OIG starts talking , someoneone yells out Bullshit! They need to hammer these spokes persons and FOIA the timeline on the investigation.

  17. “[Do you smell the ripe and apparent scent of “bull shit”?]”

    Yes, it’s been quite ripe and only growing stronger over last year and half…BUT…the VA OIG told me there WAS no dog shit on my shoes. They looked at my shoes for supposedly weeks and never found any bull shit.
    The VA OIG even contracted a Specialty Bull Shit Taster and found absolutely NO signs of bull shit on my shoes upon the licking of both complete bottoms of both my shoes.
    Surprise announcement! The VA OIG contracted a team of blind bull shit tasters, since their OTHER senses are heightened to make-up for lack of sight…one week later after extensive bull shit tasting, and none was found by VA OIG, they come out with a definite rather rare form of bull shit that seemingly is materialized in the air in front of any given VA OIG….do not be surprised if NONE of original suspects are ones caught with pushing their bull shit because according to VA OIG this is a Very “special” kind of bull shit, one that’s whipped-up to make it look like our well-paid bull shit team came up with the only type of bull shit that could only be stepped-into if you were on Mars, Moon, or International Space Station….never a VAMC…investigation will continue after Congress allocates more $$$ for even more specialized bull shit spotters!

    So, yes, I definitely smell the ripe and apparent scent of bull shit…of the VA variety.

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